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Square Enix “Planning Final Fantasy XIII-2”


Square Enix is apparently continuing its great tradition of endlessly recycling Final Fantasy titles by giving Final Fantasy XIII a sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, if its latest domain acquisition is to be believed.

The just acquired domain is – it is at present empty, of course.

The domain was not registered by Square Enix themselves, but by a company which has registered domains on their behalf in the past, including games both as yet released and unreleased.

The sequel has been rumoured before; whether the domain acquisition actually confirms it is open to question, but it is hard to see why else they or anyone else would want the domain.

Needless to say, the initial online reaction to the supposed release has ranged from cool to outright hostile – in light of FF14 and Square Enix’s decision to break every promise it made about FF13 (including DLC and the Japanese PS3 exclusive), goodwill towards the franchise is exceedingly low and seems unlikely to be recovered by such a release.

Curiously, even Square Enix’s genius CEO has made comments to the effect that the franchise in need of change – it is not clear how another rehash fits in with this vision.

Should the game be released, doubtless many will be interested to see whether it maintains the endless corridor design philosophy which made the original such a hit.

Whether Square Enix deems it possible to include such inconsequential elements as “towns” or “shops” is also likely to be of some interest…

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  • Honestly, I really liked FFXIII. May not have been what people wanted or expected, but it was a fun game nonetheless. However, the last “2” game they made was shit, so I’m not holding my breath, even though I would like to see a bit more added to XIII’s story.


    FFXIII-2 > Save vanilla and fang by replacing their role with a pole or something

    I support Square enix, they make some bad game but it wont fail as much as some other game i play. Most game should at least has some redemption point

  • I smell fail… no really, remember the last time there was a #-2? I kind of liked X, but X-2 just kind of ruined it for me. Then XIII came along and made me say, not bad… but not good… ugh…

  • In a past posting on this issue, I compared this type of business venture to an old school (like pre-historic) “Hunter/Gatherer” operation. A lot of energy/talent/focus on the hunt, then feast once/if successful. The danger is constant, both in starving before a successful hunt, then the success of a few good hunts making one too slow/burdened to catch future prey and attracting rivals seeking the same prey.

    In this case, it seems they are scraping the gristle of the bones of a Dragon size prey and hooting and hollering their success while the scouts are disappearing or eaten by future prey, if they are able to find them. They face both being too slow and weak from extended success and that others can hunt in their territory. (outside of open plagiarism) The market (prey, the consumer’s $) is therefore resistant to the hunt (the same story again and again) and already heavily predated on. (other ‘hunters’ making similar games)

    I’m sure they have plenty of people capable of bringing home a “Dragon” despite this. Problem is, a period of extreme success breeds people who’s skills involve feeding off existing resources versus finding new ones. So the ones with the real ideas are probably more busy trying not to get fired while any creativity they have is put down by large committees that turn any product into a dull mediocre drek.

    “I can catch a dragon, I just need…”
    —- slap —
    “Shut UP, FOOL! It’s your turn to dance in front of the chief to show how great your respect is for him and you’d better dance half as good as his favorite or we’ll cast you out like we did your friend last week!”

  • XIII-2, eh?

    Why do i get the feeling that it will be an interactive music-video clip?

    But hey, FFXIII-2 could turn out well if they go back to the roots.

    On the other hand…didn’t they complain about the hassle of creating towns?

    Those cheap-asses probably can’t go back to any roots because they never had any. All the talented people left Squenix long ago.

  • Makes sense from a business stand point.

    Most of the assets are there, they just need to make a couple new areas and viola! FF13-2

    And since most of the work is already done, they can use some of that free time to develop towns and whatnot, dont fail us Squeenix.

  • I’m looking forward to it. I think they’re going to try to change it to make it better, and let’s admit, FFX-2 was a hell of a lot better than the original, in characters AND story.

    To say that square is recycling remains to be seen and would, be obviously, bullshit.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Why are they making a sequal for a crap game? Ever since they joined with Enix Square has gone down the drain. I thought they were going to go on hiatus for awhile and fix themselves…..I mean FFXIII and FFXIV was horrible and the previous three titles were below average at best.

  • I personally disliked FF13, so far. I’m still trying to gain the motivation to finish the game because the story does not hook me at all. The linear gameplay is more worse off than previous FFs I’ve played. I mean in previous FFs before FF12, I least then I had to use summons and magic often, but in FF12 I didn’t use a single summon and rarely used magic, and in FF13 all I’ve been doing is hitting “x” the entire time. It reminds me of all the button masher, slice-and-dice games I play like Dynasty Warriors. FF13 had good graphics and a decent soundtrack at points, but with the lack of interesting gameplay that challenges you and characters/story that are uninteresting, the game fails.

    Now when I’m having this much of an issue FINISHING FF13, why the hell would I want FF13-2? Squeenix needs to pull their head out of their ass and put FF on hiatus for now and let a new generation of writers and game developers roll in. Fresh minds will create fresh games in some cases.

  • I said it before, I’ll say it again, XIII sold very well despite all the online bitching about it. Don’t say it’s the “Final Fantasy name” either, because people have been bitching since at least FFX, this is nothing new. I’m not going into how annoyed I am with the various individual complaints about FFXIII–it wasn’t a perfect game, but it was different. That’s what the genre needs, not endless Tales-style rehashes of the same exact game, but rather trying new things like the battle system, which was quite nicely fast paced. Yeah, having no towns sucked, but at least it was justified in-story and the pacing of leveling meant eliminating almost all boring endless grind from it, which has been a problem for most FFs.

    That said, the story was pretty well wrapped up, and to be true to whatever promises of re-establishing the brand, they should probably just focus on getting the other FFXIII titles on and move on to FFXV already.

  • Stop trying to ask for rmk of FF7 or 8 for that matter, doing that just means FF is gonna fall back in with tales and every damn FF afterwards will be generic, no more suprises/hate.

    FF13 is pretty good, great gameplay compare to most rpgs but it lacks execution on its story. Lack of towns is well…get over it.

  • if this is true, and i hope it is because i loved 13, i hope the keep the battle system. i thought it was really cool. it reminded me of X but much faster paced. they only thing they need to improve is making the game more open.

  • If you ask me, they should fire all their development staff and most of the management and replace them with actual FF fans who work in the sector.

    Then make a *good* FFVII remake and go from there.

    But they won’t. They’ll just keep burning down the franchise.

  • i understand some people didnt like 13 but i did. the main reason i love the final fantasy series are the stories. no western rpg has come even close in my opinion to quality of the stories the final fantasy series has. as long as they put in larger towns and less endless corridors i will buy this game. not to mention i cant wait for versus 13!!

  • would love FFXIII-2 but please just finish first Agito and Versus XIII then maybe worked on a sequel.

    i think FFI-VI square will only “enhanced” the sprites and artwork and add some bonuses put them on handhelds, while FFVII-FFIX they will remade it in full plane 3D and HD, add voice acting, correct some translation, remix some music, add some bonus monsters, dungeons and bosses and there you go ^^

    i would definitely love to have an FFVIII remake, moreso than VII. make it like FFX mix with FFX-2(real time active battle system) no more drawing, just plain MP and HP. i would love to see the dance with Rinoa in HD 🙂

    but just finished first your current projects. i know Agito will probably be released this december, Versus i have no idea. please don’t announce new XIII titles this conference as much as i like to.

  • Haha all of you are just pile of kids who are so retard to get heat up over something like this,if u don’t like the game don’t buy it thats it.Go back and watch ur degrading anime or play some gay dude in helmet.If i were you haters i would get a life rather then saying how much i hate a video game in the internet.

    • You do realise that every FF has totally different gameplay and gameworld, right? How does making a lot of different games become “beating a dead horse”? Even X and X-2 were totally different in terms of gameplay, and as far as gameworld goes, XIII is pretty awesome.

      • “and as far as gameworld goes, XIII is pretty awesome.”

        …..LOL, wait what? What game world? Are you talking about that one deserted field at the end?

        Game world my ass. Get back to your on-rails Dragon Quest Swords if you hate exploration so much.

  • I’d think this should be exciting. That means they might listen and improve some of the things they colossally screwed up in XIII….Of course, there’s always the “ruining the closure of the first game” and the “well why exactly are we here again” factor like when they made Tales of Symphonia 2, but it could be a chance….It could actually not be like X-2….

  • X-2 was little more than recycled graphics and environments from X.

    I would expect the same approach from XIII-2, meaning low development cost, fast to-market time, and revenue-bump when the “game” comes out.

    Its a business decision. Its going to do much worse than X-2 of course, but it’ll help with quarterly numbers. They’re probably doing it to fill in a gap in their title release schedule.

  • I actually believe this is a good idea. The story left itself very open for a sequel, and XIII’s got so much flack that a sequel is as good a title as any to try and restore some respect.

    I have a certain amount of trust that a XIII-2 would, in gameplay terms at least, be a significant improvement over the original and would satisfy a lot of our problems. Mainly because SE know exactly where they went wrong thanks to the vehement critical and fan reception, and I would be surprised if they didn’t take all that into account and fix it.

    It really is last chance saloon for SE on home consoles though. A ‘bad patch’ consisting of XIII and XIV over 1 year we can live with, but if Versus and XIII-2 are just as disappointing then they’ll be in serious trouble, as even their most loyal of fans will stop buying.

  • FFXIII actually has a novel called Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i which is set directly after FFXIII which does set FFXIII up for a game sequel if they really are making one. Suffice to say it FFXIII-2 would most likely be about exploring Grand Pulse which was largely unexplored in FFXIII, not to mention the fact Grand Pulse was also the ‘open’ part of the game for FFXIII so FFXIII-2 may not feature the ‘corridor’ design which it’s predecessor had. Throw in the fact that the characters are no longer being chased and you can also readd towns to where you might also be able to go. I know a lot of people hated FFXIII but the way I see it, FFXIII-2 could very well correct everything bad about FFXIII. So I’ll wait and see rather than bitch.

    • no, no, no.
      ffx-2 came without that moronic tidus and that alone makes it far, far, far superiour to its prequel…

      i do hope ffxiii-2 will be a non-linear version of ffxiii, like ffx-2 was. for what it’s worth, i loved ffx-2 more than any other final fantasy instalment just because of that.

    • In terms of gameplay, FFX-2 was really great. I hate its overall Charlie’s Angels concept, but any sane man would at least acknowledge that, grudgingly or otherwise.

      Your ‘dress-up simulator’ term really shows how ignorant you really are.

      • Very true, 2nd anonymous! I’d go so far as to say that X-2 had the best battle system in the franchise, and the dresspheres was an important part of that.

        Even if it was a bit if a stupid way to implement a job system!

  • I’d rather they spend the resources they wanna use on XIII-2 for XV instead. I believe that any sound-minded fans of Final Fantasy series as a whole would share the same opinion as mine.

    If, by some batshit insane miracle, XIII-2 manages to come out being better and fulfills at least 70 percent of everyone’s anticipation, it would be OK.

    Then again, in modern world, miracles don’t exist anymore.


    • For all it’s god damn pop music girl power bull shit, ffx-2 wasn’t that terrible of a game really.

      Far from good, but not as horrible as watching the god damn FMV’s of chicks singing horribly/dancing like a boy band..

        • I get the feeling it was some kind of marketing explanation with that they couldn’t do towns. I know my friends at work would have probably been like “Whaaat…? Dammit, yeah we can do towns, why would you say that?” Basically you can’t tell an audience ‘we don’t have time’ or something that shows you’re less than perfect in a marketing light. It always backfires though, since most marketing people are textbook and treat humans like robots in my experience. Almost as badly as an accounting department being in control of human resources for a call center.

          Anyway, in FFXIII’s case, a lack of towns didn’t hurt it for me. It was definitely different and I was initially a bit uncertain because even I had been affected by everyone’s preemptive bitching. But after playing through the game, the only explanation that made sense after having seen it is ‘there’s no logical place in the plot for towns to fit’ which is true had you have completed it, Alidan. There is a rather interesting moment in the game (two actually) where you almost smile at that statement because you find yourself walking through what could be considered a town, but it also makes sense in a very real way why what they said is still the case. Sure the plot could have been changed to make habitable towns beyond the ones you run through, but honestly based on what they were attempting, I’m in agreement with them that towns weren’t part of what they were going for. The only problem was players wanted towns, which sadly is their problem, not SquareEnix’s. They just wanted to tell a coherent narrative, and they did a pretty darn good job I felt considering the franchise in which the narrative was packaged. Like I’ve said countless times, it was all killed by expectation, nothing more.

        • Anonymous

          while there are many ways can take that we can’t do towns in HD comment.

          1) the story wouldn’t allow for many towns to be put into the game, I only played seven hours so I can’t exactly say if this is true or not.

          2) having a full town that didn’t seem like an empty wasteland actually will take a lot more work than it would’ve been worth, this one seems more likely

          3) they actually can’t make a camera control in the game that actually works inside of a town where you have 360° a control, this is the most pathetic one of the three you could take, and if this is the reason they deserve all the hate they get for

          Its all about the degree they hide the linearity, some games do a damn good job of it, some make you feel like you’re just going to point a to point B. 13 for the majority made you feel like you just point a to B. and for all time I played it and wasn’t even just a point a to B. it was a point a, long tunnel, b, with almost nothing hiding the fact.

        • @07:42

          Ive always wondered about that “we can’t do towns in HD” speak when you actually walk through a few towns in the game. If you added a shop or two they would have been a town hub so it was clearly more of a design choice than they can’t do it (though one I don’t like)

          and @12:03
          the difference in a game and movie is playing them and watching them, you pick up a pad in ff13 and kill enemies so its a game so no you can’t go further and say its just a movie because you have control at points with gameplay that is the battle system and generally yeah all jrpgs are linear although some do have different endings and with the likes of morrowind which I played a fair bit I went around doing the quests I wanted and never got round to the story so I would call that non linear. In ff places only open up as you get to them to unlock more and in elder scrolls and you can walk around as you like.

          All you need to do is diagram what you can do at that time and if its a line with branches for side-quests its linear and it the diagram is more of a web than a line its not linear. If you play it at some point its a game if you never have to interact with it its a movie. it doesn’t take much to look at something logically, just how people saw the maps in ff13 look at the game in its design state and whether its linear or not is easy to see.
          Just because you decided that swearing is all you can do in reply ill have to add you should get this fucking simple logic into your pathetic brain mr @12:03

          I never get why linear is so bad though my fav games are generally linear because they are always better made with the design team only having to polish the path you can walk through.

        • HouseLife

          I just got speech to text program and a decent mic, I’m getting my money’s worth, and yeah I know I tend to go on long sometimes. however usually when I’m gone for a long time it’s a response not my first post.

          I know what goes into making a game, I have respect for the amount of work they put in, but no respect for the final product. Most of what I complain about final fantasy for is shit they could have easily avoided.

          now regarding that last paragraph you made about how one little thing and could set off a chain reaction basically… I cannot disagree with you more.

          An RPG, especially one that gets as much love as final fantasy does from the players and from the people who make it (supposedly) any single flaw in that game will kill. It was at so many flaws in so many places and as often as they were present is what killed the game for most people. I have no doubt that the story is good, I just can’t go past every other flaw to enjoy it.

          in a platforming game where the difference between making the jump and not making it is less than the width of a hair that jump mechanic isn’t perfect the game is almost broken, but with an RPG even from one or more than one of the systems is broken it can still be redeemed in other facets of the game are spot on.

        • I still find it amusing that people mention me when they talk of long paragraphs… yet there’s no possible way I can hold a candle to Alidan. FFXIII’s codex is a children’s book compared to some of your posts ^^

          If people want ‘Clift’s notes’ on my posts, usually the first sentence in my paragraphs denotes what that paragraph is about so you can get a general idea from a browse, just if you respond on a point please read all of it.

          If it seems like I’m tooting FFXIII’s horn, it’s because too many spoiled brats don’t realize what an excellent game it is regardless of its issues. At’s always all or nothing with the stupid new generation of gamers, and no respect is given where it is definitely due. None of the childish ones truly know anything about game making, otherwise they would never ever say the words ‘this game is shit’ to anything with that level of quality ever again.

          I can’t see how you can consider the story cliche beyond anything else out there. I’ve said it before, if you don’t want cliche, stop reading or playing anything, because that’s the only way to avoid it. The story was a unique and innovative twist on a sci-fi concept many of us know, and with the archetypes that everyone generally wants, even if they pretend they don’t. If that’s problematic to people, I can’t say anything, because I know to accept a story as being a variable twist on one I’ve seen before. Best part is, I’m never conscious of it. I always shut down my judgments so I always enjoy something on its own merits, nothing more, nothing less.

          Characters are a per person basis. For example I really enjoyed Hope’s presence as a balancing act between Snow and Lightning, because I didn’t like him at first. I was glad that there wasn’t a character who was instantaneously bad ass and had growth over time under abnormal circumstances. But most gamers are childish themselves, they hate seeing a reflection of their own self-loathing in a character. It’s one reason there are so many DBZ and shounen fans. Sure I enjoy them too, but I also recognized long ago that there’s equal power to overcoming emotional battles (not merely in traditional drama form). I can’t say FFXIII is worthy of academy consideration of course, but they definitely could have handled it worse.

          Battle system felt like it was just shy of being three-dimensional. The battle system was conceptually enjoyable, because it really was a nod to everyone who played FF from the beginning. It was all the old school FF’s battle systems packaged inside the paradigm system. Old AND new, in my opinion nearly seamlessly combined. That being said, as everyone knows, they integrated it too slowly over 10 chapters, and didn’t explore it as well as they could. I personally felt there was decent challenge in many of the later battles, especially the Adamantoise initially. I needed youtube help to understand the system clearly enough to use it well considering how different it was during the more difficult enemies after I’d gotten used to just mashing, which was their failure.

          I will rarely, if ever, give a generalization on any wide range topic. I’m all for assassinating Ishihara, for example on a generalization I will make 😀 But when it comes to games and emotional story-based elements that are creative works, I don’t believe there’ll be a time outside of a Big Rigs discussion where I will ever allow a childish, simplistic, or altogether useless post regarding the work of hundreds of people on a work of art. Once you’ve been part of the creative process and realize just what a small tweak can do to decimate a game’s worth to gamers, you realize what a tightrope those people walk almost daily. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

        • Anonymous

          exactly that’s my point that the game was broken fundamentally on more than one level, the only part of the game that may be redeeming is the story but for me personally I couldn’t forgive every other fucking flaw in the game to actually enjoy the story and I couldn’t even enjoy the story because I didn’t know that there was a fucking condex in the game.

        • @Houselife
          one more thing, i don’t know where have you been in the past decades, but explorations IS and integral part of and RPG, be it table top or a digital game, and to be true there are actually others RPGs that tried removing the avatar navigation but STILL kept the exploration on the game replaced by a menu navigation

          whats the point of having you control an avatar on FF13 that moves in all directions when there is only ONE direction to take? they could replace it with a menu navigation that throws random encounters and the game would be exactly the same gameplaywise

        • Okay there’s honestly way too much to go through here somewhere trying make everything short


          First off let’s define rehash and innovation.
          Rehash would be going through the same setting again with the same things to save some money
          innovation would be taking that Amgen or a concept expanded upon it.
          Now call of duty games are more about the action and experience regardless of what the setting is an ESB can be rehashed and they were from 1 to 3 I believe in saying you couldn’t notice the difference between doom and Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem without being a graphics whore is fairly retard

          Off okay now, final fantasy having a feeling of being a final fantasy game, that’s a bit harder for me to explain about but final fantasy for me at least up until 10 I believe was a game that took itself more or less serious had consequences that expand upon itself and was usually a benchmark for graphics on any given counsel that was placed on a lease believe that’s what a few of final fantasy game is. Ally games can actually fall into that category, and I believe a lot of them fall into it better than final fantasy has been recently

          Now you went on to say stuff I believe about the combat system, which we can at least all agree needs to change, not for change sake though, but because there were problems in final fantasy 13 combat system, your problems in final fantasy tends leveling system, there were problems in final fantasy 12 was the equipment management, there were problems in final fantasy eight systems. Every final fantasy game has had a fatal flaw in it that held the series back since final fantasy seven, I don’t exactly know why, I think it’s just that they try to innovate and make the game seem new and fresh even when they don’t need to be. Final fantasy would honestly be better to just stick with one core combat system for the main franchise and evolve upon that.

          Now as I said before I never finished final fantasy 13 so I’m just going on a limb and say they had a damn good setting for the game, however to most players that setting was never explained good. I wouldn’t mind seeing another game in that setting if they explain it better this time, here’s hoping they learn their lesson.


          While I agree with you I believe they need a complete revamp of the battle system, the leveling system, the system for basically everything in that game, because we’ve all played on our PG is at this point, most of us have played 13 have played at least final fantasy seven through nine, most people aren’t jumping onto the final fantasy franchise from 13, but the battle system in that game was built as though you were jumping on it with this is your first RPG ever, and that’s where a lot of the problems came from.


          Final fantasy almost belongs to the own tier in videogames, there are a few games to get higher budgets than final fantasies, various played his final fantasies, there are remembered as long as final fantasies, or that are as liked or despised as final fantasies are. Though you are a troll I had to respond.


          Now correct me if I’m wrong but people had a big problem with final fantasy 10 when it came out to because of that.

          I went in the final fantasy 13 hoping to like. He moved its faults that was basically one straight line I walk and I thought I’d be okay with that, I was wrong because of all the other systems in a game that were just poorly executed. I have more reasons for not liking it than just jumping on a bandwagon, I can point out the good that it had, it had nice graphics, it tried new things (it failed). Where it failed the most for me was in its battle system, where at one point I was playing as the black guy and a little girl, the little girl was the healer and the black guy was the tank. These battles took so long when they were fighting the robots that was actually able to press the button that just kept putting in commands and for black guy to attack while little girl healed that was able watch TV for 15 minutes periods of time in which the battle was still commencing. This was prior to most major problem the game had. You wouldn’t let me have a party that I actually wanted to play.


          I would prefer more retro battle system opposed to the new one. I believe that’s what a lot of people would’ve liked. We also would’ve loved to have the story told to us in a way that can force us to read a condex, as I’m told there was in the game that I had no idea there was.


          However the more it turns into a movie the more people turn away from it, personally I don’t care for it turns into a movie with very little anything else, because their stories honestly aren’t too bad. The problem comes from them not being able to the battle system that any core gamer would really like to play, and the fact that most of the core gamers of the franchise play video games to play video games and not because it’s a story, I am single more people in real life who play final fantasy games because of the battle systems then because of their stories. They’re trying to attract new people to the video game who don’t necessarily play video games, and they’re disregarding the people who do play video games while they’re doing that.

          Lawence Codye

          Is actually made a sequel to the game, the game would probably be preceded by a 15 minute movie which would basically explain the first game, and throw to first all were to again play the characters in the game would fill in the blanks that the movie left open. But I would honestly love to see a remake of the first game with more core gamer orientated battle system instead of our new person jumping on the franchise one.


          You want us to have a good point there, and I did enjoy the combat system of final fantasy 12 more than any other final fantasy game, but there were flaws. Final fantasy games that I believe seven has been more about telling a story about an immersive gameplay. To that end final fantasy 13 makes a good final fantasy game but a bad game.


          There are, I believe, only 13 core series predecessors, with spinoffs. And Crystal Chronicles is actually one of the better spent off this final fantasy has had.


          I wouldn’t exactly say they’ve ruined final fantasy, squarenix it is trying to do something along the lines of bridging the gap between the movie and a videogame, like in the movie you have to cut out a lot of things to make everything fit in that to a half hour time frame. If I had to equate it to anything with squarenix is trying to do is take all the hairy Potter books and make them into one thing, every single time they make a final fantasy game. They couldn’t exactly make a movie with the way they tell a story but sadly they also can’t make a game with how they want gameplay to be.


          Books was pretty damn good gameplay. And I honestly can’t argue with you on anything else.


          Couldn’t agree with you more.


          Note back when I first heard playing RPG’s annoying believe there was a term linear, there was just good RPG’s and bad RPG’s. And if I think back on the ones that were more linear were the bad ones.

          Now correct me if I’m wrong but if you know what you’re doing you can be more wind in either seven minutes or 15 minutes. However there is more than 300 hours in the core gameplay, not counting the expansions which adds another 200 hours to the game. The core story and moral when maybe linear but the game in itself isn’t.

          I played final fantasy 10 I believe till little bit after that wedding thing. And I lost our will to play that game, the leveling system in that game was broken to say it best. I mean how can you actually level a character to a higher level and make some less powerful to the point you can’t kill anything anymore is beyond me. Then not to mention the main character titus…

          NG I have to agree nothing sucks more and RPG than losing your place, but should taking all this side crap you can do all of the game will really be the alternative?

          Okay have to stop you from sucking it’s dick anymore, this game had more failures in it than any other game in its series, from the way it told the story to its combat system to its characters to its leveling system to the moment by moment gameplay there is not one thing that I could not bitch about this game and I’m not even touching that it’s a straight line for most of it because I can live with that I couldn’t live with everything else.

          “I’ve said it before, it’s delivery, and the only true thing I cannot forgive FFXIII for is not weaving the codex information into the actual game. It left the audience unforgivably confused, and is simply a horrible, horrible shortcut to have even attempted…”

          On that point I cannot agree with you more if they would’ve put that into the story I probably could’ve played it to its completion, but with everything else coupled with that story missing key elements that you had to read in a condex I had no idea was even in the game I could no longer play it.


          That’s how it’s supposed to be done, however not in final fantasy 13’s case.


          Have to agree


          Though I disagree with his opinions a lot of time I can at least respect them.

        • Oh, it’s Houselife. Now I remember where I last heard that idiotic drivel about FF13 being as linear as any other FF.

          You’re always there if a thread happens to be lacking in long paragraphs of utter stupidity.

        • Houselife, I agree with you in your assessment on multiple levels. FFX and FFXIII are very similar in design, and let me say that I loathed everything about both of those games. The one thing that separates FFX from FFXIII; however, is that there was some challenge in it. FFXIII has one dominant strategy and, to be honest, one dominant party throughout the entire game. There was only one fight in the entire game that gave me a challenge, and that was one of the Monster Hunter missions. At least in FFX I had to change strategies and had to actually plan battles when I did the monster arena challenges. You seem to laud the game’s story. I disagree completely. The story in FFXIII was terrible, cliched, and executed poorly. Almost every character is unlikeable and unrealistic. Wow, sounds like I’m talking about FFX doesn’t it?

        • I’ve always thought the reason why they shoved that stuff in the codex is because it’s not actually required to understand the story. It helps you understand the world better, but you can basically ignore like 2/3 of the game’s terminology and still follow what’s going on.

        • @12:03
          Unfortunately that argument is actually true. Every one of those games is linear, however what a good designer does in those situations is grant the player the illusion of exploration. Going backward or skirting a mountain in an area isn’t exploration, it’s level grinding. Very few instances ever grant true exploration, and I don’t believe I can name a JRPG that even tries to hide its linearity. It’s merely the level to which you can suspend your disbelief by the illusion granted to you. That illusion though is all it really needs, just like any book.

          The Lord of the Rings was completely linear, and yet knew how to pretend its world was bigger. The best game to do similar was Morrowind, not because of the island’s size, but because of the tidbits of information around, and conversations (even if they got repetitious) about Sheogorath and historical events and their weaving into the story, hinting at a greater world with events occurring.

          As I mentioned, it’s the expectation placed on RPGs, not what an RPG actually is. The explorations and such are a perceived add-on over the years as Square had proven itself more and more capable of insinuating depth. In fact I’d go so far to say that FFX and FFXIII are so similar in delivery that if you removed SIN as a unifying element in how SIN was written, you would be close to FFXIII. FFX was so highly rated and amazing and sold well, and FFXIII was considered a failure even though it’s technically a commercial success. FF13’s failure was in writing, and NOT because of characters or plot, but its delivery of its perceived epic world.

          I absolutely loved that you never felt that the story was far from you. In every other FF I have lost track of what I was supposed to do at least once from all the side crap, and there’s nothing worse than that for killing a narrative. They were strong enough that that didn’t ruin it, but I became very aware that I was playing a game, unlike beforehand where I felt part of a world. A gigantic difference for anyone who has practiced the art of letting themselves sink deeply into a setting. Many of you know this feeling I’m sure.

          The linearity would have been ignored in general had people not printed the stupid maps and shared them on the internet to feel e-special. After our perceptions were already tainted, it’s all most of the stupid people thought about. The other thing that killed it were expectations. You expected the fallacy of exploration and as such when it wasn’t there, in probably one of the most solid games of the series, there was a giant collective unconscious of people who were all goaded into thinking similar things.

          I’ve said it before, it’s delivery, and the only true thing I cannot forgive FFXIII for is not weaving the codex information into the actual game. It left the audience unforgivably confused, and is simply a horrible, horrible shortcut to have even attempted, but even that didn’t kill the game’s wonderful STORY delivery for me. It was fast-paced and you went right along without feeling too rushed beyond the initial lore.

        • 07:17: Oh god will you shut the fuck up with that fucking bullshit, I’ve seen a hundred idiots like you regurgitate that completely retarded “argument” and I’m so sick of it.

          How about we take it one step further and say there’s no difference between movies and linear games, you can’t change the fucking outcome anyway.


        • ^ by that argument almost every other RPG is linear, even the western ones… sorry but a linear game is more than just the setup of the events happening on it, guess what even movies can have non-linear storylines and be interactive, yeah a hour and half of video can be non-linear and interactive…

          previous FF games could made you feel like playing an open world game, even when you knew you had to go to X place you always had side quests to accomplish and a fucking WORLD map to explore and travel, in FF13 you don’t even have cities because “they are too hard to do in HD”, to make things worst even leveling feels automated or guided, only to be topped by the amazing combat system where the challenge is to figure it out how to break the creep… you know… to basically use libra…

        • ff7 and 8 had countless text, im sure if it was remake with cutscenes instead of text there will be more cutscene in 7 than there is in 13. These new ones might be like movies but the old ones were like books.
          They were also linear. Every time I finished ff7 which was a good few times, I did it in the exact same order. Mainly because there are no branches or choices to make, 7-8-9-10-12-13 are all linear. In ff6 you could get back your people in a different order but even then it was do all switches to unlock last bit.

        • @5:28

          There are more than 12 predecessors to FFXIII There’s Crystal Chronicle and a bunch of useless spin offs (lets not forget the movie as well) that came before FFXIII.

          And about comparing apple to orange: it depends whoever likes apple and orange, but so far everything SE has been feeding us is too sour for a lot of our tastes.

        • People are not exactly that ignorant. The issue is, that there are at least 12 predecessors that FFXIII could be compared to. There is no way anyone will feel guilty that they may have unintentionally made an apple to orange comparison because they are all considered part of the same series. Nitpicking is way too easy as a result and there is nothing you can do about it.

        • @HouseLife

          wait, what?

          i couldn’t care less what kind of combat system the game has, be it turn-based or realtime, i actually like FF12… but i expect exploration and depth in an RPG, not just on a FF game, linear corridors with linear gameplay does not make FF13 a good RPG even less a good FF game, why would i want more of the same?

          care to explain?

        • I would actually hope that this isn’t a sequel but a remake of some kind, I mean what if I haven’t played the first game, now I have to play that game first just to know WTFH is going on in the second game…don’t get me wrong, that is normal but in this case, they might want to fix what was FFXIII before making an actual sequel to it or I don’t know, get to work on FFXIII Versus instead & hold off on it at least, but I digress…

        • Don’t you people have the feeling that all this “FF XIII is the worst game ever!1” it’s already too much? Almost like the media is trying to bring down Square Enix? Final Fantasy has always been Final Fantasy, everytime getting closer to a playable movie, offering thousands of beautiful effects, incredible places and lovely character personalities. I think Final Fantasy goes beyond something you play for the action, or the way you advance. Final Fantasy is about everything in it, not just a few features that you can find somewhere else.

        • I don’t get the feeling that he feels Final Fantasy is a perfect series. He’s saying it doesn’t warrant the amount of complaints that it gets, in comparison to other series that rehash the same shit and get amazing reviews, and no one bothers to complain about it like this. He personally liked the series, and I can respect that.

          Frankly, I’m tired of the bandwagon mentality with FFXIII as well. A few vocal people decided to say that XIII was a terrible game because of its linearity early on. Now anything anyone can ever say about it is that it’s a terrible game with no merit and Square sucks so hard and should just stop making games. FFXIII wasn’t a terrible game. Faggots just had stupidly high expectations of it based merely on that nostalgic feeling they get from the other games in the series. FFX was linear for a good portion of the game as well. It had towns, but those towns could have been drawn with straight lines. Tons of people loved that game to death.

        • I think you’re treating two different groups of people as one there, houselife. I’ve never complained about any FF being a “rehash”. Hell I WISH FF13 was a rehash (preferably a rehash of FF9 and below), would’ve been tons better than what we got instead.

          I do agree that this could be good news if Squenix handles it well, i.e. make a proper FF out of FF13’s universe which wasn’t bad at all (they can keep the same battle system too).

        • I don’t care what anyone says about Square Enix rehashing FF. It’s literally just thoughtlessness and sheep mentality like everyone else who regurgitates the same old crap that they steal from someone else. I’ll yet again use the same argument. Call of Duty is a rehash of Call of Duty is a rehash of Call of Duty is a rehash of Duke Nukem is a rehash of Doom is a rehash of Wolfenstein with minor add-ons over time, just like everything else (ironically plot was the best thing they added here and there). None of that gameplay has evolved that much since the very beginning. Only a graphics whore like most of the people with the depth of a puddle who judge these games would pretend otherwise.

          Final Fantasy uses a franchise name with a base level of gameplay because it is recognizable as an icon to that type of game. Coke comes up with random new flavors of the same crap and nobody complains, why does this require such hostility? Somehow over time, stupid people have decided turn-based combat is somehow lesser than all the others. These same people think ‘RTS’s are stupid’ or some such nonsense. They’re not stupid because they don’t like it, though, just when they pretend others are somehow better.

          Final Fantasy is a feeling, an emotion, the concepts since the beginning have been utilized very well to give a sense of awe. Some people declare ‘such-and-such didn’t feel like a Final Fantasy’ and yet most can never define what that means in context. Every Final Fantasy I’ve played on a major console has felt like a Final Fantasy, because the franchise isn’t just ‘all right, turn-based combat’s done, let’s roll it out,’ it’s a total experience.

          Anyway, all I can say is fuck yes. Stupid people will get mad, but considering the very well established setting in the first one, and the very very vocal complaints about the game that could not go ignored for the sake of their success as a business, and the obvious love put into the main characters, I am exceptionally happy with this news. Square attempted something with FFXIII and I thought it was a brilliant attempt, but enough people expected certain of the same shit from the other games. These same people often complain about them being a ‘rehash’ …I won’t even go into how much this irony pisses me off.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Nowadays, just using the words ‘Final Fantasy’ doesn’t have the cool, mythic qualities we used to love in the Sakaguchi era..

          Why can’t Square just put it on hiatus for a bit and work on new quality IPs? It’s like they don’t have the guts to try.

        • @HouseLife Honestly couldn’t agree more though it seems most people have a problem with XIII NOT being a rehash. Personally, I loved the story, characters, and new battle system. It was fresh and the new FF universe was beyond satisfying. Sure, the first 10/13’s of the game was linear, but that really wasn’t a deal-breaker for me personally. Of course, I’d prefer that change provided they proceed with XIII-2, but I do hope they keep major elements such as the battles and level systems.

      • Or they could learn from Final Fantasys 1 through 12. Square Enix have had a bad year on home consoles and PC(though Birth By Sleep was excellent on the PSP), but the history of the franchise in one steeped in quality. And they don’t need to learn anything that they don’t already know, deep down.

        Certainly they don’t need to take any tips at all from FPSRPGs like Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Completely different genre, completely pointless comparison.

        • If they took a lesson from Fallout3/Oblivion, then it would be something like, “hey, design your world map before your do your scenario! Have people crisscrossing the map to get from one quest to the next instead of having the game radiate out from your starting point. Make the game 80% sidequests that you can do in any order to give the illusion of non-linearity!” Those games have their good points but boy are they sloppy in certain departments. I think the only true lessons they could really learn is to make big environments with lots of walkable space and little out of the way things to find. They cam let their backgrounds be a lot less detailed as long as they still look nice, and taking the towns out was kind of a bad idea even if shopping from save points is convenient (in the future, I suggest that they keep that part in but maybe make it limited, like your basic item shop stuff only. And they need a bigger range of potions because even hi-potions become worthless at a fairly low level and x-potions are next and usually aren’t purchaseable.) People like to be able to go back over places they visited even if they rarely do or need to, and don’t respond well to perceived attempts to wrest control from them (I’m surprised Square didn’t slap together a patch for FFXIII to slow down the battles and let you pick everyone’s battle commands. shouldn’t be that hard to do.)

        • I would cry if Final Fantasy moved to some kind of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion battle system….Though I suppose in essence, there were some similarities between FFXII’s battle system and that, minus the gambits and the license board.

      • Wrong. They have to learn from the likes of Xenoblade or Skies of Arcadia that JRPGs can stand toe to toe with the best of western ones.

        The last thing I want is to have guns and fucking space marines in my JRPGs.

  • Everyone has these ridiculous preconceptions of what an RPG is “supposed” to look like and as a result they continue to pile insults and hate on FFXIII. These are the same people who would probably be complaining that the game was “nothing but a rehash” if Square had made it similar to an existing title. Personally, I play RPG’s for this crazy thing called a story, and FFXIII had one of the best. Who cares if it was linear? There are already a plethora of other FF games that are not. The fact that FFXIII has managed to distinguish itself from amongst hundreds of other similar titles just shows that the FF series is something which can always manage to change and refrain from becoming stagnant. Many FF games released in the future will contain all of the features that people say they want in XIII, so why can’t they just accept XIII for what it is and enjoy the things it got right?

  • I’ve personally given up on square as a game company, I have for years, I always look forward to their partners games, which is Enix, they tend to be far better than FF games, they just lack the household name reconition. I’d die for a new star ocean or another Enix title over any rehashed crap Square would puke out. Back in the SNES days I was a rabid Square fan, probally until ff8 on ps1 then I noticed the company was going downhill fast, and kinda lost interest in them.

  • what a waste of time, assets and resources.

    you usually only make a sequel to a game if the first was well received, but in this case it’s trying to prove that they can make a good game.

    when ffx2 was released i brought it, thinking it may be alright. fuck no, that was one of the worst ff experiences I had in my life. It was so unbearable I couldn’t muster the will be beat that shit game.

    sequel of 13 would likely be the same.

    • Don’t count on S-E to make sane decisions anymore. Not while Wada is still on watch.

      1. Motomu Toriyama still keeping his job despite writing one diarrhea shit after another (Bahamut Lagoon, FFXIII, 3rd Birthday)
      2. Everything about FFXIV
      3. Over-eagerness to comply to ‘Western’ standards

      That thing with X-2 though…. Core gameplay aspects didn’t kill it. The theme did.

  • Its just Trolling. There is now way that true.
    Why would they continue a pretty whortless game?
    They cant even remake the FF7 or FF8.
    If they have so much money, then just give it to the poor.