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Xbox 360 “Still Less Widely Owned Than Dreamcast”



A survey of Japanese console ownership reveals more Japanese own Dreamcasts than they do Xbox 360s, with less than 5% of gamers reporting owning one…

The online survey asked 1,073 Japanese to list the gaming devices they owned, and of the 60% who reported owning at least one, 62% owned a DS, 57% a PS2,  44% a Wii, 30% a PSP and 25% a PS3.

The results:


The numbers for which consoles respondents actually played as well as owned were slightly more reassuring for Microsoft – the Xbox 360 actually drew ahead of the original PlayStation with 3.3% playing it, versus 14.7% for the PS3, itself hardly an impressive number.

57% reported their gaming had “greatly” or “slightly” decreased in the last year – a distinctly disturbing trend for Japanese game developers stuck trying (and apparently failing) to meet their increasingly insular tastes in the face of ever mounting development costs for new consoles.

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