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Square Enix Profits Plunge 90% “Because of FF14”


Square Enix has announced a 90% drop in its projected profits, a disaster it grovellingly blames on Final Fantasy XIV.

The revised fourth quarter financial estimate:

Before: ¥160,000,000,000 ($1.9 billion)
After: ¥130,000,000,000 ($1.5 billion)

Net profit:
Before: ¥12,000,000,000 ($143 million)
After: ¥1,000,000,000 ($12 million)

Square Enix’s explanation is that “a slump in console sales and an exceedingly critical market reception to our main titles” caused the plunge and goes on to admit that it was because “Final Fantasy XIV failed to live up to consumer expectations of a Final Fantasy title.”

With Wada still hanging on to his post and Final Fantasy XIV likely a write-off, it seems Square Enix’s troubles may yet continue.


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  • Novel Idea for SquareEnix post a POLL ON THIER MAIN SITE:

    REmake of which GAME


    For NexGen Graphics

    Let society post a vote based on $0.01cent
    A penny lost just values a pennies proof in

    What the consumer wants to see.
    You know that person is real, after all.
    Ever heard of Paypal donations.

    The end.

  • What Square Enix needs to do is get some good developers.
    Look for them everywhere esp in the US and have a work atmosphere like Google’s or similar to keep them.
    Also for god sakes have some gamers on the team.
    Next look into other modes of distribution.
    The iPad and XBL for example can be a way to make a quick buck with re releases of older games with next to no distribution cost.

  • Well, it was nice knowing you Square Enix, but you are no longer in your prime as you were during the PS1 & PS2 days, you’ve probably lived your usefulness & should just get out while you can…

    Unless I don’t know, you can try…something that you are actually good at when you make your games for now on…

  • NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo The should shrive and die… Even if they do make any remakes we shouldn’t buy it look what they die to seven they were suppost to bring it out for the ds after they did all the other remakes but no…

    if they do dont buy it make them understand that they fuck with us for so long and still they arnt listing…

  • What does it matter? They still turned a profit – a decent one at that. It just means that they failed to live up to expectations, which quite frankly was to be expected.

    Their outlook isn’t bad either. If you’ll remember, they aquired Eidos, and have a number of big name titles (Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Thief) being both developed and on the verge of release. Games aside, they haven’t done half bad with the manga they publish, nor the PlayArts figures they design and sell.

    Square-Enix is far from finished. Hopefully this does serve as a wake-up call, though, and they get their act together…

  • You know, I’ve been saying, in the past, that they should make another 3D WorldRunner or Rad Racer. With everything pretty much going 3D, I always said why not. I mean, gaming is going 3D so why not? But after seeing how bad Square Enix is going, it’s probably best they don’t mess with them.

  • All i can say is it was bound to happen. Not a single company out there can last forever without suffering, at some point, a colossal disaster. And now it has become clear that FFXIV is going down in history as the hugest flop of square enix history. . . as far as I know. It’s at least a huge disaster for the FF series. Now I only hope they actually finish with Versus XIII so that I can have something decent to freakin play.

  • If they want to save themselves they should remake VII(I would prefer another one then VII but it seems the most popular) for next gen consoles or put dissidia on next gen. Those would sell like hot cakes. Then they don’t need to risk in failing and making a more horrible name for themselves then they already have.

  • @Kwonnie
    They did craft a new engine especially for PS3, the white engine or what ever it was called and licensed the Unreal engine for the PC and other consoles and then they suddenly gimped the white engine, renamed it crystal so that the can make multigames on it, that is what caused one of their mayor drawbacks with FF13.

  • I could have put up with boring quests and low population, but the GUI and the horrible controls made me bin the beta after 30 minutes, i wanted to like it but it was more of a chore than anything to even navigate the world.

    I only played once… with a friend mind you, it made no difference, i don’t wanna see it until all that is bad with it is fixed, and knowing squre-enix’s recent policies i doubt that will ever happen, when you put monetary gain above quality this is what happens.

    They need to go back to pushing their limits instead of taking the “safe” route all the time.

  • here’s to hoping that at the brink of their existence, they decide to make a game out of passion, much lyk w/ FF1, & they put their all into it & it’ll actually be fun. i could use a brand new series.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    The sales themselves didn’t get such a big hit, I wonder why is it that projected net profit went down that much?

    It’s crazy that there could be so many factors beside game sales, that net profit could get cut by 90% yet games were still being sold in reasonable numbers.

  • 14 is enough already. Please Square, try something new. And not the Rockstar kind of new by re-skinning something you already have. You guys worked on Just Cause 2 and that was kickass! Why not do something else like that? Hopefully FF14 will let this once great now desperate series end.

  • that’s what you get for kicking the xenogears team and sakaguchi.

    hopefully they learned their lesson. to be able to rebound some sales they should start rereleasing their PS1 Classic games, Parasite Eve Archives, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Saga Series for the western release(since all of these are already available in the JP PSN store)

  • Western Wisdom saying – “When the animal you killed for food is past the 10th+ meal and you get sick and throw up from the maggots…stop eating it and hunt another animal…”

    Actually, I made that up…
    Me VeLy SmaLt! VeLy much humor! Aahahah.

    We don’t even HAVE to have a saying like that. Kill an animal for food, immediately use every part of the animal you can and salt/dry any extra meat for on the trail. Plan the next hunt AND sow seeds to harvest later. If you don’t, you tend to DIE.

    A venture like making a video game could have some lines drawn between it and ‘hunter/gatherer’ behavior. It’s a mixture of “Feast and Famine”, long periods of energy spent trying to hunt when it’s not certain that the prey can/will be caught. And, too much success can be as deadly as too much failure. Too easy to get fat, lazy, wasteful and dragging with you possessions bought in times of abundance to catch later meals. And your success and flaunting of it could inspire others who if they can’t hunt in your territory (and in the videogame world they CAN) will do so on the edges.

    What they should do is move on to the next venture. Get RID of the “Moneymen Meddlers” who I’m sure F*cked up everything and let the team of programmers/artists/writers have wide reign. They worked good in a market they helped glut. To survive they have to innovate now, they have to make sure the creative end has control, not constraints. Really, I bet the artists, programmers, anyone who actually had any real worth were too busy “Clocking in on time” and a million other “Corporate Kiss up/Kick Down” rules to obey and maintain first rather than actually DO anything.

  • The thing is and quote me on this one…

    Square enix made final fantasy less about story and more masturbating to the character design….

    Prime example Nair and Final Fantasy X-2 and 3…

    The only thing left for them to do is to bring the orginal final fantasy 7 – 10 as down loadable games for the 360….

  • They should remake FF7 not because it’s profitable but it’s gonna be the last game they’re gonna publish. Might as well end the company in a good note. But Square Enix won’t rehash old shit. The market to for a remake FF7 is pitifully tiny.

  • i dont know why everyone wants to see a ff7 remake i mean can you imagion the game it they did it now. how much it would suck the dialog would have to be changed to have more moments of awkward silents, 20 min long cut scenes that should only be 5 min, and they try to mack it canon whit all the other ff7 games that came out. i just dont think a ff7 remake is going to solve all there problems. it wont change the fact that square wants to be a movie company and are in The wrong biss maybe they should mack movies and not game……sorry i forgot.(ff the spirits within)

  • If they use cell shadind like in Eternal Sonata for the next one and of course create larger area and real time fights directly on the field I buy it one day one . If they don’t I’ll wait for the budget version .Why in cell shadind ? It is cheaper so they can put the money into something more important than the graphics : all the other part of the game.

  • It’s the brass’s fault for shoving out FF14 in the shape it was in. After all, FFXI has problems too but it’s been and remains profitable 8 years afterwards, but it was released in playable shape.

    I hope this is the end for Wada, and they bring in someone in the vein of pre-merger Squaresoft that made lots of quality original IPs. I know JRPGs aren’t the same as they used to be, but SE could stand to get some new leadership in to help push some new ideas. Don’t, however, accuse SE of not doing anything new–as one of the first comments noted, each FF after 9 has experimented quite a lot for a JRPG. Not every experiment worked, but a lot of the complaints are down to “they changed it, now it sucks” instead of the actual quality of the changes.

    Still, I think they’re not going to do well unless they start making some good non-FF games. What happened to Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, etc. They all went away after the merger.

  • I love all the posts here from people who’ve never actually played FFXIV.

    Also the posts from those who haven’t seen it since its latest updates.

    The game is being fixed you fucking morons. But keep following the slander of your fearless leader. It’s good for you to not think for yourself.

  • I’m still gonna play FF13 as soon as I own a PS3. I’m happy than I can find a used copy for pennies.

    And when FFXIV goes F2P, and I get a decent computer, I’ll give it a go as well.

    Squeenix, I reap the rewards of your failures.

      • Idiots are notorious for bricking PS3s.

        Fixed. Yes, I’ve read the articles, but anyone could lie for a $50,000 maximum for each bricked console. Who wouldn’t?

        Besides, I racked 150+ game hours, and a platinum trophy, no brick. Hence, it’s more possible that the bricked consoles would be better blamed on idiots.

  • The next Square game I will get excited about, is when they announce a new game in the Secret of Mana series. And i’m not talking some dodgey DS game either. I want a full blown game like SoM 1, 2 and LoM for the PS2. Every other game in the series has been shite and it’s about bloody time another happened. Even if they releaased SoM2 on the DS (finally, since it never saw a US release) i’d snap it up in a heartbeat.

  • well the best choice of action for square enix now is to get a new manager, start a new series, stay with handheld games , try sometying bit more different then ure avaerage rpg and try to do a shooter rpg..u know like mass effect…MAYBE that will work or they could try and get there games into old school like ure traditional rpgs back in the days….no shit like there latest sequals. thats all i could think of right now

    • why do you think they’ve held onto FF XIII vs ? they are fine tuning a game for once they decided to reel it in and prolly revamp it just incase they run into another situation like this… maybe. maybe if they do this one right, they might be able to pull their shit out of the fire they started. with only minor 3rd degree burns

      • Perhaps so.

        I’m expecting the VsXIII team to carry the most weight on their shoulders compared to everyone else in their company right now. Damn, I can only imagine the pressure.

        Although sadly for me, the yaoi themes they’ve been suggesting since the first trailer is turning me off. I guess I’ll be among the select few who won’t touch that game even if it does become S-E’s second coming(historically, this would be the third, after the first one and VII).

  • Sometimes, I swear, people keep bringing up on FFVII just to piss everyone off.

    The main issue with rcent Final Fantasy games is content and fun. Content because FFXIII sucks ass(FFX lacked that too, but that was their first time so everyone was like ‘OK, nice effort. Just don’t do that again…’), and fun because FFXIV is like a job you PAY your employers for, not the other way around.

    FFXII was something I almost scorned, but looking back, at least I didn’t feel shackled or claustrophobic at all like I did when playing FFXIII. If only Yasumi Matsuno didn’t have health problems…

    • “Sometimes, I swear, people keep bringing up on FFVII just to piss everyone off.

      No, people keep bringing up VII because a lot of people really liked VII. Get your panties out of a bunch, already.

      • And yet, even while FFXII was still criticized in its time, it didn’t reach the level of hate and murderous desire to see S-E’s demise as FFXIII and FXIV did.

        FFXII’s only inherent flaw is its incomplete story, and the marketing assholes insistence that the hero being another Meg Ryan brat instead of a mature, older hero like Matsuno originally had in mind. Even then, people are starting to appreciate it more now. FFXIII and their ‘fans’ instead are still getting trolled until this day.

        If they had waited until the damn thing’s done, FFXII could’ve at least generated much more profit for them with EVEN LESS HATE.

        • Nah, the main reason why I personally played XII was due to the fact that I was so into XI at the time and heard the gameplay was similar to an “offline version of XI”

          While many people made smart-aleck comments when they heard rumors of that, it didn;t stop me from pre-ordering the game and what not. The gameplay was awesome, it allowed a higher degree of “control” than other titles when organizing your party, and yes, while it allowed the game to sort of play itself, it was because YOU had to near master the gambit system in order to accomplish that. Yes you can forego the gambits and menu select every damn thing if you wanted the traditional gameplay we all grew up with, but the gambit system was there to be used and abused for nearly the entire game.

          Also “Decoy Protagonist” a.k.a. Female lead ftw.

          I was SO looking forward to XIII due to its “first female lead” in the series. (Although i put Terra in that for first female lead, but that’s another story…)

          Same reason why I warmed up to XII early on, was because Vaan was not the main character in my eyes, it was Ashe. However SE probably didn’t want to risk a female lead after what happened with X-2 so they went this route, switching it up mid game and then at the end scruing the playerbase (even further) by making it about Vaan again and his sky-pirate storyline, which was weak to begin with. The game was all about Ashe and Basch for me.

          Anyways, XII was great, but true, not a strong storyline due to meddling with who should be the main.

          XIII blew, but damn did it look good, but that’s about it.

          And XIV, while i patiently await the PS3 release, I hope it sorta follows the XI treatment; where XI’s first few months-year were fail, and then after a few tweaks becomes a “playable game” to the point where the playerbase takes it from there and polishes it into a decent alternative as a MMORPG for people to get engaged in.

  • Seeing how I was a big fan of FFXI, FFXIV just makes me feel disgusted. I was expecting something on par or better than XI. Yet, no, they just screw themselves and their customers by not even trying, giving the finger to their consumers and thinking of special “unique” things like the limited EXP per class each week rubbish.

    The graphics looks great, the character creation system is better than a lot of MMO’s today, it has a good soundtrack but somehow, even with all these things, they manage to screw up the gameplay and other elements that are obviously garanteed to piss off the gamers. Redo FFVII or FFVIII? Nah, remake FFV already!

  • I don’t think they even need to ‘remake’ FF7. Update the textures/models to higher quality, make it multi platform and enable the game to run on modern hardware. No point reinventing the wheel. Course they may think people wouldn’t pay for such a cheap cash in and it would require a more extensive remake. I think they underestimate the popularity of FF7.

  • Remakes of those titles would probably be the final nail in the coffin. Because of “Critical Reception”.

    Mostly the whole “the bar has been set too high” and that they won’t be able to produce anything nearly as good as the original, EVEN if it is a direct remake.

    • I’m so tired of fantards begging for remakes. Remaking these games isn’t going to get them anywhere, if anything it will only piss off old fans when they see some of their favorite games ruined by SE’s incompetence.

      The only way to succeed is to make GOOD, NEW games.

      • you can obviously see that creating “new games” is wat’s making this company fail. remaking is the safest move for a company like this. they need to to at least appeal to their fans first then to others, not the other way around.

        look at other big name companies for example. capcom with street fighter and megaman
        sega with sonic colors and sonic4
        etc etc. (forget who else)

        these games may not be direct remakes, but they keep the same basic style. square can learn from then. i vote for remake and remixes all the way.

        street fighter is the best example because they considered the fans first when making 4. now look how successful the series is.

      • Vagrant Story is connected with Final Fantasy Tactics story and it’s also part of the timeline of Final Fantasy 12. It’s just it doesn’t say Final Fantasy that is all.
        You see Square can make good games with out using the name Final Fantasy. Man they almost was about to call it Final Fantasy Vagrant Story.

        I bet you didn’t know that Final Fantasy 12, Final Fantasy tactics and Vagrant Story are the same universe. It’s just a different timeline from each other. Final Fantasy Tactics talk about the great war. Which is the one in Final Fantasy 12. It’s cool when you start connecting the dots they also have the same names of the war, kingdoms. That they talk about the great war.

        Vangrant Story takes place way after Final Fantasy 12 and at the same time as Final Fantasy tactics than after Final Fantasy tactics. Yeah the story is confusing unless you pay close attention to the FFT story and the legend they talk about. Square is planning to continue this universe not in a Final Fantasy name. IDIOTS this universe is a awesome game.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Don’t know why this is voted negatively, but those are my thoughts exactly. Remaking past games and making them be your primary source of income literally means your game company is just a zombie, a sad shadow of what it used to be.

        The thing is, they must keep moving forward, just doing good games instead of pretty-looking boring shit. They must look for a way to implement fun game mechanics, then take the formula and keep refining it, not experimenting like fucking MAD SCIENTISTS.

        The strategy in every single Final Fantasy game (every single one of ’em, you understand mindless fanboys?)is a piece of laughable shit, make it so that each choice counts. I don’t know how they’ll go around to doing it, I’m no game designer, but try, I dunno, stealing stuff from Shin Megami Tensei games like elemental advantages adn disadvantages played seriously, or Chrono Cross‘ no experience/ grinding approach, no random encounters and no fucktons of on-screen enemies either (Cross and other games failed there miserably), make battles fucking HARDER and FUN already.

        As for the story, they should at least try to conceal the “random group of androgynous teenagers save the world” thing. Start with something a little bit more interesting (hell, FFVII started with you being part of a goddamn terrorist group, it’s hard to top that, I know, but they must try, it’s their job), then throw in creppy stuff to bait players in, then grab them by the balls with a cool big-ass reveal or two.

        The thing is, they just don’t fucking learn ANYTHING from their mistakes, like the Sonic Team retards. And so it goes… it’s not the first company to die because of excessive self-confidence on brand name, look at Atari, at Sega, even past colossi like Capcom and Namco are struggling to keep up with the American behemoths nowadays. Nintendo almost died too, but they found new life in developing very overpriced little toys for little kids.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          @Anon 14:27

          I understand what you mean about FFX. If anything, Chrono Cross successfully pulled off character progression without experience points, but each one only had three exclusive tech skills/ abilities at most. That was just MISERABLE.

          We need just a couple few player characters with many different, unique abilities that are selectively useful on different types of enemies, the way you can swap characters in your active party in the middle of a battle in FFX was also a good idea, not to mention double, triple and maybe QUADRUPLE techs (big parties FTW) that are progressively harder to pull off.

          Then, give players fun stuff to do in the dungeons and overworld other than trying to avoid on-screen enemies and open chests. I don’t know, put traps, sensible puzzles (Wild Arms’ are good and everything, but they fuck up most players’ suspension of disbelief by cramming disappearing blocks into an ivory tower and the like), mini-games that are well integrated in the environment (what little I played of Beyond Good & Evil had a couple of these).

          Oh, and please, do smoother transitions from dungeon BGM to battle BGM, if at all. No matter how good the music may be (like Grandia II‘s), it GETS fucking annoying after ten or so hours.

        • >> no random encounters and no fucktons of
          >> on-screen enemies either.

          I guess I the only one that *WANTS*
          the fucking random encounters back.
          But that would only make sense *IF*
          there was FUCKING EXP in to level with!!
          I hated doing way with MP/EXP stuff.
          I’m not saying you can’t tweak it these
          systems, but have some basis for leveling up that is not is not a total wuss of
          advancing your character. Everything after
          FFX, I never felt like my characters
          never advanced at all. They felt the same whether I was at the end of the game or at the beginning. WTF!!

        • I know what you mean ChaosAngelZero but Square Enix has an issue with creating games on HD consoles, back then it was easy for them to program games on PS1 and PS2 now they have issues using PS3?

          Here the thing they did do a FF3 remake on Nintendo DS they even remade the FF3 characters in 3D it manage to sell well on hand held platform it was easy for them them to program on handheld then it was on a HD console.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          I never said anything bad about remaking games.

          I said that making that your main source for income is an unmistakable sign of a zombie game company that’s nearing its inexorable demise. Additionally, while it doesn’t necessarily represent a state of unavoidable bankruptcy, having your old games’ remakes being the ones that gather the most positive reviews of all the games you’re currently releasing is also something to be concerned about.

        • Frankly, I think that’s Horsebird shit. There’s nothing unreasonable about remaking old games. It’s been done before and met with moderate success, because they’re are plenty of new gamers who haven’t played those old titles. The only thing to fear about SE remaking old Square titles is their incompetence. I can see them screwing it up royally.

  • A little bird told me the next on-line Final Fantasy will be completely ‘player-friendly’, with an easy combat system, and with real work in the cities/world building.

    They though the “Square Enix” logo would made them to sell anything. They were wrong.

    • It feels like Square Enix is just having a lot of trouble letting go of the idea that they can forever coast on past successes. Maybe if they don’t outsource the next game to China they’ll sell a few copies. Deciding to break down and actually pay the developers with whom they’ve enjoyed victories before would probably help, too.

      • Yeah, people are always saying Final Fantasy is getting stale or it’s all rehashes or something, but that’s complete and utter nonsense.

        FF13 is absolutely nothing like what FF used to be, and yes, this started with the horrible god forsaken linear FF10, which people seem to absolutely love for some reason. I’m guessing this reason is that it was the first time they’d seen “next gen” graphics in FF, and fanboy/girl squealing over the voice acting. The game itself was atrocious, the game world hardly any more complex than FF13’s.

        People who say FF is the same as it’s always been have never played more than five minutes of any of them, either that or they’re totally blind. I WISH it was still the same.

        • Apparently I’ve played ff7 before ff10, it felt soo bad that I gave up on ff8 and ff9 all together.

          FF10 depite having a whining cunt as main, has an excellent background and world setting, it has some of the best background music of all the rpg I’ve played. FF7 on the other hand…felt medicore, much like ff6 which I tried on GBA, I didn’t even reach half way before quitting because it was again…medicore and nothing refreshing.

          FF10/12 has one thing in common, a vivid world which 13 kinda lacked due to town center issue(though Im only 10hrs in due to not owning a ps3).

          As I play more rpgs, this feel of a “vivid world” grows more important to me, and sadly older rpgs usually lack such thing, maybe due to limitation of graphic, or because games evolve. Hence why I enjoy western rpg more and more, as they got a whole world out there to explorer.

      • I’ve always been alone in this in regards to FFX, but I always felt that since the merge the titles just didn’t hit me the same way they used to (makes sense…) I was an avid fan up until FFX. They had a formula in both writing and design that I had no qualms with until the release of X, though most would go for saying it was 12 or w/e that reared the ugly head of a slump…

        FFX just never felt like an FF game to me. XII was interesting and a step up for me from X as far as the VA’s and writing go, but still wasn’t what I wanted out of an FF game (I know I never bothered to finish either game.) I remember playing X and never becoming engaged with it, finally I ended up getting past the point where you acquire the airship and was finally on the back of SIN. I ended up just quitting the game entirely, I was at the point of not caring – I hadn’t the slightest interest in finding out what was coming next because I was sure to be disappointed just as I was with the rest of the game. I’m surprised I made it that far.

        • hah personally VIII was among my liked titles 🙂 But IV and VI along with IX were the most enjoyable for me. They all had just enough quirks to themselves to set them apart, but they all still felt the part of a series. Really someone a fan of the series at that time looked FORWARD to the smaller changes just as much when they were sitting down for a playthrough. At the very least that was the case with myself. Does no1 else even remember just the difference the blue windows in FFIX brightened up the scheme? Even small things such as that had their worth (despite how ridiculous that sounds… even to my ears)

          I’ve more or else gotten to where I don’t play console much at all… Things have gotten too big for me I feel like I’ve been left behind a long time ago. Shooters no longer pace themselves, it’s always run and gun. RPG’s are far and few as far as the states or west are concerned (with only a few notable exceptions)

          I remember buying my ps3 simply for the hopes that there would be at least quite a few ports available, especially from japan. Gone are the days of relatively unknown or small companies pumping out cult hits one after the other. Yeah sure I enjoy the blockbuster hits from time to time, but I don’t need 3Dmax graphics everytime I pop in a gamedisc…

        • Yea I hated FFX and the characters. Everyone was over acting. And I really don’t care about their past backgrounds or feelings. It was like they were trying too hard to be emotional.

          FFXII was great though. The characters weren’t ‘deep’ or we weren’t forced to pry into their pasts too much. They were a cool bunch of guys and did not have the tendency to scream all the time. They’re there to do what they had to do.

        • Vodkasaurus Rex says:

          I completely agree Dreck! FFX just didn’t have that charm. It was one of the most boring gaming experiences in my life. Though a majority doesn;t think very dearly about FFXII I had much more fun playing it compared to FFX.

        • I disagree.
          I found FFX to have a very engrossing story, mainly due to the world’s background.
          The timeline and the story really hit me as an epic. From the start of the game all characters seemed to have a big role, more than most rpgs in which everyone starts as an unlikely hero.
          The ending in X was also excellent.

          FFXII though, while I considered it to have solid gameplay, none of the characters were interesting.In fact I felt the the main antagonist was correct in both his goals and methods, after the great plot twist, so that really soured the game for me.

      • I have a novel idea for them. How about they try to make their games… fun? I know, I know, it’s a novel concept for corporations, but it seemed to work very well years before the likes EA and Activision entered (read:bought) the market.

        • @Anon 7:38


          I’m not acting like anything. I just think they could divert their attention elsewhere.

          And I like both KH and Dissidia. I’m talking about the sequels that contribute little story or gameplay wise and do nothing more than generate portable platform sales.

        • I would play a chocobo racing game with realistic graphics. Not some cartoony one which would appeal to children. It should play like burn out paradise and you would be able to pimp out your own personal chocobo.

        • Square-Enix crafted a whole new engine just for generating games with FF13 graphics. They clearly haven’t been taking advantage of it at all… especially considering we haven’t heard news of an Agito or Versus at all… and they decided to not do the FF7 remake… and they’re still hung up over 14… and they keep releasing next-to-irrelevant Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia games…

        • man, seriously why didn’t they just make a remake of ff7 with some nice graphics.
          they wouldn’t have to care about story or gameplay, just make the graphics nice and shiny and keep everything else as it is.
          as all they can do now IS graphics it would be perfect.

          so, they got this product everyone’s been waiting for for years and that would sell like hot cakes and what do they do?

          “meh, i don’t feel like it, let’s make a game about a really long tunnel instead.”
          “oh! oh! and after that we could just try and make everything wrong!”
          “yeah, that’s a great idea man, let’s do this! oh wait, on second thought, let china do it and we go for a drink instead”

          seriously wtf sqeenix
          i can understand why games become worse because companies try to appeal to casuals but this is just fucking retarded.

        • I’m ok with seeing average graphics on a “new” final fantasy, but I miss the more memorable storylines. The kind that makes fanboys rage when people troll their favorite final fantasy. Final Fantasy died on the playstation

        • Fun? What is this Fun you speak of?

          No but I agree, FF13 had all its focus on shiny bright graphics in front of gameplay and storytelling, FF14 is simply a quick cash-in on the FF name. I havn’t played Four Heroes of Light yet, but I’ve heard that one is a lot of fun though.

        • I love how people say ‘they could try something new’ when that’s exactly what the same people bitched and moaned about in terms of the last several releases of final fantasy. I’m sick of the fucking hypocrites, seriously. None of you know anything it seems.

        • @Kwonnie =
          we’ve HEARD tons about Agito and Versus.
          we’ve SEEN little, but they TALK about it all the time.
          if you haven’t at least heard anything that’s not S-E’s fault. if there’s one thing they’re good for is talk.

          “they’re still hung up over 14”?
          FFXIV’s a wreck sure, but you act as if they’ve been at it for years.
          reality check, its only been out for a few months.
          whether they should just dump it at this point is another matter, but don’t act like they’ve been at it for a long time.

          Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts isn’t next-to-irrelevant in terms of sales and making money for S-E.
          just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean much.

        • I agree with above. Make a damn FF7 re-make with pretty graphics…add a bit of story if you must to make it longer = profit. Big profit. Then continue on with what made you what you were. JRPGs peopel loved. FF6,5,4 come right to mind for me. Hell, even FF10 was pretty good I thought. Have something ‘new’ being worked on to the side, but till you’re on your feet, do what works even if it’s not ‘new’. I wish I had the rights to FF7 and the team behind the graphics to FF13. Oh man…

  • Square sucks by themselves. The best games they ever made were because they joined up with Nintendo and Enix. Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger are the only awesome games Square got right and they still only get half the credit on those.

    Enix is still badass though.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      The exclusivity wouldn’t be possible. The only way for them to release a Final Fantasy VII remake that was remotely up to snuff with fan expectations would be to release it on as many systems as they possibly could. They’d need to release it not only on the Xbox 360, but also on PC AND an hypothetical new generation system, whichever it may be. Consider that 360 sales for FFXIII account for 40% of total combined USA and European game sales (that is, both systems’ sales).

      I mean, just look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII. That shit’s borderline cancelled by now, especially with news like this one.

  • “Final Fantasy XIV failed to live up to consumer expectations of a Final Fantasy title.”

    replace XIV by XIII and you got it…

    I stoped to expect anything good from the franchise since they put that movie with optional gameplay named FFXIII on the market….
    If FFXIV wasn’t that bad i would even go as far as to say it failed because of what FFXIII was..

    • A remake of a fan-favorite is sure to be a travesty (seeing their current ability to develop games), it would disappoint what’s left of SE’s fanbase and they’d end up in even worse situation than they’re currently in.

      They should focus on other franchises they own for now, just to divert attention from Final Fantasy.
      Fans would start missing seeing new games of their favorite franchise and would appreciate another iteration a bit more. Maybe even develop a liking for other SE franchises, which would profit the company in the long run, if they didn’t discontinue/ruin said franchises.

  • As much as some rage when FF7 is brought up yet again, it would save Squeenix’s ass. Then again what would also save their ass is a new Chrono game or remake, or maybe even take a decent story like Legend of Dragoon, revamp the battle system to make it more engaging, new VA, extend the story just slightly, and lastly update graphics and you got a sure winner.

    Just stay away from the FF Franchise for a while til things cool down while they should remake another good oldie.

    • It’s difficult to stay away from FF series and S-E right now. For some reason, it’s delighting people to read news after news implying shit being repeatedly smeared over their faces.

      I can’t say I don’t understand them: Kids who bought those games with their parents’ allowances might not feel anything, but those who earned their money the hard way did not expect the exact same game. Just want the game to give the same amount of ‘fun’ and ‘epic’ that previous titles were able to deliver. The last two failed to do so, not only in their own standards, but also gaming’s in general. This is especially true with FFXIV.