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Macross F Music Video BD “Nyan-Kuri” Released


The new Macross F 娘クリ (Nyan-kuri) is the latest big release for the series, and is made up of a collection of  music videos set to many of the anime’s many songs, mixing in both new and old animation.

The BD / DVD has the somewhat awkward official title of マクロスF MUSIC CLIP集 娘クリ / Macross F MUSIC CLIP-Shuu Nyan-Kuri and is brand-new, having just come out December 15th.


There are 26 chapters, or “tracks”, on the disc, but as 10 of them are interviews with either Ranka or Sheryl, plus a few other tracks being in short CM-format, there are no more than a dozen of the big-name songs from the series that have been given the music video treatment.

Luckily, that includes most of the favorites, such as Lion, Iteza☆Gogo Kuji, Seikan Hikou, What ’bout my Star, and Diamond Crevasse.


A PV for the disc was released sometime ago, and gives a decent idea of what to expect, aside from simply being a treat to rewind and watch repeatedly:

The two songs are, of course, Ranka’s “Anata no Oto” and Sheryl’s “Northern Cross”, neither of which are known as the two starlet’s best songs, but in December 2010, there have been so many Macross F music releases that songs like “Lion” or “Triangler” have been used more than enough times in promo videos.

As is the norm for a new release from any big-name series, Akiba otaku stores have been decorated with many display booths and banks of monitors showcasing the videos:


These two heart-signs in Tora no Ana are lovely enough to set any Macross F’s fan heart aflutter!


(Note Nanoha peeking in from way in the background!)


The Sofmap store.


Tora no Ana’s B store:


Akiba stores like this Gamer’s above are fortunate that Japan’s crime rate is as low as it is, or otherwise these enticing posters might be in some danger of going missing.

Camera snapshots from the various monitors looping PVs for the video:


Here follow some screens from the older PV video embedded above (hence the poor quality):


The magical-looking bubbles are a sure sign than Ranka is powering up a massive Kira:


Truly, it was a missed opportunity that Seikan Hikou wasn’t playing during this bit!


During Sheryl’s Northern Cross, a list of all the songs on the disc scrolls along the bottom.


In one of the scenes with new animation, Sheryl is seen doing May’n’s normal Northern Cross dance routine, definitely a great wink at the fans that have been to any of the numerous Macross concerts done so far.


The bottom line here mentions the numerous “interviews”, which are sure to take up the lion’s share of the disc’s running time owing to the relative thrift a quiet talking scene can be animated with, even if some of the animation is pulled from the TV, movie, or past CMs.


New material:


Macross F Nyan-Kuri is available now.

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