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2011 “Year of the PS3”


PlayStation 3 fanatics are crowing over the fact that 2011 appears all but devoid of exclusives for lesser platforms.

Not all are convinced (“Those North American cockroaches are so desperate they even put in trashy Japanese games!”), but the lack of Xbox 360 and Wii exclusives is rather obvious all the same.

A number of exclusives for an obscure platform known as the “PC” are also present,  something sure to please owners of torrent sites if nobody else.

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  • What I got from this list:
    Sony’s first party is very busy, Microsoft Games Studios really isn’t.
    There are a few Japanese releases that came out over there last year and are confirmed not anything to be excited over (tottori,Neptune)
    Xbox 360 is probably going to get more major exclusives over the year that haven’t been officially announced yet.
    When/why did they restart rachet&clank’s numbering?
    Most good games are multiplat, rendering console wars more useless than ever.

  • And thus, yet another battle between the PS3 loyalists and XBOX360 fanboys has begun. I’ll just stay in my corner with my little harmless Wii.

    I’m buying myself a PS3 next week so, anyone recommend any good games? To kill time before the baseball games come out March 8th (yes, I’m probably the only guy here who plays baseball games)

  • Every year it seems Sankau tailors its news to promote the PS3 over all else and year after year PS3 is still in 3rd place. Seems to be a waste of some perfectly good fanboy produced posts!! Here is to PS3 fans finely breaking away from needing the PS3 to be number 1 to enjoying it for the great console it is already!!

  • NO MEANS YES says:

    I made this list for /v/, I’ll answer questions here but I recommend reading my notes at the bottom of the list first. They should clear up most confusion.

    BTW I already discussed with /v/ whether to remove Versus XIII and most people said keep it and wait for Square’s conference next Tuesday.

    And the JRPGs have all been confirmed for localization except Ni no Kuni, which is playable on any PS3 (region free). I did the same grace for other platforms too.

    The PC list needed to be truncated otherwise there would be impossible to make this list. Fact is PC has the most exclusives by it’s open nature. Kids in their dorm rooms can make PC games and sell it. There are also the thousands of totally obscure games made in countries everywhere that you and I will never hear about. So I decided it was most fair to place some restrictions, while still referring to an unmoderated PC list (adrianwerner.wordpress) in the notes section.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Thanks man.

      I still can’t find which company will publish Atelier Totori here. NIS America published Rorona, but Totori isn’t in their “coming soon” list yet. Maybe they announced it in one of their newsletters, but I haven’t read those.

      • NO MEANS YES says:

        I posted it on 4chan’s /v/ originally. I intended for it to stay there by the way it was designed, but if other sites start sharing it, well whatever, it’s the internet and trying to copyright shit like this is just fucking retarded.

        I’d just appreciate it if people read the notes at the bottom or double-checked the list before scream ” x IS NOT ON THE LIST, WHOEVER MADE IT DOESN’T HAVE TASTE” or some other drivel.

        Because most of the time, and in fact 100% of the time in the comments here on Sankaku, those games are in fact already on the list.

  • God, how much i laugh at all the mongrells or biggot fanboys from Xbox how come with that lame excuze of “better net service and matchmaking”, or the old “better graphics”, like u seriously can compare the gpu and the way it works on the Ps3 and how it works on the 360, Ps3 is way better machine than the 360, and the net part is bs, how many times i wonder why do i pay for live when i can’t find a decent match on Halo, Psn may not be paid but i can find less laggers and ass***s when i connect, besides the quality is better on Ps3 and those titles exempted from it is just money and marketing, wonder why fkn Blops can’t play as good as MW2, yet on the 360 works fine, is simply $$$ and MS is good at that, the problem is how gaming has become another fashion world where we have to fork $$$ for the seasonal gaming, thats why pc gaming is king, good titles sell, crap software gets burned faster and is cheaper besides a good rig which maybe expensive will always last u for a long time unlike the console fashion that has a life span of what, 2 years x console max???

  • u for pay for a quality service. Free psn = total shit compared to payed xbox live. Kinect a sucess due to it being half decent, move reeked of desperation down to its ludicrous desisn and pointlessness.apart from unchartered 2 i had fuck enjoyment from my ps3 this year trying to play street fighter 4 and black op on that free online service against a bunch of skilless nubs made me cry =(

    • lol “skilless nubs” well you full of shit sir. noobs are everywhere because it’s takes time to be good at something. On psn and xbl. And free service is free yes it’s a little worse than payed but it’s free and i like free coz i don’t like to give extra money to MS after my second xbox360 died and my ps3 still working.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Let’s see… if you agree with the idea that 2011 is a good year for the PS3, then you consider 2010 to be bad. 2009 would be good (yeah, it had Uncharted 2)… and 2008 would be bad. But on 2008, Konami released Metal Gear Solid 4, one of the few titles to be considered a real, actual system seller for the PS3 (most other system sellers are just Blu-ray movies and shows).

      … No, I don’t see the pattern.

  • I agree that 2011 might by the year of the PS3, but if you see the list, most of the games that are not going to come to the PS3 doesn’t appear.

    Now, if someone want to start the common war of which consol is better just according to this information (or any type of information) you should go to a psychiatrist, someone who can care (of course, you pay him to care).

  • ps3 is still a $400 blue ray player bought 3 games and they were ok still see no real future for my ps3 i will maybe buy 1-2 of those exclusive games but still ps3 will always get shitty ports so no thank you i will stick with my xbox360

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      In all fairness, the PS3 “port syndrome” is getting progressively less common in new releases, new systems sell for $300 (although with smaller HDDs than the 360 equivalent), and it’s getting strong titles like the Uncharted series.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Haha, a big, effective troll, as always.

    One little thing:

    “Release date(s): TBA

    “During GamesCom 2010, Yoshinori Kitase cast doubt over a release within the next year as he stated that Square Enix wouldn’t commit to a 2011 release. A brief trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII was shown at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, where Square Enix announced that a press conference regarding the Fabula Nova Crystallis series will be held on January 11, 2011. On December 13, 2010, the date for the conference was changed to January 18, 2011 and the conference is now known as the ‘Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier.'”

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Some of those are actual 2011 games that may get an American and/or European release (like Disgaea 4), but some others are older games that finally get released over here (like PS3’s Trinity and Ar tonelico Qoga, and 360’s Otomedius), others aren’t even confirmed for a Western release yet (PS3’s Ni no Kuni and Atelier Totori), and even others aren’t yet confirmed for a 2011 release, period (PS3’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

      That list is kinda phony.

  • If you need exclusive titels to push a system you know that something isn’t right …
    As for the PC, some games aren’t made for a Console at all and other games DO NOT FUCKING ever release them on the PC, please.

  • dude the 360 is awesome. i make money by ‘fixing them’

    how awesome is that?!

    seriously tho, 360 is like 90% from my exp. like 100 ppl, 90 got theirs ‘repaired’

    that bad. but that’s like a few hundred out of ALL the 360 in the world. still, myself, 3 360s. course i just repaired it, sold it, got a new one, broke it, repair, etc, etc.

    my ps3, still working, still mgs4 haha. WHERE’S MY DAMN SRW BITCH-S-3? WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?

    • It will go on until Sony is #1 or they ignore the Wii because it’s “last gen”.

      Sony and their fanboys don’t know when to quit. The next Xbox and Wii will be out and you’ll hear all the fanboys going “THE PS3 WON! IT OUTSOLD THE 3SHITTY AND GAMECUBE 2.0!” The ones of us with higher brain function will say, “No shit, really? It out sold a system that has been replaced? Imagine that.”

      Console wars are for ignorant fanfags and zealots. Anyway, we all know the PC is superior.

  • A number of exclusives for an obscure platform known as the “PC” are also present, something sure to please owners of torrent sites if nobody else.

    Fucking hilarious.

    Ok first some facts.

    There is no such thing as can’t be pirated, now even including the PS3, although with such a small game library I suppose it wasn’t as vital to do it.

    Then there is the fact that the Nintendo DS is so easy to copy, if a person can’t do it, they truly ARE fucking stupid.

    The harsh fact that PC might not be a platform to some, but the fact that PC still out sells in actual total profit anything console, is inescapable, even if it suffers greatly from piracy.

    I’m a cheap bastard, yet in 2010, I still spent several hundreds of bucks BUYING PC games all the same. Might have spent 100 on console games, maybe, if you add shipping and taxes.

    Every last game, my friends have been eagerly ‘awaiting’ has been a PC title more so than anything console. Not that my friends don’t play console, they just play PC more agressively.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Hacking groups are now saying that the PlayStation 3 went mostly unmolested by them because you could run Linux on it without having to break its security. Geohot tried to get full access to the system’s resources (because Sony would isolate the RSX from being accessed by other OS), and Sony countered by removing OtherOS support on the Slim models and from the fat ones through a mandatory firmware update (seriously, if you can’t access the PlayStation Network, watch movies or play new games without installing the newest firmware, its installation is about as “voluntary” as Tokyo’s manga ban).

      Then, they had their excuse to go full steam ahead.

  • This list is a piece of shit. The most important game of the year is not there. New Elder Scrolls is being released on 1.11.2011. All the rest is just a time killers in waiting for this one.

  • Seems like a moot point. Fewer game developers are creating exclusives.
    It costs too much to make a game that you then focus on one systems market. You’d only do it because of technical limitations or, more likely, because the consoles owners are paying you a kickback.

    If you go by originality and “must have” games, The PC actually seems to be doing better.

    • WoW with better graphics? o_O;
      In Guild Wars 2, things actually happen…

      You don’t go to a farmer with an exclamation mark above their head, read a wall of text saying “we’re getting attacked by bandits” and go out to to kill 20x bandits walking aimlessly around in a field for a reward…

      In Guild wars 2, you find the farm already filled with bandits and a few random players already fighting them off, several heaps of crops are burning, and you decide to help. You pick up a bucket of water nearby and put out the fire of a heap of crop, you go back to get more water, but see a dead player on the way, so you stop by to resurrect him, and then continue putting the fire out… when every bandit is dead, and the fire is gone, every player to happened upon the scene and participated will get a reward for helping, even if you didn’t touch a single bandit!

      Of course, if there was no player to stop the bandits there (of if the ones who were there failed miserably), the bandits will take over the farm entirely, and you will no longer be able to buy bread in the city nearby, and you will have to drive the bandits out…
      Leave them alone still, and they will start to expand, taking more territory around the farm ect.

      How is this anything like WoW at all? ^^;

  • PC for the mother fucking win. All you consolefags that throw out ‘hackers’ and ‘expensive’ to PC gamers don’t know shit. Sure we have hackers and so does the consoles, but we developed better security software to counter those bitches.

    Building a very is not that expensive. Sure there are people with very expensive rigs but that’s just to show off their epeen. You can have a very powerful computer at an affordable cost, if you were SMART enough you would pick the right parts at a low price. At $750 or under you would have an awesome gaming pc. If you ask me consoles are actually more expensive, if you built a pc similar to the specs of a console it would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

    • I could agree if developers were not retards about pc gaming. But in the current world, no. Not the fault of the PC, though.

      By the way, if you have an “awesome pc gaming for 750$”, things must really be different between America and Europe. A “gaming” one must be around 1000-1100 here.

  • lolwut, “devoid”? When the PC exclusives actually OUTNUMBERS the number of PS3 exclusives?

    lol obscure platform. The hardware in consoles were the hardware in PCs 5 years ago. They never did, and will never match PC capabilities. It just so happens game developers lately are lazy because console gamers have a lot of $$$ but not a lot of brain cells (don’t forget the Operation Hastings stats too, as well as the dropped plan for the Xbox 360-PC play-together that ended up with an emphatic PC victory after 20 straight rounds).

    • Its retarded because your preferred console isn’t on the spotlight.

      This table is accurate and doesn’t include bullshiit Kinect and Move games. And even if it did, the XBox still wouldn’t stand a chance against the PS3s lineup.

  • However, if you look at what are the exclusive PS3 titles, then you’d realize these exclusives just suck. Outside of a few scattered niche audiences, most of those PS3 titles are not hotly anticipated.

    PC, otoh, loads of high profile titles.

    Though we can all agree that 2011 isn’t going to be pretty for the Wii.

  • On Multiplats PS3 and Xbox = or near it
    On exclusives Xbox will have more than 3 by the end of the year although Wii getting defeated by wii is still an embarrasment to all

    The fight for 2nd place continues
    While wii reigns

    This is not the year of the PS3 more like Wii Adventure continues

  • if someone is going to make a chart like this, at least do it right right, don’t put your bias and pick and choose what games you think are worthy of being listed.

    do it for ALL predicted console releases. for all regions. both crappy sports games and yearly IP.

    • NO MEANS YES says:

      I didn’t pick games for being worthy and you’d know that IF YOU READ THE TEXT AT THE BOTTOM

      I restricted so many games because it’s such a massive time investment to get them all, including their logos. If you want to make a totally complete list, go and try. You will fail.

      So that’s why I had to set restrictions. It made the most sense.

  • Japanese is the only language in which the name for the cockroach sounds cute. Every other language I know it in, they sound gross and/or horrible.

    English: “cockroach” – sounds like a flesh-eating penis disease

    French: “cafard” – sounds like “complete fucking bastard”

    Spanish: “cucaracha” – sounds like a name for a retarded dance

    Cantonese: “ga tsaat” – sounds like the sound you make when you die violently

    Japanese: “gokiburi” – sounds like a cute greeting. “Gokiburi desu yo!”

  • That’s all well and good calling 2011 the “Year of the PS3” except that 2010 was called the same.

    And so was 2009

    And so was 2008

    PS3 has been doing pretty abysmal in North America the last few months, Move is getting smoked by Kinect with the casual crowd, PSP is dead everywhere but Japan (with only one franchise being a seller) and Sony still haven’t made a profit on PSN.

    I love my PS3 but lets just say there’s a lot to look forward to and leave it at that.

  • Let me get this straight.

    The gamers now have even less choice, forced to buy expensive piece of equipment just so some large company could tell them what they can and can’t do with it, yet some of them attempt to celebrate the fact?

    I suspect “dumbasses” may be an understatement here.

  • Wow, look at all dem Xs in the Wii’s column. O_O

    Well, I’m still looking forward to Skyward Sword (which has huge chances of winning Game of the Year based on the pedigree of Nintendo EAD), Xenoblade (also huge GotY chances), The Last Story, Night of the Sacrifice, Earth Seeker… and I think that’s it.

    ‘s fine if this year isn’t the Wii’s. We had a magnificent one in 2010.

  • There’s a lot of interesting stuff for the PS3,but I wish I could see a new Valkyria Chronicles in this chart.
    Stupid SEGA and their VC PSP versions!

    BTW,talking about SEGA and their retarded decisions,I hope they don’t fuck up Yakuza 4,just like they did with the NA version of the previous game.

  • heck… only reason why I have a ps3 right now is because of Neptune and Ar Tonelico 3. If its multiplatformed, IM buying for xbox.

    Honestly, if you aren’t a massive JRPG fan other than the face if you are a PS3 fan, there isn’t a reason for having a PS3. The last time I tuned on my Ps3 was last year September, and that was to play trinity universe

  • I can’t wait to play Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    PC = The ultimate gaming machine. I don’t see why everyone is so obsessed with consoles. Anything a console can do, a PC can do it better. I wish they would stop that console exclusive shit, I would rather play on my PC.

      • America =/= the world, buddy.

        You do know that the PS3 is outselling the 360 and is expected to overtake it halfway through this year, right? And I haven’t heard of any game on the 360 outselling its counterpart on the PS3 for several years. You’re probably thinking about Black Ops, which sold about 8 million on PS3 and 10 million on 360, if vgchartz is to be believed. Most big games sell nearly evenly nowadays.

        Or did I just get trolled hard?

        • OK, let’s get your facts straight. How many XBoxees were sold in UK? In western part of EU? Middle Europe? Eastern? In Russia? How many XBoxees sold Microsoft in Asia? And how about China or Japan?

          There is nothing like worldwide statistic of console sales. There are stats for few countries where somebody cares to count and US is *only* where one can see more XBoxees than PS3s.

        • Heh. I didn’t said i *can’t* buy XBox here. In fact, there are shelf full of them in each bigger electronic-related store. Only problem (and it’s really not my problem 🙂 is that nobody actually buys them.
          (few exceptions proves the rule)

        • First mistake is believing that vgchartz is legitimate, because you can guess numbers just as well as they can. Also, Black Ops 360:PS3 == 5:1. Assassin’s Creed 360:PS3 == 2:1. Kinect (1 per console):Move (1 controller) == 5:1.

        • Just because Xbox 360 doesn’t sell in some out of the way place that Microsoft couldn’t care less about doesn’t deny the fact that Microsoft has only been outsold by PS3 1 year this console generation, worldwide, and this last year was one of the most crushing defeats PS3 had, especially after Kinect released. 360 will keep on dominating, no matter what PS3 releases.

  • i hope ar tonelico and neptunia are any good since i was a bit daisappointed by atelier rorona. Also i hope Disgaea 4 will be the last PS1 graphic game of its kind.

    well looks like sony will win the exclusives game again, but will it loose on sales again too? Well i think excluding Kinect and Move tells only half the story.

  • This seems to be a great time to be a Ps3 owner, I’m glad I got one just a few months ago. My 360 had served me well but I’m tired of paying for xbox live when I only use it just to play multiplayer.

    • @Ryan: No one really cares about exclusives, though. Not PC gamers, not 360 gamers, not Wii gamers. It’s only when the Sony Defense Force comes around do you see people making fun of the lack of exclusives for anything but the PS3, and they will use *any* exclusive just to hide their buyer’s remorse.

      This generation of gaming is considered the generation of multiplats for a reason – because most of the worthwhile games are multiplatform these days. People will make fun of the 360 or PC for having the same games, but, really? Microsoft would be absolutely stupid to not extend their profits. With video game production costs being higher and games selling millions, most companies are going to want the maximize their profits – that generally means releasing their game across multiple platforms.

      So, people can rant and rave about their platform of choice’s list of exclusives, but look at it this way. In a year, assuming there are no delays on any of these games, how many titles from the excusives list will people still be talking about? Uncharted 3? Gears 3? Diablo 3? The new Legend of Zelda? Compare that to the multiplat list. Skyrim, Duke Nukem, Deus Ex, Mass Effect 3, LA Noire, Marvel vs. Capcom… Hell, most people are *already* talking about those games more than any of the games in the exclusives list.

      Basically, fanboys can go fuck themselves. If you support a platform more than just owning/playing games on it, I hope you are some sort of shareholder, otherwise you aren’t a real gamer. Anyone ranting and raving about a platform to play video games on instead of the actual video games themselves is the cancer that is killing gaming. And that goes for *any* of the platforms. PC, Wii, PS3 or 360.

    • A couple months ago, 2011 was already named the Year of Video Game.

      2010 was a very successful year but 2011 looks to be a year of masterpeices again and again.

      My wallet is gonna be dry and my fingers are probably gonna be mangle and twisted from excess use by the end of the year.

      heh heh heh. I cant wait. =D

    • Because X-COM is meant to played on PC, not console. They only ported it to 360 because they wanted some extra cash, they were too lazy to take full advantage of the power of the PC, and it takes 5 seconds.

    • All I have to say to this is: “LOL” that doesnt mean it’s the year of ps3…

      That just means that Sony shelled out EVEN MORE money to get games to not appear on the xbox 360, whether they are games that people want to buy, well… thats a different matter all together.

      Sure you can have 14 BARBIE GAMES only for the ps3, but that doesnt mean people are gonna go ape SH*T for em xD their logic is flawed… and still up Sony’s butt.

      P.S. I love how they haven’t put news up for the “Geohot ps3 jailbreak for ps3 3.55 firmware”…. probably too dark in sony’s butt to even see 1 inch infront of their faces 🙁

    • Quality > Quantity, aside from Ar Tonelico, Disgaea, and Uncharted the PS3 doesn’t have much going on.

      I think the producers knew that any game forced to compete against the almighty Gears is doomed to fail, thus they avoided any other 360 exclusives this year…

    • Scary, diablo 3 and twisted metal are about the only ones I have any interest in playing whatsoever out of all the games listed..

      Really lack luster for all of them..

      A few “Maybe I’d gamefly it for a week” ones, but eh..

    • If its console based comparison then yes its the year of the PS3 looking at the range of releases its coming out. But they included a list of PC only releases as well and … there is no way its gonna to be PS3 winner, its could be a close call but PS3 just got PC as a competitor this year for the range of games which are interesting and a must buy.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      The Wii and 360 exclusive numbers are pared down way too much. They don’t mention any of the indie and downloadable exclusives they both will be getting (especially for 360 where the Indies/XBLA download library is where a ton of exclusives goes to)

      That said, while I do anticipate a lot of those PS3 exclusives, I can see some of them being stuck in the sequel status quo.

      Also, the way both PS3 and 360 share a ton of multiplats (PC as well if you are inclined to count them in if you have a gaming caliber PC), they’re still not of any dearth of content.

      Wii may need to pull some surprise releases to compete with the rest. But that’s kind of usual territory for Wii-only owners.

      Well, thank god I have all those consoles and honestly, I’m pretty glad I have them.

      • you do realize most of those XBLA games are not exactly exclusive, most of them simply are from indie developers producing games with xna, nothing is stopping them to release their games elsewhere, in fact while XBLA has a ton of indie games it also has a ton of shitty indie games for the very same reason

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Yeah I know. It still has a lot of unique versions exclusive to the console or alongside PSN. I enjoy some PC indies if I can even run them smoothly.

          Also, I don’t care about the glut as long as there’s plenty of quality to be found if you know how to look. It’s not like the Wii where it is mostly filled with games made for casual gamers. I’m just not in the market for that. PSN/XBL trinkets, I’m more akin to liking.

      • Why doesn’t anyone read the heading on the table? It clearly says games $40+ and none of the Move/Kinect games or remasters/rereleases. This means that they don’t have to include XBLA exclusive games or PSN exclusive games and PS3 is ahead in terms of exclusives when considering those criteria.

        Additionally, while PC has the same amount of listed exclusives, the PS3 has both a larger fan-base and more hype behind it and is guaranteed to sell more because there’s always more money in the console gaming business(not considering hardware). I’ve got all of the listed consoles and am a member of the master race who wasn’t afraid to take advantage of steam’s recent sales, however I’m still a lot more excited about the PS3 exclusives as a whole than the PC’s,360’s, or the Wii’s.

        I can’t get enough of Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, LBP, Motorstorm, Infamous, Twisted Metal, etc. and I’m quite sick of Gears, could care less about Forza, and am not even familiar with that last 360 exclusive on that table. That said, I’m also sick of MMO’s, RTS, and never cared for flight sims but I’m looking forward to Zelda, The Last Story, and Xenoblade on Wii.


          Uncharted 2 isn’t even the top selling PS3 game in history and it still has recently topped 3 million sales worldwide after only being out for a little over a year.

          If the wiki is to be believed, Gran Turismo 5 also sold 5.5 million after only a few months.

          Top global sales for console games belongs to Wii Play with 27.38 million sold while the best selling pc game is the Sims, which sold 16 million. That of course if you want to put WoW up against console game sales. Wii has WoW beat there big time. I think I’ll just call you a moron and leave it at that.

        • Not even mentioning WoW doesn’t make me a moron at all(repetitive, overrated bullshit full of bandwagon hoppers)…last I checked many of the players included in that skewed install base stat (including my brother) have several accounts and are tallied as multiple people. Too many of their fans also let it take over their lives and that makes them the moronic ones. I know this is true with a lot of MMOs. I don’t see crazy fans buying multiple copies of Uncharted or Killzone or even Halo or Gears for that matter. Hell, why not include fucking Zynga games…cheaply designed games, slapped together from a template lazily and then extremely popular and profitable for no good reason. Built on repetition and a total waste of time and money spent on microtransactions, I can clearly liken that shit to WoW.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          I agree anon. The $40 tag is there. It still undercuts a LOT of games just because of the pricetag involved. It doesn’t make much sense to me since a lot of bargain and download and indie titles are gaining steam and notoriety. I think we’re kind of past the point of only discussing AAA retail as the only way to play a game nowadays.

      • It also ignores the major factor that Microsoft is waiting for E3 to announce up coming releases for the year.

        Sony’s list is so big in comparison because they announced all theirs at the start of the year.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          The thing here I guess is that MS needs to come up big because it’d be disappointing if they didn’t bring up a ton of new content. A lot of the new games are on the Kinect side, so it is a bit disappointing if you don’t have it I suppose.

          Doesn’t hurt if all the companies unveil more and more stuff.

    • In a little less than 5 months, we will reach the optimum season for VideoGame Exclusive contents.

      PS3 Exclusives will be released into the Shopping Stores, ensuing–


      *sexy deep breath, before impaling Wii/X-box with fist*

      • NO MEANS YES says:


        I will answer questions but please know this was originally created for 4chan’s /v/ and I’m kinda shocked to find it on Sankaku, another site I frequent

        Also I would’ve liked it if people
        1. expanded the image before commenting, its 5000 vertical pixels

        2. read my notes at the bottom before accusing me of anything

        I put a lot of effort into the list and notice how there’s a version number. I plan to update it as the year goes along.

        Armored Core 5 isn’t there because I forgot about it. It was supposed to be released last year, by the way.

        • The list came here by way of 2ch so I’m afraid I had no inkling of the source – I should like to thank you for going to the trouble of making it. The decision to cut out all the casual and portable games and focus on “gamer” games makes it especially helpful.

        • I liked the SSX games, I wouldn’t mind seeing another one. I was shocked when they said nba jam was coming out again, It was the only basketball game I liked when I had the sega/snes/gamegear

      • but people forget how the wii does things.

        instead of building new games all the time and anouncing them 2 years in advance, then saying they’ve got game footage in 1 years in advanced the releasing it, they build hype by not buildling hype


        zelda, dk, kirby etc.

        the thing is, they dont ‘need’ many exclusive titles (that list doesnt even include indie games), just a few franchise ones

        • American health care system is the worst. I’m glad I live in Canada. In staid of paying half or what ever amount of price I can go to the hospital with a broken wrist and not worry about bankrupting my parents. I was being sarcastic about the bankrupt thing, don’t be stupid and jump on it.

          Though on to the Xbox360 PS3 exclusives thing. Xbox can’t win every year, they just dropped a lot of bombs in 2010. Mind you I’m sure there are tons of titles coming for the xbox this year. I’m happy getting gears three and sticking with halo from last year. Have fun playing second rate shooters PS3 fans.

        • I am glad that this is occurring cause I have a PS3 though I’m not really interested in much of the titles I see on the PS3 this year, meh…

          Dynasty 7, Mortal Kombat, Marvel VS Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Infamous 2, Ni No Kuni…

          But I digress…

        • NO MEANS YES says:

          Fable (3) isn’t there because it came out last year.

          Also if you mean Fable 3 PC, first it wouldn’t be an exclusive.

          second, I added the restriction of “no platform additions” for the multiplats side, to cut down on how many games had to be listed.

        • @anon 23:24:
          Maybe it’s time for you to revisit your standards of what constitutes a “very good PC”. I’m running an Intel Quad Core @ 3.2Ghz and an old GeForce 7950GT (so nothing special really), and ALL games I tried (Persona series, Final Fantasy X, Tekken 4, Ace Combat series, Shadow of the Colossus) run smoothly in PCSX2 at the intended 60fps with greatly improved graphics compared to running them on an actual PS2.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          The list is a bit early, so even though we know that companies release planned game releases that’s never set in stone.. just too early.
          Sorry about your bills for whatever ails you that prevents the purchase of a game system. Looking for a little bit more governmente hand-outs to pay for what ails you in the first place by ways of that fucking bill, I’m here to piss on your celebration. It’s passed no doubt, but this new body in congress will Strangle it to nothing even though they can’t Repeal the fucker.
          States suffering because they don’t Tax enough? What Shit bucket dropped on you when you where young?! Britain’s Socialism has made it BANKRUPT NOW. No Body in great amounts WORK there since they get paid anyway! We now have companies with MASSIVE Capital funds in the last 60 YEARS choking them NOW, but because of the LAME DUCK demorats with their Paradise Plan for the children. They don’t want to employ more. The list goes on and on so crawl out of your tiny bookmark lists and LOOK the FUCK around the interlube before the FCC choke it to death!

        • Get an education yourself moron and stop believing everything your redneck parents tell you. The US is the only major country in the world without health care for everyone and no a health care reform won’t ruin the quality just eliminate the monopoly.

          Oh and higher taxes are needed to get out of the deficit or did you forget about that genius? Thats the same reason many states are struggling because they have such low taxes.

          Last part of the econ lesson for idiots but the economy is integrated and no one out there is free from the possibility of losing their livelihood if the economy dips again. If poor people are given health insurance they are free to spend money on things such as ps3s which in turn boost the economy and promote growth.

        • i want free health care, but thats more of a i dont want to pay someone to tell me im not covered or refuse to pay out when i need it.

          goverment gets the bill regardless.

          and higher taxes? how bout cut back some of there fucking spending? i mean seriously, one year they spent wither 20 million or 200 million, i forget how much, to advertise that the 20$ bill changed.

        • same. Srsly I actually want one but fuck me and my goddamn issues paying off medical insurance. And I thought rent was expensive good god, come see my medical bill, you’d think I was fucking made of money. I could probably buy four ps3’s if I had the cash some of these people are asking for. I really hope that free healthcare bill passes so I can actually get a ps3 sometime this century.

        • And most modern PCs won’t be able to run old console games without a hitch. I tried playing Metroid Prime on my laptop which is dual-core. I used a Dolphin emulator for GC. And guess what: the frame-rate and graphics sucked! You either better get a quad-core PC or just get a console.

        • Anon 19:09 10/01/2011, you are one of the most ignorant posters we’ve had in a long time.

          US does have health care for everyone. You get cancer? You’ll get treatment. You can’t pay or just refuse to pay? No worries, the medical system passes your bill onto the next patient.

          There’s a few facts that you seem to be unaware of:
          1) Most of the Western countries had “universal” care because they were literally devastated during WW1 and WW2. The only hospitals and heath system left after that was the US military— and they provided that to all of the West where they were deployed. That was brought forward, as it is easier to go with what you have then to start again. US doesn’t have a western style government run system because it didn’t get most of its hosptals and clinics destroyed in the world wars.
          2) Expenses: US Government pays more than 50% of all health care bills, via Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs, health credits, and other subsidies. This causes the cost of health care to go up, because the government doesn’t care about “reasonable costs”, only “political costs” of either covering something or not covering it. US has the same problem with its higher education costs— us goverment just pumps in money, causes prices to go up way out of step with inflation or costs.
          3) Everyone is covered: Yep, only the government can refuse to treat or cover anyone in the US. And health care providers (companies, doctors, hospitals, non-profits, etc), cannot collect a cent from people that refuse to pay for necessary health care. This means that all those unpaid services get passed along to the next patient and the the next, etc etc etc until finally someone who can pay, does. Your 2 asprin you got in the hospital bcause you ar paying for the 500 patients before you that didn’t, due to their economic status (ie, illegals working below minimum) or simply wouldn’t.
          4) Insurance costs – Medical malpractice insurance is extremely expensive and it only goes up with each junk science and sensationalized case pressed. So hospitals and doctors are forced to run many extra unnecessary tests to cover their legal behinds, driving up costs there.

          Rednecks tend to know more about how things actually work and their history than the average city college graduate. The reason is they tend to actually study some history and economics, rather then late modern black studies and the masculinization of the feminist equality movement.

          US Government taking a larger role in the US healthcare will result in even higher costs, more people denied coverage (remember, it is only legal for the US GOVERNMENT and its agents to drop people who develop conditions or have “pre-existing” conditions). This is the same government that cannot do anything well— the best it ever manages is half-assed.

          In the US, I’ve gotten medical great medical care when I was homeless, and equally good when I was a well covered adult.

        • @22:31 Have fun waiting for something that’s never going to happen.

          Look at the PS2, 10 years after the console was released there’s still no good emulator for it. All the games work like shit, with the stunning number of ~25 FPS on very good PCs which normally should be able to handle those games without breaking a sweat.

    • isn’t EVERY year the ONE PS3 that you bought, weather it was the last few months or last few years, The Year of the PS3??

      Really – I tell people who ask about the difference between them and I say: “Why would you buy HALF a Game system?” (in relation to X-Box).

      • Makes me laugh that everyone on this website is so quick to point out “lol nintendo/xbox fanboy” and disregard what people have to say, but most people will totally agree with what this TOTALLY BIASED and ignorant fanboy says.

        But yeah, just an anon, since when my opinion counts, eh?

      • @ Gantz_playboy

        I never took you to be a PS3 fan lol

        but yes I agree with what you said

        one thing I’ll never understand is why people will support the 360 when with a PS3 your internet is FREE and it CAN PLAY FOREIGN GAMES!

        apparently paying for internet seems to be the “hip” thing to do as oppose to being given said service for free such fail logic among gamers it hurts my head when I think about it lol

      • Yes people always say 20XX is the year of the ps3 then year ends and ps3 users are bored claiming that the next year it will actually be true.

        My ps3 collected dust again in 2010 and while 2011 has a lot of games most of them i know i will just rent.

        • I stopped reading after your first moronic paragraph cause last time i checked most people dont play 3d games and sadly your point is invalid since the 360 actually runs black ops better in 3d so go back and try again. Oh and hate kinect all you want but its fun and successful, two things the Move is not.

          So get over your fan boyishness and tell me that 2011 was the year of the ps3 in 2012. Not beforehand cause this shit is old.

        • LOL…who has the Best 3-D games tech? Who didn’t embarrass themselves at E3 with a crap-ass presentation show how BAD their ‘Moves’ Kinnect- lol.

          C’Mon? How many PS3’s did you have to buy since it came out and how many ‘Red Rings of Death’ did you deal with?? You Sneeze on the New X-Box it’s gonna scratch the disk.

          How much did PS Network cost all those years VS thw $50 for Xbox live?…Oh wait PS Net was FREE (Unless you got a “Plus” pkg which only started like 6 or so months ago).

          you XBox Fan Boys crack me up. If your system didn’t have SOOO Many Issues and failure of over 40% you’d could argue that you have MORE games!…but the system needs to work 24/7 & 365. Over-heating issues, No Blu-Ray, Low storage disc compacity & gay-ass Green color.

          Does XBOX beat PS2? – Certainly. Does Xbox 360 beat PS3?…shit, my PS2 & PS3 still work like new. How many scratches does your PS3 give you per disk? These are “Hardware Issues” that should’ve been ironed out by 2008 for your Beloved XBox. Japanese Pride won’t let Sony half-ass their consoles at any stage!

          Microsoft KNOWS you’re too much of an Xbox bragger to buy ANYTHING new – so keep sucking the Xbox dick while getting a ‘Red Ring’ in the ass from Microsoft. Which hurts me to say cause I’d love to say “Buy American” – but not in this case

        • Btw are you gay? Cause i just saw your last paragraph and man you sound like you are in denial about something.

          Best real reason to own a ps3. You will be able to get all the games for free soon!

      • Gantz, you are one sad uninformed person.

        First of all the 40% failure rate was much lower by 2007 (second gen of the 360), then it was lowered even more on the third gen of the 360, now its even lower with the new 360 slim, probably hovering around 3-4% at the most. Even if they do break you get a free repair. I have the second-gen since 2009 and have had no problems with it, so I really don’t understand what you’re talking about.

        I don’t care about Blu-ray so it only makes my system cheaper, storage is also a non-issue for me because I don’t really save anything to it (but you do realize there’s 250gb models, right…?) And what green color are you talking about? The console is either white or black, are you too dumb to know your colors? (And just to let you know, you can customize the home screen)

        360 has amazing online capabilities and stability, with over 30 million members. It also has Kinect, a revolutionary new accessory with endless potential, oh and its sold over 8 million units by this point. How did move do?

        Backwards compatibility is also another issue, almost hardly so with the 360.

        I know you’re desperate for attention and you feel like you’ve made “points”, but I’m here to let you know otherwise.

  • Consoles. Meh. Dragon Age II, Shogun II: Total War, Elder Scrolls V, Mass Effect III, Guild Wars II…all on the PC this year. Although Guild Wars is unlikely to come out until early 2012 I’d imagine…close enough. This year has enough to keep me engaged for a looooooooooooooooooong time. Who needs consoles?

  • A list of exclusives for the PS3 that is perhaps only as mediocre as it is long, with less than five games of any significant brand presenting themselves on the list. With a veritable torrent of generic or mediocre FPS games complimented by a small number of JRPG’s (the only one of which likely to sell being born from what is often hailed as the worst game in the series) it is surprising the PS3 receives the attention it does.

  • Now try posting all the PC exclusives and you’ll notice it, again, is the year of the PC.

    What moron put this list together?

    There are about 100 PC exclusives not listed here, obviously done on purpose to make the PS3 appear supreme.