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Aya Hirano “Lied About Her Abduction”



An source familiar with taxis is suggesting Aya Hirano’s recent taxi abduction episode must be a fabrictaion, as Japanese taxi doors simply do not function in the way she describes.

The counter-explanation, from some random Twitter user:

I do car maintenance. The taxis running now have a safety feature where the passenger door won’t open from the inside if the car is moving. Can the content of her tweet really be true?

If it’s really true Aya should name the company in case others find themselves in the same situation.

It is of course common knowledge that the opening and closing of Japanese taxi doors is normally controlled by the driver, so there is not much to doubt about this account.

It is instead being suggested that the episode was either a complete fabrication, or else her version of her undergoing a fit of the crazies in the cab…

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