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Outrage as Politician Mocks Lady Mangaka for Opposing Ban


A pro-ban politician has outraged manga fans by publicly exposing and then ridiculing a BL mangaka who put her name to an anti-ban petition sent to him.

BL mangaka Eiki Eiki, coincidentally the granddaughter of former PM Noboru Takeshita and the big sister of singer Daigo, apparently put her name to a petition opposing the recently passed restrictions on the sale of “unhealthy” anime and manga.


The petition was presented to LDP Tokyo metropolitan assemblyman Masatsugu Mihara, a vocal advocate of the ban, who of course completely ignored it, having previously dismissed all such opposition as “meaningless.”

However, rather than leave it at that he proceeded to all but identify Eiki by name on his site, ridiculing her and suggesting she should be careful what she writes lest her grandfather see it:

“I received a lot of objections to the revision, but what caught my eye was this next one.

A lady calling herself the granddaughter of former Prime Minister Takeshita wrote to me, and she writes manga so she didn’t want any increased censorship.

The last thing I said to her was ‘Would you show these extreme manga to your grandpa [the former PM]? Write your manga using your own judgement as to whether your grandpa would be angry.'”

His crude remarks to the mangaka and his exposure of her identity on his website soon caused outrage amongst manga fans, and before long his homepage, and the offending remarks, mysteriously disappeared.

When the previous rejected version of the ban was being criticised in June, he obliquely accused ban opponents of attacking his offices (naturally the entry has also since disappeared):

“I got a call saying my office had been done over. I hurried over there and there was a fist-sized hole in the front window, and lots of glass and a stone inside.

The police asked if I knew anything about it, but neither me nor my secretary had any idea.

However, I did have one doubt. When the revised youth health ordinance was being deliberated, I was for it and received a lot of letters, calls and comments on my homepage about it.

Lately it escalated and I’ve been getting a lot of meaningless objections saying ‘I won’t support the LDP any more.’

Withdrawing support is the most pressure anyone can apply to a politician, it doesn’t get much worse than that. Surely, it couldn’t have escalated further…

I’ve been a politician for 17 years now. This is the first sort of pressure of this sort I’ve seen. However, I will pursue righteousness. I absolutely will triumph in the end!!”

Critics point out that the “Sanya” area of Tokyo he reports the incident occurring in is already notoriously rough.

The message from ban proponents has consistently been that they will ignore any complaints or petitions, and even industry pleas for negotiation, all in the absence of any popular demand for a ban with national consequences – so much for Japanese democracy.

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