Top 10 Christmas Presents Japanese Women Want


In Japan, Christmas is almost exclusively an occasion for sex and buying things (possibly not in that order) – as a result, gifts to  female partners take on an air of particular importance for any man hoping to spend Christmas at a seedy love hotel and not alone with Nene.

The survey asked 1200 Japanese women in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya what they would like to received as a Christmas present (from a spouse or hopeful supplicant) – the ranking:

1. Cosmetic devices

2. Wristwatches

3. Bags

4. IT/AV products (PC, phones, etc.)

5. Home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.)

6. Flowers

7. Apparel

8. Makeup & perfume

9. Jewellery & accessories

10. Books, CDs, DVDs

For those wondering just what is meant by “cosmetic devices” (an established product category in Japan), examples given include “steamers” (devices placed by the bed at night to moisturise the skin by creating steam), luxury hair-dryers and so on – generally these kinds of items cost around $150-$250.

Men asked how much they anticipated spending on such gift gave an average of ¥20,000, whilst women asked how much they expected their gift to cost indicated a slightly higher figure of ¥21,000 – perhaps not coincidentally just enough for one of Panasonic’s latest steamers.

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