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Aya Hirano: “Stop Bashing My Dad! I’ll Quit Twitter!”



Aya Hirano’s latest episode is even stranger than the last, with the troubled idol vowing to quit Twitter over accusations of tax evasion and familial harassment, only to return to it as soon as her attention span lapsed.

The latest storm began with one of her usual inexplicable remarks:

“I had a Japanese meal. I was hoping to treat someone but I was treated myself! I got the receipt too! Sorry, father. I’m full, thanks to you!”

The leading interpretation of this is that she is using her father’s receipts for tax evasion purposes.

She ignored the resulting storm of opprobrium but later provided some damage control:

“My parents were upset thanks to a recent tweet.

People aren’t just bashing me, they are bashing my parents too… I was really shocked when they said it would have been better for them not to have invited me to dinner.

Honestly, I’m really sick of these tweets sometimes.”


“Even so, it didn’t feel right to give it up at this stage so I started tweeting again. It’s my fault they were able to find fault like that.

I feel really guilty about what happened to my parents, but I can’t easily wipe that away so I’ll try to maintain a healthy attitude.

Sorry for worrying you all with my absence.”

It should of course be noted nobody actually knows who her parents are.

2ch as ever marvels at her stirring of the pot:

“And of course she never bothers to explain just why she was collecting their receipts…”

“Perhaps it would be best for them if you weren’t there?”

“Her father was probably shocked to find out about his daughter’s tax evasion.”

“This is even worse than Yurishii…”

“Is there some rule which says celebs have to use Twitter now? Even CEOs come off the worse for wear when they start…”

“Just stop using Twitter for goodness’ sake!”

“Aya, you’re so cute! We’ll always be here for you – we’re all your supporters!”

“So she’s just saying ‘it’s all your fault’ and not accepting she did anything wrong.”

“Twitter is pretty amazing. You can watch Hirano and the haters do battle directly… I’m an anti so I hope she sticks at it.”

“She’s probably provoking these storms to promote herself. She’s so sly I’m going to puke…”

“Lately everything she says just looks like lies designed to attract sympathy.”

“I think she just enjoys your reactions.”

“Is her agency deliberately having her act as a crazy character? Usually they would have put a stop to this sort of thing…”

“Aya Hirano and Square Enix… the term ‘finished contents’ applies so perfectly to either it’s scary.”

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