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Aya Hirano: “I Was Kidnapped by a Taxi Driver!”


Aya Hirano is claiming she was kidnapped by a wicked taxi driver who apparently wanted to take her home with him.

The tale comes by way of that most great conduit for celebrity self-destruction, Twitter:

It was really scary on the taxi I just got on. When I started to tell him the address of my destination, it turned out his GPS was broken, and when I asked him to let me off he just drove on.

I pleaded with him to let me off, but he just shouted and wouldn’t let me out! I got scared and tried to open the door and get off when he stopped at a red light, but he accelerated and drove along with the door open.


I called the police when we were driving along with the door open and asked them for help, but he still wouldn’t stop. Finally he stopped at a nearby police box, and they heard the situation.

The driver just kept saying stuff like “This woman is crazy” and “This woman started crying and stuff” – I was so scared I couldn’t stop shaking.


Despite all this they couldn’t do anything to him. I went back to the office. It’s frightening that there are people like that. I really have bad luck with taxis.

Some are starting to wonder if Aya Hirano’s increasingly bizarre Twitter outbursts represent some form of Internet MΓΌnchausen syndrome, with the troubled seiyuu reduced to ever stranger fabrications…

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