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Mio Seiyuu Yoko Hikasa Snubbed at Event


Mio Akiyama seiyuu Yoko Hikasa recently discovered K-ON!’s popularity apparently does not extend to IdolMaster fans – she was humiliatingly snubbed and even given the cold shoulder by fellow seiyuu at a recent event.

Hikasa reports attending a recent live IdolMaster event as a regular attendee, but far from being mobbed by adoring fans after being uncovered as she seems to have expected, she was ignored completely and not a single attendee even recognised her.


Feeling lonely, she resolved to greet Haruka seiyuu Eriko Nakamura and then leave, but was rebuffed at the backstage reception.

After managing to wrangle her way backstage, even Nakamura snubbed her, warmly greeting her with “What? Why are you here? Nobody asked you to come…”


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