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80% Oppose Tokyo Manga Ban


80% of Japanese asked whether they support Tokyo’s manga ban report that they oppose it, and a further 81% consider it an attack on freedom of expression.

The survey, published by right-wing rag Sankei, asked 6,399 people (4,305 men and 2094 women) for their opinions on Tokyo’s Ishihara-led attack on manga.

When asked “do you agree that extreme depictions of sex should be restricted by the ordinance?”, 80% opposed the law.

Furthermore, 81% agreed when asked “do you think this law constitutes a restriction on freedom of expression?”

Some of the majority opinions from survey respondents:

“If writing manga which depicts illegal activity is against the law now, then it is not fair to apply the law without also banning all historical and yakuza manga. This is the worst law possible, sure to ruin Japan’s great manga culture. Manga should be free, it mustn’t be censored”

“The Tokyo government didn’t adequately discuss this with the publishing industry, yet passed a ban anyway – isn’t that strange? Also, I am not at all convinced by the Tokyo governor’s prejudiced statements.”

“There is no scientific basis for the notion that if you read sexually explicit manga it’ll turn you into a sex criminal, and there is a major issue with passing a ban with no basis in scientific fact.”

“This is only going to push young people’s access to sexual material underground, and that is sure to have an adverse effect on their healthy development.”

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