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Bleach “In Last Season”


Bleach followers are puzzling over a remark which suggests the anime may be due to end soon.

The suspect utterance was made on the site of “ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D,” the band responsible for the anime’s latest ED song:

“I think our tune is perfect for the final season’s climax – please check it out!”

This would suggest an April end to the anime.

The original remark was quickly amended to something uninteresting (suggesting it was unauthorised and of sufficient importance to warrant swift removal, but of course not confirming it was actually true), although not before the fires of speculation were lit online.

With the anime apparently still maintaining its popularity and the author of the original having hinted the manga will continue at least until the end of the universe, it is hard for fans to know what to make of the remarks.

The fact that the anime has apparently almost exhausted the original manga’s material may be the major issue – this would suggest either a permanent ending, a temporary hiatus to allow the original to regain its lead, or a return of the dreaded “filler arc.”

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