2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”


2ch’s indignant reaction to the equally indignant response of Sankaku Complex users to 2ch’s criticism of fansubbing is presented below, and will likely provide as much amusement as it does insight.

The latest article picked up the 2ch response to a Sankaku Complex article picking up the 2ch response to an article on fansubbing:

Foreigners and Japanese.

There may be differences in culture, but all nations are united in despising crime.

In this article we look at just why some foreigners try to justify illegal anime downloads, and why they are so combative towards those who point out their crimes.

We’ll look at major English language otaku site Sankaku Complex’s comments – some of their comments are translated below:

“They act like they don’t pirate themselves.”

“The difference is that we’re gaijin pirates.”

“Yeah. Why are they so mad? They watch it on their TV for free as well.”

“Exactly! And why would I care about supporting xenophobic racist Japanese otaku?”

“It’s funny how 2ch bitch about piracy when they are no different with western goods :p
Hey 2ch! You mad?”

2ch’s reaction to this encompassed scores of posts which were subsequently reposted onto a number of sites – some of their responses are presented below:

“What are these white pigs on about now?”

“They hit the mark there alright.”

“What are 2channelers ripping off of theirs?”

“What about all the warez boards on 2ch?”

“You guys need to go and check out 2ch’s ‘Download’ board, it makes these scumbags look good.”

[In English:] “FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! hahaha”

[In English:] “you are very fucking invader”

“They are calling 2ch a bitch?”

“Bitch is a verb in this case…”


“Ota look like ota whatever the country…”

“The silhouettes of pizza munching fatsos in bad clothes are too similar!”

“You guys are soft when it comes to your own faults, but hard on those of others – you sit here criticising others for piracy whilst busily downloading stuff yourselves!”

“Is 2ch famous amongst foreigners or something?”

“Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”

“Can they really not understand that it’s non-pirating Japanese who are complaining about pirating foreigners?”

“The TV may be free to watch, but that’s only because they attract sponsors if the ratings are good.”

“At least try to understand the Japanese TV broadcast system, you morons.”

“They have ad-funded TV over there too – I think their education is just completely lacking.”

“Even in Japan there are idiots who think TV is free.”

“Well, we can’t deny 2ch is full of idiots and scum. Can’t we just get along with the foreign idiots and scum?”

“What a bunch of beggars. How did they get so greedy?”

“It’s almost like they are Chinese or something.”

“There’s nothing western I want to pirate!”

“I want to have sex with a western woman!”

“The only western things you pirate are Windows and Photoshop.”

“It’s because when they pirate Rapelay we get accused of being a ‘child porn power.’ It’s just one-sided persecution.”

“Well, Japan never even objects to that…”

“Kill all the foreigners!”

“Xenophobic racist Japanese – they really do think of us like that?”

“With them the first person to call the other a racist is declared the winner.”

[In English:] “Hey fuckign fat Yankee, you are trash of the warld. Go fuck off!!!!!!!!!!”

“Nobody ever mentions how Japanese anime otaku always up things to foreign servers to stop themselves getting caught. It’s when it gets sent overseas that the problem starts. It’s certainly a sneaky ‘yellow’ way of doing things.

There are loads of idiots who think that because 2ch’s servers are overseas they have carte blanche to break the law here too.”

“I wish those bastards would die along with the white pigs too!”

“Why do they get so worked up over some insults on 2ch? They should just ignore us.”

“Don’t you guys realise that being called a racist is the worst thing you can call someone overseas? You are wrecking Japan’s image. If you show some tolerance things should go much more smoothly.”

“The self-promotion of fansubbers is sickening. They shove the URL of their site up in the OP and stuff – at least put it in the credits at the end!”

“Nobody likes to think they are doing something wrong. But really, I think that lot may be of particularly low intelligence…”

[In English:] “fack you”

[In English:] “Oh, miss spell.”

“Isn’t this OK? In a megalopolis like Okayama, there’s no anime at all. I check out the latest anime on these sites, and even pick up some English from the subs.”

“If America gets hit by a few more airplanes, think they’ll start waking up to intellectual property?”

“More foreign reactions to a previous article about OneManga being shut down:

‘I used OneManga to check out what manga I liked and bought it if I liked it!’

‘There might be some like that, but most would never buy a thing…’

‘The problem is the high prices!’

‘I think OneManga is good marketing for mangaka.’

‘The biggest issue is how arrogant the Japanese are. They never get on with other races.’


‘The Japs are truly intolerant.’

‘I didn’t think the Japs were this conceited – somebody drop another nuke on them!’

Source: http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2010/07/25/2ch-on-one-manga-good-riddance-to-foreign-thieves/

“What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”

“Advertising to a bunch of pirates is meaningless you dirty foreign filth.”

“Watching criminals getting irate at being caught is pretty funny though.”

“These foreign otaku are the reason they started the bans on 2D in the first place!”

“It’s only a tiny minority of crazies on 2ch who are actually making a fuss?”

“‘They act like they don’t pirate themselves’ – it’s the ones who don’t pirate who are complaining. Don’t just lump everyone on 2ch together like that.”

“Stop subbing anything you feel like! And quit plastering everything with those pretentious translation notes!”

“Just buy the manga and stuff even if it is expensive. In Japan foreign stuff marketed to Japanese is way more expensive than it is overseas.”

“So, let me ask a question in return. Why do foreigners get so het up over killing whales and dolphins? They aren’t hunting the endangered species. You eat animals yourselves. Aren’t you all just a bunch of racists?”

“I’d be satisfied if all the foreigners died!”

“Other than anime, Sankaku Complex always picks up the following stories about Japan:

Foreigners being discriminated against.

Crimes committed by our military, police and teachers.


WWII related war crimes committed by the IJA.


[In English:] “Jap gettin moremore isolated. Fuckin!!!!”

“Japanese are becoming more and more petty. Rather than laugh off that Chinese Gundam statue, we made a big fuss over it. Come on – any bipedal robot is going to look something like that. Foreigners only watch anime because it is free and they have too much free time. The people who think it is really popular overseas are idiots.”

“Tell it to Disney.”

“If you don’t like the Japs put out, don’t watch Jap animation.”

“Damn, these impertinent foreigners who watch everything as though it is free really piss me off. Their attitude seems to be like ‘Yes, keep paying those high prices and bowing your heads so we can watch for free, you ignorant Japanese yokels.'”

“They don’t care about anime – if they have to pay they don’t watch it. Even FMA got cancelled because none of them would buy it. Anime is a joke overseas.”

“If we just go on mindlessly pushing our reasoning onto them, we’ll go on losing out to foreign countries. Look at the censorship frenzy engulfing Japan! We’re a developed country yet you still can’t properly publish a damn thing digitally here! You’re going to put up with this crap!?

Who cares about pirates or netiquette – if the technology to pirate is there you will get pirates, whatever the country.”

“Incite spiteful comments from 2ch, enrage the hairy barbarian otaku with them.

Incite spiteful comments from hairy barbarian otaku, enrage the 2ch otaku with them.”

“Is this perpetual motion?”

“Americans think all other people have absorbed their American culture. They cannot conceive of any significantly different culture existing. As a result, they think they are being discriminated against whenever they encounter ideas at variance to their own.

There really are Americans who think the reason the Xbox failed in Japan is because of Japanese racism.”

“Right. They are just desperate to think of themselves as victims!”

“Damn, those idiots again – just mention the iPhone and iPad to them.”

“Everyone overseas thinks 2ch is nothing but a den of racists.”

“This is too scary… it’s like we’re looking in a mirror!”

“Well, we’re both just labelling the other side as pirates.”

“I think they’ll just keep on doing this, but the ones who keep insisting 2ch is a single entity with one opinion are complete idiots.”

“It’s like that on normal anime sites. They are uppity despite getting everything for free, although they seem pro-Japanese at times.

Except for Sankaku – that one alone is totally anti-Japanese and I hope those idiots are destroyed soon!”

See also the previous exchange between 2ch and Sankaku Complex, which ensued after 2ch’s crowed over the fall of One Manga and then heaped scorn on the hairy foreign pirates for their impudence.

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  • Dear 2ch,
    I used to hate foreign cultures.
    Then I saw Trigun, and I realized that the Japanese should lead the rest of the world into a New Age of Love and Peace.
    Vash the Stampede would want it that way.

    And incidentally, I know that during the time it took you to read this, you could have killed me six times.

    But in that same time period, I could have fondled you *seven* times.

    P.S.: Moe Buddhism is best Buddhism. Please invent Moe Shinto soon. Arigato.

    • I think they mean it as a compliment.

      Like, we whites are inferior racists, and the glorious Japanese are much better at racism than we are, but if we improve ourselves and work hard, we might rise to their level of racism someday.

      And then … Love and Peace! And Racism!

  • I read every comment in that list. I thought it was very amusing and enlightening. What stood out the most was that there are just as many reasonable comments as there are stupid ones.

    Stuff like that really doesn’t matter. The one thing we can ALL agree on is that we should fight Ishihara and the censor/ban movement.

  • The arguments on both side got too heated.

    In perfect world probably everyone will be just happy doing their own stuff.

    True. I do not pay for my fansub too. I did buy my share of manga, art books and my Evangelion DVD too.

    Fact remains that the official sub is too slow to release them. And it is just more convenient for everyone to donate 1 dollar to paypal account occasionally to have our favourite anime translated and well done to boot.

    I support piracy outright because it suits me. if I can read Japanese, it may be different, as I still believe in having good old solid book compared to digital, as proven my my massive novel collections, if you will.

    With the pace I am reading manga however, it will be costly, and I cannot read every book on bookstore while standing in it (I do read them for hours). I will get chased out.

    Thus, I rent manga. It solves me reading manga that I want to read but not wanted badly enough to collect.

    Anime, sadly, works differently. You cannot just rent it out.

    Eventually it will even out anyway, one way or another. At one point, if the piracy gets so bad, everyone just will not produce anything. At that point, people will just start paying one way or another. Economy at works.

    Long comment, indeed. Hope everyone give it a thought.

    • Bookstores AREN’T libraries, jackass. Before my store closed down (due to lack of SALES) we had tons of freeloaders every day sitting in our aisles reading/bending spines/generally trashing the popular titles WHEN THEY WEREN’T STEALING THEM OUTRIGHT.

      Seriously out of the entire local manga community that came to our store only two people (including MYSELF) actually BOUGHT books. The rest treated our store as a fucking lending library with easier to snatch product (since all we could do was put in easy to rip out magnetic strips).

      And, yes, you CAN rent anime… it’s called fucking netflix.

      • What’s even creepier is when those damn teenaged fucks unwrap mature titles or yaoi and read them.

        You assholes… I really don’t need your grubby paws all over Futari Ecchi or whatever few adult titles we have. Noone wants those after their opened and people can TELL when they’ve been reshrinked.

    • In other words, you’re greedy fucker that doesn’t give a shit to the producers while leeching everything that you want because it suits you. You don’t want to spend your money in your hobbies.
      Good work fitting every stereotype of GAIJIN PIRATE out there.

  • Its sad, I go to alot of threads and I see this kind of attitude alot in our own country. Nevertheless I shake my head anyway. I download anime, and if I like it, I’ll support it in some way shape or form. all mangaka and producers I support have seen my money. But I guess because I’m a “White Pig” It don’t matter (Oh wait, I’m black, guess that make me a ‘Black Pig’)

    Either way, both 2ch and Sankaku are making a mountain out of an A cup. CALM DOWN WILL YA?

        • Except that the Japanese otaku don’t do shit about Ishihara. Where are the demonstrations? Where is the open resistance?
          Only the top of the industry and a few select people associated with the industry do something. 2ch just sits on its butt and bitches about foreigners. Go figure.

        • Kyon Theorist says:

          “This is too scary… it’s like we’re looking in a mirror!”

          This comment hi6t the nail on the head. All the comments about different culture and whatnot are meaningless when we react the same way on both sites.

          First off I don’t think there is one single place in the world Sankaku Complex’s reader base comes from if other poster’s comments are to be believed. Which makes us more of a net culture than anything else.(since we gathered around the world on this site through the internet)

          Secondly I believe 2ch is closer to a net culture than a perfect representation of Japanese culture as well, but I have no proof.

          Either way if they want to claim they are so different than the rest of the internet world, they need to stop overreacting to every comment, or more correctly select comments, we make.

        • Umm have you SEEN otaku? The only things they get out of the house for are the following:

          1) sex
          2) anime/manga conventions
          3) stalking
          4) hentai releases

          Or… actually only (2) is right since they never get laid, and the rest can just be mailed to their “pad” by amazon japan or some other otaku website xD

        • “Bashing” and “actually doing” are different kind of shoes. In a democracy you have to rally the masses and demonstrate. Also, you have convince the uninformed of how this law is bad.
          A new political movement would be a good idea and they really should think about propagating a “multi-layered rating system”, so that laws like that don’t have that much of a pull anymore.

        • And, of course, there are also those who are nothing like that. Just like there are all kinds of international otaku. I don’t expect hikikomori to leave their house but they are still a part of the fandom, in other words, they are a part of “our side” versus “Ishihara’s side”.

          If we would stop fighting amon ourselves, we could actually get things moving.

        • and by the way Artefect was very selective when translating 2ch comments.

          Since there were a thousand of comments i can understand this but comment like this one doesn’t get translated is quite beyond of my mind:

          814 : アロエ(dion軍):2010/12/29(水) 08:25:12.30 ID:QA+/PpxnP

        • That there were many hundreds of comments should tip you off to the fact I couldn’t translate them all even if they were all worth presenting. In that case I never saw that one – the thread had expired and I must have missed plenty.

        • “Sankakucomplex.com’s users tend to be under the age of 35, and they tend to be childless men and Hispanics browsing from home and school who have no postgraduate education.”

          …I may be a childless male under 35, but I am not hispanic, and I am persuing post-graduate education.

        • Kyon Theorist says:

          Sorry just wanted to clarify, when I say that 2ch is closer to a net culture than a perfect representation of Japanese culture, I mean that a poll on opinions conducted on 2ch and a poll of opinions conducted in some other manner in Japan (simple example to get the point across, don’t take this too literally please) would not yield the same or even close results. Showing they are not the exact same even though the people are from the same place.

        • Logsoku is the wrong site for 2ch and I can confirm that Alexa’s stats are way off in a number of areas. In any case you would not be wrong in thinking 2ch’s userbase is almost totally Japanese whilst that of Sankaku Complex is international in character, with heavy weighting towards North America, Europe and South East Asia and English speaking areas.


          This is amusing as fuck!

          Someone said that this site is anti-Japanese? So far that I’ve read, this site tends to put Japan in the lighter perspective whenever there’s an article about Japan VS other countries. Do they really understand English or do they only understand one or two words and then completely take the whole sentence’s meanings the other way?

          Pirating aside, plenty of those comments highlighted in this article is made by ignorant Japanese supremacist fucks. I can count with fingers how many between them are balanced and actually makes sense.

          Of course, we tend to have that kind of comments too, but here, we label it ‘trolling’.

          You can acknowledge cultures being different, but talking out of your ass as if your culture’s ‘better’ is just plain dumb.

          Also, some of them said it themselves, that not everyone on 2ch pirate shit. Well, neither does everyone here. Saying all of us ‘gaijins’ only pirate shit is an insult to people like me who wasted so much hard-earned cash importing several visual novels through PlayAsia, and with bloated price too.



      • FallsfromGrace says:

        If the case you are stating is that we would prefer fansubbed work to say, a free online site like crunchyroll, I would agree with you. Many fansubs show real care and quality and just feel nicer to watch than a corporate release.

        That being said I have also spend a lot on manga and anime, and a bit on figures, going back over the last 22 years, from when a dubbed Manga Video release was the highlight of the week. I am glad the world has changed, and I thank Amazon and Fansubs for it.

      • Damn right I wouldn’t buy anime with horrible (I mean HORRIBLE) dubs and shitty yellow DVD-subs.

        Plus here (Central Europe) only “popular” titles (Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha, Death Note) are available, and I hate these.

        Inb4 “on-line shopping w/ International shipping”: that too is an option, especially when you have the extra $50 for costs (shipping, taxes, etc) alone.
        I wanted to buy Touhou Ageha, so I looked for it all over the ‘net. Found some on-line shop. CD costs ~$15? Fine, that’s cheap. Shipping another ~$15? Fuck. No international shipping? …you lost me.

        Solution for piracy?

  • I spend a lot of money importing manga from Japan and have a pretty good collection (my priorities are fucked up). So reading what these smelly 2ch assholes are going on about really pisses me off. Especially when they cant even get their lazy asses out of their 4.5 tatami rooms to vote a shithead like Ishihara out of office! Grow up IDIOTS!!!

  • Sankaku being anti-Japanese? Wow…just…wow…

    Also, Artefact, could you post the original 2ch link? I’d love to skim over the thread over lunch break, but I can’t for the life of me find the thread >.>

    Also, for 2ch: 無限ループて怖くない?

  • Why do they think we don’t like “THE JAPANESE”? I don’t believe that we’re racist against Japan, it’s more like the people who represent their country just makes them look just as ignorant.

    And it’s hard not to see 2ch as racist if there are some who believe to “Kill all the foreigners!” and people who think “I’d be satisfied if all the foreigners died!”

    They don’t understand our reasoning either, as they quickly assume we are making up excuses as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to call everything we wrote in the comments as excuses. And they will.

  • My favorite comment was this one:

    “What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”

    Perhaps if their companies didn’t give the rights to series to dozens of separate half baked US companies to take forever to translate, use lack luster voice acting, and in many cases censor the original works… just maybe there would be an anime market over here too.

  • Obviously a sensible post like mine would never be translated, but if it is ever read.

    Everybody involved is a idiot, 2chan and Sancom. 2chan is generalizing and screaming at us while Sancom is generalizing and screaming back. Obviously it’s just trolls flaming for the most part, but that’s all that really seems to get translated.

    Next, Japanese Companies strategies for selling Manga to foreign markets is horrible. The books are too expensive. I don’t care what it cost in Japan, you will never penetrate a market at 10 dollars a book. Everybody also seems to forget Japan has things like weekly Shonen Jump, and a bunch of other serialized magazines. We basically only have Monthly Shoenen Jump and Shojo Beat.

    You know why that makes a difference? Exposure. At 5 dollars a book, I got to read a bunch of different series for a extremely cheap entry price. This exposed me to more Manga which then would allow me to invest my 10 dollars with the knowledge I won’t be wasting my money on shit.

    The problem is I mostly read Seinen manga and there really isn’t any monthly/weekly publication for that. That leaves me stuck reading manga online. It isn’t feesible I buy every volume of every manga I wish to ready the second it comes out, I do not have that much disposable income. So I replace the subscription magazines with online manga.

    Now, I also buy Manga I like, and plan to buy much more when I can locate it in the future. Not everybody will, but that is the publishers OWN FAULT. They made pirating easier to the consumer then legally obtaining the manga. Don’t blame pirates, if you know anything about business (which I suspect nobody making these post do) then you would know going on a blame game doesn’t solve anything. Isolating your markets also doesn’t help, and the companies are showing no sign of slowing down on that front.

    Anime is even in a worst condition, with very few outlets to be presented on (Adult Swin, Nick? That is all I can think of, and they have limits on what they can show because the FCC) So pretty much all the anime I watch is downloaded. And, once again, I will not purchase 27 dollar dvds containing 2 episodes of something I may loath. 27 dollars for 2 episodes is just TOO HIGH OF A PRICE when Hollywood movies charge 20 dollars for their movies.

    Once again, it DOESN’T MATTER what you pay in Japan, or some cost they are trying to recoup. That price is far to expensive to ever become feasible, at least when it comes to maintain a market.

  • Dear 2ch,

    Why do you think that pirates are hurting your mangaka when it is their greedy publishers who mistreat them? Foreign sales are only icing on the cake, and most manga never have an official release outside of Japan. Shouldn’t you be directing your hate at publishers?

  • And of course someone only Translated a few comments and left out the ones that were against subbing. I think we’re dealing with a troll here.

    “Xenophobic racist Japanese – they really do think of us like that?”

    “With them the first person to call the other a racist is declared the winner.”

    I don’t think Japan is as intolerant as a lot of people are saying. Of course, with people in the same thread screaming “white pigs” and “Kill all the foreigners!” it’s hard to judge, but really, it’s the most extreme comments that get the attention and all the sensible people are ignored.

    Hey it’s just like Sankaku Complex! It really IS like a mirror!

  • いつも思うんだが、日本人は一部の外人を見て「これだから外人は」とまるで彼が日本人以外の67億人を代表してるかのように扱うよな。

  • I’m french – I doubt i’m the only one, as we are the first market (outside japan) on anime and manga. I often discuss with professional of the J-market here, and what I think is :

    FIRST – the fansub situation is caused by the japanimation industry which does not make compromises in exportation. It forces us to set too high prices, which leads to high-priced mangas and animes, which leads to illegal download. (because seriously, 99€ for the whole Evangelion series is considered CHEAP here. I remember buying the whole Witch Hunter Robin series 140+€ – LOL.) A manga here is 6€ to 8€. See the difference ? (I have 1000-2000 mangas. And a lot of DVD I never watch because of their poor sub quality.)

    SECOND – actually french fansubing is limited to unlicenced series. Series like Mai Otome, which are licensed but not shipped out, are not fansubbed and systematically removed from french fansub sites. That’s sad, but france respect the law and I need to go to US fansub sites to get my animes.
    – Fansubbing unlicenced series is GOOD FOR THE INDUSTRY. Seriously. It allows french editors to know whether or not a series works here, and to make strategic choices.
    – Fansubbing licenced series is more problematic, as long as the market propose the same thing. All of my friend buy the series in store, but watch the fansub : better quality of subtitles, better quality of video. Sad but true. The least you would expect from a 140€ series would be to be well sub and HQ. But, no, it would be too expensive for export/translation companies. In the end, we need the licenced fansub as long as the industry will not be able to ship serious translation of products.

    THIRD – the impact of pirates is always hard to evaluate. Are they good for the industry ? Or on the contrary, are they sinking it ? Pirates like me are probably good for the industry : I buy EVERYTHING I can (I remember buying 2000+€ one month, that’s more than my monthly pay), and I download the rest. I talk about it on fan forums. I recommand some things. etc. Pirates like Kevin D., 14 years old, pirating 300 ep of Naruto, are not bad for the industry either. They never pirate something they never heard about – it’s always naruto or bleach. Anime series and editors that doesn’t need 25% more customers to survive. Plus, they buy A LOT of goodies. And later, when they’ll be 16 or 17, they’ll begin to appreciate japan product, and to buy some things less popular. We have complete EDITOR COLLECTIONS of Josei or Seinen in France, and not just Taniguchi and Mari Okasaki. It’s sometimes hard for them, but they survive. Why ? Because every single french here watched Nicky Larson (City Hunter) poor translation on the TV when they were young. They didn’t pay (yeah, yeah, TV business, etc.), but now they are paying for City Hunter original seinen – and for whatever is on the same adult library. (feminist mangas, philosophical mangas, etc.)

    CONCLUSION – in my opinion, the real problem of the animation/manga international industry lies in the cost of exportation.
    The rest (piracy, quality of product, etc.) is not manga/anime-related and exists for every product out here.
    I also think manga/anime are in an “out”-period, probably due to an “out”-period 10 years ago, but that will come back soon.
    Don’t know for japan, though. 🙂 I’m not expert. I just see more and more good series year after year, so I’m not that worried now.

    • It’s kinda like that over here in the US. Problem is, you have some good fan subbing groups and some bad. The good fan subbing group will drop the subbing project of a series if A) the anime in question is licensed or B) one of the companies (either the original Japanese company who’s producing/releasing the series or the American company) sends them a C&D letter. While the bad ones will ignore the fact that it’s licensed and/or C&D letters and continue to sub them and put them out.

      Also, the problem with actual licensed series over here in the US is the same as Motoko’s. The quality of the subs are at par at best and the video quality isn’t even close to Japanese’s releases but the flip side is that it’s cheap (about $50 to $70 for a 13 episode boxset (depending on the series) and about $20 per DVD).

      Plus there’s not a lot of good series that gets licensed and the time a series gets licensed to being actually released here takes months. If they didn’t wasted there time trying to dub them in English they could start popping out the DVDs faster, hell, they’ll have money saved up to actually pay for the cost of the 1080p versions of the series and start releasing more blu-ray versions of the series.

      Overall, I do support the animes that I really enjoy by buying the DVDs that’s released out here in the US and I buy a lot of anime related goods from actual Japanese companies (hlj.com, cdjapan.co.jp, etc). I try to show my support has much as possible.

      • A huge problem for me with anime thats localized (meaning almost anything out of japan) is how corny the dubs/subs sound after being localized, its a really horrible experience watching those.

        Funny that this isn’t addressed at all by anyone including those in 2 chan, but thats because they can’t watch anime from a foreigner’s perspective.

        Yeah its sold here, several months/years old, with horrible quality dubs. Many parts related to Japanese culture like puns and slangs get mistranslated and lose their meaning completely and say something completely different. When it is sold locally it really doesn’t look like it came from japan at all.

  • White pigs? Oh yeah 2chan users sure are not racist -.-
    Btw censoring is hapening because you Japanese have no pride and spine .
    Just because some feminazi and moralist bitching on anime doesnt mean that you have to censor something if you have some pride as nation.
    Or if your goverment sucks so much why wont you just rebell ?

    • Perhaps they are racist or perhaps they aren’t, but it’s basically the same as how people in the US constantly use words like “nigger”, “Jap” or whatever other ethnic slur they have for non-whites.

      I can almost guarantee that these Japanese nor the US citizens would say it to anyone’s face, though. I’m definitely for anonymity and protecting one’s anonymity on the internet, but, as these 2ch feuds often show, it brings out the worst in people.

  • isnt it just so beautiful how we both are pratically the same, with some good and some bad opinions, yet attacking each other idnisciminately? we both are biased and also unable to see every comment because the people doing the blogs on our respective sites chooses which comments to show us, and were not even trying to talk to each other^^ really the only differecne is that on 2chan, everyone seems to think all sankaku users are american and hairy. (i’m german and as unhairy as any japanese you would find.. although im not sure what to think of that, since in other circles than our “otaku”-circles people tend to find that unmanly..)

  • i’m not from the united states but from south america. i know the owner of a comic book and manga store that’s been in my city for years. he once mentioned that the fact that the people can read manga on the internet was not harmful for him, but the other way around. people buy more stuff now.

    he said: “now people can try something for free, and when they like it they come here to buy it. more series get to be well known because of the internet and i sell more because of that. i’m grateful”. i don’t know about how it works in the US, but this is a true story from a true owner of a shop haha

    • I guess it depends on the market too. Manga is probably something new where you stay so not many people know about it, hence free online helped it break into the market. But in other areas it’s probably harmful because people who would otherwise buy manga will read it for free instead.

      I buy my share of manga, anime and related merchandises, but I would never have known about and loved manga like I do today if it weren’t for the fansubs my friends showed me a few years back

      • I am with Anon and Justin…

        I am from South America too and I believe that without internet and subbs almost all good anime that aren’t “kids material” wouldn’t be even known… Not that DBZ and Saint Seiya aren’t good, but…
        Gantz and other things wouldn’t reach here if people didn’t ask for it… and without knowing there is no way to ask for it…
        Of course a lot of people is not going to pay if it is free, but that is for everything not just anime. Music and movies are the same, and if you like it and want to support the author, you will pay. It’s just that it’s impossible to do it if it doesn’t reach us!

      • I agree, although I think this argument is more limited to manga.

        When I visit Japan, I also buy my share of novels, manga, misc. goods, but not anime (region locked anyway). However, I do stay up late at night to watch them on air, but heck, I’m on vacation so for the locals it may not be the same.

        Still, the fact that the commercial/physical copy of a manga is a book, while as for anime is still digital but in a container, gives manga a lot more reasons to be bought… the fact that you can download fansubs also means you can burn your own DVD/BR and that could in fact affect the market; what you made is almost exactly the same as what is being sold, except you don’t have the box print and the print on the disc.
        On the other hand, who is crazy enough to print out his manga? Thus we buy it if we like it.

        Perhaps simply withdrawing the possibility to download anime online would make this issue less alarming for the Japanese. Streaming does not damage DVD/BR sales as much because you are in a constant need of a internet connection to view it, and you don’t possess it digitally/physically in any way.

        But I think Japanese people also don’t realize that buying anime DVDs here is in most cases buying something that has and never will be aired. That means we would have to buy something without ANY prior knowledge of its contents without resorting to “piracy”. If that were the same case for them, they’d probably think a bit differently… and of course, since we resorted to the form of piracy that is downloadable video files, then for many of us there is no need to buy it since we’re not all that picky for perfect video quality.

      • we started to get manga more than ten years ago, but the internet was not that strong at the time, so comic bookstores only had a few editions in spanish and the sales were not very good.

        but when this guy talked about internet boosting his sales he was talking also about marvel, dc, etc, comics books which have been around forever.

        i was a bit surprised to hear that from him, but i can see he’s honest because his store has been growing over the years.

        i guess it also depends on the country. all of the anime-manga fans i know irl buy stuff related to the series they like, manga or figures, when they can.

  • i don´t understand them. they think outside of japan there are no anime fans…. or at least they should be only in japan..
    if to learn japanese would be that easy , alot of us would do that ,but it isn´t. the most of us don´t have enough time to learn the language. i respect them and love their culture and it is a shame that we/I can´t be a part of them. imo they go too far to call us racists.
    and please.. don´t blame on us.. we don´t have enough opportunities to buy animes,mangas or visual novels. only the most popular things like Naruto or One piece are here overseas… the rest isn´t available for us..
    that´s why we are counting on the fansubbers.
    unfortunately for the anime producers we are not many enough, so that they would release all or most of the games and animes..
    I understand their situation, but they should understand our situation too

  • Nuh huh. That was all I needed to hear.

    You know, the existence of fansubs is partially Japanese business fault. You guys refuse to send a 90% of your stuff (Which would have quite a public) to Europe. I’ve contacted many editorials of my country, and the response is unanimous: “No matter how hard we try, they will not sell publishing rights, so there’s nothing we can do”. Even School Days manga, which was two volumes long had to be cancelled because you guys wouldn’t let us get our hands on them.

    You guys should give up American market. There are some nice people out there, but most of them tend to be hypocrites who want the government to take care of their kids while they’re out having fun.

    Me? Well, it’s not like I have my hands fully clean, but if the english sub is of good quality and or if the mangas are out I try to buy as much as I can. In fact, right now there are very few mangas/animes that have been released in my country that I saw in the Internet that I don’t own.

  • This is pretty silly, to be honest they just took the “xenophobic” comment and ran with it like it’s a general perception. Personally, I think the Japanese are pretty awesome, only reason I download anime is because I don’t have enough money to just go there myself and watch it on television :P.

  • -if Japan is reading this-

    I really liked the magical girl anime Ojamajo Doremi, and watched it fansubed. three years ago I dumped $ 700+ on the fourth season.

    do I get to enjoy watching my fansubs knowing that I contributed towards the anime industry in a small way?

  • 2ch is just like Zakuro, minus being an actually interesting half Youkai. Extremely racist and Tsundere for the West. Claiming to hate that which is Western, but a Ramune nut, in love with a blondie. And all alone in the East, just like a Half-Youkai in Japan.

    You’ve been taking influence from us for centuries, and most of the nationalistic you have ever aligned with, have been Westerners such as Nazi Germany or people such as Konstantin Rodzaevsky. Even your own Ultra-Nationalism takes root in us. Your own language probably isn’t even unique to the US, but related to Korean and connected all the way to the Uralic lands of Europe. You cannot escape us, you have never been entirely apart from us. Even when you isolated from us. And you don’t want to be apart from us. And it’s either us, your Asian neighbors, or Africans. And you know which choice you want to make in relations.

    You fetishize our people, in your media. Your “wives”, many of them are no less than Western. You imagined yourself as Saito and fighting an entire army for your beloved Tsundere Louise. And you secretly desperately wished to live in a European Fantasy land. And there was nothing wrong with that.

    No reason to deny that, over a couple of people, whom you disagree with on the issue of piracy. Stop pretending. You’re silly and desperate for an insult.

  • Don’t they realize every time they see uncensored porn (i.e. no pixels or blurs), they themselves are breaking the law in Japan?

    And they call people who download and/or stream anime “criminals”.

  • Stop fighting you guys, its understandable, that people who pirate stuff will be criticized. If I had a stable income I’d buy more anime. I try to support the industry as much as I can when my life allows me to. I won’t claim to be an otaku. Being able to survive comes first though I have no right to criticize either since i only go watch in the non-legal way, the stuff that never can be released in the US. Other than that I buy stuff.

    I don’t want to be called a racist pig. I don’t like it. I definitely agree on OTAKU peace.
    I will say this to you Japanese folk. You Japanese are no better than us Americans. You trash to us same as we do to you. Why not try talking without adding all the hate inside it. It hurts worse when valid points are made without the hate speech. Hate speech just makes you look stupid like any other country. And don’t group all foreigners together. That’s just racist as us. Do any of you people on 2ch have any and I mean any foreign American friends at all, or do you just hate us because we’re not Japanese? Please I appeal I want to see the majority of people respond in a calm fashion and with seriousness instead of anger, hate and with sarcasm.

  • Just another sad chapter in the endless and fruitless arguing about if fansub is or not good.

    Well, it has been proven many times now, that free work of quality does bring money if used to advertise (bring attention to a site/place where payd products are also available). This is a FACT.

    It is also a fact that every intelectual work is loosing value ever since internet was created. Just as it is a fact there is a good reason behind it.

    I will repeat a post made by myself in the past, here on sancom (< thats how i call Sankaku Complex, dont mind too much). I think its worth it to mention again.


    A few facts about the wolrd and the digital-entertainment some (most) 2ch, as well as some (most) publishers, just simply refuse to understand.

    1-There are about 6,858,600,000~ (six billion, eight hundred and fifty-eight million, six hundred thousand ~) people on planet earth.

    2-Over 1,5 billion of these people uses internet on a daily basis. Just to be as precise as in fact-1, i will say that the actual number of internet users is 1,802,330,500+(one billion, eight hundred two million, thre hundred thirty thousand, fifty hundred). (NOTE: data from original post)

    3-Most, if not all, internet users access internet to somehow entertain themselves or to find ways (information) to entertain themselves.

    4-Most of these 1,5 billion daily-basis users have created, are creating, or will create digital content at some point, and most will show (distribute) that content online for free at some point. Also, within these, quite a good amount will create more content, to the point of creating such content on a daily basis as well. (Me, writhing this, for example.)

    5-All internet users, without exeption, will eventualy contact other user's internet content, since it is the very basis of internet. Actualy, the very first page most people opens is already the sayd other-user's content, since it was created by one or more internet users other than that person herself.

    6-Whoever realises the 5 facts above will know that, nowadays, there is free content on the internet for any and every user to entertain himself for far from over his lifetime. One user can entertain himself with the free content available for longer than he will actualy live. (In fact, i dont believe anyone would be able to finish all the free content on the web even if they had 300 years worth browsing.)

    7-For the fact above (No.6), it is clear that noone who has access to a computer connected to the web is ever going to actualy need to pay for entertainment.

    8-Although most of the free content online is of dubious quality, it is also a fact that the prhase "most, but not all." applyes, and that free high-quality content, a lot of free high-quality content truth be told, is out there.

    (NOTE: By "audio-visual content" i meant "intelectual content", or in other words, a content that dosent have body or value in matter, only as electric signals in an human brain.)

    9-Also, even if the difference of quality between free and non-free audio-visual content are used as arguments for paying for audio-visual content, quality of non-free content nowadays is dubious as well (Take Naruto Shippuuden's Episode 167 for one out of many examples), while quality of user-made free content is increassing.

    10-Having fact 7, 8 and 9 specialy in mind, most internet users who have realised all facts above think most non-free audio-visual content (Text, Manga, Anime, Music, etc…) is not worth paying by itself (alone).

    11-Finaly, having fact 10 in mind (wich is justified, supported and proven by the facts before/above it), it is clear most of the audio-visual industry wont survive much longer if selling the audio-visual content itself, independently of how much piracy of sayd content exists.

    12-All facts mentioned above are facts, One can blindly deny them, childishly argue against them, or even stupidly refuse theyr validity as facts. But one other fact (12) dosent change, it wont make any of these facts less of a fact.


    I might be wrong in what i will say below, but thats my opinion.

    Based on the facts i present above, my opinion is that audio-visual content that can be free should be free, wich means most of the Text and Manga, as well as a good part of the Musics, Anime and Games.

    Why? User-made/free Text and Manga of exelent quality can be found all over the internet. While user-made/free music, animations and games of good quality, even tough can be found, arent (yet) all that common, and so there is still non-free content that has quality above the current "internet-level" enough to actualy be worth buying instead of finding something else for free.

    How to profit and yet make the intelectual content (the material produced by audio-visual companies) free? I dont know! They are the industry and the responsibles for market-strategy, not me! But i think it would be the same way TV profits. Using the free content to atract attention to the non-free content. Selling content-related material/content instead of the content itself.


    Actualy, as far as my way of thinking goes, they could even turn the fansubbers they consider theyr enemys into theyr most valuable allyes!

    All they had to do is create an in-english website and say "you are allowed to fansub, as long as you upload it here: www.(website name).com"

    DONE! That webpage would get filled with fansubs (and theyr public) in a matter of days! Add some advertising to it and you have the profit!

    I have lost count of how many fellow youtubers i know who LIVE FROM THE PROFIT from everyday vloging on youtube! I doubt a single one of them has as much public an anime like naruto for example…many dont pass even close of the public from a half-season anime!


    I cant help myself but wonder what the hell is wrong with the industry…stubborness? stupidity? are they trying to stay the way it was before the internet, even tough they know things have changed after the internet got popular? couldn't they notice the facts i could clearly see?

    Something very alike comes to mind when i think of that recent ban. we are not in the medieval era anymore for god's sake! put some sense into those heads of yours you stupid politicians! you arent brain-dead! start to use that cerebral mass of yours, before someone decides to put your skulls to a better use as paperweight!

    Im serious! If you dont start using your brain, your skull is holding something useless! Someone might decide to re-use those skulls for something more usefull than holding useless junk! xD

  • It kind of looks like 2ch and Sancom aren’t really all that different. Both have their share of dumbasses.

    I do notice that 2ch sure likes refering to us as ‘Foreigners’ rather than ‘Those guys at sancom’ though. Yeah, that’s exactly what makes you guys sound racist you know 2channers.

    Why DO you say ‘Foreigners’ in all cases when talking about non-japanese anyways? Doesn’t that isolate you guys or something? Isn’t that just really old fashionned?

  • Please don’t fight.
    We will be together as Otaku.

    -I have recently learned English sentence-

    I’m gonna drive you crazy.Come!

    -Today’s my English joke-

    Justin Bieber brand new single”You are so ugly.but I like it.”

    Learning English is fun 😀

  • Hello, Jap friends.

    I’ll tell you what.

    If you stop complaining about us pirating anime, I won’t complain about you pirating our superior western porn.

    Seriously guys, your porn sucks. Your women are cute, but censored porn is a joke. So is using a vibrator on a woman for 20 minutes of the movie.

  • 2ch you guys need to get off your high horses.
    If we had broadcasting we would watch anime too.
    The fact however is that we don’t have many sources to new Japanese material.
    The ones we do have due to american standard business practice, are shit.
    I buy manga I like, some I don’t on impulse, and even some anime here and there.
    80% of it is old stuff since our vendors don’t bring much new stuff here.
    As for fansubbers, They bring in people who like it to the convention in which people buy swag for the animes they like. It helps the market here.
    Now please… Why are you guys letting your censorship get worse so that no one can enjoy Japanese material?


  • The next world war will be incited by otaku rage. One of the hardcore ones going to pull a kamikaze on the fansubbers home.

    Joking aside, have you guys notice that the internet seriously hates Chinese? They get drag in even if it’s not about them

  • Wow, shocking… very shocking on both sides actually.

    They are right, TV isn’t free in any country. I’m not sure where that idea is coming from…

    I’ll stay neutral on this for many reasons, lol.

  • wait,doesnt that make them more racist? calling whites “pigs”? and are they trying to say that all whites are racist(against all japanese)

    but as far as i know,we’re only against to the “scum of japan”,which happened to the the 2ch,right?

    btw,im not white 😛

  • It seems like 2ch is under the impression that 1) all fansubbers make money from what they do and 2) all American anime/manga fans speak Japanese. What’s the point of paying high prices to import a DVD if there are no English subtitles on it? Fansubbers recognize and help promote quality anime and manga so that it get get noticed by American publishers, licensed and legally distributed. Really, they’re doing for free what either an American or Japanese publishing company employee should be doing for free.

    On another note, 2ch is criticizing Americans for piracy? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  • How is it that these people on 2ch have never pirated or stolen intellectual property ever? Never copied a movie, downloaded a song, or saved free pornography from some torrent site that stole it in the first place?

    Do they really believe anime fans want any censorship? It is part of the reason we can’t watch it on television here. Did the Americans secretly put Ishihara into office as well?

    I had no idea Sankaku Complex was such a major website able of contributing to conflicts among 2ch netizens.

    People in the US do buy anime products, unfortunately Japan is going to see little to none of it because they are being purchased from the American companies who started licensing it.

    Just like we may have grouped all 2ch into one entity, they have done the same. The group of Americans who thinks Dolphins are more important than the dead animals they wear as coats for style, are probably the same one who are pro-censorship. But I highly doubt they are the one reading and posting on Sankaku.

  • I love how they think that Americans don’t care about intellectual property. There is no nation in the world who cares more about it, they invest tremendous amounts of time and effort to force other nations to toughen up their copyright laws. Just read some of the cables from wikileaks.

  • Well, believe me, I am not anti-Japanese in any way, but I am strongly aganist idiots of every single kind. You know, instead of keeping a fight aganist foreigners, I think we should ally for an Internet where we can all share our works uncensored while rewarding the authors for their work…

  • Haha…man, that was amusing reaction from the 2ch.

    But truth to be told, I’m glad.
    If you’ll read carefully, you’ll notice that they actually got some intelligent and non-raging people out there that can see stuff outside of the box.

    With this, not all is lost! There might still be some feeble link of understanding with Japanese net users.

    (Just filter away the peons of that mass)

  • “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”
    No, that’s not happening because of us ‘fucking invaders’, but because of your shameful government that you follow as a bunch of sheeps. Enjoy your pixelated porn and misty clouds!

    • See, that’s what this is really about. IT’s about them thinking that us viewing their anime is causing censorship. True, my country is rather puritanical, but Japan is the king of censorship…they should be blaming themselves for censoring.

      After all, it’s their inability to leave their hiki lives behind and get out and vote that caused the “ban” to go into effect. It’s their own stupid government that forces porn to be blurred. Hell, you can see porn on satellite over here in America uncensored…I should know.

      Before they go blaming other countries for their problems they need to look at themselves.

      Plus, hasn’t their anime been crap lately anyway? Maybe declining sales are due to…oh I don’t know….crappy moe and ecchi garbage?

  • zgriptsuroica says:

    2ch constantly seems to be worrying that what we see in the west will limit their access to in Japan. Here’s a hint guys: you’re part of a representative democracy. Stop being so fucking apathetic, and quit re-electing the same hyper-conservative assholes whose policies fly directly in the face of your own country.

    Plus, don’t lump everyone together. I’ve got my share of imported DVDs and manga volumes. The US industry is dying less from lack of consumer support, and more from its stubborn refusal to adapt to the changing times, much like the Japanese industry. They continue to license the same tired crap that everyone was bored of four years ago, and can’t see why it doesn’t sell. Also, part of why they can’t change much of their strategy has to do with the original Japanese rights holders being to uptight and unwilling to allow people to try anything new with their properties.

    tl;dr Japanese should stop bitching about gaijin causing censorship, and vote for different people every so often, instead of re-electing scum like Ishihara. Not all gaijin fans are leeches, and the industry is killing itself here.

  • Smoke Marijuana and eat Magic Mushrooms (Two safest substances in the world when taken in a controlled and safe environment)

    They will remove ANY social conditioning you have received. And it will put shit into perspective and everything you do in life from that point on after eating 5 grams of magic mushrooms will just make more sense and make you happier from there on out.

    Or you can sit on your computer chair talking to yourself about how scary the world is and how “stupid” humans are. And how you don’t want to be human, etc.

    You’ll want to be human when you realize how crazy powerful the human brain is and how it has been tricking yourself into being angry, depressed, scared and stupid.

    Get high then deny 🙂 (Do your research first!)

  • “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”

    Umm, No. You get hit with censorship because of leaders like Shintarō Ishihara. This is your responsibility! He is your George Bush! Do something about it!

    Anges-chan only has influence because it is given to her by spineless leaders! Find new ones!

  • It’s pretty safe to say that the thousands of dollars I have spent on anime goods/other shit from japan are a direct result of piracy. Were it not for fansubbing, I would never have developed an interest, and never spent ANY money buying anything from them. Even if they’re not getting BD sale prices for every show, even if most people aren’t buying anything at all, any sale resulting from fansubbing is a sale that would not have occurred otherwise. The official licensing companies are, quite frankly, shit, not to mention that little of their profits actually make it back to Japan anyways. Fansubbing is zero-cost advertising to an overseas market that honestly wasn’t buying much in the first place. A few people each buying lots of stuff is still less profitable than a lot of people each buying a little, and fansubbing helps develop that market of lots of people.

  • Now this is Sankaku Complex’s fault for enticing the situation.

    Either way I gave my reasoning

    1. anime is not aired on tv in America (adult swim is crap and does not count…we have one station with about 3-4 shows whereas in Japan they have more than 12 stations each airing a number of shows).

    2. Companies like funimation actually use fansubs as a means of asking the fans what they would like to see licensed. Because they are horrible at picking series (it also takes nearly 2-3 years for a series to be released overseas if it is picked up right away… Companies in America use fansubs to help decide what to license and viewers use fansubs to see if there is something worth buying.

    3. Manga: In regards to manga there is nothing good about our manga industry. They take forever. It takes nearly 6 months to release one volume of manga translated. They also pick up very few series and series like to-love-ru aren’t or haven’t been released over in America.

    4. Censorship: This has nothing to do with America. The Rapelay incident 3-4 years ago is dead. You will also notice that hardly any of the companies is following the “eroge ban”. The censorship is because your governor of Tokyo has it in for you. He’s already said how much he hates you and this ban is striking against otaku in particular. This is a personal attack against otaku and has nothing to do with censorship (other than the fact the companies bowed down to the will of the industry in the first place by blacking out scenes thinking it would make them more money when the dvd/b-ray was released). This told the government that the anime industry can be pushed around.

    5. Sankaku vs. 2ch: Both of these groups are pretty stupid to start calling each other racist. It is a fact in history that Japan was once a xenophobic country. This is no longer the case. It probably annoys them to be called such. On the flipside don’t group all foreigners into one group. we are different.

    Pirates: Will exist no matter what or where you are. Right now there are internet pirates but hundreds of years ago there were sea faring pirates. So long as the internet exists there will always be pirates. Pirates may do illegal things but they get supplies and resources to people that otherwise might not get it. They also may convince people to buy the product. Pirating is not completely bad. Although I will admit it does hurt the industry…but the industry may be hurt even more without pirates as no one in foreign countries would wish to purchase something on a gander.

    Price: You do realize that in Japan you are getting ripped off for the price of dvds and the like? 70-90 dollars for 2 episodes? Ouch. If the anime industry was like that in America it would die out. that’s some dedication.

    misc: So out of curiosity how do 2chan members catch up on an episode of anime if they missed an episode one week. do they re-air it or in order to watch it for the following week do you find and watch it online? checkmate.

  • Considering how few anime/other otaku goods are actually shipped worldwide without use of a deputy service, it’s hard to purchase anything in a way that would actually show up as, “foreign sales”. All the crap I’ve bought would just get lumped in as domestic, so of course it looks like foreigners never buy anything =/

  • “Stop subbing anything you feel like! And quit plastering everything with those pretentious translation notes!”

    TL Note: Quit plastering everything with those pretentious translation notes means Quit plastering everything with those pretentious translation notes.

  • I see they were presented with only the most radical of responses. Would have been nice if someone had posted some of the differing opinions here.

    In any case, I’m sure we get the same treatment and we’re only shown the scathing posts.

    “…the ones who keep insisting 2ch is a single entity with one opinion are complete idiots.”

    Same applies to them who believe all foreigners are American.

    • Stereotypes make this whole “Racism” thing go by a lot faster though.
      If they had to get to know us (or we to them), it may humanize us and we’d be forced to acknowledge that there’s very few people we can actually point to as a perfect example of humanity, since we all do things we hide or are ashamed of.

      As such, Fuck the Japanese! Get back to making our Playstations between your “Compensated Dating” with a schoolgirl or something! 😛

  • It’s hilarious that more than one of them think pirates are the reason for the Rapeplay pseudo-scandal. You think people pirating rape games don’t know what they’re downloading? That they’ll complain to the media about it?

    That was nothing but a bunch of noise, but Tokyo really banned “harmful” anime. Go sort your country out, losers.

  • ‘I didn’t think the Japs were this conceited – somebody drop another nuke on them!’

    I found that comment absolute hilarity coming from them. Those who wanted the US to apologize about it.

  • “These foreign otaku are the reason they started the bans on 2D in the first place!”

    wait what? they were ruining their porn with by censoring genitals LONG before the internet even existed.
    even today japan is still the laughing stock of the world famous for the most obscene porn and tentacle reap but GOD FORBID IF IT SHOWS SOMEONES DICK/PUSSY.

    not our fault the japanese are too spineless for some good ole fashioned riots to protest against their idiotic government with their idiotic laws.

  • In Italy if nobody owns copyright of a production is totally legal to own a “pirate” copy of that product.
    So, as italian, if i download and watch an anime that isn’t licensed in italy i don’t violate any law. It isn’t illegal, period.
    It is unlikely that this guys on 2ch had never illegally downloaded an anime or a movie in their life.
    I accept their criticism about western culture, i think they are right too, but they need to be honest with themselves.

  • Meh annoying blabbering is annoying…
    Both sides are guilty of Piracy and hypocrisy…
    So why bitch? Don’t know who started it but it’s just blabbering all day long.

    Either be a pirate who supports your anime/product.
    Or be a pirate who doesn’t support your anime/product.
    [after doing w.e. you do with it]

    Those who don’t shouldn’t be bitching about so much anyway. I’ve bought almost every single anime that I’ve watched once able to. I support it, I don’t have time to take japanese classes and so I’d rather watch the fansubs; the quality is usually shit loads better than dubs/subs or the raw itself…

  • Well, sankaku….2ch, i have something to say.

    I’m a freaking pirate…..a fucking proud pirate, so what?

    All this nonsense gets mi nerves.

    Anime, manga, videogames…..the whole fuckin’ entertaiment sector, cost a kidney, they are so expansive, so unreachable sometimes, that the only way to get to those producs, is…………guess what……….. yes, to pirate them.

    Fuck them all, when those products are at reasonable prices, i will change my ways, i save my money for stuff that is really worthed for me (as a blazblue fan, i spend my money on original products of that franchize) but for everything else, i pirate them, and now, come here and arrest me if you can.

    I prefere to be a smooth criminal, than to be an idiotic otaku that consume every expansive, idiotic, worthless moe stuff, that KyoAni shows to them, for 60 box or more.

    If any person want to buy everything in an original format, fine with him, but i will not buy a 70 dollars Blu ray Disc with 4 HD stupid chapters and creditless opening, when in the same bluray, can be a whole anime season or two in the same freakin’ HD format with compression, for less than 10 bucks.

  • not everyone here is white fyi and really everyone on this site likes anime really and i know they luv it 2 so really y start shit. internet wars r like the special Olympics even if u win ur still retarded but come to my face and call me racist i’ll punch u in the face and say OBJECTION!!!

  • “What’s all this bull about promoting anime? Where do they think the biggest anime market is? It’s Japan! The foreign market is nothing compared to Japan – don’t make us laugh with your claptrap about promoting it! Stick to your Kung-Fu Panda, scum.”

    If our anime market here is so insignificant to you, then why do you care if foreigners pirate anime? If our market is so worthless then either way you’re not getting any money from us.

    And of course, let’s remember that all of the fan-subbers get their raws from someone in Japan that put them out there. If you want to stop our pirating, then first stop your own pirating.

  • “I think they’ll just keep on doing this, but the ones who keep insisting 2ch is a single entity with one opinion are complete idiots.”

    2ch seems to be thinking the same thing of us (at least, a lot of the comments lean heavily in that direction). One thing both sides need to realize is that before we are ‘Americans’ (What is an American anyway? Last I checked, anyone from north or south America could be considered American) or Japanese, or anything else, is that myself, and you, and the man behind the curtain, are individuals. Individuals in no way represent anyone other than themselves.

    Also, I like how they cherry-picked only the best comments which supported their views. Something I’m sure the poster of the original article did as well, because it fuels the fire and increases site traffic.

    Let me know when you want to grow up.

  • Dear 2ch,

    You censorship issues are completely you own fault.

    Your own government bends over and takes it up the tail pipe when some irrelevant but whiny group gets in a tizzy over some perceived issue regarding “lolis”, then you turn around and try to blame the west.

    Stand up for your own rights no one else will do it for you.

  • I must laugh my ass off at this one.. I really hope this comment is picked up by 2ch. I would estimate that there are prolly 100 or less from each side 2ch and Sankaku this fight is being fueled by.

    I would say its not fair for all Americans to be clumped up in one assumption, nor would it be fair to do that with all the Japanese. :\ hmmm I am not sure but if fans are upset about pirates…. would it not be wise for the fans to do something about the websites which host the pirated materials? (in a legal manner)

    I must say what … I dont know if it surprises me or doesn’t surprise me at this point…. that how each site has a bunch of ignorant people that complain about one another (SC/2ch) talk shit about the other yet each side posts these things on articles or forums that anyone can read and respond to rather than in a little bit more discreet manner yet gets all shocked when the other one quotes exactly what one another is saying.

    My thoughts on piracy , at least pertaining to the US and some of the comments made , which I would partly agree with. Anime/Manga is a complete joke in the US. A lot of people in Japan would agree with the fact it is a complete joke. I would say they are right. Obviously Anime/Manga is not a joke in Japan, I’d say its an amazing jewel or something that you learn something new or get a new type of enjoyment each session. The reason its probably a joke in the US and the piracy is so high is because the vast majority of the US treats it like so. Even a lot of Anime/Manga fans in the US treats it like a joke and the animation companies like a joke. So pretty much every thing will remain a joke every where until the mind set is corrected :\

    For those in Japan that do read these articles here at Sankaku Complex. I would say if you really are tired of “foreigners” pirating your goods then all you must do is catch the “natives” responsible for giving the goods to the “foreigners”. It won’t put an end to piracy but at least you should be able to rest your heads knowing that you should at least be watching/reading the manga at the same time (if not before) anyone else is watching it in the world.

    Those that frown on piracy and wish it to stop. Do remember there are people who are payed to do that kind of stuff. However there is such a thing as volunteer work and that volunteer work can really be some of the best work money can’t buy.

    hmmmm I sense a lot of things are gonna be changing in the years to come, and when I say the years to come I mean the within about 7.

  • “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!”
    Ironic thing is, that when most stuff gets localized here, it in fact gets decensored.

    • Where is the connection between pirating and censorship?
      I thought Ishihara is and was responsible for that earthquake censorship, or does 2ch really want to tell us that Ishihara works together with the “anime-piracy-industry” as a huge conspiracy against all japanese otakus?

  • “They don’t care about anime – if they have to pay they don’t watch it. Even FMA got cancelled because none of them would buy it. Anime is a joke overseas.”

    Wait… FMA canceled? Nahhhhhhhhhhh, how could such a highly popular anime in Western Markets get canceled? Shows the knowledge some Japanese have for any country outside their own.

    Now while some of 2chan are pirates, some aren’t racists, but ALL of them FAIL to stop the censorship in their own country. How could they LET Ishihara and other DPJs vote in a crappy bill. Fight for your rights! Granted Western countries have been in forms of democracy alot longer than Japan, so we have practice, but at the same time you would think Japan would learn how to fight for their rights from other countries.

    Oh and to the comment about planes running into us. How about you get 3 planes to run into your houses and kill a couple thousand people? Maybe that would kick you guys in the ass to actually get out of your houses and do something for your country.

    • This is stupid. Japanese people defer to authority in all cases. The government could pass a law making red shirts illegal and Japanese people wouldn’t protest. Government in Japan is something that is done to Japanese people rather than done BY Japanese people.

      While I agree that piracy is probably a morally questionable activity since you’re doing something you should be paying for. It is also subject to debate about whether or not we should pay for “information” that is freely available and easy to copy. Maybe we simply need to reinvent how we make profit from information. Take netflix for example, most people are willing to pay a small monthly fee to watch movies online and it’s working perfectly, it’s even put Blockbuster out of business.

    • ‘Oh and to the comment about planes running into us. How about you get 3 planes to run into your houses and kill a couple thousand people? Maybe that would kick you guys in the ass to actually get out of your houses and do something for your country.’

      If you flew a plane into an otaku apartment building, they would run out and go move in with their hikki friends. And then they would write a new version of “Barefoot Gen,” where the crisis was a measly apartment collapse instead of a whole atom bomb.

      And then their new manga would be hailed as a masterpiece! So, yes, it would do something for their country.

  • I like how they blame piracy for the censorship, when it’s their own inability to fight back at their own increasingly fascist government that is the real reason.

    While I’ll agree some narrow minded bigots from outside Japan has been pressuring the Japanese government to do something, it’s internal groups and people that are pushing just as hard (Anges Chan and the Japanese UNICEF, for instance).

  • “Xenophobic racist Japanese – they really do think of us like that?”

    [In English:] “Hey fuckign fat Yankee, you are trash of the warld. Go fuck off!!!!!!!!!!”

    Y’know… Stereotypes don’t need to be pointed out. All you need to do is be seated comfortably with a snack close by, and let it do it’s own thing.

    Oh, and guess what, you don’t need to pirate it either!