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Cosplay Fighter Jienotsu Inflicts Dynamite MMA Knockout



Cosplayer and occasional kickboxer Yuichiro “Jienotsu” Nagashima has won yet another crushing victory, this time in a Mixed Martial Arts contest, inflicting a second-round knockout on his opponent in 4 seconds flat.

His usual showy cosplay entrance (in this case from 2ch’s favourite: “Milky Holmes”):




The match, replete with knuckle-dragging American sports commentators:

Aoki himself has something of a reputation for obnoxious behaviour, and doubts have been raised over the fairness of the match’s rules (which some claim were arranged to favour Aoki with relaxed “special” kickboxing rules and a longer MMA round), making the crushing defeat all the more humiliating for Aoki.

Aoki’s many detractors are actually circulating rumours that he defecated himself with the force of the kneeing he received.

It is not clear whether there is any truth to this, but in any case it seems unlikely having his bowels forcibly evacuated by a blow is more humiliating than being beaten by a crossdressing man in a wig.

Jienotsu for his part spent part of his after-match interview rubbishing Ishihara and his ban, stressing he opposes it completely. Aoki was on his way to hospital and so gave no comment…

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