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1 Dead as Chinese Fishermen Attack Korean Coastguard


Chinese fisherman illegally fishing in Korean waters have attacked coastguard personnel sent to remove them, with at least 1 fisherman dying when a Chinese ship sank after it allegedly rammed a coastguard ship.


In a near replay of the Senkaku incident, in the region of 50 Chinese fishing vessels were illegally fishing in the waters off the South Korean city of Gunsan, inside Korea’s EEZ.

The Korean coastguard went to remove them, but one of the Chinese ships ignored their orders to halt and instead rammed them in an effort to let the rest of the fleet escape. The fishing vessel capsized as a result of the impact, throwing its crew of 9 into the sea where 1 drowned and another 2 went missing.

The Chinese crew of the ship were filmed attacking the coastguard who closed with them using metal bars and shovels, hospitalising 4 coastguard personnel with serious injuries including broken bones. A number of fishermen were arrested soon after.

Footage of the incident:

The South Korean media immediately reported on the incident, and authorities quickly released film of the clash – the polar opposite to Japan’s supine response to the rather more territorially charged incident in the Senkaku islands.

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