China Bans English For “Sullying Purity of Chinese”


China has banned its media, publishers and websites from using foreign language words, particularly English ones, in an effort to preserve the glorious purity of the Chinese language from being defiled by corrosive barbarian influences.

China’s General Administration of Press and Publication says the infiltration of barbarian languages has “seriously damaged to the purity of the Chinese language” and resulted in “adverse social impacts to the harmonious and healthy cultural environment.”

Existing bans on the usage of barbarian words in TV and radio will also be strengthened; language criminals who flout the new regulations face criminal prosecution.

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        • LOL, I remember that. My relatives were all over me when I could speak English like a madman.

          But hey, maybe we should hope that they start going into the North Korean syndrome? Then it can fail on itself.

        • Honestly, we really should be trying to get the labor back into our countries. Cheap labor is not the way of the future because all it leads to is dangerous items. The unfortunate reality seems to be that corporations really are the pathway to the safest and cheapest mass production of objects. Really if our health care in America does iron out the issues that were obviously going to happen at the start of a brand new system over the next few years, then in theory smaller business can give health care and match safety regulations and such in factories while robotics will become cheaper and cheaper over time.

          I’m not an expert in any of those fields of course, but in my experience most things that seem complicated tend to have simpler solutions than those who are in the industry seem to think they are. They’re just wrapped up in how things were compared to how they could be.

        • have to agree with Anonymous 03:23
          most of my friends that not taking interest when watching english film in our childhood days, can’t speak english at all

          I know my english suck, but I still understand most of them, compared my friends that have zero interest

          syllabus isn’t enough to build your knowledge you know …

        • I learned English and German from TV and got myself a C1 diploma in highschool for both.

          What you’re saying makes no sense. Rather, children should learn as many languages as they can as early as they can.

        • I agree with you House, Cheap labor wouldn’t be needed because slightly more expensive products made in our home countries would be just as affordable with how the economy would stabilize once all those jobs are held by current citizens and not imports.

        • Yama-jii:

          English today is a conglomeration of every other language in the world. Looking through an English dictionary will reveal thousands of words adopted from other languages (primarily European). Anyone who speaks only English who tries to learn another language is always surprised to find they already know some words in the foreign language they are trying to learn. Restaurant, à la carte, attaché–from French; Bonsai, haiku, origami, tycoon–from Japanese; Caio, feng shui, Chop suey, Ginseng–from Chinese, and so forth. In fact, just do a search for “_language_ words in English” replacing the word language for any foreign language you want. There are even Swahili words commonly used in English.

          Chinese, on the other hand, has very few words stolen fro other languages, so the comparison is not accurate.


        • @01:03

          I believe that English is not the most spoken language in the world, as IIRC it’s in the 4th place among other languages.

          Ironically, Chinese is the most spoken one, unsurprisingly considering the huge Chinese population all across the globe (with the majority in China).

        • So they are removing the most spoken language in the world :). Oh well.


          Oh yes they do, trust me boy. An unknown source said “in a data entry company they earn $2 bucks an hour, if they make a mistake they pay them $2 for each mistake made.”
          How that passed in India I got no idea. My idea is to bomb the whole world and restart it all over again.

        • i honestly believe that chinese and other languages that borrow from that type of language (20000+ symbols) should be dissolved as a language.

          im not being racist, im just being realistic. those kind of languages are a nightmare to learn (in written form) in english, american english, there are i believe 26 main characters, and than after that there are at least 52 secondary ones which are modified with ‘ and other things. if japanese just had the simple language it would be ok, because you can learn mostly from context in the spoken, haveing the kanji is almost unnecessary in written, because learn the context.

          but thats just my take on language

        • @ Anon 3:23

          Yes, children should learn as much language as they can. But how much can you learn from TV(not from an educational program) Yes you may be exposed to bombastic languages but how bout your grammar? That need to be learned from class and from communicating with others. If you say TV can be used for an exposure to the language, yes. TV can also refine what you have already know about the language. But if your grammar or basic understanding of the language is weak, you will tend to misuse the language.

          I mean you got a diploma in English and German, but have you not attend a single class for it? Or maybe your learning abilities are very good. I have watched anime for years and all I know is watashi, baka, wait in Japanese. And I still don’t know how to put them in a sentence.

        • Anonymous

          skilled labor. sweat shop like factories for clothing may have to pay a bit more, but india will fold to lower wages for unskilled.

          skilled, as in things like making pcb and the like, that will cost more than china, but china is about 1/4 the cost of american labor when they have to directly deal with americans, ill assume 1/10 the wage for when they dont have to.

          so that would be around 1-2$ an hour, 40hours a week (assuming, for sake of argument) comes to 40-80$ a week, china pays those people 8$ a week. and we dont know what they get payed, we just know what they pay.

          it would be the difference of an iphone costing 12-18$ in assembly (i forget the real price but its probably less than that) and costing 20-30 in assembly, most things wont cost all that much more.


          the labor is cheap because we like cheap things. and i mean the real cheap things, like a wallmart shirt.

          there are other places, that if the labor was moved from 1$ a week to 10$ an hour, even though they would still pull profit off items at current prices, they would hike them. like nike shoes.

          it could honestly crash industry if we move away from cheap labor. suddenly minimum wage isn’t enough, so we would have to pay more in welfare, or raise minimum wage, which would in turn hike prices a bit more, and tax people who can afford it more.

          i beleive there are altunatives, but you have to look at the cause and effect.


          again, price hikes, minumum wage, and other things need to be taken into account. and it wouldn’t bennifit us in the beginning, things would need 10 or so years to balance out with how slow everything moves in the government.

        • regarding commercial relations and how it is affecting the future, i was glad to see some chinese were denounced for trying to gain a contract through bribes. i always wandered how they kept receiving all the deals and all labor contracts since is common knowledge that they lack not only quality but the smallest of safety measures. i still remember how Mattel how to pull off many toys from the shelves due to poisonous paint used in their toys, not to mention the Fiasco with the He Man collectors club Hordak Figures.
          how can it be a good deal
          making business with China if you either loose money for the bad quality of your product, or by the law suits?
          only bribes and extortion can explain this.

        • Fear not Yoshii-kun! We are the superior people in this world.. You, me, and every otaku who lurks around here! We come from all across the world, using the power of the interwebs and we share common interests and a common idea of what is right and what is wrong. We shall form our own virtual country, and produce manga, anime, figures, dakimakura, shimapan, and other products we find necessary. There will be happiness, profit, and we shall win at life! Hurray!

        • To be honest I understand their effort. You see most Chinese are born, well, in a Chinese environment. They will most likely speak in Mandarin or Cantonese. And children are easily influence by the media. When the people on TV are speaking in English they will try and follow it. Yet, they don’t really know how to use that language properly. So they’ll end up mixing up the two languages(that is why they have singlish in Singapore)

          Those that are born in an English speaking environment will not really understand this because there is only one language to learn. But when you have two major languages to learn, they often get mixed up. In the end the Chinese language will have a bit of English and even vice versa.

          So in conclusion I think that they are trying conserve the quality of their English too. I also think that any language should be learned properly and not from TV. But artefact, the title is kinda misleading, I thought that they banned English entirely. Well I’m no China supporter as most of the commenters here but I think that we should be fair and try and understand them too. I just hope that they are not dumb enough to ban English from their education syllabus.

        • Yoshii-kun

          in all honesty, moveing from china labor to india would take what? 1, 2 years? and thats for computer parts, shirts and other things like that would be under 1 year.

          i can go that long while waiting,

    • Um, sorry, did ANYONE read the damn original article instead the text here at SankakuComplex? The original article got a totally different tone (i.e. less negative) than the one here. The original article is talking about “mixed English words in publications” and “Arbitrary use of English words and acronyms” and “acronym mixing in Mandarin and coined half-English, half-Chinese terms” which are not in the original spelling in the Chinese and/or English language, with other words: incorrect use of these mixed/hybrid words. There are no words about a total ban of the English language or any other foreign language.

      Misleading = MISLEADING

    • If you ask me… this isn’t as bad as the other BS that China does. If you think about it, China speaks chinses and many dialects of it and thats it. English is very irrelevant for a massive population where most of it only speaks, know and learn chinese without really seeing a forign word except in main cities.

      Its a dumbass ban just like most Chinas stuff, but not that bad.

      Shit I dont care. I dont ever want to step foot in China ever. As long as they dont touch Taiwan, they can do whatever they want.

    • right China. Maybe you should stop putting out simplified chinese cuz your older generation that grew up with traditional can’t read that simplified shit your barbaric young generation seems to be fond of.

    • They’re just doing what France’s been doing quite some time. China adores English in daily life – having a working knowledge of English is a requirement for all high-end jobs there.

      I get the impression that they’re trying to get rid of Engrish with this new legislation – fat chance, I think, though.

      • war between the U.S. and China will never happen too much economics at stake this is also the same reason that there won’t be a third world war and even if said conflict were to come about it’ll probably be more akin to World War ONE! rather than the global sized conflict that was world war two because again economics at stake so each side would do their best to contain said conflict to a single area (at best)

    • Chinese culture (and women) has/have been the cum dumpsters of foreign barbarian ‘invaders’ for millenia. Either by actual invasion, or by assimilation of the foreigners who immigrate by the Chinese.

      So in other words…

      Yeah. More Epic Chinese FAIL.


    • This is an old news already. It started over half year ago but nothing really changes actually. They just replace some English word abbreviations by their translations of full name, like replacing “NBA” by “美国职业篮球赛” (National Basketball Association), no big deal, is it?

        • Dude I’m Chinese and I personally hate the communist government of China.

          But Artefact your comment just now was quite offensive to me. Just because someone is chinese doesn’t mean anything. It seems that you are highly biased against my kind.

        • Artefact, you are wrong. Most Chinese people, the educated ones at least, do see problems with the communist government. However, they also see it as a necessary evil. Take the one-child policy; largely looked upon as a violation of human rights here in the west, yet if it was never implemented then China would have only become increasingly impoverished over the decades.

          It’s easy for people who don’t live in the country to cry for change, especially when you don’t have anything to lose. Freedom is nice, but obtaining a desired level of it is a lot more complicated than most people believe.

        • I am highly biased against communist tyranny and the people who support it. As most mainland Chinese clearly support their government’s activities passively or actively, it seems only fair to make such generalisations. If Chinese really cared about freedom of speech their government would not be able to repress it so thoroughly.

        • Now that you mention it. Media in China only publish what they’re allowed to publish. This is a truth we have adopted, for we can’t change it. So we don’t believe the media now.

          However, more truth lies in the Internet. Though they could be censored anytime, more would come, we’re not as stupid as you thought.

        • Whether you’re stupid can only be determined by yourself, not me. If you think so then this’s it, I don’t care. Personally I don’t think you’re stupid, but the thing is you’re not living here; when you see the dark side of mainland you say “Well, that’s terrible, but so what, I have my home sweet home at Taiwan, I don’t care why it’s terrible here and how to make it better really, it’s just terrible and that’s it, I don’t want to have anything to do with that.”

          No one wants to go deep inside the darkness unless being forced/pushed, that’s the human nature can’t be denied.

        • dammit… pushed the delete button by accident. Reposting this. Sorry if this ends up being a double post.

          So basically you just called me stupid for voicing my opinion diskonline? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Chinese media only broadcasts what the governement wants the people to hear and censors what shouldn’t be heard. Its no surprise that China’s web is heavily censored to. Thats also called censorship to.

          Ive been to China enough to say what I say and I stand by it. If you dont like it…. I dont care. I dont mind argueing with you if you put up some kind of an argument, but just calling me stupid isn’t “showing off you’re intelligence” either. Whether or not you lived there or me visiting China about 20 times a year (I go for work and visiting family reletives there in An Hui) for a decent amount of time doesn’t mean that neither of us have a reduced experience in what China life is about. ITs the perception of it. And different people have difference perceptions of it. This is mine.

          Plz try again.

        • So basically you just called me stupid for voicing my opinion diskonline? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Chinese media only broadcasts what the governement wants the people to hear and censors what shouldn’t be heard. Its no surprise that China’s web is heavily censored to. Thats also called censorship to.

          Ive been to China enough to say what I say and I stand by it. If you dont like it…. I dont care. I dont mind argueing with you if you put up some kind of an argument, but just calling me stupid isn’t “showing off you’re intelligence” either. Whether or not you lived there or me visiting China about 20 times a year for a decent amount of time doesn’t mean that neither of us have a reduced experience in what China life is about. ITs the perception of it. And different people have difference perceptions of it. This is mine.

          Plz try again.

        • You’ve just proved that 2 months one summer for an outsider (of mainland) is not enough to understand the environment here.

          Showing off your intelligence is another kind of stupid, that’s why they don’t tell you the truth they know, especially when you’re not so familiar with each other.
          Usually we just pretend to be brain washed, we all do. But life here is full of tips saying “they’re washing your brain!”, it takes time to realise that, but it’s only a matter of time.

          I’m working on my doctor project at the very South of mainland. Sometimes I get Taiwanness classmates, one of them has been here for over 5 years. She can understand what life we’re living, hope you can understand it later.

        • Yo anon…. Im Taiwanese in Taiwan and I see some truth in what he says. I guess I may be the only one that can argue with you on this point.

          Most Chinese in China are not that intelligent. PLz dont be so foolish in thinking so. Ive been to China plenty of times and studied there for 2 months one summer for collage. The communist government brainwashes everyone, showing what it wants the people to know and see and refusing anyone in seeing another picture. On the other side, people there are just trying to make a living and dont care what is happening outside or what their governement is doing as long as it does not affect them.

          its very easy to generalize since if people did know what the government had been doing to their people, they would rise up and they would win. But aggressive reppression has thwarted that, and that people just dont care.

          Plus, there is just so much news evidence that proves China is in the wrong here that as a Chinese mixed, you just have to give up Chinese people in China.

        • Well, you think you know everything? This order/law has nothing to do with normal audience, it towards only media workers, like CCTV employers, presenters, news reporters themself.

          Seriously, what’s the big deal. They can still say what they want to say, can’t they. Being unable to use English doesn’t mean they can’t say anything about English, what’s more, they’re only news reporters.

          Yeah, it’s not necessary, it looks stupid, but what is this with free speech.

      • No, it bans any foreign words from media. This is a fail for obvious reasons.

        Ideas of language purity are essentially nationalistic myths. For example, the English language is a mix of Latin and Germanic elements, with many loanwords from Commonwealth nations.

        • “cafe” is French, “schadenfreude” is a word derived from German that means to find pleasure in others misfortune. Our ENTIRE numerical system was “borrowed” from Arabics, as is the word “assassin.” We here at good old Sankaku use the word Otaku regularly. This is a borrowed word. Oh, as well as the word “saute.”

        • oh, i understand their worries
          imagine the possibly most idiotic written language in existence today, having an alphabet of 10 000 to 40 000 symbols, 50 000 to 100 000 words
          now take the english language with 26 symbols and 500 000 to 1 000 000 words
          that must be embarrassing
          yea, they should stick to their bronze age language and not let anyting touch it

        • Its just to keep their people in check, Their goverment is quete represive. There is many “dangerous” Ideas out there that can put the one on top at risk.

          Like the “Unaproved” Nobel Guy recently, it put their national security at risk, if many of that kind of guy apear.
          and the Source of Influence is Foreign, and mainly they came in English

          If the people cant read those, The somewhat “Dangerous” Thinking threat can be minimum
          and all Happy leader on top Can reign for many more years.

          as long their People is dumb

        • “Tsunami” is a pretty recent one since scientists don’t like “tidal wave”.

          If English doesn’t absorb as many foreign words as other languages today, it’s because the new terms people want to use tend to be English to begin with, like “email” and “internet”.

        • Here is a wonderful list of all the borrowed Japanese words that are in common English use (listed in English dictionaries etc.) The expressions “Head honcho” & “Just a skosh” were originated from Japanese words.

          The English language even has borrowed words from China (list below) so to say that English has not adopted foreign words in the last few centuries is definitely off. Also, China should realize this and appreciate it. If English can adopt Chinese, then Chinese can adopt English. (Troublesome beings.)

        • English has mugged entire languages for their vocabularies and continues to do so.

          The notion that it is not still assimilating other languages could hardly be further from the truth – if anything the pace has quickened with the advent of a global “lingua anglica.”

        • China fails to understand that languages are not impervious to time and evolution. Any language differs from itself depending on the times. For example English from 200 years ago is not the same as English as we currently know it; and I doubt Chinese is an exception (in fact look at how many dialects they have; if you were to put two Chinese people from completely different dialects in the same room they wouldn’t understand each other at all).

          To believe that a language is not affected by time, people and culture in general in any way is stupid at least.

        • @Rashid,

          To quote James D. Nicoll:
          “The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don?t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.”

          Current estimates are that more than two-thirds of English vocabulary can be traced back to foreign loanwords.

        • Oh and somewhat related but the japanese word pan(bread) was also taken from the French..

          And I’m getting the impression that names of foods in English tend to retain their foreign names….mmm like creme brulee or crepes or Enchilada…

        • Oh Artefact I love how you use the sources and how noone even reads them 😀

          Arbitrary use of English words and acronyms is now prohibited and coined terms that are not intelligible to everyone are not allowed to be used, according to a notice released by the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) recently.

          I don’t think the source is saying anything of a ban of all English words in media but hey, maybe MY reading comprehension fails

      • And don’t forget alot of english words are borrowed by the chinese language because they don’t have their own word for it. Now what are they gonna say/do? Yes I speak 3 different chinese so I know.

  • Basic linguistics show that a language will naturally grow through the use of loan words, as the English language has. For those using simply “taco” or “burrito” as examples, you are using very poor examples. “Coup d’etat” [French] would be a much better example. “Guerilla” [Spanish] is another, or perhaps even “alcohol” [Arabic], “zeppelin” [German], or “futon” [Japanese]. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to find great English equivalents for these words at all, but that’s what makes English advanced; it uses phrases from other languages to make up for what it doesn’t have.

    For Chinese to abolish this type of language advancement from their media will make them more “pure”, sure, but it’ll cause their media to express information with less certainty, as their language doesn’t have words and phrases to express absolutely everything with absolute certainty.

  • Wait, doesn’t China introduce the simplified Chinese characters to replace the traditional Chinese characters – mostly characterized with more strokes, which are still used by Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese. So talking about purity of the Chinese language here makes no sense at all. Otherwise bring back the traditional Chinese characters instead using those simplified aberrations which, in my opinion, are no Chinese characters at all.

  • Languages evolve, that’s a fact.

    A lot of people who study languages try to preserve the language, specially against words like OMG or WTF. But the true is that the Language evolve because is becomes insufficient for the society.

    As Megidola said, English come from Germanic, Latin and other groups. And as Rashid and Annons said, there are new words in English, and this is because new elements appear and you need a way to name it, but in other language already there is a name for these elements, so we just apply that names in our vocabulary.

    The needs of society evolve with the evolution of a society and so evolve the need of expression (verbal, artistic, etc).

    Now, is this bad or good? No idea. Of course sound stupid, but is the people who is going to decide (not a goberment) if they are going to use English words to complement the words they don’t have, or they are going to create new words. Even if the medias are banned, that doesn’t change the desition of people to use English or new words.

  • “[…]harmonious and healthy cultural environment.”!!?
    Having grown-up in a former-communist country, I am somewhat familiar with traditional communist “wooden tongue” …still, I can’t help but wonder if they themselves believe even half of the stuff that comes out of their mouth :-/

  • I used to think China was heading in the right direction, but now i see that it was just wishful thinking.

    With people making laws like this ruling and an growing economy i fear they might become a threat to the world one day.

  • Knowing how SanCon usually “misses” part of the whole deal, I went to the source to read what this really is about.

    They are trying to limit the usage of random foreign words mixed with chinese texts, basically.

    I guess in a dictatorship that already restricts internet usage and uses lots of censorship, something like that is to be expected.

    Not long ago the overuse of foreign language words was also discussion in Brazil.. of course the government would never intervene on such matters though.


    …People like me must be the cause. 8DDD; I’m chinese and I’m completely eager to learn English and whatsoever, but… as for chinese… Let’s say I stopped learning it after I turn 12. …What do you expect? I hate learning all that vocabularies… ORZ

  • 2011 is shaping up to be a very angry year for old asian people its like okay they know they’re gonna die and now they just wanna try and see If they can leave some of their stank hanging around after they die sigh and you just know japan is gonna come up with something 8 tmes more racist if not just as racist soon enough …to spite china they just might welcome more foreigners *fingers crossed*

  • Preserving the glorious purity of the Chinese language? My ass. It is like pot calling the kettle black. Didn’t Mao himself nearly destroy the Chinese culture through the Cultural Revolution?

    Not forgetting that it was the CCP that simplified the Chinese language that it does not look Chinese anymore. Because of the simplified characters, many Chinese people has to learn 2 sets of characters.

      • The Japanese government didn’t really simplified the Kanji to only 1945 characters. The purpose of the Jouyou Kanji is to make Japanese easier to learn. The Jouyou Kanji are just a list of most common Kanji used in public. Students are taught all these Kanji when they finished high school.

        The purpose of the Jouyou kanji list was to promote usage of common kanji and discourage the usage of obsolete and difficult kanji in everyday life.

        Granted, there are a good portion of kanji characters that were simplified. Even then, it wasn’t a mass simplification and majority of kanji still resembles traditional kanji characters. Any kanji that is outside the joyo kanji list is still written in traditional characters.

        This may come as a surprise but when China began their simplification in 1949, they copied some of the simplified kanji from the Japanese.

        Actually, I didn’t know that the Americans tried to simplified the Japanese language. What I do know was that during that time, there were plans to throw away kanji and kana and adopt romaji as the written Japanese language instead. This plan was met with fierce opposition.

    • Plagiarism and piracy (in the sense of copying stuff, not like… pirates with eyepatches fighting ninjas) will end as soon as the concept of “intellectual property” disappears

      You only think people are stealing/pirating/plagiarizing your ideas because you THINK that idea is “yours” (to keep, for an indefinite amount of time)

      If “intellectual property” existed back when we were cavemen, I’m sure the descendants of the guy who invented the fire or the wheel would be the most powerful people in the world, if not the de facto rulers

  • It’s just China. For the world, nothing of value was lost.
    We have beautiful South Korea. It’s better than China in every regard. Better cosplay, better manners, fun to have around, can finish off Chinese fishermen without an effort.

    We also have Japan, though they need to get their democratic act together soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    They’re just jealous that English is 10,000 times easier to speak and read. This is the problem with countries full of people who allow themselves to be walked all over. They deserve to suffer for their own stupidity while we basically bathe in freedom over here.

  • hahaha, this short article, together with the Mao picture, shows the true intent of such “news” quite remarkably.
    Anti-China propaganda again. Let the US population and the Europeans hate the Chinese. Because they are soooo dumb and Communists, that must be bad right?
    I can’t think of one big, major BAD thing the Chinese has ever done to the rest of World, unlike lots of other Countries. Such like starting wars in other countries, or sitting there in wealth by printing money hahaa…

    Don’t be fooled guys. If China would be a democratic country, have freedom of speech and all these other praised characteristics of a democray, WOULD you then LIKE China?
    Guess not. Because by then your government has already brainwashed you with other reasons to hate or at least dislike China.

    • lol…who would be the dumb one here?
      I mean..if You’re from China, protecting your glorious and innocent country from evil outside world known as US and Europe.
      Wouldn’t that mean that your governments limiting/censorship policy is working?
      After all..they made You believe that everything is fine on your side..despite half of the world clearly stating it isn’t.

      So yep..keep that reverse logic ignorance to yourself…if anything, it is you who is getting brainwashed by own authorities kind sir :3

  • Exactly which of the dozens of dialects spoken in China for centuries is pure Chinese? I once encounted a guy from China who said he had to speak to the other Chinese in Philadelphia in English because he couldn’t speak in their dialect and they couldn’t speak in his.

  • “Sullying Purity of Chinese”?????? Another “Stupid” reason to hate China even further. Next thing you know they’ll start banning Christianity, Catholic, etc., etc. no offense to those of you who practice in religions; only one they’ll probably continue is Buddhism. It’s like they’re trying to become a “Terrorist” country just like what happened in the Middle Eastern countries(Note: I didn’t want to refer to all Middle Eastern Countries, just don’t want to name them) but they have a more understandable reason than what the Chinese have. After that they’ll probably start making and testing nuclear missiles just like North Korea is doing which is likely what they’ll do, then they’ll plan all they need and invade Japan(Sorry Japan had to add you in this…) and World War III will truly begin it’ll be the “World Allies” versus China, North Korea,…..Taiwan(Sorry but you guys will probably be use by China to do some dirty work…), and other countries that wants to take over the world…; how does the Chinese living across the globe feels about this though most of them can’t do shit cause their government are just “Power Hungry Old Farts.” I really want a “Trojan Horse” or the like to happen to China soon cause they’re just plain stupid at this point.

  • Way to go Chinks Government….no really, way to go.

    I laugh,you’ll laugh, they will laugh..only fair China citizen wont.
    It’s hilarious really how China would try to lock the rest of the world away from itself. Even though the rest of the world is required to support their economy.
    Maybe they should be packed in one huge rocket, and get blasted on the moon, where they won’t find any “outside barbarians interference”.

    Seriously though…it’s sad how normal and smart people that live there, and never did anything wrong are getting intellectually oppressed like that. How one can even manage in such limiting country?
    The way it looks now, the government would just like to guide a horde of zombies, that work, eat, sleep and take no interest into anything else.

  • Thats what called ethnic cleansing, that is what the immoral action really is. Not to mention this is gonna put not only a damper on relations with America but every nation in the world that actually uses English as its first language. Its pretty hipocritical if you think about it considering China has even stated they wished to emulate America a country of diversity and multiple languages that are spoken and even taught.

  • This article is misleading. English is not going to be banned from China. China has to much of a stake in foreign countries by banning the language they will be shooting themselves in the foot. What the government is really tying to ban is chinglish which is English that has ungrammatical and or nonsensical and English Chinese hybrids i hope these following article will help dispel any misconceptions and how foolish the proposed ban is

    • So finally Chinese is doing what the Japanese can’t and will never do with all those goddamn Engrish? At least those chinks are doing it right with their sacred language.

      I, for one, am disgusted by how people (especially immature people) these days are proud with their “capability” to talk English like fine American gentlemen (i.e. using “fuck”, “shit”, and the ubiquitous “goddamn”). English is one of the shittiest language in the world when it comes to consistency, i don’t understand how the fuck it gets so motherfucking popular in the first place.

    • Sorry, but you’re preaching to the wrong people here. Unless you’re suggesting the world nuke China and commit mass genocide against Chinese people, then you might as well have written that out on a piece of toilet paper and wiped your ass with it.

  • failboat
    i’m 100% chinese raised in NZ and its just so much easier to mix english words into chinese conversation…whats gonna happen to all the foreigners when they go there to visit?….sigh…i’m going next week too… sigh…

  • Im chinese,my english is very bad,but i still want you know things.This is the original“中新网12月21日电 新闻出版总署日前下发通知,要求进一步规范出版物文字。通知要求,在汉语出版物中,禁止出现随意夹带使用英文单词或字母缩写等外国语言文字;禁止生造非中非外、含义不清的词语;禁止任意增减外文字母、颠倒词序等违反语言规范现象。





    Do you know Chinese,with google, You translation…..
    It is just Specification publications
    why are you fool the world,just Hate China?

    • Why shutting yourself into your house and wonder that one day, you can speak your mother tongue at any corner of the world ? Have people like you growing ignorance and arrogant already ?
      If talking to a foreign customer and ask them to translate your word, I’m amaze that you will be not fired.

  • This won’t work. Some word are just easier to convey using english. Language is living and evolving. We’re constantly adding new words into the dictionary and if some words in Chinese are better to explain something, that will get included into english. They’re fighting a losing battle. With the internet which is global, this will only quicken the merging of languages

  • Please give me the reference of the announcement from the PRC government.

    Ordinary people PRC just do not feel comfortable with English. They don’t like to use software with UI English.

    Ordinary people just don’t listen to such announcement, nor they don’t trust government anyway.

  • you cant blame china for the ban. they’re just being nationalistic. show some pride. a month ago i went to japan not everyone speaks good english or some even dont know how to speak english but its ok because i’m in japan, they speak japanese not english. only business men speak english. if you go to china, people in the night market know how to speak english

  • 1/2 chinese & italian.

    Though I speak/write/read the English language beyond a PH.D I’ll say this…

    “Fuck china & their beliefs, its shit like that which caused their over population without food resources.”

    Pass a Condom around and drop 1/2 your population in the world, then ask me if I give a fuck then…

    “Nope, fuck them for calling the language that helped the world the most industrially and scientifically. What have they done, nothing but multiply and feeding socialism beyond repair.”

    Call me a Hater, this deserve ALL THE HATE in the world, and then SOME.

  • China isn’t wrong here..but China isn’t totally right. And I don’t think dropping a nuke on the west and japan will solve much. Let’s stop with all the hate for each other. Seriously. Can’t we all just get along. Guess not. This is why I wanted us to colonize mars or at least start living in space so people could forget about their ties to their country and their country’s ideals and finally gain towards multiculture unity and world peace.

    You people arguing back and forth put me in a bad mood.

  • Oh great, now they’ll never learn to spell English words right… and they were so close!

    But seriously, are they serious? Chinese factories produce a lot of stuff they need to create instructions in English for, so some people will need to know it regardless…

  • they are banning chinglish, not english entirely. It’s like if you use french with english, one second your saying french, but then use a english term.
    I can use a example, ni yao yo style. See what I did there? I used chinese, then I used style. It’s very amateurish. It’s broken down.

  • I’m wondering where the editor the really got the news.
    Through It does have a stupid decision,but it only for publication.And It also not a ban for using foreign language words but a ban of abuse and self-make English words.For example “ungeliverable” means “cool,” “awesome” or “exciting”

    • Or,if you can bear a article like this:
      昨晚上海飞福州考的 – -!


      小作文 line chart

      两个line chart分别是male famale四条线Norway UK ITALY还有个国家我忘记了,就是讲4-18岁go to sencondary school的percentage..我后边的what worth mentioning is that …男生比女生的比例明显偏低,貌似男生更加prefer工作rather than在学校学习,或者是因为他们是家里的cornerstone..不知道ok不ok。

      大作文是一些国家have introduced a law to limit the working hours 说说为什么会产生这个的原因?

      是negative or positive development?


      然后对于employee来说,boss让他们working beyond their working time without extra money什么的这个行为不好,然后是这个行为剥夺了他们spare time spending with their family to boost their family bonds 然后这个行为go againest humanality什么的但是worker因为现在gloomy的employment吓到了不敢说 怕失业。。。。所以要出台法律监管

      然后对于employer来说,这个行为虽然可以promote the productivility and effeciency of their business但是这个行为是不好不道德的。。。类似这些。。。

      然后all in all it is a positive development,since worker也是人…也有emotion feeling 所以要出台法律去保护他们的权利,然后saving the best for the last for the sake of 限制这些行为 authornities应该做点什么去fulfill the good employment 啊什么的…. = =! 老师 社会问题好难写…我会不会跑题????

  • Sankaku’s and Artfeact’s longstanding obsession in throwing shit at China pretty much shows what ‘Otaku-culture’ is all about:
    Obsessive fanatism in defending Japan and hailing everything Japan-related over anything else, combined with obsessive support in everything Japan hates.
    Hence, the laughtable circlejerk with hating China, only because Japan hates China.

    In this sense, Japan is very much the last relic of China’s 150 years of humiliation since the Opium Wars.
    Every other former colonial power who banded together to sack China moved on: England, France, Germany, Russia, USA, etc.
    All these nations nowadays more or less acknowledge that China is no more the sick man of asia, and one has to speak with her on the same level.

    Only Japan still sees China as their intendet colonial subject, unchanged since the first sino-japanese war 1895.
    The Japanese delusion of their cultural and racial superiority regarding China, still is unchanged in the heads of every average Japanese.
    They purposely deny that China modernized, revolutionized and changed from being a weak and sick manchu-ruled empire, to a modern nation state and industrial and military power.
    In the eyes of Japan, China are still subhuman “dogs, pigs and logs”, ready to get slaughtered by the “Yamato Masterrace”, whose only purpose is to supply glorious nippon with rare-materials and a consumer market.

    That’s why they purposely close their eyes before any Chinese achievements, while concentrating on every bit of failure they cherrypick out of all China-related news.
    And so, Sankaku, being a weaboo-site, closely follows this Japanese ostrich-policy and will continue to circlejerk about China failing and China being backwards, even when China manages to swallow whole of Japan and lands their people on the Mars.

    So, fucking weaboos; stay classy, stay stupid, stay blind.

    You can deny China’s comeback on the stage of great powers by continue circlejerking over small signs of failures and straw-grasping at insignificant issues as long as you wish – But the day when your nation is being bought off by that ‘backwards country’ is inevitable.

      • But being a weaboo forces one to hate China.

        Since weaboos hail everything japan does, hating on China for no apparent reason beside the feeling of one owns racial and cultural superiority, pretty much comes in a package.

        Japan and China are incompatible.

        The only way to solve this, is not peaceful cooexistence, but the outright destruction of Japan with all means possible.

        Japan is the last remainder of the dark days of foreign occupation in China. And they wont ever stop being the same kind of racists and supremacists they were.

        If China wants to end their humiliating history once and for all, Japan must be destroyed.

  • This is quite troubling indeed… You’d think this would devastate them economically, right?

    …unless they’re going to use some of their recently buffed up military muscle to conquer some bitches and make them speak Chinese…

  • As a scholar student going to China last year…

    …This sounds like a complete 180. Last I checked, while it is a challenge to balance the aspect of their traditional culture, they also want to embrace the new world.

    If they do that, their economy will shrink dramatically and their government will be sheltered to civil war. How are they going to talk to U.S. and European countries for exports? Unless they want the entire world to speak Mandarin (or Cantonese) in 20 years or so, this will hurt the future generations.

    • I’ve heard Mandarin and Cantonese speakers aren’t big fans of the other dialect, so…

      Lei/ ho/ ma-! 😉

      (That’s probably not a proper system of writing the tones out, but I’m a noob at Cantonese, heh. Can’t even write it in Roman characters yet!)

  • “infiltration of barbarian languages”

    Lol, it’s funny how they like to call others “barbarian” when they never even look at the mirror themselves. Funnily enough I used to know a couple of “white” teenage folks (I’m yellow btw), who often say “Cao Ji Ma” repeatedly and if I might add in different dialects as well, just for variety sake. Bottom line, those who call others derogatory names should reflect upon themselves. Looking at China’s background, I don’t recall rampant piracy (from cds to gundam monument), buildings made of rubbish (literally), poisoned milk, etc. as part of their proud culture. And ain’t having stuffs and ideas that used to belong to westerners like TV, cars, computers, clothes, internet, etc. kind of part of the “barbarian” culture as well?

  • I used to believe Japanese were obsessive with this purity bullshit.

    I’ve been to both countries (business as usual) but, even with this parade of Chinese users and anons claiming the reports of “English language” prohibition to be exaggerated, I certainly believe it’s true. IF not by the people supporting it, then by the government imposing it.

    China’s been bragging and bullying all their “anti-biased” neighbors, and this anti-global only makes China looks dumb, as well as once it tops as the largest economy, it won’t be long before its reign slumps.

  • You know, i’m kinda with them on this one.
    Sure, the real reasons behind this are different, and it will only make emigrants dumber but…. yeah. If there is a word in your native language, why using a foreign one that has the same meaning? I bet that most of the italian teenagers won’t even know the italian for “rumors”.
    Effin sad.

  • 1. “Keeping the barbarians out”: ask England, France, and Japan how well that worked out. (“There’s a Commodore Perry here to see you…”)

    2. “It’s an obvious distraction!”: Hey, Chinese citizen/subjects, ignore the woes of your daily life and band together against the common enemy! Whip up the old nationalism! Do it for the children!

    3. “Who controls langauge also somewhat controls thought”: If a word in the ‘official’ language for a concept doesn’t exist, and the citizens know only the ‘official’ langauge, then it is much more difficult for citizens to consider or think of the missing concept. “Freedom? What is this ‘freedom’ you are speaking of? I do not understand.”

  • in my country, such regulation has happen about 10-15 years ago, resulting the old goverment taken down by their citizen, and perhaps hundreds of thousand people died and raped, but the band is lifted and the old goverment is replaced with a “possibly” better one. but, i doubt chinese citizen will dare to do the same thing…

  • But “Barbarian” western countries will still trade with them, literally paying in their own “Tax breaks and subsidies” to cheat their own workers so their elite enrich themselves…

    And, frankly, China is smart to go along with it for now. They are being sold the world, they don’t need to conquer it when a sudden currency trade might threaten the wealth of nations or even next “Fiscal Quarter”…

    As Marx said –

    “Dah Rast KapitaRist shaR Sherr us da Lope with which we shaR Hang him!”

    –(if he was a “Yellow Peril” pulp Chinese Character)

  • If they don’t speak english how are they going to do business w/ anybody?

    The most used language in the business world is ENGLISH

    so it’ll suck for them, but fine for everyone else cause it’ll help take all their dangerous sub-standard crap off the market

  • Fucking try that! I dare you! It won’t change a thing you morons! It’s the Information Age!! The internet will counter anything you try with your government-run media!! Fucking backward government officials over there keep on getting dumber and dumber. It’s the pinnacle of hilarity, really.

    • This shit is exactly the opposite of the cultural revolution.

      In the CR, China attempted to get rid of their own traditions and importing foreign concepts like communism and industrialization.
      Nowadays, they attempt to restore their own traditions by banning foreign imports.

      Different kind of things.

    • Chinese characters were changed many times before throughout the history.

      If China hadnt changed their script, everyone would still write in Qin-Dyansty “Xiaozhuang” (“Seal-Script”) anyway. But noone does.

      simplified and traditional. these things were decisions made upon social needs.

      Without simplifying the script, China’s illiteracy would still remain 90% like during the Nationalist Republic.
      Nowadays, its vice versa: 90% literacy.

      Just face it: traditional script was for elitist intellectuals who reside in their ivory towers and didnt want the masses to be able to read books and join popular revolutions (like the communists).

  • Reading about China on Sankaku, one could really think that this site has some serious hidden agenda about her.
    Maybe it really has. Sankaku is desperately seeking out any remotely negative news about China, while never mentioning anything positive about it.

    If I wasnt knowing China because of work and travel, I would have a seriously biased view on this country.
    But knowing both China and Japan, I can pretty much assure that there is much more xenophobia and nationalism in Japan than in China, who are pretty tolerant with foreigners, to the level of letting them off the hook for petty crimes, just because they are foreigners.
    There isnt a more hospitable nation for foreigners than China, actually.

    But well, Sankaku is filled with raging japanese nationalists and weaboos anyway, who just have to “prove” their “racial and cultural superiority” by posting and commenting on selective negative views, to divert the attention about the failings of their own beloved Japan.

  • Maybe the next thing what they do is, that they ban foreign companies from producing goods in China ?

    I wouldn’t doubt that.
    After all they keep sealing off themselves from another countries/people/whatever more and more.

    In comparison to most other countries, this is just fail.

    • Sorry to disturb your shit here, but France also has limitations in their media against english/american content by implementing a quota on english-speaking films.

      Any nation that has just a bit pride in itself, will do as China or France.
      Only cocksuckers like Japan, Taiwan, Germany etc. allow american holywood fail and anglosaxon cultural imperialism to flood their country’s media unchecked, polluting the minds of their children with Gansta-Rap shit, Lady Gaga, american HURRDURR patriotism and commercial stupidity.

  • I am not sure what kind of outrageous claim is trying to be perpetuated here. I can’t see the link, and I can’t find a secondary source that backs this.
    Furthermore, China has already whored its culture to English already. No one pointed out that the alphabets of their fundamental writing system uses Romanized alphabetical characters. Mandarin Chinese characters are taught using English in writing (also known as Pinyin).

  • think thats a good thing . Now we have big global garbage with cultures disappearing. In the future everyone will live in big global village talking english . World will be a boring place then .

  • If they wanted to keep out the foreign barbarian influences then they should have never opened up trade with the rest of the world.

    Picking up aspects of other cultures comes with trade it always has been that way.
    You can’t stay culturally pure and have global trade you choose one or the other.

  • Don’t Conservative politicians want to do the same thing in America? I live in Florida, and local conservative politicians want to ban French and Spanish from being spoken on the streets since there is a lot of French Canadians and Cubans who live here and speak those 2 languages.

  • well, China is actually the second most powerfull country.

    They said that they are going to surpass United States within 15 years.

    if China government wants foreign words out of the country, well, no one can’t say no in China because a) you can get killed by the government b) damn you can’t complain when the functionaries are actually doing their job improving the country.

    So… wow, comunism works!

    I’m not in favor of course, I´m just thinking like if I was Chinese.

  • So China is wants to prevent or repair the damage the English language has done to “Chinese”? What about the damage “Chinese” has done to the rest of the world? What about the hundreds of thousands of man-hours that are being wasted by lurking on websites depicting Engrish fails? Does China care about that?

  • The Chinese language was half purged when the commies started the cultural revolution.

    The commies also use the cultural revolution to re-write history. They go on saying they invented this before them, etc… But when asked for evidence, they can provide none.

  • China. Welcome back to the middle ages.
    For now, your money is the only thing that keeps you interesting to the rest of the world. That won’t be for long. And it’s off to isolation for you again. Failures at life.

    • as if you knew anything about france, except what your biased US tv told you

      the more I’m reading anti-french comments on sankaku, the more I’m noticing how my country is insignifiant, as people doesn’t know a single right thing about it. But still people manages to say negative remarks somehow, that’s incredible what the power of imagination is capable to do.

      Anyway, congratulation to China for winning over the US the title of the country giving to the rest of the world the most LULZ and dumbest news EVAR

      • Hey frenchie, doesn’t your country have a special government branch just to come up with french sounding words to replace english and other not french words ?

        If that isn’t autofail xenophobia then what is ?


        • how our educational system fails (which is true indeed) doesn’t have anything to do with that “special government branch just to come up with french sounding words to replace english and other not french words” mentionned earlier.

          I just don’t get your point here. The whole thing is : No, france doesn’t have any laws forcing people to use french words only.

          And the “I learned it at school” point is not valid if you come from the US. Why ? Because you americans always reminds to us french how you “freed” us from the nazi and how thanks to you we don’t speak german, but you keep forgetting how Lafayette helped you to get your independance against the british, which makes us even in the end. So I assume US history books must be like 4 pages big or something.

        • > no, but again it shows how people seems to know france better than french themself… *rolleyes*

          Obviously since I learned it in school and read about it a while ago. But that probably explains why you french don’t know about these things:

          “The latest OECD Pisa education study shows France’s educational system failing”

          Hahahahaha !

        • Serious anon from earlier

          >doesn’t your country have a special government branch just to come up with french sounding words to replace english and other not french words ?

          no, but again it shows how people seems to know france better than french themself… *rolleyes*

          >And you really need to work on your English

          yeah, sucks to be born in a non-english speaking country, heh

      • LOL the irony of this statement.

        Replace “France” with “China” and “biased US TV” with “biased news blog” and “anti-French” with “anti-China”.

        What do you know about China except what your biased news blog (SC) tells you?

  • This news is not as “evil” as it looks unless you simply hate China and always think everything originated from there is evil.

    I am never a fan of the ruling communist party whose bureaucrats are nowadays incompetent and corrupt in general. However, in this case, this measure deals with the current trend of abusing or coining foreign words to catch your eyeball while compromising proper use of Chinese language. If you had tried to learn Chinese (I doubt a hater would do that.), you know how difficult the language is and how easy it is to forget Chinese characters or use them wrongly. I personally see TV show hosts/guests abuse several English words in all their talkings as if they don’t know a Chinese expression for that, or books titled with misspelt Chinglish to show off how exotic they are, or teenagers flood various discuss boards with incomprehensible posts plagued by linguistic mistakes. I am positive with such a policy if it may help Chinese use Chinese properly.

    Interesting thing is that when first read the news in Chinese, I felt it was no big deal. But then I see this Peopledaily’s English version linked here, the choice of words and the tone made me laugh. It reminds me of what I read in Animal Farm/1984. No wonder many westerners have the same sentiment against China as they did 30 years ago.

    Nonetheless, I hope more people will visit China and feel it in person. Putting away politics, you got at least a low cost and many attractions.

  • I wonder how many of you guys read the actual article?

    Quote from People’s Daily Online:

    “Abuse of foreign languages, including arbitrary use of English words; acronym mixing in Mandarin and coined half-English, half-Chinese terms that are intelligible to nobody, are commonly seen.”

    “According to the notice, press and publication administration departments are required to follow vocabulary and grammar rules of used languages in publications. The translation of foreign language should be consistent with the basic translation principles and practices. Proper nouns as well as scientific and technical terms should be translated into common language according to relevant provisions.”

    No where in the article did they say they’re doing away with assimilating words of other languages into Chinese, they’re just setting up the proper translation procedure to do so…

  • I fully support this decision.

    Taiwan and HongKong fail so hard when they butcher the chinese language with foreign and japanese words.

    I fucking laught about Taiwanese who claim that they have the real Chinese culture, when they have japanese words like Obaa-san, Oji-san etc. sinicized and call their weekdays “Prayer-one”, “Prayer-two” etc. showing that they are buttraped by christian fundamentalists.

    Everytime I’m in China, I fucking hate when the young hipster people greet me with “hello”, or say “bye bye”, while I answer them in Chinese, even though I speak three different western languages. SPEAK GODDAMN CHINESE YOU FUCKERS!

    If i’m a goverment official, I would torture and shoot anyone who takes english or japanese words in their mouth in China on the spot.
    China must return to its traditional roots again. The western world and their corrupting influences caused too much damage already. Time to ban these shit once and for all!

    The next thing to be done: Nuke Japan and the West.

    • IM Taiwanese and I think you are a complete idiot in saying what you did.

      When Taiwan was founded, our leaders brought all possible art and culture that they can from China, away from China and its stored in our national Museaum in Taipei. My grandpa was a general during the retreat and came to Taiwan for safe haven. Why? Because of the fear that Culture and art would be destroyed by the communist. What do you know? Cultural Revolution happened and culture was destroyed with anyone that was intelligent. On Taiwan’s behalf, we saved what was left of Chinese Culture back then. Ur statements are totally false. We do have the Chinese true culture. You guys seek to destroy it because its different and that it would dispute ur reppressive communist regime. Plz…. read up on ur history before you talk like an asshole and offend people that actually knows something.

      Its people like you that makes me wonder why China is so messed up right now. China has done everything right in making sure that its behind everyone else in the world and remains backwards for years to come. You are only isolating urself…. China is already being investigated for many causes of economic disturbances and investigations. Its only time that CHina wont be the number 1 economy.

      Oh ya… Traditional Chinese is the real Chinese writing. Its in Taiwan and we brought it over and its our main form. Not that simplified crap that was created during the Maoist regime. Theres another evidence that Taiwan has a true chinese culture.

      • >Implying Cultural Revolutions arent the most traditional instrument of rule in China

        Seriously. Read your fukcing history. Even the Tang-Dynasty massively burned books and destroyed the temples and palaces of their predeccessors, to claim sovereignity and power over the empire.

        Reforming languages and destroying culture was never something new in China’s history.

        Only the infusion of fucking Japanese fail and Western ideals fucked China seriously up.

        Yes, I’m also talking about Communism, which was a German invention.

        China should really return to the roots of being an imperial nation, and pay back the west and japan with one million nukes.

        • Learn about fucking Qin Shihuang, who killed hundreds of confucian scholars.

          And learn about the tradition of all succeeding Dynasties, who never even used confucianism in their practize, but hardcore legalism.

        • actually, the Confucius bashing began with Lu Xun and the 4th may movement in 1919 and not with Mao Zedong, who was actually a very confucian-styled and traditional emperor.

          The liberal intellectuals during the late Qing-Dynasty/early republic were pretty much the first to portray traditions and confucius as the cause for China’s weakness compared to the west and Japan, which caused the humiliations and defeat at their hands.

          So it was pretty much national father Sun Yatsen, who was sympthatic towards these intellectuals, who layed the ideological groundwork for communism and cultural revolution in China.

          But I dont expect a Sankaku-visitor and Taiwanese fake-chinese to know this deep history.

        • Explain Qin Shihuang and the burying of Confucian scholars.

          Explain confucianism.

          Explain why confucianism never even worked in China as intented, but was always mated with Qin Shihuang’s proto-facist Legalism.

          Explain how dynasties always took over in China, and how they always used different ideologies to stay on power.

          Guess so. You must understand China’s dynastic circle. The communist party is just another dynasty – a very successful one too.

  • hahaha thier fucking loss, they can go ahead and keep thier shitty language for all i care, seriously, the english language is fucking awesome cause u only need to memorize how to write it and its meaning, you dont need to memorize how to say it due to the pronounciation system based on how to write it. But the fucking chinese language requires u to memorize how to write it, say it, and its meaning, making it a 50 % more pain in teh ass for every fucking word

      • Except China isnt a totalitarian country.
        The people just dont give a fuck.

        My god, read fucking wikileaks or something. There are pretty good diplomatic cables describing how the Chinese government actually works.

        like this here:

        The CCP is a consensus driven leadership, who utilize open and closed discussions at grassroots-level via internet and SMS to define and implement their policies.

        China is a true authoritarian technocracy akin to Singapore, ruled by well educated engineers and scientists, and not by useless lawyers and populists like in the west.

        Sure, they are autocratic. But in no way they are totalitarian or incompetent. But I rather guess that you dont really know the difference here anyway. Or even how ‘totalitarism’ is actually defined.

        But well,

        Haters gonna hate.

        • namefag seems to be blind. and gullible.

          have you ever read any positive ‘news’ about China here posted by Artfact?

          guessed so.

          And it’s not about that there arent good things happening in China at all, or else, you guys wouldnt be so butthurt about China economically overtaking you.

          Artfact is a biased racist weaboo faggot, and you are a gullible american sheeple who blindly follows the neoconservative mainstream in condemning Wikileaks ‘because it’s made of anti-american communists’.

          Speak about being stupid and brainwashed.

          You are.

        • You are more than welcome in posting evidence that proves that artfact is bias against China…

          Until then… stop wasting ur time. Dont believe in what this website is posting… stop visiting the site.

        • cared to read the source?

          reading them makes any well informed anon more authoritative than any pretentious namefag.

          And any anon is in all cases more authoritative than the racist, hateful and braindead admin of this site.

          seriously. proving that artfact is a complete moron doesent require any authoritative sources.
          It is just a fact when reading his history of posting biased shit.

      • Don’t they also realize that this hurts their relations with english countries since people in china won’t get to know anything about another language outside really of the classroom? And that’s really how other languages are learned.. by those devoted enough.

        • The ban is aimed at Chinese media, not all media.

          Think of it this way: how often do you see an English newspaper have Chinese characters? Or use Chinese characters to explain terms when there is a perfectly fine English term for it? What if for every instance of “China”, that newspaper puts in 中国?

    • It’s not so much as ironic as expected. See, the majority of articles on Sankaku spin things in such a way to cater to the Otaku crowd

      The only “good” China related posts here would most likely be if China speaks out against the Tokyo anime/manga ban (I don’t think any major news source is even covering that)