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Chinese Play Anti-American Song at Obama Dinner


A Chinese pianist has insulted the American nation and humiliated President Obama by playing a well-known anti-American song at a state dinner function attended by both President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang was playing for the premiers of both China and the US at a White House function intended to show the supposed amity between the two nations.

However, after the dinner concluded it was realised that one of the songs he had played was actually an anti-American propaganda piece.

The song in question, “My Motherland,” is a famous tune in China, originating from a Korean War propaganda film glorifying China’s attack on UN forces defending South Korea from an unprovoked invasion by the North.

The song contains a refrain calling the Americans “jackals” fit only to be shot:

“There are good wines for friends who come,
And if there be wolves and jackals,
We greet them with hunting rifle.

This is my big and powerful Motherland
The land of my birth.
On this vast land peace radiates!”

Both the White House and the Chinese government have refused to acknowledge the significance of the song, although it is widely suspected the Chinese government would have known in advance what exactly the pianist would be playing and what its significance would be.

Lang Lang claims rather improbably that his decision to play a song glorifying a war against the US to their own president was just an expression of national pride and musical taste:

“Playing this song praising China to heads of state from around the world seems to tell them that our China is formidable, that our Chinese people are united; I feel deeply honored and proud.”


“I thought to play โ€˜My Motherlandโ€™ because I think playing the tune at the White House banquet can help us, as Chinese people, feel extremely proud of ourselves and express our feelings through the song. I think itโ€™s especially good.”

Online, Chinese are crowing with delight at being able to insult their hated foe so brazenly and get away with it, whilst Americans are being left with the distinct impression peace is the last thing which radiates from China…

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  • I know this forum isn’t really mature enough to understand what I’m about to say. As a true red blooded American, I applaud him for playing this song. My country hold the freedom of speech very dear, and I feel he should be able to express his feelings. I don’t hold anything against him for that. I find it kind of funny actually. If he wanted to be really disrespectful, he would have chosen a song that us Americans could understand. He chose the inside joke path. Whatever.

    Also, I would rather be known as a wolf, than a jackal. haha

  • Yea.. one hell’n suprise once again. rly, what makes it so fuckin hard for china to stop acting like tantrumin little brat. a spoiled brat who haven’t been punished, but would deserve it.

    • Well what what did you expect from Sankaku? A molehill is generally turned into a mountain by most articles. But it’s the commenters that further instigate the hate by acting like children who can never see past any but one explanation by picking the worst case scenario as much as possible.

    • Silly American! Always looking for war to make moneys! Always looking to war to solve PROBLEMS! China looks like it can do whatever it wants, say whatever it wants, and be governed by whoever it has. It is not up to an American to decide what China does with itself!

        • Why can’t we be more like Canada and just be a cultural mosaic? Where we accept we have had grievances in the past and try to focus on possible friendships in the present? This is sort of the problem with nationalism, it stops us from recognizing that we’re all peoples from different PLACES, with histories of war and strife, sometimes even with each other.

          But if we can be friends now, let’s do so!

  • Lulz at the knee jerk moronic reactions from most people commenting here. This site provides so much lulz in the form of ignorant tards that it brightens up my day knowing that I will get some amusement reading comments here. Nationalists and dumbass racists bitching about who’s better, who needs Fox News?

  • The Taiwanese are good people, I know, I lived there for a year. But they do distinguish themselves from the mainlanders, for good reason. China has been trying to claim them as a rogue province and may succeed someday.

    I worked for a Chinese company in a U.S. Chinatown for many years doing culture tours of Chinatown. We were required to lie about the history there and only present the Chinese as victims. We were also told to never mention anything like foot-binding, tongs (only in the movies, kids) and their bloody wars that still go on today. So many things, I can’t even begin to list them.

    Many people on my tours knew better and questioned me when I gave the Chinese sugar-coated version of history. I had to take them aside and tell them the truth, that I knew better but that I would lose my job if I didn’t present them in anything but a favorable way.

    And the office was full of incompetent, lazy, hateful women who openly sneared at us guides (non-Chinese) when we came to meet our tours. They tried to hire Chinese guides from the community but they just walked around for a bit, pointed a few junk shops out and texted their friends constantly until the customers complained and they were (eventually) fired. Oh, and the tour was supposed to be 1.5 hours long, but the Chinese guides always bailed without explanation after a half hour or so. That office was controlled by the tongs and they constantly war, so often people were fired. But only the polite, pleasant, COMPETENT hard-workers that made the old guard look bad.

    This piano player’s insult doesn’t surprise me a bit. It’s very typical of the Chinese. And Obama bowing so low like that while the other guy barely bows at all – that means Obama is the showing he’s the submissive one. He’s brown-nosing the other guy and the other guy is agreeing.

  • โ€œThere are good wines for friends who come,
    And if there be wolves and jackals,
    We greet them with hunting rifle.

    This is my big and powerful Motherland
    The land of my birth.
    On this vast land peace radiates!โ€

    Anyone but me that see that fun?

    First verse: Hunt them down.

  • I’m pretty sure this is a song, which at first held a lot of hostility in it’s lyrics towards the West, but as time passes, it does just turn into a song symbolizing great patriotism towards China. This song itself is quite beautiful and played with great fervor, music over politics, although it’s hard not to say both aren’t influenced.

  • I don’t really care besides it wasn’t as bad. What can Americans do but let it go it wasn’t a bad song of course they might as well insult USA for reasons out of national pride to make a statement makes them look like idiots to us ether way.

  • In fact, I don’t think this song has anything against the Americans, there is no real world country or group or people that is referred to, or implied in the lyrics. I can’t see the point of being jumpy about this…

  • Quite ironic that in the end this song was essentially “ineffective” in encouraging the Chinese troops.

    It speaks a lot when the “elite” Chinese Liberation Army units, outnumbering the US 1st Marine Division and elements of the 1st Cavalry and 24th Infantry almost 5:1, let those forces get away from the Chosin Reservoir mostly intact.

    Then there were the various battles among the hills near the 38th Parallel, wherein Chinese Army Divisions gets beaten by two battalions of Canadians and Australians; the greatly outnumbered British Gloucestershire Regiment almost surrounded near a river by Chinese Army Divisions being able to hold their positions and even beat back numerous attacks, until finally forced to retreat after two days; and even a battle from our Expeditionary Force: 900 Filipinos v. 40,000 Chinese – 50 Filipino casualties, 12,000 Chinese casualties.

    • Yeah, the PVA had local numerical superiority in some battles, but overall, they were numerically and foremost technologically inferior to the UN troops.
      Chinese units had nothing more than rifles, grenades and mortars, while the UN shelled them day and night, dropped napalm and strafed everyting that moved from the air. Not to talk about tanks, which the PVA completely lacked.
      And still, they managed to push you back to the 38th parallel with nothing more than light infantry utilizing guerrilla tactics and night-raids.

      Also; this song is about the battle for triangle hill, which was a decisive victory of the Chinese, since they defended this hill long enough and killed enough US soldiers, to make the UN break off the offensive and pull back immediately. The Chinese utilized a Iwo-Jima, styled defensive strategy with extensive tunnel networks, trenches and shelters, that made them immune against the constant shelling of the UN. But the soldiers in the tunnels were always trapped, so this song was composed to cheer them up.

      Also, the Chosin Campaign was a victory for China. Yes, a phyrric victory, since most of the lightly equipped PVA soldiers froze to death in that harsh winter, but they indeed forced the US into their longest and most shameful retreat in history ever, leaving behind much of their equippement. The US 8th Cav was dubbed as “The Quartermasters of the Reds” because of this, which made thme the llaughingstock of the entire war.

      • “And still, they managed to push you back to the 38th parallel with nothing more than light infantry utilizing guerrilla tactics and night-raids.”

        Didn’t you just read my last sentence? We (our expeditionary force) were NEVER pushed back, because we were utilizing guerrilla tactics and night raids ever since the Spanish occupation (unlike the other UN forces, who rarely used such tactics). It was our men that eventually taught the UN forces how to do it properly. They can’t deal with it when the same tactics were used against them.

        Eventually though Ridgeway used a “maximum casualties on the enemy” strategy rather than sticking with the “keeping as much territory as possible.” The Chinese forces were an Epic Fail of a Zerg Rush.

      • If wasnt for America saving your sorry asses in WWII youd still be eating sushi and providing “comfort women” for the Japanese Empire so STFU. Maybe we should have let the Japanese have China, they knew how to deal with you arrogant fucks.

  • sigh, im chinese but… wtf… why u gotta be such a dick china… if u have something to say, say it to obama, hes friggin there? dont act like a pussy.. do u wanna start a war or not… make it clear, not play some faggot tune in hope that people might find out when obama’s back in america.

  • That’s a very twisted notion of honor. Elevating yourself while tearing others down doesn’t ring of honor. I don’t understand how some of these people are thinking. What are they so afraid of that makes them want to go so damn overboard with the patriotism?

    • I think it’s just ego.
      Chinese might be assuming that since their cheap export influences the economy worldwide, then it’s only right for them to think they hold the world hostage. You know “can’t touch us or you’ll ruin own backyard”
      Buuut…sooner or later a spark will fly to ignite that tar pool.
      If to think outside of the box..economy will indeed suffer if someone would rough up China (bet that they would toss a fit and not produce a single toy to send outside). But on the other would be only temporary, and do the world better on longer run.
      People averting from old source to new ones.

      I’d’d smile..China would cry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Amazing that in this day and age people of high seats behave like that.
    Feels like bunch of pathological kids in one sandbox, given a lot of sharp sticks…they are just eager to test the sticks out on one another.

    Meh..what do I care..blast the hell out of each other..just leave the normal people alone.

    • Problem is they don’t usually leave the normal people alone… if they do “blast the hell out of each other” it will be the normal people who are the casualties. But I understand your sentiment. I feel powerless too.

  • to be quite honest though, at least America really doesn’t give a fuck about it… since they know that late night American comedy would probably just say racist shit about asian people in general.

    In short, oh wow China, your pride is THAT damn small

    • Yeah whatever, we’ll still teach them that being 10+ years behind in military technology can’t be made up for with sheer numbers.

      Just keep giving us money that you’ll never get back because we don’t have to pay them since they’re more reliant on trade with us then we are with them.

      • You’re wrong. America has not fought a total war since the War of Independence (and even that is debatable).

        I’m not American, I’m a military otaku.

        China will one day be stronger, but that time is decades away.

        • What bullshit is this. bleeding edge technology? MOST disciplined armies in the war? Where are u getting this information? Are you some military general or something? What are u basing this statement on? Hollywood movies? LMAO. Grow up kid, the world aint a tv channel. Our military isnt cutting edge, and we certainly arent disciplined. as 00:08 said, China is a sleeping giant, and just cos they dont parade their military power in the media doesnt mean they don’t have it. If it comes to war, we won’t neccesarilly come out as winners.

        • china is the sleeping giant. we are all screwed. they are buying major areas of land and farm land in australia to “feed” the motherland.

          well when the day comes when they take over. at least we will have sweet and sour pork

      • Since when do we have better technology than the chinese? Someone has been watching too much iron man. China is similar to korea, as in we dont know jack about their military power. All those special undercover secret agent movies where the suave james bond thwarts the bungling muslim and infiltrates the facility without a sweat? Come on, how gullible can you get.

        The chinese could be packing real life gundams for all we know.

  • No,u guys get the message wrong,the song reminds USA that China and USA were once fight against Japan,lay down and buried japan warlords,As speak of Korea war,USA knows clear that CHina meant to keep the wolves out,the wolves can be interpreted as North Korea refugee, Russian,USA,and Japan,Japan is always wolfing around any way.

    Hi,little guys,don’t stay in a dark with anxious and abandoned look,your USA dad couldn’t leave you cause the need jps girls to satisfy their soldiers.

    • Oh stop, the Japanese women loved the American men as much as the men loved them. And still do. White guys in Japan are very popular as boyfriends. When I was there, even black guys were sorta trendy to fuck. Asian woman and white man is a classic combo, and satisfying to both. And geishas loved sex, that was part of the job.


    ^ this

    Oh and, I see nothing here to be butthurt about. That’s generally how the overthrowing of a nation’s self-proclaimed exceptionalism works. You be ass to the world – we be ass to you. (if there’s someone who knows chinese here, please translate that line and print it on all chinese tourist shirts going to the U.S.)

    Anyway, just read this article at 8AM, a great way to start the day. Thanks sankaku ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I have no doubt that the US would welcome another war time economy, i cant say that about the current war ( its not a true war at least) and what happened to nuclear deterence any way. they way some of u talk, one would think another armed country wouldnt retaliate… i have no veiws on either country aside that their governments are lined with sadistic money-hungry retards who are more like attention whoreing children than anything else… still bet ya cant guess where i hail from… then again i dont really care in the end i was just bored…

  • More & more, it’s beginning to seem as if the only reason the world cheered Obama’s election to the presidency was because if they did these things to Bush, he would have declared them to be part of the Axis of Evil and sicced the military on them.

  • The only thing Sankaku is useful for… naked chicks. Discussing politics – not so useful, its like watching Fox News. And by the way..Yang Yang is on the soundtrack of Gran Turismo 5, is that unpatriotic for Japanese producers to put him in it?? Hmmmm

    • Personally I find Sankaku “coverage” of just about everything to be “sensationalist”.

      Pardon my rudeness, but “Yellow Journalism” would be an appropriate description.

      I really wish Sankaku would “clean up”, the chicks and normal news is more than enough reason for me to visit. All this “tabloid editing” is actually more annoying than anything.

      • Well it’s what the consumers want. Supply and demand. Artefacts knows what hits a nerve with commenters here and knows what they go bat shit crazy about. Let’s face it bad news is always good news as much as I hate to say it.

        Which leads me to ask whether Artefact is going to do an article on Tatsuya Ichihashi and his book “Until I Was Arrested”. (Those who don’t know, he’s the guy who raped an killed a British Teacher and went into hiding)

  • The full lyrics of the Song:



    A great river flows, its waves wide and calm
    Wind blows through rice flowers, bearing fragrance to both shores
    My family live right there by the water
    I am used to hearing the punters’ call
    And seeing the white sails on the boats


    A great river flows, its waves wide and calm
    Wind blows through rice flowers, bearing fragrance to both shores
    My family live right there by the water
    I am used to hearing the punters’ call
    And seeing the white sails on the boats


    This is the beautiful motherland
    The place where I grew up
    On this expansive stretch of land
    Everywhere there is wonderful scenery to behold



    The young ladies are like flowers
    The young men’s hearts are big and determined
    In order to usher in a new era
    They’ve woken the sleeping mountains
    And changed the face of the river


    This is the heroic motherland
    The place where I grew up
    On this stretch of ancient land
    There is youthful vigour everywhere



    Great mountains, great rivers, a great land
    Every road is broad and wide
    If the friends come, there is fine wine
    But if the wolves come[2][3]
    Those who greet him have hunting guns[2][3]


    This is the strong motherland
    The place where I grew up
    On this stretch of warm and friendly land
    There is peaceful sunshine everywhere

    Yeah… very anti-american. And just sounds like the communist manifesto.

    Get a fucking brain, Artfact!

    • It’s no surprise that this article is a disgusting mess of misinformation. Sankaku has always distributed anti-Chinese rhetoric, and the irony of it all is that half of the stories here are fabricated in the same manner as the communist propaganda they supposedly oppose. At least most Chinese citizens can promptly filter out government propaganda when they see it, unlike the delinquents on this site who takes the credibility of such stories at face value.

  • WOW!!! so the finale was a big insult. China is formidable but describe in what ways its united?? I’m sure I can find evidence of it not being united. and what groups of people feel the same way he does? I’m sure theres some Chinese who don’t{I hope, I like MOKO too much 8D}.

  • Aw come on!

    Research about the song first before saying anything. It makes us look pretty much stupid with all these ‘hate’ comments and ‘articles’ around.

    Don’t let this issue get into you, lest you want to become like the Chinese themselves.

  • Racists. Racists everywhere.

    Do a wikipedia search on the song. It’s a song about a soldier longing for home in a MOVIE about the Korean War. It’s a song written for a MOVIE. It’s not written as a propaganda song during the war.

    Why does no one do research?

    If I play a song from the movie Saving Private Ryan, am I supporting Nazis, war in general, or the Holocaust?

    People jump to conclusions so quickly. It’s sickening.

    • You’re telling Sankaku users to actually research or even to think for themselves? That’s like telling the KKK to stop being racist, retarded and be open minded. Just goes to show doesn’t it? Sankaku’s reputation among the net is as accurate as ever. Especially when it’s about the users being naive and gullible as your average sensationalist news reader who they countlessly bashed such as Fox News. Irony~

    • You are probably the smartest one here among all these morons. I applaud you for that.

      But what I find comforting is the fact that both the US and Chinese governments have ignored the supposed significance of the song, whatever that may have been. I guess they’re agreeing to let it be and avoid the inevitable pointless bickering that would ensue if anyone made a huge fit about it.

  • it seriously doesn’t matter what the chinese do now. Whether it be hating on America or anything. They had to have known that he was going to play that song and if they didn’t they should have yanked his ass off stage.

    So what if we owe the chinese cash? They get uppity with the U.S of A, we can send their ass back to the stone age. Then maybe greedy Corporates will finally start making shit here in America instead of trying to undermine the people who need work here in America

  • This is just the typical case of the small yappy dog seeing how many times he can get away with nipping the big dogs heels.
    Only problem is no one ever told China that sometimes the big dog will be in a bad mood and pick up the little dog by the neck and shake it till its neck snaps.

    I hope the US and China never go to war.
    I am confident we can wipe out China, but the war would have the whole world suffering one way or the other.

  • To be honest, there have been many chinese people that have been outraged by this (possibly incredibly stupid) music choice. It’s not as black and white as it seems. There have been many comments on Chinese forums denouncing Lang Lang for this.

  • If you were listening to NPR last night, you’d have heard Lang Lang vehemently deny any intention of delivering such an insult. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, but you’ll never know by reading Sankaku. Far better not to miss a golden chance to bash China without regard for facts.

    I’ve long since written off Sankaku as any kind of objective news source, but seriously, can’t you just leave the off-topic political ranting somewhere else?

  • Seriously? Clearly nobody gives a shit. Both Herbie and Lang Lang played the song together out of mutual respect as host and guest in China. All this talk of hate does nothing but stir up the emotions of the the retarded weeaboos that lurk this place.

    This’ll be probably get thumbed down. Oh well as long as your japanese overlords scream RACIST you’ll probably feel good about yourselves.

  • Everyone may need to play Battlefield 2 again to see what American’s (and Japanese to an extent) enemies are (hint: one of them always popped up in this site as doing something bad, and the other is terroristland where suicide bombers and their destructive beliefs came).

    • Yeah, about that… In the war of 1812, England sucker punched the US and the US wrote a song about it. The difference with this is that, during the Korean War, China sucker punched the US, then THEY wrote a song about it.

  • Oh My God!!!

    This is such a huge loss of face for the US, the only thing we can do as a nation is to commit mass suicide in protest at being pwned.

    Or maybe we will eat a hamburger, watch some reality TV, and piss on a Lang Lang CD.

  • Hu Jintao probably could’ve gotten away with doing virtually anything at that dinner. He probably could’ve slapped Obama in the face with a white glove and he wouldn’t have done anything.

  • Heheheheh this is a lot of rage about nothing, and anyone that knows anything about the songs actual lyrics will know that.

    It’s a song with no politics and saying it was an insult is really only insulting the education of the person claiming it was an insult.

    But don’t listen to me, what do I know. I’m just an expert on 20th century military history when not spending my time with anime.

  • I look at this and I facepalm. China China China, WTF are you doing. Although I may not hate USA, my parents has a great dislike of it.
    So now I dare America do the same to China, and I want to see how the Chinese react soooo badly. I will lol if any Chinese gets angry since I will remind them of this part.

  • Oh whatever. Ppl will bitch about anything these days. Its just a song. Hell, most national anthems bash other countries too. Ours is no different. Bah, with all those billions involved, you can call me a hick or a nigga & I still wouldn’t give a damn.

  • cheeky monkeys, they will have to face some big problems in the near future anyway:

    the transformation of their people: some are getting really rich while others are exploited like slaves, and no one is allowed to contest the unique government communist party… I foresee civil war, something way bigger than Tiananmen 1989, for the year 2030, maybe sooner.

    • You do realize that China has nothing to win in a war, their industry is too dependent on exports and international companies in there. Why declare war when they have all other countries by the balls due to their economic power.

      US and it’s allies could possibly defeat China, but after all the western economies would collapse/enter in a severe crisis, most people don’t realize how the west his dependent of Chinese products and labour.

      • How did the west survive before we came to rely on China? We made it ourselves. Prices would skyrocket and then level out with time, it would cause major problems economically, but supply and demand will cause companies all over the world to scramble to fill the void and make huge profits doing so. So while our economies will crash momentarily, they will eventually come back stronger than ever before.

        • Lot of industries are already being moved to Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and India.

          This in part, because the cost of doing business in China is going up and labour shortages.

          The less than stellar diplomatic relationships are another reason why a lot of companies are becoming more cautious about doing business with China.

          Some companies are even bringing production factories back online in the US itself, in order to shorten supply lines to their customers.

          Upcoming Chinese New Year doesn’t help in that regard either.

          Leaves just the exotic metals issue, and the US is already moving towards reopening their own mines in order to help compensate for the fact that China currently holds an 80% monopoly on it. China’s use of it to blackmail other countries, like Japan recently with the Fisherman issue, woke up a lot of folks with regards to their reliability in delivering the resources, so various governments are taking the necessary precautions to ween themselves off of the Chinese materials.

        • Theres plenty of other poor nations to export work to, and as for things that require more quality control they can just bring the jobs back to the US which is a good thing. If anything china is like a dog that is trying to bite the hands of those that feed it.

        • You can compare the needs of the today’s society with the needs of the past, the West is nowadays heavily dependent on china (just chek how many of the stuff on todays markets it’s made in china), and the destruction of China would inevitably lead to a crisis on the west, the west can eventually get back on it’s feet,but only after a very terrible period.

          Actually I believe when China start to show signs of collapse the first to give her an helping hand will be the west, it wouldn’t serve the west to see China destroyed, it’s sad but it’s true.

    • i think this is more on the emphasis of train of thought then ethnicity or nationality. Some people make the conclusion that when the government does something, all the citizens are behind them. Therefore you shouldn’t be worried about being Chinese.
      Unless you have the same mindset as the chinese government and agree that all their actions they’ve been antagonized for are “right”.

  • Wow, I am absolutely astounded by the ignorance of the comments posted here. Have you even heard this song before? It is a beautiful piece that brings tears to the eyes of all decent Chinese. It is about a soldier missing his homeland and it is a completely fitting piece for overseas Chinese.

    The only groups not interested in peace are the Americans and their stooges (like Japan). Let us all hope that China’s words of peace are heeded before the US drags us into another world war.

    • It seems like you are the ignorant one. The chinese aren’t stupid. If they didn’t want to insult America do you really think they would play that song. Forget the fact if the song is anti American or not, the chinese knew that the Americans could take it as anti American but they still played it. If you think the chinese didn’t want to step on anyones feet they would have been cautious and not played the song.

      Again, Obama has showed no back-bone. I don’t understand why we are trying to cater to these other countries who hate us. We ain’t going to change their minds. We subsidize a whole bunch of money to countries and 80% of those countries always vote against us in the UN. Oh and we are still subsidizing money to China even though they don’t need it. That money really should be going to the debt we owe them but sadly it isn’t.

    • You just keep talking that bullshit. Chinas slaughtered millions of people and not even batted an eye. Enslaved Tibet and Mongolia, instigated wars all over Asia and Africa. Thrown hundreds and thousands into slave labor camps for opposing the government, never to be seen again. The US isn’t perfect but I thank my lucky stars I’m living here and not that cesspit called China. They even tried to destroy their on culture during “Cultural Revolution”! China’s goverment makes the Nazis look like choirboys. Stop being an apologist for murderers.

  • The sheer amount of ignorance, stereotyping, and overt racism on this site is sickening. What happened here is something on the level of playing “America the Beautiful” in front of the British Prime Minister and then everybody freaking out because it was written about the War for Independence.

    Look, I’m American, I’m 100% white, and I don’t agree with China polictically, but hatred only breeds more hatred, people. You’ll never be able to achieve any kind of peace if you constantly go around spreading rumors and conspiracy theories about rival countries.

  • You called chinese racist while your american act racist yourself.

    Many people around the world hate america as much as they hate china you know? stop bring ignorance after all your “Good Intention” Alway come with interest.
    the different between ch and usa are democracy and communist that it.

    • That is rather funny coming a China supporter. I know Chinese people and they are every bit as racist and perhaps even moreso than any other country. Why? Simply because they don’t give a SHIT about anyone who is not Chinese. The term Gwailo generally translates to “ghost man” and it essentially is used to alienate any and all non-Asian folk. Even among Asians, they are racist because they hold themselves as superior to all other Asians like the Japanese and the Koreans. For that matter, even the specific provinces can be racist, AGAINST THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN. Oh yeah, the animosity between Northerners and Southerners are not lost.

      Compared to the United States, it has much to lead on. The United States boasts one of the largest concentrations of multiple races from Asian to African, European to South American. It in short is THE melting pot capital. It may not be the champion of civil rights just yet but the country can boast that every man has an opportunity and given time even another Chinese guy can become President, provided he is American.

      In comparison, what has China done to promote that image? Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. Most foreigners in the fucking countries are in Hong Kong because its y’know, a NICER PLACE. They don’t have raving Chinese folk jabbering on about how foreigners don’t belong with them. They aren’t suspicious about every black man in the freakin country. Yes, that’s right, Black people are in China, and they are treated like freaks of nature there.

      As a tourist, you can be of any nationality and walk through the streets of America and pass off as a citizen because of the sheer diversity. In China, you can pick out the tourists without but a glance. Racism? China’s got that in freakin SPADES. Only difference between the two are democracy and Communism? My boy, Chinese people are FAR worse than most developed countries in terms of race relations, my friend. While you can complain about how everyone is racist in America, you fail to realize that due to the fact that their populations are so homogeneous, the Chinese happen to be one of the most racist people that can live on this planet.

      This is speaking from someone who lived amongst them for the better part of his life.

  • China. ALPHA AS FUCK!

    The Korean War was the most righteous war for the Chinese ever.

    General MacArthur, who let Japanese war-criminals off the hook in exchange for their research they aquired through inhuman experiments and vivisections with innocent chinese people, claimed that China wont do anything if the US pushes up to the Yalu-river and violates China’s border by bombing China proper.

    He thought wrong.

    The wrath of the Chinese PVA showed this fucker that China will never bend over.
    We saved our puffer-zone North Korea, humiliated MacArthur and restored the honour of the Chinese nation by killing fucking americunts and winning against them in the most glorious way.
    Flesh over steel, the Chinese PVA, only armed with captured rifles, grenades and swords pushed the US and their lackeys back to the 38th parallel, and forced the US troops into their most shameful and longest retreat in their entire fucking history!

    China, that was ravaged by just two million little japs not so long before, finally stood up and showed the most technologically advanced army at that time, that they cannot just stand on our border and threatening us, without paying dearly in blood.

    The Korean War is a victory for China!

    Suck it, Obama!

    And if the US attempts something like this again, we will show these fuckers their borders. Noone touches our North Korean buffer-state without our consent!
    Come at us, bro. We have enough fucking cruise missiles to shut down all your shitty bases in whole of asia, sink your carriers and slaughter your stinking obese americunt soldiers, as well as your South Korean and Japanese puppets.
    You can try again to push up to the Yalu. And you will fail again! Fucking Americans!!!!


    • fucking chink get ur facts straight –

      ‘flesh over steel’? mroe like ‘thousand of dirt over our heads while we crawl in mountain caves and cowardly taking cheap shots’. throughout the entire war US had to rely on inaccurate and technologically primitive via-modern standards planes, with at least 5:1 odds and we still began raping ur ass after the cowardly surprise attack in the beginning. In all engagement chinese had the artillery, russian migs flying interception and more manpower, and u STILL lost millions while US only lost measly 40 thousand. U cowardly chinks can count on us to exterminate and rape ur womenfolk this time around.

      Only reason ur shitty country got out in one piece is because soviets backed up their fellow commies by dividing US power to europe by posturing to invade and take over europe. we weren’t even fighting full strength, u chinks brought in ‘elite’ troops in ur own backyard and u still had to hide in little holes in mountains while Ridgeway and soldiers slowly massacred ur chinky asses. In short, china was nothing but pawn of USSR, and only reason our soldiers didn’t march in to peking to rape you bitches again

      u got fucked over and raped by Japs in WW2 – you can’t defend your country against a bunch of yellow bitches who btw WE massacred, and still think you are our equal?

      So fuck off ‘bro’ – making threats u bitch ass chink and u might get fucked over in the near future – and ur bitch of a mother too.

      • U mad.

        In the end, China forced you onto your longest and most shameful retreat in history.

        Oh, how’s the 8th Cav Division doing? We heard they fled like little girls, leaving their entire gear behind for the PLA to use.
        “Quartermasters of the Red’s” we call them…

        Also, Russia did nothing. Their MiG-support never got over the Yalu-river to help the PLA.

        And also, you got the numbers wrong. China only committed 1.2 million soldiers – so no way the PLA lost ‘millions’. China lost about 400.000 – and mostly due to freezing caused by shit equippment and clothes.

        Face it. You were driven back by a band of rag-tag peasant guerrilla soldiers with old captured japanese rifles.
        Hahaha. How does it feel to lose even though you had technological edge?

        • lol at chinese believing in the myth of ‘we only had rifles and we beat them!!!111’

          Fact is USSR and commies supplied china with rifles and artillery and still you managed to lose battles. Chinese relied too much on numbers – if you accuse US of relying on support, which btw Chosin and rest of the war showed was not the case as it is our MEN who won the battles, then chinese are even guiltier of using their own people for meat shield and still losing like crazy in the later phase of the conflict.

          US respects those who are tough enough – germany, russia, and even japan. You chinks earn no respect because our experience in war has shown you to be nothing but cowards making excuses and throwing childish insults like a five-year old.

        • Way to post a book there. I am laughing my ass off at your ‘sources’ from wikipedia – maybe you should go back to school.

          Arrogant? It’s you chinks who think they are ‘evolutionary superior to others’. Unwarranted self-importance if there ever was one. Small name and big ego – maybe you chinks wanna pull this shit again and see what happens?

          And before I forget, you haven’t made a single point to refute the claims about USSR being your masters and communism and backing up china with military hardware as well as dividing US strength across the globe, as well as stringing along you chinks like puppets. It is only because of USSR that you were even able to stand up a bit against US and UN power.

          Strategy? Less equipment? Don’t make me laugh. US adapted and killed your so-called superior ‘tactics’ that had nothing but numbers. So what do you call nine to one battle, without proper support and still getting beaten the shit out of by the americans? The pattern repeated itself through out the war and would have been so if US wasn’t so preoccupied with USSR. In terms of logistics, if you chinks were really that overextended then imagine how US fought while having to supply halfway across the world. There is no comparison. That is a sad excuse for losing your battle halfway there kid.

          Make no mistake, we fought hand-to-hand, man-to-man and beat your chinky rats to pulp without relying on accurate enough or reliable enough technology. And the only reason stalemate ensued is because our men were stretched across the globe and you only fought a fraction of our might. In fact, we could have crossed the line and kicked your asses out if it wasn’t for USSR threatening to invade europe.

          From my point of view, it is you chinks who are all talk. It’s like watching a kid managing to throw a stone at an adult and running off shouting ‘I won! I won!’. The myth of ‘oh we only had rifles and we still beat them, without their support we can always win cuz we are teh best!!!!111’ still makes me laugh – you had numbers, support from USSR in equipment as you admit, had more artillery then you cared to admit cuz your government is so willing to feed you propaganda about people with only rifles can defeat US. This time, we are going all out – nothing will save you this time and your cowardly hide and all your bitches are there to be raped by us. It was the overall global politics that saved your asses and still you think you can just mouth off due to our patience not exterminating you like vermin you are. Your shitty cruise missiles and weapons are twenty years behind US at least.

          May be you should face the truth: Chinese got cocky by winning few battles by taking cheap shots scurrying in the dark like rats, and we came back even stronger and beat your ‘spirit’ hands down with most of your soliders not even wanting to go back to your shitty country. You only exist because we allowed you to.

        • Cool story bro. You still failed.

          And when you are at it; please inform yourself about the tactics used by the PVA. No human-wave bullshit, which is just your lame excuse for losing against rag-tag soldiers, but stealth, sneak-attacks and the utilization of the harsh terrain played very well to the PVA’s advantage.

          Let me quote:

          The CPVA soldier was reasonably well clothed, in keeping with the PLA’s guerrilla origin and egalitarian attitudes. All ranks wore a green or khaki shirt and trousers combination with leaders’ uniforms being different in cut and with red piping and collar tabs. However, their rubber soled canvas shoes provide no protection against the cold and many soldiers’ feet froze during the heavy winter rains. The general lightness of their cotton uniforms did not prevent the freezing to death of thousands of soldiers in the extreme cold.
          he nominal strength of a PLA division was 9,500 men, a regiment was near 3,000, and a battalion had about 850 men. However, many divisions were below strength while those divisions opposite Taiwan were above strength. There was also variation in organization and equipment as well as in the quantity and quality of equipment. Some of the PLA’s equipment was from the Imperial Japanese Army or was captured from the Chinese Nationalist Party. Some Czechoslovak equipment was also purchased on the open market. During the initial offensive in the fall of 1950, great numbers of captured American weapons were also used due to the availability of ammunition and the increasing difficulty of resupply across the Yalu river due to U.N. air interdiction. In addition, the Chinese produced a domestic copy of the American Thompson submachine gun, many of which found their way into Korea. Later on, after the first year of the Korean War, the Soviet Union began sending arms and munitions, and the Chinese started to produce copies of some Soviet weapons, such as the PPSh-41, which they designated Type 50.

          Prisoner of War reports stated that some infantry regiments only had 800 personnel armed with weapons such as rifles, carbines, and machine guns. And other infantry regiments had two thirds of their personnel equipped only with hand grenades with the expectation that soldiers would acquire personal weapons from the fallen. The initial divisions sent into Korea went without their heavy weapons such as heavy mortars and artillery with pack animals being used to transport weapons and ammunition.

          The PLA’s communications were deficient in comparison to those of the UN forces, in that radios were only issued down to regiments who then used field phones, if available, to contact their battalions. Battalions then used bugles, whistles, and runners to talk to each other and their subordinate companies.

          —– so much to your claim that the “PVA had everything they needed” and wasnt technologically inferior.


          Similar to Europeans during the Mongol invasions, the popular perception believed that Chinese victories were due to simple human wave tactics. In fact, Chinese forces used rapid attacks on the flanks and rear and infiltration behind UN lines to give the appearance of vast hordes. This, of course, was augmented by the Chinese tactic of maximizing their forces for the attack, ensuring a large local numerical superiority over their opponent.[9][10] The initial Chinese victory along the Yalu River was a great morale booster for the PVA and the first Chinese victory over the West in modern times. However, by late 1951, overextended supply lines and superior UN firepower had forced a stalemate. The North Koreans that invaded in 1950 had been much better supplied and armed by the Soviets than the Chinese Army had been. The main arms of the PVA were captured Japanese and KMT arms.[11]

          Historian and Korean War veteran Bevin Alexander had this to say about Chinese tactics in his book How Wars Are Won:

          “The Chinese had no air power and were armed only with rifles, machineguns, hand grenades, and mortars. Against the much more heavily armed Americans, they adapted a technique they had used against the Nationalists in the Chinese civil war of 1946โ€“49. The Chinese generally attacked at night and tried to close in on a small troop positionโ€”generally a platoonโ€”and then attacked it with local superiority in numbers. The usual method was to infiltrate small units, from a platoon of fifty men to a company of 200, split into separate detachments. While one team cut off the escape route of the Americans, the others struck both the front and the flanks in concerted assaults. The attacks continued on all sides until the defenders were destroyed or forced to withdraw. The Chinese then crept forward to the open flank of the next platoon position, and repeated the tactics.”

          Roy Appleman further clarified the initial Chines tactics as:

          “In the First Phase Offensive, highly skilled enemy light infantry troops had carried out the Chinese attacks, generally unaided by any weapons larger than mortars. Their attacks had demonstrated that the Chinese were well-trained disciplined fire fighters, and particularly adept at night fighting. They were masters of the art of camouflage. Their patrols were remarkably successful in locating the positions of the U.N. forces. They planned their attacks to get in the rear of these forces, cut them off from their escape and supply roads, and then send in frontal and flanking attacks to precipitate the battle. They also employed a tactic which they termed Hachi Shiki, which was a V-formation into which they allowed enemy forces to move; the sides of the V then closed around their enemy while another force moved below the mouth of the V to engage any forces attempting to relieve the trapped unit. Such were the tactics the Chinese used with great success at Onjong, Unsan, and Ch’osan, but with only partial success at Pakch’on and the Ch’ongch’on bridgehead.”[12]

          Historian Bruce Cumings noted that when Chinese soldiers and officers saw how Americans fought the war, they were surprised by how freely the Americans would resort to what they considered to be excessive and unnecessary force. One Chinese soldier stated that if the Americans encountered a single sniper hiding in a village or house, they would invariably call in massive artillery and air attacks, destroying the entire village and killing everyone in it. He asked, “Why do they do this instead of simply sending in soldiers to kill the sniper?” American superiority in military hardware had profound consequences for the Korean people on the peninsula as well as the soldiers fighting the war.

          ———- Cool story. Human wave all the way, right?

          Face it. You lost because you were arrogent bastards who claimed to simply slaughter us upon arrival. In reality, we teared you fucks a new one.

          And before I forget: If you say that your US lines were spread to thin, our PVA lines were even thinner: Only because the PVA supply-lines were overextended, South Korea still exist today and you fucking US faggots could still stay in the Korean peninsula.

          You americunts are just all talk. Without your precious airsupport and artillery, you cannot win any battle.

          I look forward to the second round of Korean War in the near future.
          We will fuck you in the ass, as we did with your grandparents – this time just not with our bayonets, but with our hundred thousands of ballistic and cruise missiles.
          Go and stretch you asshole, americunt; so that you could at least take in one of our 300mm MRLS rounds in your anus.

        • “China lost about 400,000-mostly due to freezing and shit equipment”-so you mean nothings changed. China still treats it people like expendable cockroaches and is run like giant Gulag. If MacArthur had had his way your fucking PLA would have glowing in the dark. He wanted to string a line of A-bomb blasts along the Yalu River. The only thing you had going for you at the time was numerical superiority. Human wave attacks, where the soldiers in the front didnt even have weapons, only rocks and sticks so the Americans would run out of ammo. And you think thats a government worth dying for? Your delusional, must be bad opium.

        • another chinky little brat mouthing off –

          Lost due to freezing? let me ask how your 160th ARMY is doing? Opeartion Killer and Round Up netted five THOUSAND chinks as prisoners, rest killed, and u cowards gave up like pussies. Locals gave you cold shoulder when u tried the cowardly guerrilla tactics, not to mention overall 21000 POW we held during the war which btw over 2/3 whom chose NOT to return to china after the war. Instead, they went to taiwan. So much for the motherland eh?

          How about Battle of Chosin Reservoir? Marine division outnumbered over nine to one practically crippled NINE divisions of ‘superior’ chinks before fighting a delaying action. EVEN with numbers you chinks couldn’t put up a decent fight – ur general offered to resign afterwards in shame but mao was too much of a fool to accept that he lost. after that you pussies were too scared to go up against marine that ur government specifically told ur generals to leave ‘yellow legs (marines) alone’. A sure sign of cowardice if there ever was one!

          Ragtag bunch of peasants? PVA was handpicked from the veterans of previous wars and was expected to win ‘easily’ by the chinese communist government who though ‘superior’ doctrine would overcome material advantage. Yet we know material advantage was minimal with primitive and inaccurate technology, the cowardly surprise attack across yalu only sucessful because US Army was stretched thin. Your ‘superior doctrine’ failed halfway, and was turned back in force by Ridgeway. After the war, most of the initial PVA recruits were either dead in Korea or captured in POW camps being raped by americans. So much for ‘elite’ PVA.

          Chinks who only had numbers on their side, taking cowardly potshots from mountain holes and only knows how to attack in number cuz they are too much of a pussy to fight fair – I also love how they try to make it seem as if they outright went up against super- accurate weapons and ultra-modern technology. Military tech in those days were about as accurate as cavemen compared to modern ones, and less than 5% of weapons ever hit their mark. This means that most of the time planes and naval support were off target and practically non-existant. We had minimally advantageous tech edge, less numbers, outnumbered four to one at least in every occasion, and you STILL FAILED and was driven back at the end.

          That’s right, outnumbered, outdistanced, and outflanked, we still turned the tide and started massacring chinks by the millions and yes millions your shitty communist government rushed far more troops than was officially posted to korea while we still started winning even though bulk of our forces were stationed in Europe. Bear in mind also – we were fighting half-way across the world while u chinks were fighting in your own backyard. And we still liberated South Korea, drove commies across the 38th parallel, and would have finished off you chinks in peking if it wasn’t for USSR dividing our forces and truman giving direct orders to halt above 38th parallel to focus on USSR.

          You only exit today becuase we had bigger fish to fry in USSR. To think some uppity chinks think they actually ‘won’ in Korea is amusing at best. Keep chugging your shitty government propaganda chink!

  • Bravo mr admin, once again your title is completely misleading.

    Title: Black hole has been spotted!

    Actuality: A picture of a drawn black hole, most likely anime style, so something moe about it.

  • artifacts love to create any negativity against chinese ppl.
    this isn’t the first…nor second, third, fourth…

    soon enough, it’ll be sankaku quality, not china anymore with all the dumbasses believing posts like these from sankaku and not actual academic articles.

  • I’m not surprised China would do something like this. The ways they try to get attention are disgraceful. What annoys me the most about the whole thing is that the US treats country leaders with such respect when they hold events. Regardless of what you think of people, there is a certain degree of respect you need to pay visiting leaders, period. Why China would be stupid enough to blemish their name more than they already have I’ll never know.

  • heard from NPR the other day with his interview, his intents were clearly not to be involved into parties and politics in a way that promotes such meaning, instead to promote peace between two countries with art such as music because he thought the tone of the music sounds good and also it is one of the commonly known song of the people.

  • As usual you are all morons.

    Go ahead and believe that the Chinese internet users are actually “crowing” about this at all. They’re not as paranoid, antagonistic, or xenophobic as you guys.

    You wish to be butt-hurt, and you make up your own delusional rumors to scare you further.

    Just be glad the Chinese don’t fall for the same incendiary xenophobic shiat as easily, else you’d probably be at war already.

    • It’s a news site…of course things are going to be exaggerated. Artefact himself says no news is unbias, which includes his own articles. Though I agree that only morons will be gullible enough to take everything written as 100% fact. Ironic thing is, those people are probably the same ones that label all Chinese as brainwashed idiots or they’re just Fox Network devotee’s lol.

      • Lol, Sankaku Complex is a news site? That’s a hoot. This piece of website trash is as much of a news site as Hitler is a saint.

        The only good thing in Sankaku are the Asian bitches, nothing more. Even the webmaster of this site is a garbage troll who enjoys seeing his readers fight over the most trivial things.

  • you japs behind sankaku and japan are just jealous anti Chinese. you still angry china passed you japs huh?
    don’t worry when you japs wants to be china’s friend in the future we will ignore you.

  • Obama owned by Hu Jintao! The President and US State Department are clueless. He keeps kissing Chinas ass
    for greedy corporate America and soon they’ll be playing “The East is Red” as the US national anthem.
    What a dumbass!!
    I thought Lang Lang was a Panda or was that Ling Ling? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • While some Technology trade is obvious, I’m reasonably certain we didn’t “give” China that stealth fighter jet they just developed.
          China does trade some technology, but they also steal quite a fair bit through sheer copyright disregard. Any country doing that is bound to get some antagonism towards them. Also doesn’t help when they keep releasing poisonous toys for children. Reeeeeasonably certain we don’t like to trade technology for Cadmium-laced baby toys.

          In an ideal world, theft of national or company secrets wouldn’t happen, but it does.

        • Sorry to break your balls, China isn’t only supported by its imports but also by its sector in construction. Also, why do you make it seem like YOUR people developed China. What the basic understanding is, American corporations outsourced their manufacturing processes there so they can cut costs and have a high profit margin (revenue – costs). Understand that THIS is a TRADE OFF. You’re not just GIVING shit (power/tech) to China.

          Please take a economics course before you start antagonizing a country by using your own intuition of world economics because its plainly ignorant to conclude it the way you have.

        • Wow, once again China does something reckless…

          I have read the article, & I have decided to not even care, not like I can exactly enjoy this anyway as I am from the US myself, at least they both decided to not acknowledge the piece though knowing how most people i