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Wada: “We’re So Bad We’ll Have To Rebuild Our Brands”


Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has said that he regrets letting all Square Enix’s games get so “sloppy,” and says the company will have to rebuild them all as a result.

He had this to say at a recent press conference:

“We have to reconstruct all our brands again, and make them into something perfect. I regret the fact that we let them all get so sloppy.”

Whether Wada and company are in any position to actually do this seems doubtful.

Square Enix’s stock prices are now at a 10-year low following a drop of over 10% after they revised their estimated profits down 90%:


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  • The herp derp is rampant in this thread. First of all I’d like to say that enix killed square, not the other way around, at least from an RPG fan point of view. Second of all, people need to stop talking out of their asses. Tomb Raider is an Enix game not an Eidos game.

  • Square Enix believed you could make good games just like you make “good films”. Make a lot of awesome fights scenes, incredible effects(=graphics).

    Except it doesn’t work that way, even with a series as popular as final fantasy.

    Now, if they concentrate on making fun games, maybe we could actually enjoy a final fantasy again.

  • welll i’m a fan of square enix and i almost played every game they made but sadly it is true… there previouse games kinda sucks..well i think it’s not appropriate to blame square but be damn happy to blame there stupid C.E.O..

    turning FFIV an MMORG!!!

  • Have they really been slacking or were they just hoisted by their own petard?

    Final Fantasy 14 is a piece of shit but then the MMO genre is stagnated beyond belief with a bunch of me-too endless grindathons that nobody really wants, so that’s not really a surprise. Sony ruined it all for everyone with Everquest. Everyone started copying its basic gameplay design, including Blizzard with World of Warcraft.

    So what about their other games? Even in the old days when some would say they were “Good,” were they good because they were actually good, or were they good because there was little in the ways of the competition?

    What I’m saying is that Final Fantasy games have never really been impressive in game mechanics, difficulty, replay value, etc. In the last 10 years you’ve had smaller companies like Atlus who’ve pretty much improved their Shin Megami Tensei titles to the point where they’re better than anything Square maxes and Namco with the Tales series which has been good since Symphonia popping out games that are just far more interesting than what Square is making. Ok, sure, Namco is run by idiots who refuse to localize half of what they make, but Square has some serious competition now and they really didn’t before.

    What’s changed in the last 10 years is that not only are there other Japanese companies making role playing games in similar style for the same gaming platforms Square does, but you’ve had the developers of previously PC-only games begin porting their games to consoles as well. Many of which are also better than what Square makes. Of course less people are going to buy Square’s inferior games. What do you expect?

  • The Enix side of Square-Enix is doing just fine

    Dragon Quest 8 and 9 were both excellent and worthy additions to the series

    It’s not Enix’s fault that Final Fantasy can’t keep up, and the people blaming the declining quality of these titles on the merger with Enix are clearly just grasping at straws

  • if main final fantasy games are their main franchise then I see no reason why they can’t churn one out every year, activision manage it with their call of duty franchise.

    Instead we wait 3 1/2 to 5 years for a new single player final fantasy game only for it to be absolute shite. In between we get a load of crappy spin off games that aren’t worth shit and broken games like ff14.

    Remember dirge of cerebus? Square have been churning out crap for years. The whole japanese gaming industry is one big fucking joke of late and when their flagship company produces dross like ff14 its time to call it a day. RIP japanese games

  • SE disappoints me in many aspect, but it would be sadder if they truly disappear. Remake of games, would show great graphic but no enjoyment in the stories, since most of the gamers already know the story–even until now i still remembers most of the FF8 and FF9’s story which most people says highly forgettable.

    Give them time, it’s not like everyone’d always walk on top, this might be their time to walk on the bottomside of the wheel, and so they struggle to go to top again.

  • they like politicians
    dont want to hear what peopla want
    just wanna work for their own interest

    now they get what they want.

    And you know what?

    Square Enix most EPIC FAIL was….
    They created Human skin like real.
    But when i see it, it was like PIG skin ๐Ÿ˜€
    they use it from FF spirit within until now ๐Ÿ˜€
    what an idiot

  • This company sucks, now.

    I’m happy when people speak/write about their company in past wording.

    Funny is, if they failed so bad; I’d of rather SquareEnix go the Never Winter Nights road.

    Let the community fix your fucking game, and make their own micro communities. Use it to see how your gamers/consumers think your new games should be.

    I’ll always be a fan of Dungeon Siege 1, that game was good only if you could make it not do that damn auto-attack every target coming in your range. But still, a auto-matic defense is bad ass… it got bad reviews, but when you see FF12, that shit was no different just “More innovative” with the same freaking approach.

  • Here is the regrettable truth.

    Final Fantasy 7 was an excellent example of what happens when a decent – not amazing, as many seem to believe, but decent – RPG is made for a system whose technology is still being explored due to its recent foray into the market. Except for the cut-scenes, the game was unquestionably ugly…but it played fairly well and gave RPG fans the fix they had been waiting for since Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger, and thus is was well-received. (It was also the start of the pointy-haired whiner as the protagonist.

    Final Fantasy 8 was a game whose lesson was clearly not learned. The graphical upgrade from Final Fantasy 7 to Final Fantasy 8 is immediately apparent to anyone who has played both games, but everything else fell to pieces. From the mandatory and irritating card game to the system that punishes you for even dabbling in magic to the unlikeable characters (with one or two exceptions, neither being the protagonist), Final Fantasy 8 was a train wreck and should have taught Square Enix one key lesson: Pretty Is Not Enough.

    Final Fantasy 9 was very much a reversal of the mistakes of Final Fantasy 8. While it may have lacked the stylistic charm of 8, it had decent graphics and a very inventive system. It was a return to the old days of Final Fantasy, but with the new innovations that had come throughout the series, along with some new ones and some VERY memorable characters. In my opinion, Final Fantasy 9 was one of the strongest Final Fantasy games. Unfortunately, it was coming off of the dismal failure of its predecessor, and thus never got the acclaim it deserves.

    Final Fantasy 10 was, in a word, a very beautiful game. Regardless of what you may think of its gameplay – which I feel was well-executed, even though it did tend to pigeonhole the characters into various roles – it was a feast for the eyes and, on many occasions, ears. While the gameplay lacked the innovation of 9, it was still decent, and the open-ended nature of character advancement and myriad of unlockables combined with an interesting and unique story to produce a positive experience overall.

    Final Fantasy 11 was a mistake. In a world that was already saturated with MMOs, Square Enix opted to release their own and ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the room named WoW. With game mechanics that failed to live up to standards set by earlier entries in the field and a poorly designed economy, it was never among the top three MMOs during its time, and has proven to be a venture that should have been eschewed in favor of Square Enix doing what it does best.

    I can offer no informed opinions on entries after that, as I finally gave up on the series once the MMO was released. I have heard good things about Final Fantasy 12, poor things about Final Fantasy 13, and the reviews I’ve seen of Final Fantasy 14 are jaw-droppingly bad…so much so that I assumed that it had to be some kind of hoax, only to be disappointed.

    I would like very much for Square Enix to pull themselves out of this hole and create the excellent games that I know they are capable of producing, but I am no fool: the brand “Final Fantasy” has been permanently ruined for a large portion of their target audience. Would it be better for them to try to salvage the brand or to start a new one? I don’t have the marketing experience to offer a coherent opinion on that either, but I know this much: IF they have the chance to pull away from death, this is their last one.

  • One of the last major errors was FFXIV, not just because it has so many flaws, but because of FFXI. Let me explain.

    As a former experienced FFXI player, seeing a new online game made by the same company,with the same races (they changed names, yeah……..) and the fact you have to start from scratch……fuck that.
    I spent countless hours, days, years to achieve what I got and now what? I tried to ignore technical flaws and everything hoping for some kind of client re-release and then they come out with XIV.
    They could have just revamped XI. EVERYONE would have bought a full price new client with new graphics.
    BUT NO. They make a crappy new game instead sending XI to death.

    I was used to love Squaresoft (been playing since FF4) and Squarenix too. I don’t hope for them to die (I actually enjoyed XIII, it’s way better than X and XII anyway) but I hope to see less Nomura and hi-tech scenarios and more Amano and oldschool castles and crystals.

    ffff yeah I misss IV and VI mostly. AND FINAL FANTASY TACTICS. THE REAL TACTICS. Not that advance shit.

  • the only fixing square needs is by removing wada. bring back the xenosaga team, chrono team, and the father of them all Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu.

    until then, problems will just continue to arise.

    another solution is by putting they’re greatest PS1 games in the west, Xenogears, Parasite Eve Archives, Chrono Series, and the Saga series.

  • fall of squenix? i think not. know your history, everybody! squaresoft has found themselves in a pinch by their own ambitions several times now, and they always manage to escape stronger than ever.

  • In recent years, they’ve published many good games, however. Nier, The World Ends with You, Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and Lord of Vermillion are just a few I can list off the top of my head.

    Uh, what? Squeenix had nothing to do with TO:LUCT. That was all Quest.

  • Yay, SE suddenly realized that they’ve just been whoring their franchises out for the past decade. Now we can totally expect their games to have the old Squaresoft quality from now on! Hurray!

    Oh wait-Wada basically promised the exact same thing in 2008…and didn’t deliver at all. And again in 2009. Gosh, it’s almost like he was just trying to sucker some more die-hard fans into keeping the faith (and more importantly, continuing with the pre-orders) for a while longer. Again…again.

  • Seriously more remakes?? I think people see SE as “Remake Game Developer Now”. Maybe true that half of their games was remakes… and U people keep spoil lazy SquareEnix by buying it. I don’t think remake Final Fantasy VII as best decision… look what they do to Advent Children and Crisis Core turning cloud from Cool Guy to Gay Bishonen…..

  • I personally think every person or group that decides to pursue making an MMOG should learn from SquarEnix mistake. There are so many MMOGs out there that unless you put in some serious work to create something that is either original or ground breaking, your game will at best be the hit of the month.

    I think they were onto something with FF12. Amazingly detailed visual assets, mostly fitting soundtrack, only a few quirky sound effects. Player tuned AI was a big selling point they really should have advertised on. The world was very detailed, it didn’t at all feel mostly empty like the worlds in past FF games. Not trying to push FF12 as the best Square(Enix) game out there, but well it was the first one that really showed promise that they were starting to take thing seriously again.

  • Yes! Finally they’ve realized they can’t just make crappy games, call them “Final Fantasy” and expect them to sell.

    There was a time when Square was “Tobal”, “Bushido Blade”, “Parasite Eve”, “Chrono” and “SaGa” other than FF. However, Square has been shoving nothing but Final Fantasy on the market for more than five years and this is the result.

    Hopefully they can go back to their old self, even though Sakaguchi is gone and (AFAIK) Matsuno isn’t involved in non-Ivalice games.

  • I know investing advice says never go after a falling knife but they are still profitable they have been making gains and evaluated I think that for a 10 year low they have a far bigger capital base than they did back then

    May be time to take a risk if not theirs always shorting the downside and enjoying the ride

  • โ€œWe have to reconstruct all our brands again, and make them into something perfect. I regret the fact that we let them all get so sloppy.โ€

    WAIT DOES This hint at what I think it does
    REMAKES of some certain games we all want ^^

  • Once upon a time there was Squaresoft, and there was Enix. They were rivals, there was emulation. Who’s the best Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest ?

    And then there was SquareEnix, that was BOTH FF and DQ.

    No emulation, no rivalry, just a big fat king who thought it was time to rest.

  • What SquareEnix should do is give everyone the FF remakes everyone has been craving; and stick to upgrading the graphics and sound, and don’t mess with the story and game play. After a few of those, they should have a firm footing again to make something new and possibly good.

  • What amazes me is that people are only just now figuring out that Squeenix makes terrible games. They’ve been making horrible titles since they came out with Final Fantasy VII and discovered they could get away with it.

  • Yeah the world ends with you is awesome!
    Its mine favorite game on the ds.

    I am still hoping/waiting for a sequel but I am bit scared now that it will get fucked up thanks this recent shit (FF14 duh)…

  • Dammit ,Squeenix. Just hold on, just long enough to give me Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Then you can flatline.

    I think it would be the irony of ironies if Deus Ex ends up revitalizing the company. So Square turns most of their funding towards developing cyberpunk shooter/RPG hybrids for the western market.

  • I am happy to see them fall, and here’s why: they had the audacity to put a time limit on exp gain while charging you a monthly fee to play the game. This is a direct insult to their consumer base. I suggest that whoever came up with the fatigue system commits seppuku.

  • They don’t have to rebuild all of their brands, in fact, they should keep them has they are and just make new ones like Vagran History, Drakengard or The World Ends With You. That way they can keep happy their old hardcore FF followers and get new people to enjoy new and differents franchises at the same time.

  • Bakamoichigei says:

    I can’t figure out why Wada still has a job. I mean, contrition is a good first step, but he should not be employed by Square-Enix any longer.

    Their latest MMORPG was so FUCKED after years of development that they SACKED THE ENTIRE DEV TEAM and made it free-to-play for the foreseeable future.

    How is this excusable? Especially in Japanese corporate culture, which is so notoriously intolerable of any single failure that we see stuff like the INVENTOR OF THE GAMEBOY get a window-seat because the Virtual Boy was rushed to market AGAINST HIS RECOMMENDATIONS!

    Are these not the sort of mistakes a leader needs to man-up and fall on his sword for? (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

    • What happened to taking responsibility for your mistakes and resign?

      The company’s games went to shit under Wada’s watch.

      I wonder what the shareholders are doing.

      Why they haven’t fired Wada is anyone’s guess.

  • way to fix all this:

    Make more games like Dragon Quest IX and Final Fantasy IX

    you know, the good ones!

    be more creative, but be realistic, don’t make some huge engine for nothing other than visuals (ffxiii) and get back to some of your roots. Make a sequel to games like Live-A-Live, and other experimental projects.

    Act like game developers, not assholes

    • FF9 was the last good FF game, before the fall.

      Give me back my HP/MP/EXP. Give me back the basic heroic story. I’ll even settle for a 10000% cliched, good against evil storyline.
      I never felt that “grand” over-arching
      storyline that ties everything together
      from FF8, FF10, FF12. (Avoided 13, thank god).
      And just stop with all the pu$$ied-assed,
      bitched-fucked losers in FF8,10,12.

      HP/MP/EXP/CLASSES. A half-decent story with some
      semblance of an overall “large than life” story with a *large* cast of playable characters with decent back-stories.

      Is that really so much to ask for SE?

      Unfortunately, it seems apparently so.

    • I agree DQ9 anf FF9 were both amazing games. Not everything in the overworld has to have a purpose. Extra areas are awesome.

      FF9 had entire continents with maybe 2 dungeons on it, and that was fine. It was fun walking around and exploring. The story was fantastic, too.

  • And still, they ignore fan requests for a FF7 remake with HD graphics.

    Why is WoW so successful? Attention to detail. Even places that aren’t places have unique things, whereas FF14 can’t even be bothered to have a unique terrain.

    If Maxis can make a world-carver as a VERY low-end feature of sim city, Why the hell can’t SE make one to create worlds for games? Things don’t need to be hand crafted down to the last detail. So long as the ground is easily traversable, the rest doesn’t need to be so meticulous. Just plop some mountains, carve some valleys, snap it out in a few weeks and work on close-up detail the normal way, but don’t cut corners with freaking copy/paste shit!

    How the hell are the so-called hard working brilliant industrious Asians so lazy?

  • Its fine if XII was not your thing, but XII is not crap from any objective level. Just because the story was bad dont make it rubbish.

    So yeah hurry up SE and make XV and let it be awesome. However mess it up and even I will lose faith with you.

  • Its amazing how screwed up SE gets just because XIV flopped.

    I mean XIII was ok I guess, but easily the worst main FF since ff II but it was still good in the final third and it sold very well.

    One FF does terribly and they almost collapse? Wtf are SE doing with their money?

    It was a big mistake imho to make XI and XIV MMO games. They should have been ff online and ff online 2. I dont care for the genre which means ppl have to wait longer for a proper FF and when XIII lets ppl down of course ppl will get pissed at SE.

    However I have NO sympathy for ppl who hate XII. That was a godly game, one of my fav. SE needs to continue more innovation like XII

  • Agito and Versus XIII will surely be the fabled return of Square quality. Those two titles will realize the need for the company to be rent from the hands of Wada and Kitase. In all of this hate, which is not unfounded, let’s not overlook the quality titles SE has brought: KH II,358/2 days, Birth By Sleep, The World Ends With You, Crisis Core, and Dissidia. It’s a lot more accurate to say that SE completely screwed over their console efforts (360 *cough*) and did not seek the level of advancement and quality that brought them notoriety in the first place. All hope lays in Versus now.

  • Now’s the time to buy Square Enix stock.
    The stock is bound to go only up. They are far from dead: Deus Ex, FF Agito, Tomb Raider reboot coming next year, and I am sure they will have something else up their sleeve. Even if not, Eidos profits will keep them from death.

  • I’ve got a better idea,Wada. Vacate your CEO seat. YOU are not fit for it. YOU are the reason that Square and Enix wnt down the drain. YOUR decisions led everything into ruin.

    There used to be a time when CEOs in Japan knew when it’s time to leave the scene. Nowadays, it seems like they think they are infallible. Look at that Ishihara asshole.

    I’ve grown weary of those executives. They are ALL worthless. The only sad thing is that a lot of talented “small people” will feel the brunt of all the shit those exes caused.

  • Just friggin remake VII and have all the villages be in HD. VII took like 4 years originally so I can wait as long as I know it is being made. Its a win win.

    Lets be realistic, regardless if you are a VII fanboy or not their is an allure to VII, and it will be a guarantee as long as the story is not changed the characters stay in anime form (please don’t make them look normal!) and all the win of the original game is just updated with the latest graphics. Hell I will buy a PS3 for that reason alone and many people I think will agree with that.

  • Twice falures can feel too much for me…

    FFXIV during its beta phase got plenty of feedbacks. Add to that, they already had experience doing FFXI before, and there are plenty of other MMORPGs out there they can make examples of and improve on that.

    What did they come up with? Still the binary equivalent of shit. Did Tanaka really do his job? Of course he’s no longer the producer now, but the faggot’s already committed the damage. DAMAGE THAT COULD’VE BEEN PREVENTED! It’s not like FFXIV failed because a large tsunami hit S-E’s HQ and forced them to sell the game halfassed.

    I don’t care if you’re too rich to care, but 180 bucks for FFXIII and FFXIV spent felt like I had thrown the cash into the ditch.

    I thought CAPCOM was an ass when they turned RE series into action, but at least, their products still serve their purpose: a fun, complete game worth every penny.

    I want to be optimistic, really. Then again, it’ll probably take me at least 2 years before I touch anything FF again.

    • Bioware should buy them, and then remake all the good old final fatasy games.. or maybe not :p

      In dragon age style and all.
      Just imagine that.
      Final fantasy Now with tirreble clothed sex scenes and a mute cliche hero with an either “Good” or “bad” choice.

    • Even if they do, they’d probably fuck it up anyway. ‘HD’, remember?

      1. no more overworld
      2. no more straying off at Gold Saucer’s arcade
      3. optional towns and dungeons scrapped
      4. mini games likes highway battle and snowboarding cease to exist
      5. Cloud looks more feminine than ever.
      6. A complete tunnel from the reactor bombing mission all the way to the final hit of Cloud’s Omnislash to Sephiroth

        • Indeed, idiots need to stop fucking generalizing. Yes, while many western games have those types of characters, there’s still plenty of games where the characters don’t look like they’re on steroids.

        • You’re retarded if you think ‘dirty foreigners’ prefer heroes who look like they’re having substance abuse issues all the time.

          Uncharted didn’t have a roided asshole for a hero, did it? Gordon Freeman, who looks like a fucking nerd, who could’ve been spending more time counting formulas than having a goddamn life if that mess in Mesa didn’t take place? The protagonist in Condemned?

          Just… fuck off man. You don’t really know what you’re saying.

      • seriously, why would remaking FFVII work as their “salvation”? many people here and other sites have criticized FFXIII & FFXIV because SE seemed to care only about graphics.

        and what would they do about this remake if they made it? same exact thing. rehash FFVII’s core, add some bling bling, publish it, done.

        why would i buy the same game twice? it’s like buying a book you already have just because it has nicer covers.

        • They made a FF3 remake on Nintendo DS, that was successful with improvements in adding 3D characters, the game sold well from what I heard.The problem with Square Enix is that they make better games on Hand Held, but they make sucky games on HD consoles ether Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • guys, remember the “why”s final fantasy was born..square was almost out of the league, almost going bankrupt and then they turned the tides and final fantasy, One of the most important rpg titles ever, was created…

    If they did it once, they CAN do twice..the question is: are they willing to do?

  • Since become Square Enix the games just get worst, back Squaresoft now, and this is a nice news, now they now that can’t mess up with players as then likes, take a great game and turn to shit and think that gamers will gonna buy just because is Final Fantasy or made by Square.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      The next step is to address the issues… they still don’t know what they are, and most probably never will.

      They haven’t kicked Motomu Toriyama’s ass out of the company, they haven’t called back Masato Kato (the guy behind the cool story bits in Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII and the entirety of Chrono Cross… well, the latter was admittedly giving him way too much reign over a product) or Yasumi Matsuno. they still design their games around fucking bloat instead of making them be as tight and fun as possible (because, as cool as some of their games’ stories may be, they certainly aren’t steadily fun experiences due to loads of bloat that only a kid or a teenager with too much free time can put up with, and the console JRPG novelty that attracted so many of those back in 1997 has most definitely worn off).

      So yeah, it’s either being bought by some other holding, or bust.

      • News is news, as long as the site has the real Factual resources and no BS single side.

        Defendable with pride and pursuit.

        Sankakucomplex is a country in this internet worthy of a defense force indeed.

        Hold you keyboard up and march JAPAN and bash those ANTI-MANGA HATERS will you, start your riots and then the ONE SIDED BULLSHIT TWIST NEWS NETWORKS WHO CONTROL EVERYTHING finally give you some decent TV air time!

      • A true erudite would not be a conglomerate sycophant.

        It’s obvious that something is wrong with Square Enix. They keep trying to have an international focus but they don’t seem to understand how to accomplish that. Maybe they should just concentrate on being themselves and making games the way they used to, that worked well.

        Better graphics and numerous cutscenes which require larger and larger budgets and production cycles don’t sell more games, generally. You’d think someone would have realized that by now looking at the product sales.

      • Square is too slow at making games, they take like 4 years to make shitty games and they don’t make the games that people want to play. They just make one piece of shit after the other. Now they bought Eidos, a good move for their westernization agenda because now they have great franchises like Legacy of Kain, Tomb Raider and Fear Effect but people doesn’t want that, people want more Kingdom Hearts, more Final Fantasy, more Parasite Eve, more Xenogears, more Secret of Mana but they are giving us shitty MMO’s and new shitty franchises like Nier and Gun Loco.

        Another mistake is their one sided support to MS and the X360. Apparently they think that if they support the X360 more than the other consoles then the conquer of the west will be easier yet FFXIII sold almost 3 times more on the PS3 thanks to Japan, the biggest Jrpg market. And they are alienating them with their late ports of one year old games at full price like Star Ocean IV and canceled PS3 versions of anticipated games like The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery.

        After all these years one would think that Square learned their lesson but no. Now their main focus are handhelds (cus of the lower dev cost) and even though they want profit they make new shitty franchises like Gun Loco exclusive to the X360 but I bet they will make FFvsXIII a multiplat tittle at the same time they lengthen its development time and decrease its overall quality with sudden changes to fit on DVD’s.

        • I rarely, if ever, give the publisher credit for video games, and I suggest you do the same. Just Cause 2 was made by largely by Avalanche Studios, with Eidos playing an auxiliary role. Eidos was bought by Squeenix toward the end of the game’s development, and all Squeenix/Squeenix Europe (Eidos) have really been involved with is the marketing and distribution of the game.

        • >Wasn’t it IGN or someone who called FF8 the best RPG?
          You can’t spell Ignorant without IGN.
          I still liked FFVIII, but it was far from the best RPG. The story was stupid, even by post SNES FF standards, the characters weren’t bad, but the goddamn Draw system…

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          There’s bound to be someone that calls a turd the best thing ever. If no one’s up to the challenge, there’s always Dave Halverson.

          And “ff 12 had probably the best battle system of all the ff games to date (not mechanics of the engine, but the game play)” doesn’t make any fucking sense, at all. The “engine” (read, game) mechanics are the damn “gameplay”, geez. And it sucked fuckin’ balls, too. It’s like an MMO grindfest set on autopilot, for crying out loud!!

        • ff 7 was ok
          ff 8 was a trai wreck
          ff 9 was a great game with a highly forgettable story, something that can kill an mmo
          ff 10 was horrendous, from the leveling system, to the story, not a fucking good thing can be said about it
          ff 11 want bad for its time, but was an asian grindfest compared to everything else, but it had high production values,
          ff 12 had probably the best battle system of all the ff games to date (not mechanics of the engine, but the game play) its just the the story was like ff 9’s HIGHLY forgettable.
          ff 13 was a train wreck, and if it want for ff 8’s horrendous gameplay and all its shit systems would be the worst ff they released.
          ff 14 got released probably a year to early. and was made by a company that refuses to innovate, so it was doa either way, because in an mmo pretty graphics count for shit.

          You only need 1 word to counter this:

        • Just because they made something good in the past doesn’t mean they would continue to bring out good stuff in the future. They just need to stop hanging on to their past glory and focus more on being more creative and innovative and think of the consumer more. If they can’t do that anytime soon then they might as well burn.

        • No, Kyon is pretty right to say ‘one’ mistake. It’s natural for a company (especially one in the RPG market) to put out mediocre games here and there. But none were ever so devastating as to drop their profits by 90% before XIV. After all, XI was their only real MMO prior to it.

          MMO’s aside, the only games with the FF title I personally really disliked were DoC, X-2, and XII (which wasn’t terrible). And DoC hardly counts.

        • MMOs have a habit of being a bit of a big investment. Its not like console games where you make em and then leave, they require a constant input of money to reap the benefits. But the “China Quality” is so blatant that they are putting money in, but reaping none of the benefits. They also can’t pull out either because there are still people playing although I can’t seem to find a way to revive it.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          Yea. Certainly wouldn’t want Square Enix to go under and down for the count.

          If anything the whole FFXIV incident serve well as a slap in their face, or a wake-up-call that might lead them to revise their approach to their game developments, instead of just milking the names.

        • It’s better to allow them correct their mistakes than let the corporation run under and have EA buy them. Because you can be sure that somewhere in EA HQ, there is a slimy balding old CEO that is drooling all over the possibility.

        • I honestly thought FF13 was just fine, but that’s just me.

          All they’ve really screwed up was FF14, I won’t give in that FF13 was a total train wreck because a lot of people did like it.

          In recent years, they’ve published many good games, however. Nier, The World Ends with You, Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and Lord of Vermillion are just a few I can list off the top of my head.

          Saying that the company should die because they had a recent streak of less-than-perfect games (Excluding F14 which actually is a mess) is just stupid. Imagine Nintendo had died after releasing the Virtual Boy. Just give Squenix a chance; they’re a large company with a lot of great people who work there, they’ll figure something out.

        • Anonymous

          the people who liked 13, were patient, and waited until 30 hours in when the game picks up, and were able to ignore every flaw the game had, but thats like being able to ignore a halogen spotlight that aimed at you form a foot away.

          square has had chances for fucking ever, they refuse to innovate, and tend to fuck up whatever they make that is a “big” title. its only the little ones that escape this. the titles they let develop and dont give to much of a fuck about so they let the devs do what they want.

          i fucking want square to die, because they would have to liquadate their assets, and fucking anyone else could to a rpg better than them at this point.


          ea came a long way sense there westwood aquasition, but fuck, will i never forgive them for that one.


          actually no, they dont. its hard to explain. once you have the mmo engine built, its far cheaper to make an mmo and sustain it than hope a console game will pull profit.


          ff 7 was ok
          ff 8 was a trai wreck
          ff 9 was a great game with a highly forgettable story, something that can kill an mmo
          ff 10 was horrendous, from the leveling system, to the story, not a fucking good thing can be said about it
          ff 11 want bad for its time, but was an asian grindfest compared to everything else, but it had high production values,
          ff 12 had probably the best battle system of all the ff games to date (not mechanics of the engine, but the game play) its just the the story was like ff 9’s HIGHLY forgettable.
          ff 13 was a train wreck, and if it want for ff 8’s horrendous gameplay and all its shit systems would be the worst ff they released.
          ff 14 got released probably a year to early. and was made by a company that refuses to innovate, so it was doa either way, because in an mmo pretty graphics count for shit.

          im looking up the square enix wiki for games, everquest 2 is listed there, why? is soe a sub devision of square, or is that a mistake? ok i just looked at all the games, i believe they are the japanese publishers of that game, which brings me to this, they havet made a truly great game sense they became square enix.

          all there success comes from various developers that work under them.

    • People ignoring/forgetting how terrible Final Fantasy 13 was now? ONE mistake?!

      When they made that “Making a better game, or remaking a game like Final Fantasy 7 would be hard and take to much work!!” you knew they where fucked..

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      They were almost dead in 1987, then came Final Fantasy. They were almost dead in 2001/2002, then came the merger with Enix.

      They are almost dead now. Something will come to save their stupid asses, I know. Maybe Nintendo will buy them as they did with Monolith Soft or something like that.