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“No Anime For Foreigners Until You Wipe Out Fansubs!”


The producers of Fractale have reportedly forced Funimation to pull the English language simulcast until they completely wipe out the wicked scourge of fansubbing.

Fractale was initially scheduled to air an English subtitled version at the same time as the Japanese broadcasts, airing even before most of Japan got to see the anime.

However, in spite of the legal option, fansubbers chose to show off their famed sense of ethics by ripping off the stream and illegally distributing it themselves.

The Fractale production committee decided this was unacceptable and ordered Funimation to cancel the English version, with no resumption in sight.

Funimation explains:

“We are disappointed that this series has been distributed illegally, and we’re actively working to remove the first episode from illegal streaming and downloading sites; we’ve got a dedicated anti-piracy team in place that works on controlling all of our simulcast material.

However, our Japanese partners for this series have decided that since this episode is currently uncontrolled and is available illegally in all territories, they don’t want the episode online.”

Oddly, the episode is freely available on Japanese P2P sites yet the production committee has not demanded that Japanese TV stations cease showing the anime until they wipe out the scourge of domestic piracy.

Nor does it seem this kind of heavy-handed and unrealistic response will be anything but counter-productive, as it assures 100% illegal distribution and demands the impossible of Funimation.

2ch is uncharacteristically understanding:

“I don’t know about all this stuff, but don’t these people know the unsubtitled version is available all over the place?”

“That’s beside the point!”

“But aren’t all these anime uploaded by Japanese in the first place?”

“You’re saying it’s the fault of the Japanese all these anime are being uploaded!?”

“This thread is pretty funny. To the right-wingers, there is no such thing as a Japanese person who commits crimes, is there?”

“Well, Japanese can watch it without having to dirty their hands with crime.”

“In Japan, the people who can only watch this on satellite stations have to wait 40 days for the broadcast – I think some of them won’t wait that long, you know.”

“Is there any anime the fansubbers don’t pirate? Those dirty foreign pirates get to watch this stuff before someone who lives in the regions like me.”

“Didn’t the same thing happen with Ore no Imouto?”

“Futile. Japanese will just up it to Chinese sites and then the Koreans share it with everyone else.”

“As long as China exists this is pointless.”

“The Chinese have it up and subbed 2-3 hours after broadcast. They are very organised. They have Chinese exchange students in Japan to arrange it with too.”

“If the Japanese government is so desperate to increase anime exports they should be demanding action from other governments, shouldn’t they?”

“Right… those crazy fansubbers think they aren’t doing anything wrong.”

“They just need to insert more ads into them. Like a protagonist with a Pizza Hut tattoo on his arm – then the extra distribution would be welcomed.”

“They already do that, not that it has any effect.”

“I live in the regions myself. Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”

“You’d think they’d promote the legal version whilst quietly working on eliminating the illegal versions at the same time… Stopping the legal version at the same time is pretty dangerous.”

“The legal broadcasts are the only way to halt pervasive illegal distribution. If they stop the legal broadcast, then they’re only going to increase the number of illegal broadcasts. Are these people idiots?”

“If you stop the legal broadcast the illegal distribution will increase. What a moronic decision.”

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  • lol it must be inferiority complex because fractale is obviously one of the worst animes of this season, which by the way is somewhere between horrible and avarage… wait a minute I was sane in this post?! strange things do happen then it is explanaid why they thought people actually like to watch this show! aushauhsuahsuahsu

  • Sadly I admit I watch anime on streaming sites whether it’s funimation and crunchyroll, etc. I guess I am subconsciously encouraging piracy. I don’t like it but bad habits are hard to break. True wisdom though if the Japanese or whoever is in Japan stops distribution of actual raw videos to the internet I’d be probably watching anime legally. There are a lot of streaming sites out there though that fake being a legal site that works with English corporations. I’ve been fooled before. It’s really a pity though. Everything is moving digital. You think the problem of fan subbing would have disappeared by now. I mean with internet the way it is there should be tons of jobs by now, and everything should move to the internet. You’d think that corporations, tv stations and would move to almost all video viewing on the web and possibly hire people who would usually become potential fan subbers and make them real paid subbers. If you think about it a lot of these guys are maybe high school or early college. If doors were only opened up to these people and the infrastructure was totally changed, fan-subbing would for the most part disappear except for the last few arrogant pricks. I mean if fansubbers work like mad and have free time on their hands. Companies that actually hire people around that age before they become fan-subbers and harness their motivation would be a big plus for them. Place’s like Funimation is doing a good job. Crunch Roll has issues though. Their quality is poor. The industry can change fro the better but neither the English side or the Japanese side are being very productive about it. It comes down to this. If official companies steal subtitle production ideas from fan-subbers, the supporters of fansubbers would dwindle to nothing. Simple as this the moment anime corporations in both Japan and the West make anime available to everyone, in its uncut form and guarantee this its WIN for everyone.

    • are you an idiot? how do you get fooled by a site “acting to be legit”

      and funimation started from a bunch of these “bad fansubbers”… even worse they started off stealing fansubbers scripts and selling them, practically the same practice crunchyroll was invovled with until they decided to be “good”

  • As I live in the UK our anime DVD/BD industry is total crap.

    we hardly license anything.

    Been waiting 10+ years for Dragon Ball/Z to get licensed and by the looks of it, it never will. Same with One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Reborn and many many more.

    Fansubs are my only choice to view these series as the only one ever shown on TV was dragon ball/z and that hasn’t aired in about 5 years now.
    One Piece aired as well but that was 4kids version.

    Anime with 24-26 episodes are being released on DVD with 7 volumes with 6 containing 4 episodes and 1 containing 3 episodes, each of them £20. and with 50 episode anime it’s usually 12 or 13 dvd’s.

    so they’re asking for £140 for the whole series, Or £240-£260 for 50 episode series like Fullmetal Alchemist, that is simply far too expensive.

    this is just the dvd prices. last time I checked the anime bd’s they wanted £30 each.

    when all these series are licensed at an affordable price I will be happy to buy them.

  • “The legal broadcasts are the only way to halt pervasive illegal distribution. If they stop the legal broadcast, then they’re only going to increase the number of illegal broadcasts. Are these people idiots?”

    “If you stop the legal broadcast the illegal distribution will increase. What a moronic decision.”

    at least some people are smart enough to understand… You can’t stop the internet. Once someone fucking uploads it, it get’s viral. You need to stop it at the source – as in Japanese people uploading it so they “presume” other Japanese people will see it, which just spreads to all the other countries.

    To be honest though, if I had to pay money to watch anime, and there wasn’t any “archive” place to find old and new anime to watch via official stream, I would probably just give up that hobby in general, and stick to gaming and gunpla. That’s where my money is at.

  • Well, I don’t really care though … I always watch the fan-subbed anime, because I will never ever have them broadcasted in my country … The DVD will never ever been released too … and even they been released, I don’t want to buy DVD from series that I never knew or watched before …

    The only anime product that will be available in my country is toys … and I collected lots of figures from anime that I liked …

    with this, just say that Fractale will be out from my must buy toys … I have nothing to loss

  • So… because the first ep got fansubbed, they decided to stop their legal english distro, forcing everyone that wanted to watch this (subpar) anime to go and download the fansubbs, even the few people that watched it legally to start with? And this is supposed to stop fansubbs?

    Logic fail much?

  • I wonder if any of the anime producers ever thought about hiring some of these fansub groups. They could have it distributed mere hours after the initial japanese airing, and still have it on premium channels in other countries. That way, they are still available, fast, and in an unedited form, for little cost.

  • The people here want’s anime at the same time the Japs have them. As long as anime isn’t “for all”, we’ll force our way through.

    That, or I’m just trolling. There really isn’t a legal alternative to having anime outside Japan since export price is so high. If ever that Japan or someone could comeup with a way to make exports cheaper and faster (1day- 1week difference in broadcast) and in original Japanese with english subtitles (none of that moronic english dub for me) translated by honest-to-goodness, real nihonggo-speaking Japanese then it’s a lose-lose situation, as anime isn’t a luxury for fans: it’s a necessity.

  • It’s really messed up….

    I’m a hairy foreigner too, and if it’s not about the internet and fansubs, i would never even encountered anime…
    You know, I’m still studying, and my monthly income is $0 USD …right, i can’t get my hands even on a penny…
    In my country, they started to broadcast anime 2 years ago, but the channel bought only 10-20 (6-8 really crappy) and rebroadcast them in 3 months… that’s just shitty
    10-20 is aired in only 1 season in japan 😀

    it’s true, that i watched 15-20 years of anime production in the last 3 years 😛 but still!

  • Perhaps if they provide better choices to foreign countries it wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

    Seriously all we have over here is a VOD channel which gets 4 or 5 series a year, aired at a rate of 2 episodes every other month. Even worse is the pay-per-view section of their VOD, you are charged the same amount of money that a full length movie cost for a 20 to 30 minute episode.

    Buying the box sets in stores is like asking someone to overcharge you. A few months back I bought 5 seasons of a popular TV series on DVD for the same price that just one season of an anime cost. I seriously doubt production + translation even comes close to the cost of producing a TV series.

    Sorry but until they start working with stores to come to a reasonable price, I’m happy to be considered a lowly pirate.

  • Oh wow! Actually they’re right too. Try making anime and realize that people watch it without paying you it’s like people don’t give you a respect. Well, i understood the fact that they publish it in tv but it’s for the sake of advertising the anime not for distribute it. And to be honest a lot of people who have watch the anime freely didn’t buy the God-damned Dvd / blue-ray.

    Sorry for my english but i hope u got the point

  • I have one word for them Prohibition. Look it up. Taking away something is NOT going to change anything. Fansubbers will not go away because you took away English simulcast. Evolution gave you a really big brain USE IT!
    (That anonymous post saying the same thing is me I didn’t realize I wasn’t signed in :S)

  • “Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable.”

    Yes Japanese otaku, the obvious big problem is our overabundance of hair. Bow to our hairy bodies, you effeminate boy-men!

    At least our women have the common sense to trim their privates so it doesn’t look like they have Shnauzer chia pets mauling their manko. Why is it that your women are hairier than your men, ehhhh?!

  • Another touchy fansub topic. I’ve been thinking about replying to one for a while. Here’s my opinion.

    I can think of at least five shows I watched via fansubs that I later purchased and now own. I could name three I’m waiting to see released here that I’m saving up money for. I’ve got one of them pre-ordered already and I can’t wait to watch it on Blu-Ray. I’ll refrain from naming these shows because I don’t need some loser trolling me for my taste in anime.

    Why did I turn to fansubs? A few years ago I was buying the DVD’s for a certain show as they came out. The two month waiting period between the American release of the next volume became particularly unbearable towards the end of the show. Even after I had already finished watching the fansubs, I still bought the DVD’s to complete the series. Yes, I waited a few extra months, but I did buy them.

    To expect everyone to do the same thing would be insane, but it would be nice. Finally, it’s a nice gesture to see that they’re starting to add American subtitles to their releases over in Japan, but I guess I’m not otaku enough to shell out $700 before it comes to America.

    What a shame.

  • I don’t see why a small but reputable company like Funimation (who has become America’s champion in keeping Anime as pure and respectable as possible in recent years) has to bear the brunt of responsibility for all piracy? Shouldn’t these “huge” Anime companies with all the money and power be tackling this problem head on?

    We keep hearing stories about how Ishi-what’s-his-face is trying to destroy Anime, but it looks like the companies themselves are helping him along. They can’t possibly think that this act is going to help them make money. Funimation has to drag these assholes out of bed kicking and screaming just to get legal digital distribution, yet they’re whining about how a few fansubs are going to make their mediocre Anime DVDs sell only 10 copies instead of 20 in the US?

    “Hairy foriegners” that’s rich, apparently these people have never seen a Japanese porn. Their nether regions are a fucking mess!

    Japan is Doomed. Ya’ll should just head out into Aokigahara Forest and do yourselves in with honor. At least your dignity will be in tact.

    • This “piracy” business is just an excuse. Do you really think that the Japanese wouldn’t know that Funi can’t do shit about it. There are other reasons involved. Dirty reasons of the economy.

  • How should I say this,
    The greed of company like 2ch and funimation.
    My reasons to download from fansubs,
    >They are on time.
    >They are considerable as fast even without premium account.
    >They don’t destroy the Anime original content.
    >They come in many form, format, quality,
    >You get to chose where to download and not wasting money on one particular money sucking provider.
    >No regional limitation,
    >Add free,
    >Fansubs don’t get paid for just subbing or providing, they just got paid for advertising, (Like this site, look around this site, Adds).
    >Most importantly, I get to see what I’d expect when I decided to buy the DVD. (because DVD usually has more to offer).
    >and yes, some of them are free.

  • I guess some of us are missing the point: If the show was being made available for everyone to see, then the act of illegal fansubbing & distribution was something of a slap in face. People originally took up fansubbing because most anime wasn’t being widely seen outside of Japan, but that’s no longer the case & in this instance a show was being aired outside of Japan before being aired in Japan. Therefore, there was no real need for what was done. It’s like saying, “Even though you’re giving this to us for free, we’d rather steal it [and sell it]!”

  • God I love the Japanese. I’m not sure where this hairy foreigner thing comes form, having watched a lot of Japanese porn I see much more 70s hair than I do western porn… and all human’s do have, shockingly, hair… wait. I lost my track of thought.

  • One thing nice about fansubs is that not everyone will translate something the same.
    So if I prefer group X’s subs over group y’s subs I can stick with that subber.
    You are not forced into one persons idea of what the translation should be.

  • Wait… if FUNimation already paid the license fee, and hasn’t had it revoked, just suspended, doesn’t that mean free money for Japan? They just took the money and added an impossible stipulation after the fact. Fairly certain that’s breaking contract laws in a lot of places.

    • I’m pretty certain they had all the financial aspects covered. For all we know, the shit FUNimation promised they’d get could only be generated through the streaming itself, with no advance pay.

      Well… I have to say though that there has been some history of companies hiring shitty lawyers to write or interpret a contract.

      Either way, this is just a douche move by the Japanese. If they still went along, they’d be able to scrape what few profit they can get, as opposed to NOTHING they’re getting now by pulling the plug completely.

      I can’t help but speculate that whoever made the decision didn’t think rationally, and was too heavily influenced by an absurdly unfair sentiment of extreme nationalism. Maybe we’re better off letting them lose to China, because they’ll become their own worst enemies anyway.

  • There’s only one way to prove the point that piracy will always exist. EVERY sub group should do Fractale from the 1080p streams ripped from Japanese television, station logos intact, maybe with a preview showing them getting it off Winny or whatever they use now. There should also be someone subbing it who has obviously just set up a video camera in front of his television, and some guy outside his window filming him filming it.
    The only way to battle a ludicrous demand like this is with higher levels of ludicrousness.

  • “I live in the regions myself. Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”

    having foreigner watching anime is a disgrace? i’m always stunned by those japanases point of view

  • Even if Piracy is the issue it won’t stop people from ether from buying it or stealing it ether way I can choose to buy it or I can choose to steal it that doesn’t mean you can say I will steal it because that hurts my feelings.

    Is it worth the effort to sell on the mass market yourself if you have that much pride to tell company Funmation who only distributes your shows by DVD and Blu-ray trying to promote the show by Internet and TV you might as well kill your Producer career that was the only way you can make some easy chump change even if you believe that show has potential to be good then by all means be a asshole.Thank god, I didn’t watch that show I hope it cancels.

  • Why not just crack down on the illegal distributors, while hiring a few fansubbers on as interns then releasing it abroad for like 1 dollar an episode?
    I’m sure illegal fansubbing will still exist, but itll give streamers a good avenue.

  • In all honesty, I am a bit disappointed. At least the industry is taking the initiative to bring America up to speed with Japan in terms of anime broadcasts. The tried and true excuses of fannsubbings past no longer applies, and what little sympathy that could be found is now lost.

    This is not to say I will stop watching Fansubs, I have no choice but to do so. However, it bothers me greatly that when presented with a legal method to continue what we have been doing, it was passed over. By doing this, we are proving 2ch right: Foreigners don’t want to pay for anything.

      • Well, I can’t say I don’t care about US anime industry because it’s the biggest one outside of Japan. But I’m pissed off when Japanese people are trying to speak of every foreign country as of United States. And I think they also forgot that there are many English-speaking countries, not just US. Downloading fansubs is the only way they could watch this anime since Funmitaniton redirects any non-US viewers from their site to error page. If you want a proof, find a Russian proxy and try to go to their site.

  • Solution: Funimation types pay producers large sums of money for something closer to a Share-Alike license.

    If they did that they’d basically be hiring fansubbers to work for them without having to go through the hassle of hiring them.

    As far as money, people who aren’t going to shell out for physical media will never shell out for physical media. No one loses anything.

  • Counter productive indeed.I DL my shows because I hate streaming, secondly I Hate funimation with a passion. Third if R2 DVD/BD came with english subs then I’d buy almost every anime I like but sadly they don’t do that and we are often stuck w/o a the show at all. Sentai filmworks has the right idea with their quickly released sub only shows.

  • Did they wipe out piracy in Japan first? Oh, no they didn’t. So in other words, they’re just saying “fuck the English speaking barbarians!”

    Well… fuck them right back. The reality is that these days, regardless of country, interested parties will have your product whether you choose to sell it to them or let them steal it. They’ve chosen the latter – idiots.

    The other reality of it is that I’m not even going to waste my time stealing their show. Japan can do so much better, and do, by companies that aren’t asshats about distribution.

  • Since the US viewers have lost their option, they’d have to:
    1. wait until Funi does what it was told.
    2. wait for the DVD/BR release when it comes out God knows when
    3. watch through fansubs, like the rest of the world.

    I don’t even watch the damned show.

  • the only way to stop fansubbing is to make a legal alternative available at reasonable price on all the world at the same time.

    You can get more money by getting 1 penny from each of 100 million people than 1 pound from 50000 locals

    • It’s good that you try to acquire your anime fix legally.

      When CR’s legalization came to be I was ready to fork out my cash for subscription but then I found out that most of the content was US/Canada only. The ones that weren’t, I care little for. Good for them, boo hoo for me; so no deal.

  • The copyright holders of Fractale is a bunch of retards 😛
    I`ve already gotten Fractale ep 2 with subs, gonna enjoy it tomorrow 😀
    And besides, this anime isn`t really worth my cash, it`s just an ok one to get the time to pass until better animes get aired (Mitsudomoe, One Piece, and the others that air on Fridays and the weekend)

  • Oh please if the quality were better and it wasn’t locked to the United States only I’d be inclined to support it. But no the logic here is if you don’t live in the USA, you get nothing.

  • Really pointless indeed. Not all Anime didn’t make it to United States because some companies were too fucking lazy to finish dubbing the series, nor sub. For example: Megaman Starforce Anime has 14 or 15 episodes that are already dub, but couldn’t finished because Cartoon Network were being a bunch of lazy asses. And don’t forget about 4Kids, they’re the ones that they didn’t finished Tokyo Mew Mew (or Mew Mew Power). This is the reason why we have fansubs because western companies don’t give a fuck about Anime as they used to. And I’m not saying that the English Dubs of Anime is bad, I’m saying that they’re wasting their lazy asses to deal with more cartoons and shit. They want money for western animations, rather than Anime, and it pisses me off.

    • also, the japanese seem to think the world of anime watchwers only consists of them and americans. funimation has nothing to do with a lot of people in other countries… also, how do they expect an anime publisher of america to stop fansubbing? its not like tis just an american thing, and its not like you can just find out whos doing it and stop them… they are only a publisher…

  • Wait till china invades and Japan wants the help of the dirty foreigners.
    Does Japan think they have really kept China at bay all these years with their fearsome military.
    The people they hate will be the ones they ask to save their butts.

  • So the production comapny of a crappy anime and the fat lazy otaku virgins of 2ch are mad boo hoo! Here is an idea if you want fansubs to stop sub the fucking thing yourself in post and stop the bitching!

  • Great, one step closer to our goal of having funimation stop messing with anime.
    Fansubs are just way better, funimation should never touched it in the first place.
    I’m surprised that people support funimation…
    For an official anime distribution company their subbing quality is far too low and actually charge people for it, whilst amateurs do it for free actually provide us with a free high-quality alternative eliminating the need for an crappy existence such as funimation.

    • Have you ever bought anything from Funimation? Let alone, have you ever bought any thing anime or manga related? Or are you just a download fag who says their a fan. Or even better, do you even walk out into the daylight, away from the computer glow in your dark room who jacks off to hentai 24/7?

      DBZ, Fruit Baskets, Tsubasa OVA, Hetalia, FMA, FMABrotherhood, + others I can’t think of…
      Also Saving Anime Titles thought to be long lost. I find nothing wrong with Funimation. Be it that yeah, they have had some miss’s, but I don’t see any other anime company who is atleast trying. So go suck it.

  • Maybe they need to figure out how to use tech
    Although I don’t see the reason they would want to get bad press contrary to popular belief popularity does sell as well as a brand image.

    That said on the other hand we also posted on fractle and it’s certain odd qualities like 24 hours after it was released so maybe they were irritated by that too.

  • simply many country model of marketing doesnt work.
    just search wikipedia,

    I come from country where mostly labeled as pirate country, yet the manga and anime market there are much better than other country in fact is one of the largest manga/anime market outside japan.

    so dont blame japanese publisher for everything, ask yourself, why manga/anime is so expensive and very limited in your country.

    • manga/anime is as expensive in japan as it s here.. people are just too dumb to think about that the market isnt big enough to make it as cheao as some hollywood shit
      and thats why most german anime publishers have gone bankrupt four years ago T_T
      now only kazé is left. though it does a pretty decent job, so i buy the good stuff when it coems out on DVD. though im waiting for the durarara dvds to come out for months now.. dunno if they are just late or the stores dont have them cuz they dotn think theyll sell?

  • Anyone ever wonder why some Anime Companies are up in arms about this, while the Hentai Companies DO NOT SEEM TO GIVE A DAMN that their are fansubs on H-Anime? Because its not hurting anything in actually. Sure their are some downsides but their are plenty of benifits. Take the good with the bad. Their is a reason why Hentai Purchases have increased in the past couple of years, cause they get to see and fap to it beforehand. lol. Those guys at 2ch think that foreigners believe that they are the “saviours of anime” in fact we dont think that way at all. We only believe that any problem with anime these days are not directly related to fansubbing, when fansubs have been around for a LONG time and only recently when anime is on a decline they blame it on fansubs. Maybe their are other problems.

      • resources to pursue infringers… they have police in their country, I’m sure they know how to go knock on doors and say… “yo mofo, what you doing”

        in any case not all producers think fansubs are bad, there’s plenty who realize that fansubs help to promote their product internationally

        they’re not losing profit from other countries when their products are not in those countries, so why bitch about it; it’s like saying OMG that dude in China has my same name, I might get in trouble if he does something bad even though I’m fucking black and live in Afghanistan… makes no fucking sense

      • Or maybe the do, but they dont want to and its not that big of a deal? The difference is H-Anime is part of the Adult Industry so its classified differently than Anime. In the Adult Industry is actually more easier to go through barriers because all it takes is tell the Porn Industry to cease its distribution. Of course they cannot because most Hentai are straight to DVD’s and not from streaming like Anime. Because of this, it just persuades people not to go to Adult Stores and buy Hentai in the first place. so they take a hit on their profits. Fansubs and H-Anime companies distribute Hentai to Companies in areas such as the United States to get it distributed, like porn. Its not any different than distributing Porn which Porn is accepted and almost everywhere. In lamest terms, their is no need to go after infringers, cause their is very little infringement going on.

  • With the manga ban going into effect, there are only 2 options; export as much as possible or shut down. Fansubs are a bad thing but fansubs aren’t going to go away because they threaten not to export at all. That’ll only make it worse. They’ll have no choice but to export if they want to keep their jobs. Sad scenario really.

  • they really didnt need to do this, i couldnt even finish the first episode and im not going to even bother watching the rest

    its sooooo boring and it doesnt even have the colorful art style of the manga which was the only reason i even tried it

    and btw, they barely promoted that it was being broadcasted with english subs, if you want ppl to watch it there instead of watching ripped/scanlated versions you should promote it MORE, pulling it from the broadcast only confirms the idea that we shouldnt even bother looking for an “official” way to watch it, the unofficial sources are faster, more predictable and have less hassle to use, you really dont need to add more reasons to use them

  • Simply put, no one is going to watch Fractale now. Fractale will just be no longer noticeable as it could have been. And Funimation cannot really do much over anything but themselves so why hurt the 1 source that bought the license?

  • Im not going to stop pirating anime until i can get show i like (bakemonogatari,arakawa etc)
    Im not interested in Naruto,Bleach etc which are licensed here in my country.
    And from what i seen funimation licensed shows mostly sucks too(in my opinion) well just wanted to say that all shows that are great for me never gets licensed anywhere so what am i supposed to do?

  • From what I hear….fractale sucks…soooooo yeah..its an empty vicory ain’t it…plus as 2 ch says you motherfuckers don’t own the interenet and nobody’s paid enough to keep those episodes off it sooo let it take….3 hrs longer hell a day longer…just know….we will get it P.S what’s this fixation with foreigners and hairyness does 2 ch have like some weird barbarian hair fetish that they transform to resentment online? come on 2ch …the hairy women would love you too

  • Why would I want to pay Funimation for a stream? Seriously, what service do they provide that warrants my money? There are plenty of people happy to subtitle these shows – often doing a better job of it – for free, so I’m not paying for their subs. Then am I paying for their stream? Why? There are plenty of people happy to distribute the video without charge, and their encodes are MUCH better. So why would I want to pay Funimation?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t want to support the studios producing the shows I’m watching by sending money their way, but why the hell would I give Funimation or any other of the official licensers money when they aren’t providing any service that I can’t get a better deal on? That’s why all my purchases are imports.

    If all the money from a Crunchyroll subscription or whatnot went directly back to the creators, I would be interested, but then Crunchyroll wouldn’t be a very good business, would it? With the advent of the internet, the market for what these companies do has been saturated by people willing to provide the same service free of charge. Unfortunately, no company wants to fold up and die, so all they can do is push a legal war on their endless army of competition.

  • Russia here.

    Japan is doing it wrong again. Instead of looking for compromise they are trying to stand on their point to the end. If they kill all fan translations people won’t buy their animation because they simply won’t know what they’re buying.
    And it looks like they are viewing the whole world as “Japan” and “Not Japan”. This is stupid too. Even if some series was released in US it doesn’t mean those series will automatically release in other countries. Russian fansub is very shitty, so many of us prefer to watch anime with English subtitles. And because of that English fansub will live even if anime get licensed in all English-speaking countries.

  • I have one word for them Prohibition. Look it up. Taking away something is NOT going to change anything. Fansubbers will not go away because you took away English simulcast. Evolution gave you a really big brain USE IT!

  • They are asking the impossible. ><

    Even the mighty MPAA can't wipe out piracy, what do you expect Funimation to do.

    IMO piracy is always going to exist, it's like death and taxes.
    It's for most part a victimless crime, but if everyone did it the media industry will go out of business.

    My personal rule is this:
    "If you can afford it, please buy it. If you can't, well… pirating it won't technically hurt anyone.**

    But please note, that the content industry needs your support to continue."

    **Piracy of intellectual property is not theft, it's copyright infringement.
    When you steal a car (which IS theft) the dealer is out of a car. When you copy a movie, no one loses anything – no "potential" revenue doesn't count; a person who can't afford it won't have bought it anyway, hence whether he pirates it or not, content producers gain nothing.

  • funnily enough, at least quite a few of them are at least finally admitting that it’s THE JAPANESE FANS that are recording the shows and leaking them out on to the internet in the first place.

    that the piracy, right or wrong, begins THERE.
    so that ridiculous nationalistic self-righteous attitude some of them display is pretty moronic.

    that before asking “is there any show those dirty foreigners won’t pirate?!” they should be looking in the mirror and asking “is there any show WE won’t illegally rip and distribute on to the internet?”

  • Why is it that when the most ‘advanced’ country in the world is constantly making the dumbest decisions? The Japanese may have some of the greatest engineers in the world but they have no fucking logic whatsoever and all they fucking do is blame the rest of the world for everything, I wish the Chinese or Americans would slap some fucking sense in them. And I’m fucking Chinese-Japanese.

  • A lot of fan-subs are way better than the official releases, some are at par. Regardless of that, I’ll watch the anime (sometimes old dubbed anime), if it seemed interesting, I’ll watch the series in japanese. And if I really enjoyed it, I’ll buy it on DVD/BD, a few months after its release to save a few bucks.

    And if it’s ok, so-so or bad, well, I watched it just as if it was a TV broadcast, delete it, and move on to the next series. Thus, repeating the vicious cycle once again. I guess it could be considered like a try-b4-u-buy.

  • “I live in the regions myself. Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”
    I could have sworn the world would understand that foreigners from America isn’t all hairy, we’re a rainbow country with a mix of every race.

    • It’s funny how they call foreigners hairy while their porn all have pubic hair while most western porn doesn’t.

      The Anime industry continues to prove itself to be backwards in their way of business. They somehow think it’s a good idea to completely block out their legit customer base just because of a few pirates. By this logic, we should stop making Anime or games because it’s going to get pirated anyway.

  • they just don’t get why there is fansubber, if they release english version, those people who like it will buy the dvd or blueray, i wonder how those anime company do their bussiness this days

  • xD I see there are some sharper peeps xD

    xD where do we get our anime? Japan. Who uploads it on the internet which allows “dirty foreigners”? Japanese people.

    why the hell do you stop the legal download? now there is only illegal and no one is gonna legally download the shows.

    btw why is it always foreigners, dirty foreigners, or hairy foreigners. why doesn’t anyone say fucking foreigners, stupid foreigner, gay ass foreigners, etc.? It would be great if someone broke that down to me.

  • If it wasn’t for fan subbing/dubbing there wouldn’t BE a Foreign market for Anime…

    Maybe if they paid their workers, the ones not yet outsourced to the Chinese, enough to make a living we’d care. But when you base a business around bland mediocrity, gouging people from workers in slave conditions to worse “Capitalist” exploitation to then price gouging for a DVD that cost what 25 cents to make and will go for $29.99 “Blue Ray” that costs as much as a DVD or CD, etc…? Frankly, they should be grateful anyone likes their stuff to even “Steal” it…

    And, on that note, where do you think they get those torrents? IMO, if the disk is printed in CHINA and to some company that bid the bare minimum, then halfway through the manufacture process a phone call was made and it was “Half or we drop the deal” well, where do you think the Pirate versions, the torrents on torrent host/file locker sites that have ads, subscriptions, spyware hosting for hackers wanting to jump on the ‘stealing’ train ride, etc… came from?

    It’d be interesting if/when the entire industry collapses?

    What’d happen when, using computers, the net, etc. the artists just start making their own stuff and there’s no “Big industry” to block them from the stores?

  • So, let me get this straight:

    In order to stop people pirating their anime, they’re going to make it impossible for them to watch it legally?

    I think the myth that the Japanese are smarter than Westerners has just been proven false. Fractale’s producers just went FULL RETARD!

  • First of all I find it “racist” that Japan thinks U.S. is the only country fansubbing, second the subtitles that are on dvd/blu-rays doesn’t have a lot of work put into it so fansubbers do all the creative subbing, third you can’t stop fansubbing its like pirating everything else games, movies, computer programs, fourth not everyone likes dubbed versions when Funimation releases it or any other companies like Funimation in the U.S., then there’s etc., etc.. I can only think of these at the moment but most of what i just said is sorta true to a certain extent.

    Off topic but sorta close, stopping fansubs is like the U.S./U.N. trying to stop N. Korea from creating Nuclear Power, the same goes for Iran but Iran has a more understandable reason than N. Korea>Weaponry/Fear | Iran>Worsening Economy/New Energy Source. The same would apply with other things but I can’t really think of anything at the moment.

  • “I live in the regions myself. Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”

    So….what? They have hairless natives then?

    All foreigners are hairy?

    Are you in fact trying to be a human cueball?

  • “Didn’t the same thing happen with Ore no Imouto?”

    Yes, and like back then, I’m part of those that had no idea it was being simulcast before it was canceled.

    Advertising fail in both cases. I know I’m not constantly checking Funimation’s site, but I don’t live under a rock either.

  • funny the other day i found out megaupload is chinese, and i feel is one of the most used methods to download anime. if the really wanted to do something about illegal distribution they should start there. it might be impossible to erradicate it 100% but i do feel the could reduce it considerably that way.

  • Who cares. Just add subtitles to the stream and stop whining.

    Fansub watchers are a minority in this world. If people want to make money with them, do it over the internet and not by bringing the anime to a specific country. Like animes are popular enough for the mainstream…

    Most important factor -> No delay.

  • >“I live in the regions myself. Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”
    Is he talking about fansubbers or foreign anime watchers in general? Because I certainly don’t view myself as a “saviour of anime”.

  • ok producers of fractale make all anime release in all countrys where anime is popular at the same time without 1 year to 6 year delays then fansubs don’t need to exist.
    Funimation has always blocked all country’s except America to my knowledge

  • i bet a lot of people refrain from visiting japan because all these racists make japan look like a country full of racist xenophobes. japan is pretty much a terrible place to be for a foreigner. whats even worse is that their outside friendliness seems to mask their true racist attitudes that we see through actions like this… and seeing what they write online.

  • Yep if you stop the legal production illegal production will increase, that’s for sure. I think that corporations are getting more stupid all the time without a doubt, and a hell of a lot more greedy that’s for sure. They have no concept that it’s the fans they are catering to, and they almost have full say as oppose to these faceless organizations that put out this entertainment. People who have No talent, and should be any means not be allowed to have a say in the industry itself.

    So hoow stupid are these people exactly? They really think that this will stop others from doing what it is they’re doing?? The majority of fans will hold it against them in the end, period.

    Don’t forget what happened with Metallica back when napster was popular.. even though they sort of let bi-gons be bi-gons it doesn’t appeared that their previous fame will ever be recovered along with various other musicians and the same will happen to the anime industry for sure, if that is, they don’t kill themselves anyway..

  • It’s an open secret that the Japanese don’t like foreign legal streams.

    I would say there are other reasons involved here because they should know that such demands can never be fullfilled in the first place.
    I remember a statement from one of this studios’ executives that Fractale is some sort of experiment for continued production.

  • I find Funimation in the right and the company for this shitty anime, wrong.

    Just because some “Fansubbing” dicks like to destory everything for everyone, shouldn’t mean the company should do that. Its rather easy to get the Raw from Japan. The only Idea I can think of to stop this is like have a program where it would be a bitch to download. Like Animaion comes out fuzzy, voice’s come out muted.

    I don’t live in the US, so I don’t get to watch it, but I DO, order from the US….cause my nation is lacking with Anime….

    Then again, Japan is going nuts, I wonder how long till they try and pull out anime altogether and have a “Closed” Nation again. Such a sad sad fate

  • Fucking faggots. What kind hypocritical humour is this? Don’t they they get a good portion of their busniess from other nations? This isn’t the freaking 1800s! By god, 2012 may be true after all. All of these idiotic moves and unnecessary laws are just going to make everyone either try harder or lock themselves away. Well, it’s been a fun time.

  • anime will make its way to fansubbers one way or another, sooner or later regardless of what they do to stop that from happening

    the only way for them not to have their stuff pirated or whatever is to produce nothing, then they wont have to worry

    cant blame them for the futile effort … lol

  • It’s Equality Now all over again.

    You can bitch and whine as much as you like, but by the end on the day I’ll be watching your latest episodes and you still won’t be making a penny off me.

  • I feel sorry for Funi. They go out sign a contract to obtain the license to distro this anime in NA. Now the original copyright owners are saying Funi can’t distro the anime in the method they choose using the license they paid for.

  • this comment made me laugh.

    Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable.

    I dont know about you but JP porn is some of the hairiest porn ive ever seen.

    the broadcasts come from japan so if they really want to stop this they should stop the people who are supplying the fansubers with the anime. I know Japanese are at it too. The price they pay for DVDs and Blurays are incredibly high.

    Me personally I buy a lot of anime and anime toys of really good quality products I enjoy. I think I spend more on anime products than a large percentage of Japanese people.

    Also gotta agree with Yourtime

    for me, best comment: “As long as China exists this is pointless

    Is not only hilarious but pretty much factual as fuck!

    1) go on

    2) type in anime press enter

    3) look at all the shit coming out of China

    Option step 4) die a little inside LOL

  • If they didn’t have pirates in Japan Us Foreigners would never be able to get our hands on a pirated version to begin with… >A>

    but i guess The company agrees with “In Japan, the people who can only watch this on satellite stations have to wait 40 days for the broadcast – I think some of them won’t wait that long, you know.” this statement and wanted an excuse to cause a delay. >3> But this person could also be watching it if they bought Satellite right?

  • “Oddly, the episode is freely available on Japanese P2P sites”

    lol the so called “foreigners” in japan(or japanese themselves) will probably DDL it and upload it to some site and it will spread like fire.

    nothing will change, it will just be uploaded in the net one way or another.

  • LOLOOLOl why are they so made at the fansubbers? Don’t they realize that ANY piece of media in the history of ever will be pirated and put on the internet? That’s what pirates do, it’s their job. True fans will watch the fansubs then buy the dvd/bluray for the upgraded visuals and extras. It’s as simple as that. Without the fansubbers we won’t ever see the anime to know if we like it or not. In the end I blame Adult Swim for not airing new series fast enough to keep the anime boom going in the US.

  • “They just need to insert more ads into them. Like a protagonist with a Pizza Hut tattoo on his arm – then the extra distribution would be welcomed.”

    “They already do that, not that it has any effect.”

    LIAR! Everytime I watched Code Geass, suddenly I wanted to eat pizza from pizza hut >_>

  • As I see it the producers are not buttmad about fansubs itself but rather about “Fansubbers” ripping of the official sub and distributing it as their own.

    Also so far every attempt at getting anime legally overseas failed in one way or another.
    Most anime fans don’t give shit about watching legally and just download their preffered Fansub especially if they have to pay for the legal ones.

  • meanwhile, every second 10,000 Japanese people are reading manga in shops (not to mention buying second hand books) rather than paying the 2-4 dollars to the copyright holders
    where’s the outcry?

  • “and we’re actively working to remove the first episode from illegal streaming and downloading sites;”

    fighting against windmills

    “we’ve got a dedicated anti-piracy team in place that works on controlling all of our simulcast material.”

    instead an anti-piracy team spend more money on better subs and dubs. THAT would decrease piracy..

  • An I thought Japan wasn’t going to follow the ridiculous actions that already happened here in the west…
    What’s coming next? RIAA and MPAA equivalents, DRM shenanigans, more and more whinning from creators…
    Too bad for you Japan. Too bad.
    But go ahead and waste money, chances, effort and saliva with fruitless efforts just like the rest of the world.

    If you want to effectively lower piracy, just put a big firewall around the country and close it to the outside world. Also drop technology development and restrict access to all the japanese people.

    But you might want to think about the consequeces before that.

  • Thank you, producers of Fractale, for making Fansubs even more necessary. I know plenty of people who opt the funimation/crunchy route because it’s easier.

    Personally, I prefer fansubs, because I have some control over what quality material I get. There’s lots of groups dedicated to getting the best encodes from transport streams and working hard on editing to keep subs as pristine as possible. Most of the Japanese “official” subs I see (particularly DVDs) are pretty awful.

    I wish they would have opted to keep the legal streams up. Fansubbing doesn’t have to be a necessary evil unless you make it so.

  • We live in a real-time globally connected world. If something of interest happens somewhere in the world, people will want to know about it. Now. Not in 5 years after they heard about it from their overseas friend.

    It’s the same with american TV shows. You are not simulcasting it everywhere? Your loss, people will acquire it from illegal channels and your global paying target audience just got smaller.

      • Here, all American shows are broadcast about one week after the original broadcast in the US, not all shows, but most of them.
        I don’t watch American shows, but my sister does, and really, just after you hear about a new show in the US they are already announcing it over here as well, of course, on Cable TV, but still pretty fast.

  • The Japanese raw was fansubbed within 8 hours anyway, they’re just cutting off their own revenue stream from the people who actually behave themselves. Now those paying subscribers have no CHOICE but to pirate the show.

  • Japan won’t let american companies sub anime legally?

    There’s only one way to solve this crisis…

    Send in the Euphinator to Euphanize those damned 11’s and liberate their sakuradi….anime…yes we’re invading them for the anime not their natural resources…yes…yes…

  • I don’t get how “Problem A” results in “Action A”, shit doesn’t make any sense. It’s basically like “Hey Funi, there’s piracy. Go fix it because we just made it your fault somehow.” How the FUCK does that make sense again?

    It’s basically conceding to the fansubbers that they won, too. Getting rid of the legal streams will definetly stop the illegal ones, yup! Jesus christ, apparently they don’t understand basic cause and effect.

    • Anime wouldn’t be NEAR as popular in the west if there WEREN’T any fansubs. The companies make it sound as if they’re losing money…how are they losing money when we don’t have anything to pay for in the first place? It’s not as if they’re selling anything directly to us.

  • Soooo they pull an anime, because it is being subbed and shared even though they are subbing it as it gets released.

    And that stops the fansubbers how?

    Granted, I have long believed that fansubbers are a necessary evil, but so many claim they would cease if they didn’t need to do it.

    But, they actually expect every fansubber to be noble about it? That’s retarded.

    I have business training. I know business. So it always makes me scratch my head when I see some choices that get made in the business world.

    Piracy will happen. And in this current reality there is sweet fuck all you can do about it.
    So how stopping a legit service is going to deter piracy is just dumb.

  • Japan-tards.

    So when a foreigner does it it’s the evilest thing since evil sliced bread…

    But when a japanese guy does it he’s a hero that does it so the poor oppressed japanese otaku don’t have to wait until it’s aired to watch it for free?

    Hypocritical moralfags sitting on nationalist dick.

    They probably posted it on 2ch right after masterbating to a pirated loli bathing episode of ecchi anime x that they downloaded from a pureblood japanese p2p site.

    When will we conquer them and turn them into area 11?

    We better do it before these copywrite-fags try to get us to follow japanese law and arrest people for lending anime, and force the NYPD to bust down the doors of hotels that have a taped VHS of some random anime that aired 20 years ago for their nostalgia inclined otaku guests like the great fapanese empire does.

    Look at yourselves in a mirror you dirty cunts…or maybe we should have our MPAA and RIAA pay closer scrutiny to YOU people … comparing our RIAA and MPAA enforcers to your countries enforcers is like comparing a fanatic death squad with no sense of remorse to the police of candyland.

    The MPAA and RIAA will give you people the traditional japanese greeting if we set them loose.

  • Part of the piracy issue could be solved if the Western companies and Japanese companies worked together to release all anime at the same time worldwide online without going through all this licensing bullshit. And if they quit wasting time dubbing and localizing everything and just get competent translators. Or if the Jap companies had Western branches or something.

  • Isn’t this the same with anything that’s shown on tv? Even here in america shows like south park, family, that’s 70 show, and pretty much all movies every made get distributed over the internet. I don’t see why people make a big deal over anime specifically.

  • I wonder if they will ever realize that stopping piracy in the internet is the same as trying to stop the Earth from rotating with your bare hands(inb4 Chuck Norris), it’s fucking impossible.

  • well frankly if funanimation loses the streaming of animes that means piracy will increase because funanimation just dont have the power to completely and utterly dismantle illegal fansubbing the only way would be to completely block all anime from even leaving japan and that which just isolate it and put funanimation 6-12 years behind again with their dubbing.

  • Who wants this terrible adaptation anyway? the character designs have been screwed with, the art is simply shabby, and this complaint against fansubbers is ridiculous. The advent of internet will not be stopped. The reason the Craptale creators went to funimation is because they no they themselves can do nothing against the fansubbers. Hell it is unlikely that funimation will do anything other than send C&Ds they won’t back it up with real action though. Action is not profitable.

    Fansubs originate in Japan. Foreigners have nothing to do with fansubs other than watching it. Which of course is the same thing that you would do if it was airing on television.

    I am swearing off anything created by the company A-1. Not that I had any interest in this series to begin with but its sentiment.

  • Most of anime never come (or come 5 year after, in the best case) in our countries.
    Fractale wouldn’t be known there without fansubs !! Our TVs doesn’t buy anime, and our editors only take the most popular ones.
    They owe fansubs a favor i think …

  • I’m guessing it has to do with something else; I would hope the production company would be smart to realize that it will now be 100% fansubbed now from there domestic broadcasts. Cutting Funimation off (and a revenue stream) as if they could have stopped everyone from a few small illegal downloads sounds unbelievable at best.

    Nothing has changed except they now make less money from the show.

  • Fansubbing wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the majority of their anime aired in America and Europe, I wouldn’t mind if it aired two or three months later, I mean, that’s enough time to get it licenced and ‘professionally’ subbed, right? Instead, States get pitiful amounts of anime, bigger European countries get less than that and lesser European countries get barely any anime at all, I personally have NO MEANS of watching even 2 years old anime legally, except some kids shows, like Bakugan, which I personally don’t want to watch.

    Fansubbing harms nobody, since most anime will NEVER reach overseas. And if some company licences one and releases it outside Japan, people can always rewatch it if they liked the show, no problem.

    • It only helps anime companies as it’s not like foreigners were going to buy dvds anyways and I’m sure they make lots of money off of figures which many foreigners import, so it’s a win/win they make money off of figures/cds/artbooks that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t subbed.

  • Question, is Japanese anime made for Japanese or for foreigners?

    If it is made for the Japanese, then the production cost/revenue analysis has already being done and proven the project to be lucrative. Foreigners could as well be dead, no need to wish their death, they already don’t exist for the market.

    If it depends on foreign patronage then it is not really made for the Japanese, it must also cater to foreign predilections and obey foreign censorship.

    Which one do you choose?

    • “foreign censorship”

      You know that many of the few animes made with the West in mind (like Afro Samurai) are brimming with sex and violence, right? And that DVDs haven’t been edited for years and the few TV broadcasts rarely are?

      Also, Tokyo called. Something about “harmful” anime.

  • “Those dirty foreign pirates get to watch this stuff before someone who lives in the regions like me.”

    So what’s really bothering them is not the pirating per se but the fact that they get to watch it a few days later?

    Oh jealousy, the motor of the right wing.

  • we just have to accept the fact that the collectible culture,is just gone, new ideas of characters and stories have just stopped,because they give almost no time to mangakas to keep up,despite their salaries.

    If america doesn’t want anime anymore,well that’s the way to do it, the old fashion way,make anime a perverted art form,and stopping it from being a “For all audiences” thing,reduce quality because that’s what cliche anime it’s all about,photoshopped big boobed girls,making a 3 frame/sec boob movements…that’s it, make a story out of it, and call it ” I cant believe my sister is that hot,I wanna bang her”

    if something is destroying anime? it wont be because of the american audience,it’s gonna be because of the asian audience,if they keep up with that low cost attitude,they’ll achieve nothing.

    • @ DRYO

      “Boobs” and “Fanserive” have no bearing with this topic. Its about a production committee who is whining about fansubs of their precious animu on the Internetz. And they have appointed FUNi as the sole guardian and protector of all that is animu on the Internet. =)

      Setting lame jokes aside, I personally believe that the Fractal committee is out of their mind. DO they honesty believe FUNimation has all the resources in the world tackle such an enormous task? What do they take FUNI for? Hollywood? Walt Disney?

      I’d say a pretty erroneous move on their part, especially by depriving FUNi(which by the way, approached THEM for the license) and us of only legal means of watching this anime. If they want piracy done with, THEY(and their Japanese distributors/partners) should be the ones doing their job, NOT FUNi.

      I expect Anime/Manga market will stagnate until its no more. And it won’t be because of the “Fanservice”, “Moe”, or “Boobs” but very stupidity and negligence on the part of the Japanese companies(which by the way are very bad at doing business outside their country).

      Until the Japanese Anime/Manga distributors,committees, and publishers feel like seriously reforming the market outside their country, the way you see things now are likely to be like that for a while.

  • This is just a half assed way for the producers to try to put pressure on Funi. It won’t change anything because Funi doesn’t have the power to stop the fan subs. If they did, they would have done it already.

    On another note, I generally prefer the fan subs to the official releases. Official subs have a tendency to try to translate everything, even things that don’t really translate (honorifics, terminology, etc).

    • “Official subs have a tendency to try to translate everything, even things that don’t really translate (honorifics, terminology, etc).”

      That’s what professional translations are. Putting Translation notes on screen every 2 mins for every word that is slightly nonequivalent to any other word we have is a half-assed attempt at translating.

      Translations aren’t supposed to teach you another language.

      However, I am one of those that likes learning miscellaneous useless stuff about other languages, and I know some fansubs find a line between strict professional guidelines for translating and linguistic ineptitude or plain laziness.

      • I realize that it may be more “professional” to translate everything, but I still prefer some stuff left alone. It just irks me when the audio says sensei, but the text says Mr. so-and-so. It’s one thing in a dub, but it just feels awkward to me in a sub. I’d much rather deal with the occasional translation note than deal with a constant barrage of attempts to translate words that have no real English equivalent.

        It all comes down to personal preference though.

    • TRANSLATION: “I don’t like official subs because they do professional translations.”
      A good translation takes the meaning of the statements and finds a way to phrase them naturally in the target language. This bullshit about “untranslateable” words and concepts is lame propaganda by weeaboo translators who suck at actual translation.

    • Even if they try to eliminate fansubbing, it’s the same with any other form of piracy- it’s just going to push it further underground. You aren’t going to stop it, and requesting Funimation to take down their stream is just retarded, as fansub groups are STILL going to get the episodes from those in Japan who supply it 😐

    • I agree, I was watching it on Funimation’s site as well. The legal online streaming market really needs to be given some room to breathe and mature.

      This move is only going to push people back to fansubs instead of allowing the new market for streaming anime to grow.

      • I was surprised when I found out Funimation was doing online streaming for a lot of anime, they are also pretty high quality video. I even purchased some of the anime on DVD after watching it online on that site.

  • “You’d think they’d promote the legal version whilst quietly working on eliminating the illegal versions at the same time… Stopping the legal version at the same time is pretty dangerous.”

    One of the smartest things I’ve ever see posted on 2ch and one of the truest.

  • I don’t get it,sounds pretty contradictory on itself if they keep broadcasting,they will just have their show ceased of distribution,on the other hand piracy will keep on coming,essentially since they’re aming at an specific audience.

    Kids,and teenagers have almost no money to afford dvd anime,neither they like to wait for a release,and the fact the there are funsubbers evreywhere it’s because Japan should’ve, either make quality anime in the first place or stop charging way too much for anime,take the english dub out, the main product is what matters.

    What japan need is, more quality kid anime oriented,not bullshit fat moron lolli lover anime.
    They should really consider different factors,just like what’s happening to 3d animation,”stop trying to reduce costs in production” just look at what happened at Ghost in the shell INNOCENCE, they made a very wrong decision when turning into CGI,same goes to the sky crawlers.

    Making an low quality ironman anime, is not the way to aim to american viewers,nor CGI.

    • GITS:Innocence and Sky Crawlers was still two damn good films- sure it’s not top-notch CGI but it worked for both. Plus the stories for both was intriguing.

      Though more pointed to the subject:
      It’s better to ignore fan-subs than to leverage a huge war on it. Let me explain.
      People who actively seek out fan-subs are seeking the material to understand the material, not the money to blow on it- not to support it in any fashion, but they just want to watch it and in some way own it. Once they do, the care stops until the next download is up or the series ends or whatever.
      The point I make here is that you are not going to sell anything if you aren’t producing something that a demographic far beyond far larger than your target niche demographic can see- then you do not have a chance to draw in new unexpected viewers or fans. The funny thing about making a business plan out of obsession and devotion is that it’s as fragile as both emotions.

      • @03:40 Sir Anon, thou dost speaketh truth. I cannot help but wonder if someday the Anime industry will mimic the Gaming industry and rid itself from the “obsession and devotion” to instead try to appeal to a broader audience in order to draw in “new unexpected viewers or fans”.

        As it stands now, the Anime industry is one of the most radicalized form of entertainment so I don’t see it appealing much to the “mainstream”

        Moreover I’m not sure how I’d feel about it if it ever happens.

  • They’re basically FUELING the fansubbing business by not allowing us to watch their anime legally.
    I mean, knowing that there’s no legal means of watching it, everyone who cares for the show will resort to watching fansubs.

    God, what idiots.

  • “I live in the regions myself. Seeing all those hairy foreigners getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”

    Let me try the foreigner version.
    “I live outside of japan myself. Seeing all those hairless japaneses getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”

    • “I live outside of japan myself. Seeing all those PATHETIC DICKLESS japanese getting to watch the anime first is really disagreeable. And on top of that they act as if they are the saviours of anime, they’re despicable.”


  • Hyahahahahaha!
    So fucking what? Funimation SUCKS their dubs are horrible.
    Also since I live in Europe I can’t watch funimation dvds anyway. (Region codes)
    This will not have lots of effects. Pointless protest is pointless.

  • I’m laughing at oniikoto and zombie-desu but I don’t see why we can’t just have Japanese stations airing internationally, and other national stations airing internationally along with it, 1.3 million downloaded the Christmas specials of Top Gear right?

    Why can’t we get oniikoto English subbed that fast?

  • I prefer Fansubs since they actually finish subbing anime faster than Funimation. I swear there are animes that came out 2 years ago that are just recently coming out with a “legal” sub by Funi. Its because of fansubs that some of us came watch unlicensed anime. So yeah this doesn’t matter.

    • And that’s why people call anime fans “impatient weeaboo faggots” because they can’t wait for the release of something.
      “The country who made it gets it first and I have to wait? That’s not fair! WAHHHHHH!”

      • Thats right its not fair and Fansubbers give us the anime so we don’t need to wait…

        To all you guys who are involved in Fansubbing in any way, Your work is very much appreciated :), and you rule. ’bout 70% of anime I watched were fansubbed. I’d help out but unfortunately don’t know Japanese T_T.

        • First off who said that I think I’m better than anyone else, I respect my fellow otakus. It’s when people like you come in and start hammering down on fans that just wants to watch there favorite animes then has to wait for like 2 yrs before they can catch up with the times. Look I respect you too and understand about caring for the companies. I’ve been waiting on Haruhi’s manga that comes out every 6 months legitimately so I know that foreign countries will never be up in par with Japan, of course, its their language they have all advantages, but that doesn’t bother me.
          Sorry if this is personal but are you from a foreign country?

        • You’re the idiot here, us geniuses know how to improvise to get the stuff we want. While you’re waiting on your ass anime is passing you by, we get what we want and move on with the next new thing like real fans. Say hi to 2003’s anime for me ^-^
          oh and I don’t really care for furries, their ok and all but…meh

        • “real fans”
          That’s where you prove your idiocy.
          Nothing but an elitist faggot who thinks he’s better than everyone because he watches anime before someone else.
          Thinks he’s entitled to having anything and everything he wants the very second it is brought into the world because he’s an “oh so special real fan”.

          Get your head out of your ass and realize that a “real fan” wouldn’t just move on to the next new thing.
          A “real fan” wouldn’t talk shit about companies giving them the option to own and see the anime which they enjoy legally and in an understandable language.
          A “Real fan” would be able to wait because they would remember a time when fansubs were on VHS and had to be mailed from person to person just to watch.
          A “real fan” wouldn’t label themselves with a elitist hipster douche title such as “real fan”.
          As stated before, you’re just pathetic.

        • No it’s perfectly fair. You’re just too impatient and stupid to realize it.
          That’s why simulcast were created. For the idiots who bitch and whine about how they deserve something as soon as it comes out in another country. That if they don’t get it right then and there, they will die. Like waiting isn’t an option. Bunch of pussies spoiled by the internet.

          You and your kind are pathetic and are the main reason why even furries look down upon anime fans.