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Bandai Namco: “We Fail At Using Foreigners – We Give Up”


Bandai Namco has announced they will be halting all their overseas development efforts because they failed completely.

Bandai Namco’s CEO states that their use of overseas developers was supposed to “appeal to Americans” but that “in the end it was all no good.”

The strategy they say they adopted was to have their Japanese head office analyse suggestions from their foreign developers, and then have the foreigners “do only the titles which should work [for Americans].”

Unfortunately, this only resulted in a variety of titles which crudely aped the most successful western blockbusters without any real success.

Namco seems finally to have realised this was a flawed strategy: “For a game to really sell, whether in Japan, America, or Europe, if the head office doesn’t think it’s fun it’s impossible.”

The astonishing revelation that games have to be fun to sell well has lead them to change strategy – “We’ll be stopping all overseas development. It’s mostly stopped already.”

Square Enix also reported similar failures – in their case the solution appears to have just been to buy a successful foreign studio outright.

The move of course should have no bearing on their decision (or more likely, non-decision) to localise certain titles developed in Japan for overseas markets.

Bandai Namco has announced a long term goal of having 50% of their sales in overseas markets, up from 23% at present; unfortunately, at present it seems Japanese and western gamers have very different tastes and can only be persuaded to buy the same games in a limited number of genres.

As Japanese developers have not generally been very successful at producing games solely for western audiences, Namco’s decision to focus solely on using domestic developers may prove rather problematic in light of this goal.

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  • You don’t need to appeal to the western audience with western ideals. As long as it’s intersting and fun people will play it. They aren’t giving themselves a chance. I would play tales of grace, xilla and whatever else if it was translated. Not with english voices. But just so i can understand it. I don’t want a muscle head main character, i want someone different, i see the same stuff already in our own games.

    Sidenote: dead or alive is a good example. The characters spoke japanese i didn’t have any less fun playing it even though i didn’t understand what they were saying.

    Cyberconnect2 does a good job at listening to their fans. They recently opened up a english portion on their facebook page. They listen and they respond.
    Unlike Capcom!! But i won’t get started with them…

    I guess i trying to say take a chance jp gaming companies, you have more support than you think!!

  • I think that’s a smart idea… I really don’t think there is a market for Japanese games other than a chosen few. Seriously, if people wanted to play japanese games, you would learn the language and then play it.

    it’s not like a great number of japanese games are even brought over to the states anyway.

    • so are you proclaiming that all Japanese male protagonist do not have balls? Seriously, have you played enough games to even make that comment? What is wrong with non-eccentric NORMAL characters who just don’t want to be part of the strife?

  • How about the fact that Western Gamers like playing video games and not JRPGs, which are essentially visual novels with some 3D graphics.

    Does anyone actually care about the characters in Modern Warfare or Battlefield Bad Company or Half Life or even Assassins Creed? Nope, but it is the gameplay that carries those games, something Japan still seems too be stuck in the PSX era.

  • wow… it’s really heated in here… as for the stereotypes, the’re just that stereotypes. The global generalization needs to stop. I’m from the US and I honestly like most of my pleasures foreign. I love Japanese anime/manga, EU action/spy/comedy flicks, Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Thai horror and comedy flicks, Canadian comedy flicks, and gaming from all I’ve mentioned. I do not like playing as huge musclebound testosterone freaks with guns, nor do I like girly-men that I’m forced to watch walk around from behind ala MGS:4/AC: Brotherhood with Raiden armor.

  • I’m sick of the thought that Americans want “macho men” for their games. They may be macho by Japanese standards but come one. You’re going to tell me Dante, Big Boss/ Snake, and all those male fighters from Tekken, Street Fighter and the rest aren’t macho? Bullshit!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love many Japanese games but being hypocritical to rationalize the poor sales of their games overseas is idiotic. It’s a simple culture divide. Most Japanese story lines just don’t make sense to us, many feel the gameplay is dated (doesn’t bother me though!), and characters are too cliche.

    They just have to think why their games used to sell really well in the US years ago and look at what has changed- which is that most developers elsewhere have evolved their story-telling and game engines with the technology. Japan, for the most part, hasn’t.

    I don’t think JRPGs need to have a moral system (most western games that do barely have one!) or a make your own character feature but they do need to find new ways to play the game and new formulas to present stories and characters because we’ve seen it all before many, many times.

  • Many Japanese developers sell very well. Did they think for a moment that their games just flat out fucking suck 90% of the time, and the only people buying it in Japan are blind retarded fanboys praying that is will be the GOOD one?

  • Wow it almost sounds like if they were trying to sell something but they didn’t know fuck about it.

    “Western looking” doesn’t mean good, people won’t buy shit if its not good.
    Its that fucking simple.

    They could try making their tales games that are good better and releasing them with full content instead of “beta” and some good advertising instead and they’d sure make more profit.
    Or they could release their good games too, like Idol master.
    A mediocre attempt at replicating another game that’s worse in every possible way is a horrible approach regardless of the style.

  • haha ninja theory got dumped then because they where one of the developer studios and the dudes doin remake of DMC. Its not so much that westerners need macho men drake is a big success just plausible heroes it doesnt work the same how a skinny character being really powerful when seen people dont believe it because they dont have the rich martial arts background in the west.

    Westerners just dont believe it whilst if they look like they can do actually what they do it works, like if cloud was looking like bruce lee people would believe it, its why DBZ was a huge success overseas.

  • I hope this leads to them releasing more games they make in Japan over here in NA cause I always tend to want to be games only released in Japan but the language barrier is hell overcoming as in I simply can’t understand what they are saying or stating so it is difficult to play them without guides…

  • Just ship every fuckin thing. How the hell do you know what will and won’t sell unless it’s been put on the fuckin shelves? You’d be surprisded what people will buy when bored or someone else bought it.

  • Personalionheart (I can’t log in so f**k it)

    Trust me it ain’t because Americans prefer macho men, look at Call of duty it’s basically an RPG with fast paced action and guns, that’s what’s in right now. At least that’s the biggest thing. For people to play JRPG’s you need to let them get the taste for it. You literally have to fight the FPS genre with a JRPG which to be honest hasn’t changed all that much in it’s entire lifeline. It’s a sad truth

    When I was a kid everyone asked for Final Fantasy for birthdays and christmas, these days it’s call of duty.

  • well namco bandai… add english subtitles to every game you make, wouldnt cost much would it? even if you dont officially release the game in the US or Europe you would get a boost in sales which would easily bring in the cost of a localization. you hear me? only subtitles no english voice over is needed.

    and if it runs well enough look for a publisher and be done with it.

    japanese developers, do what you do best and add subtitles. at least try it.. but we surely dont need more western games, we do fine with the ones we make.

  • About time they realized it. Just having a western developer make a game is no substitute for, you know, making a good game. May I suggest another Soul Calibur game? It’s been a couple years and I could go for some of those advanced nipple graphics again–the game’s pretty well balanced too compared to something like Dead or Alive.

  • Anon 09:12 makes a good point, but I think they tried that strategy already and it also failed. There just isn’t an audience for Japanese games in the west right now. It was a fad but it died off pretty quickly. Well I don’t know what should they do. Tron anyone? Like full on virtual reality that connects to you brain?

  • SO its time to short the stock I’m guessing
    Just thought I should have done that before the Tokyo Ban lol.

    Then I looked again and was Like WTF their rallying and the stock costs 800 bucks a share whats up with that stock split XD.

    Maybe they make crappy games that somehow make a profit haha. I guess you can beat development costs lol and make a tidy buck until people catch on

  • Instead of trying to make games that they believe Americans would like (basically copying our games), they should concentrate on steering Americans towards THEIR games. They would have an immediate audience with anime/manga fans and could expand to the mainstream gamers from there.

  • how effing hard is it to crack open a translator and release the game with english, spanish, and french subtitles, and leave sales to importing. that would effing raise sales for the fans, and kill the effing middleman costs. effing shiznit man.. japs are stupid.

  • This is diappointing, and they’re doing this way before 2011. Now I know I really gonna have to import Tales of Xillia if I want to play it. Plenty of bad decisions has been made that has lead to this stupid decision. They are not even doing thorough studies on not only how far is their games doing but forgetting how their is some kind of reception that is still allowing people to try out their games. The tales games are doing so far/so good, that’s one example.

    People do have tastes, that’s true, but it depends on the person on what they might like. There’s still a few foreingers who like some of their games, a little something for them to notice, but they are focusing on trying to see if games can reach out to other countries and get more people into their games. Of course only about a few hundred thousand people might pique their interest in their games as long as they bring the good games over.

    Unfortunately, there could be a few factors that kept most people from getting into their games. I hate the freaking stereotypes in terms of gaming, but I have to accept that this partly is the cause, although Namco is completely not getting the point. Even if thousands or millions of people like and play games from their own country, there is still a minority of people who play Namco’s own brand of games.

    I might be misunderstanding since this should have no bearing to certain titles they might still localize, I don’t know if Tales series is those certain titles, but I’ve been intresting in the tales series for quite a while since Phantasia. knowing I”m getting into it and I”m now pushing to getting the games I want with nothing holding me back. I got to be honest, I’m a sucker for good JRPG games and no matter where the games come from as long it is good. Namco has some good games over there, some were mediorce but I hoped they came around with a game that can definitely be awesome to get good reviews.

    Of course what I’m saying is that Namco decision is coming from a fact that some of their games aren’t doing well at times overseas and completely forget there is still a minority who buy their good games.

    I’m still gonna Tales of Xillia in any way, even if they are putting their overseas business on hiatus for a bit.

    Let’s face it, the only thing that most people are yapping about in this article is the obvious stereotype. “Americans play games with macho men and guns.” NOT ENTIRELY TRUE for people like myself who is american, but have competely diffrent taste in video games than the usual. It depends on the person on what they like and their viewpoints on it.

    “Sometimes worst things happen because people aren’t using their brains to realize things in another perspective”. Got that from a friend. I wonder if his quote makes sense enough.

  • Japan stop looking into America’s “Macho-Man” style just start back with your own style and like almost everyone here said “Add English Voice or even better Dual Audio.” Everyone keeps talking shit about Japanese video games but if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have any violent video games that’s how bad “America” is bad at originality. Honestly we can all say “America” is a country of wannabe “Macho-Man” not everyone in America like “Macho-Man.” To put it bluntly all “Macho-Man” are “Steroid Users”

  • Why does “overseas” always have to mean America? Here’s an idea…TRY RELEASING IN EUROPE FIRST!!! Better voice acting, and people here can actually READ SUBTITLES so don’t need that horrible dubbing to understand what people say.

    Without that need for compensating for something lacking, games don’t need to start over there…Hell, Silent Hill did great and it started in the UK xD

    Here’s a hint Bandai/Namco – real gamers like real games. The “American audience” (I generalise to the idea that “Americans” are idiots and need everything explaining according to the idiots in charge) are not the ones who actually buy or play your games.

    • Of course, Some americans do have games with the Namco brand in their homes.

      Seriously this kind of stereotype sucks and makes a citizen of that country look bad.

      Besides that, they have to remember its more than just america that their games can be released too, there’s plenty of countries so why not release their games over to those countries too. Then see for themselves that it’s possible to get fans from all over the world.

      I’m American and I’m saying this with my own computer skills. I do have taste in video games, but most of them involve action adventure, rpgs, and several other genre, but I play FPS less. Just saying.

  • i dont know why but for example god of war series or dantes inferno. I really do prefer some medium macho muscular man as main character when i swing around a big fucking scythe of steel or 2 and chopping down monsters. I just cant picture a coming of age boy at age 15 jumping on a big fat tauren and break his neck. The scene does not click for me. But i also play Eternal sonata and the anime character in this RPG fits perfectly.

    Why i am trying to say is, for me. It kinda depends what kind of game it is, what kind of genre, what kind of theme.

  • to have a chance of selling anything to anyone you need to understand the mindset and needs of your potential customers.

    They failed because they used lame stereotypes and info from sources in japan. Who were about as in tune w/ the world outside as they were.

    • True, this stereotype thing gets on some people’s nerves. They are not understanding a thing about the mindset of the consumers they are selling to. Each and every American and European has different taste in video games. Heck either of them can have a certain soft spot for games for Japan, Europe, and American games. It depends on the person. Thinking this way should have helped Namco realize thre are other people out there who can be down with playing their games.

      They did this to get a reception from America, uhh I’m american myself and i’m saying to bring as many games they got and localize them to places other than america and see if people can get into their games.

      Like I said, they believe too much with the stereotypes, especially about americans in terms of video games. How would they even know what each gamer likes in that country? his or her own kind of game they like to play. They don’t. It does insult me when they think I like Full on FPS games. I do play them a few times but I’m not that into FPS like a few others.

      Sorry for being on blast, but Namco is just not understanding a thing. Well it is a bummer and I was expecting a few more games from them, not giving up hope.

      I’m pretty sure there are other factors that are the reason why they think their games aren’t getting much sales lately for a few years. I mean they need to look around and see carefully without jumping to conclusions.

  • They’re fucking idiots. They hardly make an effort and then pack it all in because it didn’t go well.

    When ToV was released in the UK there was no advertising at all. The store I went to had one copy, which I bought, and hasn’t had a single one in since. Not that I know of anyway. I’m not surprised it all went tits up.

  • Namco has a terrible business strategy for the west because not once have they made the right business move

    ToV? Oh lets take Microsoft’s money to push it out sooner for the US release on a console that has a small number of RPG lovers and then we should improve the game for the PS3 and not bring it over to the west because they have a larger RPG loving group.

    Idol Masters PSP for the west? Oh we’ll put an Idol Masters item machine in Playstation Home for the people who bought the PSP idolmasters, but they have to import the game because we sure as shit aren’t going to bring the game to the west.

    People like Idol Masters for 360 in the west? Well we will still push out games. If they like it so much they I’m sure they will buy a japanese 360 for it HEHEHEHEHEHE

    Really they need to fire the people coming up with these business strategies.

    • Agreed. I love IM@S but fuck them for region locking it. Why would you do that?! WHY?! All it’s doing is denying some extra sales. ONE LITTLE SETTING IS COSTING THEM MONEY. What a bunch of fucking retards.

  • Not that anyone will read this but what the hell.

    I don’t care if it’s a macho man with guns, or a tiny boy with a big sword and issues.
    What’s really important is that you make this person feel real.
    He has his own emotions and he follows what he feels is right. People make mistakes and people do missplace their trust sometimes. Also character development is important, people change overtime.
    Not every living person is a cold blooded killer.
    Japan is usualy really good with creating such characters.

  • They failed because most americans are xenophobic hypocrites. Create a game with macho men and guns and hide the fact that it was made in Japan and it will sell like hotcakes. We’re at the second coming of the anti-japanese backlash(the first occured in the 1980s for those who didn’t know), except this time its a lot less overt.

    The only reason Nintendo was successful in the 80s was because they hid the fact that they were a Japanese company quite well(for example, the M insignia on Jumpman actually stood for Miyamoto and not Mario)

  • So will not see more good Japanese kick ass anime/style games but more shit loads of USA Patriotism where USA save the world again common Im bored of USA thinking they are the best in the world sense the wheel. Give me more good games with fantasy and good story and game play and not games with super graphics and USA saves the world again shit games. one example of that typ of game Call of duty and command and conquer. And todays kids are sp damn spoiled all there is about is graphics graphics graphics graphics and no damn game play and story.

  • Wow, the company finally realized that they can’t just outsource everything and actually have to put forth some of their own effort to sell a game here?

    Dumbasses. When will these Japanese game companies learn that if they want to engage in globalization, they have to SPECIALIZE in what they do best and sell it to the world, rather than try to imitate what other fucking companies already have years of experience in producing?

    There’s plenty of good games they’ve never released outside of Japan. So what if their games don’t seem to have a “western appeal”? Why not make up for it with increased marketing? I mean, how often do you see TV ads for Japanese games that aren’t released by Nintendo? Why don’t they just embrace the fact that their games are “Japanese” and take advantage of that perceived exoticism associated with “Japanese” games as a means of marketing them to a non-Japanese audience?

    Konami seems to be the only major Japanese game company that actually gets it. Take a look at what they said in its showcase of MGS:Rising at E3 this year–They specifically said that while they would like to sell their games to a western audience, as a Japanese company themselves, they must be able to offer something that couldn’t be just as easily imitated by a western company; something only a Japanese company could offer.

    I swear, man. These idiots are the primary reason why we never see the good stuff released here.

  • Soul Calibur 4 was a very limited title. Only few new characters, the lack of new combat styles on custom characters and a strange and complex method to improve the combat skills made the game to be inferior to SC3.

  • You shall always make a game that YOU like.
    That way it attracts your kind of fanbase.

    I love Metal Gear because I just… well like to plot and characters and because Hideo can make a good game even though it’s limited on it’s hardware or limited due to cultural hinders but Metal Gear has always been good for me (part from AC!D and MGS:TS).

  • More T&A, less “men with a 6-pack and guns” is what I say.

    As an American liking all forms of games and style makes me sad when I hear about a game that I’m really interested in only to find out the company of the sad game is A) making it a Japanese released only (common), B) releasing it with the story aspect changed to “fit Americans style”, C) Changed the art style completely to, once again, “fix Americans style”, D) the game (mainly with RPGs) is only available in the West in English only (and we all know how awful English voice actors are about 90% of the time) or E) A mixture of above.

    There’s a lot of games that’s out in Japan that I would just love to play and if I could read and understand Japanese then god dammit I would get them imported but since I can’t understand Japanese to play most of said games I’m stuck with whatever they do decide to localized and just pray that they didn’t fuck it up. Only games that I could play imported would be games like Project Diva and Initial D since I just need to figure out how to get through the menus and once I figured that out everything else is cake walk.

  • One day at WHS (World High School)

    Bandai Namco: “OMG America has no taste in games, he just wants to blow shit up. I think i’m not going to make him games as gifts anymore..”

    Japan: “Yea well, In my opinion America is no good for you anyways, he doesn’t even like my JRPGs. I Heard, that before he started seeing you he totally broke Square Enix’s Heart!”

    America: “That’s too far Japan!”

    Japan+Bandai: “AMERICA!”

    America: “I Heard everything! Truth is you guys all say our games are the same.. Well so are yours! I’m tired of you guys talking shit about me behind my back when all i’m trying to do is enjoy games.. Why can’t we just play games together and not argue all the time.”

    China: “CAUSE I OWN YOU!”

    The End

  • On a more happy note.

    Who was the little fuck that asked Bamco to “develop games for international markets overseas”?

    I sure as hell never asked them to change their games to appeal to western audiences. Just translate them, for fucks sake!

  • Haven’t companies learned anything from Nintendo? Remember back the late 90s when the big N wanted to localize the Pokémon games? NOA thought that they had to change all characters to better attract the western audiences but Tsukenaz Ishihara (talk about irony with the latest news…) rejected the idea. And thus, Pocket Monsters came to the west as simply Pokémon and proven to be a long-term success.

    Basically, all we ask companies to come up with are original games that are indeed good. It’s guaranteed that it’ll be a huge success.

  • Golly, maybe they failed because they treated the American audience like monkeys. Inflated muscles, violence, and whatever else God of War did, that’s what Americans buy, right?

    Of course, they’re going to give up rather than actually try.

  • A lot of tales series are only available in japanese, kind of sad though, I really wanna try one(I never played the series, but heard good things about it, except for these ‘beta-testing’)

    kinda remind me of Front Mission 5, where the fans made their own translations….its a good game

  • Here’s a hint, Japan: Originality. It was successful at some point. Might wanna try that again.

    Oh, and inb4 downvoting and comments going, “right bcuz leik westenres r so god at maeking orginial gmaes right hurr durr”, here’s to you: I never said that western game developers are incredibly original. So shut up and sit down.

    • Exactly, all they need to do is make a good fun game. Nine times out of ten it will sell regardless of the market. I’m tired of hearing that America will only play games that has dudes with giant muscles and chicks with huge boobs. It is patently false. The reason God of War and the like did well is because they were fun, not because the guys were some muscle bound stereotype. The opposite is also true, there are many failures that feature the muscle bound dudes as well. They fail because they sucked and were boring. The Final Fantasy series used to do amazingly well in the U.S. and it didn’t feature those stereotypes. When did Final Fantasy start to perform poorly? As soon as the gameplay went to utter shit, that’s when.

      TLDR: Make a good game and people will buy it.

  • What about bayonetta, what about vanquish……metal gear solid……….. good japanese game that craved deep into amerian audience.

    When a game is good enough, is good enough, it doen’t matter if it has “anime character” stuff, when something is good is good.

    I guess namco/bandai, jus are to lazy to try to innovate into new ways to conquer the american market.

    They gave up, because they jus whant to do the same lame stuff over and over again and have profits for practically no efort in bringin new ways of entertaiment (soul calibuir on PSP, whit no arcade mode…..come on, it was doomed before start)

    On top of that, as other says, if the keep their good dems only in japan, how the hell they think to sell something that is not good enogh. bring the gundam franshise, give the tales saga…..

    • Excellent post. Not all American game development studios are power house with the best programmers, artists, designers and what’s not. Something that Japanese publishers failed to grasp, there was no need to have Double Helix develop Front Mission Evolved. That’s something the Japanese could have done perfectly by themselves, with well written characters and script, instead of the god awful acting that was present through the 5 painful hours it took me to beat the game.

      On the other hand, Dead Rising 2 was a success on so many levels despite being developed by an American team.

      Also, people can bitch about how Americans want their macho man, and the Japanese wants their biebers and bieberrete, but fact is, majority of American gamers are adults, games like Oblivion and Fallout will be more successful than FF not because of the lack little tweens and their giant swords, but because of getting more for the game value than one can get from a japanese RPG (mods, sandbox gameplay).

      Of course, the american-culture references help, but then again, the Russian-made Stalker series and the turkish-made Mount&Blade series are popular too, not because of a game designed for americans, these are games designed for gamers.

      • Interesting you say that, because I actually get more out of a JRPG than I ever did with games like Oblivion and Fallout. Those worlds didn’t feel as alive to me as, say, Persona 4 did.

        But then I realize that different gamers are attracted to different game elements. There are gamers who love stats, those who love fighting, those who love graphics and special effects. I, for one, love story and character. And if I feel that I’m just moving a soulless puppet around, someone with which I feel no connection, it can negatively affect my gaming experience.

      • Front Mission Evolved could of done better the problem is they were trying to go low budget on making HD games less costly. That’s kind of the issue with many Japanese Game Developers is making games on a HD console system.

        The cost of making a game and the time they put into making it, in good quality.They find out its not selling well in the US and other countrys and its a big slap in the face to them that’s why you see many go to the Hand-Held Market which is cheaper to make games on DS and PSP they profit 75% of the time on PSP and DS mostly because Japanese are working and on the move every day.

  • I don’t care if they don’t want to use foreign developers or ideas…just give me my Tales of Graces F for PS3 in english and is all good…also get the Idolmaster 2 in the PSP…the fagbox version is region locked.

  • No translation Tales of Vesperia.
    No translation Tales of Graces (F).
    No translation Tales of Xillia.

    Great, just great. Unlike NIS, Bandai-Namco simply can’t afford to take huge risks by bringing their JRPGs to English-speaking community. Which is why they sucks.

    Good games, sucky company indeed. Well, I have high hopes for the fan translation of Tales of Graces (F) though.

  • Splatterhouse and Afro Samurai were bad games, plain and simple. And everything else Bandai Namco has put out has been retreads of the same games whose appeal is quickly waning.

    The only anomaly is Enslaved which was actually a genuinely good game and didn’t sell what it should have.

    • It honestly is this simple… I’m usually nervous to say such things as so ‘certain’ but in this case it really, really is that simple. And the other games being localized. They may not turn a huuuuge profit, but they will make them more money without question. Localization costs are minimal compared to creation costs.

      Either way, I think I may have an inkling of what happened… it’s rather common for the last 10 years for new studios to contract movie games in order to give themselves a starting point. Usually it’s because they are starting from investment only, but this is a situation where they were funded by the home office it seems. So it may have been that the logic was the same, for a situation that wasn’t. This is speculation though, but it really is sad. Clash of the Titans is a true classic story, it’s just a shame it came at such a time.

    • You know, Bamco failed exactly because they took what you said way too literally. Do their marketers have Asperger’s or something?

      Since it’s a stereotype, there has to be some truth to it, sure. What they really needed to do is to read between the lines; what do those muscled men symbolize, how do the general popular Western game(because the US != all of the west) play.

      Uncharted series, Condemned, Portal… these games don’t have all of those stereotypes at once, but they did fairly well(they lose to EA and Activision in terms of sales simply because EA and Activision has a more aggressive marketing strategy).

      I’m sick of seeing the same bishounen and the big-breasted dweeb in every single RPGs, but at least it’s the Japanese’s identity, unique to itself until very recently. If they truly want to evolve, they shouldn’t just outright try to emulate Western taste. They should just try to mix everything that works from both their own and the West, or create something new altogether; something that neither has an emo fag, some roided ass, swords OR guns.

    • That’s not true we as Americans want chicks with bigger boobs and can hold a any weapon very well.

      I was hoping Bandai Namco would of release Gundam Mobile Ops: The One Year War Operation Troy there concept of walking on foot just to highjack a Zaku II was interesting enough that they would cancel it due to the fact there fear it wouldn’t sell well in the US Market plus there isn’t any Gundam series on TV in 2007 if I remember correctly.They developed a very good game, but no one was buying it on Xbox 360 because the Japanese have no use for a system that fails badly.

    • That’s because all Japan wants is Skiny men and Swords. No originality.

      See, it’s a bad way to put that. The industry should stop going after profit with such stupid classifications and put some spirit in their games – the profit will follow the success anyways.

    • It’s more like Japanese developers *think* all westerners want are macho men and guns.

      In fact, games don’t have to be about gay space marines to sell well in the west, look at something like Assassin’s Creed for example.

      Developers should just focus on making good original games, without ruining them with gay space marines.

      • no, we want good graphics

        developers inturperate that as realistic, and alot of the block buster run away successes have been realistic, japan and america, so they dont notice styleised as being a viable option, sadly.

        cheap games uses style to mask their low budget, but because of their low budget they skip on a fuck ton of other things too. its sad.

        • “Good” graphics is basically approaching “realism.” Lets face it, the goal of anyone working with graphics, either in games, or in film, is to replicate real life as much as possible. However certain things will never be truthfully replicated as they would in real life, purely because they do not exist. Has anyone seen a ki-blast irl? How about someone shooting electricity from their finger tips?

          However this is the demand of the gamers, despite not necesarily being the correct direction.

          To take an older game I’ve been playing recently, Marvel vs Capcom 2. MvC2’s graphics in their theme is good. The characters are smoothly and well animated, and every move is cleanly and crisply executed, animation wise.

          What developers need to focus on is picking a graphic “theme” and then using that to be as fluid as possible. Good graphics in terms of realism are generally how fluid something works instead of how much like a photograph it looks.

        • i haven’t played a game in the last… 7 years that was so bad i couldn’t play it. i mean even the worst games of today are nowhere near what they were in the ps1 and 64 era.

          i foy want ground breaking game play every game than forget about it. what i want more than anything is a new setting for the rehashes to take place in.

        • On that point breath some life into your games Namco I stopped playing Soul Caliber after 2 (tried 3 with Link at a friends place…) because you guys turned SC into a shallow DOA with swords game.

          Think you need to play SC a bit more mate, link was in SC2 for the gamecube as SC3 was only on the playstation 2.

        • BlazingSpeed says:

          Your first few sentences wins the topic that and the translator comment from anon 8:52 the Assassin Creed games have always been available in many languages subtitles and all.

          I don’t watch TV but Namco does have plenty of “Western” fans that they can advertise to Namco needs to hook up with websites like abyssalchronicles that’s where I used to get my Tales of info from not that I’m really into Tales of anymore.

          On that point breath some life into your games Namco I stopped playing Soul Caliber after 2 (tried 3 with Link at a friends place…) because you guys turned SC into a shallow DOA with swords game.

        • i think stereotyping all of the american demographic is wrong. if you want a game that will sell just give it an interesting story and gameplay mechanics that aren’t overly complicated. don’t worry about being a macho man or a emo punk. just make sure they don’t fall into a stereotypical person.

          for example, if they are strong, don’t have them going around acting like they are hot stuff all the time. and if they are emo or more feminine looking, don’t have them crying all the time about not wanting the responsibility.

          if anything, give the player dialog choices that let them show off their personality through the protagonist. seeing themselves in the character is an important part of them wanting to continue playing the game.

          furthermore, allow the player to choose his party members on a more permanent basis. if someone wants to join your party but you hate that stereotype let the player decide his company. for instance, when playing last remnant, i hated about half the cast, i would have preferred to been able to shoot the twins in the face or at least send them packing. in the end it’s not what the character looks like, but how you let the player feel when being forced to play the character.

        • Is this all it comes down to macho and efeminate men? The truth is both western and Japanese games have originality, Japanese and Western gamers need to be more open minded both ways.

          If I never see a Soul Calibur 5 here I’m going to be sad 🙁

        • i the whole company is fail. instead of releasing foreigns games to us. their main focus was to buy overseas devs. thats wat happens when a company that already has too much becomes greedy. they can never be like capcom -_-

        • man how effing hard is it to crack open a translator and release the game with english, spanish, and french subtitles, and leave sales to importing. that would effing raise sales for the fans, and kill the effing middleman costs. effing shiznit man.. japs are stupid.

        • As an american I think I can speak for all of us when I say, I don’t want a macho man. I just want overwhelming force to brutalize the enemies in the most horrific ways possible.

          I’d be happy with a mildly challenging game where I just walk around a city using telekinetic powers to explode peoples minds and take loli’s cloths off.

        • Why not a character with both traits? A good looking pretty boy with rather well toned but not overly muscular with a badass persona? Kinda like Kamina or Simon? If they made games with better graphics, it’ll help too.

        • Personally I prefer japanese style WAY over our american style games… really I barely play the “American Macho Man games”… i’ll play GoW with my cousin but otherwise it’s strictly Halo for me.
          But guys i read some info up and it looks like they’re working on dubbing Tales of Vesperia PS3 as we speak from what Yuri’s english voice actor said at a recent Con.

        • I’ve seen the reports or studies (or w/e they are) showing that Americans prefer the big macho men in games and Japanese prefer the more feminine men. Not really sure what it is for Europe, I’m from the UK and I think it most likely swings further toward the same as Americans, after all our cultures are relatively similar.

          Is there a study somewhere showing the types of games that both enjoy? I would assume there are types of hero can appeal to both. The most immidiate example that springs to mind is tbh Ezio from AC2 + AC:B. They could probably make them less macho but I think the dark and ice cool feel of men such as him would appeal to all 3 locations. Just a theory, again if we could see the best sellers or best voted games from america and japan then it would make judging this more easy. Something game developers such as this should try.

    • Well, lost an entire 4 paragraph long comment, I hate you post box. But I must add, there are games like Dead Rising 2 that was developed with a good dev team, and crappy ones like Front Mission Evolved developed by one of the worst dev in the history of bad devs.

      Japan game development need to go back to its root and strengthen it. Less time wishing it was something else, more time working on developing games that are fun, good, and unique.

      Me want real gundam games for the next gen consoles.

      • This might be a stupid example, but Sonic the Hedgehog series has been on a struggle of mediocracy for a time, until Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors, both turned out to be good developed games because Sega actually listened to fans of those series and went back to their roots.

        Namco can make fun games that appeal to everyone around the world, they need to look inside the very core of their company, realize some mistakes made and keep going to make crazy fun games. There are actually people who like their games outside Japan.

  • Was it really hard for them to understand we wanted the Tales games brought over, translated, dual audio’d?

    I mean we pretty much have been demanding it, and even signed petitions…

    What part of those gave the idea we wanted buff guys and guns?