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Tokyo Manga Massacre Begins


Tokyo manga fans are disgusted to witness their beloved manga already being dumped into the porno corner en masse in order to comply with Ishihara’s twisted manga ban.

Some explanation may be required – in Japan, convenience stores usually sell adult (porn) magazines in an out-of-the-way corner, with the shelves marked off with a “成人向け雑誌” separator and minors prohibited from browsing the shelves or buying anything therein.

Similar arrangements exist in other shops for DVDs, eroge and so on, often with curtained off areas of the shop or otherwise. However, many outlets will not stock anything which needs to be separated into an 18+ section at all.

An example of what the average convenience store 18+ corner looked like until recently (the content of the rags in question should be obvious):


An example of what they have begun to look like in Tokyo thanks to the looming Tokyo manga ban:


Titles now branded adult-only include such notoriously obscene manga publications as Manga Home, Morning, Evening, etc…

2ch is disgusted at the discovery:

“I stopped off in a Tokyo convenience store on my way to work in Yokohama:


Tokyo is like another universe now, with the manga ban everything is going to be annihilated.

In the Yokohama convenience stores near where I work and those near my home, Young Jump is stocked alongside the travel magazines and stuff. The adult corner just has ero-manga stuff like Kairakuten and idol magazines.

When I saw the shelves in Tokyo it was like I was sucked into some weird parallel world…

Anyway, manga’s going to disappear now, isn’t it? They’ll never make any money like this.”

“What!? Why the hell is Manga Home in the adult section? It has no sex or violence at all… it’s just an innocnent little 4koma manga magazine. This can’t be serious…”

“It’s serious, you can’t just play with their shelves in the middle of the day.”

“I’ve only been to Akiba, but there was a 7-11 there that was like this.”

“The pro-censorship crowd have forced all manga not intended for all ages to be sold as 18+. Even Jump is in danger at this rate…”

“I heard publishers tried to  create a 15+ category but Tokyo refused to allow it. I suppose it was true.”

“Well, games are really heavily censored thanks to CERO [the Japanese “voluntary” game rating system], and this ban still targets them in spite of that. Even if manga had ratings, they’d still be banned.”

“For a moment I felt total despair, but then I seethed with rage. Titles like Manga Home and Manga Club have no ero at all – it’s infuriating for them to be forced into the adult corner with all the porn.

Is this the world the censorship crowd wanted? If so we have to destroy that warped illusion.”

“Raika Days has an elementary school girl protagonist so it was placed in the 18+ section.”

“The censorship criteria are totally ambiguous so they just dumped all the manga with a higher age demographic into the adult section.”

“All manga and everything else now has to be labelled as 18+… I want to cry, this is a tragedy.”

“So now ‘adult only’ is not for ero, but for anything not aimed at little children.”

This all seems to completely discredit those still insisting the impact will be minor – any anime, manga or games which find themselves stuck shelved with porn and unable to be sold to or even looked at by under 18s can expect to see their sales plummet, forcing publishers and mangaka to either go out of business or produce only children’s titles which they can slip past Ishihara’s inquisition.

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  • isihara and his cronies need to be taught “we live in the 21st century, not 20th.

    if Haruhi, lucky star go people are going to literally think about destroying the bill.

    Konata would be sickened

    THIS CAN’T BE…..



    This wont end well

    (doomsday bells ringing)

    now is time to become JUSTICE!

    (death note’s ready)

    Ishihara…. damn you to eternity.

  • Now!!! you 2ch fuckers give a dawn nooooooo you only had time for Hypocrisy till now now you have time to actually have time to see what’s going on its too late ……argh these imbeciles……. I can’t I can’t even ugh

  • I think many people forget Ishihara said he he wouldn’t run again for governor. So apparently he’s doing whatever the hell he likes because he won’t be running again for office. He knows this won’t affect him so he really doesn’t give a shit about the people. It’s a smart move for a politician who wants to get his agenda’s without hurting his rep. Though if he decides to run again he’d be stupid.

    Anyways Ishihara will ignore everyone that doesn’t agree with him because he isn’t planning on running again.

    • Of course, the fight has to continue regardless. I’m certain he hellraised a “worthy disciple” to take his seat.

      Besides, if we can sack the “law”, we can still hurt the fucker more by digging up all of his shit and have him eat it.

  • If this law will be tolerated more:
    After I get my 18 this year, I’ll travel to Japan and help kids buy their manga from the “Adult Corner” and I’ll do it for free and as much as I can.
    If this law is tolerated more: Only 18+ older fans can sustain this industry by buying kids Anime & Manga stuff!

    Only this can help if the law remains!
    We doesn’t have to do this everytime, only in our free time and as much as we can!
    Who supports me?
    Who can do this with me?

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            ! |ハト〈  ,r””゛  ,       リイ)|
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       / i    ,、イ ∨ l.j__,,、..-‐::-:;」,ハ、 ’、` ‐、_   ,`ヽ
      /  l ,、‐’´ // ‘,/!:::::::::;、–ァ’ /  `` ‐   `’7゛   ‘,
     /   l  i  ´  く   ‘;::::::l  / /         /     ‘,
    /     ! l      \ ’;:::l , ‘  /        i/     ’,

  • Here we are. No way to deny it now. We are at WAR.
    It’s probably no use repeating it now, but hey we SAID it was coming ! too bad no one from 2ch decided to put up some kind of protest or demonstration.
    The Ishihara cosplay at the convention was very amusing, but unfortunately had no impact on real political life.

    While we were busy insulting each other (just take a look at what exchange there was between sankaku and 2ch denizens about the fansubbing matter), no one proposed 2ch to do something REAL and they didn’t do anything themselves. I remember only someone proposing to create a board for both 2ch and sankaku users to consult each other about this matter instead of just making racist comments and waiting for them to be translated on each forum to continue fighting like cats and dogs…

    And what did we end with ? A law that censors almost EVERYTHING. Mangakas will now have to create Disney-like stories to make a living, while series that have made Japan’s fortune like “Dragon Ball”, “One Piece”, “Bleach” and “Naruto” will be relocated in the porn section.

    Is it just me or does it look like Ishihara is trying to demolish the manga industry ?
    Maybe this is due to some rivalry between lobbies ?

    And to those who are posting funny “game-inspired” messages, let me tell you that violence is not the answer. Even if I know most of you don’t wrote those messages seriously, I’ll write this for the few who are convinced of it. Sending some kind of Assassin’s Creed copycat to terminate Ishihara will not solve the problem as it will only make stronger the belief that “otakus are insane”. By making Ishihara a martyr, you would only make otakus and all the stuff that is connected to them an enemy of society.

    Maybe we could have organised something even if in Japan, demonstrations have almost no effect. Look at all the protests Okinawans made to get rid of the US military base who caused them trouble (Marines going around and raping school gilrs, stealing/damaging stuff or picking up fights with people). All of this ended in what ? Lots of talk and NO SUBSTANCE.

    What can we do now ? Probably the best thing is just WAIT. Wait until Ishihara realizes he has severed one of Japan’s economy’s most important limbs. I have no specific documents to prove what I am saying here, but I am quite sure that everyone here and also our fellow friends from 2ch will agree that this so-called “law” will have a DEVASTATING impact on Japan’s market.

    First there was the Rapelay scandal, then Agnes-chan interfered… Now Ishihara has made his move.
    Pieces are moving on the Great Checkerboard. All we have to do is wait and watch, since we cannot make a step in this game. We just can’t.
    Let the Japanese solve this. I say this has to end like in Italy with Berlusconi : you voted the guy ? You wipe your own ass, boy…

    In conclusion, I am no politician, scientist nor moralist. I am just a hentai fan that is worried to see how his hobby is being killed by a society that once protected and glorified it and nobody is trying to do a goddamn thing to change things.
    Where the %§#&! is V when we need him ?!? (°o°)

  • The next step are the back alley shady looking manga dealers.And all the people in the store looking at a guy who came out of the 18+ section with a manga in his hand, like buying manga it’s something to be ashamed of :/.I’m so sick of moronic politicians that get into stuff they don’t know anything about and ruining the fun/happiness of someone else (which by default when involving politics it’s at least a few hundred thousand people)by making brain dead changes and stupid laws that are sunningly pointless. I guess every country has it’s geriatric politicians that do more harm than good.

  • I’m surprised no one has mentioned this possibility yet:

    Underage children in Japan trading sexual favors to adults in exchange for buying them “porn” manga that is devoid of sexual content.

    It might not happen frequently, but I’m willing to bet it will happen.


    The same thing is going to happen too. Teens and pre-teens will be going to mobsters to buy manga and anime. I’m not saying this will lead to drug use via product placement, but I have no doubt this bodes pretty damn well for the Yakuza.

  • so lets push all the manga to the porn corner. now INSIST that the distributors increase outside sales (other countries).
    most countries will be like.. ” wait isn’t that porn to you?”
    nice move stupid. go back to economics 101

  • Well it is good to know that not all idiots are in the American Government. Still, it is not good to see Japan becoming…

    A dictatorship controlled by politicians who line their underwear and pockets with bribes. Its sad to see a country like Japan finially being hit by what America has faced. Still, it should not become a dictatorship, and even though the Emperors are only figureheads, they should do something to FIX THEIR NATION ALREADY!


    • Anonymous says:

      And exactly who would be paying for those bribes, sir?

      America is controlled by wealth in elections.

      Japan is a bit more diverse.

      Tokyo has large geriatric population who like Ishihara.

      This is not bribes, but plain old democracy at work.

  • Could people stop with the “Ishithara” thing already?

    Aside from being the kind of insult you would expect from elementary schoolers it doesn’t exactly paint a positive picture of people opposed to the “ban”

    • I think you seriously underestimate the lengths that people are willing to go if they are faced with a hopeless situation.

      I can’t and i will not blame anyone who has violent thoughts over this situation. Enough is enough. What picture should we try to uphold? Ishihara and his nazis already see us fans as scum.

  • Why exactly are the only two options available for producers to either shut down completely or move to pure kids stuff?

    There is obviously a market for the ecchi and adult oriented stuff out there and IF some producers begin to drop authors of ecchi material it would be downright foolish for no one to pick up all of that stuff and create a mature themed manga that can survive in an adult section.

  • So no one wants to notice that the only major problem here is the stupidity of people who stock shelves for a living?

    One of the comments in the article itself even points out that harmless 4koma stuff is for some reason shelved in the adult section.

    Anyone freaking out over this needs to calm the fuck down already

    • An excerpt from a future diary….
      Prohibition era, Japan 2012:

      I saw all the otakus getting beaten up by the yankees across the street. I can hear an orgy being conducted floor above me, their moans echoing through the ceiling. Ishihara has turned Japan up-side-down and no one acted against him. I barely got home, unscathed, as gangs roam and rape children while the police do nothing….

  • This is all?

    I really thought I would never see my manga and anime again…

    Apparently, they were only moved to the adult session, thank god …

    I know it will disturb the industry and so on, but I think the companies have enough power to resolve the situation with the government.

    Most importantly, the Japanese did not stop doing the bizarre and disturbing manga that I love so much.

  • I have everything I need to take “him” out (plan + materials)…If I wanted to…just need a Japanese partner , would make it easier to blend in…….tsk

    and It doesn’t matter if “he” becomes a martyr..change up the operation and take out the next fool that raises their head…

  • Eventually, one less thing unique to Japan. Doesnt matter anyway, its not like they wanted to sell manga to the outside world…because we’re all dirty foreigners. Too bad they were xenophobic, the foreign market couldve opened up before this and saved them….now its gonna die. Blame that one on foreigners Japan! Ishihara=foreigner??

  • I see many people are still in denial stage, while i already accept my death months ago as an otaku.

    Funny thing is many people still believe this bill is for the benefit of the children, we’re talking about politicians here who used to steal billions of taxpayers money every year, hello!?

    Hah, morals and ethics are nothing but a joke, a big joke.

  • Is this the world the censorship crowd wanted? If so we have to destroy that warped illusion.”

    Kamijou Touma? Now I know where he went after the end in volume 22. He is here to save us in the real world.

  • What’s sad is this is going to cause a reverse reaction to what the people who wanted to protect children wanted. Now as average people peruse typical manga in the “adult” section and the crowds hover around those stands, the pervert they are trying to stop can peruse without persecution. This is what happens when people who have no business trying to alter business, especially with morals versus letting society regulate itself.

  • “Ishihara’s inquisition” .. YES! .. this is where it all boils down to. Besides regulations is in place so no way they will erase it and if that man finally dies it will take way longer to get rid of it. now their state has yet another toy to burn some money. Maybe they learn to just leave some things how they are.

    world crisis their ass, haha, pull another plug! the ship is sinking anyway?! sales, who the fuck cares.

    • @ MidnightTide

      1. Nice sexy Horo Avatar.

      2. The Japanese Publishers are doing everything they can in their power to stop this. They’ve already boycotted the Tokyo Anime Fair, and Shonen Jump is encouraging artists to create manga to protest against the bill.

      Problem is, the Tokyo government doesn’t give a squat about what the publishers say. I suspect its going to take more than a boycott to make anything possible.

  • amazingly enough how the hell is such a small group stopping something thats been around for at least 108 years?

    I just realized something…. How are they gonna actually ban manga and anime?

    what exactly is anime and manga? well its pretty much a 2D person with some artistic alterations…

    you cant ban drawings of ones self :\ if you ban manga you might as well ban every single drawing of a human. <_< I dont know why but i never noticed there is gonna be no way in hell they can successfully ban manga and anime <_<

    Now I would say it is up to the fans to make sure itss not temporarily banned but other than that there is no way in hell someone can ban people from drawing people.

    I am not the best with words but I see ishihara's and his supporters have some very bad logic. you cannot ban human expresion without wiping humans from the face of the earth :\

    • The thing about manga is that is requires very little capital, and it can make money.

      So long as a hopeful college graduate can try selling doujinshi, he’s less likely to submit to the soul-crushing despair of big business.

      Ishihara is fighting an economic war on behalf of traditional capitalist wage slavery. (I’m not a Communist, but the term “wage slavery” is accurate here.)

      Selling doujinshi at a loss is a great way to lose a few years of your life. Ishihard wants young Japanese to waste those years for a big business, not as small-time doujinshi entrepreneurs.

      • ahhh but Ishihara is to closed minded. If you continue to nurture a tree it will get very big. but if you neglect that tree it will most likely die…

        What ishihara fails to realize is that the manga and anime industry will not die out.

        Humans have a need to be entertained. Look at the American entertainment industry its friggin huge. Look at disney. Disney is an amazingly huge company… anyone that does not know that much about disney just look at wikipedia to get a vague idea of just really how much bigger they are than you thought.

        Many of these manga companies I would consider big companies. I would say these companies have a phenomenal amount of potential. ….. right now I would say America is the leader in the entertainment industry.

        Japan actually has a foot hold with manga and anime. There way in is through 2D and 3D…. gotta start with 2D before 3D.

        Would Ishihara consider disney a big company? what would happen if disney did not exist. well America would be having a nice chunk of lost cash. Same thing with Japan.

        Unfortunately if Ishihara succeeds another country could take the treasure that is in the japan’s trash can. :\

        as long as we are human we will have a need to be entertained. its 2010 and people still read text even though you could all your books in audio.

        anime/manga = cartoons. Cartoons won’t die. Ever. why try to harm something like that when nurturing will bring good fortune.

        Guidance is whats needed for the anime/manga industry does not go down the wrong path.

  • I told you, it’s going to be like the old Comics Code Authority in the US back in the 60’s. It gutted the comics industry and left it a shadow. It’s taken years for it to bounce back, and it’s still no where near what it was.

  • kill the old people!

    No seriously, laws like these would not pass if it was not for the obscene amount of baby boomers living passed their prime and Japan’s declining birthrate.

    Time to instate Logan’s Run type laws. …or at least make an anime adaption. There is no sanctuary.

  • <_< if this is permanent I think I might as well sell my soul to the US military in hopes maybe the life I get could be amazing enough I could have made a manga about it last year and had it sell quite a bit…

    hmmmm I think I see another prohibition of alcohol…. hmmm our 21st amendment was to repeal our 18th mainly because there was no way in hell the government could keep tabs on alcohol… The same action must be takin for the anime and manga… I don't mean the manga and anime that actually deserve to be in the 18+ section I mean the stuff that does not.

    I guess whats really freaking me out is how fast this is happening. I am definitely not gonna be freaking out about this the most since others lives and families are gonna be hurt but damn if this is not lifted I would say at least 20% immediately dies and another 30% will die off because it sustained on the 20%

  • This idea comes out really weak minds, now the child who bought it will be Jump into the slab forcing porn radius, and therefore be tempted to flip.

    The purpose of this Act is to make porn more accessible for young poeple? …..

  • Honestly, I am shocked there have been no riots. Some of these guys seem to have no life outside of anime/manga; thus, such a reaction would seem possible, if not likely. How this affects the economy or political campaigns will be interesting. That is of course if it has any bearing on such at all. Has it been said what percentage of the population is for the ban and what percentage is against it?

    • It even affects the production stage. Of course they would also restrict online sales.

      This is why we are so concerned. Yet, there are still morons who can’t understand the danger of all of this.

  • In previous articles like this people have said the publishing industry should just up and move. The response was usually ‘All the market is in Tokyo.’ ‘They spent millions on their towers\buildings.’ ‘People stop at shops there to grab what they want.’ Well to those people that have said such things, look at those pictures and comments.

    People will not stop at shops to buy things they do not want. Have you ever been to Detroit? Do you know how many generations and how much money went into those structures? When an industry collapses, it doesn’t matter what building you’re in, you have to move and adapt and make it work.

    The manga industry should be far easier to save than the auto industry. Just a matter of them getting the balls to make the changes to new places or, god forbid, embracing the net and working it for all they can. If the published format of Manga goes bust, the digital will be all that’s left. And they will have to figure a way to make money from there. Pirates will always be here. Always.

    Does anyone remember the movie industry fighting tooth and nail trying to kill the VHS back in the 70s? It will destroy our industry they said. Why would anyone go to the movies they questioned. Since the 70s, I have’t seen an industry collapse because of the VHS.

    But that’s off topic. Fact is it doesn’t matter how much of the manga market is in Tokyo if Tokyo will not produce what people want, they won’t buy and the publishers will have to move. And hope the ban doesn’t sweep up all of Japan.

    I would say they are a bunch of spineless cowards for not fighting it but then, coming from the US, we got our own mass of retard laws.

    • A good 20% of the market is in Tokyo (and even higher % of the money), so you can’t just “Move out”. You’d lose a lot of potential sales regardless since that stuff can’t be sold in Tokyo itself. And its a business… they’ll just settle for more PG/PG-13 stuff, and make manga a kid oriented industy

    • ‘And what about doujinshi’s circles?
      And how many peoples will loses their jobs?’

      Ishihara isn’t stupid.

      A doujinshi career is a great way to spend several years. It doesn’t make much money – it probably loses money – but it makes the mangaka happy.

      Ishihara wants those mangaka to give up on art and become wage slaves.

      Ishihara is waging economic warfare, and he’s using cultural warfare as a tactic.

  • I feel very sorry for all manga readers in Japan. I can’t understand the new nonsense rules. Now if you’re <18 years old you're not able to buy innocent mangas because you're not allowed in the 18+ corner? This is, let me rate it from my point of view, sick and even more shocking than their censorship.

    If 2ch or anyone, someone out there, would make a PETITION, I'd sign it.

  • What they need to do is:

    Fight like a stray animal captured by an inferior retard (excuse me “Special Person”) facing it’s 20th daily “temperature examination.”

    Otherwise, look no further than 50s America / “Seduction of the Innocent” America’s “Comics Ban”… It did a very similar thing; It put the (effective) right to distribute comics in the hands of a few who had a set of rules —and could “Interpret” them with impunity— who had to be PAID to review comics and then get their label.

    It set back American comics and development in that medium for decades. Turned it perpetually into a “Kid’s Medium” with all the limits on plots/characters/story lines allowed. It didn’t help the industry, it nearly collapsed it. And the real irony was, it was NOT the “Law”. The industry cooperated with it, the few surviving ones, even when a “First Amendment” challenge to the Supreme Court won.

    It was broken in the 70s by Stan Lee with a Spiderman story, though defied for a long time with “Underground” comics. But comics were still seen as “Kid” stuff long after.

    Also, that backtrack was what gave Japan’s comics their edge. They weren’t as hung up on much stuff back then, and their manga had a free range of expression and was considered just another form of literature.

    But now they are going right back to “Seduction of the Innocent” the worst of the 50s petty moral reactions.

    What they should do is:

    1. Hold off publishing for a few months.

    Take the hit, this will mean some title losses and possibly short-term layoffs. Try to mitigate the damage (esp to artists) as much as possible.

    2. Be viciously aggressive. I don’t want to get into suggestions to ask the Yakuza to get rabid Otaku on strikes against any publishers who comply, but hopefully reason and “We artists should stick together!” will work!

    3. Sell stuff at stores/areas outside Tokyo. Make things more extreme if anything. DROP the kid’s only stuff, how much $ do tiny kids have? Frankly, they should try some full color and “Metal Hurlant” type stuff. Make a publishing niche for “Weird/Eccentric” types who aren’t team player art machines but like once a year or so can produce incredible works. “Druuna” for instance, or Druillet’s dark Gothic space operas…

    4. Pay for media advertising. Human rights of free expression. Use a 50s America comparison. Hit them with the $ issues… People will go outside Tokyo to buy manga, and along the way they’ll buy food, soft drinks, electronics, clothes, etc. There will be a noticeable drop in sales in Tokyo, hitting some businesses hard, and others harder.

    • ‘It set back American comics and development in that medium for decades. Turned it perpetually into a “Kid’s Medium” with all the limits on plots/characters/story lines allowed. It didn’t help the industry, it nearly collapsed it. And the real irony was, it was NOT the “Law”. ‘

      That’s not ironic.

      The comics industry made money. Like all industries that make money, it attracted white-collar criminals.

      Those white-collar criminals told truths with bad intent – and of course, “A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.”

      It’s not ironic when white-collar criminals exercise their special expertise and take over an industry.

      Stan Lee isn’t some kind of hero. The comics industry and the sci-fi industry had plenty of sleazebags, and the people in authority were almost entirely sleazy.

      So of course “the Law” didn’t protect anything. The history of America was foreseen by its Founders, who said that a great profusion of laws would be worse than no law at all.

    • Probably the most well thought out way to strike back. I recall reading about that particular “Dark Age” of comics, and the situation the manga industry is facing has such striking parallels it’s scary.

      Now if we can somehow get our 2channer counterparts to mobilize. If they’re capable of sniffing out bad artists that plagiarize and whatever other stuff 2chan is well renowned for their investigative skills, they should use that same motivation to save their manga and the community.

    • The French are specialist at this little game of people power, when not making an outright strike or rally, but tihs is Japan we are talking about. Your idea may be the sensible thing to do, but I don’t credit them with the spine to pull it through…

      • At anonymous 06:13

        Yeah its obvious that most of the Japanese “Otaku” don’t have the balls to stand up to what they like, but what other option is their left to do? We’ve gotta nag them to death until they decide to do something.

        If you ask me, that seems like the only feasible option left to do.

        With the economic conditions most of us are in, I sincerely doubt we’ve be able to afford a flight to Tokyo to protest for them.

        • Otaku are the people who do have the balls to throw a firebomb when they feel there’s bad treatment of their obsession. Get ’em some Yakuza “Friends”, drug and sex ’em a bit, they’d be perfect “Lone Nuts”.

          IMO, if the political scumbags weren’t just pandering hypocrites, they’d have done this themselves. But they just want to pretend they care about a decaying society -and- keep their bribes/money letting the “Status Quo” slide slowly into despair. So, they need a “Witch Hunt” or “Jew Pogrom”. Problem is, well aren’t established Japanese religions technically witchcraft/shamanism..? And, like are there ANY Jews in Japan, but of course likely a not unpowerful Israeli embassy? So, screaming “The JEWS are causing our problems” would be laughed at. But, lots of “Otakus” who are marginalized, worried about, tend to spend their money and time on “Loli Pirate” stuff, etc. Good minority that they think can’t defend themselves to blame.

          I’m hoping this could be done without #2, but frankly, if any of these politicans thought there was a real chance of a rabid Otaku burning his house down, disembowelin him, etc… they’d shut up.

          And, NO, I don’t encourage that.

          #3 and #4 will make them sh-t their pants more. If the industry can fight back, taking a short term hit to preserve it’s long term market/free speech rights, then they’ll win big time. Have a vaccum of $ that they’ll find out is far, FAR greater than the “perfect blue” stereotypes that buys much more than Manga going OUTSIDE Tokyo, the economic damage will turn against the fascists.

          If there’s a significant, and I mean even 5% can be life or death sometimes, turn in markets, the people the Fascist parasites feed off of for bribes will turn on them. “look at the damage you did!”

    • Really nice Barbarian of Gor! Its really understandable how comic books nearly died back in 1993 with the whole comic book crash(and how Marvel was nearly bankrupt before it became what it is today).

      We can all agree that restrictions on creative mediums and/or content have never brought forth “more creativity” like the proponents of the ordinance and censorship crowd like to claim.

      If you don’t mind, I want to translate your passage and spread the word on 2ch and several Japanese forums. (And hope any our comments actually provides the Japanese net surfers some good input on what they can do.)

        • Of course, he forgot what I thought was the best part: that the Spiderman in question was portraying the NEGATIVE aspects of drug use, with the support of a big-time medical board, and they wouldn’t allow it because it had drugs in it. And now, the only comic that seeks approval is Archie.
          Myself, I think that it would have worked much better if they’d just rated things, but…ehh. Makes for interesting reading and thought material.
          Another interesting incident was the movie equivalent, the Hays Code. Any behavior deemed to be immoral at the time had to have a consequence by the end of the movie (I’m thinking death by sex here, myself) and, like the Comics Code, it limited possible plots. I’m also pretty sure that it also helped cement the idea that evil’s sexy (bad girls are allowed to wear sexy clothes because they’re evil!) so make of that what you will.
          I’d hope that if they can’t repeal this, that they can at least make titles that will be just as fun to read if you’re a child or an adult, but…in practice that likely won’t happen. Honestly, any law that makes manga’s current situation remind me of California’s sex laws worries me.

  • there’s 2 ways to explain this.

    1. the shop owner voluntarily places all manga in the adult section to avoid any complaints from the authorities if and when they come and check.

    2.Argumentatum ad absurdum. They do this so the public will complain about it then the retailers will respond that it’s impossible to nitpick every manga or tankobon they have in store so they might as well place everything in the adult section. Which then in turn make the public complain to the municipal government about how stupid this whole thing is turning out to be,

    I want to believe it’s the latter but the former is more likely.

    • of course it’s in there, it’s got anti-establishment, piracy, violence and erotica in the form of nami and robin in it!

      naruto has violence, sexy jutsu and icha icha..

      bleach has orihime and matsumoto..

      pretty much everything in jump’s going in the porn section.

  • Everyone who said the law would have little to no effect should go fucking kill themselves for being massive idiots and remove themselves from the gene pool. Think of the future children whom your stupidity is going to make worse.

  • lol, in a way, that may boost manga piracy even further and possibly beyond control.
    As a follow up to the exceedingly large manga, anime, eroge piracy to date, when it booms due to this measure, there will be less to choose from and possibly only those that have original ideas will survive. prices are likely to skyrocket to cover costs, and they’ll be forced to target to other countries where the ban isn’t as enforced.

    Ok, maybe it won’t happen that way, but it may actually come to be.
    Eitherway, if something someone likes is out there, that person will find ways to get it, legally or otherwise. That’s the sad truth of (primarily 3rd world countries) the world.

  • Man up, and get into the porno section bitches! It’s only going to disappear if you don’t buy it. Yeesh, why are they so scared of this? If anything it will allow authors more freedom with their stories, if it’s already seperated then there is less reason to self censor. If everyone there already looks at you like you’re a creep, embrace it and hang out in the porno section, and wave to them as they walk by. For a nation full of people treating everyone like a stranger they sure worry too much about how they are percieved.

    • A major demographic of the manga industry is under 18, and if its in the 18+ section, they can’t buy it. You can’t just buy it because you want to, unless you get your parents or something to buy it, and what kid is gonna be able to ask their parents to buy them something from the porn corner?

      • If this law will be tolerated more:
        After I get my 18 this year, I’ll travel to Japan and help kids buy their manga from the “Adult Corner” and I’ll do it for free and as much as I can.
        If this law is tolerated more: Only 18+ older fans can sustain this industry by buying kids Anime & Manga stuff!

        Only this can help if the law remains!
        We doesn’t have to do this everytime, only in our free time and as much as we can!
        Who supports me?
        Who can do this with me?

        • i would if i were over there.

          i honestly would do better; i’d scan everything and post it on a blog. not sure if it’s legal or not, but there are still sites that do that despite the fall of onemanga. people just switched sites.

          me buying my share of “porn” and letting kids read manga. sounds good.

  • Well I wouldnt be too surprised if alot of mangaka or even manga corporations move to other countries including the US given there is a greater literary tolerance. Plus a more reasonable (due to federal law) system for age demograph.

  • Honestly, why is this any surprise?

    I’m not here to be a nay-sayer or anyone’s enemy. I like manga as much as the next guy. I’m just absolutely not surprised by any of this. Take a look at this very site’s articles. Normally what do they deal with? Something being “too sexy” or that being “ero.” The trend is leaning towards a lot of open promiscuity. Any one of us can defend manga night and day, but when a lot of top artists are in fact pumping out ecchi like its water for a developing country, nothing we say will be taken seriously.

    Even IF its a case of “the loud minority,” the loud minority is just that: LOUD. Breasts are LOUD. Thighs are LOUD. Dry humping is LOUD and itchy.

    I’m a Westerner and I love me some shooters. Love them to death for all their shallowness. But can I defend them as a “modern art medium”? Hell no. Yeah its senseless violence and I just happen to love senseless violence. But never once will I say Call of Duty is changing the way we look at the world or proving to be a positive force despite criticism.

    I know a lot of people will stop reading when I mention this, but before the game came out, Reach looked like it would be redefining the first-person shooter genre. Not because of its controls or its gameplay, but they put a lot of emphasis on the non-combatants in their trailers. I thought, “Finally, we’ll get to see how these invasions will affect those who CAN’T fight back. Those who do NOT have military training and are having their lives uprooted. Those who have their eyes glued to the tv screen wondering when its all going to end.” Sadly, barely two missions into the game and it seemed the developers scrapped the idea.

    It seems manga artists have scrapped the idea of unique storytelling loaded with plot twists. Thus far from what I have seen, not that it speaks for the entire industry because I am just one person in America, the manga genre of visual storytelling has started dumbing down with the rest of the world. Why provoke thought when skin gives you sales proportionate to the amount shown? Why change it up when the same cliches are still adored by fans? So, in my defense, why call it art when the same artist is copying the next guy?

    I have nothing to defend. At least most of us could be honest. There is a love for half-naked women. Fan-service will always exist in manga and anime. Thats what makes it stand out, in fact. Risque without breaking innocence. But too much fan-service and it becomes commonplace. An industry built upon commonplace fan-service WILL inevitably be labeled as “porn” as the bar is raised each time.

    You can try to defend it to draw away from that. List your favorite manga titles. I’ll salute you for naming five without fan-service as a main draw. Honestly, anyone could do it. But no matter what you say, the loud minority (or perhaps even majority. Again, I do not know) will scream TITS and the only things law-makers will have in their mind will be TITS. It is no individual’s fault, but the collective. Thanks to the fans for eating it up, and thanks to the artists for feeding it to us.

    Until there is a major shift in the goal of the community as a whole, the trend can only continue in a seemingly perpetual cycle.

      • Where in the post does it say that? If you could highlight that for me, I’d appreciate it.

        Otherwise, you missed the point, being that lawmakers will get harsher and harsher just by face value unless we shift our own trends. Otherwise, sad though it be, this generalized censorship will continue.

        As an artist myself, this is a very legitimate problem. I don’t want my work being thrown in the sordid bin just because of the very way I DRAW. No, I don’t agree with what they’re doing, but no, I am not shocked. As irritating and stupid as it is, I am not shocked.

        The people that fight to censor every little thing are the ones making all the rules. Not the fans. They’ll keep up their kill-on-sight mentality until we have something to prove them wrong. It wont be sudden, it may take years, but it must be done.

  • so what, fucking japanese otaku, they have no power that happends when they dont learn to defend their hobby, they allow that people that dont even read manga decide for them, thats what they deserve for being cowards, if you are a Japanese Manga reader I hope that you read this and tell to everyone in your country how cowards you all are.

  • The only thing i was worried about was mangas that follow in berserk’s footsteps.

    Where you have gore language and reality.
    But this ban seems to be going as far as naruto and one piece and that’s absolutely outrageous.

    I could see kids from schools protesting and riots starting because of this shit.

    It’s denying everyone’s rights and that’s not possible.
    Something will happen soon.

    Honestly i miss the good ol days where anime didn’t have ten billion scenes of fan service.

    It really is the fault of what anime has become over the years.

    I just want a panty flash every now and then where it’s harmless and funny.

    And anime to be sold anywhere despite having limbs cut off and possibly eaten and a little rape every now and then.

    That’s reality! why the hell can’t we have that?

  • So basically people who wanted normal type manga have to go to the porn section to get it now.
    So while they are there they might be tempted to pick up some real porn.
    So Ishihara is now exposing tons of people to real porn who may have never had an interest in it before creating the pervs he sought to destroy.
    What a retard.

  • “Is this the world the censorship crowd wanted? If so we have to destroy that warped illusion.”

    Truer have never been spoken, Kamijou Touma.
    Just beat that iShitHara with your right fist and destroy that illusion. 😀

    • Seems like Kamijou Touma won’t be pleased if they censor Index (because she’s loli) and/or Biribiri (OMG school uniform!!! O_o)… >_<

      Go for it, Touma! Save our beloved DLCs before it's too late!

  • What the heck is this? Not only will the anime/manga industry be crippled from this law but the convenience store industry will have to lose money restructuring just to accommodate the massive influx of adult titles for the adult shelves.

    Alright I give up, lets just resurrect Tojo from the dead and restore the Japanese Empire already. Hell lets just make Ishihara in charge of the Kempei and have him go around harassing University professors and students. Hell he’s already half way there.

  • How can You guys Just act like “oh its the end of the world now!”? WTF? Why dosent Anyone protest about this bullshit!? Hate mail even! I actualy hate real Porn even more now. Stupid Fucking Screwed up Bullshit!
    They WILL Regret putting this ban forward.

    • They looked to me once.
      Now they turn to you. Do you understand now?
      Do you see that the truth is they don’t want to change this?
      They don’t want a hero.
      They just want a martyr, a statue to raise

      I’ve given every thing I can.
      There are no heroes left in man.

      • … A The Protomen reference? (Because I’m sure it is.)

        Though, seriously, it’s true. It’s obvious no one is going to move a damn finger about it, at least from the otakus. Manga publishers and animation houses may do something, either moving to another sector or something. But I won’t expect the community to do something, not with the type of society Japan has.

  • Has anyone considered that because the stores must have been making a decent amount of money from manga, they may simply be trying to create the biggest possible reaction in the hope of getting a repeal or at least a watering down of the new law?

    • Regardless whether it is intentional or not, if this becomes the norm it’s more ammo for getting this law thrown out. It has the opposite effect of what the regulation was aiming for by putting the manga children will want to buy near porn mags. It will also lose a lot more supporters it once had if manga like One Piece also get effected. And lastly it goes against what was the agreed plan, which was prudent application of this law. I doubt this will be received well by the political party that insisted on this prudent application.

      Of course, that all depends on wether what is described in the article is actually the norm now, or just one or two isolated cases of shops overreacting.

  • This is depressing, sad and irritating. To see what you care for being torn down and not being able to do ANYTHING is harsh, ieatshit is winning and the public is doing nothing about has abuse, the otakus need a spine in Tokyo before its to late however as usual “people don’t see until it finally happens.”

  • I guess the strategy is to make it so much of pain in the ass for store owners to decide what manga goes in what section they stop carrying them altogether. Only manga shops will want to go through the bullshit. Mom and Pop or convenience stores probably won’t want to be bothered. Tokyo Govt. wins 🙁

  • They should make something like the pachinko fuckup with laws – you will balls, buy books with them and sell them at the store next doors. Something like second 18+ corner without porn but labeled as it with automatic cash desk. Still illegal, but they could look aside and blame it on unconrolability.

  • wargalley20011 says:

    I can imagine now what uneducated mothers in America are saying about the Manga ban. “Agnes,did you hear that Japanese comic books are full of sex, and violence. They are being banned. Better go throw Johnny’s collection away.”

  • Nekoshi Nailz says:

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID!… God… Manga is good the way it is…Ishihara is limiting mangakas creativity and talent, there are lots of genres of manga, they should be appreciated as they are, by any age current custumer, manga shouldn’t be considered porn, specialy those mangas with no ero at all…as some coments here, now kids will have to go to the adult shelves, or not, since they can’t go to that zone…now we’re going to start to see,
    “-I wan’t to buy my manga, but I can’t go there, will you dad?
    -Ok…*returns with manga and porn magazine* and there is your manga son.
    *later at home*
    -honey, do you really have to look at that magazine when we’re dinning?” or worst.

    (and sorry for my rusty english)

  • Assuming comics from the rest of the world goes under the ban, what titles would we see under the pron section? X-men? Kick-Ass? I’m pretty sure Asterisk And Obelisk would be there, those togas are nothing but scraps of cloth!

  • Curiously tho~ With them putting all the mangas in the 18+ section. . . wont kids be more exposed to sex and nudity because porn is placed ON TOP OF ONEPIECE? *points at “One Piece” cover under the adult section rack*

    • Agreed, and observed for some time.

      Japan’s people has grown weak; unwilling and unable to look evil in the eye and deal with it. Yet if someone takes a stand, they get shot down as being ‘dirt’.

      Well Tokyo, this is what I think: You can mock us, lie about us, kick us, will us, and even black and white us. But you’ll never completely kill us; we’re a necessary ‘evil’.

      • @ OTIKA And Anonymous 1

        I agree with you guys. Japan and its people, have grown weak, defenseless, and far too hopeless prior to WW2.

        But Japan’s strongest weakness resides in its cultural roots; how strongly it detests the roots of individualism, and how nobody likes to stand out. This is what’s going to kill the Japanese Anime & Manga industry more than piracy, fansubs, haters, and yes, Ishihara.

        If no civil rights groups and any sort of activism is present in the nation, the roots of liberty & freedom, and civil liberties of its populace are indeed vulnerable and are bound to be exploited by right-wing radicals such as Agnes Chan and Kintaro Ishihara whom seem to yield more influence than the wimpy Prime Minister, Natao Kun, himself.

        In other words, expect more backslashes to occur with not just the Anime & Manga industry, but with the rights of the LGBT community, the gamers, writers, the treatment of its minorities, and the increase in xenophobia.

  • Just some thoughts.

    Will store owners want to stock harmless manga on shelves meant for porn knowing full well the manga isn’t porn and thus will be a waste of space in the porn section as anyone looking for porn, won’t want to need to search through a lot of manga that sure ain’t porn?

    Thus, it won’t be stocked, and thus it won’t be relevant if fans of the manga that are old enough to get it don’t mind getting it there as it won’t be there and thus won’t be available.

    Shelf space is serious shit, store owners won’t be wasting it on anything that doesn’t move.
    Most store owners won’t mind selling porn, money is money eh. But they won’t waste shelf space on anything that doesn’t move.

    If the stuff isn’t porn, but is treated like it was and is now not accessible to large chunks of the market that used to be able to buy it, it will suffer significant revenue interruption.

    And all because Ishy baby is a homophobic fucktard too.

    • ‘Shelf space is serious shit, store owners won’t be wasting it on anything that doesn’t move.
      Most store owners won’t mind selling porn, money is money eh.’

      Here’s a lesson from history:

      When comic conventions were just getting started in the USA, lots of people drew anthro comics – what we would now call “furry” comics – that were not sexual.

      However, all these comics sold poorly, and the “furry porn” sold relatively well.

      So the artists who were really motivated specialized in furry porn, and a lot of artists gave up on art and started working at McDonald’s.

      A similar phenomenon might happen with hentai – some artists will specialize in hentai, a lot of artists will quit, and manga will become more dominated by porn.

  • Alright, so… with so many people and companies (extremely) negatively affected by this, surely there’s gonna be at least a few people angry -and- influential enough to be able to do something about this?

  • It will be interesting to see what this does to sales figures. I assume the impact will stabilize and be quantifiable within a matter of weeks. Maybe publishers will have to stop obsessing about pirates with scanners and start looking at a digital distribution model to make up the expected sales losses.

  • “The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry plans to have a law revised to enable the central government to file suits against local governments over perceived violations of laws and regulations, ministry sources said Wednesday.

    In such suits the central government would seek court rulings on the legality of actions taken by local governments if they are suspected of having violated laws but refuse to rectify their actions.”

    Central government will be able to go after Ishihara for violating freedom of speech, or at least pressure them into repealing the ban.

    • Indeed. Nothing is stopping the kids from asking their parents to buy it for them. Same way with violent video games and obscene albums in America. Kids are still going to find a way to get what they want.

        • ‘Actually the law bans “making visible to” children so it may criminalise parents giving titles to their children.’

          That would only work if Japan has some bureaucracy just as intrusive as Child Protective Services in a Western country.

          If Japan doesn’t have a whole lot of legal beagles with guns and handcuffs, chomping at the bit, they won’t be able to prosecute parents for giving their kids comics.

          Prosecution always costs resources, one way or another.

      • They tried this in America back in the 1950’s when they created the Comics Code Authority. The topics that comics were allowed to explore were vastly limited and resulted in the large number of superhero comics in the US: it was the only safe topic. Anyone who studies comics points to the Comics Code Authority as the main reason why manga evolved into a more expressed literary form much more quickly while comics remained the stuff of children.

        Ultimately, generations came and went. The people the censorship was meant to protect got there hands on it anyway, grew up, and said, “That stuff wasn’t so bad.” They brought all that material back into comics.

        Manga’s a big piece of the economy. When higher ups start taking hits to the wallet, they’ll act. This cycle will (hopefully) pass quickly.

        • Considering the big Comic Boom back in the 1990’s happen in the US you notice a lot of Comics turn to cartoon shows and TV shows even independent comic book industry got into the boom for example like W.i.l.d.c.a.t.s even though it had a lot of controversy with one of the characters name Voodoo being a Exotic Dancer as a profession in a Cartoon series.

  • I can see CERO style rating system being implemented. When enough parents are tired of the embarrassment they will face to buy their kids non-adult manga that’s in the adult section for them. Just a matter of time.

    • Ikr… imagine a parent going into the adult section get a xyz volume and give it to his kid right in front of the shop lady =.=

      iShithara did it again…….
      First they came for the lolis, now they come for our beloved manga… *sigh*

      • “imagine a parent going into the adult section get a xyz volume and give it to his kid right in front of the shop lady =.=”

        that is what will happen to the survivors of the purge.. until ishihara decides that all things 2d is illegal..

    • hm… Actually, I have to wonder if Anime and gamer specified stores aren’t already pulling that.
      Also, isn’t this counter productive? I mean, Kids looking for their manga will now have to sneak into the ero section and view countless covers for pornography in order to continue reading, so won’t that actually INCREASE the perversion in kids? I mean, I get that this bill was meant to rape the Japanese Anime industry, and cripple the economy, but shouldn’t they have done it with a law that ACTUALLY DOES ITS JOB, AND NOT THE EXACT OPPOSITE?

      • Gerald Said: “won’t that actually INCREASE the perversion in kids”

        Not really, most Japanese convenience stores “segregate” adult materials from ordinary stuff. In other words, classically, Jump could be next to “Boin Boin,” with practically no divider between the two.

        The kids who normally stand in the store and read their manga won’t see any practical difference, it’ll only be for the ones who actually want to buy ’em.

      • i agree with you, its like stocking candy in the colored ball-shaped rat poison shelves, worse of all before the ban when someone saw a kid in the adult section he/she knew he was buying ero, now they might just ignore him because its much more likely he is picking up regular manga lowering the probability of him being stopped