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“Japan Should Disarm, Even If China Invades”


A Japanese economist suggests Japan should abolish its military as “history will remember us as a kind-hearted people even if the Chinese invade.”


Takuro Morinaga (pictured), an “economic critic” and TV talent known both for his outspoken views on otaku, and for maintaining various creepy hoards of otaku goods himself, spoke to a Tokyo rag recently about his views on the threat posed by China and the response he advocates to it:

I advocate complete military disarmament for Japan. We should abolish all our military forces, and pursue a policy based solely on non-violence.

Even should Japan be invaded by China and the nation completely destroyed, future textbooks will remember the Japanese as a kind-hearted people – that would be good, I think.

Apparently he is not sufficiently astute as to realise just who it is who will be writing those textbooks.

In previous statements he has also said that “we don’t need a self defence force, if North Korea invades we should just fight them with bamboo spears” and, rather traitorously, “if there’s a war, I’ll flee to America.”

That he can go on making such borderline treasonous statements and still easily find media coverage whilst anything with so much as a hint of patriotic sentiment is “killed with silence” by the same sources is rather telling.

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  • >”we should disarm & surrender peacefully”
    >while the rest of you live under foreign rule, I’ll escape to America, hehehe

    This asshole sounds exactly like every other self absorbed cunt out there, all he wants to do avoid conflict to guarantee he won’t die for his country. A country he cares so little about, that he’ll escape from at the first available opening.

    Watch “George Carlin – The Environment and Nature”, cause it sums up this asshole nicely.

  • Animes and mangas fans exist in all the countries of the world
    –> China makes a declaration of war to Japan
    –> The entire world attacks China and China’s geeks make a rebellion
    –> Japan doesn’t even need to fight

  • Japan should really set an example, “The First of it’s kind” in the world and Disarm and just setup a more effective Police Force.

    Really, It’s not just Japan, the Whole World needs to learn from this. ( Disarming of Nukes included )

  • That made me laugh, nobody in Asia considera the Japanese as “kind hearted people”

    Also, while this Morinaga dude and his opinions are disturbingly stupid, I too dind it stupid that the author of the article seems to suggest that pacifism means you are not patriotic.

    • Clemenceau was hardly the best source to talk about direction in war. His leadership of France was only slightly better than his counterparts, and oft-times less so. The leadership in WW1 was Woodrow Wilson, who give his generals and admirals the objective, some guidelines, and his full support to win the war.

  • Really now, it’s a nice ideal sure, but when burning buildings are around him and he’s unable to flee the country, I think his beliefs will change very, very quickly.

    As for Relena Peacecraft, she secretly had Gundam’s fighting for her country. So yeah. Your point has been made irrelevant.

  • That’s ridiculous, looking at his face he’ll surely flee to somewhere as stated before.
    You’re an economist try to care about money, something that Japan needs right now. Military subjects to military people.

  • Flee to America? we don’t want pussies here. we have too many as it is.

    people who do not fight for their country should not be allowed to live with the benefits it provides.

    “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

  • I cant see how he can be wrong. I mean, Japanese lived for 2000 years in their tiny Island. This sort of behavior have a well known consequence, and it’s called inbreeding. If a country wanted to invade them, I doubt they could do anything against it. Cutting military budget would at least give them some budget to improve their cultural productions (inexistants, if it’s not for shitty games and cartoons which are 90% horrific, and 10% actually good. And i’m generous), and would guarantee them a place in history books, which they wont have when their poorly trained and equiped, weak soldiers, will surrender to ten time their numbers of chinese, hungry of a vengeance for Nankin.

    Tl; DR: Japan is fucked anyway, and it’s how it should be. Disarming would at least allow them to end produly.

  • This guy is probably Japan’s version of Rev. Al Sharpton. You know…. They bring a clown on TV that shoots off his mouth on everything under the sun, says alot of stupid shit, thus, getting people to watch the program.

  • Japan’s Self-Defense Force is the only thing that’s standing between their country and its invasion and likely extinction by larger and stronger, more well-armed countries. Take that away and they’ll be anally raped in every way possible.

    “Even should Japan be invaded by China and the nation completely destroyed, future textbooks will remember the Japanese as a kind-hearted people – that would be good, I think.”

    Translation: “Prepare your anus!”

  • Seems like a smart guy to me. Wars aren’t fought one-on-one, there’s quite a few countries in this world, and I’m sure there’s more than a few who do not like China. Also, war is outdated and other countries will appreciate the notion of someone opting not to spend their resources on weapons that, even if not immediate or expected, could eventually pose a threat to them.

    In short; Weapons are expensive and retarded, this guy is right.

    • Also, forgot to add that he’s an otaku politician, I’d say Japan needs a few of those nowadays, the guy up there who said that this guy and Ishihara are ruining Japan together is retarded, they’re nothing alike and do not even remotely strive for the same things.

  • This jackass either doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about, or he’s depressed and suicidal.

    Japan’s Self-Defense Force is the only thing that’s standing between their country and its invasion and likely extinction by larger and stronger, more well-armed countries. Take that away and they’ll be anally raped in every way possible.

    Admiral Isoroku(?) said it himself clearly in World War II that they would never invade the US because there would be a firearm between every blade of grass. At least the JSDF even HAVE fuch firearms to defend Japan even if the people themselves don’t.

    “Even should Japan be invaded by China and the nation completely destroyed, future textbooks will remember the Japanese as a kind-hearted people – that would be good, I think.”

    Translation: “Prepare your anus!”

    • To be honest, the JSDF doesn’t scare anyone.

      The only thing that is keeping hostile countries from invading other countries is the possible combined backlash of allied countries.

      The only country i can think of, that would actually try an invasion, regardless of the consequences, would be North Korea. They have driven themselves into a corner. In the nearest future, we will either see NK mobilize its military, or we will see a coup once their leader kicks the bucket.

      • ‘The only thing that is keeping hostile countries from invading other countries is the possible combined backlash of allied countries.’

        The JSDF is an “instant noodles” army – given a short prep time, they could process a great many recruits into cannon fodder.

        While China isn’t “scared” of Japan as such, the JSDF could knock China down a peg.

        Also, recall that Japan could make a nuke in about 48 hours if necessary. If the SDF can hold out for a week, the government would spend five days panicking and two days making a nuke, then using it on China. (A great target would be Shanghai – the dock district if possible.)

        China a huge but fragile. One thing it requires is strong trade. Even if the Jap nuke did a tiny amount of real harm, insurance companies over the world would go bankrupt. Trade would plummet. China would be forced to put huge numbers of its soldiers on riot-control duty – and any country that spends resources on riot control is losing money, not making money.

        If a nuclear event caused a disruption of world trade

        • At which point China will go into a complete frenzy because they lost their “peaceful dominion of the worlds economy”, they lost their access to resources and international cooperation. Nothing keeps them from mobilizing to the max. That’s pretty much the final days then.

        • The M-V family of light launch vehicles could be converted to an ICBM if needed.
          They also successfully tested reentry vehicles.
          Of course they’d only need to hold out for a few hours for US bombers to show up and the US navy would be there in force a week later.

          Now the PLAN vs the USN would be a turkey shoot and don’t think that anti ship missile will sink an aircraft carrier it won’t we have aegis and the standard-3 missile.

          BTW any aggression by China would cause US companies to pull out and the US will simply write off the money they owe China and the rest of the world will support the US’s actions.
          Those bonds will be worthless.
          Heck it might do the US some good as it may switch back to a gold backed currency which it should do.

  • i see nothing stupid about his statement
    what i see is his critics to japanese government and america

    the japan military disarmament or abolition was enacted by US occupation troops to stop the threat of japan ambition once for all, but in the mean time another threat is building over china.
    unfortunately, japan as the second american buffer after s korea, is already got a law enacted to prevent them build any possible military force.

    the blame is to the american

  • Scaling back is a tactic to ease political pressures placed on foreign entities, but that’s only if you pose a threat to them. Japan disarming itself will amount to nothing more than becoming an even larger lackey to the U.S.

  • okay… so this idiot is up there and we’re down here. wth? c’mon jap guys!!!! rise up for god’s sake! it’s because of selfish thinking that your country is falling apart!! wake up! pweaze!!!

  • I guess the samurai spirit doesn’t reside on this economic critic and the government if they agree to this… but I doubt they will if they don’t want their generals to stage an uproar.

  • Japan has bigger issues than China invading it. Economy and population are both in decline. China does not have to lift a finger at this rate as Japan is becoming more and more irrelevant despite being the world’s #3 economy.

    • If history has proven anything, countries suffering economically are the ones who end up invading it’s neighbours. Germany and Japan are the most obvious examples. Ishihara trying to become the next Hitler or Hirohito?

      It’s like Japanese has like some chronic split personality. If they’re not wishing the downfall, anhialation or the raping of another country. They’re bending over just for the sake of their image to the Westerners while asking to be raped.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen of the Comment Gallery, I implore you all to read this article that recounts the effects of Toyota’s failing quality control on its cars.

    This article, however, not just focuses on faulty brakes, but also touches on the decline that is currently ailing post-War Japan.

    “Toyota’s fall from grace caps a 20-year economic malaise that is infecting the popular culture, manifesting itself in a preference for staying home, avoiding risk, and removing oneself from the hierarchical system.”

    “Sugomori (nesting) people spend their days seeking bargains online…”

    “Estimates of the number of hikikomori (shut-ins who have given up on social life) have risen….”

    “…14 percent of Japanese were confident that their country is headed in the right direction…”

    The onset of restricting expression in the form of Anime, Manga, etc., the lack of any kind of valid leadership (ex. no consistent modern-day Prime Minister), and the existence of such weak politicians, such as Morinaga, in the face of volatile conflict with another superpower can only direct me to conclude that government in Japan is indeed accepting of their decline.

    • Newsweek is using some facts but putting a questionable spin on them.

      Yes, Japan is clearly in need of rejuvenation. No, Newsweek has not delivered any profound insight on what will work.

      And while Toyota may have seen better days, it is still a strong company. We’ll see what happens to it in 2011.

  • lol japan could disarm their military or they can fight, which will lead to Japanese people having no where to run on there tiny island form nukes that will sink the country. china will see japans army build up as a sign they want to fight.

  • From a purely military point of view, craven surrender does not guarantee peace from the invader, or from bandits that might be emboldened by an apparently weak government.

    If China tries to expand to Japan, there will be plenty of opportunists who will take advantage of the chaos. Suppose that their only objective would be smuggling for profit. Would Japan be willing to let smugglers sail up to its beaches with cargo holds full of contraband? Who would stop such smugglers, if not the SDF? Would the yakuza maintain a Coast Guard to protect their monopoly, or would they be the buyers of such contraband?

  • That he can go on making such borderline treasonous statements and still easily find media coverage whilst anything with so much as a hint of patriotic sentiment is “killed with silence” by the same sources is rather telling.

    He’s an ‘economist,’ which means in practice he’s just a publicist for some big-money magnate, or possibly a group of them.

    Which side is his bread buttered on?

    The media “massgomi” probably has a considerable financial conflict of interest, BUT they probably have a major EMOTIONAL bias that is even more important.

    The typical Japanese media worker is probably an embittered, divorced 35-year-old woman. Armies scare her. Right-wing thugs and yakuza remind her of her ex-husband. She doesn’t have any children to lose. Her opposition to the warfare state is mostly an expression of her personal emotions.

    No doubt there are some male executives who are theoretically in command of the “massgomi,” but they’re old and used to pandering to women, so they have no manly support for patriotic violence.

    On the rational side, both the aging male boss and the aging female OL probably prefer to avoid short-term taxation for overpriced USA weapons – and in that regard, they are rational. USA weapons are overpriced.

  • so he’s willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of innocent people for the idea of being remembered as kind hearted people? O_o

    seriously speaking textbooks would just remember it in a manner like this: “… thousands of (helpless) Japanese people were massacred by the (brutal) Chinese in the their advance toward the capital city in the 3rd of August 20XX. The day after that marks the end of control of the Japanese government and is marked as China’s fastest and most successful invasion in the course of the war.” – there’ll be no mention of the Japanese being so kind hearted in (main stream) history books by letting their country get invaded.

    in all out honesty I think his otaku living is messing up with his realistic/humanistic view in National Security.

  • Even should Japan be invaded by China and the nation completely destroyed, future textbooks will remember the Japanese as a kind-hearted people – that would be good, I think.
    Apparently he is not sufficiently astute as to realise just who it is who will be writing those textbooks.
    I agree With that Winners Write History

  • And what do the history books say of the other pacifists who no longer exist? I don’t even recall a single history book speaking about Kurdistan but I recall their achievements lost to the turks and iraqis who killed them.

    • No it does not. And he’s directly addressing that recent statement of a fellow “statesman” who actually propagated Japan having nuclear weapons.

      As long as there are nuclear weapons, no country can truly live in peace. It’s the truth. We will never get rid of that spook. The sad thing is that there will be nuclear “accidents” somewhere in the future, it’s just a matter of time. There have been so many attempts to get rid of the existing weaponry in the US and Russia. They still have thousands upon thousands. New ones are being produced in shady countries as we speak.

      What i want to say is, he may be too optimistic but his intentions are without fault.

      If you’re living in a world where most of your neighbours can easily blow the whole planet away, several times over, then what’s the point of arming a little island complex?

      • ‘As long as there are nuclear weapons, no country can truly live in peace.’

        Nuclear weapons are only scary when they are used in overwhelming numbers.

        If a madman were to detonate a single nuke in a crowded city, but no one knew who he was, several factions would try to claim responsibility, but none of them would be able to follow up on threats.

        So a single nuke, in isolation, is worthless. Nukes are only strategically important if they are backed up by massive reserves of military force.

        If every nation in the UN had nukes, but no infantry, the nukes would be museum pieces.

        • ‘ One is simply enough to cripple an economically stable country and send the people into chaos. ‘

          The Ukraine survived Chernobyl, which was considerably worse than a big dirty bomb would be.

          You underestimate the cockroach-like tenacity of most of Planet Earth.

          A *rich* and *comfortable* country might go into chaos.

          Most of the world is not rich.

          A dirty bomb would not impress the impoverished lower classes of China, who wade through toxic waste to get to their sweatshop jobs that will kill them with cancer.

        • Just as anon 14:08 says. An array of nukes is pointless and a waste of resource and funds. One is simply enough to cripple an economically stable country and send the people into chaos. Don’t forget the after effects of the downfall.

          But anyone believing nukes will ever be used now needs to go back living under a rock. Any sign of nukes being used would put everyone else in happy trigger mode and then we’re all fucked. It only works as a deterrent if there you are the only one with nukes. When everyone else has them it’s nothing more than a pissing contest.

        • People who’d use a dirty bomb wouldn’t have to “follow up” with threats. After the explosion, the citizens of that country will go mad with fear and paranoia. That will trigger other unfortunate events until the boiling point is reached.

          If anything, then a huge array of nukes is worthless. Once the trigger is pushed down, everything’s already too late. “Mutual annihilation” isn’t a safeguard of peace, it’s just borrowed time.

    • I would. They did some messed up shit in that war. Live vivisection, infection through rape, etc… If you don’t feel guilty about that I’m not sure what you WOULD feel guilty about.

        • Unit 731, Rape of Nanking and Comfort Women were documented by surrounding Asian countries whose citizens were in the wrong place and wrong time…the Japanese even handed human experimentation documents to the US after they got bitch slapped by a nuke. The Axis were made up of nothing but genocidal racist retards where war was second in importance while slaughtering and targeting innocents for fun was 1st.

          Heads aren’t made to be shoved underground.

  • this man is nothing but a worthless chaicom loving bastard and should be imprisoned for his treacherous views this is the kind of weak people that Japan does not need that kind of talk makes great men like Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and General Hideki Tojo turn in their grave Japan must never submit to any one Japan must become a military supper power and most importantly Japan must Live for all of time

  • If their only concerns were China and the US I’d say this is a pretty reasonable statement. Japan can’t win against China in an all out war. There is not even by MAD unless they plan to take out the rest of us with the Chinese too, which the US won’t let them.

    So if you can’t win the war don’t consume resources on it.

    But North Korea, that’s a different story. NK alone justifies the JSDF.

  • I advocate peace as well. However, bamboo sticks won’t be saving your ass from a nuclear weapon anytime soon. Peace is not something easily obtainable. If true world peace were ever to be conceived, it would only be on the year 3000 or something.

  • Such a kind hearted guy this Tokuro Morinaga is.

    If *spits*, God prevent that, an attack would take place…I hope this spineless worm will die first.

    Japan ain’t another Jesus…it won’t survive by letting others slap it, while maintaining smile.
    Well, pretty much anyone won’t be able to stand up to test of time with such naive approach.

    Military is mandatory. If it won’t be enough to fully fend off any is common logic that guarded land is much less likely to be the next prey compared to one that virtually defenseless. At least..they can discourage any rushed decisions made up by ambitious and sick chairmans *cough*

    What gives me right to have such aggressive approach while ignoring pacifism?
    I’m from Poland, our nation went through both world wars. We got invaded by three allied adversaries in the past. Our country even vanished from the maps of the world for certain period of time….and no one gave a s**t. Our so-called allies bombarded the enemy with propaganda leaflets when they got requested to help us.

    Do you think we still would exist, if we’d follow any of that cuddly-duddly ideology of accepting things as they come?

    Come on Japan, show us your gut! I believe there is still some warrior’s spirit left in you.

    • Its not like he’s alone in his views. Mamoru Oshii is one name from anime who really believes there is no wars worth fighting, even if you have to defend yourself. The 2nd Patlabor movie is Oshii justifying pacificism to the point of committing suicide.

  • The JSDF is, in theory, not so bad. What is bad is the fact that are horribly funded and ill-trained. There could be more OPEN cooperation with the US.
    I don’t think they should disarm or stock up on arms. Look at the big “super-powers”. All of them have enough bombs and rockets to destroy Earth several times. Does that make them feel safe? No.

    A “small” but well trained troop is better than a mass of amateurs. Only China can afford to cannon fodder their soldier ants.

  • Saying “We should disarm even if China invades” is same as saying “We should disarm even if America blows up on us”.
    In either of those two scenarios, the Japanese military, little that there is, will be demolished in a matter of days.
    What would, however, be a wise decision, is to grow some balls and retain the ability to take decisions independently, whether it’s to suck and die, or to fight and die. Not crawl under the American or Chinese rule, but to dash forth and either win or perish like a hero. Punt the Americans, punt the Chinese, and stop making drama over territorial disputes with Russians.

    • “In either of those two scenarios, the Japanese military, little that there is, will be demolished in a matter of days.”

      Not necessarily. The Chinese military might be big, but its equipment and training are outdated. To a more advanced army, a bigger opposing army just means extra target practice.

      Japan would also have the advantage of being the defender (it’s *much* easier to defend than to attack) and being across the sea from China. The Japanese navy is very strong, but China only really has a strong army. The attempted Nazi invasion of Britain in WWII showed us what happens when a country tries to invade someone across the sea who has a superior navy.

      • Do You know we used to joke here in Europe, that China doesn’t need to use weapons to win the war?
        There’s so many of them that they can march off with wooden spears….I mean..You NEED to reload sooner or later.

        Considering that, that small water gap between Japan and aggressor doesn’t give such big strategic advantage. Having, lets say few high tech cruisers still won’t help against superior numbers.
        Who would help in such case? Americans got whole ocean to cross before they’ll arrive. And their local forces wouldn’t hold out for too long either. (assuming they would bother to come, in the first place :/)

  • why are people saying that this guy is a “left wing pussy” wanting pease? anyone who thinks that should go to war somewhere and see what it is really like and hopefully get shot.

    china would not be much more inclined to invade somewhere just because it didn’t have a millitary. if it wanted to, it could crush japan anyway.

    this guys statements may be idealistic and impractical, but it is just an opinion. good on him for being brave enough to even suggest this.

  • Japan has no real men left any more, the USA spent a lot of time in WWII killing them all in those banzai charges. If the US has anything to apologize for it’s killing off a lot of Japan’s real men.

  • right… and those text books, under Chinese rule, are just going to magically bleep out the massacre of Nanking. [Like current Japanese text books do.]

    These idiots & cowards should be placed against a bulkhead a shit at point blank.

  • Is this guy a f–king moron?
    Really someone please take this idiot on a ride out to the middle of the ocean make him wear a life vest filled with lead shot and kick him off the ship.
    His performance as an economist alone is enough reason to do so.

      • China would first need aircraft carriers and then they’d need to achieve air superiority before they could successfully invade Japan.

        Troop carriers without air cover is a another term for chum.

        If they tried it today the JDF alone could easily stop a Chinese invasion force.
        But the US navy would be there as well so the chances of Chinese success would be so small that for all practical purposes it would be zero.

        I’m not even sure if any Chinese ships/subs would even escape being sunk or captured.

  • Personally I think Japan should abolish all their traditional military but keep a well trained special forces division, spy satellites and anti-aircraft missiles. Japan has the industrial capabilities, technology, and national cohesion to quickly increase their military strength if relations with another country deteriorates.

  • Why would China invade Japan, there’s no natural/mineral resources what so ever!? That’s why Japan has to import these resources from other countries. I guess Japan is a very hard-working and ambitious country and had grown into one of the biggest economy in Asia, but co-op with the Germans in the WWII was clearly a big mistake.

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  • The history of the world is strewn with idiot idealists like him. They usually wind up lying in front of a wall shot by the conquerers or working for them as a toady. 60 million people died in WWII in part because shithead politicians listened to fools like this guy and didnt act earlier to put out the fire before it got totaly out of hand.

    • For the sake of sticking their fingers in other peoples’ pies, the U.S. will make an attempt to save others’ bacon. In return however, the U.S. government & major industries will be all in your political & economic business and will refuse to leave unless you imitate Castro & Hussein and kick them out by force.

  • The history of the world if strewn with idiot idealists like this. You usually see them later lying in front of a wall after being shot by the conquerers or working for them as a toady. If it was just them dying it wouldnt be so bad, unfortunately they usually wind being resonsible for the deaths of millions. (See WWII and Cold War)

  • Someone got rejected by the Japanese Draft Board didn’t he?

    I guess what this guy is thinking in his round-about japanese-style thought processes is: Why spend money on a military that’s only allowed to defend, but not attack (JSDF) when you’re already occupied by a military force that can do both (U.S. military) and who happens to be the most technologically advanced military force on the planet (not to mention you can also ask for military help from the U.N.). Just like China used the U.S. Dollar to support the Yuan, Japan should use the U.S. military to insure Japan’s safety.

    Of course, he could also be [indirectly] saying Japan should become the 51st state in the U.S.A. I think they meet most, if not all, the requirements for statehood.

  • I completely approve of a policy based solely on non-violence.

    However, I also recognize that humanity is not ready to evolve that way yet.

    People with great vision like him should just make other people understand why is that war is such a bad idea. They should try to revolutionize individual consciousness, not world politics.
    When the day comes that everyone understands, complete disarmament will come naturally, as if it was the obvious thing to do from the beginning. Future generations will not intuitively understand what was wrong with their ancestors, so keen on fighting each other instead of pursuing the same goals for humanity as a whole.

    • Just by reading this title, I know that a moron will open his trap on France…

      Don’t that guy know that even after sixty years, World still see you as a coward if you lose a war for BEEING MISSEQUIPED and having a pack of old geez… generals. Even if you are now one of the top military power.

      Peace and love on Earth ? Sorry but not in my reality (sigh)

    • Unfortunately its not just Japan.
      In this world nations are tied together by economics and political duties. So an invasion of Japan demands a response from the US and EU. If they wont fight for themselves then someone else gets stuck fighting on their behalf, and obviously whoever invaded will call in their own backers when the party turns south.

      In short: this path paved with good intentions can trigger a global war.

  • Though do i think that he thinks that china wont invade.. maybe that’s why we will disarm the whole thing..

    It is a supposivly non-violence act which is a good thing, cause we violence every day.. at any place in the world. someone should set a stop to the whole thing

    But making japan a strategic point for china as there are no one stood up for them is a NG

  • …umm, actually the end result will be the total opposite of what this fool thinks. No one will remember such a fallen nation for its noble intentions.

    After the world has seen Japans destruction (as an example of what can happen in modern war to a first world nation) they will arm themselves to the teeth to prevent the same from happening to their own people.

    They would buy more tanks, more ships, more aircraft, and more readily use nuclear weapons to prevent an invasion of such magnitude. Their citizens, panicked by seeing a modern repeat of things thought impossible since WW2, would spend any amount to secure themselves.
    The US in particular will use this as a region sized “I told you so!” just to encourage a buildup.

    You see this kind of thing happen after every war. Its why military budgets rarely go down. The worse the war and the closer to home it hits, the higher the spending cap.

  • Well, it is an opinion of one person, just like anyone else has an opinion. Its insanely laughable because the reason nations have military is to protect there society.

    And just to correct him, history books tend to write stories of the heroic efforts of nations that fought against all odds before being utterly destroyed (Think of Troy)… they are forgotten if they are simply rolled-over.

  • Fail logic.
    A nation that is remembered as kind but no longer exists = notting more than a legend…

    A complete disarmament would be foolish as well as useless.

    Every nation has to have its defences, what makes one nation be remembered as peacefull is the fact that nation has no interest in using its army(that should be an army aimed solely in defending the country) to attack another country.

    In a more literal way of thinking: “If you want to conquer the world, do it by conquering live hearts, not dead bodyes.” + “Wish for the best, but be prepared for the worst.”

  • A little too late, what with their history being nothing but “lets conquer neighboring lands”.

    What good is being a masochist going to do now?

    And why would china invade?

    Why would anyone even allow that?

  • Not bad. I mean, it’s both a good thing to think about, but bad for a country.

    What’s so bad about being peaceful? Not like they’d put up much of a fight, so why not allocate recourses elsewhere? Let other countries back them up if they need it.

  • “Apparently he is not sufficiently astute as to realise just who it is who will be writing those textbooks.”

    Eh, what do you mean; losers can write the history textbooks too. Just look at Japan.

  • Japan cannot hold off China nayway.

    Even If Japan has nukes, thy cannot hope to deter China with them.
    China is a resilent country. A couple of nukes wont force them down to their knees at all.
    Japan in comparrisson, is like Israel. A ‘one-nuke’ nation that will immediately be destroyed if China nukes its densely populated urban areas.

    Also, in terms of military technology Japan also cannot stand against China anymore.
    Just a week before, China published the first few pictures of their indigenous Stealth Fighter J-20, build to infiltrate enemy airspace and equipped with large payload to take out anything the Japanese could muster against it.
    Japan still has no stealth fighter, and the F-35 sales will also be very inadequate against a heavy and agile long-range air-supremacy fighter as the Chinese J-20.

    So, in every single aspect; economy, military, techology and political power, China just styles on Japan, who only could rely on America to fight for them.

    Better, they cease to swimm against the tide, and like Taiwan, they begin to build bridges to China and better their relationship with them, even if this means to make concessions in the unreasonable disputes the both nations have with each other.

    • It took the US two nukes to bring down Japan in 1945.

      China a nuke in Beijing ,one in Shanghai and MOAB in the three gorges damn and it’s all over.

      As for the J-20 don’t make me laugh it has a crude exhaust nozzle design that has a radar cross section like a barn.

      • The Japs murdered more civilians and destroyed more cities in conventional war than a couple of nukes could do to China nowadays.

        And it didnt brought China down that time.

        If anything, even the most anti-goverment people will staunchly support retaliation against japan when they would use nukes against civilians.

        Even though millions of Chinese died in the first attack, the PLA’s missile force hidden in the mountains will utterly sink japan into the bottom of the sea.

        Also, the J-20 is still a production-prototype using elder WS-10 engines with non-stealthy nozzles. The WS-15 with stealth nozzles and 2D TVC will replace it in 2013.

        Japan’s end is near anyway.
        They should just bend over and do anything to repair their relationship for better hope of mercy by the Chinese.

        • The Chinese won’t invade. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

          It really depends on WHO would attack lead a supposed attack. If it was China, as you said, it would eventually lead to WW3. There’s no way around it. No sane person could wish for that.

          If it was North Korea, then there is unlikely that China will support them. Needless to say but North Korea would be completely destroyed.
          Under very lucky circumstances, the prospect of impending doom might lead to civil riots in NK and the downfall of the regime. The people of that country barely have anything to eat as we speak.

      • Yes….because back then no other country had nukes! That was a major factor.

        Think about it this way. If the warring states back then had access to nukes sooner, we wouldn’t even be here to post about history.

        The world would have been completely ruined if those states had access to modern conventional weaponry or even slightly outdated ones.
        It is painful to say it this way but much of the outcome of WW2 were incredibly lucky circumstances.
        Out modern world will not live through another war of that scale, regardless if nukes are used or not.

  • No, you shouldn’t get rid of your military. You think disarmament really did any good for bringing peace? Military power and weapons make peace occur. If North Korea really thought somebody would have retaliated against them for the sinking of a submarine and shelling the South Koreans, then those incidents would not have happened. Arming yourself is the key to peace.

  • kind hearted people ?

    Japanese are racists that kill the last whales for profit and have capital punishment.

    These are 3 Good reasons why they are *NOT* kind-hearted people.

    And looking at their extreme violent past where they managed to piss all over every other asian nation is another reason but then japanese always consider them the victims and the others the bad guys… just like women…

    what a bunch of bitches…

  • Japan already is a political dwarf in the international world. Removing its ability to at least defend itself to some extent would just lose them even more influence in a region of the world where hard power is viewed as a viable political tool, especially with their economy having slowed down massively and not managing to truly recover in the last 20 years. And I doubt the US would really like the idea of one of its key allies disarming completely. I’m fairly sure they’d consider moving to another country then, instead of bearing the full burden of the defence of Japan in case of an emergency.

    It’d also be a good way for Japan to become unable to enforce their territorial claims. I mean, if they had no navy, then how would they defend the Senkaku islands if China just decided to take it? Lodge an official complaint? ¬_¬

    At least the Chinese government will probably be pleased with people like him.