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Recettear Sales Top 100,000


The English language release of doujin item shop RPG masterpiece Recettear has proved an astonishing success, selling 100,000 copies since its release in September.

Translators Carpe Fulgur say that not only has the game sold 100,000 copies already (they expected a mere 10,000 in 6 months), they have earned several times more than they anticipated, securing their company’s fortunes for the time being.

Marring the success slightly, Carpe Fulgur complain that they blundered by bundling the game with a collection of chaff games for $5, causing some of their revenues to be split five ways despite everyone buying the pack solely for the privilege of saving Recette from her crushing debt.

In any case, Carpe Fulgur seem confident they made more than enough to keep translating doujin titles for the western market (not that many doujin games are up to the standard of Recettear).

More importantly, developers EasyGameStation reportedly received an even larger mountain of cash from the success, doubtless an unexpected boon for the developer of a formerly obscure doujin title released several years ago.

With record sales (for a translated doujin game at best and an item shop RPG at worst), fans will doubtless be hoping EasyGameStation will consider a sequel – and if not, that more item shop RPGs will be forthcoming.

Certainly, an Atelier or Disgaea game based on hawking potions to Kishida Mel’s moeblobs or pointy sticks to Prinnies might well have some potential…

Recettear is on sale now.

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