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Teacher Beats Pupil For Saying “Sorry”


A teacher who savagely beat a student for not being sufficiently respectful when apologising to him has received a temporary pay cut.

The incident unfolded at a Yokohama middle school, where a 57-year-old teacher was overseeing his class as they cleaned their classroom (Japanese schools force children to clean their schools as it supposedly has educational value), and became dissatisfied with how a male student was using a rag.

He warned the boy, who impudently replied “sorry” without using the proper honorifics or polite form (“gomen ne”). Enraged, the teacher exploded, throwing the child to the ground and punching him three times in the face, and then proceeding to kick him repeatedly in the face and stomach.

After returning home the boy’s parents immediately took him to hospital, where he was diagnosised with moderate facial injuries.

The teacher explains that “I thought he was making fun of me, and I snapped. It was inexcusable.”

For assaulting the boy, his school has imposed the draconian punishment of a 10% pay cut for 3 months. He apparently will not face criminal charges.

As usual, crimes which would see normal people sent to prison only seem to result in an insincere apology from Japanese teachers – little wonder children in such environments find themselves driven to suicide without teachers ever bothering to come to their aid.

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