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Winter 2011 Anime “Least Original Ever” “Just Rehashes”


Anime fans are complaining that the latest season of anime comprises little more than a series of painfully derivative rehashes of overworked themes coupled with rigid adherence to genre templates.

The diagram below accuses Gosick, Infinite Stratos, Freezing and Merry of being rehashes based on three near identical elements – “a harsh heroine, lame protagonist, and a school setting”:


Other disgruntled anime fans complain that all anime of any quality now merely focus on the “three pillars” of anime – “battle, romance and school.”

Fans unkindly speculate that the popularity of these inescapable elements is based on “a need to compensate for miserable otaku childhoods.”

Add to this “moeblob,” “slice of life” and “incest” and a fairly complete picture of contemporary anime is arrived at (a few other equally staid tertiary genres, such as mahou shoujo, mecha and harem also continue to be regurgitated).

Whatever their exasperation at being endlessly presented with the same formulaic drivel season after season, unfortunately it seems few fans actually bother to buy anything original when it does get made, rather suggesting a significant portion of anime fans may merely be reluctant to admit their endless hunger for schoolgirl dating fantasies and imouto fetish material.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Except this is the premise for all comics and stories pretty much anywhere…bar perhaps the strange plethora of fetishisms that manga will extend. Even so-called classics in Books and Western Literature will inevitably fall into the three categories seeing how basic they are (try to tell me what Crime and Punishment, Beloved, Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights, Invisible Man are about without using any of these three). That doesn’t mean you won’t find some insightful manga plots or characters every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that everyone goes to manga looking for that. This seems like a typical esoteric and elitist critique on yet another media medium to me.

    Cliches are the hammer and nail of human storytelling; I’m not sure where this intense premium on “originality” is coming from but it seems pretty close to hipster-dom to me. Maybe its frustrating to see that humanity is at its core the same, and cliches are a subconscious reminder that our progress may not really be progress?

    Seriously, manga or classic literature, you need to mix the general things that people can relate with to a semi-original display of them,otherwise you will just lose your audience. Violence, Sex, and “daily life” are arguably the philosophical centerpieces of humanity.

  • Well, I hate to admit that I need those compensation for my miserable childhood, but I don’t accept rehashes.

    Don’t they have any sense of being made fun of when they see obvious rehashes? I mean, c’mon you can almost predict what’s gonna happen!

  • “Whatever their exasperation…a significant portion of anime fans may merely be reluctant to admit their endless hunger for schoolgirl dating fantasies and imouto fetish material.”
    They hate themselves for liking it, so they complain about it?

  • I figured anime was generally in a pretty sorry state, but lately I’ve been watching Panty & Stocking, Bakemonogatari, OreImo, Natsumi Yuujincho, and Summer Wars, haven’t yet finished Detroit Metal City and Ergo Proxy and I haven’t even started on Shakugan no Shana 2, Planetes, or Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, or Milky Holmes…

    I’d have to overlook a lot to think that anime was doomed as an artistic medium. There is a lot of bland crap to sift through, but there are still interesting and original titles out there yet! If a season or two is lackluster… haha, like I’d notice anyway, I have so many years backlogged, lol

  • I stick to my gut lately and only get really interested in stuff from Keiko Nobumoto, Yōji Enokido, and Masamune Shirow. I ignore ones with art styles that look bishounen because in the end they’re either as good as Fullmetal Alchemist, or as boring as Kyo Kara Maoh.

  • Sorry I forgot to mention. I fucking like Trigun way before it aired in the West. It wasn’t that bad. and VZ you’re an idiot. The anime industry hasn’t moved on. Cute girls has been around since the 90’s. You, sir probably haven’t taken the time to pay attention to anything 20-30 years ago because you fap too much. I noticed the cute girls in anime a long time ago. And they’ve always been there. The only difference between now and then is all the anime featuring cute girls are the same. I’ll go back to saying it again people ignore stuff like GITS and Trigun because there aren’t very many hardcore science fiction and fantasy fans. Other than japan, I bet most people here are pubescent idiots who don’t know anything before the 21st century. Live a bit longer before you can make a comment. And try, just TRY maybe forcing yourself to watch EVERYTHING from 30 years ago to now so you’ll have a bit of knowledge and at least SOUND like you know what you’re talking about. I have very specific tastes but I make myself watch everything and I’m glad I do because I have a greater appreciation for anime. Idiots who don’t take the time to even watch stuff all the way through will never enjoy anything. This goes for both Japan and you folks who are raging here at Sankaku.

    • Now hold on kingfisher, there r those that must be smited for not watching anime all the way through and those who have not even seen them enough to understand or appreciate it long enough to grasp it’s true values, however with that being said not many can understand something what they don’t see within themselves to understand it long enough to enjoy it. How could they really? Trigun, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Astroboy,
      Gundam Wing, etc. all these anime from old to new can be found and enjoyed, but people out there don’t show alot of apprciation or comfort to watch these because the don’t get it. reality can swipe the mind in all sorts of directions to where no one can ever understand then whats plan as day infront of there face. My personal opinion is that people should give it a chance and not many people r even doing that. i just think that there being too judgemental on anime like they do in life and ridicual all of us who believes strongly in our own minds. we all have freedom of speech to express how we feel about it. they should look at the origin of anime and see how it all came together and see why so many of “true blue” otaku fans out there r practicly ready to rule this realm with an iron fist if we haad the odasity to do so. so whats really the cruel thing happening here? society!

  • So called “Anime Fans” need to stop complaining. Yumekui Merry is at least original with the dream element. WTF, man? Pirate or non pirates. I think true anime fans on both sides agree that this isn’t that bad. It’s not 10 years ago when everything was different from each other but we at least have something to look foward too. So I’ll end with this phrase. Do you want cheese with that whine?

  • I’m not someone with a miserable otaku childhod but I think this season is fine. what’s with anime fans complaining. I watched all of these and I found at least Yumekui Merry an original type animation. Okay yeah we have over used highschool life, female heroine, etc. But I hardly call the protagonist lame.
    ON the other side. 1. we do need more hardcore sci-fi and fanatsy and 2. more variety of character and story.Though I hardly call anything unoriginal. I think its going to shift to some better stories. Gosick I don’t have an opinion yet.The only one i see unoriginal is Infinite Stratos. Overall I think we may have some potential. God I wish people would stop crapping out about anime being rehashes and shut up. You spoiled brats who complain haven’t lived long enough and only know stuff from the past 10 years. These themes have been constant. Do you guys want more cheese with your whine?

  • what’s with anime fans complaining. I watched all of these and I found at least Yumekui Merry an original type animation. Okay yeah we have over used highschool life, female heroine, etc. But I hardly call the protagonist lame.

    ON the other side. 1. we do need more hardcore sci-fi and fanatsy and 2. more variety of character and story.

    Though I hardly call anything unoriginal. I think its going to shift to some better stories. Gosick I don’t have an opinion yet.

    The only one i see unoriginal is Infinite Stratos.

    Overall I think we may have some potential. God I wish people would stop crapping out about anime being rehashes and shut up. You spoiled brats who complain haven’t lived long enough and only know stuff from the past 10 years. These themes have been constant since the mid 90’s. Do you want cheese with that whine?

  • “few fans actually bother to buy anything original when it does get made, rather a portion of anime fans may be reluctant to admit their endless hunger for schoolgirl dating fantasies etc.”

    That’s cause and I’ll admit- the “real anime fans” rather pirate the good stuff and not pay. While the lonely otaku species wold gladly waster their money on trash and want lots more of said trash. < A vicious cycle.

    BUT. Anime being HQ'ed in Japan- The "real anime Japanese fans" are to blame. The industry does not thrive on overseas fans.

  • They act surprised recycling settings,plots,cliches,etc has been going on for a very long time. Besides really originality a vast majority of the time is an illusion based on ignorance.

    The only way to enjoy fiction once you’ve seen everything is to appreciate the little things that make it different. Or lower you’re fucking standards otherwise you will probably be miserable and depressed, or gods forbid take an interest in “Reality” ughh.

  • I’m SO FUCKING SICK of people who keep clamoring for another show like Cowboy Bebop, GITS SAC or Trigun. NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT THOSE SHOWS IN JAPAN. They and I want to watch CUTE GIRLS DOING CUTE THINGS IN CUTE WAYS and no one is going to stop it. You want another Cowboy Bebop like show? Go write one yourself. I’d love to see something like that from American animation but Japanese people have moved on and you need to learn to as well.

  • My childhood wasn’t bad, but yeah i enjoy slice of life simply because it’s more funny than other genres. I don’t like drama in anime, it tends to be way too melodramatic, and I’ve had too much shonen action viewing in my life to really enjoy the action either, so it’s comedy or nothing. Unfortunately, this season seems to be completely bereft of any good slice of life stuff that isn’t focused on incest or that doesn’t shoehorn in battles somehow.

  • “focus on the “three pillars” of anime – “battle, romance and school.””

    Atleast I like very much romance and school animes. Battle is sometimes ok for the 3rd wheel 😀

    So no complaints from me. Keep em coming !

  • Must be some miserable schmucks who can’t enjoy anything in life anymore so they have to make everyone else miserable by letting people know how everything is lame and it’s unoriginal.

    Can’t even think of the positive things, like an interesting plot line? I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t heard of a plot line like “Dream Eater Merry” so that perked my interest, and always liked a good mecha anime.

    And speaking of mecha, why don’t they complain about Gundam? How long has that franchise been going and no one complains about them? Starting to see a double standard here.

    All in all, let’s enjoy the good things that are there and be a bit of a critic when it seems good to be so. Everybody has there own preference after all.

  • maybe creators are afraid lo leave the safe Heaven of a school yard and venture
    into the domains of SCI FI or speculative fiction because unlike 10 years ago giving a glimpse to the future right now can only lead to madness and despair in a quasi Lovecraftian way.

  • ok anime is not original lately, none the less , Bakemonogatari and
    Shiki impressed me well as did Red Garden a few years back. not to foget the ones that slip my mind right now, but how about videogames all i see is guys running witha gun killing everything. movies i said this before most of the recent movies i saw the original ones year back. the important thing is not the originality
    as much as knowing how to play with whatever elemts you decide to use in your story.

  • So what if they are reused settings and themes. To me they are all tools. If used properly, you can have an amazing series if not used properly it will just be a series about some girl, some guy and some school setting. Also as Xerxes said in his comment. These themes has been used even in the older 80’s and 90’s series.

    Some months ago it was all about the moeblob, now it seems its the season for school.

  • Aww man anime is going to be like hollywood now and make movies about this one guy/girl who goes up against a bunch of aliens/bad guys/gov’t spies with guns and saves a girl/nation/world… oh wait…

  • So if I post a cockpit of an X-Wing from a star wars game, an F-15 from an Ace Combat game, that tiny transport ship-thing from halo reach, and an Arwing from star fox can I say those video games all are “Just Rehashes” of each other?

    (I’m joking, no hate please)

  • It is hard to come around originality these days. Most things have been done and if you want to be super analytical of things, take note that you can divide pretty much anything into several defining genres, classes, functionalities, etc.

    Just go with the flow and enjoy what is being giving to you rather than complain non-stop.

    Oh wait. Yeah the complaining isn’t going to stop unfortunately.

  • While I agree that ninety percent of anime for the last 10 years is lame, craptastic, and tired rehashing of stereotyped plotlines I must strenuously object to one thing.

    Incest themes can never become stale!

  • So if the guys started playing more active, less stupid roles in a bunch of shows they’d become popular?
    Not so fast! Think of the reactions from every organization out there. “Men are starting to become more powerful that women in fiction again!” It most certainly wouldn’t go over well.

    • If that were true then Hakuouki would’ve had a bigger audience, than it did.

      But instead that show got complaints about, the guys being too bishy etc.

      Meanwhile the lot of them were like Saeko Busujima’s Aniki/Onii-san with regards to the butt kicking department.

  • Want a better show? Write one yourself.

    On the other hand, there as plenty of good shows in 2010 that I enjoyed quit a bit. Note that many of them was late starters.

    I just miss such shows like Trigun, Gundam 00, Code Geass, Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate, Durarara, Outlaw star, Tokyo Magnitude 8.

    The shows that gives your brain something to think about, instead of trying to please your hormones.

  • If the Fans are bitching about storyline being overplayed now they realize it after years of watching all those animes with the same “identical elements” Rich Bitch heroine,lame protagonist cherry boy,crazy sisters who wants bothers to have sex with.Here is my advice don’t watch it.

    I was pissed off that Jellyfish Princess,Squid Girl,Ironman and others ended badly some I consider to have good storylines the problem was the lack of ratings cause a lot of shows to end faster.Its sad that you see; I am guessing 15% of those shows get lucky a to get a second seasons while others manage to to get a OVA or TV special.

  • I’d like to strike a balance between srzbsness- and guilty pleasure-shows, with the latter one occupying much less time than the former.

    Unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to keep that up due to less and less anime releases that are concerned about storytelling and character development – instead it’s supplanted with moe, ecchi (or borderline hentai in some cases), cliché ridden crap.

  • I swear, though, they need to get some new voice actors/character designers for the main freaking characters once in a while. I mean the same guy has literally been in about 50 different shows by now. At this point, I don’t even know who that design could be considered a copy of.

  • You would think tat if there were such an outrage over how pitiful this season is they would have pulled some angry rants from 2ch or somewhere at the very least.

    Instead you get vague references to “anime fans” and complaints that are as bland and unimaginative as the anime they claim to complain about.

    • Main character does not have daddy issues though.
      He’s open and friendly to folks, contrast this with Shinji’s reclusive nature.

      There’s no Misato like guardian either (nor have the teacher and school doctor, who are former team members and friends of his sister done anything remotely close to what Misato did for Shinji).

      And neither Bridgette nor Rana are the direct equivalents of Rei and Asuka either.

      There may be some similarities, but beyond the whole Nova’s = Aliens, they’re implemented completely differently.

      Sync Rate is between Limiter and Pandora, as opposed to Mother possessed Eva and pilot/offspring.

      Relationship between Limiter and Pandora is often of a romantic/sexual nature. Not so with the Eva’s and pilots.

      Freezing field vs AT field, former does not work against already fired attacks, whereas the latter will deflect attacks.

      Nor is there an Organization like Seele present with its own motivations, closest might be the Chevaliers (I think it was), but then again they seem quite satisfied with how things are working anyway, with them in control. They’re more akin to a Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs at present. Just a bunch of rich folks with a lot of political pull.

      Now if you mean, harsh insane worlds, where the main characters are put through hell, then yeah, they’re the same in that regard. The rest? Not so much.

        • Sound effect, how many times has the Wilhelm scream been re-used? Just an issue of economics.

          Aliens with cores, just a common trope by now, Strike Witches used it as well with the Neuroi, and there are bound to be other series with the same trope as well.

          Already dealt with the whole AT Field vs Freezing Field. They’re not identical. An AT field can block a long range attack by say a Gauss Rifle, a Freezing Field cannot.

          Just that the armour employed by the Nova’s is tougher than the regular weaponry that the human armies use. An EVA Like gauss rifle might work against them as well, but thus far there’s been no sign that such tech even exists.

          That leaves Angels = Aliens and a world which likes putting main characters through Hell.

  • Although IS does present a lot of cliche’s from other animes, IMO looking beyond that still makes it good enough to watch and enjoy.

    If its plot became more original along the way, I might consider buying it. Until then, TV broadcast or netflix will do 😛

    AS for the other 3, I’ve not watched them yet, so no comment…

  • Oh well, comedies are always good. Mitsudomoe Season 2 had a very good start.
    What I’m desperately missing is a good mecha show. I’d prefer a new Macross installment.
    Gundam Unicorn is pretty good but the intervals between each episode are really annoying.
    I didn’t like the Gundam OO movie. The aliens didn’t do much for me and the characters didn’t get a whole lot of meaningful screen-time.

  • I dontr mind the lame anime themes. What bothers me the most is the pussy males in the animes that keep getting pushed around without fighting back.

    Thats more annoying. Ill take the lame anime themes since I enjoy them. Just stop making the male protagonist a bitch.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Hmm, guess I was right on staying on the fence for these three shows then. I’m still waiting for Yamakan’s much-hyped Fractale to begin later this Thursday to see if I would be disappointed further.

  • People say ‘anime is dying’ EVERY year, generally because it’s using the same setting/characters/genres/etc.

    No one seems to notice that that’s the same with EVERY “creative” media in existence. Video games keep reusing the same burned out “save the world” plots (I’m looking at you FF); Charles Dickens wrote two books (A Christmas Carol and A Dozen Other Things About A Poor Kid Who Grows Up To Be Rich But Tragically Unhappy); movies have been pretty much stuck on the same half-dozen genres since they started.

    There are just only so many “original” ideas out there, it seems…

    • I grew tired of it several years ago. You can only imagine my boredom with anime as a whole, seeing the same dull thing over and over, even though I don’t want to leave it.

      Where is the next Cowboy Bebop?!

  • jamesownsall says:

    “a need to compensate for miserable otaku childhoods”

    Oh yeah, I believed this site touched on this issue before.

    My last two years at high school is probably the best two years of my entire life, and I like Freezing, but I’m tempted to think that the statement up there may have some truth to it.

    Maybe because I like only few of the animes with high school setting. I’m more of a modern mystery/drama man.

    -rests his hand on his Witch Hunter Robin and imported Monster boxset-

  • I actually think that Gosick was good and Yumekui Merry quite ok. Just because “battle, school and romance” are involved doesn’t make it bad. It is only bad if the plot/rest of the setting is unoriginal or nonexistent.

  • Well, it looks like someone from the fans wanted stories about busty but brainless cheerleaders, airhead jocks, ridiculously muscular and miserable superheroes, and tales about girls, cars and money.

    And with that lame-ass Tokyo governor in tow, they’ll do anything to kill the industry that most of us here loved.

    Damn them.

  • I can deal with moe and ecchi a bit for the next year, it wouldn’t hurt to see something different from the usual setting it is right now in 2011. I at least give other anime a shot watching especially when trying to find an anime that it is worth watching. it just takes some time for me to find it.

  • It’s funny. People scream when their favourite anime ends and does not get a new season. Then they scream that the new anime that replaced it is “just a clone”.

    I sense some serious bi-polar activity in the otaku world 😛

  • Something is seriously wrong with anime today. It looks like most anime today have male characters that can’t do shit except look fuckin stupid & female characters that can do EVERYTHING & look excellent while doing so. They seem to be trying to turn the otaku community into a bunch of maso-freaks. This boring ass shit needs to hit the fan NOW.

      • jamesownsall says:

        I see this more prevalent in mangas though.

        Change 123
        Iris Zero
        Onihime VS
        Rosario + Vampire(at least it starts the way anon20:39 described)

        Just SOME off the top of my head right now. Sure there are plenty more.

        • Sekirei has the main character show growth though, from initially cowardly, he’ll now stand up to try and protect his girls. Who knows how he’ll further develop.

          Change 123 is a bit of a special case, as they even talk about his weakness. And one of the strongest characters (the dad with the karate skill set) actually claiming that the supposed wimp is actually more invincible than the bad ass (the dad), because of how you write invincible in Japanese which is with the kanji’s of no enemies, and considering he has the knack of turning enemies into friends. It’s sort of apt.

          Plus, even if he can’t defeat enemies himself, how many wimps do you know of, who will willingly put themselves in harm’s way to protect others, even if it means that they get the living crud knocked out of them?

          He’s like Shiro without the magical powers or regular fighting prowess from F/SN the game. Idealistic to a fault. But it somehow makes him greater than he could otherwise hope to become.

          Plus a nice ending to that series too. 🙂
          HiFuMi reborn in a way.

  • I’d say Freezing was really good…it followed the theme set in the manga real close…some broken bones, slit-throats and fan service, that’s Freezing from the manga alrite

    IS is quite good to, with all the action mecha

  • In the last few years I’ve noticed that quality of anime really went down. The story is more and more simple and the chara design is more and more moe. I don’t mind moe clueless characters, but after K-on they seem to invide almost every single anime. The plot most of the time is barely noticable. I’m worried, that if it all go on like this, soon I’ll lose all my interest in new anime. I’m in this hobby for the last 20 years, and it never was as bad as it is now. The last rather good anime I’ve watched was Kuragehime, which I don’t think was even mentioned in here once. I’ve tried to check new anime of this season and it was all just boring/disappointing.

  • season of anime comprises … painfully derivative rehashes of overworked themes

    2ch realize it only now, those guys are slow

    focus on the “three pillars” of anime – “battle, romance and school.”

    I thought it would be -loli, pantsu, nipples

  • By this article nothing is original (which technically it isn’t) anymore. Even the most well regarded movies of all time are not original. Lets take Star Wars for example. there were many shows set in space and on other planets long before. The story of a resistence movement against a government is a common story. The rest of the elements were mostly based (in some way) on previous movies, TV shows, and books. The originality in Star Wars and all other works of entertainment is the way the story is put together and the way it is presented. Please stop complaining about things that can’t really be changed since everything you know and a persons creativity come from your life experiences which come from something that already exists. It doesn’t matter how original you think an idea you came up with is since if you look at it closely it is not really original.

    • Yes, a good “original” story is based on the way the story and elements are put together and presented. The difference between American movies and anime is that Americans make use of a vast array of story elements, character types, settings, etc.

      Anime uses a very small, specific selection of elements, characters, and settings. School settings are increasingly common. Male leads are either spineless wussies who somehow save the day and make all the girls fall in love with him or they’re a Goku clone. Females can all be classified by the six or seven female types commonly found in eroge and visual novels. And then there’s battles, magical girls, ghosts, period stories, battling nuns, shrine maidens, mecha, and slice of life. There’s only so much you can do with these static elements. Slice of life is really the only one that I’ve seen the most “originality” in recently.

  • I dont understand why exactly now this is noted as a problem?? This formula have been running for years, i personally would like to see more seinen and sports, but some of the new titles like beelzebub are actually good. If people are dissatisfied with the current anime season they can for example just follow a single show and watch some older stuff they have missed.

  • *sigh*
    Hourou Musuko, Fractale, Wolverine, Level E, Mai no Mahou to Katei no Hi. These shows are all airing this season and are very different from what anime fans are claiming to be plaguing this season. Of course, nobody will watch them and buy the DVDs so it’s like they never existed.

  • Originality is overrated, execution is underrated.

    I will take a cliché-filled mecha, harem or battle anime with good story/characters/animation any day in the week over a oh so original anime with crappy story and uninteresting characters.

    • Originality =/= Good Show

      You can come up with the most original idea no mankind have ever think off in all human history but if you give it to a director who’s going to butcher the balance, turn all the supposed-to-be-great characters into lifeless moving objects, turn the full motion animation into boring slideshows; it’ll still end up as a trainwreck.

        • he said “if i judged from the first episode”. because thats what the ones talking about “leats original anime season” are doing right now. what anime can you judge by its first episode? less than 10% of anime can be judged just by its first epsode. iron man (its bad and you can see that right in the ifrst episode), code geass (you can see the greatness ight in the first episode), are few examples. but most juts CANT be judged from their first episode!

    • You can always tell when someone’s IQ is around 100 when they cannot fathom that there is no such thing as “originality”. The concept of “originality” goes hand in hand with “ignorance”. If you think something is original, then you are merely showing your ignorance to what came before. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

      …although, having 100 IQ isn’t that bad. It is, afterall, the average IQ. The problem I have with it is I have to endure people’s endless need to complain about a “lack” of originality.

  • If you start comparing with prominent past animes then there is no way they can beat that. Look it as it is and it does shine by itself. And yet again judging with just 1 episode will be the worst evaluation ever.

  • I plan to follow all 4 anime in the pic above.
    I always wonder “what if you put a male protagonist on strike witches?” and voila, there goes Infinite Stratos. At least we’re not going to see a close up of Ichika flying around wearing shimapan~

  • This is a totally useless post. No sources, and examples of only the first episode from each series, etc.

    Also, older anime fans may have seen all this stuff before, but there are also newer fans. I’m sure anime fans transitioning from the 80s to the 90s also experienced an “overload.”

    • An anime’s genre is defined even before said anime airs. The post just reports an ongoing critique of anime rehashing the same old genres and, even more notably, the same “features”, like a harsh female and apparently useless male (who will probably kick ass in an anticlimactic manner later on in the show).
      These are all facts, antithetic to what is most desirable in any work of art: originality, personality, depth.

    • Yep, how many mecha animes were there about a group of kids riding robots to combat aliens back in the 70-90’s? Hard to count. The only difference are back then people just watched and enjoyed almost every shows as usual…. plus there were no internet and that much stuff where people think they can roleplay as Nostalgia Critic, Ramsey or Cowell.

  • Whoa, someone (anime fans?) complaining about “battle, romance and school” scheme? Thats something new.

    Maybe finally they will produce something appealing to others, not only hardcore otaku.

    (my advice: just double noitaminA slot)

    • yeah. just beeing said, if you look at merry, less than a minute of the episode was in school. gosick had also less than two minutes of time in the classroom, and you cant really call a garden that used to be the “love room” of a former king of that country up in the library “school”.

    • I think it’s not the genre themselves that are bad, just that the anime companies don’t make any effort to get out of the pre-established formula. It’s possible to make something that stands out using the same previous elements, but they just think they can get people with the same generic thing.

  • I’m getting sick and tired of people saying these are just copies of other anime. The anime/movie industry is running out of ideas so of course they’d be in school life, a certain heroine, lame protagonist, blah blah blah; I don’t care if u say I’m trolling I still say these anime are A-OKAY every genre has already been done so you can’t blame them blame urself for blaming them. I only have one thing to say its those anti-anime/manga people doing all this saying its already done trying to worsen anime/manga.

    • It is easy to see WHY these animes are popular. Anime industry is playing to its audience. It’s audience is giving them money for that attention. When the audience supports something different, more different things will be made.

      Most anime is aimed at the school aged or just out of school (hence, SCHOOL is dominant), the shy or less confident (hence, why the male protags are so wimpy and lack confidence) and the lonely or less experienced (hence, harem).

      Anime is an escape, and most are just offering an easy and well trampled path— being important/special, surrounded by many beautiful girls, and a better or more interesting life than the viewers.

      It sounds like you would prefer more storytelling centered animes and less common fantasy escapism.

    • I really do not believe for an instant that people are running out of ideas. I just think that the power$ that be would rather play it safe by making simulacrum of previous successful shows.

      I keep looking back to what brought me into anime. Inspired works like Cowboy Bebop were written with inspiration and courage.

      I look at Eva. See, people flock and fap to the latest sexy little thing in the latest anime, but the fine ladies from Eva are timeless. And it really isn’t about them it’s about the story that they helped to shape. That quality is why they are timeless.

      No amount of cheap pantsu can get close to the sheer quality of the inspired old shows.

      We need new writers who are inspired! Catering to the lowest common denominator will just continue to push the entire genre deeper and deeper into a niche until it’s no longer able to sustain itself!

  • “a need to compensate for miserable otaku childhoods.”

    Oh C’mon you fans, I had a cool and nice childood, yet, I like to watch animes with those elements.

    Anyways, the same kind of shounen animes always have something in common.

    • Same here Kyon. I don’t pity these slovenly, pathetic Otaku though. It’s their own fault they are penniless virgin wretches with no life.

      They just need to snap the **** out of it and realize everyone has hard times, not just them.

      That being said, the new episode cracked me up. Gachi pink is a tubby one, ain’t she?

    • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

      Don’t drag down that fictional male protag in GOTHIC (aint writing that lame ARSE “correct” title) as I like to point out that he climbed up something like 20 TWENTY 20 floors almost on a daily routine!
      When I was younger I visited a Lighthouse and climbed to the top. I had to stop halfway, because -most likely(I delude myself)- I’ve been walking for hours before I got there. That was at best 6 stories! And I only did it ONCE
      The only lame asses here are all the 2ch otakus who’s only exercise is Right arm jerking, and finger smashings on keyboards to get their fictional dream girl of questionable age to “climax”~

      • good point. none of the heroes in these stories are really lame, well I haven’t seen freezing yet. Infinite stratos is more like a copy of that tenchi muyo oda about his little brother. It’s more closely related to original harem comedy not the types made from “this loser is you” heroes. They where originally about a hero who happens to be one of the worlds greatest warriors and often happen to be a prince or from some special lineage. Originally, harem comedy was about a hero with status and skill, the kinda person who would have women swarming after them in real life, who happens to want a normal life. This is what it is.

        Side note: chances are if you think something is original it is just unfamiliar to you. original things can suck to so just make it interesting even if it’s familiar.

        • Actually, some of the far more interesting series are just rehashes of a story format. Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach all have elements of DragonBall Z, (the fight-happy protagonist, anyone), but its what they do DIFFERENTLY that makes them stand out. It’s not that the Winter 2011 anime season is the “least original”, it just has a lightly lower range in quality of animes from the prior seasons. Honestly, I’d expect this with all the crap that’s happened with the anti-otaku bill, because companies are trying to make the “safest profit” rather than going out of their way to spend mass amounts of money when a dry spell of spending could be immanent, and, if you look at the gaming industry, a “safe profit” is a product that has the biggest market, even at the cost of originality.

        • I do have to admit, it gets very repetitive & they don’t really try hard enough to make anything all that original imo…

          I do not however agree with that disgraceful statement about why that may be however…miserable otaku childhood, fucking idiots…

        • Darkrockslizer, if it was realistic, it would be boring as hell.

          Better— as in a more varied mixture of the basic elements, would be welcome.

          If moeblobs, harems, and incest animes sell, then what’s a commercial company going to do? Make more of what sells. Until anime fans start making mega-successes out of the “non-mainstream” “cookie cutter” animes, the market isn’t going to change.

        • Are you talking otaku as in Japanese usage or otaku in “Western” usage— as that means “nerd (anime)” outsside Japan. Nerd upbringing can be good or miserable, just like anything else. But I don’t see how a CHILD in Japan can really be an ANIME OTAKU. Unless their parents support them doing it, they aren’t going to have any money to be a true otaku (collecting all the extras, going to see the voice talent and the creation talents, etc). So I would think anime otaku doesn’t start until one is working to have the money to then start collecting all the otaku aimed stuff.

          Doesn’t mean they can’t wish they could, but if you don’t have the money, I just don’t see how you could live the associated lifestyle. It isn’t like being a train otaku, where you just need a camera and a train pass to go spotting.

        • I think you’re the only one who imagines that otaku childhood means anime and gunpla, that’s relatively rich nerd childhood. I and probably others understand otaku childhood as series of events that turn one into a shutin, something that I’ve just recently started to get over thanks to my love for cars and actually driving one which forces me to interact with people on the road, in gas stations, various stores and so on. I have even befriended two of my neighbors. And despite all that I have started watching and liking even more anime than before (I only discovered the fun in Initial D and Wangan Midnight around the time I started learning to drive) and my fear and distrust for people I don’t know has decreased only a little and probably thanks to the fact that I’m now a bit more self confident and armed with pepper spray (more effective deterrents are illegal here).
          Dang, wanted to refute you but ended up talking about myself, anyhow, otaku childhood is nothing nice and I still haven’t fully gotten over it, and probably even if i ever do I’ll keep on watching anime.
          Once an otaku, always one.

    • “a need to compensate for miserable otaku childhoods.”

      Couldnt have said it better. The lame hero is always there so otakus could easily relate to them. They’re pathetic. And you still ask why Ishihara hates them?

      • if you dont think it will be a promising season for you it is your pwoblem

        fact is you will still watch more anime and even some of those you dont like that much

        it is still not more than one ep per anime out and there are some anime that have yet to get there -.-

    • So what? I see ecchi. I see nekkid hot chicks and cute lolis. The rest (shitty plot) doesn’t matter. If these “fans” are complaining, why dont they go and write a manga and make an anime themselves.

      It’s a shame as “anime fans” they fail to realize this is the current trend of anime, where a load of gals surrounding a noob and innocent guy in a mix of harem & comedy ecchi. Nowadays anime focus on fan service and low budget (less episodes), then earn money from figures and merchandise made out of the anime characters after they sell the copyright to figure companies.

      If they cant adapt to changing trends in anime, they dont deserve the title “fans”.

      • Anime to me was a valid storytelling medium
        it just appears to be becoming less about substance and more about shoving as many “cute” girls into each frame at once

        I thought Love Hina was funny back in the day
        because i thought it was the only one of its kind

        how wrong i was

      • People that believe in “trends” in anime are the reason why anime is getting rehashed and regurgitated nowadays. Its basically studios trying to jump on the bandwagon trying to make a quick buck. You cannot treat the art of storytelling just like any other business where you just follow market trends and just punch in numbers to find what the next hit product is. Despite what you think, anime producers know that fans DO like originiality. Its just that originality is not predictable and can either go boom or bust..

      • i like pandas says:

        I never get tired of people saying anime is dying. With such a self-fulfilling prophecy in mind, no wonder they never even bother to try the many good shows in every season.

        2010 had:
        – Kuragehime
        – Black Lagoon 3
        – The Tatami Galaxy
        – Shiki
        – Arakawa Under the Bridge 1 & 2
        – Disappearence of Haruhi Suzumiya
        – Durarara!!
        – FMA: Brotherhood
        – Katanagatari
        – Nodame Cantabile: Finale
        – Rainbow
        – Trigun: Badlands Rumble
        – …etc.

        With all these great new entries and old veterans, anime isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s just as good a medium as it always has been; the gems will always be there, you just gotta ignore the surrounding trash.

        • I don’t understand why people complain about this. All of those (not sure about Merry) anime are based off their respective manga/light novel. Is there a need to complain that so many manga released X year are based on the same settings?
          Everything is based on the same concept of WHO, WHERE (subsequently WHEN) & WHAT. No matter how similar they may be, the single perception of HOW makes the whole difference.
          Give the same ingrediants to two different chef and the cake they make will be different. Who cares if they’re all of the same settings. As long the entire character cast (incl. sub characters) are not all exact replica of each other, its not going to be the same.

        • I wonder who the retards are. Those who have noticed that 4 “quality” shows this SEASON are all based on the same overdone template, or those who fail to realize the difference between “year” and “season”, and use static (other than generic and subjective) data to argue a tendency and call everyone else a retard.

        • That’s not something that will get through to someone who is resolved to hating whatever you’re defending.

          Never mind that there’s more great stuff than any normal person can reasonably watch in the time they have. Let’s all focus on the bad stuff we won’t be watching and make a fuss over it!

          It’s completely fucking retarded but hey, these people are completely fucking retarded.

      • What do you mean, end of the anime world? this is just four shows. Anime’s been staling for years now. There’s fucking hundreds of titles that have been released over the past few years you wouldn’t have heard of – they flew under everyone’s radar, because they were stale.
        People have been pointing out that ‘three pillars of anime’ crap for yonks.

  • Don’t see why the people say this…. and get mad because the news anime are supportively bad, i have been watching anime for 2 years now, and all i find out is hat there is not a bad anime it just depend of the person that is watching it…

    Also i had watched a lot of old animes and readed mangas, they was mostly all action, no romantic, and with good story lines… so my point is that they just change the subject because there are too much animes of that type on the market really, later on they gonna star changing it again…

    And there are people who say that they want something “original” but do you guys at some point thought how many originals animes and mangas are out there???? There are a lots yeah right, but how long have passed from the begging of the manga and later on the anime??? just a few “original works” are made every year so don’t think all the things that come out have to be original for be good.

    Sorry if there is something wrong, but i haven’t write english in like 1 year =S

  • Aaahhh…I can’t stand people hating anime just because the majority has to do with school-life and “NOT ORIGINAL”, you can’t expect an original anime anymore every genre has been put into every anime already. Even though it’s not the same it’s still in the same category, like movies they’re running out of ideas all you see are sequel to old films which are sometimes good, remakes, and some low budget shit. Anyone think that those anime/manga ban supporters made this shitty diagram???

  • Sankaku… just stop with this useless post. We all know that there aren’t much anime to air anymore so producers are just going to a bookstore and picking up an ero they see and animating them.

    Nothing new. And alot of mangaka copy each others ideas.

  • I really don’t give a damn about ‘least original’ or ‘most original’ or any of that bull. I’m just tire of seeing lame-ass guys & super girls. Will it kill them to put a guy in that can atleast wipe his own ass.

    • Index + Railgun. While the females try to take up screen time occasionally, the main character doesn’t even flinch to go against the impossible in order to save a life or two or… a thousand.
      ‘Tis a shame I’m missing the second season of Index, though I heard it isn’t as exciting yet…

  • These type of shows/books sell, meaning whoever is complaining about them are in the minority with loud mouths.

    So far I enjoyed most of the shows this season, and unlike the complaining masses, I don’t jump to conclusions based only on the first episode.

  • Lol what else is new? The supposed “anime fans” complain about the same thing every season. And we all know, that when like three or possibly four more episodes are released they will be like “Well I knew this anime was good!” or my personal favorite “I’ve always been a fan!”

  • Come on, anime series such as Infinite Stratos is not okay, because it’s not original? I have watched the 1st episode, I thought it was quite decent and the execution was quite okay too (it’s still the first episode, have some patience)! It’s not like you are watching some flash animation. On the other hand, is it okay to release/re-hash Neon Genesis Evangelion in so many incarnations in the form of movies (remakes/remix/alternative retelling) in these past decades then? And otakus are still buying the DVD AND the Blu-ray version of the new Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 movies!

  • I don’t mind as long as the storyline isn’t “exactly” the same. These are the things that make up an anime, or any story actually. You can address these very same complaints to the hollywood movies as well.

    And if they want to see a “better” anime, why don’t they come up with one themselves? I can’t see how it can get any better tbh.

  • Anime fans only buy shitty, rehashed shows rife with fanservice.

    Anime companies realize that only said shitty shows actually make them any money and focus on them.

    Anime fans complain about reaping what they sow.

    Man, what a goddamn suprise.