Microsoft Bans Pantsu on Xbox 360



Microsoft seems to have banned pantsu display from the Xbox 360, with the above before and after screenshots demonstrating the changes they forced on the developers of “Gal Gun.” The developers for their part angrily claimed this was part of an effort to make the system more “family friendly.”

The game as it was:

Intentional pantsu exposure is now said to be strictly off limits.

Details of the game itself can be inspected in the previous article.

With “shooting” games and quasi-eroge the only original Japanese titles developed on the Xbox 360, the decision only seems likely to slowly kill off what is left of the Xbox 360’s meagre Japanese userbase.

It seems unlikely the Japanese will suddenly all move into houses large enough to contain Kinect whilst abandoning their heinous love of pantsu in favour of wholesome American games based on bloodlust and killing – although Microsoft’s Japanese marketing team appears to be something of a lost cause, so perhaps this level of acumen is to be expected.

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