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Third of Young Japanese Men “Hate Sex”


A recent study finds a third of young Japanese men hate or have no interest in sex, apparently evidence of the increasing herbivorousness of Japanese men.

The study, published by Japan’s Ministry of Health, found that a third of men aged 16-19 said they “detested” or “had no interest in” sex, an increase on the results of a similar survey conducted 2 years ago.

The researcher responsible for the findings, the head of a clinic, claims the result “supports the notion that our young men are becoming herbivorous.”

The study also found 40% of married couples were “sexless.”

So-called “herbivorous men” have become something of an object of fascination to the Japanese mass media, although since the Japanese mass media’s main preoccupation in recent years has been blaming the country’s ills on young folk (to the extent that some now believe their publications now routinely scapegoat the young as they are primarily produced for the older generations), the actual credibility of the notion is still in doubt.

The reaction of lonely young Japanese men (i.e. 2ch) to the research is instructive:

“Or in other words, they dislike women?”

“They like sex, but women dislike them.”

“They have no interest in sex (with 3D women).”

“It must be a lie.”

“But they are onanising, right?”

“They like female bodies but not the women they belong to.”

“It’s a lie for sure. Just young virgins kidding themselves that they have no interest in sex.”

“It’s not that they don’t have sexual desire, it’s just that the process of getting sex is so troublesome they don’t do it.”

“What idiots.”

“They have transcended the tyrannous bonds of human instinct – they should be proud!”

“They just have small penises or phimosis or something.”

“Great news – your rivals have just decreased by a third!”

“It’s probably more like 32% of them have no interest and 1% hates it.”

“I’m interested in sex… but I can do without the hassle that comes with it.”

“What this really means is a third of them are getting so much sex they are sick of it!”

“Speaking seriously, there are too many scummy women about, it’s hard to get excited about them.”

“This is down to the availability of porn over the Internet…”

“It’s because women have become coarser and more crude.”

“It’s not like they wouldn’t use a sex slave if they had one. It’s just that the difficulty in getting sex is such that they don’t have access to any women worth the trouble. I can’t believe the trouble some people go to for a moment of pleasure with a woman.”

“I could accept that for an old guy, but for young men I think this is just sour grapes on the part of the losers who can’t get any.”

“Excuses for unpopular virgins.”

“It’s because they have no money to wine and dine girls on dates. They don’t want to just have sex with someone they just met either, so they are in a fix.”

“This is thanks to all those mothers who search their sons’ rooms for porn and then humiliate and shame them with it. Driving young men away from sex is harmful to them.”

“Women here are just too passive, it’s a huge hassle. The man has to do absolutely everything in courting them…”

“You can’t say human instinct has changed. This isn’t about sex, it’s about women.”

“From some other recent media reports – ‘80% of new adult men [men turning 20] have no girlfriend’ ‘Women: love is a hassle – 45%, sex is a hassle -35%‘ ‘71% of 20 to 30-year-olds had no partner to spend Christmas Eve with'”

“With 2D and an onahole you just don’t need real women.”

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  • I lost my virginity at 17 with the only girlfriend I ever had, and still got some more lovers during my early 20’s. But at some point I totally got fed up and disappointed with sex, 3D romance and women as a whole (insofar as such: I have no problem treating them like working men-surrogates); 3D love it’s way too mundane, crude or domestic; it never ever lives up to the passionate romance that only exist in full fiction (which include unrequited crushes) and, in truth, it’s just as fallacious or worst; 3Ds never really fall for each other but for their fictional concepts of each other, which inevitably fall apart at some point (unlike 2D which we know to be nonexistent the entire time, with that freeing rather than hindering our emotions towards them)…

    So, honestly: what a wonderful country. They’re like 50 or 100 years ahead of occident towards posthumanity. I’m positive they’ll bring either the first macro-eugenics or cyborgs to existence. All my faith is with them.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It’s not that they don’t have sexual desire, it’s just that the process of getting sex is so troublesome they don’t do it.”
    “It’s because they have no money to wine and dine girls on dates. They don’t want to just have sex with someone they just met either, so they are in a fix.”
    “This is thanks to all those mothers who search their sons’ rooms for porn and then humiliate and shame them with it. Driving young men away from sex is harmful to them.”

    One, two, and three. Probably the top reasons.

    Women these days demand money and fame for anything, and parents find porn and jackin’ off so gross they have to search for it and berate the kids for doing “nasty things behind their backs” (Seriously. True fucking quote. Also “inhuman” but I called ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT right in front of their face on that one.) despite the fact that IF they didn’t LOOK for it, they WOULDN’T be grossed out by it as they WOULDN’T find it.

    Curiosity killed the cat. Your kids are getting sexual desires. SUCK IT UP.

  • Anonymous says:

    wtf??? hate sex??? what the hell is their problem??? are they retarded?? what’s to hate? it’s got to be one of the most great things the human race has. jesus…..stop looking at 2d girls in mangas and animes in your mother’s basement, and go hit the clubs. hookup with some girl and frack like there’s no tomorrow and then come back and say you don’t like it…..jeeeezzz

  • Getting laid is just to dam expensive, that what the problem is. She better be hot or pay for it if she wants some guy to put out all those calories of energy.

    Then again GF no problem marriage are you for real now that is really expensive.

  • If this is true they need to send the third of Japanese women not being satisfied over to my front door. It’ll be a long a rough job of curing those poor neglected women of their N.S.D (never satisfied disorder)but I’m the man for the task.

  • They hate it? Wow. Not being interested would be understandable, but saying they actually hate it makes me think their experience with sex (if any) was truly awful. It’s possible, and, if that’s the case, then it’s unfortunate. However, like others have mentioned, I’m thinking they just hate the concept of all it entails, especially if they don’t just want to do it with some random person (which I can understand). Romance takes work, good relationships take work, and not all people are willing or able to put in the effort. I wouldn’t say it’s wrong to feel that way–it’s just different from actually hating sex itself.

  • Sex has never been a big practical concern of mine. I’ve thought about it a lot as a concept, but I’m not really concerned about whether or not I’m having it.

    I’m not the most trusting of humans in the first place – I was naturally quite trusting and naive in nature, but if going to school taught one lesson above all others, it’s how crass and cruel people can be for surprisingly little payoff, and how they just become more skilled at hiding it by the time they’re adults. Not helping this is how almost every romance I’ve seen around me has gone bad, or worse, left the guy robbed and broken from the most ridiculous gold diggers. Guys who were married for years just lose it all one day and are left standing in what rubble they have left… The laws where I live pretty much side completely with the woman by default anyway – even if you don’t get married, if you live together for a little while, she’s entitled to her pound of flesh when she leaves.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to meet the right girl and have all kinds of crazy sex a half dozen times a day every day until I die… that seems pretty common! I know there are girls out there who would be just fine by me. I also know I’ll never meet them if I don’t go out and find them myself – take note if you’re waiting for one to drop out of thin air like in some harem anime!

    I’m sure I could go out right now, meet a hot girl and get laid pretty easily – I think the vast majority of you could too with effort, some research, and confidence – but I have little tolerance for insincerity and facades, and promiscuity gives way to infidelity so I don’t even want a no-commitment fling. I’d just rather die a virgin than do it with an easy girl, and I’m not conflicted about it at all, so I’m pretty comfortable and free actually… To me, regardless of physical aspects, an easy lay’s just not an attractive person. I’d much rather have an intelligent person who could equal or even better me, and didn’t take relationships so lightly either, though I’d completely expect any prospective girlfriend to be experienced with sex – that’s just how it is.

    Those who define themselves by having sex are some of the saddest creatures of all because they’re so myopic to the rest of the experience of life itself… Those who need sex like they’re missing an organ, those who feel the need to brag about how much they have, or belittle others because they may not have… it’s just the shallowest and most obvious insecurity, so it’s like they’re taking pride in displaying their fears to the world, as if seeking validation for even that much.

    Just live your lives the best you can and stop worrying about which status flags have been set!

  • hmmmmm yeah I guess there are a lot of scummy women….

    hmmm there is a lot of hastle to get sex… if not then scummy

    lack of variety in Japan. In America there is a bunch of variety of women to pick from.

    women can be the most annoying things on the planet especially the ones that try to act cute.

    xD similar to what stewie said in family guy… about why can’t we just do everything that we do with girls with guys… <_< if women were a bit more like men I think everything would be a lil bi better…. if everyone was scummy even better

    if all else fails do what the last guy said and get that onahole…. got no money oh well say hi to PALMela Anderson

  • When I learned the truth about how to make babies, I was like : “What the fuck? I would never do that.”
    I’ve had a few girlfriends but never really enjoyed those relationships nor did I enjoyed sex with a partner. Actually, my girlfriends were the ones who begged me to have sex.
    A female body sure is great, but that is all, really.
    When I see that horde of apes comparing the sizes of their penises, doing body-building just in the purpose of getting females to reproduce, that makes me sick.
    Their whole lives revolve around sex and reproduction. They truly are monkeys.

  • Cool, japanese society sure is admirable.
    One of the few that manages to not only get over the sex obsession and praising others fall into but actually manages to understand it as the waste it is.
    Its just like masturbation but more troublesome to get and do.

  • Seriously what’s the diff between this site and 2ch? I don’t think it’s anything psychological mainly, it’s just that sex can be and look pretty nasty at times.

    I’ve had some asexual moments were just watching humans bump their uglies(porn) to each other almost made me throw up a couple of times. Of course though ppl on here and 2ch r so perverted they can’t fathom this concept.

  • That’s what happens when you “Liberate” but still “Protect” women at the same time. IMO, it’s a deliberate plan of the controllers. Use women to destroy men, then control both in a “Don’t give a damn” society they decay until it’s numbered worker slaves.

    They should go back to men being the main providers who have the upper hand in society.

    Frankly, they were bred for millenia. Arranged marriages. They don’t have a culture or disposition to handle themselves ‘dating’.

  • Hm, why do i think japanese got some really bad problems and i dont mean these news (wonder if they are even true).

    They need a new Oda Nobunaga!
    But well, it seems they think change = evil even if its for the better. Thats way hes the “demon lord” in Sengoku Basara? xD

  • “It’s not that they don’t have sexual desire, it’s just that the process of getting sex is so troublesome they don’t do it.”
    “It’s because they have no money to wine and dine girls on dates. They don’t want to just have sex with someone they just met either, so they are in a fix.”

    I can personally agree with all these statements. I’d rather sex with a woman in an intimate relationship. Sometimes I want some random attractive girl or classmate to blow a load in, but theres a process from first base to home plate. And the threat of STI’s are real. So its best to do with what I have.

  • To be honest I’m not surprised at it becoming less interesting, and while I think the numbers are high, when you have a generation who don’t like oranges because they’re too messy and are too much hassle, of course sex is too… I personally don’t see the big hoohar about sex either to be honest, it’s a lot of hassle and not that amazing, hobbies are more fun and cost less, it’s that simple, we just have too much time on our hands, and too many things we could be doing with it that we’ve learned it’s really not all that impressive.

  • “They like female bodies but not the women they belong to.”

    Wisest comment I’ve ever read here at sancom.

    Seriously, love hurts man. Relationships hurt. Physical wounds, physical pain, easy as pie. It gets better or ya die.

    Emotional pain, shit just shoot me, much easier.

    I sorta understand why they’d be afraid of sex.

    Fucking is fucking. Put a hot chick in front of me, I’d fuck her if she’d let me. Its already been stated but the harem and hentai slaves in anime/hentai have more appeal than hot chicks. Its that they are there, wanting the Main Character. That never happens in real life. (maybe if you’re exceptionally handsome). You always need to put effort in it, and be ready for rejection. For betreyal. For pain in general. Some people react by being playas. Use them bithces before they use you rite? Others become herbivore.

    Me I’d rather NOT have the drama, the angst, the pain, and just find a nice girl that likes me for me.

  • It’s amazing how many people here and on 2ch completely fail to realize that nowhere does this say they are not interested in relationships. Just not sex.

    I’m a woman who is the same way. These herbivorous guys are my ideal men. I’d love a guy who I could just geek out with, instead of someone who only cared about sex.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Hate sex? Quit kidding yourself they are just butt hurt because they are either to ugly to get a girl or they are a bunch of pussies to afraid to even try. Don’t pull the “don’t want a whore” card. If they want it that bad they will do it. Our species gets down and dirty for the fun of it. Not even trying to make babies most of time. Take a class….human beings serious business. We luvs sex doesn’t matter who you are. We are a social species for christ sakes. And someone tell Sankuku to stop putting up threads for Japanese survey things.

    • I’m sorry, but not all of us do, and if you can’t accept that then I’m sorry. I’m social, I’ve had several relationships, and many friends, I love that shit, but sex is not very exciting and majorly annoying; it’s more hassle than it’s worth, by a long way…

  • “They have transcended the tyrannous bonds of human instinct – they should be proud!”

    Hey, if they’re capable and happy that way then all power to them! Definitely saves from some bullshit in the future.

  • Before I had sex with a women I imagined that it would be wonderful but it wasn’t, I really don’t like sex with 3D.

    I tried lots of different girls but it never worked and eventually I just accepted it and avoid relationships.

  • How would you love sex in Japan when you’re having some orgies and a bunch of police would disturb you?

    I mean, they are shocked by this result but the truth is they themselves prevent those having sex by what? “coz families might go and the kids would hear them?” LOL… If that is the reasoning they would give, then I would even have a fear of being humiliated by some police when I’m having sex at home and the neighbor kid could hear my partner scream her libidos out.

    But honestly, if there’s a reason, it’s probably because of the increase on the “too carnivorous” women in japan especially those who would humiliate for not being able to reach her skycraper demands.

    But for modest girls, you could come to me when you have time

  • Young men not interested in sex? That makes me sad.

    Well, if a relationship with woman in Japan is as problematic as it looks like from Sankaku articles. I can’t really blame them. No one wants a troublesome relationship.

  • I have to agree no man is not interested in sex. With the declining birthrate it’s the Japanese’s own fault. From what I’m reading in the news Japan is a currently a place where you can get arrested for private orgies or 3some. There is high risk getting caught and convicted as sex offender on a crowded train. There are a lot of women in Japan who care more about the man’s bank account than the love. You know Japan’s modern age has scared men shitless. It’s not just Japan either, the west is the same with pedophiliaphobia, sexphobia, etc or whatever you want to call it. In Japan’s case the old folk’s run the country and the women hold more power over men in many things including sex and relationships. Conditions are so harsh in japan that probably men who normally have nothing wrong with them and probably could manage getting a woman will turn to 2D or something else when normally they wouldn’t think a big deal on it before. And frankly when you shut yourself in your house you gain weight faster, your hygiene becomes more unclean, and one’s looks deteriorate fast. you just stop caring. If I had to assess the psychological state of men in Japan I’d say it’s mostly a loss of motivation, enthusiasm, etc. I mean from it seems, even having dreams and wild aspirations aren’t in most folks in japan. It’s all with practical living.

    • Noodlestein says:

      It’s just too much work to go through with all women being so damn high maintenance. They expect you to empty your bankaccount for them for a CHANCE at getting laid

      Now, I myself enjoy sex, but I dont go out of my way for it considering its far too much work/money to get… tbh it’d probably be cheaper to just get a hooker half the time and by the way Japanese women sound I wouldn’t doubt it being 10x cheaper to just get a hooker there than find some broad and take her out without a chance of getting any.

      • It’s not about women. It’s about having sex or not. Sexual desires are a natural thing and I dare say those guys in the interview are virgins.

        And I agree with @KingFisher. If you’re a shut-in, the chances to know other people are really low so I think it’s easier to say “I hate sex” instead of “I never had sex because I can’t even talk to another human being”.

  • “Let me read a letter I recently received. ‘Dear Dr. Breen. Why has the Combine seen fit to suppress our reproductive cycle? Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen.’

    Thank you for writing, Concerned. Of course your question touches on one of the basic biological impulses, with all its associated hopes and fears for the future of the species.

    I also detect some unspoken questions. Do our benefactors really know what’s best for us? What gives them the right to make this kind of decision for mankind? Will they ever deactivate the suppression field and let us breed again?

    Allow me to address the anxieties underlying your concerns, rather than try to answer every possible question you might have left unvoiced.

    First, let us consider the fact that for the first time ever, as a species, immortality is in our reach.

    This simple fact has far-reaching implications. It requires radical rethinking and revision of our genetic imperatives.

    It also requires planning and forethought that run in direct opposition to our neural pre-sets.

    I find it helpful at times like these to remind myself that our true enemy is Instinct.

    Instinct was our mother when we were an infant species.

    Instinct coddled us and kept us safe in those hardscrabble years when we hardened our sticks and cooked our first meals above a meager fire

    and started at the shadows that leapt upon the cavern’s walls.

    But inseparable from Instinct is its dark twin, Superstition.

    Instinct is inextricably bound to unreasoning impulses, and today we clearly see its true nature. Instinct has just become aware of its irrelevance, and like a cornered beast, it will not go down without a bloody fight.

    Instinct would inflict a fatal injury on our species.

    Instinct creates its own oppressors, and bids us rise up against them.

    Instinct tells us that the unknown is a threat, rather than an opportunity.

    Instinct slyly and covertly compels us away from change and progress.

    Instinct, therefore, must be expunged.

    It must be fought tooth and nail, beginning with the basest of human urges: The urge to reproduce.

    We should thank our benefactors for giving us respite from this overpowering force.

    They have thrown a switch and exorcised our demons in a single stroke.

    They have given us the strength we never could have summoned to overcome this compulsion.

    They have given us purpose. They have turned our eyes toward the stars.

    Let me assure you that the suppressing field will be shut off on the day that we have mastered ourselves…the day we can prove we no longer need it.

    And that day of transformation, I have it on good authority, is close at hand.” — Dr. Wallace Breen, Administrator

  • sex is something that is supposed to be reserved for marriage?

    makes you wonder how animal populations manage to support themselves or how our species managed to propagate before the institution was established.

  • In the ideal scenario, sex would involve emotional intimacy. Naked bodies and stuff. People are usually nervous about their bodies, so I suppose it would even be somewhat true to say it’s an act of trusting the other to just accept it as it is.

    With that said, sex with another person for the heck of it, without the emotional connection seems pointless (In my opinion, anyway). And not worth it considering all those things you call “tasks and hassles”. Merely self-gratification.

    And think of the japs. Even here we hear stories of how their women are whores. Money digging, save-yourself whores. Doesn’t sound like really steady grounds for an emotional intimacy relationship. And there’s a huge avaliability for porn or otherwise fapping material, so the self-gratification part requires no women in that case.

    The report makes it seems something it’s not. They should of asked how many times they fap per day too. Can’t really fap without thinking of sex.

  • The interesting thing is that all of the european nations also (not just Japan) have a birth rate that is in the negative numbers. So much so that the governments over there are worried that social programs will collapse due to not enough workers replacing those that are retiring. I wonder if it’s something like this that is the cause of the european problem?

  • In a country where you can be arrested for just blinking in the general direction of a girl, it’s no surprise the men would be discouraged from going through the hassle of courting a girl, in addition to what 2ch has been saying.

  • I don’t c any problems w/it.

    Pbby i’m in that category too… even being from Brazil.

    It’s true, to get laid one should spend money, experience, time, “Trouble”, to get there.

    It’s much more simple watching the hole thing on the internet, almost free, with girls that meet your “fetiches”, even if 2D, furry, little sisters, or what-so-ever…

    I must say that the image of being “virgin” and “sacred” is also kinda nice, you know, when you go aggainst the mass opinion, you see the world from a total new perspective.

    It’s easier to live without “bed relationships”. More time in your hands, often more money. No alchohol life, pbby no cigarretes and stuff. It’s just better and that way you can spend your entertainement time with things that are more or equally entertaining, and much more handfull.

    Animes, Hentai, games and stuff won’t get mad with you bcause u forgot the date they were born, won’t phone you talking about pointless things, and won’t get “angry” if you play another game.

    That’s the truth.

  • Unless the next news released is that scientists have discovered that the common japanese woman’s vagina is full of painful spikes that inject a horrible buring poison… I don’t think anyone could actually “hate” sex…

  • Is this possible the product of a population levelling itself out? Maybe that’s a far-reached suggestion, but there has to be a peak population at some stage.

    Does a high density population automatically raise children who have less desire to produce their own offspring? Would be an interesting phenomenon to study further.

  • MAy be is because the the girls this days are trash! A man with out a GF look more smart, because has no one giving him orders, also the way girls control men brain and soul is called sex. So basically they (Girls) abused of sex and the concept is not as cool as it use to be.

    IN my city girls are so useless that when they want to have you and you dont want they call you gay even if they are ugly bitchies lol. Sex has nothing of special if it is after 10000000000 already fucked with her, or if you dislike her, a lot of girls are fat.

    What ever 😛 quality over quantity, also prevent AID do not fuck with the first bitch that what to fuck with you and over everything do not become their pupet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Man just STFU instead and drink motherfuckin bleach so normal humans don’t have to share their fresh air to dirty ungrateful scum like you who would insert an electric wire into their rectum for mere sexual arousal.

      Also I know you’re just a faggot who would lick anyone’s balls because you can’t get laid with wimmin ?

  • i don’t get how you could not like sex unless you haven’t done it yet. Pretty much seems like those boys can’t seem to find a way into those girls pants so they just detest it seeming like they don’t like sex lol WHO THE FUCK DOESN’T LIKE SEX?!

  • I could say this is positive because Japan will no choice but to let more foreigners come so maybe some day I can move there, well have an easier time becoming a Citizen. Though if they don’t open their doors they’ll be screwed in the future and that would be sad.

  • “It’s not like they wouldn’t use a sex slave if they had one. It’s just that the difficulty in getting sex is such that they don’t have access to any women worth the trouble. I can’t believe the trouble some people go to for a moment of pleasure with a woman.”

    My thoughts exactly!

    It’s really annoying to have to ‘build’ a social life just to get a girl,specially when you don’t like to socialize at all,because people outside usually are a bunch of douches who don’t like anime and games.

    And,of course,you may end up wasting a great amount of time trying to create ‘social links’.
    I only care about social links when I’m playing Persona,LMFAO!

    If you think you need ‘3D sex’, just call a hooker,it’s way easier than try to get a girlfriend!LOL!

    • It seems you take the whole social aspect of life from an outside point looking in as sort of dating or social sim game. Granted if you live in the U.S. (as I do) there are surely enough dicks(douches) around but I have a set of friends that balance anime and games with girls but in Mississippi surprisingly there are alot of cute anime or game playing female. But as for I happen to not look nerdy and I suppose some what handsome (not my words) and I have talent for talking to the female sex (basically its sort of pick at her then be nice and alternate between those) And Just so you dont get me as a white westerner I am a Black/Native American mix. But you have a very interesting view on this thanks for your incite

      • LOL!! You got it right!!
        I live in Brazil,but I’m basically living inside the internet since 1995(I only go outside to work or when is really necessary).
        Around here most people are douchebags.Their ‘modus operandi’ is like: get as many girls/guys as you can until you get some STD,play soccer(or be a stupid, cum-dumpster whore),and try not to study ever.
        Some people say that the best way to make a Brazilian commit suicide is to lock him inside a classroom for a few hours,LOL!!
        It’s impossible to go outside and have an interesting conversation with anybody,because they only talk about soccer and other retarded stuff.

        Anyway,in any country,’standard’ society behavior, and the individual skills to adapt in it, play a crucial factor in this ‘sex hunt’.


        If the society is full of idiots or you’re anti-social,forget about ‘real’ social links.

  • Hell after reading this site for a good while does anyone here have any interest in sex with Japanese women anymore?

    I guess we have the advantage of being able to skip the country, the poor bastards in Japan are stuck with the predatory, insensitive, gold digging whores.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sure it’s much, much larger than that. Those are the ones that would actually TALK to a stranger that wasn’t animated with giant boobs and tentacles oozing out of their snizz.

    • I agree. My first thought when I read the story title was “then they’re doing it wrong.”

      (heheh… like “nonono, little Shuichi… having sex isn’t putting your finger in a wall socket! You’ve got it all wrong!”)

  • How is it possible for a man to dislike sex?
    “They detested it”…. WTF??
    If the girl didnt satisfy you just move along and look for another one LOL

    Lets see how much Japan’s birth rate will drop in the next few years… I’m quite curious =.=

    • Shocked too. Sex is good, even with prostitutes. I mean, it’s better than fapping lol. With the girl you want it’s just stellar. I suppose with the guy you want (for the girls) must be stellar too. Though they tend to hide it 😉

    • 70% of Japanese Men Have No Girlfriends
      35% of Japanese Women: Sex is Nothing But a Hassle!
      14% Will Dump Their Man If He Loses His Bonus
      1 in 500 Japanese Women Have Appeared in Porn

      I predict the next statistic will be something about “lost libido in half of young Japanese”.
      Just watch…

      • I need to start taking photos of average Asian young women, 18-25 range.

        They’re not unattractive, but they’re not mesmerizing. I exchanged pleasantries with a couple of young ladies who were probably undergraduates.
        Up side:
        1- They probably were looking for sex partners.
        2- They were probably virgins.

        Down side:
        1- Their skin was rather dark.
        2- They would have their own lives to worry about – they would be making a few hours a week for a boyfriend, not moving in and spending the night every night.
        3- They were probably not well-educated on topics like contraception, meaning that shotgun marriage was definitely possible.
        4- They probably were not capable of making sophisticated conversation in any language.

        By contrast, the girl I waste time on is sophisticated, worldly, intellectual, witty, wise – unfortunately she’s a lesbian. Who doesn’t like cuddling.

        • Anonymous says:

          The whole hairy bush thing is a big turn off I bet. Maybe if they introduced some basic hedge trimming the little lady boy jap boys wouldn’t be quite so scared of playing in them. They are used to seeing hardwood floors so maybe the animators could add some black squiqqly marks on the fap-movie chicks.

    • Seems like more, and more Japan’s own people are causing thier “birthrate problem”. And it seems to be summed up as “the women act like golddigging bitchs, and the men like ball-less wimps”.

      (times like this, I’m glad i live in the west)

      • Um the birth rate has dropped like a stone in most “western” countries.

        Those it hasn’t are bouyed up by immigration and the fecundity of new immigrants.

        Japan is no different, but, it sticks out because it hasn’t done the “immigration” thing so there is nothing to mask the consequences of having actual real choices.

        Dating for men is tough, time and resouce consuming and you must be resiliant to take the hits your ego has to endure to make it to the starting line let alone onto the field of play and then the aftermath.

        It’s not exactly a bed of roses for girls either.

        But, the male perspective gets small consideration, how long before the “fun” sets in? Really!

        You are supposed to be sensitive and considerate, but, to get enough experience to sustain a conversation and jump the many many pitfalls to starting a relationship, you have to develope the hide of a rhino (exactly the opposite of what is “stated” as desirable).

        By the way, “anniversary” dates, for the girl the relationship starts from the first shared glace. For the boy it starts after, repeat that, after the first fuck.

        Remember girls behind that dork making an effort is a huge pile of even more dorkier peviously dissapointed versions of that dork.


        “They like female bodies but not the women they belong to.”

        “I’m interested in sex… but I can do without the hassle that comes with it.”

        Upvote for Houselife, honesty, even in anonymity is tough.

        • Your point is good but lower standard for what. If its going to be about sex then why lower the standard, if your talking about having kids well that different for that anything will do but be ready to loose your dam hair in the process. If I am going to spend a long time with someone she better be hotter than hot. If not then I lower my standard and one night stand with a condom is about as far as I am willing to waste my time and hard earn money.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dating is tough for everyone, people. Not just the men. And no, not all women are gold diggers. And if you are only meeting women that are after your money or are too “high maintenance”, then that’s you having bad taste in women. Lower YOUR standards. Don’t be a hypocrite. Women are constantly told that they need to be slim and pretty, be able to cook, etc. That’s a lot to hold yourself to if you cannot fit someone’s ideals just because they are a shallow bastard. I’m seeing an increase in THAT in the West. Shallow men as well as gold digging women. So no, its not just the girls, guys. Besides, if she was really worth your time, you’d be willing to put the effort in, if you loved her. And hopefully you wouldn’t just have sex with anyone…Hopefully. There’s supposed to be an emotional attachment there. If there isn’t, and you only want her for sex, don’t be surprised if she is disappointed and says no. That’s generally not what women are looking for nowadays, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her wanting a loving relationship. Everyone deserves that. =/ Some people make me sick…

      • Most of the women there kept on looking at men as their personal ATM while they just wanna laze around using the guy’s hard earned money for themselves. Which is most probably why they have no interest since the other party don’t really give the guys what they want.

        • For you, alidan, the sexuality of a woman is clearly not a turn-off. For me, it is.

          Also, you mean 1/30 of Japan’s population are 16-19 year old gays that aren’t interested in sex, since the percentage of gay people in this survey probably doesn’t significantly differ from the general percentage in relation to Japan’s population.

        • VVayfarer

          where the hell the pleasure and just getting something for yourself. I mean if I bothered to actually get a girl, I think the most fun trying beginning pleasure for myself while giving it to her too.


          It says interest in sex, I’m assuming that means both gay and straight. Assuming that gay population is about 1/10 of the straight, that will be 1/30 of them are gay

        • ok, now lets give my account.

          i honestly dont give a shit about sex, but from 16-18 i just fucking despised it. not that it was something i couldn’t get, with effort i could, or that i was shy, as i was well know for my fucked up and true masturbation stories, like the time i sneezed and came at the same time, and shot myself between the eyes, and funnily enough, people, both male and female still talked to me.

          it was that 90%+ of my friends who had sex turned into boring douchebags, one of which was in such a bad relation ship we knew it was over a year before he did, and, well hindsight is 20/20 and he appoligised, became interesting again, than some bitch, and i mean bitch because she was a complete bitch to everyone, and the cycle continued.

          now i have an acquittance who is in jail for fucking a 16 year old. he was in a bar, someplace you need to be 21 to enter, so, im guessing he assumed at least 21. few days later, he is in jail because this families “precious daughter” was “taken advantage of” boy someone at least 5 years older than her after he got her drunk at a bar. this was a few years back, so i have no idea what happened, but shit like that scared me away from sex all together. i mean, how many women will i get by asking “hello how old are you, can i see your id”

          i live in the middle of nowhere, have no job, cant get a real job because everyone who lost theres are taking the no skill jobs with in 50 miles of here. and the woman i would even consider sticking my dick in would be a cougar, as any woman in their 20’s who isnt a total train wreak could pass themselves off as 18 or younger if they wanted to.

          all in all the hassle of sex just inst worth the reward in my eyes, when i can just fap 5-8 times and be done for the day.

        • I’m definitely shy, but also have a lot of things I want to do in my life where ‘time to spend with a girlfriend’ doesn’t fit in. I have many projects and ideas I want to explore, and quite frankly, fantasy is really quite fun on its own. I’m sure being with a woman is wonderful, until it’s not, but fantasies (in all forms) are like a quick daydream amidst everything and then back to what I want to do without having to sacrifice more time from my goals. The issue for me is sacrificing time right now would take away from my dream job/projects, and unfortunately, unlike anime girls, women don’t sit around waiting for dreams, they want attention. And I just know I wouldn’t be able to give them the attention they want currently unless I truly fell in love.

          Now if I met an artist girl, that’s another thing entirely, we could both do an awesome project in half the time… actually I think I just made a new goal in that regard 😀

        • Is not sex they hate is the trouble. I had times of absence from sex and the truth is that it was more of me being bored to try to get some than anything else.
          If you go out and hit on a few women there is a very good chance you will get one. You have to be a really really horrible looking motherfucker not to get one.
          Men that keep away from sex is ether because they are too shy or they find it too troublesome.
          When i was young i guess i had the shy problem more, now i only have the second. Maybe it happens when we start getting older or something but many times instead of just going out with friends and finding ladies i just prefer sitting in frond of The TV monitor with a pizza watching anime and movies. Sometimes you are just too tired and women are too much of a fuss.
          No wonder we fantasize sex slaves in our hentai. Because is sex without any trouble. You don’t even have to leave the house.

        • “They like female bodies but not the women they belong to.”

          Is there even anymore confusion in the matter of why it is they supposedly dislike sex?…The above comment is fucking win, period…

          & I believe that those men are herbivorous because of the way their society is conducted, they have so much to do over there when they have jobs that it would break pretty much any man, turning them into some kind of machine mentally…

          Speaking of the term Herbivore…not this shit again, jesus chrysler…

        • It sounds more along the lines that a third of men are either completely unaware of their true feelings, in denial, and/or lying their asses off in a clever ploy to cause more women who may pay attention to such a study to drop their guard and go ‘huh, wow, I guess these men are more interested in what I have to say’ or something along those lines.

          Nobody hates sex, they hate the fear they associate with aspects of life that may lead to sex, such as being vulnerable to people you may not trust, or your perceptions on what are involved in it. I’m guilty of the same, but at least I’m aware of it. I’m stopped by silly things though. There was a woman in a bank I wanted to approach a few months back until suddenly I had the thought “Wait… I’m holding my unemployment money to deposit right now…” and any confidence I had diminished considerably in that I’d have anything to offer.

          In a related note, I loved the episode of House where Chase was bet 100 bucks that he would get a dozen numbers at a rapid dating seminar if he acted unemployed, lost his accent and didn’t have a place of his own. I know it’s TV, but face it, that’s truer than any intelligent woman (or man) wants to admit.

        • Not just virgins who answered that, most virgins pretend they get it and love it. The people who said they hate it will be, a small % virgin, but mostly have problems like impotence or have/think something else wrong with the junk downstairs. False phimosis or something? I dont care to remember what that actually is, I just remember its an irrational thing (thats actually a normal thing) Japanese are worried/disgusted by.

          Then ofc theres a very small % of them who will of had some kind of traumatic incident. Like a cannibal blowjob, an immoral Uncle.. or something else like that.

          Herbivore men are more timid in relationships if I understand it correctly, I doubt it makes them ‘hate’ sex. Sex is a natural drive and the height of pleasure. Nobody hates it without a reason as mentioned above.

        • Can’t help but agree with some of the comments on 2ch. If I had a hot, circumcised (incapable of feeling pleasure) female sex slave of course I’d use her. But working hard just to get a sexual female in bed? No way.

          Courtship is pretty fun in its own way if the girl’s hot, though. Even if you have no intention of banging her, knowing she’d really want to could serve as a nice ego boost. If she gets desperate and becomes willing to sacrifice her own pleasure for yours, having sex won’t seem so boring anymore either.

  • I actually broke up with a girl because she wanted me to have sex with her and I have no interest in it.

    It’s just pointless and the whole thing is honestly kind of disgusting.

    What really turns me away from it is how everyone seems to base their lives around it. Like it’s some kind of requirement and I really hate how everything has to revolve around sex. Can’t people just be together?

  • Another Japanese epic fail….twenty years later on a poster on the street in Akihabara:

    “The Japanese government, import youngs and viriles South American guys , to prevent the extinction of our race.”

    And in a country of south america:

    “So you are young, virile, have a big pennis, and need money, Japan await you, go to the Japanese consulate in your country and and register in the list of plan:
    “Saving Japan from the extinction, for the fault of many idiots (otakus, emotakus and onaholes fans)”

  • *clears throats* FAAAAAAGS!!

    you can be a virgin, you can be a nerd, you can even be a complete loser, can hate women due to past relationships or personally knowing A LOT of bitches but when you hate sex…something is wrong here

  • I think they should re-word that. They probably want and are interested in sex, they just don’t want to deal with the ‘relationship’ bit of it. And frankly, it is a pain in the ass. When you have sex, you have to worry about not only pleasing yourself (easy for guys) but the girl as well. And that’s not so easy. Even harder since every girl is different and if the girl never says yes or no or what feels good or when you need to move just a bit more to the left…

  • They probably want to have sex, but they are afraid they’ll end up with a trap. With all the stuff that comes out of japan nowadays you would figure that picking up women in japan is like playing a game of minesweeper.

  • Lmao none of you fags have ever been in a relationship before. A majority of the women in America are gold diggers, the gold digger to slapped bitch ratio is heavier than any other country. It’s not like you fags should care if a bitch is burning a hole in your wallet like a cherried nug; be a man and show her who’s boss, smack her and lay down some rules. Niggaz these days…

  • Third of Young Japanese Men “Hate Sex” is because they never had it. And will continue in not having it as long as they continue to stay in their rooms and talk to girls that are not in 2D.

  • this is absolute bullshit!
    the only reason why men(boys?) won’t like sex is because they know that girls around them are only interested in rich old men. So instead of wanting sex, they onanise and move to 2D.