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Elderly Samurai Hacks Off Cop’s Thumb in Katana Rampage


A man has been charged with the attempted murder of two policemen and a neighbour after attacking them with a katana, successfully hacking off one officer’s thumb.

The incident began at 3AM in Tokyo’s Adachi ward when a 73-year-old unemployed man attacked his 64-year-old neighbour with an 80cm long katana, cutting both his hands.

Police were summoned, but when they tried to apprehend the man he resisted, hacking off one 52-year-old officer’s thumb and slashing another 35-year-old officer in the knee.

He tried to flee the scene by climbing through his apartment window, but was caught by another policeman and then arrested on charges of attempted murder and obstructing police business.

All the injured were subsequently hospitalised – their injuries were not life-threatening.

The sword-wielding man admits the attack, and his initial victim reports the dispute started with him making a noise complaint to the would-be samurai, who returned to his room and came running back out with his sword screaming “you bastard!” and promptly tried to slay him in the traditional manner.


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