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1 in 6 Japanese Women Have Had Abortions


The determination of Japanese women not to reproduce is increasing – recent statistics indicate 1 in 6 Japanese women have had an abortion, with a third of these having had multiple abortions.

According to a study conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association and published by the Ministry of Health, 15.5% of 16 to 49-year-old Japanese women questioned reported they have artificially terminated a pregnancy, and of these 35.6% have done so several times.

In 2008 the same study found 14.9% had abortions and 25.4% had done so more than once.

Asked why they had the procedure, 27.4% reported “I couldn’t have the child as I’m not married to the father”, 13.3% “had no economic interest in having a child,” 11.9% “couldn’t trace out a future with the father” and 7.4% “didn’t want to quit work or education.”

Women who underwent multiple abortions tended to report failing to use contraception in their first sexual encounters, and it is surmised from the data that these women may have had deficient education about sex.

Abortion is actually illegal in Japan, but, in accordance with the bizarre Japanese predilection for creating absurd loopholes to get around utterly pointless laws instead of removing the actual law, abortions are in practice unconditionally available to all women if they make an (entirely untested) plea of economic hardship to a doctor.

For comparison purposes, at least 40% of US women and 33% of UK women are thought to have had at least one abortion, suggesting Japan’s woeful knowledge of contraception and liberal sexual mores are not such a big deal after all.

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