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Sweden: “Loli Manga is Child Pornography”


Swedish courts have upheld the child pornography conviction of a manga fan for possessing loli imagery on his computer, ruling that deviant art and imagination is as much a crime as actual child abuse.

The 27-year-old manga translator was previously charged with possessing child pornography based on loli pictures police found on his PC after raiding his home.

He was convicted for possessing 51 images, none of which featured actual children, and was subsequently fined.

He appealed the decision, but the court rejected his arguments that entirely fictional 2D material could not constitute child pornography.

The court did however decide that only 39 of the images constituted “child pornography,” and reduced his fine accordingly, from 26,000 krona to 5,600 krona ($850).

Sweden’s feminist-conceived sex crime laws are some of the harshest in the developed world, with definitions of rape and sexual harassment bordering on misandry, and anti-prostitution laws which criminalise buying sex whilst making selling sex perfectly legal.

This was recently highlighted in the case of Wikileaks honcho Julian Assange, charged with rape for allegedly not using a condom in a consensual sexual encounter.


In spite of these laws, crime rates in Sweden continue to increase, being some of the highest in Europe (although it has been noted that almost half of all crime in Sweden is committed by immigrants or their offspring).

Even with all these real crimes going on, Swedish authorities apparently feel the need to create additional fictional crimes and victims – although at least they are consistent in this regard.


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  • Anonymous says:

    My issue with this law is the inconsistency. You can write a book featuring 16 year olds having sex. You can make a movie of the same, as long as the actors are 18+. But if you make a comic, then it’s child’s porn. What is it that make the comic a crime and the book or movie isn’t? Not to mention that two 16 year olds are free to have sex if they want to, so it’s not like it’s depicting an actual crime.

    The Assange case and the others are a different matter entirely. In some countries so can you get away with rape if you get invited into the apartment or similar conditions. But in Sweden so are there no such conditions. If one partner doesn’t agree to have sex, then it’s rape, violence is not required. This goes for women as well and they can and have been convicted of rape as well. I am pretty sure Assange wouldn’t have gone ahead if he had known that he couldn’t get away with it in Sweden.

    The upside of the Swedish rape laws is that girls also knows that they have to agree to have sex to get any, so no pretending to not wanting it just to seem like a good girl.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I must say that right now I’m happy I live in Portugal!
    Ou government is SO poor that they wouldn’t ever ban loli (or anything of the same sort) since it would be less tax money for them to colect. xD

  • Anonymous says:

    Bordering misandry? Their laws are fucking misandric, through-and-through! There’s no sugar-coating that.
    And really, those crimes committed by immigrants are crimes that anyone could fucking commit, simply because their laws are absurd in every sense of the word. How can anyone figure their damned laws in any way? It’s bullshit.

  • Most countries describe child porn as anything that DEPICTS CHILDREN IN SEXUAL SITUATIONS. This includes loli. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with loli, just stop acting like you’re all stupid and ignorant about the definition and stop acting like you’re surprised this is happening. Where have you been? Under a rock?

  • We know that stats on hi crime rates is because Sweden report stuff different. They report smaller stuff and ‘one’ crime can be reported/counted as many. Also all crimes is not reported, the black numbers (not reported crimes) is maybe smaller in Sweden.

  • This is ridiculous, even if it were the real deal. We know that torture, murder, and even being brutally beaten and slowly bleeding to death or to a crippling state is legal to posses and distribute by news media. Possession of video or images that are evidence of a crime should never carry any sentence let alone severe sentences.

    Distasteful yes, criminal? no. Freedom of speech should trump such laws. Remember photoshop and virtual cg are ever inching closer to indistinguishability, and those shouldn’t be banned just to ease police work.

  • So, if I read a manga, or watch a movie, where somebody kills someone, does it make the manga “criminal and murderer”?
    If I have “Monster” (the manga) or 24 (the TV series), Am I a criminal and a potentiel murderer?
    Seriously what’s wrong with these people…

  • In France it seems not to be really legal (in fact nobody really know), but never, I never heard of a guy charged in my country but that. And I can’t imagine it, I don’t think it’s quite the mentality here.

    “He was convicted for possessing 51 images”

    I laughed hard, honestly I have hundreds of them (I don’t feel insecure though ^_^).

  • I don’t think Loli manga should count as child porn.

    Even if that’s what it is when you think about it. lol

    But better that someone gets off to a drawn image than actually paying some slav-shit to film child porn for him.

  • Lets imagine it this way: one draws a dragon slaying manga with absolutely no nudity. The main character is a young girl (8-9 yo) … she then goes on to dragon slaying like a real hero. The creator of the manga is accused of child pornography … and the crowd says “MMM.MONSTER KILLL..L..L”

  • I wonder if there is a simple solution to this. I assume that in most of these countries one can still find live action ‘school-girl’ pron. The actresses are over 18 and I think they set a lot of it at university level. Universities that look like high-schools with uniforms, but still. So what if everything that is now being attacked just had a few lines dropped that say all the characters are over 18.

    Just have an SD-character in the margins of any page that is questionable say: “boy, it’s a good thing were all over 18, fully consenting, and unrelated! But it sure is fun to pretend!”

  • I’m Swedish and I just want to say that Sweden has gone too far with this law and I along with many other Swedes are upset with something so crazy as to prohibit the fantasy images (a woman with cat ears is a fantasy figure). A picture is a picture and nothing more.


  • All governments want good little drones who pay their taxes and dont ask questions. Anti Loli image laws are popular with goverments and the media because who’s not for protecting the kiddees (even 2d ones)?
    Its all about CONTROL. If the media gets the public riled up over loli manga or some other non issue, they wont notice the garrote thats tightening around their neck.
    Remember what Spengler said. “That its the media who determines what is news and what is not” and its the goverments who control the media, even in so called free societies.
    Thats why the internet bugs them so much, it bypasses the medias bullshit. Check out what Egypt tried to shut down.
    Sorry for raging:)

  • If hand drawn images of children having sex or engaging in sexual activities is child pronography, is violence against hand drawn animals, like say Tom and Jerry or a flash cartoon with someone punting a cat, considered cruelty to animals? Further, is killing a person in an FPS considered murder or some form of early stage of being a sociopath ebfore escalation?

  • From
    A person who
    1 portrays a child in a pornographic picture;
    2 disseminates, transfers, grants use, exhibits or in any other way
    makes such a picture of a child available to some other person;
    3 acquires or offers such a picture of a child;
    4 brings about contact between a buyer and a seller of such
    pictures of children or takes any other similar step to facilitate
    dealing in such pictures; or
    5 possess such a picture of a child
    shall be sentenced for child pornography crime to imprisonment
    for at most two years, or, if the crime is petty, to a fine or
    imprisonment for at most six months.

  • i dont get it.
    1) painted children are pixels. and these pixels dont feel anything. noone gets hurt.
    2) it is possible to be 18 and look like a 12 year old.

    why not just say:” every lolicon painted is of the age of 18 because i am the painter and i decided that she is indeed 18 and looks like a 12 year old”
    when there is no information about the age of the child painted. why not assume she is of legal age?

    problem solved. just my thoughts about this topic

  • “In spite of these laws, crime rates in Sweden continue to increase, being some of the highest in Europe (although it has been noted that almost half of all crime in Sweden is committed by immigrants or their offspring).”

    I guess lolicon hate is no biggie, but pointing out details that would be essentially religiously intolerant or racist or both is not acceptable.

    Oh well, chances of me visiting Sweden are less than my chances of being raped by a Moose 🙂

    Sucks to be a Swedish lolicon.

  • It’s nothing new, sweden bans or extremely taxes everything that’s considered “a threat” or not considered benefiting for the society.
    Which pretty much starts to involve everything from boats to alcohol to porn(yes, some cities tries to ban stores from selling porn) to motorcycles to even fkn just having a glance at loli manga, (yes looking at it makes you a criminal, not just owning it).

    Sweden, the country of “No fun allowed”

    • It does not look like that around me here. Besides, i`m having fun most of the time.
      In a year or so, i have been purchasing many Gibsons and Fenders, never in history has it been this cheap to buy USA things, like electric guitars and basses!

      I admit i don`t smoke or drink very much, too much other things to do.
      I am into voluptuous women too, but i will always defend 2D loli despite that!!!

  • Sweden is a country where it’s perfectly legal for a 50 year old to have sex with a 15 year old, but illegal for a 17 year old to look at a drawn picture of a naked fictionary 17 year old.

    The real problem is that no distinction is made between actual pedophilia and attraction towards teenagers. In much the UN is to blame, which defines a child as someone being of less than 18 years, while in reality the greatest change in maturity happens in puberty, not at some arbitrary number.

  • is it safe to hug your grandchildren in that country?

    or hug your little girl before depart at airport?

    or keep the real-world image (not manga) in your computer about your member family trip at beach with their little sister?

    look behind you right now!
    police is everywhere…

    *why my post appear at center of comment post page?, not at bottom as usual?

  • Hmmm this isn’t so good for our SanCom Sibblings over there – guys you better hide your pronz external HD very well & make sure its wireless.

    Just in case your abode gets raided while you’re at work or school….

    Jus sayin – especially those of you who are parading around with known loli on your t-shirts and jackets.

    poor Pilandi,… Its been real dude, when they come for you just don’t make it too dramatic or else it’ll be all over Reuters.

  • As a Swedish citizen I feel required to point something out:

    Note that the law seems to have actually very little actual support. This is evident when you look at this verdict. They basically slashed the fine by 75% and declared that atleast 12 of the originally “child pornographic” images were no longer child pornography.

    Because of Sweden’s extremely crappy constitution (think toilet paper) that was basically ALL THEY COULD DO. The Swedish constitution can be modified extremely easily and that is what happened to allow for this retarded law. There was simply nothing else the court could do.

    There’s been mention of some new kind of legal system for declaring laws unconstitutional or something and that it might feature if this case is appealed to the highest court.

  • Let me get this straight. It is a crime to have an outrageous idea. It is a crime to have a radical artistic vision. And it is a crime to philosophize about the world around you. This is very wrong. To be deviant does not mean to be criminal. To be deviant means to be different. Lolicon may be different but it is most certainly not a crime. To outlaw deviant art and imagination is basically Sweden’s government telling its people not to think because it’s dangerous unless I’m reading this wrong and their beef is with deviantART in which case your mileage may vary.

  • With a Vague Defintion of Law Breaking and Legal Laws I can see why Sweden would have a high crime rate

    Saying that it has a high crime rate doesnt filter enough information about what type of crimes are committed and the severity of the crime.

    As pointed out Julian Assanges Consensual Sex Crime midway through could be one of many oddity crimes that help contrbiute to the increased crime rate.

    Either way I am a bit dissapointed in this law I believe that this is a better alternative than real pornography and that by removing this means we may be opening up another means.

    The prime example being Japan and its low crime rate despite the availablity of ero magazines.

    I say that with the Tokyo Manga Ban coming into play this will be an interesting observation into the effect to the crime rate under rape.

    This merits observation to see if the precedent will apply in other countries.

  • It should be added the majority of the Swedish population find the charges laughable and when they showed the images in court, there was a burst of laughter and ridicule at the charges. I’m Swedish btw ^^

  • Yes, this whole thing is stupid and a shame, since the “accused” is actually a very cool guy. I can only hope the effects this will have on him will be minimal.
    I read he lost his position as a translator for Bonnier Carlsen as a direct result of this and that is too, of course, a shame. He is not the only swedish translator here but probably one, if not the most, prolific. I estimate around 85-90% of all translated manga in my shelf name his as translator.

    Before I shut up, and I may state the obvious here, I just want to take time to mention that I see a lot of “lolz, sweden sure is china stupid”-comments here. I just want to stress that the stupidity here lies in the people in charge, although those who voted for them could be held liable I guess.

    • It is mentioned in chapter 16 – On Crimes against Public Order, on page 68 (or 70, under section 10a): “The prohibitions against depiction and possession do not apply to a person who draws, paints or in some other similar hand-crafted fashion produces a picture of the kind described in the first paragraph as long as it is not intended for dissemination, transfer, granted use, exhibition or in any other way be made available to others. Even in other cases the act shall not constitute a crime if, having regard to the circumstances, it is justifiable. (Law 1998: 1444)”

      You can draw loli manga if you don’t show it to anyone.
      If you aren’t the author then even possession is illegal.

      Damn all you moralfags!!

      • Good thing I can draw then.
        Plus what if I write ‘The characters and objects depicted in this artwork are all of legal age and are doing absolutely nothing sexually deviant in anyway no matter how it may appear to look to anyone but the artist’ with my signature? Would that hold up in court?
        ‘Your honor, the girl is clearly riding a penis-‘
        ‘Objection, your honor! That girl is CLEARLY sitting on a very long, mutated potato’

  • Crap this is not good! Damn I live in Sweden and do have **** manga. I think I’ll get jail time for the amount I got. I’m scared of writing what kind of manga I got stored on my C***uter since it’s perfectly legal for police to bust my ass for domething like this.

    This seriously sucks now I will have to change my IP before I download stuff.

  • Well at least the Manga you read in Sweden will not have CUM on the pages and should be safe to read since the pages won’t be stuck together by it. How about, “i asked the girl in the Manga page if she wanted me and she said oh yes right now” so she consented to having sex already and she said she was 20 years of age, he just looks younger on paper? Wouldn’t that stand up in Court since the fictionalized character is real?

  • “Sweden’s feminist-conceived sex crime laws are some of the harshest in the developed world”

    lol, no. He was fined the equivalent of $800 for possessing 39 pieces of “child pornography.” If you were convicted of that in the united states, you would be going to prison for a looooong time and be registered as a sex offender. In other words your life would be ruined. Paying a fine doesn’t seem so bad after all, does it?

      • No. The thing that makes this case not so clear cut is the identity of the criminal himself. Here in Sweden papers do not usually public the identities of criminals unless they’re extremely high-profile ones… They will typically use nicknames instead.

        This case is unusual in that the culprit himself made his identity public intentionally and he could do this because in the relevant circles he’s fairly famous.

        He lost his job as a translator (major corporation to blame here) but that is likely to be the worst effect of this case.

      • Not as much as Americans would.

        The thing with the US is that sex offenders have to register/announce where they go for the rest of their lives, then the entire neighborhood is alerted.

        Sweden has no such law.

        • Agreed, Anonymous. Personally, if prosecutors in my area were to come after me for my lolicon downloading……. OOOOOH, what a shitstorm they would be loosing!

          I’m more intelligent than most (150+ IQ) and I have wrote down some VERY good arguments for why even the anti-child pornography and anti-adults having sex with children laws are unconstitutional on their face.

          I’ll be blunt: we simply do not have to protect children. They are MORE than able to do it themselves, even if it is mommy and daddy who are hurting them, if we teach them that even mommy and daddy are NOT allowed to physically injure them AND no one has the right to touch their genitals without their permission.

        • Well, it could be worse, he could be living in Britain.

          We know what a bloodthirsty, vigilante lot they are…

          Sadly, I live here. And the UK’s retarded lolicon law hasn’t stopped me in the slighest.

    • Sad.. Just sad. Apparently you can force through anything if you just yell pedophile loud enough at anyone who opposes you.
      Laws should punish crimes, crimes have victims. This borders on punishing thoughts. Should we start sending people to jail for wishing someone dead as well? Or for drawing pictures of imaginary people getting killed? We’d end up with most of the world in jail..
      My thought on the matter: Protecting kids from abuse is all well and good. But if you, in your quest to protect victims, create new ones, you become unfit for the role.

      • Not only that, but wouldn’t having more acts criminalized lead to more crime in general? Since the definitions are so strict, it inflates the crime rate, then the people fall into hysteria about crime and want even tighter laws…

      • I know that some places that lessened or got rid of the law like some places for drugs, ironically reduced the amount of people doing the act. But you can’t just have this law lessened or gone, its pretty much saying “ok guys we turned our backs, have at it” NO ONE wants their child to be raped, kidnapped, abused or what ever else the criminal would do and then only get a slap on the wrist or nothing at all. It only threatens the safety of the child, and the people would hide their children in fear.

        call me unreasonable, but I would never let the law lessen or be dropped if I had a child there.

        • Anon 13:07…new boogie man…wise words you are writing. But powermongers of the world want to use violence to keep their positions, because it is easier to terrorize people to resurrect their free minds with rough violence & sick laws than sexuality.
          So ppl are educated to praise violence and to fear that kind of sexuality they do not have experience of, or even think calmly and rationally about it.

          My sexual preference is big, voluptuous 25-50 year old women with big, yet firm boobs topped by large areola and long stiffening nipples and great pussy with large long lipped labias.

          I like cute lolis in anime & manga as funny persons, though, like Chiyo-chan, Sasami, Nagi Sanzenin etc. .

        • No, it shouldn’t, Anonymous 02:49. The REAL thing that should be done is to legalize child pornography, having sex with children, etc. and SIMPLY FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE WHO PHYSICALLY FORCE CHILDREN INTO SEX!

          To be blunt, most relationships between adults and children ARE NOT RAPE (speaking as someone who had sex with adults as a child and liked it, and WOULD have sex with children today if it was legal!).

          They are just as much consensual encounters as those between two 40 year olds.

          Pedosexuality is being used as the new ‘boogie man’ now that homosexuality has been declared legal by most countries around the world.

          Once pedosexuality is accepted… they will look for something else to marginalize to distract people’s attention away from the problems that government and powermongers in the world are causing.

        • @ 18:39
          Did I say that people should allow the law to get out of hand because of a fear? No I did not. I agree with you that going crazy and and saying any picture with a drawn child is just their ignorance and emotion taking charge.

          And as I stated before, the countries allow drugs to be used freely, spend their attention on the drug lords, and provide help for those who want help does dramatically lead to much lower rates of drug use. While countries that make is stricter like Australia and Sweden ironically has higher rates.

          But (as I clearly did not explain correctly earlier), its not the same situation. I doubt there is some pedophile lord trading child pornography over there. IF they treated it the same way, then the people would get emotional just like i did and would not want it lessed as such. (and get labeled as moralfags by the internet)

          IF they want to drop the crime rate, they have to go at it appropriate to the situation. If they offer help or at least private consolation to the people who want help that would surely lower the crime rate. If they say child pornography is legal to do, then it will do the opposite as I stated earlier.

          i don’t know the details on the subject over there, but it obviously is not an easy subject to debate. You can’t simply say to lessen the law by only basing it on how low this country has their rates with drugs.

          Even us MoralFags can be reasonable.

        • And I would not want to be killed, would not want my property to be stolen etc, however, all those laws are considered and made so that they are more logical. You need to have evidence to put a thief or murderer behind bars and a mere accusation, if the person is later acquitted does not mean that he is a thief/murderer/etc. There are also laws that lessen the punishment if the death was an accident (someone who runs a person over in his car because he did not see him gets a lesser punishment than someone who intentionally runs the person over (or just stabs/shoots/etc him dead).

          OTOH, with child pornography, a mere accusation is enough to ruin somebody. If you have a picture of a naked kid in your computer, even if it is in the browser cache after you visited 4chan, you will be ruined and will be punished (by law) the same way as if you intentionally downloaded it.

          Also, while criminalizing possession of a picture is stupid, it can be kind-of rationalized by saying that if there was no demand (nobody wanted to look at the pictures) there would be no supply (nobody would abuse the children to produce the pictures) either. However, as no children are harmed in producing a painting (no matter how realistic) or a 3D rendering or a kid, possession, distribution and producing should not be criminal (well, as long as you do not violate copyright). It is criminal only because some people do not like it.

        • “When it gets to children, emotions rule..

          100% truth over there. Ironically, that doesn’t really apply equally the same over other kind of child cruelty such as violence, bullying, mental abuse, child labour, poverty etc. compared to what it is on sex; it seems these moralfags are trying to stress out that sex is the king of all evil. One thing I realised is when I loiter around meme base sites eg. Comixed; whenever someone make a joke about killing kids, ppl over there go like “OMG! WIN!” but when someone just make a paedophilic joke (unless you put the overused meme pedobear), all of sudden the majority of all the people over there transformed to typical caring soccer-parents.

        • CP laws should be changed from “possesion is illegal and you are a abad person” to “by having pictures of a child being abused you are intentionally keeping evidence of a crime from the police, you are an accomplice to this crime”

          with loli no crime is happening, plus if the laws changed that way then the punishments for real CP could be more serious, and teens texting nude pics to each other wouldnt be getting labeled as pedophiles anymore.

        • And that is exactly the problem. While other laws are considered reasonably, as soon as pedophilia is even mentioned, people get rednecked and stop thinking. When it gets to children, emotions rule. And no politician can say a word against it without ruining his career. Ending up with a law that says that if you watch a drawn picture of a character that could be considered by someone to be of age lower then 18 and of sexual nature, you commit a crime. (yes, seeing it is enough apparently)

          Can you really not see how absurd that is?

          This isn’t a law to protect children, this is a law to banish something someone didn’t like.

  • OH Look one of the countries with the highest rates of rape and child and women abuse is again more interested in helping fictional girls instead or real ones and tries to decrease the number of stuff a pedo can try to use to distract himself from real women and children.

  • Sadly many of these cases would be avoided had the convicted just used the encryption features built into their modem, router, and Windows. I used a 30 second recording of static from a radio as my encryption key awhile back, lost the key file and wound up burning out the platter before I could find a stable key. Managed to get back a paragraph out of tens of thousands of text files before it burned out, in terms of images that would be around 12 or so pixels.


    Loli-body chara is what ruin the manga.
    Because of it I fear what opinion about anime would be made on the head of people…
    Like “All japanese animation is childporn!!”…

    Yes, I know japanese animation is not 100% childporn.
    But I fear it….

  • The transhumanist movement promotes the modification of adult humans into members of any gender, even nonhuman forms, and of any age. It is comprised and backed by the most powerful men and corporations in history. It is even backed by divine will.

    A small pathetic nation would do well to remember its place, lest it be squashed like the nation of insects it is before the face of god.

  • Swedes are such miserable pussies. Why focus on petty issues like this when you got bigger shit to fry? Good ol’ feminists. Sure know how to ‘run’ a country. What will they scream over next? A female statue?

  • Stop your excuses you sick freaks. Those who’re comparing loli hentai to video game/movie/media-depicted violence don’t get it. Wars/killings is part of human nature. Fucking a child is not.

    Y’all are just defensive because you’re all freaky little fuckers.

    Thank GOD for the loli manga ban in Japan and people in the government who still give a damn about morals. We still have people that subdue animals such as you.

  • What do you expect from one of the Reptile overlord’s “Experiments” that they worked on before they started with the rest of the “Modern World”…? Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. It’s all a work at destroying men using women to do it, then turning them both into slaves.

    It’s too bad, really. In ancient times, after Atlantis sank/the waters rose, some chose to go to the frozen north to purify themselves of the sin that they believed led to Atlantis’s demise and the end of that age. They would endure long and hard suffering but be made superior for it.

    Of course, like a certain other group wakes up in a cold sweat over an Asian “Good Luck” symbol that was a bit misused last century, the Reptiles recoil in fear of “Mighty Men of Renown” who used to hunt them. So of course they work on making men into weakling wimps and using women to demean him.

  • What about this way? Create a loli character but put 20 somethingish years old below and say she just having slow growth spurt. If they still decide to sue, we can just countersue for discriminating midget.

  • Loli-manga is better then real cp because when you posess, distribute and use those mangas you’re not hurting anyone therefore it’s a victimless crime.
    While using CP you’re hurting individuals.
    There is also the fact that the judge who did this judgement knows nothing about culture and art.
    There are many works of art (and I’m not talking about mangas alone) which depicts children naked or in “sexual suggestive” poses (Lost Girls, the already mentioned Loltia, Caravaggio’s Amor Vincit Omnia, several more).

    • Actually that’s bullshit. Fostering misleading ideas like these are part of the problem.

      You can’t “use” pornography. Pornography is media, it is viewed. We should actually not be using this term at all for children, pornography traditionally means prostitutes, it should be used for adult actors who are paid to have sex on camera (ie ron jeremy) not home made erotica or rape videos.

      Child pornography’s actually an oxymoron, just like child prostitute. We can’t simultaneously assert that someone is making an informed sale of something they can’t informedly give away.

      As for *viewing* images of minors: that doesn’t inherently hurt them, no. That’s never been proven and there’s no solid theory behind it.

  • I’m very surprised by all this. Sweden is a country which has the highest rates of rape and female abuse in all of Europe and that disturbing trend just continues to rise every year in that country. I don’t understand how banning alternatives to child porn will solve the problem as the main victims are not children but Swedish woman and the offenders are not peadophiles but are Swedish men!


  • Sweden and the rest of the countries that have made lolicon illegal are stupid. For goodness sakes, if you take away the one ACCEPTED sexual outlet that pedosexuals (who are perfectly normal and natural) have, they are just going to say “FUCK IT! I’ll sleep with a child if I’m going to be punished just as harshly for lolicon as for statutory rape!”

    In my opinion, it’s really just time to legalize pedosexuality AND having sex with children, as well as lolicon stuff, and only focus on people who PHYSICALLY FORCE or VERBALLY THREATEN children or anyone else, adult or not, into sex.

    • Are you suggesting that all people with 2D loli pics are pedosexuals? Are you also suggesting that real pedophiles even bother with 2D art?
      What i say is that you can GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!

      You are probably some child rapist that tries to make himself look better by associating with the people who like 2d drawings. The last thing we need is being associated with your kind.

      • I don’t know what he was suggesting, certainly no assumptions should be made about 2D appreciators. That said: I do think real philes bother with 2d art, yes.

        While he’s wrong and you’re right to point it out, name-calling doesn’t help distinguish you as his better, only makes it more confusing.

  • I would also like to add that there is no “feminist agenda” in banning a direct alternative to child porn. This article does not mention banning of simulated violence against woman or anything like that so get a grip peadophiles and stop implicating females in your crazy angst-ridden hate of the moral values which are supposed to underpin our society.


  • It IS child pornography just as much as hentai is porn. So when you see an anime girl topless and get turned on should we argue that they aren’t real breasts so you’re some kind of freak for getting aroused? I’m not saying the fine is right, but for goodness sakes don’t be stupid about it. The portrayal of a child in sexual situations is considered child pornography, and rightfully so. Not that hard to understand.

    • This logic is retarded.

      In the eyes of assholes that uphold this kind of logic assumes all anime and chars in manga are childs because thats what they look like. Because of this logic, that would assume anything anime and Manga is child pornography.

      Real Child Pornography is illegal. Ill give you that and I will fully support you on that. However, according to the theory of this case, “fictional” loli chars are being debated and the courts are counting these fictional chars as if they were real child pornography. If these lolis were indeed anime or manga, then the court is retarded because they assume something not real should fall into the same context as real child pornography. You can’t because its not real. Thats why we otokus use the example of playing FPS games means Im actually killing real people by using to counter that kind of thinking. In the end, an FPS game is a game, a fictional game. Its a game and nothing in reality is happening. According to this hearing, I could be convicted for murder by playing Call of Duty.

      This thinking you have is the main premise of most organizations and agencies or Ishihara that are trying to do away with anime and manga. However, their thinking is way to ignorant and to retarded in where they fall off the cracks is assuming that anime and manga depicts real child pornography when its its just a drawing and fictional.

      You can call it child porn if you want. I dont care. But when this kind of thinking crosses the line into reality, thats when I have to speak up.

    • No, it’s not that simple. pictures of children is child pornography because the one in the picture actually is a child. When it comes to drawings it’s subjectively judged by some one to be a child and subjectively judged to be of sexual nature. In some cases there might be less doubt then others, but this still varies with whom you ask. This is as stupid as there showing up laws that judge pictures of grownups to be child porn because their boobs where too small…

      • That’s brilliant.

        So if I light a drawing of a kid on fire should I be prosecuted for murdering a fictional child.

        I mean it’s a depiction of a child that was set on fire…so by your logic setting fire to drawings of kids is murder.

        To take it to it’s conclusion we have to hand out death penalties to everyone occupying a FPS leaderboard.

        You are so very very stupid.

    • Child porn laws exist to punish people for subsidizing an industry that abuses and exploits human beings.

      Hentai lolis are works of fiction. Their fictional boobs are as real as fictional murders in comic books.

      Arresting someone for creating a website where people can pay to watch a living girl get raped is the right thing to do to crack down on people that abuse living children and cut off money to the people that abuse them.

      Fining a guy for showing loli sex in a manga is as dumb as arresting a guy for writing a comic where someone was murdered.

      Real life child porn exploits a human being and causes psychological harm to the victim.

      Fictional loli porn exploits a drawing.

      If you want child porn laws to cover fictional children, then prosecute people that buy comics where someone dies…because if someone dies then the writer murdered a fictional human.

      Arrest everyone playing video games for murdering sprite people.

      Then you have to give child support money to comic authors.

      You can’t treat the abuse of fictional characters like they’re real without going the whole 9 yards and giving the fictional characters voting rights and social welfare benefits.

      I could keep typing but it would just be more things listing off why people that share your position are fucking asshats.

  • Well, to be honest, loli-hentai is child pornography ( unless someone has the wits to write: “vampire, 800 year old” orsomethin, next to the picture ). Buuut it’s no more a crime than regular porn, action movies or games, or heck, chess (it’s still a warm simulation).

    Oh, and don’t forget to arrest the the kids playing the crooks in “cops and crooks”.