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Lara Croft Even More Macho: “We Need Less Sex Appeal”



The creators of the new Tomb Raider game, which features a new-look Lara Croft who is some combination of the adjectives “gritty,” “realistic,” “macho” and “filthy,” have spoken of trying to reduce her sex appeal – the perfect recipe for commercial success, and one quite familiar to Square Enix watchers.

The latest images of the new Tomb Raider:


Whilst few could deny the graphics themselves do look impressive (they would have to be, considering the game is now in direct comparison to the Uncharted series in more ways than one), the usual caveats about pre-release screenshots apply – i.e. that they are completely fanciful.


Speaking about the new design, the developers claim they wanted to “soften up” the character:

What dropped away pretty quickly was the hardness that she had. She is strong and we love Lara Croft for that strength, but she was almost so strong that we were always one step away from her.

That was one thing that we all agreed on right away – to try and soften her up enough so that you could step into her life. All of the character design decisions came from trying to make her believable. We didn’t want to make her a sexual object. She is a character that we want you to believe in.

“Softening up” apparently constitutes covering her in muck and bandages and making her pout a lot.

The developers also talk about taking care to strip the new Lara of much of her sex appeal:

We did some initial tests where we brought in the vision for the new Lara Croft, and then we matched it up against the previous iterations.

In the tests of the previous iterations it was clearly evident that people moved around the image more to the items and her chest and her waist size. But with the new image, people spent most of the time piercing her eyes. Anybody who has seen the image says “I know that girl.”

A game which certainly has all the makings of Square Enix’s outstanding reputation for quality.

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  • Except you really can’t NOT make her sexy. She’s just gotten grittier and dirty and looks dangerous. Actually, very Resident Evil-like. I’m liking it. My only complaint is that I’d like to see her more decked-out…with a weapon. A sly grin would be nice too. But yeah, they’re just giving her character more depth.

  • The new look is great. She still looks like a woman. A realistic woman. Strong athletic women are hot as hell unless you’re emasculated and afraid of them (or you don’t like women period, which is something else).

    Perhaps they could do a non-threatening model for native asians, one where her eyes are much larger, she wears a little skirt with strawberry panties, and squeals ‘Onii-chan no BAKA’ just before she bashes a pirate over the head with a tree branch? Or she mutters ‘It’s not like I LIKE you or anything’ while blushing fiercely as she shoots one in the head.

    • That is freaking hilarious. It wouldn’t be Lara Croft, but I think I’d buy it just for the laughs.

      Or I’d keep it as a reminder of what Lara -could- be, if left in the wrong hands.

      Still, I think that image of Lara Croft acting like some moeblob imouto tsundere would be absolutely freaking hilarious because the two ideas are so incredibly mismatched.

  • Frankly put, I like the new art direction. Lara had always had way too much focus on T&A, and not enough on making the rest of her look good.

    Take the girls of uncharted for example. They aren’t scantly clad, yet are very attractive and look like they can kick some ass.

    It seems the new TR is following in that sort of direction.

  • If the goal was making her less sexy, they failed.

    New version looks way better than the old ones. That’s probably because now she’s more white. I’m in the minority that doesn’t find angelina jolie (or a lara croft based on her) attractive at all.

  • The way these people think is so stupid, you can’t make lara less sexy, that’s like trying to make water not make the things it touches wet, on top of that whoever said that “She was so strong that we were always one step away from her, we wanted to soften her up so you could try to step into her life” you’re a fucking moron. The fact that she was so strong that we couldn’t even imagine ourselves doing what she does is what made her so badass in the first place.

  • Meh, aside of her being covered in blood she looks better than ever, perhaps a bit tomboyish

    but her looking less like jolie is a great improvement imo(though i’ve only played the first Tomb Raider and don’t expect to play others)

  • It was the terrible linearity brought to the game by Crystal Dynamics that made the game unpopular, not the sex appeal. Now I have even less reason to play a Tomb Raider game, nice work Square Enix.

  • The new version looks good, I’m getting kind of a Metal Gear vibe, but that won’t matter in a game like this if the controls are loose and frustrating. But Lara Croft as a character has always been overexposed, in more ways than one. Does anyone seriously think Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise deserve iconic, ‘mascots of the videogame world’ status? It’s never been more than mediocre, and yet it still commands so much (imo undeserved) attention.

  • I miss the old Lara. But who knows. Perhaps I’ll like this new one but please, guys, clean her up. She looks like she just got into a fight with some thugs and fell down a muddy hill in the jungle. I can barely see HER.

    • That’s the point, the concept behind the game is “Survivalims” as opposed as the usual spelunjking and tomb raiding in the series. She alegdly begins the game stranded alone in an island.

  • Yes she is still hot, the words “less sex appeals” is failed.

    But i’d rather they make a new game out of this new character instead of using tomb raider title, because lara croft we know all this time is the old lara, not this one.

    If they really care about fans they should improve the gameplay not the graphics, it doesn’t matter to me.

  • “The creators of the new Tomb Raider game, which features a new-look Lara Croft who is some combination of the adjectives “gritty,” “realistic,” “macho” and “filthy,” have spoken of trying to reduce her sex appeal – the perfect recipe for commercial success, and one quite familiar to Square Enix watchers.”

    Horrible, terrible and awful would be accurate descriptors. Really, if it weren’t for the outfit, and the fact it was pointed out, I wouldn’t have even known that was Lara.

  • I like the new design since she actually looks semi-believable now.

    I’m sure the extra outfits will raise her sex-appeal back up. Even SE can see the benefit in having multiple outfits…look at parasite eve.

  • You know what?

    I wouldn’t care if this games lara was a fat ugly cow.

    You know why? Six words.


    Especially you Mr.Camera. I hate you with a fiery passion like a hooker’s cooch with herpes.

    As it is, this new Lara is awesome. Besides has anyone done their research? She’s younger in this one. She still has time to grow the braid and become more “developed”.

  • Y’know, Crystal Dynamics didn’t do any favors by having the new Lara’s first promo pics being her face covered in grime, especially since they’ve stated they wanted to focus more on her face this time around. That said, I’ll be interested to see her sans dirt.

  • When I first heard of this, I had the knee-jerk reaction of “UGH I HATE IT, She looks TOO Final Fantasy.”

    After re-examination, I’m finding that I’m kind of excited for this approach. We all know Lara, and despite her ridiculous blow-up doll looks, we’ve come to love her. Here, from what I see, she looks like a scared girl. Someone who is being tested by the very elements around her.

    I’m really excited to see how Lara Croft became the woman of legend I’m familiar with.

  • “I know those eyes”

    Yeah, Jessica Alba, dipshits.

    Take a character who sold due to sex appeal & femme-Indiana Jones, take away sex appeal, and be left with a boring to watch character in a maybe okay game.

    Where did these market testers test Lara, Japan and 2ch? They hate any chick who isn’t jailbait. Or have we forgotten Aya Brea’s design reaction from 2ch, where she’s called an “Old Hag”?

  • She still looks gorgeous to me, not everyone can rock a grime covered face look
    And besides, she raids tombs, how can she be expected to be constantly clean and sexy all the time?
    I like it. And I really respect that the gamemakers want the gamers to focus more on her as a character, not just her bust size

  • They’re gonna do it like Capcom (i.e. Biohazard 5)and give her arms Bigger than her Head and Street Fighter chinese girl legs to “butch up” her appeal to western audiences!
    Every starting scene someones hand will smack her in the face with Mud and pig shit to “toughen” her feel and make anyone playing grow another sack btw the legs on all the digital testosterone exuding out of her pores!
    With a thunderous fart and a cinematic snapping of a goons neck to end each chapter!
    _The Tomb Raider abides!!!!!

  • The new direction of Tomb Raider seems promising.

    I do agree that using the word “soften” in an interview is not the best of words to use. That sentence could have been eliminated entirely and continue on from there. Hopefully, the tone down on sex appeal does not have a bunch of horny gamers not want to buy it and actually buy it for what the game is designed to be. We’ve already seen this happen with games like Beyond Good and Evil where the heroine isn’t a sex appeal character despite being a damn good game and people didn’t buy it mostly for that reason.

    People here act like Square Enix is making the game when it’s still the same western subsidiary developing it. Just because a developer is part of the company doesn’t mean it’ll be 100% dictated by the higher-ups of that company; otherwise, you’d see the “same quality” from Square Enix from every game possible (or in the more common talk Activision’s hit-miss games).

  • Whichever person in the marketing department who stated “We need less sex appeal” should be fired, not because of the fact that sex appeal is important to lara croft (it Isn’t), but because they think that the new design they came up with isn’t sexually appealing in anyway shape or form. Clearly whoever said that was retarded and spends too much time with their yuppie co-workers instead of talking to their own fans to know exactly what’s sexy or not. Not that they should have to talk to their friends to know anyway.

    They should stop reading all those shitty fucking vogue magazines and ET to have them tell you what’s sexy or not, it’s different for everyone. Jesus fucking Christ, talk about a bunch of brain dead morons running the media interaction for this.. no wonder why people pirate software, so many people in the industry give the people they sell their products to no respect whatsoever.

  • This game is being designed by Crystal Dynamics as all Tomb Raiders have. They announced a change in the direction for the franchise years ago with the first entry being The Guardian of Light game. Square Enix has nothing to do with it outside of being a publisher and I would think by now they learn to stay away from attempting to be creative with western titles. The only thing Square Enix would add is alternate outfits as that is their apex of creativity at this point.

    • You’re wrong about something, not all Tomb Raider games where done by Crystal Dynamics.

      From the original Tomb Raider to Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness it was Core Design that was behind the games. Crystal Dynamics’s first Lara game was Tomb Raider: Legend and has been responsible for the franchise ever since.

      • 07:28 02/01/2011 # !
        “You’re wrong about something, not all Tomb Raider games where done by Crystal Dynamics.

        From the original Tomb Raider to Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness it was Core Design that was behind the games. Crystal Dynamics’s first Lara game was Tomb Raider: Legend and has been responsible for the franchise ever since”

        they did the first Tomb Raider game and ever sense that Core took over till Crystal Dynamics took over once more with legend

    • Yes I agree. If you make her more.. for lack of a better word, human. She becomes more relateable. She looks badass, and like a real person. Not just an image where the only thing you focus on about her, are her tits.

      I also find it unfair to judge her, soly based on the opening pictures of the game. IE the fact that she is dirty.

      Im also sick of this “American Macho” thing. Americans dont like big buff huge men (or women). They like more realistic looking characters then eastern gamers. I mean really, who likes men in games, that look more like women then men? Square is full of them, and its only getting worse. I dont like it when you see a picture of a character, and you have to debate with your friends, is that a guy or a girl?

      (The answer is usualy, just a guy whos balls never dropped)

  • Why does realism turn off so many Jap Gamers? I understand the NiER macho thing i didnt like that much myself. But Im sure if you were in the same circumstances you would be dirty and bandaged its not like she has had a chance to bath….

  • You guys are aware that Square Enix Europe and Eidos are simply the publishers right? The developers are Crystal Dynamics who took over the franchise and released Tomb Raider: Legend, their first Tomb Raider game.

    So, before babling a bunch of bulls**t make sure you know something about game making.

    The reason they changed Lara’s design was in order to give the series a fresh start, which in my opinion is welcomed. This time she definetly feels real, and let’s not forget that this is going up against Uncharted 3.

  • I have never cared for the ridiculously generic caricature that was Lara Croft, but these screenshots look fantastic! I mean it looks like she’s actually digging through a damned tomb, and not gaily traipsing around guided by her torpedo breasts!

    If this manages to be what it looks like, then it may be the first Tomb Raider game I bother to purchase and not rent/borrow/throw-in-the-garbage-bin.

  • >>“We Need Less Sex Appeal”
    Finally someone whom thinks this about the Tomb Raider franchise.

    Though I can’t say they made her look works. She actually looks half interesting for the first time in years. I’ve never liked the Tomb Raider designs. I don’t much like this one either, but it’s a bit better looking than some of the others.

    And I’m glad that she’s wearing pants instead of shorts for once.

  • Funny how the word “Macho” is so overused here. She looks completely fine anatomically. In fact, she has quite a beautiful woman body that many would want in real life because the proportions are actually realistic, which fits with how they are going with this game instead of the more over-the-top Tomb Raider.

    • She’s gorgeous. My only issue is that her hair makes her look too much like a Square-Enix Final Fantasy character in these shots. I’ll have to see more pictures, though. In the end, if the gameplay is decent none of her character design will really matter. A good game is a good game, despite all the nitpicky details.

  • Cobaltiquity says:

    “Whilst few could deny the graphics themselves do look impressive (they would have to be, considering the game is now in direct comparison to the Uncharted series in more ways than one)”

    No. While the comparisons drawn between this title and Uncharted are obvious, there is a huge gap between what each game offer graphically. It’s completely ludicrous to suggest others.

    • In fact to further that, this is an open world survival game, not a linear platformer like Uncharted and previous Tomb Raider games. So this has less in common with Uncharted than the series used to!

  • Well they kind of fail since there’s no way to take away any woman’s sex appeal unless they make her fat and give her a major breast reduction. I’m loving the new Lara look.

    The fact that she looks more real is a massive turn on to me.

  • I bet if this was published by anyone other than Square Enix, you wouldn’t have the slightest issue with her reinvention.

    Lara is more believable now, obvious thought has gone into her redesign. And if you think she is now ‘macho’ then your perception of women has been warped by too much anime and internet porn.

    Crystal Dynamics are an excellent developer, I wish you wouldn’t write it off because “OH NOES SHE DOESN’T HAVE MASSIVE TITS AND HAS SOME MUD ON HER!!!”

  • Apparently they do not know what “sex appeal” means. They’ve used a bad choice of words to describe her new look. She infinitely looks more sexier than she ever has in the past. Sex appeal doesn’t just apply to breasts and figure.

    She’s giving off a Michele Rodriguez vibe. Rough around the edges while maintaining the sexy. I wouldn’t expect Square Enix to know what we held as “sexy” on the other side of the world. I mean they make their male characters more appealing than their women. WTF.

  • I don’t understand why some here are complaining about Square Enixs approach with the new Lara croft look. Those who are complaining about that there is no sex appeal are obviously real real stupid and love fapping to unrealistic chicks with big eyes.

    I really love the new design as it feels like you can relate to her more. The old Lara Croft was enough memorable but she didn’t seem any much more than a bimbo barbie doll that has done Plastic Surgery countless of times. The new Lara Croft makes her look more adventurous and attractive. Finally a Lara Croft that looks normal and beautiful and with good & normal body.

    Doing the old Lara Croft would be as bad as doing a blow up doll. Which i would assume is the closest thing a loser that complains about the sex appeal will ever get to a real woman.

  • FTW? where are the guns? and why should they not make her a sex object? I mean.. that is what these games are about! Why would anyone play it otherwise? For the climbing action? Just joking ^^

  • Face it. The first game was good and not for Lara, the game was really good. Was innovative and one of the first 3D platformer along with mario 64 and nights in have a free open (and solid) 3D open world to explore

    The other games sux, in special last revelation and angel of darkness. Lara was prostituted as character. I can understand the early design based on the limitations of the technology in that time but each new design was poor and uninspired.

    The new screen shots looks very good and the new design looks a lot better than the rigid/basic modeling of the last games
    I really like the new direction.

    • I agree that Angel of Darkness sucks but Last Revelation is my favourite Tomb Raider game. Although I have to admit that I played it when I was still a kid so I may not remember correctly or I’m just biased.
      But of course, Lara was just a tough, pixelated Barbie doll with a brown hair and guns at that time. But still, fans loved her and Tomb Raider games for what they were. To me, those were and still are really good games – well, most of them.
      But I have to agree that she looks better now. She doesn’t seem “macho,” nor ugly to me in any way. They just made her look more human-like.
      I don’t understand why people make such a fuss about it. It’s not like they changed the character completely. What they did is that they took a character that already existed and gave it some background. The character was neglected in that part anyway so I see that as a good thing.

    • I think this person sums up my feelings.

      by drevas Friday, December 10, 2010 at 06:00 AM
      A scruffy, B-cupped, tomboy is not Lara Croft. It may be more PC and appeal more to girl gamers, but it’s not Lara Croft.

      Nobody is suggesting that the character should go back to the ridiculous Barbie-doll dimensions of 1996, but the design in Underworld was perfect.

      This is nothing more than the self-indulgent, politically correct, design team at Crystal Dynamics thumbing their noses at traditional Tomb Raider fans and telling us that THEY know what Lara Croft should be better than we do. Perhaps if they had actually sought out the feelings of the franchises fans, we could at least have grudgingly accepted their choices.

      Until a talented member of the modding community can correct Crystal Dynamics skewed vision, no thanks. This is not Tomb Raider, just a platformer starring Nathan Drake’s illegitimate and under-developed daughter.
      Oh, the one good thing is the admonition that there would be no “Bikini Unlock”. Because frankly, who would want to see this character in a bikini?

      What’s even more troubling is how LAZY this approach is. The legend of Lara Croft has been well fleshed out by games, fan fiction, comic books, novels, and movies. By shifting the paradigm and essentially just making up their own character, story, and narrative, what you get is nothing more than an effort to take the easy way out and cash in on a popular franchise.


  • i actually for once got interested with the tomb raiders after the PS1 games things weren’t that good for lara.

    i am definitely excited for this game 😀

    please make a Legacy of Kain in the same vein as Neir but more darker, that would be awesome ^^

  • i really like the new design though. makes her more… human? i’m expecting something like jill back when she was in RE 1. Still new to the game, but can already kick ass. hey, we have to grow from somewhere right? and i guess this is what this prequel(?) is about.

  • I wuld much rather look at Lara’s ass than Nathan Drake’s ass when playing my video game thank you very much. I have no problem with sexy Lara. I think the main problem isn’t the character, It is probably THE GAME PLAY

  • In trying to make the character believable and easier to relate to, they’ve stripped out Lara Croft and made her… well anybody really. The character is practically Lara Croft in name only. There’s none of the badass, over-the-topness. And I agree she looks like something out of resident evil.

  • The design would work if it wasn’t Lara Croft. Thing is… this is suppose to be her, yet I see nothing that reminds me of her!

    They even took out the braided ponytail! She looks like a person from Resident Evil… it just doesn’t work well for such an established character.

    Funny enough her shirt has become lower cut and her shorts are now pants. *brain shut down*

  • ummm I agree with anon above me… she’s still looks pretty damn hot to me… if they can capture the gameplay magic that made the earlier ones so fun (im hoping its not FF13 or FF14 quality) then i cant wait to play it

  • I think it’s a wonderful character reimagining.

    All video game women don’t NEED to be sexy to be strong, you know. Glad they’re deciding to finally defy the stupid and sexist norm!

      • It does seem to be the case that only female characters now acceptable in western games are masculinised action heroes devoid of much in the way of sex appeal, and perversely regarded as the uglier the better – the tyranny of one stereotype replaces another?

        And the “stupid and sexist norm” of course falls apart when considering the fact that male protagonists are almost exclusively sexy and rugged action heroes…

  • Why would I take this reboot by a company trying their best to get out of the mud when I can get Uncharted 3 and its witty Drake? Oh, Drake, I’d really turn gay just for you. You and your silly one liners…

  • A The obsession for conquest the western market of Square Enix is killing what makes oriental games unique.

    His art work.

    Actually in western games there no sexy females, they was killed by auto censure behavior and becomes in mans bodies with female heads.

    Lara Croft is the last one of the female characters in western games that at least have boobs.

  • Seriously? She looks good to me. What the fuck are you nutjobs talking about? Have all you guys fapped to anime characters so long that you’ve forgoten how real women with semi-athletic build look like? She’s still pretty fucking hot. Let me guess… You guys thought Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5 was ugly, too?

    Anybody who actually think she looks “ugly” now. Should just go chop their balls off. If anything she looked like a slutty bimbo before.

  • even if this game is amazing, in this day and age it’ll just be ripping off uncharted and other adventure treasure hunting games that have already been done recently.

    there are some things which should die and be left to nostalgia.

    tomb raider and lara croft’s boobs are one of them.

  • wargalley20011 says:

    Let’s see, logging boots, check.
    dirty smelly clothes, check.
    No sexyness, check.
    The opposite of softening up, Check.
    My eyes are up here, check.
    Feminazi in control, check.

    Even more reason not to break my neck for it.

  • chronomaster says:

    In other words, people who have the property forget that it was the combination of sex appeal and sheer badassery that made Lara Croft popular.

    Here’s looking to another run-of-the-mill, woe-is-me character of 201X design.

    • I dunno what you guys talking about. This new Lara looks epicly cute to me, and her pseudo-machismo here is a wein. Think of Levi from Black Lagoon. Now that is one heck of a woman, and Lara just came closer to my ideal.

      My taste’s doesnt include weak whiny girls. I love strong woman who enjoys fuckign the shit out of men and dont concern themselves of petty morals

      • Well yeah, but as you said just look at Revy. Every single person who knows her will agree that she’s a badass motherfucker who can kick the shit out of you and yet she ca still wear her short jeans and small T-shirt. Yes she’s hot but certainly her awesome badass character is a stronger element than her boobs or ass.
        So why can’t Lara be Lara without changing her style and becoming a different person like Revy is Revy?
        If they think her lips or boobs are too big then just make them a little smaller but keep her style with her shorts and her twin guns.

    • “…considering the game is now in direct comparison to the Uncharted series in more ways than one”

      If the gameplay ends up ripping off the Uncharted series then to hell with them. Dont touch what’s perfect, stay the hell away.

      The way I see it, Lara had her time in the spotlight, let her die somewhat of an icon from the days long past when she reigned.

    • i think they might be onto something. i didn’t care for the original tomb raiders because of the horrible camera and clunky controls. a game that tries too hard to sell based on sexiness has a 50/50 shot at success. a game based on believable characters, competent controls, well written story line, and smooth gameplay has about a 90 percent shot at a big hit. the other 10 percent depends on whether or not people know it exists. this, a well known series has that extra 10 percent in its corner. if it is basically a female drake and it works, i’ll play it.

      • I agree. I love Tomb Raider games. I grew up playing them. Lara was my “idol” for a long time and I still have respect for the character. But her appearance really improves with time. I like new Lara.
        And although I’m disapointed a little because the game won’t deal with archeology anymore, I still think it may be a great game. From what I’ve read, it seems like they put a lot of effort to this one.
        I’m really looking forward to this game.

      • BloodLegacy says:

        I actually REALLY like the new realistic, athletic, girl next door kinda look. She has the body of a real female athlete, which Laura Croft’s character is. But I dont like that she’s missing her signiture dual drop-leg holsters.

        • I’m loving this! Old Lara did have hueg lips and disproportional everything.

          I like a strong female lead in anything I play or watch and Lara has always done well in that role, but I didn’t enjoy her old ‘sex appeal’ because I don’t find hueg boobies as appealing as smaller ones. New, younger and fit Lara is much more desirable and closer to my age and perhaps the target audience in general so I’m giving a big thumbs up for this and I look forward to p.laying it regardless of how it’s playstyle is

          That’s not to say I wouldn’t totally bone Angelina Jolie as Lara, but I’d much rather a version of her +/- 5 years of me.

        • Seriously I object to you guys, she looks much more hotter than before believe it or not. Those tight pants reveal her ass much more than those crappy shorts and the singlet phwor…

          The other ones were too stupid not much imagination and too straight forward, I rather this one more realistic more normal looking perfect waifu.

        • @Majineko and @ Lawence Codye while I personally thought that the Legend version of Lara was the best the two of you have a good point.

          And while Houselife’s 19:09 comment makes some good points Lara was about seeking out mystical artifacts in her father’s footsteps and finding out what happened to her mother among other things that is why Legend’s storyline was so good (even if the game held your hand in true Japanese RPG style…).

          Tomb Raider Legend also gave Lara a bit of an archrival in Amanda while what Houselife said could make the “shipwreck” reboot cliche story bearable I seriously doubt the current developers will do anything but try to copy off of Uncharted.

        • lara has long overstayed her welcome
          for me it was since day one cos her design looked god awful even back in my teens where i believe her niche should have been
          its fitting that square enix organizes her funeral

        • Anonymous

          i want game play

          she already looks sexier than ever, now give her uncharted 1 like game play (im not even thinking they could manage a 2 or what we have seen so far of 3 level game play, but 1 should be doable)

          give her some lines to say, possibly bitching about the current circumstances, not in a whiny way, but in a “the fuck was i expecting, now what” way.

          heres hoping they make a game i want to play.

        • I never got into tomb raider anyway, although I only played the 1st, 2nd and maybe 3rd ones, during their time, when I was pretty young. I remember locking the butler in the freezer, then being able to shoot at him in another game (dam that bulletproof tray), running through the house to unlock the secret acquarium and secret trophy room and driving through the huge underground quad-bike course. My memory is useless but I am sure that probably covers whichever of the games I played 😛

          If I know anything about western game markets though, unless this game has one of the most kick ass of kick ass stories and insanely good gameplay… its going to crash and burn. I trust SE to deliver neither of the above.

        • They simply used the wrong words. Her breasts are wonderful and hemispherical, they never needed to be giant, and her hips are nice and wide without being strange. They shouldn’t have used the words they did, because she’s hotter than she’s ever been. The problem is they didn’t seem to realize that her design was a joke to begin with. Nobody really took the design seriously, she was a bad ass woman DESPITE the design, and that was the charm and irony.

          As for softening her, that is the correct direction, however it depends on one major thing: If the person who described her wasn’t articulate enough to properly use the word ‘soften’ and it means something much deeper, or they’re going to turn her into the new Samus, whom I’ve been told does nothing but bitch and has given up all of her perceived bad-assery in so doing.

          All they need to do to soften her up is very, very simple, and as an animator I know exactly how to do it. If she complains about something, make those instances very very few and far between. Her humanity will show up if you make her breathe harder, grunt more in pain when she’s injured or exhausted during cut scenes, or generally show a very pained expression on her face if she is wounded for very brief instances, but rarely faltering.

          It’s a very powerful and descriptive moment if a strong women is gritting her teeth in pain or strain, with her eyebrows knitted together, and for a brief instance, the eyebrows raise into a sad slope, she whimpers at an injury for a split second, then inhales through her teeth, growls, and gets up and keeps going.

          That thought process is all they need in their writing and design ideas to soften her up just enough to humanize her like never before.

          Now… are they intelligent enough to do it right…

    • meanwhile at square enix headquarters:

      >hey, you remember all those things in our long running franchises that people liked all the time?
      >yeah, what about them?
      >let’s… you know, just take them out.
      >FUND IT!

      those guys are fucking retarded and deserve to go down

      • No its more like,

        >hey, you remember all those things in our long running franchises that people liked all the time?

        >yeah, what about them?

        >that was 10 years ago, people dont like that anymore. Its time we make something that pepople do like.

        >fund it

  • Anonymous says:

    So Macho according to this site basically means a character who isn’t tailored to look as fanservicey and/or “kawaii” as possible? I remember their comments about how Miku for that car ad looks Macho when she looks nothing of the sort.

    New!Lara is no where near Macho. She looks rough but women don’t need to look freakin’ gorgeous all the time.

  • If the article in GameInformer is anything to go by (yes, I subscribe to it), then I believe that I’m going to absolutely -LOVE- this new Tomb Raider.

    Being the ardent Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fan that I am, I have to admit that I’ve been losing interest the franchise for a long time. Legend brought that interest back – but Anniversary quickly got rid of it again.

    Going through Underworld (yes, still – that’s how bad I thought Anniversary was), I’m starting to get it back, little by little. But there has always been something about the entire TR franchise that has been lacking. In everything she does, Lara almost always comes out relatively unscathed. That’s all fine and good, but it tends to rob her of her humanity and makes her seem more unrelateable and distant.

    Showing that she’s human and running her through all this trouble actually shows (to me, at least) that she’s truly a human character. And that alone makes me want to play this game.

    Going through these hardships and tragedies that ultimately make her stronger and one hell of a badass character in the end is a move of genius. I absolutely -love- it when they take a character(like one of her stature, status, and position) and break them down to nothing so they can eventually rise like a Phoenix from it’s ashes. It’s probably my favorite kind of storytelling.

    Consider my interest fully piqued, and I’m waiting to be able to put in my preorder.

    • I’m sorry… but that’s never what made her popular to me. I always liked the gameplay and the exploring old tombs and relics. Even the worst of the series (Angel of Darkness) had a small element of gameplay (even though the rest of it was still pretty crappy).

      It was never about her ass or the size of her breasts. This new re-imagining of her is probably the best yet.

  • America is obsessed with dipictions of She-males so they wont be accused of being sexist. She was probably designed by some faggy metrosexual who wishes he could get the shit beat out of him by her! Look at Japanese game covers as opposed to ones ported to the US. Japanese idealize the feminine differences, Western ones the toughness. Girly girls can be tough too!

  • Whatever. Looks like any other Squenix game. Be they male or female, the main protagonist always looks feminine with a wink of “japanese features”.

    Who knows, maybe the western release will have a male Lara? I won’t put that past them.

    The only, and i mean ONLY, thing that Squenix gets right these days is the action part of their games.
    They can no longer tell stories, even if their life depended on it. Have you seen “The Last Remnant”? That was the most convoluted, messed up “storyline” i have ever seen.
    FF13 is still regarded as a game that, at the very least, gets storytelling right. Hello? What they call “story” there wouldn’t even have passed as a sidequest in the ’90s.
    “The 3rd Birthday” just ruined one of my fav franchises altogether. Sure, they didn’t call it “Parasite Eve”, but who are they kidding? Aya is now nothing more than a one-dimensional dress up/tear off puppet.

    I just wish that Mistwalker had more funds and manpower. They received a lot of undeserved flack. Every single game they created over the last years is much more worthwhile than anything that Squenix can come up with.

  • Why don’t they change it to Larry Croft then already ?

    Lara Croft without tits and ass is utterly pointless and a dude is cooler anyway. All this mucho chick stuff is totally lesbo (and I’m talking bulldyke nasty) and really crap…

    • Looks at pictures.Aerith’s alive! She’s covered in blood and looks pissed. She must have survived that Sephiroth attack with an Auto-Phoenix. And now she’s casting Firaga at everything because everyone forgot about her.

        • Yes, because Lara has more reason to worry about her appearance than anything else.

          “Oh, i’ve crash landed on an island filled to the brim with monsters and savages…I hope i’ve got enough lipstick.”

        • I don’t know how it is in Japan where every women are obessed about being as thin as they could. But most women around the world with an active life style, who jogs, hikes and works out at gyms, do look like that, and LOVE it.

          As somebody who lived in San Diago. I can tell you the athletic looks is popular amongst women. And they’re hot as hell to guys too. And it’s the same with the women in Europe, too. Healthy girls has always been popular. But I suppose in Asia where the women are obessed to look as thin as they cool and with skin as white as possible. It’s an alien concept.

          Stop associating athletic builds with super buff body builders.