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Aya Hirano to Fans: “Stop Calling Yourselves Lifeliners!”


Aya Hirano has angrily told her fans to stop calling themselves “lifeliners,” inciting the usual storm of opprobrium.

The background to her remarks is that Aya Hirano’s remaining fans are now universally known (unkindly) as “lifeliners” after she said on Twitter that “Stop telling me to die or saying you hate me! I’ve finally got a lifeline to everybody!”

Aya Hirano is evidently not pleased with this:

Also, won’t you stop it already with the “lifeliner” stuff?

I only meant to call Twitter my lifeline. I think you’d understand if you read what I originally wrote.

Why is everyone interpreting that in such a warped way? It’ll cause another fuss so I’ll not say any more!

Her increased irritation with fans is probably the result of the sceptical reaction to her taxi story.

Hirano actually now has over 100,000 followers, although it seems likely most of these are the Twitter equivalent of ambulance chasers…

One of them subsequently pointed out that the term has stuck, and she immediately changed her tune:

Indeed! I suppose there is something to it after all! Well, I don’t really mind them using it but I wonder what they’ll do if they become tired of it.

Who cares what they think, call me what you will! The haters got really worked up over what I just said too…

2ch naturally snaps up the bait:

This person has 0 resistance to which way the wind is blowing, doesn’t she?

More fuel!

Hirano needs to give up Twitter… and her ability to resist the influence of others is nil.

Her agency probably thought it would be a good idea for someone like this to take up Twitter…

If she doesn’t periodically stir the pot like this she’ll be forgotten.

She’s doing this deliberately, she’s actually a genius at manipulating 2ch!

Who could have guessed 6 years ago that she would end up like this?

You guys love her way too much!

Aya Hirano is everyone’s toy!

Damn, she’s really using the haters…

This is all because of the taxi stuff – she came off as being mentally ill there.

Hirano: “The taxi disturbance has stopped so I’ll start another little fire to keep things going!”

Why does she always talk to the people who hate her?

Why does she keep pouring oil onto the flames like this?

I’ve started to like her. She’s moe like this. Aren’t weird girls nice?

She’s probably checking the threads about herself on 2ch as she does this…

You guys are playing with Hirano too much – what are you going to do when your toy breaks?

How many followers would she have left if she told everyone but lifeliners to quit following her?

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