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78%: “Christmas is an Attack on Chinese Culture”


Patriotic Chinese have denounced Christmas as a barbarian attack on the ancient glories of Chinese culture.

Of some 12,000 Chinese net users asked “Are you concerned about the act of cultural aggression known as Christmas?”, 78% patriotically agreed that they felt “concern over this attack on Chinese culture,” with 22% treacherously siding with the foreign devils by indicating they felt no such concern.

Right-thinking Chinese report a sense of alarm about the attack Santa is so clearly spearheading on their culture:

“I’m concerned that the day will come when the Chinese forget their traditional celebrations. Protecting Chinese culture is our duty as Chinese!”

More credulous Chinese seemed taken in by this subtle ploy to undermine Chinese values:

“There’s no need to worry about whether Christmas is good or bad. This is just a new social development. Just because we celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean we have to throw out traditional celebrations such as the Lunar New Year.”

Presumably some sort of ban on Christmas for sullying the purity of Chinese culture is not out of the question…


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  • this research is bullshit. in China people celebrate Christmas for only 1 reason: have fun. we party, we go to club, get laid, yeah, we also buy presents to each other, mostly just between lovers. but this has nothing to do with culture or religion. because this day, is just a chance for us to make a party and that is it. so this day can not attack any part of chinese culture.

    some dummies upthere said we don’t have Sharing and kindness in the Chinese values. i wanna ask, what the fuck do you know about chinese values? hmm?? we have planty of festivals for caring and meeting familys. in China most old people live near or together with young people so they can be cared.

    on which position are you talking about sharing and kindness, when you guys throw your old ones into some seniorhouse and meets them once or twice per year?

    i have to say, you guys eat too much gen-tec chicken and got your brain fucked. what you’re saying there. laught my ass off.


    In other news, China completed their own 5th Gen stealth fighter, which is equivalant to the american F-22.

    Japan, who used to antagonize China by their hefty rhetoric of “build up to counter China”, is now in deep shit.

    Japanese Devils, your time is over.

    Prepare your sorry anuses for your new Chinese overlords. The US wont protect your sorry asses for any longer…

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Great, this is Chinese-related news pre-filtered by both xenophobic Japanese sites AND Chinese anti-disagreement government.

    It’s like a poll that’s being double-penetrated to such an extent that you can’t possibly take it seriously, especially taking into consideration that Chinese population is about 1.3 fuckillion people, and a ridiculously small fraction of those has any access whatsoever to Internet.

  • Oh yeah? Chinatowns are an attack on American Culture – there, we’re even :-).

    But seriously, if you don’t like Christmas or whatever, don’t pay attention to it – it’s that simple…

  • well if they mean it takes the attention from anchient celebrations then fine i could support that line of thought.

    if they say it to keep cummunism instead… rofl

    Christmas as we know it was made by Coca cola

    christmas exsisted before christ was born…
    It’s the celebration of the end of the dark times and the return of light (~ 22’nd december got the longest night of the year and after it the daylight time get longer)

  • Christmas was originally a pagan festival.

    It was adopted into Christianity.

    And now its secular.

    Perhaps what they are more concerned about is the modern commercialised Christmas, rather than the traditional festival?

    Father Christmas (believed by scholars to be a continuation of the traditions associated with the god ‘Odin’), as he is known in the UK, used to be depicted with a green outfit, and carrying a yule log under one arm – Coka Cola perpetuated this modern image of a red Santa – the traditional British celebration has been weakened by omnipresent marketing.

  • yet any type of Christmas decoration is made on china. i am sure my country folk would be very glad if China would ban Christmas and stop making cheap defective decorations, but sold at near nothing, on Walmart.

  • You guys are worse than the Chinese when it comes to understanding others.

    Look at it from this perspective:
    They have the largest amount of Fast Food Chains in the world. Which are American.
    ‘Chinese’ Food in America isn’t even FUCKING CHINESE
    Chinese people won’t speak CHINESE anymore, it’s true.

    That’s to name a few. What would you do if English people were starting to speak Thai? Or that English food only applies to Burgers and nothing else? Or that no body goes out for fish and chips anymore and starts eating (God forbid) healthy.

    Even though I don’t agree with PART of China today, you can’t group them all together. Those ‘Surveys’ probably only cover one-three regions of around the 300 in China.

    Do you honestly think that the whole of China would accept a few holidays off from work?

    God. Don’t let ignorance blind you. Thank god in living in Australia gives you an overall impression of other cultures.

    Oh and, Christmas was originally Christian (No fucking shit). Do Jews celebrate it? Yeah. Become Hitler. I’m pissed at you guys again. One tracked mind you guys have. CHRISTMAS and Santa was created by Coca Cola to become a cash cow. Yeah, friendly as fuck aint it?

    Thumbs down all you want but that just shows how immature you people are. Sheep. You people are like sheep, herding to where ever you get directed to

  • Have everyone here ever thouht about whether there is a mistake
    in interpretation/translation of the word”attack”,it just doesn’t make any sense to me,just give us the URL link.

    What’s more, there just can’t be more p’p celebrating X’mas than Our triditional new year. Y(_ _)Y

    DON’T EVEN try to advocate that CHINA is evil,which in fact is not.Folks try use your noodles not just take whatever they gave you,think before type.Understanding overwhelmes biases.

    BTW,this site really should try hard to clear up the “trash”.

  • I am usually supportive of China. But the current population should probably remember how much trouble their government went to to wipe out any trace of the “ancient glories of Chinese culture” when it took power.

    • jamesownsall says:

      That’s the thing: You’re MALAYSIAN Chinese, and that makes you a Malaysian, not Chinese in nationality, and you’re more likely to share the same thoughts as other Malaysians.

      We’re talking about your ancestral bros in China.

  • Uhm… Christmas is not a forced holiday. It doesnt force you to celebrate it. Why they declare it as a public holiday is for the consideration of Christians just like how Chinese new year is considered a holiday in consideration of Chinese.

    So… It is a Christian Holiday. Even some chinese people are Christians. And it’s not like they were forced, they celebrate it coz they just want to celebrate it… Now if you say that you are forced to celebrate because everybody does and you feel left out, then you are forcing yourself and it’s not the fault of others but rather the fault of your own insecurity…

    Christmas is never an act of an attack. It’s always optional to celebrate it…

  • This wasn’t a poll, it was an attempt to root out potential subversives. Everyone who answered “It’s not a problem” will be rounded up, imprisoned for treason and shot by China’s thought police. You’d think they’d know better than to speak their minds by now.

  • Catholics stole Christmas from the Pagans.
    Pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice.
    Catholics stole it, named it Christmas.
    The real birth of Christ was earlier in the year.

    They stole the Spring Equinox from the Pagans too.

  • The real Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ.
    Santa Claus is an American creation for consumerism and celebration of the imperialism of USA in the world.

    -Christmas = the birth of Christ.

    -Santa Claus = fiction and of barbaric origin + USA consumerism

    -USA = United Satanics of America.

    • Actually the Santa thing started in Germany, as did all the other things with Christmas. It didn’t even start out as a Christian celebration, it’s more a Winter Solstice from the Pagans. Just show me where in the Christian Bible does anything come. It’s not in there.

    • “Jolly olde Saint Nick” was originally modeled after a Turkish Bishop who was kind to children. Bishop Nicolas was eventually raised to sainthood and became Santa Claus. Hardly of “barbaric” origin. And while modern Christianity celebrates Dec. 25th as the birth of it’s savior, more ancient forms had various other dates as the birth.
      Did you know, for example that the story of Christ is a mirror image of countless Sun God stories? Virgin birth, missing years where subject was presumed to be learning, ministry, death, resurrection after three days. All these are from the story of Set, the Egyptian Sun God. Seems kinda familiar doesn’t it…

    • Technically, The catholic church stole the Winter solstice from the Pagans, had it held in the winter and called it Christmas because their God is the only true God.

      Instead of Spring Solstice, we have Easter.

      The real birth of Christ was some time between march and june.

  • Protip for China: Accepting worldwide culture is neither an attack, nor will be detrimental to your own culture.
    I mean, really, what the fuck? It’s laughable how these so called Patriotic Chinese seems to make random attacks on shallow and bland stuff…
    Let people celebrate and be happy for at least a few days a year, how about that?
    Xmas is mostly an excuse for exchanging presents, gathering the family and having a feast nowadays anyways… nothing wrong with that. It’s among the reasons why the economy works. Creates jobs, makes people with money spend it, and lets the cash flow.

    Hey, how about you consider foreign money and technology also an attack to the Chinese culture? Those are way more intrusive and changes everyday life.

  • “There’s no need to worry about whether Christmas is good or bad. This is just a new social development. Just because we celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean we have to throw out traditional celebrations such as the Lunar New Year.”

    ^ The people who said this are cool with me, that is all I got to say about this situation…

  • These must be the same sort of people I hear about perpetuating “Han racism” in China. We all know that Japan and South Korea have some pretty xenophobic governments. As well as plenty of citizens.

    But China itself has a particularly nasty case of “we ARE Asia. YOU are all disgusting Westerners.”, among certain Han.

    Personally, it doesn’t seem like any group in Asia has pronounced a contrast and distrust towards the West, than various racist Han Chinese. Something that has been going on since very possibly, the days of the Xiongnu.

    Of course, you can’t stereotype people in either nationalities/ethnicities, Japanese, Korean, or Han Chinese as racist. However, there are some pretty nasty Han Chinese ones, as a Westerner.

  • So the information from all this is coming from a survey? Those aren’t usually reliable for that much information. For someone who always celebrated Christmas, I’ve wondered why some people have some problems with Christmas, other than they just don’t like it. I can understand some reasons why, but because it attacks a culture? I’m not quite sure I understand it enough. I guess its a different viewpoint than usual.


  • (BlackEpsilon)

    Yes, Christmas is an attack on Chinese culture, because it’s the one time you have to be nice to get presents, whereas the barbaric Chinese continue to hound Tibet and now Japan and it looks like they’re going after the whole world.

    China is becoming the new America.

    Pretty high of themselves to think that people created a holiday to attack them though. I wasn’t even thinking of China yesterday.

    Americans better get out of Iraq while the gettin’s good.

  • It’s not that these small part of all Chinese (12.000 out of 1.3 billion Chinese; that’s not even close to 0.001 percent!!!) are pushing other Chinese around the World to do say the same about Christmas. This small part of the Chinese believes (under pressure? Chinese Government is watching?) that Christmas is an attack on their culture in their OWN country, not in your country or in my country, not in Japan or Korea!

    I really believe that this high percentage of Christmas hating Chinese is state controlled, they had to vote for “Christmas is an invasion of their culture”, otherwise they will go to prison, who knows!? It’s mainland China! Chinese in China, a totalitarian state, have no free will, haven’t they?

    • Most chinese “probably” answer “Yes,cause the young dont seem to give a shit about the old tradition anymore.”
      The survey only accept Yes or No…
      That is why it depend how you look at the question.
      If you hate China with a passion you think all the chinese hate christmas or simply retarded(12,000=all chinese am i right?)
      If you look closely you will find the survey itself is retarded.

  • In other news…why are they getting mad over Christmas?

    It has become nothing more than a mass-marketing tool used at making profit. If it wasn’t, Japan wouldn’t celebrate it…or they don’t care about where it came from. (shrugs)

  • Those chinese assholes dont ever know from where they get money to live, most shit from christmast is made from china, so if the world stops to celebrate christmast china would die from starving

    • if China want they can feed itself,It is a big-ass country after all.They will be poor though but then people outside china will not have any cheap/dangerous items. Then people will start whine every single thing is too expensive.

  • Isn’t that ironic that they, China, are the elves making all the presents for Santa to deliver around the world every year? Maybe China should look at China as the one destroying its ancient pre-historic cultures which or outdated and have no use after all? Sounds like the leaders of Red Communist China have been reading all of Hugo Chavezs manuals and books and magazines.

  • As a main-land Chinese myself, I will say this. “Statistics” in greater China is mostly b/s and organized by the party. There is without a doubt a solid 99% that bribery or propaganda involved in the MAKING of this %.

    They may as well have left it as “99% of Chinese hate non-Chinese related event.”

  • The Question is your social conditions a threat to Chinese Culture?

    Your pollution is a threat to Chinese Culture?

    Your lack of creativity a threat to Chinese Culture?

    Is your lack of women then men a threat to Chinese Culture?

    Anymore people would like to add into this?

  • Societies tend to evolve their cultures and mix their belief or traditions with other societies.

    The transculturation is a process that no one can change or stop, because it’s mean that the society need to cut any kind of contact with other societies and as everyone knows, the economic, political, territorial and other kind of contact in this era are needed for a mantain a nation.

    But for my, the most funny part is that China as a nation has strong Communist principles (that is being lossing with the time) and the Marxism (father of communism) accept the process of transculturation and historical changes.

    At the end, is pointless. If you don’t want to christmas destroy your traditions, then you need to lose all your contacts. And if you don’t care you lose your old traditions.

  • Well, perhaps they mind making $ off of MAKING Christmas junk for the USA and other countries…?

    Good ol’ “Santa’s Sweatshop in China”
    or “Slave made goods fLoM Amiable VeneLable Cathay”?

    Ooops, wait, as Marx said (1) :

    “Da Rast Kapitarist ShaR Sherr us Da Lope wit Which we sharr Hang him!”

    1-if he was a “Yellow Peril” stereotype character from an old pulp mag, that is!

    Join my group, join MANarchy!

  • I was at one point considering learning chinese, but now I think I want nothing to do with China. Sorry to the few sane Chinese that I met on the internet.

    I don’t think this a good survey, I would have been scared shitless to disagree.

  • LOL my previous post on the ban on english headed in the right direction now its Christmas close to Christianity but im guessing next is gonna be Christianity that their gonna try saying its sullying chinese culture/traditions. China is just cracking me it gets worser with each stupid yet in a way weird and funny article to do with China.

  • Christmas is certainly an attack on pagan culture, as almost everything in the christmas myth was stolen from Pagans – decorated trees, holy, mistletoe, halos, giving gifts… The only bit the christians added was the baby bit, although they couldn’t decide on a date for it until long after the days of the bible.

    It’s all a big lie and a sham, but as for the chinese, well I actually support them on this. Why import a big far middle eastern myth, built on stolen pagan winter solstice traditions? Just to sell people junk they don’t need? Give it a miss I say.

  • Pretty ironic, considering that revolutionary China which got rid of the Manchurians were heavily influenced by METHODIST ideals, with luminaries like Sun Yat Sen himself a practising Christian…

    I would blame Coca-Cola as an attack on Christmas itself…

  • For some, the capitalists, it’s an opportunity to make money

    For others, the religious nuts, it’s an opportunity to believe in fairy tales

    For the rest of us, the sane ones, it’s an opportunity to do something with friends and family

    I love x-mas for the 1st and 3rd 😉

  • Are you serious? This is bulls**t thinking right here. For Christians, besides celebrating all that is Christmas, it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ? For non-Christians, the usual stuff about Christmas. In fact, it’s a freaking holiday to enjoy. Since when did some Chinese think its an attack on their culture?…..Some people are idiots I tell you.

  • more than that, how stupid is this? a friend of mine lived years in china. they dont even know when to celebrate it! the chinese seem to have christmas.stuff in their stores every time of the yera, decorations even in the middle of summe rand all yera without really celebrating! which shows how they want an dwanted to have western culture. and NOW they say “nono nuuuuu”. oh, yeah. hypocrites at their best.

  • The Chinese friends I know don’t give a shit about their traditions and celebrate stuff like Christmas because it’s fun. However when they do take their culture seriously, it’s almost always about paying respects to their lost loved ones and ancestors.

  • Chinese don’t have culture… not anymore…

    Taiwan is the true heir to the ancient Chinas culture, but the china of today is only a bunch of corrupt bastards that sold out long long ago.

    All the truly horrible products that come from china are the result of that.

    All this nationalism bullshit is only being enforced and encouraged so the government can keep a handle on all those monkeys…

  • I think the vote was pretty much bias to cater to whoever created it.

    I know many many chinese who celebrate Christmas. This vote just doesn’t make sense. I’m actually willing to say, that it’s rigged like just about everything in china.

  • Although I have to agree that the current generation are less knowledgeable and detach in Chinese tradition (I’m Chinese)….

    come on Chinas, you’re living on the ground of our ancestors, stop making them rolling in their graves for your childish patriotic fingers pointing blame game :<

  • Wait….I thought China LIKED stealing other countries’ ideas…

    Wouldn’t adding Christmas to their calenders give them another thing to bootleg?

    I figured they’d just call it Chinamas or something.

    • jamesownsall says:

      You don’t really need to ask why. You’ll find the answer if you think more than 2 seconds.

      Christmas is a part of Western culture. So far, Western culture has been associated more with democracy than any other political factions(while democracy in itself is a good thing, its execution is an entirely different game).

      And China is ruled by communists. They may have reached industrial heights through capitalist ways, but their government is molded by communism. The wealth that comes to them also brings along capitalist ideas and this thing called ‘free speech’, ‘free thought’ and all other frees. Being communists they DON’T LIKE THAT ONE BIT.

      So what’s a communist whore to do? Rally citizens into having something they can all hate for barely plausible reasons; something other than communism itself. Ironically, true communism wouldn’t have made it possible for China to gain its current economical strength.

      All in all, this boils down to key Chinese politicians and incest-born fucktard hawks in the military wanting to keep their power and influence over the country to themselves and their cronies. Say what you want, but when the government has power over your free will, they’ll abuse it until the day they die and pass on the torch to their families while others get sidelined.

    • Isn’t that Japan too? Look at Japan’s history for Christ’s sake! Well, I don’t want to use the word “stealing”, call it “borrowing” instead. Many Japanese scientists took Germany and England as great examples for their advancements, which resulted in the defeat of the Russians way back in the early 1900. I am sure the Chinese will eventually understand and realize that “stealing” ideas isn’t the thing to do for a long term, since no innovation and mindless piracy will bring corruption and degeneration.

      • Everyone “steals” ideas. Theres really no such thing as an original idea because everything starts from the surrounding environment that has existed long before humans even existed. “Innovation” is just a refinement of what has existed before. The west just has better propaganda to make you think our ideas are original.

        Take for example western medicine. The idea of eating or drinking something to cure an ailment isn’t exactly “western”. Actual western medicine was all about bloodletting. It wasn’t until the advent of western imperialism that our medicine changed. We absorbed various ideas from around the world and refined them to the point where our medicine started becoming more than just using leeches and bleeding out. Our propaganda is so strong that it even has most chinese thinking their medicine is mystical mumbo jumbo.

        A more general example: Most western inventions were thought up during the european Renaissance period. The Renaissance occured between the 1400s to the 1700s. This period of time also had fleets of european ships setting sail and bringing back various things from around the world. Coincidence?

        “Innovation” is essentially a refinement of existing refinement.

        • You’re completely missing the mark on western medicine.

          >The idea of eating or drinking something to cure an ailment isn’t exactly “western”. Actual western medicine was all about bloodletting.
          That isn’t true. Although bloodletting is an ancient treatment stemming from Roman times, it was only practiced as the single standard cure for a (on historical scales) short period during which the West wasn’t a nice place in any case. There have been various other western practices, like potions (I’ll come back to that in a moment) and surgery. The Romans even knew how to deal with kidney stones.

          >It wasn’t until the advent of western imperialism that our medicine changed.
          Yet the two are completely unrelated.
          First of all, if you look at it carefully, it becomes clear that much of the necessary medical groundwork that eventually resulted in western medicine was done centuries before the rise of the western empires.
          Secondly, western medicine is founded on old Greek knowlegde and, crucially and most importantly, the scientific method, both imported via the Arabic world as a result of the Renaissance.
          Thirdly, almost all forms of medicine that we find all over the world, including for example CTM, its needles, its plethora of potions (and also incidentally most western potions from before the modern period) don’t actually work. This went unnoticed for centuries or millennia because people didn’t investigate and test properly.

          In short, western medicine is a modern invention, that hasn’t benefited as much from pre-modern work done in the colonies as you think it has. In contrast, western medicine stands on the shoulders of the ancient Greeks and the Enlightenment.

  • The question of the survey from my understanding is”Are you worry about the popularity of Christmas in China?”

    Which I am sure about 9 out of 10 the “78%” chinese say yes because no one in their own country seem to give a shit about their own traditional celebrations.

    ITis only a survey, the chinese can only answer yes or no.

    That “Right thinking chinese” is just a random net user isn’t it?To take notice of someone opinion online is like saying 2ch=all japanese….plus i dont think alot of people care if that guy isnt a government official anyway,right?

    P.S tbh i don’t see anything wrong with the last picture at all….

  • well, what a surprise, a foreign religious day which today is only centered about buying stuff (aka marketing/sales event) is disliked from a communistic country…

    However some Christian countries aren’t that much better if it comes to foreign religion or if you tell to someone that you don’t like xmas, then they act like you’re sick.

    Some countries even ban certain religious buildings/symbols…

    China is not the only country which treats foreign religion/tradition that way if the influence gets too big, but most countries on this planet… (damn. hypocrites)

  • jamesownsall says:

    This growing ultra-nationalism is starting to make me feel really concerned about China now, in context of rhow this will affec their foreign affairs… they’re already terrible to begin with.

    Don’t they have Christian Chinese over there? Will they start banning any sign of Christian festivities no matter what religion one believes in?

    I’m not Christian and I don’t celebrate any of Christian days, but this is stupid. Obviously, whoever is insecure enough to feel threatened by Christian culture isn’t a strong-minded person enough to believe in his own culture. This, while demand for firecrackers and mandarin oranges every Chinese New Year season never even drop. It’s like they’re telling people that you can only have one or another.

    Purity my ass. I’m starting to think that they’re fortifying people’s nationalism this far to shape their morale up to start an invasion; by instilling this pseudo ‘holy race’ mentality. Happened with the Germans before WWII.

    • Oh please, Nazi’s were stupid insecure children that had to resort to killing people.

      Oh, we still have rough spots, but our winning condition is simple, China survives as long as there are still Chinese in the world.

      • I think most would agree that overseas Chinese would be proud to see China grow into a powerful and RESPONSIBLE nation but instead have watched it fuck up every chance it’s had so far! Perhaps one of the reasons why many Chinese are overseas?

    • jamesownsall says:

      Because it was state-initiated, that’s why.

      They’ll deny that, or just blame it on someone, or something else. Now that everyone knows China for their kungfu, queer cuisine, feng shui and many other cultural shit they spammed at us via movies, they can’t wash away what the rest of the world respect them for, can they? So they now decided to go along with this culture thing and turn it into a reason to antagonize anything foreign.

      Ironically, most of those things were able to come out to the world in the first place through Hong Kong, then owned by the British until 1997, and had one of the most active moviemaking industries. If the communists had control over Hong Kong since its inception, no one will give as much fuck about anything Chinese as they are doing now.

      • That’s why I asked myself why it has to be the North-Chinese who rules over China and not South-East Chinese/Cantonese Chinese from Hong Kong and the like that know a bit of democracy. China becomes rich, not because communism, but because of the knowledge and expertise from Hong Kong when it comes to science, business, filmmaking etc. (the Cultural Revolution had destroyed a lot of things after all, not to mention all the innocent deaths of Chinese intellectuals back in the time).

    • “Since when did a celebration focused on sharing and kindness be considered an attack against somebody’s culture?”

      When the culture is the most selfish and materialistic society on the planet.

      Christmas is about giving away stuff to other people. To a Chinese person that’s like setting yourself on fire.

    • Actually, Christmas used to be a pagan holiday. To get pagans to convert to Christianity, they made up a holiday, said it was their god’s birthday, and then told them they could celebrate it instead of the Solstice. It ended up catching on and changing Christian traditions to match. So Christmas has always been about destroying previous cultures…at least ever since the Christians took it over.

      Of course it’s not surprising that China would consider anything foreign, especially something so popular with countries such as the US and Japan to be bad. Consider the kind of state they live in. They have mo real freedom, and the second Christmas causes problems for those in charge, it’s going to be banned or severely restricted. The sad part is the majority will likely support it and consider the restriction of their freedoms an example of their government working properly.

        • Anonymous says:

          They brainwash them and give them bullshit honors even though the subject matter is watered down and includes nothing about actual history, then, if/when they come to the West, their brainwashing wears off and they become slackers and gamers like the rest of us normal Amerifats.

          Also, they KILLED their own culture about 50 years ago and replaced it with shitty imitations of Stalinist Russia and the dregs of Japanese pop-culture, so these “patriotic” Chinese are just a bunch of hypocrites- which of course is to be expected of anyone at the political extremes anyway.

    • Considering Christmas has been taken over by various peoples East and West, that’s an incredibly selfish thinking.

      I remember in Japan, other than maybe Golden Week, Christmas was a huge deal. If nothing other than letting people show off the whole Red and Green motifs, celebrating the season or buying gifts or getting KFC (The Japanese tradition! Get KFC on Christmas day. KFC did a great job making itself some kind of a Christmas cult over there).

      Also, the way it is celebrated in America and the rest of the world, it’s more an atheist holiday the way millions celebrate it.

      And I also suppose the Chinese New Year’s isn’t an attack on other cultures the way they put it. Just imagine the flamewars it’d cause in a Chinese messageboard if some Korean or Japanese guy goes there and calls it “Lunar New Year”. Or hey, fun factoid: Lunar New Year is also called “Islamic New Year”.

    • “Since when did a celebration focused on sharing and kindness be considered an attack against somebody’s culture?”

      Since the day a group of priests & nobles choose to change the birth of Jesus Christ to December 25th, as a means to absorb a Pagan holiday and convert those of different religious beliefs to their own.

      As for China, who gives a fuck what that nation of thieves thinks.

    • I think the bone of contention is that they fear many Chinese would choose to celebrate a Christian Holiday in place of their own traditions.

      It is kind of silly though. You can respect someone elses holiday without losing your own traditions.
      If they want the Lunar New year to be a bigger deal then put some money into selling it.

      • That’s the thing though. Christmas, one can argue, is huge as an atheistic celebration now.

        It’s like how Halloween and April’s Fools has evolved into a more world wide holiday. Even historically, the actual celebration of Christmas was originally there to celebrate Winter Solstice and it also had roots in Pagan celebrations. The way Christians has taken up the mantle, it in fact didn’t even originate with Christians at all. And nowadays, what do we celebrate more? Santa Claus. lol I love Santa Claus.

        • Well, Fred, I don’t know if you’re arguing that since Christmas has become essentially an atheistic holiday, and the date has no special atheistic significance, it shouldn’t be held, at least not by atheists… but if you are, I think I disagree.
          We’re going to throw a big party in the winter, that’s a given. Months of snow and sleet and darkness without some sort of party? Come on. And given that we are we might as well celebrate it on the solstice, a) since we’re already doing that and moving about is pointless and b) the days are getting longer now, really. A comforting thought, for theists and atheists alike.

        • Most of the modern Christmas customs such as the Christmas tree are actually from Norse paganistic customs.

          But still China has reached a new low here.
          If they don’t want to be influenced by other cultures then they better give up trade with the rest of the world and go back to having closed borders.
          You can’t have trade of goods without a trade of cultural ideas.

          It’s always been this way even with primitive cultures that existed long before what is modern China.

        • Chinese railing against Christmas?!?

          That’s almost like the Grinch killing off Max because he isn’t a real reindeer.

          You know what though? Millions of Made in China substandard toys can’t be wrong. Mainland China may ban Christmas, but they won’t stop the gravy train of moolah from rolling into town by way of toy exports, will they?

        • For Atheists the winter solstice only has astronomical significance. Santa “Coca Cola” Clause is an infectiously convenient excuse to party, but he’s still a Christian invention that embodies the themes of elf slavery and riding supersonic reindeer.
          Its not something the fundies are entirely kosher with… however few are really militant about the whole deal.

          The Chinese, on the other hand, are taking a different stance.

      • Who are they? What’s the percentage of the whole China’s nation who is thinking like that too.

        12.000 are asked from the 1.3 billion Chinese! Is that even representative? I doubt that Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese are thinking the same as the “mainlanders”.

        And aren’t there “westerners” here in the USA concerning about similar things, when they are talking about the “Coca Cola” culture.

        • that’s a stupid defending point.
          do you suppose all 1.3 billion will vote the poll? 12’000 is already damn big to represent it (those 1.3 billion).
          and the chances of 78% from such big number 12’000 may as well represent 78% from the 1.3 billion. who knows the percentage actually get higher if really from 1.3 billion

          worst more its not from their infamous government, its from their people. ow well, government consist of people anyway. Really, I look down on China for their attitude no matter how good they are in military or economy.

    • Of course christmas is an attack to their culture. What would you think if we had some muslim things in the west? Probably the same. “Ramadam is an attack to our culture” something along those lines.

    • I am pretty sure there are a lot of Chinese Christians and atheists who are celebrating Christmas now in similar fashion as in the USA. Or Chinese can’t be Christians, is that what you try to say? Also it’s a survey about 78% from some 12.000 anonymous out of the 1.3 billion people, that’s not representative at all!

      • No, Anybody can become a Christian if someone chooses to. What I was saying is there’s a certain percentage of people who think otherwise that Christian is an attack of Chinese Culture. i know people still have a dislike for holidays for whatever reason.

        I might need to look up on how exactly does Christmas become something very offensive to some. Then again, it’s coming off of a survey and those aren’t usually reliable for information.

    • Well, its not like the american people live better lifes. I would never want to live in this dump overseas… in neither of them acually.

      And besides, your country belongs to china. You owe them more than you ever can pay back. Its really funny how communists bought those stupid US fucktards. 🙂

        • >The euro is declining
          No it isn’t. I’ve looked at the exchange graph for the past few months and it just bobs up and down. Nothing to suggest a clear trend that we can use to predict the future. It might go up, or down, or stay bobbing, and all the economists disagree.

          >the taxes are rising
          Hardly, and where they have, they deserve it.

        • Im kinda confused here, 1:23.

          Europe is no better off than the US is right now. Take a look at the two places. On the surface Europe may seem better but many european countries are even more broke than the US. In the last month there have been countless riots in the streets all over Europe. Although we had the “tea party” in the US, none of that was violent and most of it was in opposition to the current administration’s inabilities.

          Go ahead and claim you’re better off…just make sure you come back in 4 years when your taxes are so high you can’t stand it and the massively incapable EU is further driven into the ground.

          The euro is declining, the taxes are rising, the unrest has reached a breaking point. Get out of your happy bubble and see the writing on the wall before it’s too late, Anon.

        • Well the bashing never stops. I’m pretty much done hearing a lot of crap said by people like you. Well I’ll admit things don’t look to good where I’m living. And it’s pointless to start an argument between countries. I just like to say that you can say so much stuff out of your mouth, but it’s not like every thing has been said will be true. And you got to keep an eye out for whatever happens in the world, even your country Europe. You never know if Europe is going to have a major problem or two.

          It’s a good thing I’m just posting as an anon because I could just be gone and not replying to any comment.

          This is very pathetic to post this to my end, but just wanted to get that out that any country has its problem, including Europe, the country you live in. I’m not usually like this all the time.

  • This getting retarded, no wait too late, it is already retarded.

    So I have to wonder, where in Chinese culture is it considered culturally Chinese to fucking rip off legit business? I mean, there isn’t a fucking thing coming out of China that isn’t suspect of being fucking copy write theft.

  • The Chinese are being real hypocrites now. I mean I am fine with them hating Christmas, but to say its an attack on their culture? Hell their whole modernization would be considered an attack on their “Chinese culture”. Their cities, their power plants, their gadgets, everything modern they have is reflected on either other asian countries or western countries. Seriously..

    But you know my aunt keeps screeching about how the yellow people (aka the Chinese since she only seems to refer to yellow people when its about chinese) will take over the world because it was in the bible or some “holy scripture”. Ptff with the hypocrisy and all the pirating the Chiense practice I doubt they can take over the world. They have the power to destroy it but not take it over.

    I fine or whatever their preference is, but they are just going to close their doors more and more. wanting nothing to do with anyone. Why is it that right now they gaining the income of most of the world right now when they close their doors to foreign influence so much? Does anyone smell hypocrisy coming out of their mouths? Say one thing…do another…and to think I used to highly respected the Chinese 10 years ago.

    • The originals source of information is japanese to translate one language to another sometime result in some error in showing how “strong” a word is.In this case though i think “attack” isnt exactly wrong…
      but anyway as i say above nobody say they hate christmas they only think they celebrate it even more that their own holiday.

      i have to say Artefact is either a talented writer or very good at writing misleading many people instantly rage over something that nobody should really give a shit about

    • Actually, what he said was true, my mom kept telling me “the Chinese will eventually rise above everything else”.

      Seriously, China fails beyond words. Pirating stuffs, illegally copying and forging fake goods, food stuff that is dangerously poisonous, bridge constructed out of trash (literally).

      PS : I AM a Chinese, so shut the fuck up if you wanna say “Fucking Amerikan” or “Idiotic Guai Lo/Ang Moh/Gui Lao”, because I’m not.

      PS 2: Chinese writing is hard to learn, glad English is my first language, else I’d be writing fail English.

      • You don’t have to feel ashamed of because you are Chinese. Not at all. Since you can be proud of other things that’s Chinese. China has its great philosophers, statesmen, inventions (yes, that’s right, the Chinese did invent things in the past) in China’s history. Values about life and family virtues etc. in general are pretty high too, despite what others suggest. The bad things that came out of China are just a small part of China. It’s always possible to talk about a country negatively through lies, half-truths and demagogy. Every country has its own “the good, the bad and the ugly” stuffs, I would say. In this article it tells about a survey which consists of 78% of the 12.000 anonymous from the 1.3 billion (1.300.000.000) Chinese people who think that Xmas is an attack on their culture, and that’s not even 1 percent of the whole population. I am pretty sure that some Japanese (the extreme ones think the same that Xmas is an attack on Japan’s culture), but bear in mind it’s always a small percentage of the whole population. Everyone is going to celebrate Christmas, and life goes on. And Scrooge also hated Christmas and he’s no Chinese.

        • It is the question itself that is the problem. if you ask the same people “Do they like christmas” about 90% of them will answer yes or dont give a shit.The other 10% being they dont even know wtf christmas is

        • I still suspect a good portion of that 78% are people paid off buy the government.
          The Chinese media is even more corrupt then mainstream media in the US which appears to be cursed to tell nothing but lies and exaggerations.

      • hi banana-man/ABC

        “Chinese writing is hard to learn, glad English is my first language, else I’d be writing fail English.”
        implies that good in chinese = fail in english. wtf??

        when you have offsprings, dye their hair, change their surname to beckham or something classy, and tell them they look like chinese is because their mom watch too much china’s movie while pregnant.

        we have more than a billions of chinese in china alone, we don’t mind losing some.

        what my english fail? well that doesn’t stop me from trolling you. have a nice day.

        • You know, trolls usually guard their intelligence by writing comments with correct grammar and proper capitals where they are due.

          Your comment here being a grammatical disaster only proves his points.

          All I see here is just a chaotic pile of words typed in by someone who’s likely butthurt, and yet can’t even properly express himself.

          Also, so what if he is an ABC? You all have yellow skin and eyes like apostrophe anyway. I can’t stop laughing at how much you managed to fail with this single response!