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Finally – Your Girlfriend Will Stop Cheating On You


Lonely otaku dating the virtual maidens of Love Plus can finally rest easy with the knowledge that their girlfriend will no longer be all over any man (or woman) who comes along – the 3DS incarnation of the series has announced “Boyfriend Lock” functionality, allowing the girls to recognise their boyfriend and tell anyone else to keep their hands to themselves.

The “Kareshi Lock” functionality is meant to allow a more intimate virtual relationship with the DS, with the girls brushing off any strangers with a “And who might you be?” rather than offering all comers a slatternly display of affection as in the previous games.

Whether Nene and company can tell the difference between their suitor’s face and a simple photograph remains to be seen…

A host of other features are also promised, although the issue of how the game will play with the revised screen layout of the 3DS (it may not be possible to play the game in landscape orientation) has not been mentioned.

In other news, Love Plus has proven such a success that Konami has elevated the developers into their own studio: “Love Plus Productions,” specialising in titles focused on “school, romance and communication,” certainly a lot classier sounding than “schoolgirl dating sims.”


The arcade version is also shaping up to be a particularly promising way of parting lonely men from their cash:


And for those who want their spending controlled by the girls, there is to be a VISA card:


Nene is now even taking time out from stealing men from their wives to advertise sweets:



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