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Aya Hirano “Deliberately Finding New Ways To Annoy Us”


Aya Hirano repertoire of scandalous and provocative utterances has been expanded to include huge spoilers about the anime she is recording.

In remarks delivered to her 120,000 followers, the seiyuu took time out from complaining about her fans and delivering dubious anecdotes to explore a new method of antagonising her fans – she casually dropped massive spoilers about the second season of Kimi-ni Todoke into an update.

When irate followers complained she was spoiling the story for them, she responded with exasperation:

It isn’t a spoiler! Anyone can tell it’s going to happen. Sorry if you didn’t notice.

I’m not intent on writing stuff which gets me called an idiot! (^-^)

Aya-watchers are noticing a pattern of behaviour here:

“She’s a genius at stirring people up!”

“Not Kimi-ni Todoke – give it a rest!”

“She must be doing this deliberately…”

“What’s up with this woman – even if it seems obvious it’s still a spoiler.”

“God, she’s annoying…”

“I’m really interested in seeing how badly broken she becomes.”

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