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Top 10 Ways to Wound a Woman’s Pride


Japanese asked what remarks they find the nastiest and most likely to wound a woman’s pride provide a helpful list of what never to say to a woman (or, for unkind types looking to do serious damage, what to say…).

The ranking, which seems to stop short of actual insults:

1. “Haven’t you aged?”

2. “Have you put on weight?”

3. “You’re too old for that…”

4. “Your skin isn’t that of a younger girl any more…”

5. “Your room looks pretty messy.”

6. “You don’t know much of the world, do you?”

7. “My last girlfriend was much nicer.”

8. “That’s common sense.”

9. “You can’t seem to cook…”

10. “You don’t get paid much.”

Not surprisingly considering the mentality of most Japanese, calling a woman cowardly or childish ranked near the bottom of the list…

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