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Miku Truly “Fantastico”


Holographic princess Hatsune Miku’s recent spate of mass media appearances still has not entirely abated – her most recent appearance even sees her seiyuu interviewed by Brazilian TV.

A digest of some of her more notably appearances follows, with thanks to the many kind souls who submitted the news of their nation’s passage into the desmesne of the world’s foremost if not only holographic princess.

On Brazilian TV (again) – but this time with Miku voice model Saki Fujita appearing as well:

On the cover of a Mexican rag:


On Italian TV (and elsewhere) as “L’ultima pop star giapponese è virtuale”:

Australian free rag – “but Japan’s newest and biggest pop star differs from most of her peers in one crucial aspect – she is a hologram”:


Czech news – “Japonská popová hvězda je 3D hologram školačky!”

Half a dozen Greek news sources covered the advent of Χατσούνε Μίκου as well.

Attack of the Show – now Attack of the Miku.

Sweden takes a break from its customary misandry to cover Miku, as do its Scandinavian brothers Denmark and Finland.

Even the Hong Kong press takes a break from publishing conspiracy theories to acknowledge the might of 初音未來:


Either the world’s mass media are right and Miku really is a hologram and not something more difficult for an English literature major (or its local equivalent) to understand, such as a “virtual idol,” or 100% of these publications are endlessly recycling the same fluff piece without bothering to check… surely not?

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