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The BMI of Anime Girls


Anime fans have been pondering the weight and Body Mass Index of their favourite anime heroines, or put more bluntly: “Why is Mio such a fatty?”

Body Mass Index (weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared) is a simple measure designed to establish whether an individual is unhealthily underweight, overweight or obese.

The WHO considers a value of 25-30 as overweight, and any higher as obese, although the simplistic nature of the formula and arbitrariness of the classifications has resulted in much scientific criticism and doubts over its general validity.

The usual Japanese interpretation of BMI, taking into account the smaller frame of the Japanese:

Normal: from 18.5 to 22.9
Overweight: from 23.0 to 24.9
Obese: 25.0 and above

The BMI of various anime characters, with underweight characters in red and the overweight in orange:

Name Height (cm) Weight (kg) BMI
Ayase 166 44 16.0
Miku 158 42 16.8
Kirino 165 45 16.5
Kuroneko 160 43 16.8
Louise 153 40 17.1
Mikoto 161 45 17.4
Saten 160 46 18.0
Shana 141 36 18.1
Kuroko 144 38 18.3
Uiharu 153 43 18.4
Nagi 138 35 18.4
Taiga 144 38 18.4
Saori 180 61 18.8
Tsukasa 158 49 19.6
Nagato 154 47 19.8
Haruhi 158 50 20.0
Ritsu 154 48 20.2
Azusa 150 46 20.4
Yui 156 50 20.5
Hiro 155 50 20.8
Konata 142 42 20.8
Mio 160 54 21.1
Mikuru 152 49 21.2
Kagami 158 53 21.2
Ranka 156 52 21.4
Tsumugi 157 53 21.5
Sheryl 169 64 22.4
Miyuki 166 62 22.5
Miyako 165 62 22.8
Sae 167 64 22.9
Yuno 144 52 25.1
Ika Musume 135 100 54.9

That such tiny tsundere waifs as Louise and Taiga are amongst the most lightly built should come as no surprise, but that virtually the entire female cast of Ore no Imouto and Railgun are apparently underweight is rather disturbing – a few of them look to be naturally skinny, but the rest seem more likely to be anorexic.

Miku too is rather on the light side, as perhaps befits a hologram.

On the other hand, the girls of K-ON! stand out for having both full figures and healthy bodyweight, even being realistically proportioned – probably something Kyoto Animation intended, and certainly something it deserves credit for.

Ika Musume’s weight is speculated to be as a result of her healthy head of tentacles – as a humanoid cephalopod, the BMI is likely not in any case an appropriate tool for establishing her optimal weight.

2ch ponders the results:

Don’t those Ore no Imouto designers comprehend the sexiness of the chubby legs of K-ON! characters!?

54kg is pretty plump, nice.

Are Mio’s breasts alone 10kg of that?

They carry the weight of our dreams so they are bound to be heavy.

160cm and 54kg – isn’t that a fatty? So says my mother…

I think 46-52kg is normal at that height. At 54kg, perhaps she’s a bit ripped.

K-ON!’s weights are a bit weird.


Maybe Mio’s hair weighs 2-3kg…

What about Kuroneko – she’s nothing but skin and bones!

She’s tall too!

At 160cm and 43kg I’d be worried about whether she’s being neglected by her parents…

If you actually saw her weighing so little it would probably look gross.

Mio’s a fatty, Kuroneko’s anorexic. The ideal at that height is 47-48kg.

Yunocchi’s a little pig.

Yunocchi’s just got a huge head.

Kirino is a 2nd year middle-schooler and she’s 165cm? What a beanpole.

Sheryl’s fatter than me. I still love her though.

All you hobbits under 169cm are banned from liking Sheryl now.

I’m 173cm and 42kg, for a BMI of 14.03… I guess I win!

Go to hospital you freak.

Yuno’s an overweight kid. Weep you moetards.

Sheryl weighs 10kg more than I do, but that’s OK!

Taiga’s just gross. What is she, a dwarf?

Sagat: 226cm, 78kg, BMI 15.27.

If the sales of K-ON! are anything to go by, anime prducers might do well to feature more curvy girls…


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