Top 10 Ways of Getting Your Boyfriend to Marry You


Japanese women share what they consider the best ways to persuade, pressure and in some cases outright trick a man into marrying them, displaying the expected Machiavellian guile as well as some quite traditional or even sweet sentiments.

The ranking, with the percentage of women agreeing with the method:

1. Have him meet your parents (100%)

2. Cook for him a lot (80.6%)

3. Tell him you want to get married by a certain age (73.8%)

4. Keep talking about the happy marriages your friends enjoy (57.3%)

5. Go to a “bridal fair” (44.7%) [an exhibition wedding held by marriage venues]

6. Propose (41.7%)

7. Talk about what you’d do after you have children (39.8%)

8. Go with him to look at rings (37.9%)

9. Go with him to look at furniture (34%)

10. Secretly enlist the aid of his parents (28.2%)

A few items in the rest of the list even border on romantic – “tell him you can’t live without him” (21.4%), “tell him he’s no good without you” (27.2%), although it is interesting to note that the latter method outranks the former.

Also appearing in the lower reaches of the list are some rather alarming methods – such as “lie and say you are pregnant.” Although this did come dead last, 2.9% of women in the survey still thought it was a great way of tricking a man into marriage.

Other underhanded methods thought suitable included “lie and say another man proposed to you” (13.6%), “when he asks you to do something, tell him you’ll do it if he marries you” (12.6%) and “lie and say you are thinking of returning to your hometown” (10.7%).

That over a tenth of these women thought a lie a suitable basis for marriage probably suggests great caution is required…

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