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Parents Demand “No Special Treatment” for Paralysed Son


The demand of parents that their palsy-afflicted son not be accorded “any special treatment” whilst they at the same time insist he attend a regular school and that the school provide a full-time nurse to take care of him has been generating controversy online.

At issue is the insistence of the 51-year-old father and 48-year-old mother of a 13-year-old boy afflicted by severe cerebral palsy that the boy not be sent to a special school for the disabled, and that he instead attend an ordinary school as a regular student.

Suffering from complete paralysis since birth and unable to speak, the child is totally dependent on constant nursing for his day-to-day life.

In accordance with the demands of his parents that “we want to see him learn together with other children regardless of his disability,” he was allowed to attend an ordinary elementary school in Narita, although his mother had to accompany him at school to attend to his extensive nursing requirements, as the school could not provide him a dedicated nurse.

In particular, as he was completely unable to eat or drink by himself, he required assistance at meals and his parents only allowed this to be provided by themselves due to the danger of him choking. After his mother succumbed to fatigue, he was left with no effective carer and his parents insisted the school provide proper assistance in future.

After he graduated and moved to middle school, the local educational authority resolved to accommodate his needs by providing a special nurse for his exclusive use.

His parents are keen for him to receive equal treatment in spite of his condition – due to their insistence on “no special treatment on account of his disability” he now receives marks of 0 on all his tests, whereas previously his test scores were tactfully left blank.

His mother explains: “He wasn’t graded in elementary school. It was special treatment. Now he is graded the same as everyone else. I feel the other children recognise him for that. I’m grateful for the 0.”

The insistence of the parents that he receive “no special treatment” whilst they at the same time demand he be provided with a full-time carer and presumably claim a variety of generous benefits on his behalf has raised more than a few eyebrows online:

“Isn’t that total special treatment?”

“I pity his classmates.”

“This is just to satisfy the ego of the parents.”

“I can’t help but think the are demanding the most extreme form of special treatment possible.”

“Making a completely paralysed child attend a normal school would be hell…”

“Segregation really is required for both sides.”

“In middle school we had retard classes in the same school. Thanks to them classes were cancelled a number of times, honestly I can only remember them causing problems for everyone else.”

“They say that, but I bet they are claiming all their disabled benefits as much as possible.”

“Laying on a full-time nurse for one child will cost $100,000+, from our taxes of course.”

“The parents themselves are completely prejudiced in refusing to let him go to a school which they don’t think is ‘normal’ – it causes problems even for other parents of disabled children.”

“This is just the parents pursuing their own self indulgence and not thinking about the welfare of their child.”

“What about all the tens of millions of yen in tax money they would have to spend building disabled facilities at the school?”

“I’d like to see how these parents responded to hearing their kid be rejected from all the high schools for failing every test.”

“All the treatment and benefits this child receives are themselves a form of discrimination. Without that discrimination he’d die. So be sure to discriminate against him, for his sake!”

“This would be fine with a minor condition, but for something truly debilitating he needs to be given proper care at a special school.”

“Using tests to separate idiots and smart people is special treatment and discrimination, so why don’t we just let any idiot into the top universities?”

“The parents don’t want to recognise their responsibility for bringing a cripple like this into the world. By desperately making him ape normal kids they are merely trying to assuage their own guilt.”

“They’re happy for him to get no marks in a normal school test, but in a special school he might actually be able to get marks in a test.”

“I’m the parent of a disabled child – hearing this kind of news disgusts me. Why can’t they accept the disability of their own child?”

“These people are confusing ‘differentiation’ with ‘discrimination’ and consequently developing a massive persecution complex.”

“I wonder how happy this child is to be surrounded by children totally different to him…”

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  • If the kid could speak out for himself, he probably would feel better off in a special school where his needs would be better taken care of.

    For all I can see, this is just the parents wanting to keep themselves from having to say their son goes to a special school.

    I feel sorry for the kid. Those 0s might be crushing him.

  • I dont want to be a jerk or anything but…
    If i got it right, he cant move any limb nor talk… what good going to school will do to him again?
    Sorry if that sounds offensive but… i would rather die than only be able to WATCH… cause.. that’s pretty much everything he can do =\

  • I teach English part-time at a JHS in Tokyo; last year I worked at an elementary school. I’ve seen situations like this multiple times… not as severe (mostly kids with Aspergers or other mental dings) but essentially the same.

    The parents either:

    1) don’t have the resources to send their kid to a school better-suited to his needs

    2) believe that the best policy is to mainstream the kid in the hopes that he’ll at least learn to shut up and be a productive member of society

    or 3) refuse to believe that anything’s wrong in the first place

    And no matter which it is the ones who suffer most are their classmates.

  • why not just moved them to a disability school? why are parents are so stubborn? is it because they want to be part of society so bad? i feel sorry for the kid and his classmates.

    though it reminded me of the drama series “1 litre of tears” except Aya actually went to a disability school since she and her classmates are already having hard time fitting with her in class.

  • The 1 litre of tears Movie and Series had her moved into a special school for the physically handicapped. That movie was based on a real life girls diary who had a disease, not a fake story.

  • I guess it’s possible they do want him to succeed, but with the odds stacked against him? For example, they know he won’t survive on his own if he gets “special treatment”, but if he proves he can win against adversity in a regular school he’ll practically have the world at its knees… something like that maybe?

  • I get that these parents want a positive image for their son, but it’s not happening like this. In fact, I feel like people are gonna get real sick of that lady and her attitude real fast and it’s gonna effect how her son is treated. She’s doing a lot more harm than good…for everyone.

  • Fine teat him the same.
    Honestly a normal student who never dose there cleaning duty never answers a teachers question doesn’t participate in any clubs and on every test hand in a blank sheet with out even writing his name.

    That student would get expelled fairly fast

  • From the sounds of things, the parents don’t understand one bit about their child’s disability. Honestly, they’re ignorance is just going to make the poor kid suffer in the end. I feel sorry for him.

  • Bah!.. We also had one case here in Québec (Canada). Where a disabled guy was sent at public school by is parents and they somehow manage to have every fees, nurses (he had 2), specialised bus..etc, paid by us, taxes payers.
    In the end it’s like 1M/year for real!
    This made the news because the parents were sewing the school over excessive trash-talking the guy receive… Yeah, Good parenting indeed…

    Well, I hope he at least gets hard when is nurse wash is genitalia.

  • I feel sorry for the kid that his parents are dumb and he will have bad days in school if some stupid bully like you always see in schools will try to pick on him. ”Sometimes humans can be terrible creatures…”

    • I’m sorry, but no. Just… no. The Large Hadron Collider is a particle accelerator, and particle accelerators have been around for… well, let’s see here… 80 years? Yes, the first one was built in 1931, so, 79, and Stephen Hawking was born in 1942… No, Dr. Hawking did not invent the particle accelerator. He couldn’t have built the LHC, as, well, he’s quite incapable of that degree of movement.

      Now, the other way I can interpret what you’re trying to say is that he invented or discovered the the particle family known as hadrons. Well, he couldn’t have invented them as, well… they’re an aspect of nature. He also did not discover hadrons, as the first hadrons were discovered in the ’40’s. He is not responsible for putting hadrons together into a class of particles, this was done by Dr. Okun in ’62.

      At best, Dr. Hawking is a supporter of the program.

      Now, back to the topic at hand:

      I can understand where the kids parents are coming from, although I do not support it. They want their child to be normal, to live as normal of a life as possible, and are doing what they think they can to accomplish it. Dammit, if you want your kid to have some sort of future, it’s time to accept facts and send the kid to a specialized school.

      • Dr. Hawking invented time machine drive to send himself or a blue print back to 1920s so they can build the first particle collider.

        If the boy went to a special school then his parents would be paying for the extra nurse cares. Now since he’s going to normal school the education board would need to pay for it. As pointed out by 2chan and the Quebec guy below, it’s about money.

  • if their child didn’t receive special treatment, he would normally not be able to exist. he would be dead.

    to force schools and their child to give him a “normal” education is just the parents in denial in the fact that he can never live a normal life.

    while his mind may be alive in well, he can’t function in school if it means he has to write tests and do homework. those 0’s should be null, as he couldn’t have the capacity to lift a pencil anyways.

  • His parents are mentally disabled!!! They’re contradicting themselves too much that it’s not even funny. I suppose you can give them a little leeway, though, considering they had to raise him in his state since birth. It just took it’s toll on them. Not that they’re suffering nearly as much as the boy himself, of course.
    Now, I wonder, what does the son have to say about any of this?

  • What manner of what the fuckery is going on here? Seriously wtf mate? They demand that he be treated like a normal kid when he is clearly not. He cant even feed himself and they want him to attend a normal school, have that school provide a nurse, AND grade him on the same level as all the other kids when he CANT EVEN MOVE!…:facepalm:

    …facking japanese.

    If they want to give the kid an education send him to a school for kids like him, not burden the school with there outrageous demands.

  • Awkward… I agree with the majority, this is just goofy.

    Does the kid have no way to communicate? Two reasons I ask.

    1. He would probably object.
    2. Couldn’t he relay answers to his paper through an assistant, and how do they even know if he’s learning if he can’t talk?

  • So to sum it all up, the boy is getting special treatment despite not going to a school specifically designed for people with disabilities and disorders. I understand them wanting to grow up like a normal child but unfortunately he isn’t able to live a typical “normal” school life. The parents have to accept that fact.

  • He attend a regular school and that the school provide a full-time nurse to take care of him has been generating controversy online.

    IF THEY PAY FOR IT Then they can do whatever they want otherwise …..

    He now receives marks of 0 on all his tests, whereas previously his test scores were tactfully left blank.

    His mother explains: “He wasn’t graded in elementary school. It was special treatment. Now he is graded the same as everyone else. I feel the other children recognise him for that. I’m grateful for the 0.”

    This is both confusing and wrong
    If he got a multiple choice test just circling randomly would get him a better score son please glare at the letter you want me to circle ^^.

    Also why not just put him in turning points or something where the mental are part of the cirruculum in some courses and get special needs addressed

  • I dont wana seem like an asshole, but why is this kid even in school? In cases like his the school is nothing more than a daycare for a child that will never have a normal life, just giving the parents some time away from the burden of having them around.

    That being said, if he is still mentaly normal, he should be in a place where he will learn the best. No way would a normal school be the place for someone like that.

  • Why don’t they buy him a special thing so they can communicate? I mean, can he at least move his fingers? If so, let him type. If not… well, let’s see if they can use his thoughts into a machine.

  • if im the kid of this parents ill survive and wait them to become very old and become vegetable and Ill say to their faces , How do you feel now without special treatment, heres the can of dog food, make yourselves at home.

  • This is kinda a big deal for most people with a physical issue.

    Most people with this kind of problems (no legs, no arms, paraplegics, etc) demand to be in a normal school and have a normal life. But in this case is impossible to gave this kid that chance, because if he is unnable to speak or move, he is also unnable to make social connections with his classmats.

    Sad, but well there must be another way to him to make friends… what about 4chan? xD

  • Paralyzed? Not a problem. There’s tons of things he can do, like… Nothing? Should he even attend at school at all, when he can not write nor speak? Doubt he can do any real work, and even if he could, why force it on him? If he’s got eyes and ears, let him watch some anime all day long.

        • hawking may be crippled but based on his more recent documentaries he still seems to be quite peppy about the universe. this kid on the other hand, we have no idea about the extent of his cognitive ability, if he can talk, if he can answer questions, and most people i know can at least answer test questions, oral or written. if the parents wanted him to get normal treatment, paralyzed as he is, then make him sit through written exams.. oy vey.

        • What happens if the person cannot physically make a decision, as he cannot speak or otherwise move to tell others of his decision? If he wanted something else, he probably has no way to express it, so the parents assume something that he can neither confirm or deny. Must be hell.
          PS: Stephen Hawking could move and speak fine during his schooling, and thus could actually be tested! It wasn’t until later in life that he became crippled by his disease.

      • He wont be learning at all. I cant claim I understand the mind of someone who is essentially just a mind, their body doesnt work at all. I dont think anyone else here can either, but at best guess I would say they dont really give a fuck about ‘learning’. Probably embarassed to be with and jelous of all the kids he’s being forced with.

        These parents just think they are somehow doing good for this kid when infact they arent. Clearly just another case of dumb ass parents. I feel sorry for this kid, obviously because of his illness and also because he’s at the full mercy of his parents. Who here would trust their parents to make all those decisions. I wouldnt.

        • his parents are just dim. i have this feeling that they were trying way to hard to have kids at their age (go look at the article, one of the parents is at least 50). i was taught that the older a woman gets the higher the chance that the born child may have some defect. if they’re insisting that he be treated normally, this is just a case of denial, folks. poor kid.

        • It’s a sad sad world when parents who receive benefits for their disabled child forces him to go through school failing all his classes just so that they can puke on & on about equal opportunities for the disabled & what not, some of the worse parent ever conceived…

          No Special Treatment is fine but at the same time, be reasonable parents to your disabled child, it is actually suppose to be ultimately her/his decision alone weither they attend 1 kind of school or another & you as parents are suppose to support your disabled child in whatever decision is made, end of story…

          Geez, stuff like this makes me consider cutting my self to get rid of the frustration created from the knowledge of such tyranny, but of course I never do so so I am forced to use other methods to get the same result…

        • It’s a sad sad world when parents who receive benefits for their disabled child forces him to go through school failing all his classes just so that they can puke on & on about equal opportunities for the disabled & what not, some of the worse parent ever conceived…

          No Special Treatment is fine but at the same time, be reasonable parents to your disabled child, it is actually suppose to be ultimately her/his decision alone weither they attend 1 kind of school or another & you as parents are suppose to support your disabled child in whatever decision is made, end of story…

        • Most people with CP have perfectly normal cognitive function, in which case he’s not necessarily any less intelligent than anyone else; however, he probably has impaired vision and motor skills if nothing else. That can make it quite difficult to learn things visually and to perform the day to day tasks of school. It’s entirely possible otherwise for him to be the best student in his class.

          I’m all for inclusion of the disabled if it’s truly for their well-being; however, it’s impossible to say from this whether that is the case or not. He could be getting a 0 simply because he isn’t able to write his answers on the test, or because he isn’t able to learn from the materials being used, or because he does have mental problems concurrent with his CP.

          Ultimately this article tells us nothing that we would need to know in order to make a decision about what is best for this student and other students.

        • This happened often on one of my high schools, but most of them had down’s syndrome, and they seriously shouldn’t be there. Not only do they cause accidents but you don’t know when you might trigger their hidden raeg. Damned parents can’t accept their retarded/paralyzed child and send him to normal schools and cause trouble for everyone, and if they are to be rejected then they yell discrimination. I believe the parents are more retarded than their kids.

        • anyone here heard of stephen hawking? i imagine they dont want him to go to a “special school” cus everyone knows u dont learn shit in those. At least going to a regular school he’s gonna get the same education everyone else is.

        • I think the boy wants to scream…
          If all that shit happend to me I know I would.
          Not able to move, speak and with that kinda parents caring for you in the wrong way…


        • hmm….he’s 13! Come one people! He probably heard the sex talk numerous amount of times from his parents >.> but on the other hand… he might attempt suicide or something >.> or let the nurse do it….. Oh yeah! he can’t do anything….. and he’s not dead yet???

          Wow! parenting fail at it’s best >.>

  • I want you all to watch the movie “Miracle Worker” I’m sure all of you have heard the song, “Don’t Trust Me” by 3-O-3, right? In it there is a part that says, “Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips…” If you don’t know who she is, she’s a deaf/blind person who was only able to communicate through sign language. It took awhile but with discipline, she learned. I think with enough patience, this person may be able to learn from a regular school. There’s no harm in trying. You can’t put down these people for not wanting special treatment for their child. Blame yourselves for not wanting this baby to get up in learn b/c you think it’s too much. I give props to the parents.

    • Sounds nice but it is very,very, expensive to provide the additional assistance he needs to attend a normal school. Multiply that times every student who has special needs and you are putting an unfair burden on an already overburdened school district. Doesn’t seem quite fair to me.

      Helen Keller is from another time and place.
      Her father was a newspaper editor so they were comparitively well off and able to hire somebody like Anne Sullivan as a tutor.

      This kid isn’t deaf and blind. He has tremendous problems with motor skills. I assume Helen Keller could at least go to the bathroom unasssisted.
      He may be cognitive but really whats the point?