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“Totalitarian” Class Nears 3 Years of Perfect Attendence


A teacher boasting to local rags about his class nearing a “record” 3 years of perfect attendance, without so much as a single student taking a day off, is being accused of human rights abuses and endangering the health of his pupils for the sake of self-aggrandisement.

Class A of Nagano prefecture’s Sonan High School reportedly has only 17 days to graduation and boasts perfect attendance for all 23 pupils, for the past 3 years.


The class itself comprises 12 boys and 11 girls, none of whom managed perfect attendance records in their previous middle schools.

Their creepy teacher, a 36-year-old man, claims their perfect attendance is to be a new record and stresses the importance of never taking time off:

“Not taking time off is the basis of being a fully fledged member of society. It’s something I want the students to learn.”

A few suspect quotes from students are trotted out – one 18-year-old hints at the real reason behind the record:

“The teacher really encouraged us so I gave my best. I didn’t take time off even when I was sick.”

The school:



2ch is unenthused:

“Slave training.”

“They come in when they are ill – just wait until someone dies.”

“It’s just that bastard teacher making them do it. Do it yourself!”

“This is horrible. In this atmosphere you wouldn’t be able to take a day off even if you were seriously ill.”

“They’d probably ostracise anyone who took a day off and ruined their record.”

“They’d surely be bullied.”

“Collectivism like this is disgusting. At this level anyone who falls ill would be bullied and hounded to death.”

“This is totalitarianism. Stuff like this is what allows businesses to force their employees to give them ‘service’ [unpaid] overtime.”

“Presenting this as a nice story is pretty messed up.”

“The peer pressure must be incredible.”

“What kind of backwater is this place in? Acting like that in this day and age…”

“This is scary, it’s like some religion or something.”

“At 23 the class is too small, maybe that’s why?”

“It probably got that way gradually. The people who took days off got expelled.”

“Like this:

‘Teacher, ****-kun isn’t he-‘

‘We have no pupil called **** here. He was never here, OK?'”

“I’d like to know what the pupils think of this.”

“The kids are probably desperate because they know the first person to take a day off is going to be bullied to death.”

“This is a very Japanese type of inefficiency, isn’t it? Having sick people attend is nothing more than a nuisance. They somehow turn it into an issue of guts and discipline instead.”

“They probably cheat and have sick people show their faces at school only to be sent home afterwards. They should really stop making a big deal out of perfect attendance. Adults should take days off when they need to. Brainwashing those kids like this is pitiful.”

“This is probably a human rights violation.”

“It’s really scary isn’t it? There’s no way this is praiseworthy in the slightest. An environment where you can’t rest even if you are ill is pretty frightening.”

“A year of this might be chance. Two or three is assuredly the result of intense pressure.”

“Why are you guys so negative? It’s a nice story, the kids concerned are convinced it’s worth it and you outsiders have no right to criticise them.”

“Because they aren’t doing on their own accord. They’ve just been forced to do this by their teacher.”

“I hate this stuff. Pupils have a right to take days off you stupid teacher!”

“The idea of perfect attendance is so Japanese. It should really be about results – take as many days off as you like if you keep up your grades.”

“This whole thing is just so sick. Is it that wrong to take a day off?”

“Totalitarianism? Socialism? They’re both failures so quit it already.”

“The most extreme group discipline. Japan in miniature.”

“How nice of them to instil the proper guts in these corporate slaves.”

“If this was a CEO bragging about his employees, what would you think of his company?”

[A poster presents educational statistics showing the school is only ranked 2643 of 3582 nationally and 74 of 118 in Nagano prefecture.]

“This stuff belongs in North Korea, nobody should be pleased by it.”

“If I were in that class, I’d take the last day off.”

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  • in nearly 20 years of schooling I was absent only 2 or 3 times because of major injury/illness. Shame on easy going parents who accept their childrens bulshit excuse for not going to school, just go and sit your lazy ass in class…I’m about to be a teacher myself and its a piss off having always the same kids not attending on a regular basis cause it slows down the rest of the group when you have to repeat stuff!!!
    80-90% of student never miss a day, it just happens that this class in particular was a good strain I guess

  • I think that this teacher is innocent until proven guilty its not abuse if everyone agrees plus it is a good sense of accomplishment you guys may be over cynical well if they do a update we will see in oh a few more weeks once they are free from peer pressure

  • Perfect attendance isn’t hard to achieve. (On a personal basis)
    I’ve had perfect attendance from Grade 1 all the way through Grade 12, save for when I had chicken pox halfway through Grade 1.

  • “[A poster presents educational statistics showing the school is only ranked 2643 of 3582 nationally and 74 of 118 in Nagano prefecture.]”

    I guess they need something to brag about.

    There was something like this in my high school, except it was voluntary: If you have an A in the class and haven’t had more than one absence, you don’t have to take the final, so kids would show up sick all the time.

    The way this sounds though…Geez. The teacher better be giving these kids something pretty damn good as a reward.

    “Not taking time off is the basis of being a fully fledged member of society. It’s something I want the
    students to learn.”

    So he’s basically teaching them that they should work themselves to death.

  • You want to ‘educate’ those kids?


    You don’t give a fuck about those kids. Yeah, I know teachers like you all too well. You don’t care if those kids graduate and still end up being failures in their own lives. As long as they behave at school and let you take all the recognition, awards and all that bling-bling shit, you don’t care even if they an inch away from death. Even if you do, it’s not because you’re generally concerned about the kids as human beings. You just don’t want to make yourself look bad.

    However, it seems not many people are convinced with your bullshit this time, eh? 2ch being their usual self is nothing spectacular, but comments on this one is downright the painful truth about you.

    くそったれ教師… 地獄に落ちれ!

  • For all those who are wondering. This perfectly reflects the lookout for a regular Japanese salaryman.
    They are forced into “perfect attendence” via blackmail, i.e. losing their job if they get sick and so on.

    I wouldn’t want to live in Japan, even if it was offered to me with a well paying job. I just wouldn’t lead a “life” anymore. And, most important, i would lose all self-respect.

  • Makes me laugh that the people bitching about it on 2ch are bunch of NEET assholes who have yet to land their 1st job. Living off mom and dads allowance money.
    As far the peer pressure angle, so what. At least its a positive peer pressure. There plenty of the negative kind to go around.

    • Just because 2ch contains most of Japan’s scum does’t mean they can’t point out what’s wrong.

      Hell, one of the things that probably influenced them to become NEETs in the first place is their school lives, made terrible by assholes who can’t tolerate their differences even though they might still be functional members of the society.

      Oh, and you call that ‘positive peer pressure’? Certain chronic and life-threatening diseases that even teenagers can catch may show ‘regular’ symptoms that can easily be ignored until they end up dead.

      I’m really tempted to think that you’re just a Japanophile, but you’re probably too desperate to prove yourself. Unfortunately, this site and its contents makes you look like a fool in denial.

      • The only person I need to prove myself to is me.
        It certainly wouldnt be some anonymous twit who feels he needs to defend the NEETS of Japan.If the site and its contents bother you so much why are you here? Prooving yourself superior by trolling? Its entirely possible for a person who has symptoms of an illness to go to a doctor and still go to class. People have had cancer and have continued to work. Sometimes life is hard,deal with it. Curl up in a fetal position and give yourself a group hug or a group fuck, whatever you prefer.

        • YES! YES! Continue to delude yourself by assuming that everyone who doesn’t agree with you are basement dwellers with no life just to make you feel better! You can’t even spell ‘Tucson’ properly or come up with factual arguments and resort to complete namecalling, like a beaten up dog tied to a wall continuously barking at people! FEED ME MOAR! AHAHAHAHAHA!

        • Have you ever met cancer patients?

          Those with cancer often don’t know they have it until it’s too late because the symptoms are so easy to overlook, not just by themselves, but people around them too. Blood in your shit? Maybe you fingered yourself too hard last night. Your stomach hurts every 2 or 3 weeks? Gotta cut down on the chilli intake.

          This is part of the reason why they call cancer ‘the silent killer’. Its symptoms are easy to ignore, especially by an uptight teacher who only cares about his awards and recognitions.

          When they do get diagnosed for a late-stage cancer and have no chance of getting better anymore, all they do is wait to die at a hospice, battling huge amounts of pain.

          If you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, you wouldn’t be so much in a hurry to use an example you’re completely fucking ignorant about. Unfortunately, you yourself has proven that I am superior to you without me even thinking of it! Thanks for the laughs, motherfucker! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  • And not a fuck was given that day.
    So, what the teacher is saying that those kids are prepared to go slave themselves to work even when they are sick?
    Nice going boasting off for having stupid students.
    If those kids rebel and take a week off then I’ll say they really learned something from the experience.
    Otherwise, they can just join the salarymen crowd, as they ended up on the same level.
    The one thing schools are still failing to teach is to have a personality and take action for themselves, protect their rights and see the world with their own eyes.
    Sad to know there are still teachers who thinks having students behave like robots is something to be proud of.

  • Nice to see 2ch recognising some of the problems with Japanese culture.

    Now, let’s see if they do anything about it…

    Anyway it has been quite a bad week for Japanese schools in the sancon news. I think stories like this show us why their schoolchildren perform so well in tests but their scientists hardly ever win Nobel prizes. Pressure and conformity in the education system only work for so long; they can create great test scores and attendance records but can not create genius.

  • “Not taking time off is the basis of being a fully fledged member of society. It’s something I want the students to learn.”

    The sad thing is, considering japanese corporate culture, he’s probably right about them not being expected to take time off when working. Ever. Except for sleep.

  • Note that in Japan, absences due to serious contagious diseases and whatnot are considered 「公欠」, which is not counted. Also, in the original article, it was mentioned that a few students had days where they did come to school, but left quite early.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • :/ Whatevas…however i guess i’m kinda like this,
    I got to school everyday and for the past 2 years had perfect attendance…i due it cuz i cbf being bored at home. then again i do nothing in class but talk with friends so i’m good ^.^

  • Maybe the class is so damn fun, the student don’t want to miss a single day? i don’t want to pull any ishihara’ing here (ishihara’ing = making prejudice assumption based on a bit of info and trolling, the word supposedly based from a certain political figure)

    yeah, i know my english suck, and probably going to be downvoted for this…

  • I had perfect attendance in high school. So did many of my classmates. I don’t see what’s so special. There are only 23 of them after all — it’s not like it’s statistically impossible. Anyone making a big deal out of this probably went/goes to a school with no standards where nobody gives a damn whether you’re absent or not.

    • This isn’t normal, in high school i probably missed a combined 20 days of school or more, everyone missed some school days even teachers, and no i didn’t go to a public school i went to a private school.

  • Ya know, HE is not being charged with BEATING THE CRAP out of them, merely proud of his 3 perfect years.

    I think after the first year, his students might be just a potentially proud. I think over all, if I was one of the students, I’d likely brag a lot too.

    Unless someone can PROVE any wrong doing, then it is likely most of you guys are just jealous.

    My father worked 43 years straight for the Canadian National Railway, and missed 3 days, just 3 days. And one of those days, he was driving my mother to the hospital so she could give birth to me. He even managed to drop by the office and tell them he would miss his shift that day.

    That makes my father FUCKING AWESOME. A real man’s man. Dependable, better than the rest.

    Sad that so many of you losers think being unreliable is somehow the norm.

  • The teacher shouldn’t be encouraging the students, even though it might seem like an accomplishment. It probably would have started out as a small goal for the students but the peer pressure at this point would be really immense. What if someone was really too unfit to attend school? I was away from school for three weeks earlier this year because I was hospitalised with pneumonia because I was trying to soldier on hoping it would go away. It would be terrible if a student had to go through that in that class.

  • I remember my school and college. My attendance were nowhere near good and i turned out alright. yeh you need to study but you need to relax too, man i relaxed my second year in college in the end of the year i had 4 failed exams but i got through, ah fun times!

  • In the real working world, even if you are sick, sometimes you can’t stay at home. You’ve still got to work. Work to be done, deadlines met, projects completed, failure to do so can lead to disaster for everyone around you(your allies). Anyway from what I’ve seen, lots of students use sickness as an excuse to take it easy.

    • Deadlines or not.

      Ill workers have a lower productivity level. They make more mistakes so a lot of work needs to be done double to correct said mistakes. There’s the issue of cross contamination, meaning other workers will also fall ill, etc.

      Take the flu for instance, during the initial onset you might be able to work a bit, but later on the sneezing, coughing will interfere with continuous work. The headache will limit focus, same goes for cold shivers etc.

      It just becomes counterproductive. And I haven’t met a boss yet, who says, you need to come in anyway when ill like that. Heck, most will send you home before it gets that far.

      Course that might be the difference in Western company thinking and Eastern. But in all my 30y+, I’ve never had a boss wanting me to come in while ill.

      But maybe that’s also because I left behind pretty good documentation on how things are supposed to be done. Just in case I do fall ill. At most 3 times a year (usually just 2). Flu seasons, and out for about a week.

      • “[A poster presents educational statistics showing the school is only ranked 2643 of 3582 nationally and 74 of 118 in Nagano prefecture.]”

        A lot of bosses don’t care about quality or productivity – they care about appearances.

        This kind of school, sadly, trains students to be clock-punchers and clock-watchers.

        • And then they wonder why their economy is in the toilet.

          Appearance is only 1/10th at most of the bottom line. Quality and Productivity can make up as much as 60% at the minimum. Those who spurn that much for so little are fools, who don’t belong in business.

      • Even workers get sick time in the US.
        A smart employer will send you home if you are very sick because you’ll get the rest of the staff sick.

        Be one person short for a few days or have then entire staff operating at less then optimal capacity and even get sick your self.
        The choice is a very easy one.
        Or worse yet some workers get phenomena while on the job and have to make insurance claims then your insurance rates go up.

        Worst of all is if you are in any type of food service a sick person could contaminate the food making customers sick and ruin your business.

    • I had perfect attendance for five years – and then I got suspended.
      I hated school. I was reasonably good at learning (I even liked it), but I fucking hated school. Then something happened that pulled a moral string in me.
      Of course a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Can’t say I care anymore, although I do wish I had spent my youth having fun.

      • I think i know what you mean.

        I always hated school, and for that only reason, i made my attendance as higher as possible, so i wouldn’t have to study, and would get aprooved as soon as i could. That always worked for me.

        Getting on vacation sooner, without regrets, and with good grades. That’s why i really think a good attendance is a good thing. I prefer just going to class than studing at home. Japanese people usually work harder, so go to school, go for extra classes, and study at home…

        I envy them.
        [Even if i got into a very good college here, in what i wanted, in the first try, i would do smoother if i done that harsh training they do.]

  • I hate people who don’t take off when they’re sick with something contagious.

    People who force others to do work when they’re sick are terrible. I don’t care if you want to work when you’re sick (just stay away from me so I don’t catch it too) but if someone else is sick and needs to rest then you should let them rest.

    • I agree if you’re sick please take you disease back home.
      ]Also forcing oneself to operate with a severe cold is a good way to make it become phenomena.
      Don’t question me on it I have family who work in the medical profession it’s pretty common.

    • You act like it’s impossible to go three years without time off. my step-dad went through his entire school career from elementary school through high school without missing a single day. he carried that into his career(if you call it that.) He get’s sick sometimes and even pukes before he goes to work.

      People who are dedicated never really have to worry about losing a job.

      It’s not impossible to go through any long period of time of perfect attendance. The only problem is will power. As long as you protect yourself, and take precautions when you come to school or even work sick (wear a mask, be hygienic.) then the only person who you need to watch out for in regards to health is yourself. Just be hygienic and nutritious.

      If you go to work or school sick, make sure you be respectful and don’t cough all over the place. Proper hygiene will make sure that you won’t infect someone else.

      • That’s dangerous and very inconsiderate, though, to go into school/work when you’re really ill. I used to work at a call center, and one flu season about 30 people ended up getting sick because one guy came in sick and ended up throwing up in the hallway. Sure enough, three or four days later everyone else had it. It spreads like wildfire.

        When you’re sick (really sick, as in, throwing up, fever, ect), you should stay HOME and isolate yourself from others. It’s basic courtesy. Plus, you’ll get better faster, and then you can get back to work at full power.

        Beyond that, they’ve proven that time off IS beneficial to a person’s work performance. Maybe we Americans would stop dropping dead from coronaries if we took more than 2 or 3 days off at a time. In fact, I think that it’s funny that 2ch says that the idea of perfect attendance is “so Japanese”. It’s also very American.

        As for these kids, if none of them go the flu over the 3 years and they were all healthy, then good for them, that’s an impressive show of willpower. If they were stumbling in to school with the flu, there were not only exposing their classmates, but also wouldn’t be working/learning at full capacity due to the illness.

  • Japanese hating this kind of things and calling discipline ‘totalitarism’ is the cancer that is killing Japan since the late 80’s.

    Japan will one day become a PIIG nation and has to be bailed out by China, exactly because of this decadence and degeneration in discipline and societal moral, which made them an economic powerhouse in the beginning.

    The teacher is not the strange one – the critics are strange.

    The sad state of Japan.

    • I agree.

      Japan became strong because they were working like bees, overworking themselves, and dying mindlessly for the sake of economic prosperity.
      This japanese spirit of self-sacrificial for the greater good of the community, was what made Japan the second largest economy in the world.
      And not by learning from us the west, how to hang up and smoke weed everyday.

      But this is the basic rule of all societies in the world: when a nation becomes wealthy, people arent willing to sacrifice themselves anymore. And then, everything is going into the shitter.

      • Discipline is one thing, being a mindless drone is another.

        Besides it’s not the changes in society, morals or otherwise, which have caused their economy to stumble and be in a rut. It’s the old geezers, who won’t change with the times and show some flexibility. Whether it be Ishihara or this git of a teacher.

        Their actual relationship with the reality that everyone else inhabits is tenuous at best.

  • whys everyone so negative?how are u so sure it was totalitarian?i mean the kids seemed ok with it, nd tbh its that hard to do, keep gud attendance, i fear for the survival of humanity if this is how we treat anything posotive, srsly wtf, that is sum achievement nd all ppl can say is the teacher shid be punished, fuk me u lot are fukin idiots

    • Says the person, who has seemingly failed his English classes.

      If, you cannot see that something fishy is going on, then all I can say is, go and occupy yourself with your yiffing and leave the commenting to those who do know how to use their noggin.

      • oh wow a jibe about how i write on the internet, vert original buddy, wait you do kno this is actully the internet right? Spellin doesnt really matter so long as its readable, bludy hell
        Nd oh yes, the kids went to school cos they were told its bad to take time off, oh my, that is just so strange, i mean kids?in a school? What next?the goverment stops working?…..oh wait
        Nd about yiffin, dnt knok it till uve tried it, tbh i think everyone has a lil bit of yiffi luv in them just burstin to get out, yes yes even you anon, even you

        • But that’s the point, you’re barely readable.

          So all that: “hurr hurr, this Internet, spelling no matter stuff”, isn’t helping you in making clear what your actual opinion is. Not unless someone actually wastes some of their time trying to decipher what the hell you’re trying to say.

          And if they have to do that, then you failed in composing your message and might as well not even waste your time in writing it in the first place.

          As for the kids, at least one of them admitted to going to school, while actually ill, because the teacher encouraged it.

          That’s a red flag right there, and if you can’t see that, then I got some nice beachfront property to sell you in China.

          Latitude: 44° 0′ 0 N, Longitude: 105° 0′ 0 E.