Level E – “One of the Season’s Best”



Newly airing anime Level E has the distinction of being one of the few recent series not to focus almost solely on schoolgirls – and viewers are acclaiming it as one of the best of the season.

The anime itself is a science fiction comedy, adapted from a Shonen Jump manga from the last century, accounting for its retro/realistic art style.


As it is all but devoid of moe, there will doubtless be plenty of enthusiasm for it in some quarters – although whether this translates into sales is another matter.

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    Avatar of TK-Chan
    Comment by TK-Chan
    09:07 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.7)

    I feel like I'm back in the golden era of the 90's.

    Avatar of PikachuEXE
    Comment by PikachuEXE
    00:17 13/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    I like some good anime without moe

    Avatar of yuriphoria
    Comment by yuriphoria
    08:35 13/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    The why is your avatar moe?

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:21 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Nice one. Pantsu and boobs are nice, but a good story sometimes is good too.

    Avatar of Abel Liegod
    Comment by Abel Liegod
    10:40 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    I dont know about this....aliens creep me out...

    Comment by Andices
    08:49 13/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Even Aliens should be moe in Japan

    Avatar of awesome
    Comment by awesome
    09:08 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.1)

    this has good comedy in it ;)
    but in the OP he is way to gay, also his voice...

    Comment by no
    09:13 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.7)

    Says the guy with an avatar of penis proudly in display...

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:56 12/01/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Who said that picture was a futa? Maybe it's a GUY who enjoys wearing pink pantsu. Didn't "Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?" teach us that even male (zombies) have a masou-shoujo within each of them?

    Comment by Anonymous
    10:32 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.8)

    lol you people realize that all those comments are exactly what he's fishing for with that avatar and then calling something else gay, right? He even posted the same thing twice (see further down).

    I bet he's jerking off right now to all the attention he's getting, bless his soul. ;)

    Avatar of awesome
    Comment by awesome
    11:29 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.7)

    LOL, anon 10:32 might be on to something

    also i posted it "twice" cause my comment didn't show up first time, then i edited it so it wouldn't give me "duplicate post" bullshit and posted it again, sometimes sankaku commenting system fails at displaying comments in time, there was a time once - my comment appeared only after 2 days..

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:30 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.7)

    lol you know it's gay when a fag says it's gay.

    Avatar of NakkiNyan
    Comment by NakkiNyan
    09:59 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.5)

    I was less than impressed with the show but I guess change is still good.

    Avatar of Damian
    Comment by Damian
    09:29 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    liking dicks = gay (except if you are a woman, which is stupid since we all know there are no womans on the internet)

    Comment by no
    10:04 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    Chicks with dicks not being gay is arguable, however I was commenting about penis, commonly referred to as male genitalia, which is the the focus in his picture.

    tl;dr - delicious irony

    Avatar of TenguSan
    Comment by TenguSan
    14:12 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    a flame board?

    An anime lacks moe and all hell breaks loose on the comments from the shear confusion of it

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:09 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    It's a high quality strap-on.

    Avatar of お茶
    Comment by お茶
    01:16 13/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    So sad, not matter how great a story is..
    If there's no sales/ purchase..
    Noone will publish it..
    The market forces drive the style/ theme/ plot of manga..

    Avatar of Kitsunemimi6
    Comment by Kitsunemimi6
    12:20 13/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    I am definetely going to watch this, I don't watch anime only to see fan service, I also want to get lifted out of reality & this is definitely going to do that...

    Can't wait to see if this is any good...

    Comment by Anonymous
    13:55 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    anyway... post the source of you avatar so we can delight with a good penis.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:38 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    delicious denial

    Comment by Anonymous

    I'm jealous.

    Comment by Anonymous

    that's why me shouldn't mess with moe

    Avatar of Sylar
    Comment by Sylar
    04:50 13/01/2011 # ! Neutral (-0.2)

    Nice to see Sankaku leveling up even a little and showing a show that is not full of panties and moeblobs.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Futanari =/= gay.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:24 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    i wonder...
    one of the seasons best or the only not to be easily mistaken for any of the rest

    Comment by Anonymous
    13:49 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.4)

    @Anon10:33 if you were around 20 years ago and watched the old genlock subbed VHS tapes you would probably know what I'm talking about.

    I only give credit where credit is due, and I'm not going to give this show credit for appealing to a handful of nostalgic 30-40 year olds.

    If you want originality look elsewhere, or write a show of your own. I guarantee anything you can come up with has already been written.

    Avatar of tgteggr regegege
    Comment by tgteggr regegege
    12:08 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    It looks cool, don't judge it before you watch it.

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:12 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    The graphics of this anime is so outdated.

    We need more azunyan

    Avatar of Yoshii-kun
    Comment by Yoshii-kun
    11:09 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    This is what I've been waiting for!

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:46 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    The latter.

    Truly a generic title, just from a different age.
    There are way more anime like this than there are moe shows.

    I don't know who said this is "one of the best shows this season", but they should probably get with the times.

    Comment by Anonymous
    07:06 13/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    As a 30 yold female, this is the only show Im going to watch this season. Besides some notamina shows, there is usually no un-moe shows only aimed at horny teens

    Avatar of Moga
    Comment by Moga
    11:50 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    I agree. Kinda looks typical, like typical before the most recent aesthetic boom.
    Not going to say it's bad, because I haven't seen it to adequately judge it's contents.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Thats a friggin' stupid thing to say, this actually looks original because it doesn't stuff some random persons underwear in your face every 10 seconds, what is original to you dude? KON? Ore Imouto? This is different from the new crap they put out now.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:27 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Well he's suppose to be gender neutral. As his race technically has no gender.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:59 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    His race has a gender?
    I don't want to spoil the show, but there is a particular event in book 3 of the manga...

    Avatar of GANTZ Playboy!
    Comment by GANTZ Playboy!
    10:32 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    This show looks like a giant Sausage-Fest!! We're the babes??

    Even that goofy anime about the 'Demon Baby Lord' has a sexy buxom Nanny.

    Comment by Anonymous
    12:21 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    are you a closet homosexual or something?

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:13 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    "We're the babes??"? I don't know if that's a spelling error or a statement of sexual orientation.

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:13 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    I am not the babes.

    Avatar of Yourtime
    Comment by Yourtime
    09:52 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    I have the thought I have to watch it (didn't yet but the trailer looked great) :D

    Avatar of King Tiger
    Comment by King Tiger
    14:35 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    some detail on plot would be nice but the pics themselves make it look promising I should check it out

    Comment by Anonymous

    your post made me laugh,where's the fcking golden 90 era?

    since no moe,i'll pass this one.

    Comment by Anonymous
    12:06 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    your loss

    Comment by Anonymous

    The only person saying it's good is Arte fact, because he still believes he lives in the 90s.

    It's unique, but not in a good way it's just a generic show from a 20 years ago.

    Comment by Anonymous
    13:41 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    What's old is new again.

    Avatar of Homu Improvement
    Comment by Homu Improvement
    09:09 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.7)

    Well since Togashi Yoshihiro wrote the manga, I doubt they'll be many girls just feminine men.

    Avatar of jizz
    Comment by jizz
    09:52 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    it was obvious there won't be many girls as soon as the PV for this was out

    Avatar of Actar
    Comment by Actar
    09:17 12/01/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    No series can be devoid of 'Moe' because you can consider anything to be 'Moe'. It's just that most Otaku/Fans are 'Moe' for cute girls.

    Whatever the case, this series looks pretty intriguing.

    Avatar of demonhaseo
    Comment by demonhaseo
    14:03 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Well said Actar :D Moe can be anything but most of us tend to group "Anime Girls" and "Moe" together thus making people who don't understand the term properly to thing "Moe" mean's anime's with overly cute to the point of Puking anime girls (I say this cuz about 3 people I know off line actually said that statement).

    Comment by Anonymous

    Words change meaning everyday and nowadays Moe is practically another word for "cute".

    Comment by no
    10:08 12/01/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    However, there are shows that are aimed towards targeting(or should I say exploiting) the moe-obsessed group. "Moe style" very much exists and I'm pretty sure that's what the author meant.

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