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Woman Rapes Boy Using Xbox


A woman has been charged with rape and child molestation after she pursued a relationship with a teenage boy she met on Xbox Live.

The 36-year-old woman, married and with two children herself, is alleged to have travelled from her California home to meet with a 13-year-old boy in Maryland for sex.

The pair are said to have become acquainted on Xbox Live, and a series of exchanges via email, messaging and phone ensued.

Soon they were swapping  sexy pictures and movies, and the woman then decided to pay a Thanksgiving visit to the boy, whereupon the couple had an intimate encounter.

The relationship was exposed when the boy’s family snooped through his phone and saw romantic messages from the woman, and he soon admitted everything.

Homeland security soon became involved in tracking down the woman, who had used a fake name and claimed to be 23, and she was eventually tracked down and arrested.

She his being held without bail after being charged with rape, child molestation and sexual solicitation of a minor.

She admitted to pursuing a similar relationship with another boy in California, and authorities suspect more boys may have been “victims” of her advances.

If convicted, she would likely face being branded a sex offender for the rest of her life and consequently subjected to a wide variety of legally sanctioned persecution.

As usual with these cases, cheers of encouragement soon turn to cries of anguish and calls for harsh punishment when the suspect’s mugshot is presented:


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