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Japan Protests BBC A-Bomb Survivor Joke


The Japanese Embassy in London has issued a formal protest against the BBC for airing a programme daring to call a man who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki the world’s unluckiest man.

The objectionable clip:


The man in question, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, survived both atomic bombs dropped on Japan during WWII, dying of natural causes in 2010, aged 93. During his life he freely told the tale and participated in a variety of films and documentaries, and even wrote a book about his experiences.

The Japanese government took exception to the programme however, and its embassy issued a formal rebuke to the BBC and the show’s production staff for “handling his story in an inappropriate and insensitive manner.”

In response to this and some criticism by Japanese residing in the UK, the show’s staff emailed them an apology saying “it was very regrettable the show caused offence” but pointing out that the WWII tragedies of Americans and Europeans “were handled in the same fashion.”

Some additional context to the Japanese complaints is the fact that mocking the dead is usually considered to be in poor taste by Japanese, whether intended malignly or not.

Additionally, the so-called “hibakusha” (atomic bomb victims) both form a politically influential lobbyist group which receives special benefits and a potent symbol of what many Japanese would like to perceive as their WWII victimhood and the wickedness of the barbarian invaders.

Naturally enough, 2ch is very keen on the opportunity to simultaneously play the injured victim of racism whilst heaping slurs on the white pigs who dare to desecrate the name of the honoured dead:

“Those English gentlemen just love to discriminate!”

“For him to be nuked twice but live to 93 actually makes him more like the world’s luckiest man…”

“Britain is like that. They can make anything the seed of a black joke.”

“‘It’s very regrettable the remarks caused discomfort’ – that’s not an apology at all!”

“Stop making fun of the dead!”

“The harsh humour of the English is quite amusing, especially when it comes to war.”

“This is going too far!”

“I can’t abide Europeans for making these kinds of jokes!”

“It can’t be helped – the man even emphasised his misfortune himself.”

“If you subtitled this and aired it in Japan it would become a big issue!”

“They really laid into him – die you bastards!”

“Don’t our crappy variety shows always make fun of foreign countries too?”

“The British have no character and it shows!”

“He got nuked twice – it’s pretty childish to protest about calling him unlucky when it’s a fact.”

“It’s not even a discriminatory remark, it’s just a programme filled with crude humour.”

“One of our embassies actually did something for once!”

“The British were always a wicked and spiteful people…”

“So they think just because they make fun of their own casualties as well it’s OK to make fun of us? Are the BBC all idiots or what!?”

“Even their apology seems to be sarcastically making fun of us.”

“Those British weren’t even nuked and they still don’t live past 93!”

“What a disgraceful show, laughing about the deceased like that!”

“You can tell they just think ‘the Japs who are upset just don’t get the joke’ – this pisses me off.”

“Well, they’re English so what can you do? It’s still out of line by Japanese standards, so a protest is appropriate though…”

“This crosses the line! This would be completely unacceptable in America. I’m really furious!”

“The BBC is alright, but CNN does nothing but trashy tabloid sex stories about Japan…”

“I’m so pissed! Destroy Britain completely!”

“They don’t even consider dropping those bombs on us a bad thing, so naturally they laugh about it.”

“Their brains rot away because of all the terrible food they eat. The British are of low intelligence.”

“They eat pig food so no wonder they find it funny.”

“The ones who were unlucky were the ones who died.”

“What can we do to piss them off?”

“Tell them Princess Diana is partying with the devil in hell!”

“Try calling Queen Elizabeth a dirty whore.”

“‘British food is the best in the world, isn’t it!!”

“How about if we sink the Prince of Wales again!”

“If he was just bombed twice with conventional bombs Japan’s wouldn’t protest. Japan is way too sensitive about nuclear weapons.”

“Well, if a Jew who survived a concentration camp and 9/11 was called the world’s unluckiest man I doubt Jews wouldn’t find it funny and I can’t see them protesting about it…”

“If they joke about Auschwitz and Allah then I forgive them.”

“At least he had the good fortune not to be born British in the UK!”

“They should at least have offered a grovelling apology!”

“The British sense of humour is warped.”

“What’s with this huge over-reaction just because the A-bomb is involved? It’s ridiculous. He lived to a ripe old age and died a peaceful death, it’s better than a death at Nagasaki.”

“Britain is just a vicious little island nation. Anywhere they fill their cities with surveillance cameras deserves everything it gets.”

“They’re just still bitter we sunk the Prince of Wales – HAHAHA!”

“The English are the rudest people in the world and their mass media is the crudest there is.”

“If they don’t laugh at the misfortune of others they can’t stomach that swill they have to eat.”

“Doesn’t anyone think this guy is really unlucky? I sure did.”

“This is all because they are prejudiced against Asians.”

“They have to eat all that beef with BSE so they’re all even more messed up than the people who got nuked.”

“They think of Asians as nothing but monkeys. All whites think that. They’re deluded.”

“Somebody teach those British apes proper comedy.”

“Nuke Britain! Then they’ll understand!”

“They shouldn’t be making fun of other countries. The government should hound them for an apology.”

“I thought this guy was unlucky when I heard his story. I think the issue is actually that we live in an atmosphere where we can’t even say something like that.”

“I would rather the protest be about the fact this guy wasn’t called the luckiest man to have ever lived – 2 nukes and he died peacefully age 93.”

“They should take the producer to the memorial – that’ll change his thinking!”

“That didn’t even work on the people who actually developed and dropped the bomb.”

“Thinking of the white pig who thought up this joke makes me sick. He should be beheaded!”

“They should have got his permission before he died.”

“Of course they protested. These people probably just think it’s like being bombed in an air-raid!”

“It’s pointless saying anything to them. They’ll just ridicule the fact you’re even protesting.”

“We can’t even laugh about a joke like this – no wonder we have so many suicides.”

“The real issue here is whether he was lucky or unlucky.”

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  • Lol Ishihara will probably use this in some way to bolster his call for arming Japan with nukes. I can see it now “The perverse nations of the world have made light of one of our own, let us bomb them in retaliation!”
    Then again, he might just say his nation deserves to be mocked for being sinners themselves. The many forms the crazy old bastard’s insanity can take are unpredictable 😛

    Fuck you dolphin! And fuck you whale!!!!!

    p.s. I hope yamaguchi didn’t lose friends and family in both bombings (although the chances are good that he did)…to survive after losing your loved ones would be horrible 🙁

  • It’s not like they were being prejudiced over it. They discussed that he was unlucky that he had to experience both bombings, and lucky that he survived them both. QI jokes should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Everyone’s jumping the bandwagon despite not even having watched the episode. People should stop driveling over things that happened in the past. History is history.

  • Hey, 2ch… Before you start accusing Westerners of being “barbarians” why don’t you look up Nanking?

    There’s Western axiom: Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


  • Japanese TV, official Japan youtube, MIXI and so-on have really taken this non-story and ran with it..makes you wonder what *real* news they are trying to cover up. Trolling nationalists about foreign countries is the easiest way to deflect criticism from yourselves, and it seems like Japan is taking a leaf out of China’s playbook on this one.

  • I think that Yamaguchi (R.I.P.) is both the luckiest and unluckiest man.
    I am just thankful that Franky Boyle wasn’t on that show since he would of went the full mile and properly ripped on Yamaguchi. If that happened then I think a lot more people would have been offended

  • I am glad US drop 2 atom bombs on them. Asians, especially Chinese suffered greatly under their rule. If it wasn’t for US, we will still be under Japanese occupancy. I don’t care what is written in their Japanese history book, ask any old timer in Malaysia, Singapore and China, and they will tell you how cruel and ruthless the Japanese were.

  • “What can we do to piss them off?” (porbably nothing)
    “Tell them Princess Diana is partying with the devil in hell!” (i really don’t care)
    “Try calling Queen Elizabeth a dirty whore.” (we probably already have on many tv shows)
    “How about if we sink the Prince of Wales again!” (go ahead no one cares but good job living past victories that brings you one step closer to being english)
    “At least he had the good fortune not to be born British in the UK!” (i agree)
    “If they joke about Auschwitz and Allah then I forgive them.” (we have and we have and still are)
    “They should at least have offered a grovelling apology!” (yeah that’s not going to happen, obviously never met an english person before)
    “Somebody teach those British apes proper comedy.” (what like someone walks along and gets hit in the face with a pie? there called childrens shows and we have the most intellectual humour though i do apologise that i don’t laugh and someone falling over and showing there pants anymore because im not 3)

    and yes i am english

  • What’s so bad about this? He’s lucky because he survived both atomic blasts and yet unlucky because he was in both atomic blasts. Bottomline, it’s a comedy show, lighten up. They didn’t trash or poke fun at him or Japan so there’s nothing wrong. Or maybe something was lost in translation or most likely partially reported on.

  • First of all I am an avid fan of Qi, it’s a great show, and they were not mocking him, just pointing out that it is not all that lucky to have 2 nuclear bombs dropped on you, in no more evil of a way than pointing out that stepping in dog poo is not a lucky thing.

    Friend 1: Aw I just stepped in poo!

    Friend 2: That’s unlucky!

    Friend 1: You have offended me!

    As I live in England it’s quite nice to think that here, probably more so than any other country we can joke about whatever we like. Comedy is not the thing you can draw a line on. As if you draw a line then you set a standard, is it okay to take the piss out of one religion and not the other? Personally I don’t think so. America does, and I’m glad I don’t like in a place like that, hell look at South Park, the episode where they tried to show Mohammed! The creators received death threats because they tried to show a god, they showed Jesus killing people and that’s okay, but Mohammed, that’s just wrong.

    As for the 2ch comments, some were just pathetic, as for the Japanese teaching England what comedy is, please try mother fuckers, you wouldn’t know comedy if it anally raped your parents live on the internet. You think the best British comedy is Mr. Bean! Retards. I may be slightly impartial, but Britain has some of the finest comedy talent. For a recent example look at Ricky Gervais’s work at the Golden Globe Awards, excellent stuff.

    You can’t make a good joke without cracking a few eggs, and in the words of Orson Wells a Hungarian can’t make an omelet without stealing an egg.

  • QI is just about the most civilised comedy show on the planet. Stephen fry is generally considered a better candidate for a ruler than the prime minister or the useless royal family. They never even called him unlucky, what they said was ‘he could either be called the luckiest OR unluckiest, depending on your point of view’. Also 2ch will probably be made fun of for this by one of our excellent topical comedy shows, so at least they were right about that! (and seriously, how many of them can actually understand this?)

    • Yeah, Japanese are a bunch of pussy hypocrites. They can’t take anything coming at them, but they sure aim at others.

      And I hope 2ch reads this post as well as the rest of this thread so they continue to bitch and moan on their boards.

  • I chuckled.

    The video seemed really tame. They could have done much worse compared to what was said. They also were sensible enough to acknowledge whether he was lucky or unlucky.

    This uproar is just an opportunity to spew hate. They weren’t even disrespectful. The supposedly “superior” race has an inferiority complex? What an ironic jubilant moment.

    “The British sense of humour is warped.”

    I can’t imagine this being said with a straight face.

    • I can’t agree more with that observation. 😀

      They really are picking at anything on 2ch. I don’t blame the Japanese population or even the webmasters for any of these comments. The few remarks that I’ve seen just appear to be trollin’.

      Although I’ll agree the british humor is warped, but it is that strange, twisted humor that makes it funny, unexpected and even innovative. The world could use more humor right now in my opinion.

  • You were the enemy,you got owned. We laughed. Not a bad way to treat your perverse, cruel enemies who have the mentality of ants.

    You know what’s a bad way to treat your enemies? Unit 731.

  • I watched the whole video. I’m not sure where the insult was, let alone a racist remark. All I saw was general humor. Nothing special like Conan O’Brian or Dave Chappelle. Hell, those two even do more racist and sexist remarks against themselves! It’s seriously all just for fun, laugh at ourselves and laughing at others. No real harm done to anyone even if an insult or racist remark was said or not. So why is this little clip all of a sudden even in the Japanese internet eye? It’s seriously nothing special at all.

  • It’s funny how they call the British “English” but americans “dirty foreigners” and so on.

    “They think of Asians as nothing but monkeys. All whites think that. They’re deluded.”

    I only think of you as you think of me, “dirty jap monkeys” XD

    Really they call us all kinds of stuff and think we should all look up to them? not a chance in hell 2ch.

    • Yeah… It’s the usual Japanese hypocrisy. They think themselves the superior race, so they don’t see any problem at all in vomiting racist insults towards anyone else. We’re all “inferior foreign trash” after all. F*** YOU JAPAN. 2ch trash is no better than the aryan supremacists.

  • Before people make accusations about this, how about you actually watch the clip?!

    they cut off Stephen Fry’s link at the end, but he called him unlucky or lucky depending on how you look at it even mentioned a couple of times in that clip.

    Must have been a mistranslation on this, as it was not rude or offensive.

    Heck i remember watching one ‘comedy’ show of japan where a man went to an interview (mock interview for the show) and they had people shoot at the room to film his reaction…

  • “What can we do to piss them off?”

    “Tell them Princess Diana is partying with the devil in hell!”

    “Try calling Queen Elizabeth a dirty whore.”

    I Lol’d a lot. I’m from britain and words like these don’t phase me at all. The people on that website acting all butthurt need to grow a pair of balls.

    “I’m so pissed! Destroy Britain completely!”

    Yeah… destroy a country over a 3 minute comedy sketch. I’m sure your country is going to listen to you.

  • If you look at the clip, right at the end presenter Stephen Fry states that mr Yamaguchi was an extraordinary man for surviving two nuclear bombings, effectively defusing what was left of the issue.
    So the reason why Japan has its panties in a bunch lies probably in a loss of translation.
    The Vatican got ripped a new one in that same show as well, and I didn’t hear any Christians being out for BBC blood. 🙂

  • “If they joke about Auschwitz and Allah then I forgive them.”

    So true.

    And for those who are siding with Britain, I wonder how would have been your reaction if this was a French show 8D
    Just PICTURE the scene here.

    • And for those who are siding with Britain, I wonder how would have been your reaction if this was a French show 8D
      Just PICTURE the scene here.

      I am pretty sure we wouldn’t care just because we already dislike each other and something like this is not offensive in the slightest.

      There seriously must be a mistranslation because I find this in NO WAY offensive; unless just mentioning Nagasaki or Hiroshima is considered rude.

  • I don’t see what’s so offensive about that BBC show. It’s funny.

    However, I can never really understand why the nuking of Japanese civilians was not placed in the same category of ‘evil’ as the jewish holocaust. Was it because the allies won the war that it had been twisted into some bullshit to save american soldiers from a prolonged war?

    Hitler, Mussolini, Japan, Stalin were indeed cruel tyrants. And the americans were EXACTLY the same. Just because they won, they pat themselves on the back and call themselves the good guys.

    • What???

      Did you by any chance grow up reading Japanese history books?

      The Japanese committed genocide and mass rape as they advanced invading more and more of the surrounding Asian countries. To this day, they still lie about it and deny they did it even though it’s fully well documented and impossible to deny.

      The US may have its defects, many as they are, but you’re a ridiculous child. You have no idea what you are talking about. The amount of people who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is nothing compared to what Japan did to the countries surrounding them, for the sole sake of imperialist territory gain. They hadn’t been attacked, they started it. Now they act like victims because they got hit by two bombs, but they deny the horrors they did. And if they had been invaded even more people would have died.

  • lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
    The only thing i regret as being British is not taking Japans country back in the day.
    Take a joke 2inch is a bunch of crap, you don’t see us moaning when you joke about the millions of our soldiers you killed.

  • Pathetic really, this is a english show, not a japanese one. The Japanese should compare this to UK comedians Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr. I would love to see their reactions.

    The joke itself was never aimed at Japan, they even said the man who survived was lucky as well as unlucky, no denying. They mostly joked about the trains running even though they were hit by one the most dangerous weapons this world has ever known.
    Also the uk does not need to be reeducated about what true humour is. Our country has a great history of comedy.

  • Each to his own, on this one.

    Personally, I won’t laugh at such’s poor fashion and hardly sounds amusing.
    Not that Japan should really get enraged by it.
    I mean..pretty much everywhere people take sensitive facts and use them as stomping ground for their attempts at humor.
    Can’t really change it, just ignore.

  • “The British sense of humour is warped”

    – Do the Japanese even have a sense of humour in the first place? 🙂 Oh, they do but I can’t say that can I? “Too politically uncorrect”

    And on the other hand, if a game were made about killing zombies and the zombies were all white, no one would make a peep but put it in Africa or have black or Asians in it and the result would be a certain group screaming racial prejudice and racial insult.

    Can’t deny xenophobia exists. It’s just unfortunate that I find Japan to be one of THE MOST xenophobic nations on planet Earth. What with growing up with all that if you’re not Japanese, you’re a barbarian crap.

  • Hey Artefact, why don’t you write a transcript of the clip in Japanese – it couldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

    If 2ch read the actual dialogue, I’m sure they would see it’s not really offensive. Stephen Fry even says he could be either the luckiest or unluckiest depending on how you look at it.

    It would be good to note that most of the laughs come from making fun of the British WWII slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, and making fun of their own train system – i.e. ‘Japanese train lines keep working after an A-bomb, British train lines stop working from a few leaves falling on them’.

    Really, it’s mostly a compliment to the Japanese. They never actually directly make fun of the guy, only the circumstances.

    • “Hey Artefact, why don’t you write a transcript of the clip in Japanese – it couldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

      If 2ch read the actual dialogue, I’m sure they would see it’s not really offensive. Stephen Fry even says he could be either the luckiest or unluckiest depending on how you look at it.”

      2ch would choose not to read anything that prevents them from ranting and raving about filthy gaijin disrespecting them.

  • I’m trying not to feel to upset by reading this…
    I hate the way that 2ch takes anything like this and uses it as an excuse to be racist and spiteful. I’m so glad that most Japanese aren’t like this.

    “They don’t even consider dropping those bombs on us a bad thing, so naturally they laugh about it.”
    This is so incorrect.
    I only know of small-minded idiots that you find in any country who would honestly not think it was a bad thing. Most people think it’s horrible!
    We learnt about it in school and were shown videos, and everyone thought it was a terrible thing!

    I’m not even happy that my own country (Britain) has nuclear bombs stored away, but it may be that as long as countries have them, no country will ever strike another with that kind of power again, for fear of it happening back to them. I hope so.

    • “I’m so glad that most Japanese aren’t like this.”

      A huge lot of them are, though. I’d say the people there who don’t feel that way are a minority, even if most of the ones who think like 2ch would not say it aloud.

  • FallsfromGrace says:

    I saw the show when aired and it didn’t treat him as absurd. They specifically said he could also be considered the luckiest man and that he was thought of as a hero. Also the man himself said he knew of hundreds of other people with the same history.

    The thing is, this happened and was well known. If you think about, being nuked twice is pretty unlucky. They were just stating a fact.

    There was a clip of a ‘gotcha’ Japanese TV show on a little while ago, where a guy who was being interviewed suddenly had everyone around him killed by a sniper. Very funny but also bad taste, why don’t they start with themselves if they want to rail at TV shows.

    We, the British, make fun of everone, alive or dead, starting with ourselves, especially the royals, although they’re Greek and German anyway so that may be racist. In that we are completly unpredudiced.

  • like 70 years ago and they still can’t let it go? talk about living in the past. laugh a little for gods sake! and the British wasn’t laughing AT him or AT the dead. they were mostly laughing at the absurd situation and the fact that the trains were still going on time.

  • QI is an awesome and very informative show, but some of the panelists, especially Alan Davies there, tend to make some off-color remarks at times. I never hear any complaints about mean spirited jokes about Germany during the war or his fairly bad Mexican accent. Heck, I’m Hispanic myself and I don’t mind it.

    Also, this guy IS the unluckiest guy in the world. Of course, no one is ever allowed to comment on that because it’s not PC. WWII was not a great period in any country’s history, but being able to move on from the past is important to healing the wounds. That includes being able to let go and joke about things that happened.

    I don’t know if any of you have ever been to Hiroshima, but it’s a sobering experience. I don’t want to act like it’s some minor thing that happened, but people need to learn to let go. After all, if we start looking at atrocities Japan has a lot more to their name that they don’t even want their history books to acknowledge, while American schoolchildren learn all about the bombs and their aftereffects.

  • How can the Japanese crack on someone about eating pig when they like to play Russian roulette at the dinner table with raw poisonous fish? At least the pig is cooked before you stick it in your mouth, and don’t have to worry about dying from it because its testes or ovaries weren’t properly removed.

    If the Japanese want revenge, they should interview a survivor of Hitler’s bombing campaigne against England in WWII.

  • Why do people always forget Japan’s slaughtering of innocent people. The Japanese people raped, tortured, and killed far more innocent civilians than the US killed with the atomic bombs.

    I understand that the bombings were terrible and many innocent lives were lost, but Japan should stop acting like innocent victims.

    • Japanese still think nowadays that they are ‘The Superior Race’, and that everybody else is inferior pigs.

      That’s why they think what they did to the others is no big deal. And that’s why they rage so much at the West.
      They’re racist so they assume the West is too. And because they’re angry that their country isn’t the center of the world and that the rest of the world isn’t bowing to their race, they get all full of ideas about “everybody else is discriminating against us”. Well of course… when you think you’re superior to everybody else, you end up thinking it has to be discrimination that others are not recognizing that “superiority”.

      Japanese never says “we’re equal”, a line people in the West so often say. Japanese think they’re above everyone else, and that other races are all inferior.

  • The more I read about comments on 2ch the more I realize just how uninformed and racist people on 2ch are. For one thing, Americans still debate on the ethics of dropping both bombs, whether or not it was justified given the circumstances, and even then Americans aren’t exactly informed of what the circumstances were. We don’t think lightly of it, and we don’t all think they were justified. 2ch has no idea what they’re talking about most of the time.

    The majority of 2ch very much reminds me of the Christian population in America. They eat up whatever they’re told and only see what they want to see. They ignore anything that goes against their preconceived biases. They don’t think. It’s good to see that there’s at least a few people who see reason on 2ch.

    • Wow, you were doing so good, condemning the ignorance and unfair generalizations. Up until you went and did just as bad.

      Please don’t put all the millions of Christians in the US and all over the world in the same sack of sh*t just because a minority of us is crazy. There’s plenty of crazy people all over the place, regardless of which religion they’re from.

      • Anon, Blubee said “Christian population of America”, so why are you talking about “Christians in the US and all over the world”?

        Also, if the Christians in the US are so ‘moderate’ overall, why are the Christian leaders, movers and shakers so often extreme?

        It’s because the so called ‘moderates’ are only moderate in that they don’t preach the extreme stuff; but they *do* silently prop up those that do. How about a moderate Christian population speak up against the bigots once in a while? Where are the Catholics condemning the pope for that matter? If you don’t partake in such extreme positions, you are no longer in step with the most influential of the Christian majority.

  • Why does this whole incident take me back to the Marine Base naming issue Japan had, where Japan got pissed cause the U.S. was naming bases after dead Marine soldiers who killed Japanese during WWII. What is the deal with Japan? We give them an inch after WWII and they take a mile and think they’re superior beings. With that line of thinking they might as well have adopted the Nazi party (I mean come on they allied themselves with the Nazis during WWII after all).

    This just proves that Japanese people are ignorant to everything outside of the little island they live in in the Pacific. As much as I enjoy their culture and other aspects of their history, their egos are one I don’t respect and like and I wish someone would put them in their place again and realize they’re as equal to the “hairy foreigners” as we are to them.

  • Nothing wrong with QI what-so-ever.
    One of the best comedy programs on the BBC.

    Its just a case of people being far too touchy.
    I’m sure at some point theres been something that aired in Japan that some of us would find equally insulting.

    The world would be a very boring place without being able to laugh at each others misfortune and crack a few darker jokes.

  • I was expecting something far worse than what I saw in the clip. The three of them weren’t even mocking the dead guy. They spent most of the time trying to figure out whether he was lucky or unlucky and making fun of the fact that the trains in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were running (on time) despite both cities being nuked while it takes a lot less than that to screw up the British railway system. So they were actually mostly bashing their own country’s inefficient public transportation system.

    You know, for a nation that won’t even acknowledge responsibility for the Rape of Nanking and have a war museum “dedicated to those who died in defense of the Empire”, the Japanese have pretty thin skin. 😛

  • Long time reader and 1st time poster on this website. I got to say this is, how can someone take offense for something that really isn’t directed at any nationality but at a person that is both lucky and unlucky. I mean he survived two atom bombs!!!! that’s amazing luck but being in both those places is at the same time a huge misfortune.
    Some of the comments made on 2ch are truely more racial and nationalistic then what was said on QI (should we demand an apology for what they said). They (QI) just highlighted someones life, of whom I personaly never heard of until I watched the show. They should be more happy(maybe wrong word but couldn’t think of a better one) that even if it is shown in “crude way” that other peoples life from other cultures are being told to a population that may or may not have heard about such extreme examples of life.

  • I was laughing through it. They did a fairly good job of keeping it mild humour. They could have been far nastier then that.

    As far as 2ch this made me chuckle

    “They think of Asians as nothing but monkeys. All whites think that. They’re deluded.”

    “Somebody teach those British apes proper comedy.”

    Oh the epic irony.

  • “They think of Asians as nothing but monkeys. All whites think that. They’re deluded.”

    This is kind of funny. He basically has a prejudice against white people, because they are prejudice against Asians. That doesn’t really make him any better.

    BTW I just found out that I think Asians are monkeys. I never knew that.

    “The BBC is alright, but CNN does nothing but trashy tabloid sex stories about Japan…”

    I knew Americans would somehow get pulled into this.

  • Well, every country has its own taboos. In this case it’s inappropriate to joke about or even around the atomic bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    As for Tsutomu Yamaguchi, well, he’s the unluckiest man on earth, not because he survived the bombing (two to be exactly), but more because he had experienced two atomic bombing in Hiroshima and later in Nagasaki in such short time.

  • “Britain is just a vicious little island nation. Anywhere they fill their cities with surveillance cameras deserves everything it gets.”

    It’s funny to call Britain a ‘vicious’ · ‘little’ · ‘island nation’ comming from Japan, isn’t it?

  • That’s unfortunate. QI is a great show, and it was a casual flippant remark. Frankly, they could just as easily take it as an admission of the horrors of the a-bomb. After all, to bear witness to its hellish desolation not once but twice? That sounds pretty fucking unlucky to me. Wandering charred deserts, watching starving walking corpses die of thirst while filling their faces with any water they could find (to no effect,) etc… Is that lucky? Only he could say.

    Anyway, any case where you can’t even mention a topic is bullshit. This is like someone saying “What do you mean ‘Mohammed?’ You must say ‘The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him!)’ Infidels!” Guess what… the whole world isn’t going to bend to your particular cultural demands.

  • Wow. Japanese are going full retard again.

    British hurt their feelings? Hurt their butt?
    Making fun of the dead? Mocking the nuking of Japan?

    How is that any worse than what Japan does for 70 years? Mocking, laughing and discriminating against their asian neighbors, whom they invaded, conquered, enslaved and murdered by the millions?
    Not a single act of apology from Japan for their atrocities in Korea, China, Phillipines, Malaysia Vietnam, Burma, Thailand and lots of other asian nations.

    Japanese are the worst racists and disrespectful people in the world. They deserved more than two nukes.

    And yes. All world should laugh about their dead. There were and still are no innocent people in Japan. Everyone who was killed by the nukes, the firebombings, or even in a fucking accident, deserved it a million times!

    inb4 weaboo rage.

    fuck you weaboos! search your feelings. you know its true.

  • So… what are they mad about? They called a man unlucky for living through two nukes? I’d call that unlucky.. its not like they insulted him or called him some racist name… Japanese need to stfu and stop imposing their culture on everyone else. If you don’t want to talk about the dead, then don’t. But don’t act like the west is evil because they don’t share that same sentiment.

  • Definitely worlds luckiest to live one of the longer lifespans most will get to experience, as well as experiencing every militant nuke dropped… which hopefully no other will have the chance to strip him of… (Does anyone know the oldest of the double bomb survivors? Was it him?)

      • It wasn’t the Japanese, it was the guy they pretty much insulted for having survived a nuclear explosion. You can’t call that unlucky, that’s fucking Dudebro status, besides, you go to sleep at night reliving a nuclear explosion every day. When you piss yourself and leave a puddle all over your entire house, then you tell me you can move on and take a joke when I air you on BBC. 😀

      • It wasn’t tasteless, it was just a bit of mild humour. If you can’t take a joke, well frankly you’re a waste of everyone’s time.

        QI is a brilliant show, presented by the marvellous Stephen Fry. Compared to the dreck that passes for anime thesedays, it’s breath-takingly good.

      • I just assume you’re being sarcastic, because I can’t comprehend how anyone could be that offended at such a simple comment made by the BBC. Even if it was a horribly offensive joke, unless it was just directly prejudicial or racist in nature I find it in even worse taste to demand an apology if it wasn’t a personal attack on you and only you.
        Demanding apologies for things like this is making you say you give up your right to say whatever you want, and nobody can make you give up that right.

        I saw a program before where they referred to a man that was struck by lightening 7 times during his life as the unluckiest man in the world, and I don’t recall any government embassy demanding apologies.

        • 15:57 You do realize that happens every day on at least American television. Have you seen Comedy central? Most comedians base at least 20% of their entire show around racism, but you don’t see people in the audience start shouting “Fuck off racist, your show sucks!”. It’s called a joke. The BBC wasn’t even being racist. They merely said the dude was unlucky. Which is honestly true. He’s unlucky for being involved in two nuclear attacks. But he is lucky in contrast for surviving and leading a healthy life.

          You don’t see the Jews get bent out of shape every day when someone makes a funny about them. Same can be said for most races. The only people that get so up in arms seem to be the scum of the earth that is known as 2ch. Now I say 2ch. I’m not generalizing and saying the entire nation of Japan are scum. But 2ch certainly are.

        • “Comment by Gitami
          15:57 22/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

          Well, try making the same sort of comment on Holocaust survivors. Or about American Negroes and slavery. And finally, do so on a world tv channel.”

          You know the difference between Holocaust survivors+slavery and A-Bomb survivors?

          Holocaust survivors and slaves were actual victims, while a chunk of the world were at war against the Axis power (Japan was a part of that power) when the 2 big bombs were dropped on them.

          Making fun of a former oppressor is different from making fun of people who were oppressed. Its unfortunate for the old guy to be lumped together with the joke, but WWII is still not too long ago.

        • There wasn’t any comment made about the bombings, does nobody get that? It wasn’t a political joke, it wasn’t a snide racist comment. It was an observation about a man. Find someone that’s been in several concentration camps and I’ll say the same thing about being unlucky to them without a problem.

        • Well, try making the same sort of comment on Holocaust survivors. Or about American Negroes and slavery. And finally, do so on a world tv channel.

          I am sure there’d be a lot of people you can call overtly sensitive then.

        • And you’re apparently overtly sensitive if you take offense at the mere mention of the atomic bombings. I can sit here all day and argue politics and ethics with you, but I won’t. If I’m to young and immature to understand why this joke isn’t funny, you’re far to old to understand humor.

      • Whether or not it’s funny is a matter of personal opinion, but they didn’t insult him, and the jokes weren’t really even about him as such. It would only be tasteless if it was broadcast in Japan.

        2ch just take any excuse to get angry and xenophobic, most of them probably didn’t even know what was actually being said here.

        • Umm Its not like you can really blame Japan… Japan getting into ww2 was to assert itself, an asian country, as an equal to the west. Near the end America realised they were equals, but completly crippled them with the bombs… No jokes concerning atomic bombs should be made by the countries involved…its tasteless.

          That said I really don’t care what the english say/joke about.

        • Agreed it seems 2ch are a bunch of xenophobic racist fucks to put it nicely. I know not everyone in Japan is like that. But 2ch is filled with a bunch of scum. I love how they call racism, and then they start spewing their nation’s favorite words for whites and foreigners. It makes me sick.

          @2ch. I’m not racist, I hate all races equally including my own. So fuck off.

        • Precisely. They didn’t establish that Tsutomu Yamaguchi is or is not the world’s unluckiest man, yet, they left it for the pessimists and the optimists. It’s all open for speculation.

          For anyone siding with Japan on this one by saying “omg brits r so evil b/c they made fun of a japanese man!!!!!! DX” You’re a weeaboo.

          “Don’t our crappy variety shows always make fun of foreign countries too?”

        • well you know this really boils down to one hard truth. The Japanese brought the bomb upon themselves and thier citizens. I say if you don’t want to get eaten then don’t swim in shark infested waters.

      • No, it wasn’t.
        They weren’t even rude, They just had a laugh about how unlucky someone was.
        QI is a funny show. If people stopped joking about something every time a bunch of people got insulted there would be nothing but the 3 stooges.

        On a side note, 2ch can say what they like about our Queen, She’s just a sponging German.

        • a real tribute to princess di would be a gang-bang in a minefield, the queen is a sponging german, charles has a part-time job at goonhilly using his ears as one of the dishes, boris johnson.

          That enough jokes about ourselves yet japan?

        • “They don’t even consider dropping those bombs on us a bad thing, so naturally they laugh about it.”

          This is what makes the Japanese just as bad, they generalise even worse… It was the Americans that bombed Japan, not ‘ALL WESTERNERS’

          I think the topics generally tasteless but theres nothing in there thats particularly insulting. And also…

          “So they think just because they make fun of their own casualties as well it’s OK to make fun of us? Are the BBC all idiots or what!?”

          This exactly the point, if you insult yourseleves you SHOULD be able to insult everyone else because the point is that everyone should be more open about jokes and comedy, if you take things to seriously your entire life you’re doomed to a miserable one.

          If everyone took things so seriously you’d have to kill humour, and what is the world without comedy…

          Not a place worth living.

        • hell yeah QI is awesome, and it occurs to me that the japs and even the bbc (surprisingly) did’nt recall the original question. stephen fry asked the panel ” how would the worlds luckiest man also be considered the unluckiest” i fucking remember this because i thought it was only one nuke, was fucking shocked it was two and that the same dude survived both i fucking clapped when i heard that so fuck u japan u bunch of hairless …… fuck u 2ch i’m not gonna stoop

        • q. a jew and a pizza have a fight in an oven, who wins?

          a. the jew… he has home field advantage

          we cool now japan?

          some one post that on 2ch untranslated.
          and seriously, what the fuck is japans comedy?
          because americans, and europes comedy is about the same, at least standup and whats on talkshows, and in many cases the europes comedy tv show does allot better than americans in their dry humor.

          japan has a stand up comedy, they have a talk show comedy, and they have a comedy show comedy, and they are all fucking different. there stand up in majority is someone saying something stupid, being hit and corrected, or a continuous joke on spelling and grammar being the same. there talk show humor is black humor at the expense of other people, something that id HIGHLY frowned apon in america and europe (to my knowlage, at least on anything but trashy shows) and their comedy show comedy is all OVER exaggerated situations, that even in america stopped happening a LONG fucking time ago.

        • Japan doesn’t really deserve an apology IMHO they are just being hypocritical than anyone else.

          Japan should not even say anything for what they did in the war. They raped and pillaged both China and Korea. Imagine 5 years of being occupied where you cannot do anything and country economy came to a standstill this also includes torture, girls being sent from other countries to be pleasure women and so forth they had to deal with this for 5 years. Compare this to an instant when everyone dies almost instantly and then you get compassion from the country which dropped it and even became an ally, even though you were enemies I think Japan got the best end of the deal. Also they erased their wrongdoings.

          They are also very very hypocritical they use GERMANS in their anime did they ask for an apology? NO they didn’t.

        • Japan might argue for 2 atomic bombs and its disastrous result … and its so true that a lot of civilians died and it is a sensitive topic to make jokes about. However, there are many countries and people who are remembering what Japan did too in WW2 such as rape and slaughter.

          For me, I think this situation will be better if the opposing countries try to understand each other, appologize, and forgive…that is one of the better options for the future generation to stop hating.

        • nah, its just how peple work over stuff. the brits have their humour, and it is a bit crude sometimes. the japanese have their humour, and it is different. the americans have their humour, and i dont know much about it. there are also people wjho have to laugh about stuff to shake it off. like in gemrany, we have numerous comedians making fun and ridiculing racism and hitler and stuff, so we can shake of the shame by laughing about it and what an idiot he was. the only thing that pisses me off is that 2ch seems to think “eevry white person is the same”.
          so they are discriminating as well. they are not better than the idiots hwo say “asians are all the same”. *sigh* the majority of humanity is dumb.. its sad.

    • Do you not mean they will defecate themselves when they have the muzzle of a gun pressed against their temple? Having the gun “on” their head would imply that it is just placed on the skull and it would look quick silly to be honest.

  • Dirty fat white pigs, you are racist!

    It just shows how hypocritical they are, much like their downloading. Before they ask other countries from doing something, such as funny comments about a situation (which this example even pointed out positive elements,) or to stop downloading THEIR cinema and sequential art, how about they stop first?

  • Carrot_Glace says:

    “Some additional context to the Japanese complaints is the fact that mocking the dead is usually considered to be in poor taste by Japanese, whether intended malignly or not.”

    What? only in Japan? I thought it was considered like that worldwide…

  • ‘It’s very regrettable the remarks caused discomfort’

    Isn’t that basically the British calling the whole situation the fault of the Japanese? That’s kinda fucked up.

    Also, all these threads involving 2ch make me wonder. Is all of Japan so cruel and racist, or is it just 2ch?

    • Japan brought the Americans into the way. They then get totally obliterated and ‘liberated’ by the Americans. Britain had no part in the Pacific other than a few ships sent to help the Aussies. We had very little to do with that warfront since we were too busy fighting the other Axis nations on the other side of the world.

      Japan seems to think that they were the pivot on which the war was balanced but they had no role bar the attack on the U.S.

      Talk about self deluded.

      • Um, you’re the one who’s self deluded, you are an ignoramous for believing the poppycock propaganda that get’s passed off as “history” in your country. Talk about second hand education. You DO realize you live in the country with the most media focused heavy handed force fed LIES in the world don’t you? Then again you probably don’t given that you don’t know anything other than *hehe* the “education” that’s handed to you.

        I swear you people are no worse than no-referencing posters of wikipedia.

  • There is also complain of racial discrimination by that network BBC is about having fun with a Filipino maid with doing some sexual situation later they get what they deserve Manny PACMAN Paquiao TKO Ricky HITMAN Hatton in first round bout.

  • Well, if he’d made a joke about the Jews, he’d have had to make a public apology but then get fired anyways… The Japanese don’t own the media…

    What do you expect? It was the Bretons who truly gave white people their bad name… The one thing the French can’t claim they “Ruined” like everything else, though they tried hard to catch up in Asia.

    “Effete Limey Bastards” is a good starting point. “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” another…

    My Mum visited India a while back, good friend of hers is from there. They STILL talk about what the “Fookin’ British” did. And they kept bringing it up, but apologized…

    She said: “Don’t worry, I’m Irish, I agree with you!”


    Before the British raped India and used it as it’s bank account, ripping jewels off the walls in the Taj-Mahal to make the Crown Jewels….
    —also—(The “Hope Diamond” is likely one of Kali’s eyes from a hidden shrine, btw)

    Before they became a Drug Dealer in Cathay….

    Before they brought smallpox and rape to the Americas and the pacific and shat out criminals, rats and religious fanatics…

    Before they dared chain a black man…

    They, the products of rape and coward collaboration PRACTICED on Irish, whom even the Romans left alone…

    And besides that Genocide by starvation on top of a thousand years of slavery and oppression and IMO it was an engineered (bred/seeded) fungal disease, they only made us “White Men” because there was a brief push for “Reparations”… And they were so proud of how they treated us, they’d give back the jewels to India, pay reparations to Chinamen, Indians, give the royal ground itself to pay back the Black man and SHOOT THEMSELVES DEAD before ANY apologies or reparations for what they did to Eire and it’s peoples.

    Indeed though AmeriKKKa and the “Cold War” took up much of their vile “Empire Building”, without the actions of the Bretons nowhere near the misery and disruption would have occurred. They did what they did to either fight back and overcome the Bretons or they acted to fill the void left by them.

    • Sorry about Ireland. We gave it back anyway. Hows the nation going without our influence?

      Oh wait Bankrupt you say and accepting major handouts from the people you hate?

      Some pride the Irish have.

    • You seem to forget there’s a lot of Irish in America.

      It’s your choice to insult Britain all you want, but leave America out of this. Gratuitous insults only make you sound like a jerk instead of gather sympathy to your cause.

      • My ken actually came out pre-potato famine. And went west, DEEP west early. We had NOTHING to do with civilization, and it caught up to us, TWICE.

        So save me the “support the New World Order” nationalist propaganda lie. For whatever ideals AmeriKKKa used to have, and it was a great country once, it’s been bought out by the same “Globalist Bankers” who run everything else. A disgusting empire taking the wind from the Bretons who wanted to be Romans.

        They’ve turned the people into “Well paid slaves” and are working on changing that “Well paid” part.

  • Everyone, seriously. Something you guys need to fucking understand. I Live in Britain, these Comedy shows piss me off. This makes me open hell and shit on it. You cant blame a whole nation just cause you see something on a fucking pathetic TV show. I love Japan, and some people say things like, “Nuke Britain” what’s that gonna achieve?
    To be honest Brits don’t usual discriminate other countries.
    And Seriously, if anyone here wants to sue or send hate mail to the BBC about this:
    Go ahead and have fun. Just dont blame a whole nation for 1 person’s doings. Its mere stupidity and selfishness.

    • You actually give a shit if a bunch of nationalist Japanese shut-ins on a text board decide they hate all Brits?
      Why don’t you bend over for them while you’re at it.

      It’s their anger towards this that is unjust. Anyone would think that Fry, Davis and Bailey were the ones who nuked them the way 2ch are bitching about it.

      The scene was in good taste, as QI always is (unless Johny Vegas is on the panel).

      You actually remind me of that Harry Enfield skit where he plays a German tourist and apologizes for the war every time he meets someone.

  • Let the Japanese say what they want. The Jews have been bitching and moaning for ages and no one dares to challenge that. Just because the Japanese lost the war doesn’t change the fact that people there died too. It was only fair for 2ch to get all nationalistic and racist at this.

  • Yeah, I thought the clip was inappropriate. Of course, Americans are no better. Family Guy used one of their manatee jokes showing a guy in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945(the day of the bombing) getting a parking ticket and saying “How could this day get any worse?”

    I’m amazed Japanese TV shows don’t make light of American tragedies(like the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, Katrina, the Minneapolis freeway collapse or the San Bruno gas explosion or the shootings in Tuscon).

    May Yamaguchi-san and all the victims of the bombings rest in peace.

    • The point is the Japanese act like their the only race or nation to suffer a tragedy. It’s pure ignorance to say the least. The Japanese aren’t the only nation/race to suffer a tragic time in history yet they seem to be among the most vulgar when it comes to voicing their distaste for what happened to them.

      History is full of tragedies from all walks of life. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Quit living in the past and live in the present.

    • “Yeah, I thought the clip was inappropriate. Of course, Americans are no better. Family Guy used one of their manatee jokes showing a guy in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945(the day of the bombing) getting a parking ticket and saying “How could this day get any worse?” ”

      Once people get too scared to make jokes at the expense of others, then comedy is dead. Its why Saturday Night Live sucks so much these days, its too scared to make fun of people because of all of the political correctness.

  • What an insensitive stupid TV-show.
    why these ugly Caucasians laugh about this tragedy so much?
    this is the worst crap TV-show I’ve ever seen..OMG.
    this is why Japanese have an aversion to the British.
    they are just only moron…OMG.

    At 8:15 a.m. on Aug. 6, 1945,as a result of America’s atomic bombing of uranium type called ‘Little Boy’ ,140,000 people out of 350,000 citizens of Hiroshima died.
    Most of 140,000 people were children, women and sick,elderly people.
    Only 3 days after,
    America dropped atomic bomb of plutonium type called ‘Fat Man’ to Nagasaki.
    70,000 people out of 240,000 citizens of Nagasaki died.
    They suffered and suffered, and died in great agony.

    These British morons should know atomic bombing survivors still suffer from the aftereffects of the explosion,65 years after the war.
    It’s obvious that atomic bombing is the worst war crime against humanity in human history.
    Now,BBC must formally apologize against Japanese victim as soon as possible.

    PS:We will forgive BBC,if these British morons able to make a lighthearted joke about the Holocaust survivor in the same way.

    • Maybe you should read up more about why the bomb was dropped.
      Japan at the time was performing the worst war crime against humanity in human history.
      They not only kill, they rape murder senselessly every way they are. They are equally as bad as Hitler. I will say that they deserve no pity. You reap what you sow.
      However, you need to understand the education of japan, they completed erase their shame and doings out of their history. Young Japaneses view japan as the victim of war. What distortion of the truth!
      Thus, unless japan officially apologies to the war victim they cause in the WW2 and include their doings in their history, no one will give a crap about their hypocritical protest!!!

      • Winners always write history. Everything you say about Japan and Germany will be said about the Allies have we not won the war. And the Nazis will force you to change your textbook if you bitch a little about what you believe was unfair. If the winner wants the losers to stop presenting their perspective, they should’ve annihilated every single one of the losers in the first place. Since there are still Japanese people in the world, they will speak their minds and it’s nobody’s business. Think about it. If you are a descendant of a race that committed war crimes, but 90% of your family members were killed in war trying to kill others, are you going to pay more attention to the part where your gramps died or the part where they killed other people’s gramps? I’m guessing you’ll be more sensitive to the one that affects your family more directly.

        • At least the Germans owned up to their crimes. The reality of what happened during WWII is in their history books. You can take a tour of Auschwitz if you want (I recommend you do). German cities were firebombed too, but you don’t hear the Germans bitching about that, not after they firebombed Britain.

          Whether or not the comments were in bad taste or not is irrelevant; speaking ill of the dead is taboo in almost all cultures. Yet it is also true that being unable to laugh at yourself is the fastest path to misery.

        • emphasis ?
          You are just saying that it is ok and natural to be selfish and ignorant.
          Grow up and start thinking for others, you are not the center of the world.

          {It’s always more natural to play the victim because it grants more comfort. And there really isn’t anything inherently wrong with that.}
          Playing ignorant can give you some comfort, but it is not going to last.

        • See the thing with your little “winners write history” speech is that is only true when a totalitarian government is victorious and covers up everything. World war 2 is a pretty open book and the Japanese committed horrific crimes against the Koreans and Chinese, those aren’t lies and those aren’t exaggerations.

          I’m sure if the axis won the war they would have completely rewrote history in the way you’re describing though.

        • I never said those were lies. It’s just the emphasis is going to be different. Also, if you are put in the situation like this, it’s only natural to place more emphasis on the events that negatively affected your family more than the ones where you ruined other people’s lives. It’s always more natural to play the victim because it grants more comfort. And there really isn’t anything inherently wrong with that.

    • i still cant get over the fact that the americans even gave the bombs names like “fat man” and “little boy”. i mean seriously, calling a BOMB “fat man”??? are you trieng to make fun of the shockwave or what? i mena its really.. well, at leats strange.