Mass Effect 2 Sells 8,864 Copies in Japan


It transpires that Bioware’s hit cover-shooter Mass Effect 2, which sold millions of copies and became the recipient of innumerable perfect scores and game-of-the-year awards, sold a pathetic 8,864 copies in Japan, being outsold by such blockbusters as Arcana Heart 3.

The translated version was finally released on the 13th of January 2011 as an Xbox 360 “exclusive.” Unfortuntely, in its first week it managed only 8,864 sales, coming 15th in the weekly charts, just behind Wii Fit Plus and narrowly beating Mario Kart Wii.

All this despite the Xbox 360 supposedly being the preserve of what few western game fans there are in Japan.

In fact, although there are apparently more Xbox 360s in Japan than ever before, sales for anything not involving gropeable anime girls are falling off into insignificance:

08/12/18 36,085 360 Fable 2
10/10/28 25,448 360 Fable 3

08/12/04 33,412 360 Fallout 3
10/11/04 24,146 360 Fallout:New Vegas

09/12/10 43,103 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
10/11/18 30,279 360 Call of Duty: Black Ops

09/05/21 17,502 360 Mass Effect
11/01/13  8,864 360 Mass Effect 2

Meanwhile the likes of IdolMaster and Dream C Club manage 50,000-100,000+.

Mass Effect 2’s pathetic sales have been attributed both to the all but complete death of the Xbox 360 in Japan, and to the increasingly inexplicable resistance of Japanese gamers to the hit games the rest of the world seemingly can’t get enough of.

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    • Thats fucking bullshit, Mass Effect isnt Halo or Gears of War, its style is more similar to MGS and Resident Evil, which sell by the boatloads in Japan. There is no western machoman stereotype which turn off the japanese that you can pin on Mass Effect, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt but the japanese have just proven how full of shit they are when it comes to games.

      Enjoy your collapsing gaming economy fuck ups.

      • What do you mean “if that was true”? It is true. He’s not saying that different regions have exclusive cultures that never bleed into one another, he’s just saying it was received differently there because of cultural preferences.

      • You do realise that people within a culture are not homogeneous and aren’t exact clones of one another right?

        Culture can be loosely defined as a set of beliefs and behaviours that a group of people follow, but not everyone follows every single rule.

        Hence a culture can be divided further into subcultures.

        Within Japan there is a (relatively) small subculture that like American-style games (Xbox 360 buyers) and within that subculture is a smaller set of people who like WRPGs (the 8000 people who bought ME).

        Anyway we shouldn’t be to surprise if a 360 game bombs there.

        There are relatively few 360s in Japan, early in it’s life cycle it got out sold by the PS2 for heaven sakes, and recently a few weeks back by the god forsaken PSP Go.

        Oh yes, shooters don’t seem very popular there, and ME is basically a shooter/RPG hybrid.

        • Plus you have to count with the fact that its closely tied in sequel. Its not a game you can hop on on its 7th sequel without problems to understand story and the world like you can with FF.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude, I wrote about that in regards to the First game bombing in Nippon! Bioware just can’t get the hint about the market they’re trying to infest~ Get a current otaku fans’ favorite drawer to change all the characters into Anime love puppies for otaku fapping fun. The money will delude their banks within hours of release..
        Apparently such a advise is ignored yet Again. It aint ever going be done too~

    • I completely agree, i’m pretty sure moeblob fans would love her if they gave the game a chance.
      The more eroge oriented players can always romance Mirandat ass, or just stare at her on screen and fap, she’s always getting angles, and when she doesn’t you can just move the camera around.
      And as for whiny male character, ME1 had Kaidan. ME2 has Jacob, to a lesser extent.

    • I think the top games show the priorities of the Japanese gaming community toward western games.

      Fantasy > Post Apocalypse > Military > Science Fiction

      Not to say that science fiction isn’t unpopular at all (LoGH, Seikai no Senki, etc). I guess it might be different when applied to videogames.

      • Unlimitedbladeworks says:

        What you mean date an alien? lol no, Japanese title have gone far lower then that I’m afraid.

        Besides I don’t think dating Tali is “sick.” It’s presented in a tasteful way so what’s wrong with it? Tali is my favorite pick out of all the girls.

  • If only Mass Effect 2 had included swords, the male Shepard was a klutz, there were tsundere girls (possibly a non-blood related sibling) and the ship resembled a school setting then perhaps it could have been a hit…




  • It’s not surprising given that Japanese gamers and otaku are resistant to change and borderline xenophobic. It’s like they almost feel threatened by anything not presented in a anime styled presentation that caters with fanservice.

  • This does not surprise me. There’s world of difference in taste between what Japanese gamers want and what Western gamers want. We all know how badly God of War and Gears of War flunked in Japan, two games that were bestsellers in the West. Meanwhile the same can be said for all but a small handlful of Japanese games. How many units did you think games like Idolmaster and Arcana Heart 3 sold worldwide?

    We’ve also seen such debacles as Nier/Replicant in which a Japanese studio attempted to co-develop with Westerners and the gulf of creative ideas both sides had. The Japanese developers wanted an effeminate bishounen lead while the Western side wanted a manly muscular hero, resulting in two versions of the game being sold in respective regions. It’s just impossible to make an RPG that can appeal to both Westerners and Japanese alike. So Japan can keep it’s skimpy female damsels in distress. I’ll keep my FemShephard and Lady Hawke heroines. K thx bai Nippon-jin.

  • Though not all of them, many Japanese do consider sci-fi a turn-off. The low number in sales doesn’t really correlate them having bad taste in game play because they didn’t even buy or play the games. I think it’s mainly a taste in the subject matter. Just like how many Westerners find certain Japanese game types repulsive.

    • Exactly, I myself like my SCi-Fi on the TV instead of in a game. I have a group of friends that are mainly 360 owners and they have practically every COD game there is put together across all their collections (which isn’t hard to do) along with All forms of Halo games, Gears of War, some fighting games like MVC2 and so forth; not a single RPG in their respective libraries. Also while visiting I usually turn on Black ops online multiplayer and i must say, i enjoy the hell out of it.

      Being so used to Uncharted 2 online i quickly learned that the run and gun technique that’s quite fun and simple to pull off (with a melee attack at the end on occasion) doesn’t do jack for me in Black ops but a one way ticket to giving the other team an easy point from time to time.

      Same group of friends gave Uncharted 2 a try and a common comment I would hear is that “the gameplay is similar to Gears of War.” However I never played those games so I cant elaborate further to such a comment. Reason why i never touched that game series was due to the big burly guys with guns fighting some type of alien creature just wasn’t my thing.

      Same goes for my group of friends that were ok with a few levels in Uncharted 2, didn’t even give 10 minutes to Valkyria Chronicles, Atelier Rorona or for god sakes even MGS4… I didn;t need them to say it but it was quite obvious… the games were simply too ‘japanese’ for them. If that’s even a sentence you can actually type and have it mean ANYTHING, well there you go, it just got typed.

      I keep getting told to “make the transition and get a 360.” And sure there are times when I would like to get online with my old group of friends and team up for some good kills on Black ops, (sucks these games dont cross platform their online mode… would rock so hard if it could be done…) But in the mean time I’ll patiently wait for games like Atelier Totori and Ar Tonelico III while my friends await the next map expansion(s) for Black ops.

      Different tastes and prefrences aren’t just across a large body of water in my case, sometimes they’re a bit closer to home ><

  • Well this is proof that Japanese gamers don’t like the games that western players love…Im a JRPG fan and I LOVE this game (is AWESOME)…the other mistake was releasing it on the XBOX…all we know that the XBOX survives in Japan thanks to Idolmaster and Dream C Club XD.

  • ok, forget japan. This culture just doesn’t like anything related to innovation. Their games are now shit because they don’t want to change. If they can just see what everyone else in the world enjoys and possibly try to go more in that direction, maybe they can make awesome games again 😀

  • I live in Japan, and can tell you that the reason the 360 is useless in Japan is because relatively nothing is actually localized to Japan, and the Xbox Live service in Japan really blows, and the cost of MS points in Japan is more than the US cost. (100 MSP = $2.00 US)
    Yeah, sure 80% of the content in US is available in marketplace, but it’s essentially _all_ in English, which is a turnoff for Japanese gamers. Think about it in reverse – do you want to pay $15-20 for a game that you cannot read in your language? The import crowd in America exists, but it’s certainly not mainstream.

    And focusing on Mass Effect, the entire game is in English, with Japanese subtitles here. Sure, it’s “true to the original script” or whatever, but again, this is a real turnoff to Japanese gamers. (In reverse, if the damn audio is all in English, why the hell can’t I change the text to English as well? Halo lets me do it, for fuck’s sake.)

    Also couple that the original xbox in Japan didn’t bother to even offer Japanese text for 80% of the games (‘international’ editions of stuff like Mechassult, x-men legends, etc that are literally the English game without a region lock) has left a really shitty image for the console in general.

    That and how many Japanese people do you know that play FPS games often? I think the only thing that’s actually a ‘hit’ in the Japan 360 is monster hunter – a MMORPG…

    Why don’t you bitch about reverse numbers – like how weird-ass JRPGs do great in Japan, but do shit in the States? (Star Ocean, Tales, etc.) I fail to understand what the hell is so fucked up about culture differences with games.

  • 8.8k is too many, imo. I cringed every single time any of the characters opened their mouths in that game. The believability of the sci-fi pseudoscience was even worse than most of the 50’s sci-fi b-movies I’ve watched, which amount to as little as “Radiation did it” and “because it’s from space” in many cases. What makes it absolutely insulting instead of just painfully bad, is that it’s actually trying to take itself seriously… that the devs actually BELIEVE it’s a story and setting to be taken seriously.

    Japan has much better taste.

  • Goes to show the stubborn insistance of the japanese to stay firmly glued to the tired tedious genres they churn out, Maybe its just me but the japanese games market seems dominated by anime based cliched crap, Not like it matters the japanese markets quickly becoming irrelevant, The majority of the great japanese developers have lost the plot anyway so no major loss. Even the japanese have lost hope hahaha

  • I think this has less to do with being xenophobic and more to do with the fact that the X-box is utter shit over there and nothing for it has ever really sold well in Japan. Japanese aren’t big PC gamers either though so Mass Effect might be shot on its platform alone, unless that PS3 port was well done.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Probably hasn’t been released over there yet.

      Anyway, it won’t sell shit either when it does, although I doubt anyone will be SO STUPID to draw the conclusion that it means the “death” of the PlayStation 3 in Japan…

  • i don’t get the point of this being an article, so what about it? trying to make another issue w/ another game? seriously, if you hate games that seems to get much attention that would be a better topic than create such indirect obvious one.

  • They should have done the same thing what Nier Gestalt and Nier Replicant done.

    See the cover. It’s very few japanese what would fap to a female character with a BIG CHIN, looking more manlier than most of man on japan! (Plus looking like having more than 30 years old.)

    Remember: the image(visual design of character) is the first thing what catch a gamer.

  • Metal Gear Solid series no have anime stylish and it’s a success. Call of Duty Black ops and Modern Warfare 2, sells relativitily well and are FPS and western games.
    Peoples talks bullshit when no have idea of thing.

  • A Western game not selling well in Japan? Consider me shocked! I never would’ve guessed!

    Hell, Japan is hardly interested in their own games anymore, unless it’s Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy or Pokemon, so you can’t expect foreign games to do well.

  • Do the Japanese try a game and like half hate it so thats why almost each and every game’s sales go down during each sequel or what? cuz Ive heard of game sales going down but like…damn, not even in the same ballpark

    also, I understand fps games are mostly a north america, european, other western countries, etc. thing and Ive never really been into the genre(kinda hate em actually, do like Borderlands though) but games like mass effect & fallout have some pretty nice stories & thats what matters when it comes to games, heard fable arent that bad either

  • it’s all about the reasons. people who play games like this have ps3’s in japan. in japan, the xbox is a galge console. that’s why ms banned pantsu. it’s socially unacceptable to own a 360.

  • actually i just recently played the Mass Effect 2 Demo, it was good but the controls and movement are soo clunky. the story seems cool and all but the controls are just a killer if the controls and movement are more Uncharted 2 like i could have liked it more.

    i also wondered how did games like Uncharted 2 did in japan? they made a jpn dub over it and it sounds awesome. did it performed well?

    also there’s another game that has been getting positive feedback from japan. which is Deus Ex Human Revolution. i mean it looks badass and all not to mention it has the same feeling as Metal Gear while having it’s own unique style of play and jpn dub(hopefully they can make a dual aduio w/subs). i cannot wait for this game 🙂

    please make an article once that game’s released in japan Artefact. hopefully it appeals to them more than Mass Effect 2.

    i would definitely trade Mass Effect 2 PS3 if Deus Ex Human Revolution features a full third person camera view or both. i would buy 3 copies of the game 😛

  • Bioware won’t sell their games in Japan as long as they’re using such shitty covers for their games.
    This is a typical “American Game” shitty cover. I don’t know if the game is good or not because I don’t own a 360, but the cover art alone is a good reason I would never think “hey, seems like a fun game to try !”
    That cover art looks EXACTLY like some shit of the 80′.

  • It’s al because Sheppard is short-haired, has no over-sized sword and actually doesn’t look like androgynous teenager.
    And there is not a single pokemon-like furry creature in the whole game. And no ATB. And no school uniforms. And no adolescent party members. And no pantyshots. And no annoyingly high-pitched voices and disturbingly retarded intonations(I assume, but Japanese dub could add this).

    I mean this game has no distinctive merits of a good jRPG.

  • All I read in over 90 percent of these comments are WRPG vs JRPG(Almost to that topic) which has gotten so old I completely forgot about them until I see it posted, Lolis and Pantsu…which not all of Japan likes, Racism which I agree with “White People” starting things off with racism which isn’t another surprise cuz its a fact, and blah blah blah. If you want to sell games in Japan try more “swords” rather than “guns” not everyone likes shooting games and “IN MY OPINION” shooting games are kinda like a preparation for people to join the military. Mass Effect franchise, you can’t expect the future to just have guns guns and more guns but its typical for “Americans” to love shooting games cuz America’s history contains a lot of violent shootings and Japan’s a lot of swordsmanship and anime in their history so its history that they base thier games on, I’m also american but I like both but more to the swords type cuz shooting a gun just isn’t as fun. Oh now this part is gonna sound really biased but kinda true, America’s COD series all about wars that have happened and wars that are happening so its typical of Americans to make money off of wars. VOICE: TO TELL THE TRUTH IF YOU READ THIS AND IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE I’M REALLY SORRY SINCE I’M NOT BOTHERING TO GO THROUGH AND REVISE IT.

  • I don’t respect no one who can appreciate a game for what it is.

    Is funny how us play most games: Westerns, Easterns and even Indies (in my case). But for japaneses if it doesn’t have what they like, they are not going to play it or buy it.

    The reason why MassEffect didn’t hit could be other cause than “wester-made”. Even so the fact that they don’t want to play a good game just because it doesn’t appeal them at the first judgment, is something I can’t respect.

    • The way the Japs treat FPSes is the same way the Americans treat visual novels.

      Both genres have fans in countries you’d least expect, but don’t have enough buying interest to float sales.

      So no, the rest of the world isn’t so ‘open’. Some games we claim to suck ballz are also games they love to death. They also claim that FPSes are for barbarians whereas the rest of us think blasting someone to pieces warrant hundreds of hours wasted online.

      Cultures. They’re different. Love it or hate it, that’s the fact.

      This is coming from someone who has been leaning more towards Western games since he hit legal age, for reasons which escape even himself.

  • Figures. If people don’t like the 360 then 360 games won’t sell. But I wonder why the 360 doesn’t sell. Maybe if there were more Japanese owners there would be more Japanese-friendly titles. Who knows.

  • nice to see fallout new vegas sold a nice number, granted no where near how it has in the west. Its a shame considering mass effect 2 is a really great game, their loss. But they could of imported I suppose.

  • Just add a few lovable innocent young girls and ME2 will sell much more.
    I had play ME2 and some event curious me about westerner thinking.
    When I talk to miranda she said she can’t married me but if i want to fuck her she just easily ok. I not surprise that AIDS is spread over the world.
    and other girls are totally bald with tattoo (disgusting).

  • I think it is less of a view of how well the Xbox is doing over seas and more of how the Japanese gamers are more likely than their American counterparts to not try out a game produced in another country. Their snobbery is their loss.

  • I have to think that it’d have done better if it released for PS3 in Japan as well. Ya know, the console that just had its version release yesterday in the west with all the 360 DLC included and a better graphic engine, and which has a much bigger install base in Japan to boot. Even if the 360 is where the western game otaku are supposedly at, you just can’t argue with math. This is why regional exclusives like this are bad for their games.

  • Their loss for overlooking a grand adventure that tries to involve the player, giving them the feeling that they are the ones making the hard choices. I found this to be a really enjoyable experience, most anybody I know that played this thought so too. The one area I can understand why they have rejected it may come from the fact that it is subtitled there. I think that the original cast did a fantastic job, but it would kind of suck to play a game this heavy in dialog and not understand it fully. But hey, I think all of us here are familiar enough with subtitles to not really care that much. The game is dope. They should have given it a chance, it really does set a new standard for RPG. Maybe it’s that you can’t redo the dialog, and have to deal with the choices you make that scares them.
    Maybe they are just over gaming? After sooo many years of companies forcing shovel ware at them, I would stop playing also.
    I feel that the emphasis many are placing on the perceived perversion of Japanese is unfair and tainted. What is presented is still a minority of a minority of the extreme. In many ways it is very unhealthy, and you would be foolish to glorify it. Happiness is a shared experience, with mature attitudes showing that you are willing to help the people around you grow. A continued immaturity about sex, and pursuit of exaggerated perversion will only destroy you in the end.

  • Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas sold well in Japan because you can mod in a crapload of anime related stuff for it.

    Same thing with Oblivion, sometimes it looks like Anime Scrolls 4: Moelivion, when you look at the modifications the Japanese mod authors did.

      • No you are just too young to remember when japanese games were good and Squaresoft ( not square enix) was a name revered for great rpgs. They were the bioware of the 90s until they stopped telling stories and focused more on combat gimmicks in there games compared to character development.

        Now their games are filled with robots like Lightning. Sure Cloud was annoying at times but at least had a personality.

        Oh and whats with all the tough guy talk online, how pathetic are you people to just throw around insults behind a computer screen. If you can’t make a valid point then shut up and move along.

  • I thought it was pathetic how they added kasumi in there to appeal to Japanese gamers. Bioware shouldn’t base their business model off the needs of what American gamers want, and instead make something much more unique and universal instead of a third person shooter mechanics with simplified aiming.

    • Newsflash, moron. Kasumi was added way long before they even decided to release ME2 in Japan. You can verify this by hearing one of the ads in the Citadel talking about a master thief way before the DLC was released. So get your facts checked and straightened out before you spew trash like this. It makes you look like an idiot more than you already are.

  • LOL, Why even bother with selling this game in Japan? Their only interested in hentai-based games and nintendo. The game is good but it was a bad move by bioware to do this (unless they anticipated it and only made a few thousand copies.)

  • This doesn’t surprise me and I don’t fault them for not buying it either. Having a bunch of COD and Fallout fans from the west rate a game highly doesn’t mean that japan has to like it.
    Also, Arcana Heart 3 > Mass Effect.

  • I’m following ME for the story, i dont care much aout the combat system as long as it can be tolerated. Well on Hard ME2 was actually fun, thinking a little ahead. On Easy it’s like a bad copy of GoW…

  • I’m a little confused: in my life I have followed (and buyed and played) many japan games(some in japanese too) really unpopular (Seventh Cross and Godzilla Generation imports on DC for example).
    I’m asking to myself how can japanese gamers, excludig the tastes (because tastes have their limits when you review a game), ignore a “colossal” like ME 2.
    Surely it has his difects, but isn’t a poor game, with months of pubblicity on magazines and internet and television.
    I’ve personally been at the press presentation of the game and there was many journalists.
    How has it been reviewed on the japans games magazines?

    (Sorry for my awful english.)

    Dark Diamond.

  • i just tried the PS3 Demo just now.

    it was good but not GOTY good, i mean it has clunky controls and movement, they should have taken note from Uncharted or Vanquish, they have one of the most fluid controls in TPS ever. but the dialogue and the supposedly story is good.

    but it’s way too overhyped. it’s enjoyable though ^^

  • Well… Isn’t it the same way over here too? A lot of those niche Japanese games that get released here (sans Persona, Disgaea, and other breakout hits) sell poorly here too. (I think…) So it kinda works both ways. Except we’re a little bit more accepting.

  • You know I wonder if the controls have something to do with it – that they just plain don’t like to use the right analog stick to control the camera.

    Personally I haven’t got used to it myself.

    The perfect camera system for me is the one in FFX, it just works and show you what you need to see – no hassle.

  • from reddit!

    Part of the problem is that the best-designed and best-selling RPGs of the past 5-8 years–I’m thinking Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and New Vegas,m Oblivion, and Dragon Age–have three things going for them:


    They have save-anywhere functions with clear and defined hub sections to keep infrequent players from being too lost when they have to put down the game for more than a week at a time.

    Any grinding involved is either minimal compared to any Final Fantasy or is non-repetitive and shows quick and constant gains.

    Each game’s actually mechanics are merged with an FPS or 3rd person shooter, or both, to allow both real-time decisions and make gameplay exciting and immersive even when all you’re really doing is shuffling through a town.

    I haven’t played a JRPG in the last 10 years (note: I haven’t played Shin Megami Tensi or Persona games) that was not:


    Hard to just ‘put down and pick up later’ without being lost as hell in the story/location/mission.

    Repetitive as fuck when it came to grinding with all the reward of highlighting a spreadsheet–not even rolling the dice like in pen-and-paper RPGs, just “ok you crossed our threshold now you do x-damage automatically.

    Really really bland, slow, and stilted when it came to its game mechanics.

    The fact is that–in America at least–the average JRPG fan of the 90s/early 00s is now an adult and has a life to attend to, while the younger generation grew up on Halo/Call of Duty and is on average sees FPSes as the standard bar of gaming.

    Hell, I picked up “The Lost Odyssey” for the 360 and really dug it. The story–while not anything spectacular–was compelling and largely free of bullshit. The interface was slick, streamlined, and responsive. The graphics nice, the sound pretty, the writing solid.

    But I put it down because I do not have 50 hours to dedicate to what was essentially an engine update to Final Fantasy X. The story wasn’t compelling enough to make me sit through the rote gameplay, and all the other things I liked were fringe benefits.

    On the other hand I can’t get enough of Mass Effect 2 because:


    I can pick it up and put it down in 2-3 hours knowing I’ll have made at least some real progress–maybe one mission complete or fully explore 1 sidequest.

    The presentation is absolutely top-notch and covers for any flaws in gameplay–namely the awkward walking.

    The gameplay itself is essentially Gears of War with a pause menu. That makes even the missions I don’t care about interesting from a gameplay perspective (though it is earning some repetitive stripes).

    There’s remarkably little to no grinding.

    So what can JRPGs do to improve this?

    Well this is easy to say from my perspective, I know that Japanese companies are primarily focused on pleasing Japanese consumers and from what I’ve heard they’ve mostly hit on a huge creative rut this past generation (the 360 has barely any market there at all and the PS3 is peanuts compared to the Wii’s dominance).

    That said:


    For fuck’s sake make your gameplay really enjoyable if you want us to spend more than 20-30 hours on it. It can even be traditional and turn-based–but it better be lightning quick with no bullshit animations or load screens taking up an aggregate 3 hours of gameplay. If in doubt though, make it action-oriented (FPS or Zelda being the main two varieties) with a heavy RPG bent. It might not win you originality points from whiny fans but it will help you make money.

    Make the grinding mean something if you have to have it at all. I get the point of grinding in an RPG–sometimes in any life we have to spend a long time doing really boring and unpleasant shit to gain skills and become stronger. That said, figure out how to make your point without being the gaming equivalent of painting a fence every day to learn karate–it’s bullshit no matter how dramatic you make it.

    Put enough failsafes in the design so your older players can put the game down, do their taxes and fix their cars and raise their kids for a month, then come back and still figure out what’s going on in the land of Udd and what their next mission is. It doesn’t even need to be complicated, just put a “Here’s your objective and why you’re doing what you’re doing” on the pause screen. The whole “have NPCs all say to you “You should go to the Fortress!” is too subtle for adults who have pressing obligations. The fact is the audience is less willing to meet you halfway now. Hold their hand.

    Please please write up a big-ass list of cliches and do one of two things: actively try to subvert them or hire a damn good writing/translation team to bring those cliches to an excellent polish. The comic in the OP is not wrong, the plots of so many of JRPGs is so predictable and trite it’s honestly insulting. We play RPGs for the story. DON’T FUCK UP THE STORY IT’S WHY WE’RE THERE YOU IDIOTS.

    Try to expand your market by improving the character designs. The whole “wacky but cool” aesthetic almost always comes across as “stupid” on this side of the pond. Instead focus on making the characters practical for their world first, and then start putting the cool in. It’s much more immersive for Western players. Don’t start making all the dudes burly frat guys with short brown hair though, we’re sick of that.

    Notice how none of these things require a particularly gigantic budget to accomplish. Everything I’ve described here could be implemented in a game made in ASCII to games for the PS3 and beyond.

    If you just want to focus on your Japanese base that’s fine. I get it. Stick close to home and keep your roots solid.

    That said if you don’t start taking notes from hot-selling Western RPGs you’re going to find that the only JRPGs left will be made by Nintendo.

    To clarify that last post, after you beat the boss save on a SEPARATE slot. That way you will have one save before the boss and one after. Then reload the before and fight him again. Then save on the after slot and keep doing this untill tou have 100%

    • The reason the morons here at Sankaku (and Japan) don’t like wRPGs is because they’re too caught up with the whole loli/anime/moe bullshit that if they can’t find a loli they can fap to, it automatically means fail to them.

      Yeah Sankaku regulars, you’re all “ronery” sick retards who can’t appreciate a good game even if it fucks you three ways to Sunday if it doesn’t have moe in it.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    I think both Mass Effect 2 and Arcana Heart 3 are really great games, as different from each other as they are.

    “[…] although there are apparently more Xbox 360s in Japan than ever before […]”

    … Well, if they aren’t smashing ’em as those retards on YouTube (you know which ones I’m talking about), then it stands to reason that yeah, there are more (functional) Xbox 360 consoles in Japanese households now than… before.

    According to VGChartz, best selling Xbox 360 games in Japan are all over the place. There’s a slight majority of JRPGs for sure, but there isn’t any clear genre fascination as there is in the US with first-person shooters. New Western titles are indeed getting progressively less and less attention, though. Barring some genres, Japs do have fuckin’ weird or downright terrible taste.

  • Xbox 360 “exclusive”? in japan? too bad, mass effect 2 is awesome, they release for the ps3 not too long ago i belive, us and europe right? maybe they can translate that version and have better sells there; i have it for the pc.

    • You never played it so shut up. Stop with the fan boy hate for a game you are just sad that you never tried. Let me guess you own a ps3 and are bitter cause your games are all rentals and your psn is dead

  • Using “culture” as a justification for anything is BS. There is a specific rhyme and reason for everything, and “culture” is as vague of a description as you can get.

    Other vague descriptors used for when people don’t have a concrete answer:

    Why did blah blah blah? Because of god.
    Why did blah blah? Because its fun.

    Here is something that a lot of people don’t seem to realize when it comes to gamers in Japan: Nearly half of them are comprised of woman. Contrast that with the US where roughly 9 out of every 10 gamers are men. So when you see a game list from Japan, how many of those games were made for men in mind? How many are for women? How many are for both genders?

  • Please; stop the raging. I’ll get a hard-on.

    This is the typical game-rasism and the same reason they don’t want to export their stuff. They don’t care about the “rest” (they haven’t come far from closed borders in the pre-bakumatsu mentally) of the world, so it doesn’t get any coverage if it isn’t made in Japan.

    The amout of hype would have to be 10 times the rest of the world to get through. And face it; it does not really appeal to the “otaku”-nische.
    Perhaps Bioware should try putting a pancy as main hero and remake all the females “anime-style”. In contrast to machofication, it might work in japan!

  • ME2 is a decent shooter with laughable RPG elements, annoying mini-games, force-fed romances and it is WAY too short.

    Interesting fact: Bioware likes to complain about JRPGs, however all their recent games have just the same problems. Every game follows the same generic buildup, has the same character archetypes (mostly with the same personality and looks) and doesn’t deliver on all the hollow promises.
    Just like Squenix, they have lost their “touch” when they let their egos get the better of them.

    • You probably didnt played at all did you? It have its problems, but on completely different level than JRPG. JRPG fail at the very begining by calling them selves games and not “interactive movie with girl molestation” when Bioware knows how to actually make games that work. Then there is a rich branching story and complex and believable characters. Then, there are the problems – problems with people bashing it without actually playing it or without ability to distinguish between bad game and game you subjectively didnt like. You actually fall head forward to the second category.

        • You must have been playing a different game then. The Mass Effect 2 the rest of the world played had great character interaction and development, a nice length if you did all the relevant missions, and a fucking awesome endgame that set ME3 perfectly.

          In short, shut the fuck up n00b.

        • “Yeah, the character interaction in ME2 is some of the most forced, ever. Character just wait around for you to come talk to them, and as long as you are not brain-dead you can tell them exactly what they want to hear and complete their events.”

          Funny, all other RPGs work that way.

        • Yeah, the character interaction in ME2 is some of the most forced, ever. Character just wait around for you to come talk to them, and as long as you are not brain-dead you can tell them exactly what they want to hear and complete their events.

          Need less, but more complex, characters.

        • The last resort of fanboys — accuse everyone who didn’t like their favorite game of not playing it.

          Mass Effect was decent, the writing was ok, the characters were somewhat interesting, and the story was cliche as hell but somewhat compelling, at least figuring out what the Illusive man and cerberus were up to was enough to keep me going, even though I didn’t care for any of the characters or the generic sci-fi universe the series is set in.

          Get over it, just because YOU loved Mass Effect doesn’t mean the whole world does. Games like GTA and Halo have also won heaps of awards, but that doesn’t make them flawless masterpieces and winning a few awards doesn’t make Mass Effect some universal masterpiece that anyone with taste will love either.

  • Put some half naked anime chicks on the cover of the game. I bet it sells ten times better. Just another article proving Japan got lost on the way to gaming greatness and ended up in the adult section of a some 2D cartoon world. SNAP OUT OF IT JAPAN!

  • Is anyone really surprised? Japanese gamers just like different types of games, its not like those moe games would out sell Mass effect anywhere else, on the other hand, it did manage ~10% of the sales that the other games did.

  • i remember places like Shin Akiba (i stressed like Akeeba, ugh) mentioned on the Citadel, and a chef pronouncing “Irasshaimase” terribly wrong in the english version) it’d be fun if those were left untouched in the japanese localization)))

  • Imports are also partly to blame to be honest. If you watch NicoNico often then you’ll know the ones who were actually interested in these western game usually bought the imports the day it gets released over here anyway. So when your localized version comes out like 2 years later, most of people who wanted it already got it.

    • Well said. Most users on Sankaku are no more than what they claim 2ch-users are.

      Had they even been in Japan they’d also know that it’s not exactly a very hard thing to find import game stores there. It’s not like they’re completely worthless when it comes to English, they just cannot use it swiftly enough for conversations.

  • Japanese gamers seem have a strong preference (possibly to an extreme extent) in the games they choose to buy/ play compared to most gamers in other parts of the world. I’m in Canada and I wouldn’t mind playing the Japanese games mentioned above, but I absolutely love Mass Effect 2 as well (heck I’m replaying it right now to complete a “perfect” file for Mass Effect 3)

  • One simple thing to double sales without changing the game. Remove that skin headed angry looking default Shepard from the cover. Put a fem shep there instead.

    Double sales. Seriously. (Double sales might not actually be that much, but it’s a start.)

  • Answer – American game making companies are, to be honest, RETARDED. Then again, look at what we’re dealing with here – answer me this, how many people can you think of right off the bat that you believe bought Madden 2004, 2005, 2006, all the way right up to 2011? THIS is the group of people that American game companies are going to aim at, because it sells. That also explains the OVERWHELMING amount of FPS games. It’s rare to find an incredibly well done FPS, like Half-Life or Portal were, and among most gamers they weren’t that popular – only the ones with an IQ higher than 80.

    Now look at the Japanese. Sure they’re using multiple ideas again and again, but at least they change something with each game – most of them are ridiculously expansive (barring FFX and FFXIII, no wonder they sold better in the USA than Japan), the characters have actual character to them, the storylines explore multiple possibilities with each new rendition, the artwork is more artistic than realistic, and the games are actually fun to play. Seriously, look at Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Amazing games, but they didn’t sell well in the USA. Why? Because you can’t be a half-wit and play.

    • It’s because of various reasons. XBOX is as good as dead in Japan, western games don’t have much of an appeal in a land that has its own gaming micro and macro-cosmos and Bioware regularly badmouths Japanese games. Take your pick.

      I own ME 2 and i don’t think it was that great. In fact, i’m quite disappointed with various things. The same can probably be said about Japanese people who bought that game. So, if those few people start to talk about their negative experience with the game, it’s easy to understand why there isn’t much of a following.

      I’m sure that people can enjoy the game (i’m not talking about mindless trolls and their dumbfuckery)but, at the same time, i FULLY UNDERSTAND why others wouldn’t like it. And that’s okay.

  • “Japanese gamers have no taste. Film at eleven.”

    This is not news. The tastes and preferences of Japanese gamers have been moving in the complete opposite direction of the rest of the world for a long time. This is nothing new. Stop treating it like some kind of refutation of Mass Effect’s success, it isn’t. I can’t imagine a critical failure in Japan did anything to dampen the spirits of EA or Bioware’s accountants.

    So the average Japanese gamer prefers “characters” over story or substance. More power to them, it’s their money.

    In the mean time, I shall crack open a cold one for the roughly 9,000 Japanese enjoying a good game.

    • Yeah, great review from famitsu too if I remember correct. And you can see tons of videos of people playing it on Nicodouga.

      One HUGE problem, though. They only localized the 360 version. As in, no 3rd party mod what-so-ever. Which was a major sellpoint for the game. A lot of people who wanted the game bought a imported PC version instead. So again, the sale looked rather mediocre on paper. When in fact it did rather well for a western game in Japanese market.

      Same problem happend to both Oblivion and Fallout: New Vegas, too. People only bought imports cause they can only get the mods working on PC. They could care less about the Japanese voiceover.

      Just look at all the Japanese made mod (mostly ero stuffs like school girl uniforms and animeish characters, as expected) for these games are evident enough of their popularity.

  • Well, Mass Effect 2 is shit. It basically is a shooter with cliche characters and story.
    It just sold well in the west because of all the propaganda.
    No western propaganda in Japan = no sales for bad western games.

  • Mass Effect 2 is on PC too, so it’s not anything to do with how shit the 360 is (It’s very shit) but more to do with Japs liking shitty games.

    It’s a country full of casual faggots who like shitty anime.

  • I think the fact that it wasn’t that great probably has something to do with it. I played it, and while it was better that the first, it wasn’t exactly stellar. Also, the fact that PSN is charging $15 for the Cerberus pack (something that is supposed to come free with new copies of the game) is the final nail in the coffin. Charging $69 for a 2 year old game ported to a different console, and then charging for the DLC that is supposed to be free with new copies of the game is a totally skull fuck. The only question is whether it’s Sony’s throbbing member or EA’s…

  • Oh hey, finally it seems Japan has regained some taste.

    Mass Effect 2 was horrible, and I honestly wonder what the fuck is wrong with the gaming media to think this overrated piece of boring shit was nearly enjoyable.

    • RPG = Role playing game.

      You mistake leveling games for content-driven ones.
      Play 20 more and you might have another opinion. Diablo is an “hack and slash”-rpg. Awful RPG-elements if isolated, but still a awesome game. This is basically the SAME S_IT, gun instead of sword/claw/[butkick].

      You roleplay Shepard: Check
      You branch out story by choices: Check
      You get better by level: Check
      You change “character” by chosing good or evil: Check

      Just because they don’t have 25 skills and difficulity checks-it doesn’t mean that it’s not an RPG.

    • It’s not the Japanese taste. It’s lack of marketing. I live in Japan. I read Japanese game magazines, watch Japanese Tv, visit Japanese websites, shop at japanese stores and do you know many times I saw a ME2 advertisement here? Zero times.
      Actually I didn’t even knew there would be a JP release until I saw this article. Halo 3 did well. Gta4 did well. Oblivion did well. I’m sure a bioware game would do great considering their modern games play more like Jrpgs than Wrpgs.

      Pretty much the opposite happens in the US. Japanese games have little to no advertisement over there. The only exception is FF and that is why it’s the only one that sell more than a million overseas.

    • “It transpires that Bioware’s hit cover-shooter Mass Effect 2, which sold millions of copies and became the recipient of innumerable perfect scores and game-of-the-year awards, [b]sold a pathetic 8,864 copies in Japan[/b]”

      my thoughts:

      I’m not surprised really since Japanese have different tastes in gaming character types than westerners

      you see the reverse of this in the west where M.E.2 sold millions while JRPG’s barely make the cut

      • Maybe if they stuck some random loli’s in it,change the main female character outfit to something skimpy,and added random tentacle monsters that are small enough to rape someone it would have sold better.

        Same goes with JRPGs in the west maybe have more explosions ,uber weapons,add muscle cars,make the token loli an evil genius like Stewie, and replace the main character with someone like Rambo.

        • @21:02
          Grand Theft Auto is about playing a gangster and if full of characters postering as tough guys. Halo is about pwning other kids online and becoming an internet tough-guy. Although, I’ll give you Assassin’s Creed – the main character lost any notions of being a tough-guy when he can buy paintings to decorate his house in the sequel.

        • @Birthmark Destructor
          No one’s saying the setting is original. It’s all about story. And the gameplay isn’t bad either. Are you paying attention at all or just trying to piss people off?

          Americans are not obsessed with steroid-muscled tough-guy characters. 1) It’s a very superficial description of our preferences and 2) how many of our games have Arnold Schwarzenegger type characters in them where it wasn’t necessary or explained? Not a whole lot. Gears of War and Crackdown comes to mind but that’s it. We don’t see it in Halo, Mass Effect, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, etc. But what do they all have in common? A sense of realism that is completely absent in pretty much all Japanese games, which is what we do like.

        • So if Americans are so obsessed with muscles why is the main character always fully armored and you can also be a woman?

          Maybe Americans just like REALISTIC games. You know with soldiers who actually look like soldiers and not emo calvin klein models.

          Cloud was interesting because he was the original emo and different for the time but now his look is just cliched.

          Real problem with JRPGS is that all the big named titles have forgotten the importance of character development and story which is something bioware nails.

          Other games like Shadow Hearts and Persona do a better a job but are less focused on by the media compared to all the bad jrpgs.

        • American preferences are just as much to blame.

          American games feature steroid-muscled tough-guy characters, made so Americans can fulfill their need to feel big and tough. But the American steroid-muscled tough-guy characters don’t appeal to Japanese, because Japanese are not obsessed about feeling big and tough.

        • lol
          Yeah JRPGs generally are full of teen heroes and world-destroying bosses. But western games are not full of explosions and crazy weapons. That would be Ratchet and Clank, and obviously the rest of the western gaming industry is not like that. He’s probably thinking of the action genre. He’s misplaced his cliches.

          I haven’t played ME2 but ME certainly didn’t have crazy weapons. They were grounded in reality. And explosions were used appropriately, not overused and oversized like a Michael Bay film.

    • I am amazed at what horrible taste they have.

      Mass effect and many other games are very popular world wide throughout Europe/North America and wtc.

      Yet it comes to Japan and they don’t like it.

      I also find it amazing how American/European directors for movies are able to captivate audiences around the world and even Japan. Yet Japan directors are by far some of the worst in the world.

      Man the main culprit for all of this is the lack of diversity of races in Japan. They are simply a closed off nation that has little to none emigration and immigration.

        • Couldn’t it just be that they got tired of waiting so long, and downloaded the American version instead?
          Or imported it from oversea, of course. I don’t want to imply that all Japanese (unlike gajin) are thieves.

        • I think they already have too many dating sims. Combined with their preference for girls with hair, faces, and less Michael Jackson, Bioware’s should have invested in a moe-Tali character model patch. Because god dammit, it would have been popular even outside of Japan.

        • Yeees….the complete death of the xbox when Idolmaster is an xbox exclusive…how does one game with poor sales while another exclusive on the same console with enormous sells equate the death of a console?

        • mass effect just aint their bag baby! what about ps3 and pc sales? japan is probably smart enough to avoid xbox and not so much at ends with mass effect. this is purely speculation of course.

        • “Bioware’s should have invested in a moe-Tali character model patch”

          Obviously, if it doesn’t have moe it won’t sell in Japan.

          Realistic models are good, but good god, must they also be this ugly?

          That said, I still loved ME2.

        • No, you pretty much have the exception to the rule explained well. Offering multiple endings, one of which being an essential ‘game over’ screen as you call it, which is pretty accurate and I may use that term from now on, that is an option.

          And Choose Your Own Adventure Books are kind of a gray area. Basically your entire intention was to make the choices, see how you died, then go back and see what really happened. It’s like hitting all the insta-death traps in an RPG dungeon to see the death animations if they existed. But there are a few anime I had in mind when I said what I said. The only movie I will ever spoil the ending for anyone because it was so terribly assembled, X.

          Just a litany of stupid crap happening to stupid people for no really well established reason. The X series I’m curious if they managed to handle it better with more time, but the movie was ridiculous.

        • i think that a everyone dies “ending” is just an elaborate game over screen, at least when applied games with multiple endings.

          at the same time i cant call it shitty writing. if you branch out a story with an everyone dies ending, its usually caused by choices made long before, or throughout the game. take the disgaea 3 worst ending, to achieve it you almost need a guide to tell you what to do because i don’t think that anyone purposely killed there team members 99 or 100 times before close to the ending act by accident. or in some of the more classic chose your own adventure book like games, i know there were a few where you got killed due to a bad choice you made, to that extent i don’t think its bad writing, especially if its planned.

          now, im assuming these are what you are referring too, if not, can you explain a bit?

        • Mass effect is a shitty rpg.

          RPGs are not about being a douchebag or a whiteknight.

          It’s about having an option to be in between, or a really big douchebag or an insufferably pious monk.

          RPGs are also about having actual consequences for your actions, not a couple goodie points or naughty points based on the developers assumption of moral absolutism. Yes, Mass effect had a few consequences about who dies. But really in the golden age of RPing party death was what happened in combat when someone died, not this pussy ass bullshit where they just fall unconscious.

        • Ciscotaku

          i agree, their older games are better.

          however for this generation, name a better rpg.

          rpg as in you play the role, you decided what you do, you can have good and bad ends (not everyone dies, but a like the light side vs dark side)

          i honestly cant. and with the moment to moment gameplay as good as masseffect is, the only reason you can have to not like it is, you dont like science fiction, you dont like third person shooters, or you dont like rpgs,

        • Actually Mass Effect one wasn’t the best game but it was fun, Mass Effect 2 was fun and enjoyable to play even though Japanese don’t know what they are missing they will see two guys eating ice cream.To bad the Japanese dislike playing on Xbox 360 because it wasn’t the best system.

          Artafact you forgot that they are also releasing PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 even though Xbox 360 may have release it in Japan EA who owns the rights to the game also will make it for PS3.

          As for PS3 News DC Universe Online was release became successful big cluster fuck of bugs and horrible shit happening that no one gives a shit about because Sony is covering up the fact the game is fucking up if you don’t believe me go to the DC Online Universe Forums.

        • That’s the problem w/ western developers.. They simply translate and dump everything they make into Nippon! Now if BioWare got a clue, went back to the drawing board and REmade everybody into ANIME charaters~ BOOM! 600,000+ first day buys! Add a TRAINING school for idol singers fighting the bad guy as a DLC 1,000,000+ sells within the week!!!!
          +hell I’d import it!

        • i have to ask, is this because it being xbox only? is it because they dont like the game, in which case i have to ask why, i dont like it as much as the first because they took allot of the rpg out in favor of more action, but story, and rpg ness of the game is better than most of the shit made in japan at the moment


          i have to agree, the fact that you cant make a good looking female in that game to save your fucking life is a BIG disappointed for me.

          i believe that there was an asian models for everquest 2 when that went over there, and the models were demanded in the west too because they preferred them. now am i saying that they need to be anime style… no, but they could have been retooled.

        • If they want to sell big numbers of these games in Japan then they should have a Japanese studio create more stylised anime-like character models to replace the realistic styled models in the games and pretty much leave everything else how it was.. It’s a big market so if done properly it could be very profitable.

        • That’s the problem w/ western developers.. They simply translate and dump everything they make into Nippon! Now if BioWare got a clue, went back to the drawing board and REmade everybody into ANIME charaters~ BOOM! 600,000+ first day buys!

        • Quite sad the games that are considered the best over in Japan tbh. They have completley different mind-sets to the West clearly, and find no need for things like storyline and gameplay. Its evident in the best animes and games in Japan. Pretty sad what they enjoy the most.

        • I thought this was interesting, because my initial reaction was that Bioware was the company that bashed the JRPG genre for so long exclaiming how stagnant it is, and yet their own RPG barely makes a dent in the Japanese market. Which is to say is really the worst?

        • I’m still waiting for Atelier Totori myself :'(

          God I hope they decide to bring that one over… In the meantime i got Rorona to tide me over but not for long ><

          Plus there's way too many Tales games here already…

          let's get to work on more Ar Tonelico and Atelier games! Come on people get those online polls (that probably get ignored) flowing! XD

        • No one’s arguing the better genre. But it certainly is about different tastes. Japan doesn’t care about realism. This is why most of their RPGs are about a group of teenagers who save the world. Everyone else likes realistic games with realistic looking characters. And they seem to like turn based over real time action.

          And we have a perfectly good reason to flame their games nowadays. They’re starting to lack originality gameplay-wise and they have a horrible misunderstanding of what we actually like. Meanwhile, they don’t like Mass Effect because there are no cute girls and they’d rather push an attack button than actually be good at shooting something. That’s an assumption, but I think it’s a valid one.

        • Can’t have it said any better…

          So people on this board laugh at Jap games getting bad reception in the West, and now are flaming cause their games got bad reception in the East. For crying out loud… stop being hypocrites. There is no such thing as absolute better genre of game, just different tastes.

      • While I’m not into the FPS or 3rd person shooter genre, I do envy Japan for having a variety of games available in the market, far more than the rest of us. While these sales are indeed “pathetic” as Artefact exclaims, at least a market for them is developing in Japan, where else the Western World has yet to see a single Visual novel that or even peaks at 100,000(unless you count Persona 3, which has some visual novel elements but it isn’t quite the central point).

        In addition, the Xbox is a dead platform there, so these statistics shouldn’t be of any surprise.

        • colorful childish games? repetitive played one-played all RPGs?
          Enough with all your faggtory typical american bullshit, you’re ass hole is throbbing from so much hurt. Japanese games>western games, deal with it faggot.

        • Western RPGs (and games in general) are just as cliched as Japanese RPGs. The only difference is that as a westerner, you don’t mind/notice the western cliches. That argument gets so old.

          I also wouldn’t call them unique. Bethesda has been making Elder Scrolls games since the mid-90’s, Oblivion just happened to be the first one many people played (it came out at a good time). And Fallout 3/NV is oblivion with guns and a more appropriate skill system. As for Bioware, Mass Effect is the only one of their major RPGs to break from all the typical Bioware tropes. Also, Bethesda and Bioware aren’t the only RPG developers in the west, though you would never know that if you only read forums or listen to western game media.

          Lastly, Japanese developers make games that Japanese gamers would like just like western developers make games that western gamers would like (you make what you know). It shouldn’t come as a surprise that selling these games between regions is difficult. Since the western market is larger, western developers have an easier time selling their games. It’s that simple.

        • @Anonymous on 06:13 21/01/2011

          Yeah you’re right. Inefune did say that, however you did neglect MANY of the absurdities he spout in that interview. People who want to read what he said can decide for themselves whether he’s right by going to neogaf. Also, the fact that he was so “confident” that he would get a gig with capcom as a contract associate but ending up unemployed is also a factor one should put into consideration when listening to the ravings of disgruntled and bitter ex-employees.

        • Hmmm… what did the creator of Mega Man say before he left Capcom?

          Japanese Games Industry is Finished. Yeah.

          The problem is that Japanese games are dominant in Japan and not so much outside of Japan. That’s the rest of the world that doesn’t dig dating sims and cliche ridden RPGs.

          Mass Effect and Fallout and Oblivion and Dragon Age offer unique, vastly open experiences with fresh and incredibly well-written stories and dialog.

          Meanwhile, Japan is still all about stories focusing on “friendship” and “believing in yourself.” Of course, that’s a generalization, but is unfortunately true for the majority of Japanese games. It’s the same with anime and manga.

          There are exceptions, there are always exceptions. Gran Tourismo, Final Fantasy anything (except XIV), and any Nintendo games sell very well all over the world, but think of your top ten games that came out this year and see how many are Japanese. Or better yet, what are the best games on the PS3? Little Big Planet? Uncharted 2? Killzone 2? Resistance? Heavy Rain? Red Dead Redemption? Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood? God War 3?

          Oh and you might as well add Mass Effect 2 to that in a few months…

        • 16:29 thinks Demon’s soul,Resident evil, Gran Turismo, Bayonetta etc. make up a majority of what Japanese games are like. He also thinks that Resident Evil (modern RE, anyway), Gran Turismo and Bayonetta are actually good games.

        • Developing? HAHAHAHAHA… no. All Japan has to offer in the gaming section is;
          colorful childish games;
          repetitive played one-played all RPGs;
          porn (visual novels).
          The truth is little yellow people with little yellow peenors are just enormous brickheads incapable of producing anything innovative or creative.

      • I’m not surprised at all.
        Japanese “gamers”, and in fact Japanese people in general, are fuckin’ retarded. One of the reasons the Xbox isn’t doing well over there is because it’s an American console.

        They’ll hate something just because it’s not from Japan. Idiots.

        Thank god the US makes up a WAY larger chunk of video game sales, or else good games would be replaced by a surplus of shit.

    • I love how you can snicker when there have been MILLIONS of PS – PS3 games that haven’t even sold 1000 units total in their entire lifetime.

      But hey, at least you have your 15 great exclusives for your ps3 :3 ….. But that’s because they were either MADE BY Sony, or were pumped full of money by Sony xD


      FYI, Authors of this site: GoeHotz case with Sony is about to go away, the restraining order against him was considered bogus by a Federal Judge, and the only thing they can sue him for is his failure to keep to the PSN agreement, in which case he can use any of the other 4 ps3’s he has in the background of his jailbreaking video