Singapore: “Japan is a Big Fat Loser”


A top Singaporean diplomat has called Japan a “big fat loser” and condemned it for “stupidity, bad leadership, and lack of vision,” whilst in other remarks praising China’s disregard for human rights.

Singapore’s ambassador-at-large Tommy Koh, supposedly mild-mannered in public and coincidentally the recipient of Japan’s “Order of the Rising Sun,” had particularly harsh words for Japan, say Wikileaked US diplomats:

Koh described Japan as ‘the big fat loser’ in the context of improving ties between China and ASEAN.

He attributed the relative decline of Japan’s stature in the region to Japan’s ‘stupidity, bad leadership, and lack of vision.’

Certainly an assessment few would be inclined to disagree with.

In other remarks Singaporean diplomats were said to have criticised Malaysia, Thailand and India in a similarly high-handed fashion – but were obsequious when it came to China, with Koh saying “I don’t fear being assimilated by China” and going on to praise China for propping up African dictatorships “without lecturing them about human rights and democracy as the West does.”

Singapore’s current foreign minister tried to downplay the remarks in the now familiar Wikileaks damage control exercise, even as the various insulted countries expressed outrage:

“We should not divorce, even if true, what is said from the context. That is what certain individuals said about others. There could be a diversity of views.”

The cables themselves hardly ever mention Japan, a fact which has been picked up by disappointed Japanese media, who speculate rather plausibly that it is because Japan is considered an irrelevance in international affairs.

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  • What is it so hard to comprehend, Tommy Koh, he is chinese ethnicity and most of the Singapore government high ranking are, and chinese ethnicity came from China. So surely they have fond of the same trait of thought or behavior, either in small or large percentage.

    I am sure also that their have tendency to deny it, because in their mind they are very very fond of the American.

    • Singfag here, sounding in.

      It’s true, the citizens in SG are all Euro-centric little weiners. Given ceteris paribus, they’ll kiss up to a white person compared to anyone of asian origin. Walk into *any* business establishment, and if you’re white you’ll get preferential treatment. Always.

      The Chinese here are also extremely orientalist and love to believe in the superiority of China. Unfortunately the China they believe in was pre Cultural revolution and most of them have no idea what China stands for today. The government Ministers throw the term “Asian Values” around to cover anything they desire. Especially in the name of male chauvinism.

      That said, I don’t think the general populace gives 2 fuckshits about Japan. All we care about is that Sony keeps pumping out electronic goods, and they keep making anime for us to go all weaboo over.

      All in all, SG government officials are as dumbfuck as the Japan ones, and shouldn’t be taken as representative of the entire country. They live in their own retarded bubble and have no idea about reality.

      I mean, hey, how would you US fags like it if the rest of the world judged you all by what Dubya says and does?

  • Is… Sankaku being trolled by teeny tiny Singapore? Hohoh, wow. That’s amusing.

    At any rate, hey, we’re Singapore. We HAVE to suck up to the largest economy in order to get a slice of pie for ourselves. It’s an ideology born out of necessity. Which means we’ll survive. We don’t have time for petty democracy and politics. If we changed ministers as many times as Japan did, how would we have any consistent economic policy and foreign policy that other countries could trust in? So if it looks like we’re sucking up to China, it’s because we need to build good relations with them to have good business dealings with them, so as to fucking survive.

    And also, this statement, if we look closely at it’s source, appears to be Wikileaked. So please. Singapore is not obnoxious enough to proclaim to the world it’s views. We’re not USA. And such views are not representative of the nation as a whole. As you can see from earlier posts, we have plenty of weeaboo faggots who LURVE NIPPON BANZAI to the max. Given how such posters don’t have the sort of attention span nor intellect to sift through a tl:dr like this, I shall also venture to call them a bunch of fat fuckers who don’t have half the clairvoyance of a rock in thick fog. Hate China? Go on ahead then, close off your own doors to one of the largest economy in the world. Instead, love a xenophobic country whose economy has been in decline for some two decades! And they smell bad. And they don’t realise that our government doesn’t entirely agree with these highly context-sensitive views.

  • Chinese= a big fat douche they are nothing and all their movies are cheeky ass fuck. Singapore= i have no fucking clue wtf they are so they are nothing more than a POS. Japan= winner their products are so good and popular around the whole world that the stupid US have to bitch about it for their economy is going down the drain for not creating shit. saying that i am a US citizen but US is still shit. calling japan a “Big Fat Loser” just show that the shit economy wants attention. its like an ant biting a human for the attention because of how small and insignificant they are. also diplomats are shit(oh i got my grade now i can be a bitch) thats all they are shit

  • to be quite fair, I do agree with the comment of:
    Japan being stupid, having bad leadership, and a lack of vision

    In terms of stupidity, it really seems to be weak in an International scene. It may be because of how the world view japan during and post WWII, and to be quite serious, they really need to stop the “Shit, we can’t do anything other than raise money and give it to disaster funds that don’t properly manage money to begin with”

    In terms of bad leadership -if America actually recalled President Bush, I would seriously categorize America too, but the person the majority elected went into to office -that is that. However, Japan’s switching of leadership every so often is just disturbing the nation’s political and economic outlook of the future, and in an international scene

    In terms of lack of vision -clearly. I mean, you have China who is being a dick, NK not even caring what you say and abducting people left and right, and the future of Japan is Anime and the Otaku culture? I seriously hope they have a better back up plan than that = lack of leadership

  • If Singapore should ever be assimilated by China, you can be bloody certain that I will be there to lead a coup d’etat to liberate our motherland from those immoral scums. After which, we shall roam the streets and murder every last ching-chong Chinaman there is left on our soil.

    My Singaporean brethren, WHO’S WITH ME??

  • God, I used to think THIS RETARD was the pride of our country? Fuck… This is what I’m most worried about, that Singapore turns chinky, and our leaders decide to kiss China’s ass…

    While it is true that Japan has horrible leadership, it is undeniable that it is one of the top economies in the world. Do you think that is what a “big fat loser” is able to accomplish? Tommy Koh, please WAKE UP YOUR BLOODY IDEA!!

  • Singapore is a fascist city/country. ‘communist’LOL China is more fascist than communist now too. So I can see why they aren’t afraid – they know they’d get the same half-leashed treatment Hong Kong gets aka keep the money rolling, just keep your mouth shut’, which is no different for the average Joe on the street than it is today in Singapore.’

  • Singapore is well known for being China-friendly.
    After all, a large portion of its very successful population are ethnic Chinese.

    Hell, even God Emperor Lee is a Chinese.

    I see nothing wrong with this statement.

    There are lots of Singaporean politicians and diplomats who are very sympathic towards China, admiring their pragmatism, efficiency and clever political tactics.

    If anything, Singapore is the role-model of what China wants to become in the future: A authoritarian single-party regime with strong economy and a neo-fascist/confucianist policy.

    There’s also Kishore Mahbubani, a scholar at the National University and former UN-ambassador, who is known for his spirited believe, that China’s politcal model is to be admired.

    And I agree with him. Fuck the haters.

  • Singaporefag here.

    I agree with him.

    Singapore isnt a democracy and China is our good student.
    Back then in the 80’s, Deng Xiaoping, the great Chinese reformer, visited us, and openly stated that he wanted to copy our govermental model of an authoritarian one-party state with economic freedoms.

    And China pretty much made it with this model.

    Democracy and Human Rights are overrated.
    People arent born equal, and also shall deserve no equality. The only thing they deserve, is a pragmatic and competent leadership and the mercy of the emperor, which should replace the western delusion of “human rights” (such bullshit – how can all people be born with “rights”?! You have to earn them!).

    The legalist neo-confucian one-party autocracy is a highly successful model for future 3rd world countries to develop into military and economical great powers. Blindly following the stupid western liberal ideology of parliamentary democracy will bring one nowhere.

    I hope we can strenghten our axis with China and spread our brand of non-western modernization to the world, so that more nations shall ascent to the ranks of serious competitors with the fat and lazy western world.

      • You overthrow them.
        Voting a leader out brings nothing. He’ll just appear in the next election with a big trollface.

        Overthrowing them will make them feel the wrath of the people on their own bodies. And they will die a very painful and embarrassing death by slow torture.

        This is enough motivation for them to be the pragmatic and competent leadership I’m talking about.

        • If you think the US can just withdraw from Iraq/Afghanistan, or have its economy mended overnight, you have no grasp of the issues involved.
          Likewise for Japan, you’re taking an overly simplistic view of things to suit your opinion. The Japanese asset price bubble happened on the LDP’s watch, did it not?
          There is a need for reform, but numerous entrenched vested interests stand in the way of that.

          Singapore’s single party is effective and works well for it, North Korea’s less so. Unfortunately, the people of North Korea have no alternative.
          Sure, you’d like to argue that a change in regime wouldn’t result in a change in the country’s fortunes, but if you never try then how would you know?

        • Did voting out Bush changed anything about the Iraq and Afghanistan War?
          Did electing Obama really helped to solve the state-deficite and crumbling economy?
          And what about Japan? They fared well for more than 50 years with a single-party leadership (Yes, 50 years of continous LDP regime, talking about China’s single party regime…), and now, with the new party in place and several PM voted out of office, still nothing gets done.

          Face it. Democracy is one of the most stupid and bad inventions ever.
          Even the old greeks agreed, Democracy is not as effective as Oligarchy or Plutocracy.

        • Overthrow them? Easy as that, eh?
          They have the police and military at their disposal. See North Korea, Burma, Zimbabwe.
          As soon as the authorities get a whiff of what you’re up to, you and your co-conspirators are toast. Good luck with that show trial.

          As for “Voting a leader out brings nothing”, do you even have any examples to back that up? If anything, the onus is on the government to perform well to avoid being voted out at the next general election.

    • Why even pretend to be a democracy then, with more than one party?
      And what if a country doesn’t get their “pragmatic and competent leadership”? Can they vote them out?
      Or do they just have to ask nicely for a change in leadership and hope they don’t get thrown in prison for their troubles?

      At least with democracy, if you’re dissatisfied with the way things are going, and are competent enough, you can form your own party with its own agenda for political reform.

      And no equality? I wasn’t aware racism or sexism is cool where you come from.

      • You fail to understand that you still cant alter a policy in a democracy by voting the party ou who failed to deliver.
        Any party in a democracy has absolutely zero committment to their job, since they never have to fear any consequences from failing the nation.

        Will they get killed by angry mob? Will they get arrested by the people and hanged after a nurnberg-styled trial? Will they get crushed and never allowed to form up as a politcal party again?

        No. They will just voted out of office, while continueing to block any progress and development by employing partisan politics. And they will lie to the people again, to be reelected to office, where they will continue to shit up the nation.

        This is the reality of your beloved democracy. Nothing moves, nothing happens, nothing gets done. Because your democratically elected leaders arent fearing any sort of pressure, beside ‘being voted out of office for three years with the outlook of being a candidate for the next election’.

        In both China and Singapore, the leaders are fearing the people, fearing of failing to deliver results. Because if they fail, they will all be overthrown and killed by the angry masses. So they are hard-pressed in making the lifes of the people better and buying their loyalty with lasting results.

        “When the people fear the goverment, there is Tyranny.
        When the goverment fears the people, there’s liberty.”

        looks like dictatorships like China and Singapore have more liberty than any democratic country. Because in the US, Bush isnt dead or trialed for war-crimes – he’s just sitting in his ranch, writing books about how misunderstood he was.
        Sure is a good incitement for good governance, if you plunge the whole world into two destructive wars, ordering the slaughter and torture of innocent people, and you have to fear absolutely nothing, beside a bit bad press.

      • At least the peasants are getting salary at all.
        Before, most 3rd world nation who tried it the western way with democracy and freedom etc. are now in civil war, slaughtering each other after each ‘election’ (brawl).

        China’s model already prevails in lots of African nations, who were formerly divided and plunged in chaos by civil war and genocide: Rwanda is the best example.
        What a third world nation needs, is a competent, powerful central leadership that kills anyone who tries to disturb their reign, and thus creates peace and stability for economic modernization.

        The ministers in every government are fat and wealthy – without exceptions.
        Just in Chinese and Singaporean autocracies, they are committed to the nation and to the development, because they fear violent overthrowal that will end with them lynched by the mob. Fear of death is always the best motivation for hard work.

        In a democracy, your leaders will just lie before every election, shit up their terms and fuck up the nation, and then get voted out by the stupid people with a big trollface, fully knowing that they wont have to fear any consequences from shitting up the nation, but only becoming an opposition party, who might attempt to lie themselves back into office, with the same stupid people electing them again.

        No fear of deadly consequences = no motivation for good political work.

        Democracy is one of the most inefficient and stupid political models ever.

        Fuck Fukuyama. “The End of History” is still far away.
        Singapore’s and China’s models are the models of the future!

        • you cannot have the cake and eat it all at once.

          naiivety wont help you to build a nation.

          Also, in recorded history, most corrupt regimes are those who were supported by the west and had a fake democracy.
          When there’s at least stability, you can have your peanuts and more. If you have no stability, you have war. And in war, you die.

          simple as that. infantile FIGHT DA POWAH-bullshit wont solve anything.

        • got peanut better than no peanut?

          that’s the exact mentality those people at the top wants you to have.
          that’s the exact mentality those people wants you to have to keep all the good stuff for themselves
          that’s the exact mentality those people wants you to have so they can control you forever for their own gain

  • Fucking huge amounts of fail in these comments.

    Kids should just stfu, a while ago you guys were bitching about how Japan’s government is full of fail and useless shits, and now that another country’s official says the same, you’re all on his ass for the same reason?

    Fucking retarded

  • im a Singaporean, and i see some other fellow countrymen, wondering who Tommy Koh is.

    he has quite a substantial international portfolio, and at i think you should at least know who he is.

    1)he was Singapore’s representative to the United Nations

    2)He was head one of the UN’s Conferences on the Law of the Sea. this, in fact is in one of our secondary school’s (or high school)social studies textbooks.

    3)chief-negotiator for the US-Spore FTA agreement

    4)more recently, one of s’pores representatives to the Hague regarding the singapore-malaysia pedra branca dispute

    i fully agree his comments are embarrassing, but i think we have to keep in mind that it was a “behind-closed-doors” talk.In fact, i feel a strange consolation that our officials have vocab and can be frank and honest in their assessments versus their typical politically correct bullshit.

    Also for people from other nations, Singapore is not part of China, i am a Chinese but i pretty much suck at the language, we are nowhere geographically close to China, and in fact we are US allies, our military equipment is all US made, in fact we are participants in the US JSF f-35, we permanent US air support wing and naval facilities based here,hell we even sent Chinooks to aid rescue efforts after Katrina.

    And as for political support for my countries ruling party, namely the PAP, i used to hate their guts, but after learning a little about politics and the tightrope of Singapore’s situation in the world arena, i start to grudgingly admit that sometimes it is just the necessary evil to stay economically alive in Singapore.

    its easy to be partisan and be polarized, and its fine too, but at least have knowledge to back up your statements.

  • yeah we understand politics better than you do. better off than those who comment bullshit and getting their facts all wrong. singapore is great, i love it.

    merely a person’s view doesn’t represent the whole of singapore. that guy was unlucky to have his words leaked out. there are black sheep everywhere. aren’t they located in your country too?

    how about not judging singapore based on just an article? aren’t you the same? get a life.

  • “In one cable, Koh is quoted describing Japan as “the big fat loser” in ASEAN,”

    Note last two words. And its actually quite true. The largest and second largest economies actually bother to send someone along, whereas Japan’s more concerned about the next political scandal so they can have another early election.

    “Koh has warm words for Beijing, however: “I don’t fear China. I don’t fear being assimilated by China,” the cable quotes him saying, pointing to how the Chinese go about their business in Africa ”without lecturing them about human rights and democracy as the West does.”

    These two quotes could have come from two different cables, or two parts, one criticizing and one praising China, but when put together, take on a new meaning altogether.

  • im singaporean but i dun agree with the diplomat, he must have had his wife and kids kidnapped and forced to say that…kinda happens when china is one BIG country with much nonsense to spare

    If singapore becomes part of china, i’ll migrate to japan

  • “whilst in other remarks praising China’s disregard for human rights.”

    Note to Artefact

    Whether he said it himself or thats the msg the US diplomat got out of him, it meant that he was trying to tell the US diplomat they got themselves pwnzed in their own game of propping up dictatorship, cos China dispense with those useless notions and focus more on pragmatic economic gains. What human rights is there when u propped a dictatorship in the first place. Get it? I bet you dont

    • Yes, wikileaks is pretty much what you described, its been in the news of late much more than usual, it does have a track record of exposing scandals or other potentially destabilising facts. While its courage is admirable, Wikileaks is bound to be censored for sure.

  • I’m also a Singaporean chinese, but I highly dislike how the China government does hardball politics. If Singapore ever got assimilated with China, well….I try not to think of what I would do(think arson and mass protests).
    However, sucking up to China is something that would naturally be done for the benefits of China’s economy. In a sense, Singapore is using China.
    And @Anon22:15, calling us a bunch of spineless cowards trying to act tough on cyberspace, it’s seriously too ironic.

  • I’m also a Singaporean and I’m utterly disgusted by his comment.

    And I’m a Singaporean Chinese. That doesn’t make me side with China. Singapore is a multi-racial society. Racism is strongly discouraged. We even have culture exchange programs.

    Singapore’s biggest fault is not having the comment that he made for us, rather its the fact we have such a selfish diplomat.

  • You know what? The world should just wage war with China. Once we annihilate the communists, we can rebuild China into a democratic country for all the Chinese who are scattered elsewhere. Heck we can also do that for North Korea. UN? When something becomes a threat to the world, please at least put an effort into doing something… China, North Korea, UN… You guys suck! And if something happens to me or I’m being targeted someday for this statement well then. If you find this offensive then clean up your act will yah.

    • Solving such problems is not so easy as going to war and crushing this country or another, in fact more problems would arise as a result of conflict. What should be done is to maintain economic ties and peace between nations while they have their own respective spheres of influence, in other words, maintaining the status quo and perhaps fixing its flaws such as having increased sensitivity towards others as seen in this fiasco.

    • But dude… I’ve lived there for 2 years and I’ve notice the lack of common sense amongst the people, especially the younger generations… Don’t take offense at this… Just speaking from what I’ve seen…

      • I agree somewhat with Anon 23:41 despite being a Singaporean youth myself. There’s a distinct lack of not only common sense but also knowledge about society, politics and the world in general. This is a problem that has to be fixed but I don’t see any solution anytime soon.

        • seriously, when i talk about the government in my secondary school, only one person in the entire freaking class of 43 actually knows the crap i’m talking about

          the rest are just DOTArds. and bitches and whores

    • I’ve had enough of people saying we hate China. I am not pro China, just neutral, but really I have had some China Chinese friends and some of them are really nice. Not meaning to sound crude, but they’re not exactly scholars or smart so you can’t retort that they’re being nice just so to lower your guard down so they can win you or whatever nonsense.

      If you guys truly love Japan and want to show your support, your hatred should be channelled towards usa, or rather, hollywood. They’re the ones who screwed up our favourite Animes with their freaking disgusting adaptations (Dragonball anyone?) and with their lousy dubs and Manga translations.

      I don’t hate USA either, I just abhor hollywood.

  • you Singaporeans are just a bunch of spineless weaklings trying to act tough in the Cyberworld. I dare you to vote Lee Kuan Yew’s PAP out in the coming election, can you do that? Maybe this is a bit too high for yeah. So i set target lower => increase opposition seats by the next election. /huh wait, is there any opposition party in Singapore?

    • who are you to call us a bunch of spineless weaklings when youare the one trying to act tough by daring us something that you cannot achieve anyway.. actually i’m jus wasting my time with you. sure i think hes gone overboard but thats only him i dont surport him. do not assume everyone is the same because of that one man if not you have no brain obviously.

    • Actually there is, in fact recent years have shown that the oppostion is gaining ground somewhat, groups such as the Worker’s Party have like some 34% of votes although it isn’t much. And its not that the PAP is bad and we have to go against it, they are bloody efficient to say the least, only major flaw is that most people around the globe find it unfeeling or harsh due to its pragmatic nature.

  • Japan should have taken leadership as a LEADER not a proxy of the Zionist Fed and a backdoor of USA to ASEAN. Ultimately US not even finished developing it’s backyard, gravitated to attempting to exploit China due to Japan’s strategic lapses and complacency. Japan was intent on being a proxy not stabilising the ASEAN region.

    Japan’s ‘stupidity, bad leadership, and lack of vision.’ were more caused by WW2 shame (leading to stupidity), subsumed by US imperialism (bad leadership – look at the bases thronging Japan, a nation under occupation if any) and presumption on the lies of the Zionist Fed and ‘soft’ neo-colonialism. I can’t say it’s disagreeable to a point but certainly skewed to insult. If Japan wants to make Singapore eat it’s words, it could cosy up to initiatives in Malaysia to re-assimilate Singapore instead.

    Obsequious when it came to China, with Koh saying “I don’t fear being assimilated by China” and going on to praise China for propping up African dictatorships “without lecturing them about human rights and democracy as the West does.” *IS* what Singapore has always been good for because they know that Malaysia could easily re-assimilate the tiny island (about to lose it’s strategic value when the Isthumus of Kra Canal in Japan is complete) in the midst the Indo-Malay region. Singapore already has a hand in the Kra project itself though the canal would doubtless be a permanent South East Asian fixture, while Singapore’s as a nation and it’s free port status would be lost to Kra itself. Singapore itself is too far from China though and would come under the Indo-Malayan regional powers, so whatever praise it throws at China would be better off being diplomatic in SEA instead.

    The cables themselves hardly ever mention Japan, a fact which has been picked up by disappointed Japanese media, who speculate rather plausibly that it is because Japan is considered an irrelevance in international affairs.

    Japan, the breakaway colony of Han Dynasty China is a cultural gem complementary to the crown of China as the heart of East Asia, with Taiwan coming in second place where ancient Imperial form could be re-co-opted, and having preserved much that is Confucian, from Bushido (Wushidao) to Geisha (Yunfei) an others, Japan should rebrand and extend it’s reach via revivification of China’s Imperial culture in acknowledge of origins and North East Asian/Confucian unity in conjunction with both Koreas to create a multipolar world far more stable than the current paradigm.

    Japan needs to be TRULY oriental and stop pandering to the neo-colonialists and global hegemonists or neo-colonial Ruler in preference to an ASIAN ruler or having a hand in reviving the same to better raise the social paradigms of the supposedly Red Commie China.

    If relinquishing a string of Islands is the key to North East Asian unity, Japan should really make a gift of it in as gracious a manner as possible that the rest of ASEAN would appreciate and cement it’s role as a someone who kept the ember of Imperial China to reignite the love of an old flame . . .

    For a start, best of luck in removing all the OCCUPYING bases Japan, and remember your Chinese roots as long lost cousins of the Chinese are what the Chinese see in Japan, see how comfortable the depictions of ‘High Oriental Eastern’ culture seems to Chinese? Several things that if done will make for a stronger North East Asia and ASEAN + 3.

  • Blatantly speaking, malay-sia does deserve to get criticized(mocked). They would stop at nothing to censor anything that mocks their government, which includes Aljazeera and WikiLeaks.

    Worst part of it, they can’t even bother to provide proper fiber optic connections(highest being 20 mbps). They HAVE the infrastructure, manpower and resources to do so of course.

    • On the internet thing, blame TM. They hold the absolute power over communications in this country.

      But I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to badmouth TM now, being a subscriber. Wouldn’t want to get my bandwidth mysteriously capped tomorow, lol.

    • From your comment, I can tell clearly you can’t think with that brain of yours.

      If a surname determines the reason he is pro China, more than 60 percent of Singaporeans would be pro China. And mind you, I hate China and I do take offense to your statment which contain illogical reasons because I do have the surname Koh.

  • Yet another Singaporean here,

    Firstly I would like to say that the only people in the government any Singaporean can recognise is a wooping four(the president, prime minister, senior minister and the most famous of all, the mm( not mm as in the anime but mm for minister mentor)),

    next, our government isn’t shit. Its just a few diplomats like that bitch Tommy Koh who suck *****.

    Finally, we Singaporeans hate those China chinese too. And not every Singaporean chinese knows how to speak(much less read) chinese.

    • As much as you SG guys dislike everyone lumping all SGreans as China bootlickers, I’d say it isn’t proper to say ‘we Singaporeans hate those China chinese too’. You’re just going to landmine yourself there. Speaking up for the community is one thing, but let’s not get carried away. For those who want to get out of this so-called ‘shit-hole’, its your own freedom. Those who bite the hand that feeds them won’t get judged any better anywhere else. It doesn’t come down to what country you are from or what race you are, but rather the qualities and aspect you have as a human.

  • I too am from SG.

    Reading it as context-wise, Japan really is the Big Fat Loser. They do not gain any economic benefit from a merging of interests between China and ASEAN (google it), they loose out on any contracts made that clashes with said interests, and they gain a coalition of countries to their south-east with maritime forces that equals or even eclipses Japan’s current entire defence force (not to mention China on their doorstep).

    TL;DR. To be said truthfully, Tommy Koh’s a true blue politician (read:big fat lying dick). Has always been.

    Don’t worry, the Lee Dynasty will take care of any fallout from this. After all, “Harry” Lee Kuan Yew (Lee Kuan JEW) will solve it with a wave of his geratric hands and all will be fine again. Just like when he waived off a loss of over $10,000,000,000.

    That’s right, count them zeroes. Google it.

  • “Wouldn’t mind being assimilated by China”. Not surprising given how willingly Singapore would trample over human rights. After all their senior statesman, Lee Kuan Yew supported the Tianamen Square butchery. No doubt he’d do the same if it had ever come to it. Fortunately Singapore did a bang up job of brainwashing and cowing their people so that they lemming-like, follow whatever papa government says is good for them.

    • Another sad example of an argument. I think you children better start actually quoting facts rather than pulling shit out your asses.

      Even if that statement is true. Can you look at it from a political point of view? Sometimes its simply the lesser of 2 evils. Btw i am no lemming-like sheep that you most probably think i am. Its simply you have nothing and just want attention which is why im bashing you. What? Can’t earn enough to pay for anything?


      • SG here. I read both the Straits Times and SDP’s newsletter online.

        True, that. Look at us. We’re literally SURROUNDED by Moslem countries. Being a Chinese-majority country (currently) and seeing as to how and what THOSE Moslem countries are doing, I would say that China would be the lesser of the two evils.

        And not forgetting that even with all the seriously innane things that our government does like wiping off $10,000,000,000 (Yes. Ten Billion. Count them zeroes.) off of our own state investment corporation, and the stifling of any and all opposition, be it political or otherwise, as compared with the rest of the world, you cannot help but notice these points, and feel proud.

        1) Singapore has 96.3% literacy rate. The reason why most of you SGeans are even smart enough to complain about our government policies if primarally because of this.

        2) Singapore has 2.1% unemployment rate. Go to any other country and ask them this. I’m pretty sure most would reply with a worse number.

        3) The goddamn ‘government’ has been in power for 45 years and running. THAT makes us the most stable country, governship-wise.

        4) We have the ABSOLUTE benefit of living in a country with NO earthquakes, tsunamis or other such destructive forces of nature. Go ask the people in New Orleans how they felt about Katrina, you SG dicks.

        5) We have the most advanced weapons systems in South-East Asia because if we did not, the surrounding countries can just smother us in their spit. THAT means that for every one dick that’s complaining about their damn country, another 9 will give their lives to defend it. Think of that, you liberal pussy.

        – Voguevinnie

        P.s. Xero, you the man.

        • Hi voguevinnie. I assume you’re one of those kids who are lucky to be born in a rich, high-class family. Good for you, because your government only cares about you and sideline everyone else.

          “In fact, Singapore’s system of promotion disguises and even facilitates tremendous biases against women, the poor and non-Chinese. Singapore’s administrative and its political elites’ especially the younger ones who have come through school in the last 20 or so years are not the cream of Singapore’s talent as they claim, but are merely a dominant social class, resting on systemic biases to perpetuate regime regeneration based on gender, class and race.”

          I guess I shouldn’t bother. You’re either a brainwashed faggot or Lee Kuan Yew’s dog for not acknowledging the terrible state of your society, or you’ll be sued if you do get enlightened.

        • “We’re literally SURROUNDED by Moslem countries…”

          So? You’re catching cold feet since 911? It’s realy difficult for me to think that you’re not having any case of Islamophobia.

          On your ‘rates’, what is there to be surprised of? Singapore is a very small country, like a very large city island. You don’t have to deal with the challenges of trying to keep everyone in the rural areas(jungle, mountains) educated, and in turn, get employed. You can be proud all you want, but it’s not fair at all if you want to use it in comparison with other countries with larger land mass and larger problems. You’d only come out as a prick.

          Everything else is fine and dandy, but you type as if attributing Singapore’s natural phenomenon-free state to your GOVERNMENT? Rather than Nature, Mother Earth, or even God, or just plain conincidence, whichever you prefer to believe?

          You can suck up all the shit your government want you to believe. After all, I wouldn’t want to be responsible if Kuan Yew decided to put you in court, should you change your mind, but you bringing up Singapore’s geographical advantage in a talk about your GOVERNMENT?

          You might have different problems than that of those mindless haters you so hate, but you are all fools pretending to be smart. Your awful choice of defenses show that.

      • Hi Xero, fellow Singaporean here, I pretty much agree with your viewpoint that Singapore isn’t really like what most people stereotype us as, but let’s take this in a more level-headed manner 🙂

  • Good lord, this is getting ugly. Singaporean here, the bottom line is mistakes were indeed made on the diplomatic end; calling any country “a big, fat loser” is definitely wrong but it might just reflect an ugly truth, albeit one that should not have been expressed in such a crude manner. Just hope that the users of this site (which I love as a humorous source of interesting trivia) view the situation objectively, that it was a mistake and does not reflect every Singaporean’s (or person’s) view on the matter.

    Also, not all of us are a stereotypical bunch of tight,”communist” assholes as put forth by some Sankaku users.There’s indeed the older bunch who are more conservative (yet “brutally” effective in maintaining efficiency and growth) and there’s the younger generation which is more open but arguably not as efficient. And being a member of the younger generation, trust me, we don’t really like the idea of “being assimilated by China”, no one in the right mind would enjoy the thought of being assimilated at all. We love our freedom as much as anyone else.

  • Please do not stereotype him as a Singaporean!There are bound to be black sheeps in each society and i can tell you guys honestly that Singaporean teenagers and such are anime addicts(such as myself ^.^)

  • Whatever he says does not represent the Singaporean community.

    Instead of flaming Singapore, lets just say the good ones are good, and the trash are just trash. Regardless of which country they come from.

    Speaking as a Singaporean myself- Yes, I am quite ashamed of my country’s leaders.

  • Oh look, some of the most totalitarian state’s politicians talking shit out of his ass…

    Just because Singapore is some of the most developed countries in South-East Asia right now, they’re already having superiority complex. None of them, especially Lee Kuan Yew, have any real bragging rights since they only govern a small plot of land, which meant it is so easy for them to control people’s thoughts considering everyone’s relatively right next door, and you can just have your son take over your place as Prime Minister and have NO ONE disagreeing with you in public…

    Also, they’re stealing and smuggling sand from Malaysia to enlarge their little island. Not only that, they went apeshit when Malaysia wanted to rise the pay for clean water processed and pumped into Singapore. Malaysians, perhaps chickening out because Singapore is sucking up to both China and the US -and to some extent, Israel-, continue to pump water even though their pay is still the same as 40 years ago.

    Bunch of pricks. Singaporean politicians have nothing to be proud of.

    • Singaporean here
      Blehh, it seems that you’re the one talking out of your ass. Its either

      1. You’re not a Singaporean
      2. You believe everything you read
      3. You haven’t done enough research into what the fuck you’re talking about
      4. You’re delusional
      5. You exaggerate Singapore’s situation just to get people to like your comment.

      Honestly i agree with some of your points but you have no fucking right. We are a small spit of land in a vast world with a whopping population thats about to hit 6 7 or even 8 mil soon. If you think governing that is easy please o please save us you self righteous prick.

      If you have complaints make a stand in parliament or are you completely insufficient you can only bark on sankaku? If you aren’t even of Singapore then don’t talk through your ass as if you understand anything. Now i await your reply on how you are “capable” and “know” what you’re talking about.

      -Xero (I shall leave my name here for reference 🙂 )

    • I am not pro Singapore’s government… but you seem to be doing a pretty good job in pulling random shit out of your ass too…

      -Singapore doesn’t get sand from Malaysia but Indonesia.

      -Singapore and Malaysia water treaty gets renewed once every few years and both parties are obliged and bound to its terms. Malaysia wanted to renege on those terms so new talks started. Singapore agree to up the price but was deemed unsatisfactory; they wanted a steep increase. Due to Malaysia’s constant threat of cutting of the water supply whenever tension rises, Singapore has since looked into/considered other sources, eg. building more water catchment area, water recycling, desalination, buying water from Indonesia.


  • Anon From Singapore Here ~

    Tommy Koh Is Being A-Hole, Please Put Him Aside, Because We Have Uncountable People Who Loves Jap’s Anime & Etc Here, I Just Hope Japan Won’t Hate Us For This A-Hole Guy ~

  • Context yo, people.

    The dude was responding to queries by Australian diplomats for views regarding the region, so the bit about China isn’t to be taken that he wants to be assimilated into China, but that Australia shouldn’t fear that it would happen; Singapore will stand it’s own ground.

    Singapore has always told other countries/media to go fuck themselves if they try to force their views on them (including suing their pants off), and China is no exception to this unbending rule.

    All the Singaporeans whinging here: “Oh my god, I hate my government”… You fuckwits, you probably don’t even follow the political news regarding your own country, so quit pretending you know anything. I am no fan of the Singapore ruling party, but I certainly won’t call them pansies who will back down from any power and let themselves be assimilated.

    • Brutal honesty coming from diplomats who have been itching to say stuff like this when everyone else have been doing so for years…

      Let’s have more politically incorrect politicians instead of the usual party line spewing scholars, it’ll make the little red dot more interesting for sure…

  • Singaporean here.

    I not sure what is the context for “big fat loser”.

    “big fat loser” as in – haha the guy is a dork and a “big fat loser”


    “big fat loser” as you Japan is losing out economical in this trade situation.

    Having been here all my life, I can tell you the government think almost exclusively in economical terms only – it’s their number one priority.

    As for foreigners, local are getting quite irritated at the stupid amount of incoming immigrants and the mainland Chinese make up a big chunk of them.
    The culture clash is getting on peoples nerves.
    The government loves foreigners, everyone else not so much.

    • More like the Government likes anyone they can do business with.

      Or Large lands we can do Shengzhen-Singapore waffer fab with.

      Seems like they don’t think they can hit on Japan anymore. Thats all.

      • Well, the communication wasn’t meant for public consumption, so he was probably just careless and didn’t bother to “sanitize” it.

        And “big fat loser” in the 2nd sense isn’t really that insulting.

        It’s like saying:

        “Company A and B are going to merge, and A is coming out the ‘big fat loser’ from this deal.”

  • I’m from singapore too and there are a lot of japanese here in singapore that like the country as well u know~
    i know we’re a small country but a high percentage of the youths here like anime at least…maybe even higher than japan? or at least we do have a lot of japanophiles

    but in terms of flaming the governments of all countries…(with the exception of china wth?! they should be the first to be flamed….)

    pls note….singapore =/= china we are just off the penninsula of malaysia and are practically sitting on the equator

  • While i agree that Japan has seemingly bad leadership it is nowhere as bad as China, it’s just that China has a standard that’s low enough that no one would raise an eyebrow over something that’d cause an “outrage” in any “democratic” country (Wikileaks seems to suggest that there is a distinct lack of truly democratic countries in this world with USA for instance not being too far from the edge of something quite different).

  • Look at what’s happening to Singapore; the number of Mainland Chinese is going to and will outnumber the entire citizen population in a few more years.

    You can’t help but agree to some extent what Tommy Koh said with respect to recent events at Japan, such as that fishing boat incident and the current manga/anime law.

    But seriously, stop sucking China’s dick.

  • LOL He has the Order of Japan This dude counts for some shit.

    Well …. Tokyo did just pass that bill so Touche Singapore Touche

    Although calling China amazing for human rights abuses I can’t tell whether he is an hero or a troll

    Meanwhile Japan
    Wikileaks Pick Us Pick Us

    With that bill indeed pick them good.

  • He is not exactly wrong about Japan though.

    Also I like how people miss a lot of the sarcasm Artefact tosses in.

    “and going on to praise China for propping up African dictatorships “without lecturing them about human rights and democracy as the West does.”

    Difference here.

    China = Go to it boys we support you.
    West = Killing is naughty you know, but we support you.

  • Singaporean here too. I remember my teacher told me that we should becareful of the words we use in our speech and who we direct it to. Apparently, someone didn’t listen enough in class.
    Prasing China for its disregard for human rights? Most of the foreigners in Singapore are from China, so that would explain why they were so “nice” with their words
    All of us have a right to criticise, but we should not be baised in our words just because some country is better for our development that others
    @Anon14:20 : I totally agree with you. If this goes on, i might move out of this country. To Where? Japan maybe, certainly not China

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    Japan will indeed be a big fat loser (well, a bigger one than it already is right now) if they really allow the law on banning anime and manga to stick :/

    I wouldn’t give a damn about Japan no more if they no longer can create and deliver anime and manga. I might sound selfish, but at least I’m honest about how I feel 😛

  • As a Singaporean myself…
    i am honestly quite shock to see this post
    it is unlike the SG government to involved in such controversial topic
    i believe that this is just one fat guy trying to get some attention

    not questioning on the validity of this news..
    but if it were true…
    high chance he would be silenced by the “lee-assassins” before you know it
    our government had never commented in such a manner before…
    (not that i approve of everything that they do, including NS, for those who understand)

  • lets be honest, NO ONE who has closely lived with the japanese likes them (ie all of Asia hates them), the only ones that fantasize over japanese are the moronic fat ronely weeboos who live in some hick town in U.S.A and attend anime conventions where they moan about not having enough money to visit their dream fantasy land full of slit eyed chinks that the rest of the slit eyed chink world hates.

  • Im singaporean….and yeah, the bit about us trying to suck up to China is very true. Remember the senkaku islands? The Singaporean Newspaper failed to state tht China caught 4 Japanese citizens and used them as bargaining chips. Also, singapore is much more closely tied to China due to our population make-up and political ties. The government of Singapore is very propaganda-based and i could easily get sued just by saying this… yeah singapore is quite screwy

  • Praising China for disregarding human rights? Singapore can be known for draconian methods like what occurred during the SARS outbreak many years ago.

    Japanese politicians are boring and rarely noteworthy, with the occasional one being stupid, like Ishihara.

  • This guy has said what many leaders fear to say: the big fat ugly truth.

    Japan is stuck, their Yen remains high, their economy doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere and their still bickering over bureaucratic issues (3 prime ministers in 5 years is proof).

    Serious every other nation is fixing their bottom lines. What’s Japan doing?

    • A new cable from wikileaks:


      “a nigger like Obama should not speak about transparency when he is in a country where all the important decisions are taken behind the scenes”

      I love wikileaks too xD , those people of Argentina sure are racist. Well that is the country where a lot of Nazis went.

      • I don’t know if this quote comes from a diplomat or whatever speaking English fluently or not, but in Spanish it is actually the polite way to call black people “negro” since it merely means black, while this could’ve been mistranslated or something similar. Which means the person who said might not be really racist, but then the insurmountable amount of the powerful leeches around the world who fake they have no prejudices may turn this whole explanation unnecessary and frivolous, thanks for reading this if you did, I just have too much free time.

  • “The cables themselves hardly ever mention Japan, a fact which has been picked up by disappointed Japanese media, who speculate rather plausibly that it is because Japan is considered an irrelevance in international affairs.”

    I think a more likely explanation is that it is Singapore that is considered an irrelevance in international affairs. Honestly, who really cares what they think about Japan, or anyone else for that matter?

  • A very common question I get from US citizen:
    Is Singapore a state of USA?

    So, before anybody ask, we are a part of South East Asia, currently getting overrun by foreigners (esp from China) with our US-like immigration policy.

    Some of these foreigners did proclaim that Singapore should “go under China rule” since Singapore is “almost communist” so…

  • uber phallus says:

    I am a Singaporean and proud of it.

    For a start, I must apologize for what happened.

    Secondly, I must warn all those who opposes the Government today, don’t forget who is giving you food, water, clothes and shelter.

    Thirdly, Our government is always right, although what Mr Tommy Koh said offended Japanese people, but please think again about how the state of Japan is like now.

    Lastly, PAP forever! A government is like God, you must have faith in it and trust it for it to work.

    • I only agree with your second point. Sure, thank them for the food and whatever shit they have given us. We will pay them back when we start working.

      But that doesn’t mean they can just slander the country we love. They have no rights to. It’s like crushing our dreams. Don’t forget that the system in Singapore is such that almost everything works in a mechanically systematic way and really, how often do you see people that are actually not robots? It’s this love and dreams that makes living in Singapore bearable and now they have to do this?

      Whatever they say about Japan, we are not going to change our views on how wonderful and lovely that place is. Japan is strong and it will overcome its problems eventually.

      With all due respect sir you seem like an underling of the government. Your ‘love’ for the government is rather revolting, I must say. I really do hope you are just being sarcastic in the second, third and last point.

    • I wanted to have this really long lecture about how Singapore is some of the shittiest developed countries in the world.

      Then again, I think I’m doing you a favor by not trying to change your mind. God knows what your totalitarian government will do to you if change sides and start questioning the nepotism in your country’s very own cabinet.

      Also, brainwashed faggots who can’t think by themselves.

    • Anonymous