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2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”


2ch’s indignant reaction to the equally indignant response of Sankaku Complex users to 2ch’s criticism of fansubbing is presented below, and will likely provide as much amusement as it does insight.

The latest article picked up the 2ch response to a Sankaku Complex article picking up the 2ch response to an article on fansubbing:

Foreigners and Japanese.

There may be differences in culture, but all nations are united in despising crime.

In this article we look at just why some foreigners try to justify illegal anime downloads, and why they are so combative towards those who point out their crimes.

We’ll look at major English language otaku site Sankaku Complex’s comments – some of their comments are translated below:

“They act like they don’t pirate themselves.”

“The difference is that we’re gaijin pirates.”

“Yeah. Why are they so mad? They watch it on their TV for free as well.”

“Exactly! And why would I care about supporting xenophobic racist Japanese otaku?”

“It’s funny how 2ch bitch about piracy when they are no different with western goods :p
Hey 2ch! You mad?”

2ch’s reaction to this encompassed scores of posts which were subsequently reposted onto a number of sites – some of their responses are presented below:

“What are these white pigs on about now?”

“They hit the mark there alright.”

“What are 2channelers ripping off of theirs?”

“What about all the warez boards on 2ch?”

“You guys need to go and check out 2ch’s ‘Download’ board, it makes these scumbags look good.”

[In English:] “FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! hahaha”

[In English:] “you are very fucking invader”

“They are calling 2ch a bitch?”

“Bitch is a verb in this case…”


“Ota look like ota whatever the country…”

“The silhouettes of pizza munching fatsos in bad clothes are too similar!”

“You guys are soft when it comes to your own faults, but hard on those of others – you sit here criticising others for piracy whilst busily downloading stuff yourselves!”

“Is 2ch famous amongst foreigners or something?”

“Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”

“Can they really not understand that it’s non-pirating Japanese who are complaining about pirating foreigners?”

“The TV may be free to watch, but that’s only because they attract sponsors if the ratings are good.”

“At least try to understand the Japanese TV broadcast system, you morons.”

“They have ad-funded TV over there too – I think their education is just completely lacking.”

“Even in Japan there are idiots who think TV is free.”

“Well, we can’t deny 2ch is full of idiots and scum. Can’t we just get along with the foreign idiots and scum?”

“What a bunch of beggars. How did they get so greedy?”

“It’s almost like they are Chinese or something.”

“There’s nothing western I want to pirate!”

“I want to have sex with a western woman!”

“The only western things you pirate are Windows and Photoshop.”

“It’s because when they pirate Rapelay we get accused of being a ‘child porn power.’ It’s just one-sided persecution.”

“Well, Japan never even objects to that…”

“Kill all the foreigners!”

“Xenophobic racist Japanese – they really do think of us like that?”

“With them the first person to call the other a racist is declared the winner.”

[In English:] “Hey fuckign fat Yankee, you are trash of the warld. Go fuck off!!!!!!!!!!”

“Nobody ever mentions how Japanese anime otaku always up things to foreign servers to stop themselves getting caught. It’s when it gets sent overseas that the problem starts. It’s certainly a sneaky ‘yellow’ way of doing things.

There are loads of idiots who think that because 2ch’s servers are overseas they have carte blanche to break the law here too.”

“I wish those bastards would die along with the white pigs too!”

“Why do they get so worked up over some insults on 2ch? They should just ignore us.”

“Don’t you guys realise that being called a racist is the worst thing you can call someone overseas? You are wrecking Japan’s image. If you show some tolerance things should go much more smoothly.”

“The self-promotion of fansubbers is sickening. They shove the URL of their site up in the OP and stuff – at least put it in the credits at the end!”

“Nobody likes to think they are doing something wrong. But really, I think that lot may be of particularly low intelligence…”

[In English:] “fack you”

[In English:] “Oh, miss spell.”

“Isn’t this OK? In a megalopolis like Okayama, there’s no anime at all. I check out the latest anime on these sites, and even pick up some English from the subs.”

“If America gets hit by a few more airplanes, think they’ll start waking up to intellectual property?”

“More foreign reactions to a previous article about OneManga being shut down:

‘I used OneManga to check out what manga I liked and bought it if I liked it!’

‘There might be some like that, but most would never buy a thing…’

‘The problem is the high prices!’

‘I think OneManga is good marketing for mangaka.’

‘The biggest issue is how arrogant the Japanese are. They never get on with other races.’


‘The Japs are truly intolerant.’

‘I didn’t think the Japs were this conceited – somebody drop another nuke on them!’


“What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”

“Advertising to a bunch of pirates is meaningless you dirty foreign filth.”

“Watching criminals getting irate at being caught is pretty funny though.”

“These foreign otaku are the reason they started the bans on 2D in the first place!”

“It’s only a tiny minority of crazies on 2ch who are actually making a fuss?”

“‘They act like they don’t pirate themselves’ – it’s the ones who don’t pirate who are complaining. Don’t just lump everyone on 2ch together like that.”

“Stop subbing anything you feel like! And quit plastering everything with those pretentious translation notes!”

“Just buy the manga and stuff even if it is expensive. In Japan foreign stuff marketed to Japanese is way more expensive than it is overseas.”

“So, let me ask a question in return. Why do foreigners get so het up over killing whales and dolphins? They aren’t hunting the endangered species. You eat animals yourselves. Aren’t you all just a bunch of racists?”

“I’d be satisfied if all the foreigners died!”

“Other than anime, Sankaku Complex always picks up the following stories about Japan:

Foreigners being discriminated against.

Crimes committed by our military, police and teachers.


WWII related war crimes committed by the IJA.


[In English:] “Jap gettin moremore isolated. Fuckin!!!!”

“Japanese are becoming more and more petty. Rather than laugh off that Chinese Gundam statue, we made a big fuss over it. Come on – any bipedal robot is going to look something like that. Foreigners only watch anime because it is free and they have too much free time. The people who think it is really popular overseas are idiots.”

“Tell it to Disney.”

“If you don’t like the Japs put out, don’t watch Jap animation.”

“Damn, these impertinent foreigners who watch everything as though it is free really piss me off. Their attitude seems to be like ‘Yes, keep paying those high prices and bowing your heads so we can watch for free, you ignorant Japanese yokels.'”

“They don’t care about anime – if they have to pay they don’t watch it. Even FMA got cancelled because none of them would buy it. Anime is a joke overseas.”

“If we just go on mindlessly pushing our reasoning onto them, we’ll go on losing out to foreign countries. Look at the censorship frenzy engulfing Japan! We’re a developed country yet you still can’t properly publish a damn thing digitally here! You’re going to put up with this crap!?

Who cares about pirates or netiquette – if the technology to pirate is there you will get pirates, whatever the country.”

“Incite spiteful comments from 2ch, enrage the hairy barbarian otaku with them.

Incite spiteful comments from hairy barbarian otaku, enrage the 2ch otaku with them.”

“Is this perpetual motion?”

“Americans think all other people have absorbed their American culture. They cannot conceive of any significantly different culture existing. As a result, they think they are being discriminated against whenever they encounter ideas at variance to their own.

There really are Americans who think the reason the Xbox failed in Japan is because of Japanese racism.”

“Right. They are just desperate to think of themselves as victims!”

“Damn, those idiots again – just mention the iPhone and iPad to them.”

“Everyone overseas thinks 2ch is nothing but a den of racists.”

“This is too scary… it’s like we’re looking in a mirror!”

“Well, we’re both just labelling the other side as pirates.”

“I think they’ll just keep on doing this, but the ones who keep insisting 2ch is a single entity with one opinion are complete idiots.”

“It’s like that on normal anime sites. They are uppity despite getting everything for free, although they seem pro-Japanese at times.

Except for Sankaku – that one alone is totally anti-Japanese and I hope those idiots are destroyed soon!”

See also the previous exchange between 2ch and Sankaku Complex, which ensued after 2ch’s crowed over the fall of One Manga and then heaped scorn on the hairy foreign pirates for their impudence.

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  • the reason why–at least for me–i watch fansubs rather than the english dubs available here in the US is because they’re an inferior product (despite the 1/3 cost), by far; while they do come with the original audio, the subbing for the japanese language is of poor quality, or set to match the english dub. thus, critical elements are lost in translation.

    The low quality of the dub is because of the way anime is considered over here in the US: for many companies, they’re just cartoons for fourteen-year-olds rather than mature media like, say, family guy or The Simpsons; thus, the voiceacting is given no heart.

    The ONLY companies i’ve seen take the media seriously are ADV and Funimation, and even then, with very few titles. For me, the only titles i’ve considered buying (and have bought) for their english language content are, in order:

    1. Full Metal Alchemist
    2. Full metal Panic
    3. Cowboy Bebop
    4. Evangelion
    5. Trigun

    the voice acting just gets worse from then on, with most being of the “horrible screeching” quality that makes me cringe (or nauseous) when i attempt to watch something like “Girls Bravo” or “UFO Princess Valkyrie” in English.

    so the ultimate question is: why should i pay 20 dollars per volume for an inferior production that obviously wasn’t taken seriously when i can pay $60 for internet per month and get something that is of high-quality and shows real dedication on the part of the voice actors. if you’re going to market a voice-acted media to me, then pay your voice actors well as disney/pixar voice actors are paid, and get them to show real emotion and NEVER, EVER, stop publishing a series or censor it simply because of the mindset that our children–most of whom start looking at porn AT AGE TWELVE–should somehow be kept innocent. YOU’RE MARKETING SOMETHING TO 14+ YEAR OLDS. I THINK A LITTLE FLESH IS OK! (examples: Kodomo no jikan(nymphet), Legend of Overfiend, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Code Geass and (most famously) One Piece, to name a few).

    Japanese may complain about the price of their local products which–i admit–is rather unfair, but they need remember that the quality of their viewing is much higher than what we get here in the US (not including fansubs). by comparison of quality: if the japanese and american dubs were military weapons rather than shows, the japanese would have a M1 Abrams equipped with a 120mm RAILGUN, while we americans would still be putting around with an old Sherman from WWII!

  • What the fuck? They are being such drama queens I swear! If they wanted us Americans to be so thin then maybe they should start promoting those things in their anime and slowly it would pick up. They always bother us for being bigger than them but that really only seems to bother them when we are cosplaying or when our men sleep with their women!

    I personally like Asian men but seriously… all these comments about us foreigners just dying is retarded.
    It was our people that took them out of being isolated in the first place, they should at least pay us back with anime!

  • That’s um… kinda creepy how a few of the comments were about killing foreigners.

    I also wonder if they know that most anime doesn’t get brought over to America, and if they do, they were usually heavily censored.
    Luckily, Hulu will post a few subbed shows like One Piece, but still, most anime has to be downloaded in order to be watched.

    Manga probably gets it the worst, since there are so many over there, but only the heavy hitters have been put over here.

  • “You guys are soft when it comes to your own faults, but hard on those of others – you sit here criticising others for piracy whilst busily downloading stuff yourselves!”

    Which is why we file lawsuits against our charity organizations when they go wrong and you don’t do anything about yours’? (UNICEF Japan, nuff said)

    “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”

    No, it’s cus your government is even more prudish than ours that you get hit by censorship.

    “They have ad-funded TV over there too – I think their education is just completely lacking.”

    Please explain how our “lacking education” leads to an economy that easily dwarfs yours DESPITE record trade deficits.

    And while you’re at it, also explain why your brilliant economists (products of your obviously superior education system) haven’t been able to get your country out of its’ recession for the last 5 years while we got out of ours’ in 2?

    “The only western things you pirate are Windows and Photoshop.”

    And Acrobat, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Intuit, Nero, Roxy, McAfee, Norton…Oh wait, aren’t these all some of the most widely used utility programs in the world? Oh well, I guess the west is only good for making useful programs.

    “What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”

    You do realize that Kung-Fu Panda made more in one weekend than most of your anime have ever made in their lifetimes right?

    “They don’t care about anime – if they have to pay they don’t watch it. Even FMA got cancelled because none of them would buy it. Anime is a joke overseas.”

    We don’t pay because the opportunity for us to even TRY to pay is AT LEAST 6 months after it’s released. Putting that aside, Japanese producers seem to think horrible voice acting is going to make what they try to sell us popular. How would you feel if you had to watch anime where the characters all spoke in monotone?

    “Americans think all other people have absorbed their American culture. They cannot conceive of any significantly different culture existing. As a result, they think they are being discriminated against whenever they encounter ideas at variance to their own.

    This coming from a country which refuses to expand on immigration despite a birth rate crisis on the grounds that it would “dilute Japanese culture”?

    “Damn, those idiots again – just mention the iPhone and iPad to them.”

    The same iPhone and Ipad products that are in so much demand in your country that stores have a limit on the number that each customer can buy?

    Verbal sparring with easy prey = Great stress relief

  • I’m Norwegian, and regardless of super-racist Japanese trying to fence in their delicious culture, and stupid fat American publishers dubbing anime and mirroring manga, I will do my best to try and enjoy the bits that are left alone or tenderly polished by fan-subbers before you guys go ahead and destroy it all.

    It is for this reason that I’ve learned to speak both English and Japanese fluently, despite the fact that my native tongue is Norwegian.

    As a side-note, I’d like to mention that a manga in Norway costs more than 2200yen a pocket. That’s about SIX TIMES the japanese price.
    Still, I buy what I can afford, and pirate what is too expensive or unobtainable through legal means.

    Japan, open up and you’ll earn shitloads of money.

    America, stop bitching.

    Norway, stop being so fucking cold.

  • gotta say this is sad were fighting about free distribution and bringing race into it pretty petty and sad. cant everyone just agree were all tentacle loving loli loving sadists? at the end of the day its what comes down to. so anime came from japan so people are subbing it bad shit happens and it rolls down hill and as long as something can be made free it will be good quality or not lets stop acting like this is some sad race war and just enjoy what we got if not. then bust out you magic the gathering cards and finish this battle

    sad and petty enough said

  • A minority of 2chers make hateful remarks, but said minority is all we see. A minority of people on SanCom then make hateful remarks back and that’s all the people on 2ch see. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

  • hahaha, OMG, those comments where so stupidly funny, they do the exact same thing they tell us not to do, for starters, labeling sancom as a single entity, when they are complaining about the same, complaining about the racism, when the board is filler with racist comment, and etc, etc, etc, i had nver posted on one of these topics, but Oh, the irony

  • Doesn’t change the fact that the current American otaku generation is filled with thieving little brats who think they’re entitled to everything and bring up shitty reasons to steal from hard working artists and companies.

  • A lot of the kids who watch fansubbed Anime over here are too young to support themselves. So, if they want the DVD set, they have to convince their parents to get it for them. These parents are often religiously puritanical in the extreme, and they censor everything their children watch. If the cover or even the title look objectionable, they’ll keep it away from their kids.

    By and large, the purpose of fansubbing is merely to allow jobless 13 to 19-year-olds bypass their parents and watch whatever sex and violence-filled animation they want.

    • I think It’s the Trolls way of consoling each other 😛

      They start this flame each other just to take their minds of RL issues etc.

      Anime,Manga And Video Games Transcend Race XD

      Bring Back Taro Aso or have Jienotsu become a politician like Pacquiao 😛

  • 2ch are seriously more than retarded. They completely ignore the actual reason why fansubs exist in the first place: Because anime is pretty much unavailable anywhere else! WHY CANT THEY FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT!!?!?!?

    • because they are right, we have a reason, but is not sufficient enough to cover our asses. i mean having better quality and almost every series at hand I think it’s too much. i would rather see things on tv like on the old days. but both broadcasting channels and Japanese licensing agencys (or whatever they are called) pretty much spoiled things. not to mention the awful economy of the past decade which made almost everything unaffordable to everyone except a few selected ones.

  • Ah, yet another reason fo me to hate the majority of the world INCLUDING the U.S. (Probably also mainly)(I’m American, by the way) The majority of the world is racist pigs. Though, I am not at all aware why people are like this. All people hate people and care only for themselves and “their kind”. Even Japan, who I had previously thought was better than that, is like all the other racist pigs of the world. Is this deep, coming from a fourteen-year-old?

  • Since this whole funny thing is mostly in English, doesn’t that mean sancom vs sancom as opposed to sancom vs 2ch?

    Sadly the only thing that comes to mind picture a bunch of anon fighting is CRIPPLE FIGHT!!!!!!

  • So many of these comments are trolls. Just got to walk it off, people.

    My philosophy is:
    If it’s in English, and available here, I’ll buy it. But first and foremost, I need it in English. If the Japanese publishers provided their own English subs, that’s fine, and I’d buy it. But it’s simply not the case.

  • There are reasonable people from 2ch and fucking morons from 2ch, same goes for SanCon.

    This is the internet, people are going to say stupid shit without worrying about censoring themselves, that’s what you get from boards that allow anonymity.

    This whole 2ch Vs SanCon thing is dumb as hell.

  • wow, that was entertaining. i’ve never actually posted on Sankaku Complex before, but had to join in on the fun. for the record, i’d never download fansubs. that’s something best left to those people with no money and in dire need of entertainment or those who don’t have anything else to watch while waiting for it to come out. i’m grateful to be able to watch shows simulcast on Crunchyroll and other sites legitimately. i think i have the pirates to thank for that.

  • “If America gets hit by a few more airplanes, think they’ll start waking up to intellectual property?”

    ^ I lol’d so hard.

    “Even FMA got cancelled because none of them would buy it…”

    ^ When did that happen? I’m pretty sure it’s still airing to this day… Like original FMA, not just Brotherhood…

    “Americans think all other people have absorbed their American culture. They cannot conceive of any significantly different culture existing”

    And they say they themselves aren’t xenophobic…

  • here’s the thing.. we can’t do a shit if we all are just arguing with eachother there’s no point in trying to stop ishihara from the destruction of moe and loli and such if we don’t do something ..

    why don’t just anyone that atleast know what to say without swearing non stop like .. debate him and win the debate.. its a more effective option if we want the issue to quit

    and why are the american’s being dickheads and the japanese also being likewise..
    use your fucking common sense to actually get along and not fucking shit up

  • lol they go on about how we lump all of 2ch together and then they lump all American otaku together as stupid, fat, lazy yankee pirates with no morals who don’t buy anything, which they were already doing in the first place. They don’t know anything about American otaku but they act like experts. From what I’ve seen we know a lot more about them than they know about us.

    For one thing, Americans love to buy stuff. Thousands flood to anime conventions and buy merchandise and dvds and manga, so the Japanese sound really stupid when they say we don’t buy anything.
    We may get stuff for free, but we still want to buy it anyway because that’s how we are. These Japanese are so ignorant

  • -if Japan is reading this-

    I really liked the magical girl anime Ojamajo Doremi, and watched it fansubed. three years ago I dumped $ 700+ on the fourth season.

    do I get to enjoy watching my fansubs knowing that I contributed towards the anime industry in a small way?

  • I’m not really going to comment on this whol debate, I have better things to do with my time.
    Still, I have to ask. Just what the fuck was he thinking when he made this comment:

    “So, let me ask a question in return. Why do foreigners get so het up over killing whales and dolphins? They aren’t hunting the endangered species. You eat animals yourselves. Aren’t you all just a bunch of racists?”

    That made about as much sense as a banana riding a trycicle. Seriously, what does hunting endangered species have to do with this debate?

  • Haha this article is fucking awesome, it’s pure gold! Amazing!

    Artefact you are really awesome, well respected! LOL!

    In any case, we should just get along, 80% of the comments in both Sankaku and 2ch are all about insulting each other, i bet in real life you guys won’t bitch like how you commented.

  • All I’ll say is this:

    If it hadn’t been for fansubbing, I would never have even heard of Yuusha-ou GaoGaiGar. Had I not heard of it, I would not have bought the entire TV anime series, the OVAs, the Mikoto fig on my desk, the wallscrolls and posters, etc., etc. All imported, at heavy cost to me.

    So, 2ch, still think that “advertising” line is complete bullshit?

    Now get over to the production studios and tell them to kickstart Project Z already! I’m tired of waiting!

  • Moral of the story: If you’re going to call foreigners names, stereotype them, and then accuse the entire population of racism, you will just look like a moron.

    In this case, sadly, 2ch looks a lot worse than Sankaku solely because of sheer numbers.

    A lot of people on Sankaku are a bunch of Japan-loving weaboos anyway, so the 2channers who say these hateful things are really truly racist. Fix the plank in your eye please, morons.

  • stop this fucking nonsense .. everyone is arguing with everyone and there’s no limit how far this will go.. still i think that that 2ch has a point in the whole thing and so has the “gaijin’s” but why don’t get along in a good way instead of fucking your brains of each and everyone …

  • If they’re going to spit at SanCom “fair and square”, they should at least do the same thing Arte does and translate more than just the first few comments. No wonder there are so many comments laden with misunderstandings.

  • silly nihonjin. If the japanese wanted really to argument with us [the world], they should study more english and come to us, a international board. It’s not like that American are the only one using Sankaku Complex. The site is in Europe popular too.

    btw 2ch, stop calling us hairy gaijin. I don’t want to be remember how awful your own culture can get with ainu-, burakuminracism and ketsuekigata (Bloodtype-racism).

    2ch offers really the worst of japanese society. It’s so bad, that it makes densha otoko a beautiful Disney Story.

  • Keep going 2ch! It’s really hilarious to see how frequently you butcher the English language. My question is… why do your schools bother teaching English in Japan if so very few of you actually take it in?

    Seriously we love you Japan. But if they best ideas that you can muster are “die dirty foreigners”, the world is never going to take you seriously. Many visiting Westerners return from Japan complaining about how uneducated and lacking in individuality most young Japanese are. You need to pay more attention to what your 30-40 year old senpais are telling you about the world, and stand up for yourself, your freedom and your beliefs!

    However since you seem quite content to let your government dictate censorship, you’re going to do yourselves in from the inside. You’ll be history before China and North Korea ever becomes a serious threat. The US is falling victim to corruption and greed as well, but at least we’ll go down fighting. We’re not so busy occupying our time with poorly written mindless RPGs and dating sims that replace real world dating. Stop being so complacent ande stick up for your rights and the right to be unique!!!

  • i’d like to point out there are countries besides us and japan. so where legal options may not work -since no company bothers licensing, translating and releasing anime- illegal options are way to go.

  • 1. Ishihara ban on anime/manga
    2. Senkaku islands incident (similar incident involving South Korea had a “better” outcome)
    3. 2nd biggest debt, behind only Zimbabwe (which is “famous” for their 10 million Z$ bill, and more recently their 1-billion bill).
    4. Negligible population growth rate
    5. One of the oldest populations in the world
    6. very weak currency (yen)
    7. slumping economy
    8. biggest electronics manufacturer in Japan is Korean (Samsung)

    Can’t really take them seriously when they had those LOL

  • Replies to 2chan:

    – 2chan voted for Ishihara, thus they are racist Ishihara supporters blaming anime censorship on gaijin.

    – If 90% voted for Ishihara, 70% came from 2chan, the rest came from old people.

    – Learn English first before making racist comments, 2chan.

    – If 2chan has brains left, they should focus on Ishihara, but I guess they won’t follow the principle: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    – Kirisaki: “Shoot each arrow separately, but aim at the same spot.”
    2channer: I’d rather die than unite with these gaijin hairy otakus against Ishihara.

    – Then go and eat Ishithara.

  • 2ch is just like Zakuro, minus being an actually interesting half Youkai. Extremely racist and Tsundere for the West. Claiming to hate that which is Western, but a Ramune nut, in love with a blondie. And all alone in the East, just like a Half-Youkai in Japan.

    You’ve been taking influence from us for centuries, and most of the nationalistic you have ever aligned with, have been Westerners such as Nazi Germany or people such as Konstantin Rodzaevsky. Even your own Ultra-Nationalism takes root in us. Your own language probably isn’t even unique to the US, but related to Korean and connected all the way to the Uralic lands of Europe. You cannot escape us, you have never been entirely apart from us. Even when you isolated from us. And you don’t want to be apart from us. And it’s either us, your Asian neighbors, or Africans. And you know which choice you want to make in relations.

    You fetishize our people, in your media. Your “wives”, many of them are no less than Western. You imagined yourself as Saito and fighting an entire army for your beloved Tsundere Louise. And you secretly desperately wished to live in a European Fantasy land. And there was nothing wrong with that.

    No reason to deny that, over a couple of people, whom you disagree with on the issue of piracy. Stop pretending. You’re silly and desperate for an insult.

  • lol! Aw this shit is golden! They are the exact same as us and they know it. The same over reactions. The same sweeping generalizations. The same hypocrisy. The same amount of pirating. The same amount of name calling. The same hive minded go get ‘em without much common sense approach to life. Face it trolls of the web, we are all one. Be it here, /b/, 2ch, or any forum posting anon posting shit to post. We are one we love to fack ourself and make pointless ‘debates’ like this one.

    We rock.

  • “What are these white pigs on about now?”
    – was under the impression that a lot of malay people are on here too… That’s asian right? And to put blunt, I am asian as well.

    “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”
    – Ishihara is not my doing. If you don’t like it, why not go out and vote for a change? You now, like rock the vote. Try that with anime, and see how it works out.

    “Is 2ch famous amongst foreigners or something?”
    – Do you ever get out of your room?

    “Well, we can’t deny 2ch is full of idiots and scum. Can’t we just get along with the foreign idiots and scum?”
    – I will shake on that

    “Xenophobic racist Japanese – they really do think of us like that?”
    – It’s a stereotype, almost as equal to the Fired Chicken eating black person, or the lazy Mexican

    “Why do they get so worked up over some insults on 2ch? They should just ignore us.”
    – I would think so also, but you know, internet is one huge ass flame war to begin with

    “If America gets hit by a few more airplanes, think they’ll start waking up to intellectual property?”
    – Nope, they will pretty much go and do the something over and over again.

    “What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”
    – Stop lying to yourself and look at the outside anime con idiot. Then tell me those lines again

    “Just buy the manga and stuff even if it is expensive. In Japan foreign stuff marketed to Japanese is way more expensive than it is overseas.”
    – Are you sure it’s not just the weak yen not allowing us to buy all your shit?

    “Foreigners only watch anime because it is free and they have too much free time. The people who think it is really popular overseas are idiots.”
    – Explain to me how cons work, then rethink your statement

    It’s also fun to see all this much shit talked about Sankaku, since when it came to the Senkaku Isle incident, majority of the people here, from how I saw it, backed Japan, rather than China.

  • Well I normally buy something from any series I torrent. Heck I will gladly stop buying and start downloading soundtracks and such. I’m not crazy like those otaku’s from japan but I try to buy something. (and shipping ain’t cheap either)

    I would probably start paying for my anime if america could do zero day subs, keep the nice fansub font, and allow me to keep the episodes on my computer.

  • For the Japanese man who wants to have sex with an American woman….You rock!!I’ve always wanted a Japanese man, Someone send 2 Chan Please

    Just an American woman here, not a fat Yank tho. I think we all should just get along. Like some world peace move that all started from Anime and show that anime really is good for the people.

    Now for the whole stealing thing, I look, if I like I buy, if not I don’t buy. Since Garden of Sinners is hitting America, so going to buy.

    But for others who don’t buy, just watch because its “free” Jump off a bridge and die.

  • Be careful 2ch, we “filthy foreigners” may let North Korea invade Japan and take away all your Love Plus Nenes. Then where will you be? All you will have left is your dakimakura of Kim Jung-un.

  • lol 2ch not everyone here at sankaku are dumb americans.

    “Americans think all other people have absorbed their American culture. They cannot conceive of any significantly different culture existing. As a result, they think they are being discriminated against whenever they encounter ideas at variance to their own.

    “There really are Americans who think the reason the Xbox failed in Japan is because of Japanese racism.”

    though i agree some of your quotes i think it’s stupid how you really act like your innocent and such. stop being such a childish bastard. everyone pirates end of story. instead of getting worked at at this why not drew criticism to ishithara, you know the asshole that is trying to destroy anime/manga industry as a whole.

    • that is somewhat true, sankaku is not composed by americans only, but american people always speak as “we americans, we americans..”. that’s irritating.
      at least, 2channers are (prevalently, if not totally) japanese. I’m european, american ideals are foreign to me as much as japanese ones.

  • I don’t even really have a stake in this argument, but…

    “It’s because when they pirate Rapelay we get accused of being a ‘child porn power.’ It’s just one-sided persecution.”

    This one made me laugh because the big hubbub over Rapelay started over a listing of someone selling the game on Amazon, so that “they pirate Rapelay” comment is hardly relevant.

    “Aren’t you all just a bunch of racists?”

    This one also made me laugh because it is, itself, a racist comment.

  • Yar har, tweedle deedee!
    Being a pirate is alright to me!
    Do what you want, ’cause a pirate lives free!

    Seriously, don’t even bother trying to justify our piracy. It’s wrong. We know it is wrong, but we still do it. If someone offers you free stuff, you take it; even if you know the person offering it to you stole it. This is America. Piracy is to be expected from us. This country was practically founded by pirates. The Constitution puts such high values on freedom. I don’t know how the Nihon-jin defines freedom, but to me, freedom is the absence of restriction. So I’ll keep pirating until I become fluent in the language and get easier access to Japanese anime and manga retailers.

    • Sure I commit piracy, but I do support official releases when they are available. Its so funny how they are hating on us for lumping them all together and saying they all pirate too, when they are doing the same to us. In an argument like this, there are no winners because neither side is right or wrong. They need to accept the fact that as long as there are goods worth pirating in this world, there will always be people who would pirate them.

      It’s really a shame. I always thought we were here at this website because we love Japan and the things they produce. They should at least feel proud that people feel that way about them. It’s really sad to see phrases like “Maybe America should be hit with a few more planes” and “maybe we should drop another nuke on Japs”.

  • ““What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan”.

    So, if it’s nothing compared, why are you treating western pirates? You’re saying we’re stealing nothing compared to the “real market”.


  • Seriously should we troll them back by saying we should have dropped more A-bombs on them until they glowed in the dark? I think that is even below what 4chan trolls would say. I just think 2chaner have less of a life than 4channer and that’s saying something.

  • they don’t get that the studios weren’t even interested in marketing anime and manga till they saw how popular it was among people who watched fansubs, If it weren’t for fansubs I wouldn’t even know the difference between a cartoon and an anime or a comic and a manga, if it weren’t for fansubs I wouldn’t had bought all the anime and manga related products that I have now, but now that they’re so popular they just wanna call us pirates and behave like a bunch of close minded idiots.

  • “I think they’ll just keep on doing this, but the ones who keep insisting 2ch is a single entity with one opinion are complete idiots.”

    i’ll fix it for you

    “I think they’ll just keep on doing this, but the ones who keep insisting gaijins is a single entity with one opinion are complete idiots.”

  • I don’t know why they are so mad. The people who dubbed The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya actually thanked the fansubbers for PROMOTING the anime and making people buy the dub. How is that not supporting the anime industry?

  • Can you believe those filthy yellow devils? After all the kindness we have shown them, by not ethnically cleansing them after crushing them in war, writing them a fine constitution and transforming them into an economic superpower, this is how they repay us? How shameful! They are dishonoring their ancestors. Doesn’t that mean their souls won’t get into Stovokor or something? I guess we shouldn’t expect any better from a culture that eats uncooked food with sticks.

  • “I think they’ll just keep on doing this, but the ones who keep insisting 2ch is a single entity with one opinion are complete idiots.”

    “‘They act like they don’t pirate themselves’ – it’s the ones who don’t pirate who are complaining. Don’t just lump everyone on 2ch together like that.”

    Pfft, you guys are the ones who keep lumping all westerners together. Not only Americans watch anime, and even if it were so, there aren’t only “white hairy pigs” in America. There’s a shitload of immigrants from Asia too… If it weren’t for westerners you guys would still be samurai hicks with no internet…

  • Not that I don’t love a good flame war, but I wish Japanese and Western otaku could just get along.

    And I wish they would stop calling us ‘foreigners.’ We’re only foreign if we’re in your country.

  • “What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – …”

    Then why do you care about us? If we buy or not anime won’t affect Japan’s marketing at all so leave us alone been leechers and watching anime for free XDD

  • Don’t they realize every time they see uncensored porn (i.e. no pixels or blurs), they themselves are breaking the law in Japan?

    And they call people who download and/or stream anime “criminals”.

  • What caught my eye was:

    “What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”

    Maybe… Just maybe… The foreign market is small and therefore NEEDS promoting?

  • Well I thought about making some kind of relevant comment, but considering the general tone of the comments on here why bother.
    So fuck you 2ch this war against Sankaku is pointless as you will loose, I’m watching some illegal downloads right now, oh how sweet this feels.

    I find an old disabled goat more threatening than the retard rants of 2ch, pathetic.

  • I’m getting kind of sick of this.

    “Those barbaric pigs cry discrimination just because they can’t adapt to our culture”

    No, we cry discrimination when being called Barbaric pigs.

    Pirating can’t be justified, no matter how you look at it, but if American publishers included their own subtitles, or, maybe, actually made dubs GOOD, this whole fiasco may have been averted.

    Also, while we’re on the subject, I love how they’ve suddenly generalized Sankaku-Complex as Anti-Japanese, despite it being one of the few American sites that’s actually on THEIR side in all of this.

    God, Japan. I love you, but sometimes you can be regoddamndiculous.

    P.S. I wish these American dumbasses who keep shouting “JAP! JAP!” would sew their rancid stench-holes shut before they start another fucking war or something.

  • hmmm I wonder why America is associated with white… I associate them with brown or black … xD cuz when mix a bunch of colors to gethter that would be kinda what you get…. maybe grey/gray <_< random note xD I could not remember how to spell grey/gray…. I did not know if it there was an E or an A but apparently it can be spelled either way lol

    isn't one of America's nicknames the great melting pot

  • Stop fighting you guys, its understandable, that people who pirate stuff will be criticized. If I had a stable income I’d buy more anime. I try to support the industry as much as I can when my life allows me to. I won’t claim to be an otaku. Being able to survive comes first though I have no right to criticize either since i only go watch in the non-legal way, the stuff that never can be released in the US. Other than that I buy stuff.

    I don’t want to be called a racist pig. I don’t like it. I definitely agree on OTAKU peace.
    I will say this to you Japanese folk. You Japanese are no better than us Americans. You trash to us same as we do to you. Why not try talking without adding all the hate inside it. It hurts worse when valid points are made without the hate speech. Hate speech just makes you look stupid like any other country. And don’t group all foreigners together. That’s just racist as us. Do any of you people on 2ch have any and I mean any foreign American friends at all, or do you just hate us because we’re not Japanese? Please I appeal I want to see the majority of people respond in a calm fashion and with seriousness instead of anger, hate and with sarcasm.

  • why the hell would i listen to china’s bitch. just cause you’ve got 1 remotely popular form of export which if u quit bitching about could be turned into a true world phenomenon, u sit on your useless ota arse’s and DARE TO JUDGE US?!! FUCK YOU

  • to 2ch-

    watch your fucking mouth japs. You bitches sound just like koreans and chinese when spouting 15-year old middle school nationalism shit without knowing your place. Maybe it’s time some one did something IRL to teach these bitches a lesson about respect and manners?

  • Wow, is this funny. They either sound self-hating, humble, racist or just plain ignorant. But I have a few questions. What does hunting and killing animals have to do with this situation?

    I’m not for hunting animals unless you’re going to eat it or use the majority of the body, not including endangered animals.

    Secondly, if both parties truly do feel the same way, there’s a huge language barrier and lots of miscommuniation. And then try and find some middle ground.

    And unless I’m missing something, when was FMA ever cancelled and I’m pretty sure it was not our faults. It just sounds like they are isolating themselves more and more.

    It really sounds liek they want us to buy everything they do, Regardless of it being crappy or not just because they feel compelled to or they do. Just living costs and shit alone is through the roof in Japan I hear. Why not not use that money you’re getting on your parents income or whatever you’re getting it from and put it towards more crucial things or buy anime in moderation. It’s what we do, and it’s my main reason for pirating. Money for more important things.

  • Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Since more than 90% of the series won’t get released overseas, then to me it seems that Fan-subs are the only means to acquire them.

    As for the comments. Xenophobic much?

  • This proves that America and Japan are exactly the same. If I learned there are three types of people in the world. Dicks, Pussies, and Assholes. And both countries are somehow all three. Screw you guys I’m moving to Canada.

  • so how many of these idiots eat at McDonalds?
    or Pizza Hut?.. what other American rest. are there that they can eat while watching their late night anime and reading their manga? reality, don’t matter where we are until we understand each other equally (we all bleed red) so racism and cultural differences NEED to be overcome.. and ANIME/ MANGA is there for the Japanese. stop bitching and hug your neighbor. stop groping that one faggot

  • Only a small group pirates anime compared to what I guess over 90% people with internet, funny how pirating music, movies and even computer programs is considered pretty normal nowadays

    On another note I live in a crappy ass country when it comes to anime and manga [Netherlands] pretty much nothing gets released here and what does is only over 5 years behind and expensive as hell. And unlike manga [what I got a huge collection off] Importing the R1 dvd’s is useless to me because of the stupid regional coding, so my only decent choise I’ve got Imo is the dl stuff

  • It’s funny reading the ones that are all “Don’t lump us in with the few idiots from our board!”, apparently missing the irony that they are doing the exact same thing to us. Both sides are just seeing and responding to the most inflammatory and stupid comments of the other, both are patting themselves on the back for taking the high road, and both just come across as hypocritical fools to the other.

    I also laughed at the ones complaining about the stories on whaling. Haven’t they noticed that Sankaku generally takes their side?

    Or the ones who blame us for the fact that their government caves when some moral-crusading assholes raise a stink. It sucks when that happens, and I sympathize (those busybodies ruin plenty of stuff here, too) but the bottom line is it’s their government, not ours, so it’s their responsibility. Not ours.

  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    I guess I’m amused when they (2ch) portray all Westerners as racists, then turn around and say “kill all foreigners” like they’re channeling Prime Minister Toujou.

    It’s also amusing when they demand foreigners learn Japanese to watch their cartoons, then turn around and display such an amazingly tenuous grasp on basic English for their own part. This is specially amusing considering every one of them has had at least three years of English in jr. high (and often six counting high school), while very few Americans take Japanese as a foreign language.

    All that said, however, 2ch is the rusty cum-bucket of the Internet. It’s even worse than 4chan as a hive of sheer immature stupidity. They are not even close to representative of most Japanese. In fact, true Japanese culture and courtesy is often the exact opposite what you’ll find on 2ch.

  • Of course the only sankaku comments they show on there are the ones from idiot trolls and not the ones trying to legitimately explain fansubbing.. so biased..

    I thought Japanese were cool before this.. whatever, I guess people are dicks everywhere.

  • Lol good thing they talk about white pigs i am a full blooded mexican latino, anyways this is the kind of shet why you japanese are making anime get censored just because you came up with it thoesn’t me you owned it geezz go out for sun you guys must be pale as fck you think anime pirating is bad look at your selfs droling over a pillow with a picture, did france go insane when Mona got duped?… ofc not cause its a world artifact that many would like to see but don’t have the time or money to go see it at the original museum; its the same exact thing with anime whe are not waiting 5-8 months to see our regular episodes with “shitty censord subs” just get over it and learn to share.

  • Does 2ch not realize that it’s their own fellow Japanese that are pirating anime and manga by uploading copies to peer-to-peer sharing programs like Winny and Share?

    How else do they think Westerners get access to anime and manga from Japan?

  • I’m sick of all this Bullshit. People in other countries Download Subbed Anime cause to that Person they may just watch and be entertained. I Download Subbed Anime simply cause I’m an Otaku who is Obsessed but more Over cause I love to watch Anime and I love Japan and its Culture. Why do Japan have to React like this though? and Why did they even Put a Ban for Manga? They say its Indecent. Yet they show Live Lesbians making out on Japanese TV. Bullshit! Fucking Bullshit!
    They barely even Make VNs or any other games Avalible in English or any other Language. “WE” have to do it ourselves. Surely dosent this show how much the world Loves/likes/wants Anime and Manga?

  • Why do they think we don’t like “THE JAPANESE”? I don’t believe that we’re racist against Japan, it’s more like the people who represent their country just makes them look just as ignorant.

    And it’s hard not to see 2ch as racist if there are some who believe to “Kill all the foreigners!” and people who think “I’d be satisfied if all the foreigners died!”

    They don’t understand our reasoning either, as they quickly assume we are making up excuses as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to call everything we wrote in the comments as excuses. And they will.

  • Just another sad chapter in the endless and fruitless arguing about if fansub is or not good.

    Well, it has been proven many times now, that free work of quality does bring money if used to advertise (bring attention to a site/place where payd products are also available). This is a FACT.

    It is also a fact that every intelectual work is loosing value ever since internet was created. Just as it is a fact there is a good reason behind it.

    I will repeat a post made by myself in the past, here on sancom (< thats how i call Sankaku Complex, dont mind too much). I think its worth it to mention again.


    A few facts about the wolrd and the digital-entertainment some (most) 2ch, as well as some (most) publishers, just simply refuse to understand.

    1-There are about 6,858,600,000~ (six billion, eight hundred and fifty-eight million, six hundred thousand ~) people on planet earth.

    2-Over 1,5 billion of these people uses internet on a daily basis. Just to be as precise as in fact-1, i will say that the actual number of internet users is 1,802,330,500+(one billion, eight hundred two million, thre hundred thirty thousand, fifty hundred). (NOTE: data from original post)

    3-Most, if not all, internet users access internet to somehow entertain themselves or to find ways (information) to entertain themselves.

    4-Most of these 1,5 billion daily-basis users have created, are creating, or will create digital content at some point, and most will show (distribute) that content online for free at some point. Also, within these, quite a good amount will create more content, to the point of creating such content on a daily basis as well. (Me, writhing this, for example.)

    5-All internet users, without exeption, will eventualy contact other user's internet content, since it is the very basis of internet. Actualy, the very first page most people opens is already the sayd other-user's content, since it was created by one or more internet users other than that person herself.

    6-Whoever realises the 5 facts above will know that, nowadays, there is free content on the internet for any and every user to entertain himself for far from over his lifetime. One user can entertain himself with the free content available for longer than he will actualy live. (In fact, i dont believe anyone would be able to finish all the free content on the web even if they had 300 years worth browsing.)

    7-For the fact above (No.6), it is clear that noone who has access to a computer connected to the web is ever going to actualy need to pay for entertainment.

    8-Although most of the free content online is of dubious quality, it is also a fact that the prhase "most, but not all." applyes, and that free high-quality content, a lot of free high-quality content truth be told, is out there.

    (NOTE: By "audio-visual content" i meant "intelectual content", or in other words, a content that dosent have body or value in matter, only as electric signals in an human brain.)

    9-Also, even if the difference of quality between free and non-free audio-visual content are used as arguments for paying for audio-visual content, quality of non-free content nowadays is dubious as well (Take Naruto Shippuuden's Episode 167 for one out of many examples), while quality of user-made free content is increassing.

    10-Having fact 7, 8 and 9 specialy in mind, most internet users who have realised all facts above think most non-free audio-visual content (Text, Manga, Anime, Music, etc…) is not worth paying by itself (alone).

    11-Finaly, having fact 10 in mind (wich is justified, supported and proven by the facts before/above it), it is clear most of the audio-visual industry wont survive much longer if selling the audio-visual content itself, independently of how much piracy of sayd content exists.

    12-All facts mentioned above are facts, One can blindly deny them, childishly argue against them, or even stupidly refuse theyr validity as facts. But one other fact (12) dosent change, it wont make any of these facts less of a fact.


    I might be wrong in what i will say below, but thats my opinion.

    Based on the facts i present above, my opinion is that audio-visual content that can be free should be free, wich means most of the Text and Manga, as well as a good part of the Musics, Anime and Games.

    Why? User-made/free Text and Manga of exelent quality can be found all over the internet. While user-made/free music, animations and games of good quality, even tough can be found, arent (yet) all that common, and so there is still non-free content that has quality above the current "internet-level" enough to actualy be worth buying instead of finding something else for free.

    How to profit and yet make the intelectual content (the material produced by audio-visual companies) free? I dont know! They are the industry and the responsibles for market-strategy, not me! But i think it would be the same way TV profits. Using the free content to atract attention to the non-free content. Selling content-related material/content instead of the content itself.


    Actualy, as far as my way of thinking goes, they could even turn the fansubbers they consider theyr enemys into theyr most valuable allyes!

    All they had to do is create an in-english website and say "you are allowed to fansub, as long as you upload it here: www.(website name).com"

    DONE! That webpage would get filled with fansubs (and theyr public) in a matter of days! Add some advertising to it and you have the profit!

    I have lost count of how many fellow youtubers i know who LIVE FROM THE PROFIT from everyday vloging on youtube! I doubt a single one of them has as much public an anime like naruto for example…many dont pass even close of the public from a half-season anime!


    I cant help myself but wonder what the hell is wrong with the industry…stubborness? stupidity? are they trying to stay the way it was before the internet, even tough they know things have changed after the internet got popular? couldn't they notice the facts i could clearly see?

    Something very alike comes to mind when i think of that recent ban. we are not in the medieval era anymore for god's sake! put some sense into those heads of yours you stupid politicians! you arent brain-dead! start to use that cerebral mass of yours, before someone decides to put your skulls to a better use as paperweight!

    Im serious! If you dont start using your brain, your skull is holding something useless! Someone might decide to re-use those skulls for something more usefull than holding useless junk! xD

  • Aaah, I remember what got me interested in manga in the first place. Jump Superstars on the Nintendo DS. I imported that game for 60 euros. That’s like 6500 yen in the current exchange rate.

    Anyhow, I began looking into the manga that were featured in the game. I began reading scanlations of Ichigo 100%, Deathnote etc. I really enjoyed them, but I was a poor highschool student. There was no way I could just afford all those manga and DVDs.

    Now that I’m a bit older and have a job, I want to ‘own’ and support the series that were important to me during highschool. I bought DVDs, manga, figurines, soundtracks and other merchandise.

    I’m still a pirate. I download series everyday and have no intention to buy DVDs for all of them. Yet I feel I do contribute to the original creators by supporting their products if I like them. Even if I didn’t do so 5 years ago or as much as Japanese consumers.

    There will always be pirates. Not only in America, but everywhere. Even in Japan. The mangaka should just console themselves that their work has entertained another person. Even though they haven’t seen a penny from it, it’s still something to be happy about.

  • To those in 2ch (hope this will reach them)

    Fansubs and pirating is the only way to get all those great Anime and manga we CAN’t buy here. (I’m not American.)
    Or if we can buy it, it most likely is being censored.
    I still try to support Authors the best i can by buying figures.
    I’m currently studying Japanese So i could understand Anime, Manga and games without fansubs.
    This way i actully could support companies better.
    When it comes to games i buy the original game via internet and install it and install fansub on it.
    Such as Fate/stay night, ech.

    I do crime to get what i want. That’s for sure.

    I hope i will learn Japanese well enough to enjoy Anime/Manga without doing damage do the industries.

    It would be cool if fansubbers would legally be translating anime/manga and get their money via adds.
    So they could keep on doing what they are and still pay license fees and buy copyrights.
    I think this is just a stupid dream but. I see it would work.

    This is all i got to say in this matter.

  • My favorite comment was this one:

    “What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”

    Perhaps if their companies didn’t give the rights to series to dozens of separate half baked US companies to take forever to translate, use lack luster voice acting, and in many cases censor the original works… just maybe there would be an anime market over here too.

  • These Dirty elevens need some guidance to the glory that is the west. Dirty eleven Scum need to stop inhaling Whale and dolphin penis, so they can widen there eyes and see straight.Because we obviously can see through there Blasphemy.


  • We only pirate because it’s the only option for us. If we had any other way we’d probably do it.
    We need fansubs because we don’t understand japanese (most of us) and we need downloads because it would cost way too much money to buy and import from Japan.
    People from 2ch can’t understand this fact because all of the anime they want is available all over. Stuff that does get dubbed here usually sucks and costs a ridiculous amount of cash.
    It’s not our fault we can’t find a legitimate way of attaining anime without having to sell all of our things just to afford a few of our favorite series’.

  • It kind of looks like 2ch and Sancom aren’t really all that different. Both have their share of dumbasses.

    I do notice that 2ch sure likes refering to us as ‘Foreigners’ rather than ‘Those guys at sancom’ though. Yeah, that’s exactly what makes you guys sound racist you know 2channers.

    Why DO you say ‘Foreigners’ in all cases when talking about non-japanese anyways? Doesn’t that isolate you guys or something? Isn’t that just really old fashionned?

  • まったく、読んでるねらーの諸君へ:この馬鹿どもめ,Sankaku読んでて何が悪い?



  • I’m probably a horrible person for finding this so amusing, but who cares. I’m a racist white pig apparently. I wonder what their stance is on Chinese Americans then? Although, to be fair, some of the responses from Sankaku are pretty hilarious too. I guess some people think alike no matter which side of the hemisphere they’re on.

  • this is bullshit. not all of us Americans are racist, fat or holding a hot dog. Piracy is bad, but I download because I love what I’m downloading. When I get my next check and I don’t have to spend money on food,(some Americans actually don’t eat that much, what a concept!), gas,(I gotta drive for 20-30 minutes to & from work) or any other essential, that’s when I buy that disc and delete it from my hard drive. you wanna start the war 2ch, be my guest. Otherwise, Let’s get the fuck along shall we?

  • At least it’s good to see there’s some decent comments from 2ch this time.

    But anyway, I don’t see why they’re getting so angry about all this. I pirate anime, games, movies, music, softwares and so on. So what ? I also support what I judge to be worth supporting buy buying they’re stuff; heck 75% of my anime collection (worth about 4000$) is still packaged ! Same goes for games, movies and so on.

    Piracy is part of the modern world; you can’t fight it, only compete with it.

    So deal with that.

    signed : your humble pirate.

  • Piracy is wrong but I doubt Neither person in either country whether in US, Europe, and Japan is going to resist pirating what they want. I feel in this case both sides are right, yet wrong somehow.

    Just pointing fingers and jumping to conclusions never helped at all. This goes for Sankaku Complex and 2ch.

    Just saying. I never downloaded any manga and I buy what I like that’s available in japan, this is somewhat pointless in this sentence, but i’m just commenting what I feel right now. I’m completely ignoring any bullcrap coming from 2ch and Sankaku Complex from now on when it comes to issues of piracy and other crazy stuff.

  • Alright 2ch users, since our pirating seems to be coming from somebody in your country (maybe a foreigner), send somebody to the Northeastern United States (the New England area) and whoever you send over can have full access to all of my DVDs provided the media is American. They can upload and subtitle them for your entertainment. I would want nothing in return other than for some of yours to not think of all of us as terrible people. Tit for tat. We download and view things from your country, you can download and view things from my country.

    You can have all of this for the low, low price of what most of us spend on yours:
    The Simpsons seasons 1-10
    Family Guy seasons 1-5
    That 70’s Show seasons 1-5
    The Venture Brothers season 3
    All the good Silders episodes
    Men in Black 1 and 2
    All four Indiana Jones films
    All of the major Star Wars films
    Blazing Saddles
    History of the World Part 1
    Young Frankenstein
    Space Balls
    All of the Back to the Future films
    The Simpsons Movie

    And more!
    There are a few other films, but they are excluded in this offer as they are English in origin and not from the United States.

    If somebody in Japan would like to start a site that has all of the American comics they can, more power to them. If you want to get better acquainted with American culture through our comics or just want to read something that you’re personally interested in, go ahead and read it. Hell, I wish you in Japan had something like that. It sparks interest in new things for more people and could in some way increase sales in the long run.

  • Please don’t fight.
    We will be together as Otaku.

    -I have recently learned English sentence-

    I’m gonna drive you crazy.Come!

    -Today’s my English joke-

    Justin Bieber brand new single”You are so ugly.but I like it.”

    Learning English is fun 😀

  • I love how they just throw around the term racist like people through around old memes; best part is they can’t even understand the word and they call us ignorant. Who are they kidding when they say they don’t pirate western goods, all of those site i went must have been lies then. I think the real reason for all their anger is they realize that we don’t pay 60-70 dollars for moe-blob shit like K-on, that only contains like 1-3 episodes on it, sorry if i wanted to watch something like that and then buy the dvds i would wait for when i can get it for a nice 20-40 at least half the series kthx

  • Hello, Jap friends.

    I’ll tell you what.

    If you stop complaining about us pirating anime, I won’t complain about you pirating our superior western porn.

    Seriously guys, your porn sucks. Your women are cute, but censored porn is a joke. So is using a vibrator on a woman for 20 minutes of the movie.

  • 2ch you guys need to get off your high horses.
    If we had broadcasting we would watch anime too.
    The fact however is that we don’t have many sources to new Japanese material.
    The ones we do have due to american standard business practice, are shit.
    I buy manga I like, some I don’t on impulse, and even some anime here and there.
    80% of it is old stuff since our vendors don’t bring much new stuff here.
    As for fansubbers, They bring in people who like it to the convention in which people buy swag for the animes they like. It helps the market here.
    Now please… Why are you guys letting your censorship get worse so that no one can enjoy Japanese material?


  • The next world war will be incited by otaku rage. One of the hardcore ones going to pull a kamikaze on the fansubbers home.

    Joking aside, have you guys notice that the internet seriously hates Chinese? They get drag in even if it’s not about them

  • you all mad?
    about piracy… well, i dont own a channel or anything.. so i either download it or dont watch it… it wasnt 4kids who made anime and manga famous on the western, it was the internet, and i know almost everybody here would love to support mangaka’s works by buying stuff
    stop raging =.= both sankaku complex and 2ch.. geez..

  • hold on a sec, wasnt the ban on 2d affair started not because of piracy, but because rapelay was sold legit on, under the same title, and some self righteous straw feminists decided to invade japan?

  • Wow, shocking… very shocking on both sides actually.

    They are right, TV isn’t free in any country. I’m not sure where that idea is coming from…

    I’ll stay neutral on this for many reasons, lol.

  • wait,doesnt that make them more racist? calling whites “pigs”? and are they trying to say that all whites are racist(against all japanese)

    but as far as i know,we’re only against to the “scum of japan”,which happened to the the 2ch,right?

    btw,im not white 😛

  • So you want us to die? Enjoy your politics without America.

    You can’t destroy the superpower of America.
    You politics are shit, and I think everyone can agree on that. We saved your ass in WWII. inb4 HURRR DURRR ATOMIC BOMB KILLED MANY!1!!11!1 , that was probably one of the lesser atrocities of the war.
    We protected you from Commies, with the goddamn containment act, We protect you from foreign invasion.

    So sit there while you can laughing and jerking off to loli anime girls, truth is, whether you like it or not America is crucial in keeping world order.
    learn2history yo.

  • So pirating a show that isn’t available in your own country hurts the publishers.


    There is a reason why we flame you 2ch.

    “So, let me ask a question in return. Why do foreigners get so het up over killing whales and dolphins? They aren’t hunting the endangered species. You eat animals yourselves. Aren’t you all just a bunch of racists?”

    Irrelevant. You’d probably eat your own flesh if you thought “you” tasted good. Try eating a dick, idiot.

    This is entertaining. Keep’em coming.

  • It seems like 2ch is under the impression that 1) all fansubbers make money from what they do and 2) all American anime/manga fans speak Japanese. What’s the point of paying high prices to import a DVD if there are no English subtitles on it? Fansubbers recognize and help promote quality anime and manga so that it get get noticed by American publishers, licensed and legally distributed. Really, they’re doing for free what either an American or Japanese publishing company employee should be doing for free.

    On another note, 2ch is criticizing Americans for piracy? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  • What I think the 2ch people don’t seem to realize, in telling us to not lump all of 2ch together is that they are lumping all Americans/English speaking people/Sankaku people together themselves! Hypocrites.

  • Awww, they got mad at the Yankees. O wait, I’m not even American. I’m not even in the north hemisphere!

    Quoting the filthy pirate Candy (23:05 29/12/2010) who stole 2ch intellectual property shamelessly: “fack you”

    I still love Japan despite their incoherence <3

  • I don’t really care if I pirate, all foreign sales go to the translators and the licensing company, none of it goes back to the creators, and nor does a foreign market is never gonna keep an Anime afloat, yeah, maybe I should care about the licensing companies because that will allow more animes to come out, but I really doubt the foreign market, even with the pirates, is large enough to make a difference…

  • The japanese seem to have a huge inferiority compelx. But it’s perfectly undestandable, as we western man have much bigger chances with japanese women than they have with western women. Also their penises are generally much too small to even statisfy a midget. That must be the reason why they’re all pedophiles too.

    Let’s see if they show that on 2ch.

  • Here’s a good phrase from an american cartoon,
    “This is America. We don’t admit when we are wrong, we just keep doing the wrong thing until it’s right.”
    Best example for the anime industry…CRUNCHYROLL.

  • You know, I can’t help but notice were not making threats or wishing they would die… I think that alone, makes us better than them. That, and that for most of us, anima and manga are hobbies/interests, not obsessions.

    In the end however, this whole argument is pointless, and its seems that both media outlets are fueling it. Hard to say who is really the worst there.

  • Well, that was good for a laugh. It’s funny that even though free speech is being threatened in their country and the entire anime industry could collapse, they’re focusing on the important issue at hand. The damn very fucking invaders at Sankaku. The hypocrisy of being called pirates and racists and so on is also hilarious when the vast majority of 2ch actually is both of those. Of course, when you point it out, they claim not to be legion and carry on the pseudo-conversation as though we are.


    2ch is focusing on the very fucking invaders instead of the collapse of the anime industry, while being hypocrites with double standards the whole way.

  • How is it that these people on 2ch have never pirated or stolen intellectual property ever? Never copied a movie, downloaded a song, or saved free pornography from some torrent site that stole it in the first place?

    Do they really believe anime fans want any censorship? It is part of the reason we can’t watch it on television here. Did the Americans secretly put Ishihara into office as well?

    I had no idea Sankaku Complex was such a major website able of contributing to conflicts among 2ch netizens.

    People in the US do buy anime products, unfortunately Japan is going to see little to none of it because they are being purchased from the American companies who started licensing it.

    Just like we may have grouped all 2ch into one entity, they have done the same. The group of Americans who thinks Dolphins are more important than the dead animals they wear as coats for style, are probably the same one who are pro-censorship. But I highly doubt they are the one reading and posting on Sankaku.

  • In the multiple pages of comments I have noticed that EVERYONE is ASSUMING that fansubbing is illegal. The law states that if something is not for sale in your country it is NOT stealing to download it or to distribute it.

    It really is that simple.

      • That’s a fucking bullshit argument, that I’ve heard way too often from kiddies with R4’s full of every DS game ever made.

        You’re like a kid sneaking into the theater without a ticket. “Oh, but a bunch of seats were empty anyway! They haven’t lost a sale, I wasn’t gonna watch it if I’d have had to pay!”

        Stop making up excuses like a goddamn pussy. Just admit you’re a thief. Nobody can get you anyway.

        All that said… when someone doesn’t even -want- to sell you an anime or a game, in some cases even actively trying to prevent you from buying it? It’s obvious there was never going to be a sale if the product wasn’t offered to begin with. I would hardly even call it pirating in that case.

    • in a way im with 2ch fansubbing may be legal but its still a bad thing choking the industry world wide

      but im also on this side since we just cant get most anime over here

      I vote fansubbers keep doing what they do wile employed for the anime industry let the fansubbers sell the anime with the industry geting a majority cut

  • I love how they think that Americans don’t care about intellectual property. There is no nation in the world who cares more about it, they invest tremendous amounts of time and effort to force other nations to toughen up their copyright laws. Just read some of the cables from wikileaks.

  • I guess that could work I mean we dont really have any anime selection in stores here, some thing should be done about it that much is for sure. a majority of americans know close to nothing about anime if they have even heard of it.

    and if you get past that cartoons are a childrens thing only over here so it takes geting past the cartoon thing in order to even get one of us to watch an anime

    “every one’s goda be an adult right”

  • Lmao These people are really self righteous smh their racism and blatant stupidy is just disgusting they call us dirty and idiots smh. I can only laugh at these people when they look in the mirror at the end of the i can only wonder and fyi White pigs!? Not all of us are white… 2ch can just go to hell and im pretty sure im more educated than some of you. “if America gets hit by a few more airplanes, think they’ll start waking up to intellectual property?” If you all dont know they hate everyone and Japan is propably next on the list shit for brains. And I thought the south was racist you guys are a yellow circa 1920’s KKK smh

  • This thing coming from 2ch is too funny.

    It’s as if they have assume that every anime gets licensed and gets an official english sub/dub. And it’s like they have assumed that every one has an instant access to Japan’s goods.

    Japan is not a phenomenal trader overseas. if they are, then Japan should have reached the ports of every nation. Just like how official subs/dubs is not as phenomenal in comparison to just simple DVDs/BRs especially in Japan. Let’s take the anime “Monster” as an example. They have stopped all international release of this anime. If not for fansubs, I could have not learned more about this masterpiece of an anime.

    Those japanese should realize the mentality of foreign otakus. “If it’s not good, we’re not buying it.” We use fansubbed animes to be our basis if we will buy the anime or not, just like how japanese watch these animes on their TV and decides whether they’ll buy it later or not. Hell, you accuse us of not buying anything when as far as I know I have bought tons of mangas and Boxsets. I wouldn’t have bought those if there are no fansubs for me to evaluate those animes.

  • Yeah, sure we are pirates~ but just because the japanese DvD’s never get a good translation or even just one translation~ give me for example on the BD-DvD of Suzumiya Haruhi no shoushitsu an english Sub I will buy it.
    Ah and about learning Japanese~ Sure i would but there arent that much upertunitis in Germany to learn Japanese so i’m screwed up ty~
    *still loves japan*

  • Well, believe me, I am not anti-Japanese in any way, but I am strongly aganist idiots of every single kind. You know, instead of keeping a fight aganist foreigners, I think we should ally for an Internet where we can all share our works uncensored while rewarding the authors for their work…

  • Obviously a sensible post like mine would never be translated, but if it is ever read.

    Everybody involved is a idiot, 2chan and Sancom. 2chan is generalizing and screaming at us while Sancom is generalizing and screaming back. Obviously it’s just trolls flaming for the most part, but that’s all that really seems to get translated.

    Next, Japanese Companies strategies for selling Manga to foreign markets is horrible. The books are too expensive. I don’t care what it cost in Japan, you will never penetrate a market at 10 dollars a book. Everybody also seems to forget Japan has things like weekly Shonen Jump, and a bunch of other serialized magazines. We basically only have Monthly Shoenen Jump and Shojo Beat.

    You know why that makes a difference? Exposure. At 5 dollars a book, I got to read a bunch of different series for a extremely cheap entry price. This exposed me to more Manga which then would allow me to invest my 10 dollars with the knowledge I won’t be wasting my money on shit.

    The problem is I mostly read Seinen manga and there really isn’t any monthly/weekly publication for that. That leaves me stuck reading manga online. It isn’t feesible I buy every volume of every manga I wish to ready the second it comes out, I do not have that much disposable income. So I replace the subscription magazines with online manga.

    Now, I also buy Manga I like, and plan to buy much more when I can locate it in the future. Not everybody will, but that is the publishers OWN FAULT. They made pirating easier to the consumer then legally obtaining the manga. Don’t blame pirates, if you know anything about business (which I suspect nobody making these post do) then you would know going on a blame game doesn’t solve anything. Isolating your markets also doesn’t help, and the companies are showing no sign of slowing down on that front.

    Anime is even in a worst condition, with very few outlets to be presented on (Adult Swin, Nick? That is all I can think of, and they have limits on what they can show because the FCC) So pretty much all the anime I watch is downloaded. And, once again, I will not purchase 27 dollar dvds containing 2 episodes of something I may loath. 27 dollars for 2 episodes is just TOO HIGH OF A PRICE when Hollywood movies charge 20 dollars for their movies.

    Once again, it DOESN’T MATTER what you pay in Japan, or some cost they are trying to recoup. That price is far to expensive to ever become feasible, at least when it comes to maintain a market.

  • Piracy doesn’t bother me. I pirate like mad crazy these days. I use to buy everything pristine new (it costed a fortune). Then I shifted to resale. Still too expensive. Then I made the realization that those thousands of dollars I had wasted on crap like the entire DBZ series on VHS could have been paying off my car or student loans, and this came at a time when anime shifted from occasional quality to pure worthless trash (it’s all porn soft/hardcore with no plot or depth). So I went wthout for a long time. Then I gave piracy a go, and I will never go back. It really lets you sort out the 99% worth of turds from the rare gem, and then a decade from now, when the gem is affordable and translated propper, I can drop a few bucks and get it. I’ve bought a lot of movies on resale thanks to seeing them as pirated films first. I’d never have seen them otherwise.

    As for the Japanese otaku, we should be nice to them. With the amount of socical and mental problems these poor creatures have, it’s best to concede defeat for them. Online is the only place in their useless lives than can pretend their existences have value or that they can delude themselves that they have power or a voice.

  • just think this could all be solved if companies cracked down on fansubbers and put up pay to download/streem with different quality video sites much like crunchy roll.

    sure pirating will be around pretty much forever but it would be harder and the demand would be lesser in this category

    there would be some profit that way and people can still get there anime quicker

    im not sure about a lot of you but i never buy anime in a store people would laugh at me, but i do remember a time when i had tons of stacks of dbz vhs all the way to my ceiling when i was younger to bad im in my 20’s now and cant get away with it

  • Haha…man, that was amusing reaction from the 2ch.

    But truth to be told, I’m glad.
    If you’ll read carefully, you’ll notice that they actually got some intelligent and non-raging people out there that can see stuff outside of the box.

    With this, not all is lost! There might still be some feeble link of understanding with Japanese net users.

    (Just filter away the peons of that mass)

  • “Well, we can’t deny 2ch is full of idiots and scum. Can’t we just get along with the foreign idiots and scum?”

    This, this, this. 2ch and 4chan are both hellholes. If anything, I think they should be able to relate.

  • “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”
    No, that’s not happening because of us ‘fucking invaders’, but because of your shameful government that you follow as a bunch of sheeps. Enjoy your pixelated porn and misty clouds!

    • See, that’s what this is really about. IT’s about them thinking that us viewing their anime is causing censorship. True, my country is rather puritanical, but Japan is the king of censorship…they should be blaming themselves for censoring.

      After all, it’s their inability to leave their hiki lives behind and get out and vote that caused the “ban” to go into effect. It’s their own stupid government that forces porn to be blurred. Hell, you can see porn on satellite over here in America uncensored…I should know.

      Before they go blaming other countries for their problems they need to look at themselves.

      Plus, hasn’t their anime been crap lately anyway? Maybe declining sales are due to…oh I don’t know….crappy moe and ecchi garbage?

  • The people on 2ch astonish me on two fronts. First, that they blame foreigners (Mostly US) for the censorship in their own country. Second, that they talk shit about us calling japan racist and xenophobic when -at least- half of the notable comments in these articles are talking shit about foreigners and other races.

  • It’s funny that Japan is jealous of my country yet I am not jealous of them. Let’s face facts chinky yellow skinned bastards: You’re country is the laughingstock of the world. You are known for two things: Tentacle rape and men touching underage girls on the subway. Granted, my country is known for bombing shit and being arrogant, but who is going to protect your skinny sushi-eating asses from Korea when they start knocking on your door?

    That’s right wimps: The U.S.

    As for your anime…I’m going to continue pirating it. I’m also going to continue pirating your games. I used to support your “industry” in the 80s and 90s, then I realized all the JRPGs and anime I wanted were never going to come out in America…so what choice did I have? I simply pirate it from those in my country who have translated it.

    You want some respect Japan? How about growing some nutsacks and acting like men instead of being pussies.

  • With all due respect, as racist as Americans and Asians can be, I would have to side with the fact that Asians are the worst of the two (and I’m Chinese) because living in both sides of the world and even in Japan, I would have to say that the Americans are far more welcoming. The main problem in my opinion is ‘pride.’ You don’t have to be ‘white’ in the US to be welcomed by the general public, while in many places in southeast Asia if you aren’t a native they kinda hate you before they even get to know you just because of origin. And before anyone criticizes another person they should learn the culture of that individual.

    • “as racist as Americans and Asians can be, I would have to side with the fact that Asians are the worst of the two”

      “You don’t have to be ‘white’ in the US to be welcomed by the general public,”

      Mainly true, that is if your not black or mexican.
      Funny how white americans and asians can be both so racial huh.

      • “Mainly true, that is if your not black or mexican.”

        Funny enough, blacks and Latinos are mostly even less welcomed outside America. If you think they’re treated bad in America. You should see them elsewhere where they’re also not the majority. Blacks for example are literally treated like some sorta bizarre aliens in Asian countries.

        Black guy with American citizenship. Might experience some racism but will still be treated and accepted as a fellow American.

        Black guy with Chinese/Japanese/Korean citizenship. Nevermind racism, nobody will even consider you as a fellow Chinese/Japanese/Korean even if you share the same value and speaks perfect local language.

        • ^Anon,We (Asians) are treated badly in Europe too.
          Less badly than the muslims and blacks but that’s because they seems to see us as weak and less defiant which is an insult in itself (To Me At Least.)
          Latinos,Muslims and Africans come across as more
          defiant which is something I actually admire from them since I’m pretty much the same XD

        • “Black guy with Chinese/Japanese/Korean citizenship. Nevermind racism, nobody will even consider you as a fellow Chinese/Japanese/Korean even if you share the same value and speaks perfect local language.”

          And I would have to agree on that, I have a black friend that speaks mandarin just fine and spent years studying the culture yet when he came to China with me last year just about a lot of people would just pretend he wasn’t even there.

  • Excuse us for getting stuff free and not all of us are “white pig racist.” Apparently some of us are Black monkey racist and wetback racist. Besides you guys are like notorious for being xenophobic you have no right to even use the word racist. Not that it matters and I’m sure a lot of people have said this but a lot of us buy the media we “pirate” I know I do.

  • Oh the irony!

    Well anyway, I made my points in the last article. As I see it, the anime industry in America is so poor that whether or not fan subs are present is irrelevant. You can’t blame us if you never acted on a potential source of income.

  • zgriptsuroica says:

    2ch constantly seems to be worrying that what we see in the west will limit their access to in Japan. Here’s a hint guys: you’re part of a representative democracy. Stop being so fucking apathetic, and quit re-electing the same hyper-conservative assholes whose policies fly directly in the face of your own country.

    Plus, don’t lump everyone together. I’ve got my share of imported DVDs and manga volumes. The US industry is dying less from lack of consumer support, and more from its stubborn refusal to adapt to the changing times, much like the Japanese industry. They continue to license the same tired crap that everyone was bored of four years ago, and can’t see why it doesn’t sell. Also, part of why they can’t change much of their strategy has to do with the original Japanese rights holders being to uptight and unwilling to allow people to try anything new with their properties.

    tl;dr Japanese should stop bitching about gaijin causing censorship, and vote for different people every so often, instead of re-electing scum like Ishihara. Not all gaijin fans are leeches, and the industry is killing itself here.

  • Smoke Marijuana and eat Magic Mushrooms (Two safest substances in the world when taken in a controlled and safe environment)

    They will remove ANY social conditioning you have received. And it will put shit into perspective and everything you do in life from that point on after eating 5 grams of magic mushrooms will just make more sense and make you happier from there on out.

    Or you can sit on your computer chair talking to yourself about how scary the world is and how “stupid” humans are. And how you don’t want to be human, etc.

    You’ll want to be human when you realize how crazy powerful the human brain is and how it has been tricking yourself into being angry, depressed, scared and stupid.

    Get high then deny 🙂 (Do your research first!)

  • well there are a handful of anime that will never truly be made so like school days, so we have no chice to download thing that well never come to the state but if something offical comes along then it will be bought

  • Japanese otaku and 2chan can’t seem to grasp the fact that we can’t get anime on free-to-air TV in the West which is why we have to use fansubs. Only a fraction get licensed for local distribution and that can take years to come out. So lets see, watch fansub or wait 1-2 years for the official DVD. I am sure most of 2chan would pick the fansub if they were in our shoes.

  • “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”

    Umm, No. You get hit with censorship because of leaders like Shintarō Ishihara. This is your responsibility! He is your George Bush! Do something about it!

    Anges-chan only has influence because it is given to her by spineless leaders! Find new ones!

  • We’re racists? First of all saying all Americans are white is a racist generalization. I’m not white so should I even be offended be this? I don’t see why they think that’s the only race they believe to live in the ‘melting pot’ people called America. Caucasians aren’t even the majority, it’s Hispanics.

  • It’s pretty safe to say that the thousands of dollars I have spent on anime goods/other shit from japan are a direct result of piracy. Were it not for fansubbing, I would never have developed an interest, and never spent ANY money buying anything from them. Even if they’re not getting BD sale prices for every show, even if most people aren’t buying anything at all, any sale resulting from fansubbing is a sale that would not have occurred otherwise. The official licensing companies are, quite frankly, shit, not to mention that little of their profits actually make it back to Japan anyways. Fansubbing is zero-cost advertising to an overseas market that honestly wasn’t buying much in the first place. A few people each buying lots of stuff is still less profitable than a lot of people each buying a little, and fansubbing helps develop that market of lots of people.

  • Though no doubt the translators should be working hard already, this may not be so much of a problem if the rate at which manga and anime is localised was faster.

    Mind you, Yen press need to take more time with Spice and Wolf to make sure the English is not as flawed as it has been.

  • Dear 2ch,

    Why do you think that pirates are hurting your mangaka when it is their greedy publishers who mistreat them? Foreign sales are only icing on the cake, and most manga never have an official release outside of Japan. Shouldn’t you be directing your hate at publishers?

  • Now this is Sankaku Complex’s fault for enticing the situation.

    Either way I gave my reasoning

    1. anime is not aired on tv in America (adult swim is crap and does not count…we have one station with about 3-4 shows whereas in Japan they have more than 12 stations each airing a number of shows).

    2. Companies like funimation actually use fansubs as a means of asking the fans what they would like to see licensed. Because they are horrible at picking series (it also takes nearly 2-3 years for a series to be released overseas if it is picked up right away… Companies in America use fansubs to help decide what to license and viewers use fansubs to see if there is something worth buying.

    3. Manga: In regards to manga there is nothing good about our manga industry. They take forever. It takes nearly 6 months to release one volume of manga translated. They also pick up very few series and series like to-love-ru aren’t or haven’t been released over in America.

    4. Censorship: This has nothing to do with America. The Rapelay incident 3-4 years ago is dead. You will also notice that hardly any of the companies is following the “eroge ban”. The censorship is because your governor of Tokyo has it in for you. He’s already said how much he hates you and this ban is striking against otaku in particular. This is a personal attack against otaku and has nothing to do with censorship (other than the fact the companies bowed down to the will of the industry in the first place by blacking out scenes thinking it would make them more money when the dvd/b-ray was released). This told the government that the anime industry can be pushed around.

    5. Sankaku vs. 2ch: Both of these groups are pretty stupid to start calling each other racist. It is a fact in history that Japan was once a xenophobic country. This is no longer the case. It probably annoys them to be called such. On the flipside don’t group all foreigners into one group. we are different.

    Pirates: Will exist no matter what or where you are. Right now there are internet pirates but hundreds of years ago there were sea faring pirates. So long as the internet exists there will always be pirates. Pirates may do illegal things but they get supplies and resources to people that otherwise might not get it. They also may convince people to buy the product. Pirating is not completely bad. Although I will admit it does hurt the industry…but the industry may be hurt even more without pirates as no one in foreign countries would wish to purchase something on a gander.

    Price: You do realize that in Japan you are getting ripped off for the price of dvds and the like? 70-90 dollars for 2 episodes? Ouch. If the anime industry was like that in America it would die out. that’s some dedication.

    misc: So out of curiosity how do 2chan members catch up on an episode of anime if they missed an episode one week. do they re-air it or in order to watch it for the following week do you find and watch it online? checkmate.

  • “Just buy the manga and stuff even if it is expensive. In Japan foreign stuff marketed to Japanese is way more expensive than it is overseas.”

    Look. I gladly would buy DVD and BD box sets, but in my country I can end up paying 533 to 1000% on just taxes if the customs officer thinks it’s “chinese”, some figures and music cd’s are OK, but I do really want to buy some anime…

  • So based on those comments Japanese seem to just be angry to US. (or they have accidentally grown to this “america is the world” mindset).

    Also in the other one of these articles there was these comments saying that we are spoiled because we need to get everything in English while they need to learn English in order to enjoy western content.
    Its like only Japanese need to learn English?

    Hell in my country we are forced to learn 2 languages + our own and they are complaining about having to learn one?.

  • “Kill all the foreigners!”
    “I wish those bastards would die along with the white pigs too!”
    “I’d be satisfied if all the foreigners died!”

    Ahahahaha!!! Reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy!? If the Japs really had the balls to say that, they wouldn’t have to be pushed around by their pussy Government and China with the Senkaku Incident. AH IRONY.
    “Damn, these impertinent foreigners who watch everything as though it is free really piss me off. Their attitude seems to be like ‘Yes, keep paying those high prices and bowing your heads so we can watch for free, you ignorant Japanese yokels.’”

    I know what you mean but look at it like this. If the Jap distribution was any good, mail order wouldn’t be even needed. In my country, you can hardly see any original stuff. I’m not comfortable with internet ordering because of the latest scam technologies with credit card numbers and so on. I watched all three seasons of Aria and and got the DVDs. Best purchase of my life. Long story short, Japan should be doing the fansubbing so we wouldn’t be stuck with English dub crap.
    “There really are Americans who think the reason the Xbox failed in Japan is because of Japanese racism.”

    Xbox sucks… Hands down.
    “This is too scary… it’s like we’re looking in a mirror!”

    Ain’t that the truth.
    “It’s like that on normal anime sites. They are uppity despite getting everything for free, although they seem pro-Japanese at times.
    Except for Sankaku – that one alone is totally anti-Japanese and I hope those idiots are destroyed soon!”

    LOL! And 2ch is any different. XD

  • Considering how few anime/other otaku goods are actually shipped worldwide without use of a deputy service, it’s hard to purchase anything in a way that would actually show up as, “foreign sales”. All the crap I’ve bought would just get lumped in as domestic, so of course it looks like foreigners never buy anything =/

  • Didn’t know sankaku was so popular. O_o

    The main reason the leechers leech that I know of is because it’s unreasonable to pay $30-$60 (円2,500 – 円5,000) PER SEASON to watch something I don’t even know if I like. Also, the selection’s a bit limited over here, we’re lucky to hear about titles several years after their release, although it seems the industry is trying to get better about that. Fansubbing does help promote the market; it’s what introduced me to anime and the several thousand dollars of anime I own. It’s also what introduces me to new stuff all the time, which I will later go buy if/when it becomes available in America.

    It’s not such a black-and-white issue 2chan….

  • A majority of them think that the people that watch and/or download their anime illegally are from America…. And other say foreigners. But not oversea viewers are from America you know, i happen to be in Canada, however no complaints if they say North America.
    Tells me that they still have some grudges towards the Allies.

  • War, war never changes…
    These Nerd/Geek/Otaku/NEET/Shut-in… who/what are they trying to fight? the random-grey-avatar-annoymous white pig, those who very unlikely responsible for the whole up-and-down of their country? If some god-forbid govner try to ban your anime, do something!. And by Do Something, i mean Fight For It! Not sit on your ass and make those ASCII emoticon, ranting shit. How about a strike? a protest? Like the British do with their tution fees, if all that anime and manga culture are only what you care/live for?

  • I don’t know if this have anything to do with anything, but when I compiled and created a torrent of the music of the J-pop group “ZONE”, over half the thousand or so people who downloaded it in the first few days had Japanese IP addresses.

    I know this is music and not anime, but still, the Japanese DO pirate.