PM Kan: “Transmitting Anime to the World is Important”


Japan’s prime minister Naoto Kan has deplored the devastation Tokyo governor Ishihara has wrought on the Tokyo International Anime Fair, stressing the importance of spreading anime to the world and urging all sides to come to an accommodation even as Shueisha announced it will be blocking any Shonen Jump anime from appearing there.

The prime minister made the remarks in a recent post on his official blog:

“Another thing is the matter of Japan, the brand. Currently a great many people are raising concerns about the Tokyo International Anime Fair as it relates to the matter of youth welfare.

Raising children healthily is an important matter. But at the same time, transmitting Japanese anime to the world is also important.

I want to see the parties concerned endeavour to avoid causing the Tokyo International Anime Fair to be unable to be held in Tokyo.”

Presumably the comment is intended as both a warning to Ishihara (who has refused any sort of compromise with the publishing industry) not to abuse his position in a manner which will gut both Japan’s “soft power” and its economy and culture, and an exhortation to the Tokyo DPJ to reconsider their support of the law – they have pledged to support it, but the bill has not yet been fully signed into law.

There is unlikely to be any love lost between Kan and Ishihara – Kan is left-wing Democrat with a noted aversion to confrontation, whilst Ishihara is an abrasive populist on the far-right of the political spectrum, so much so that he felt compelled to start his own party of fellow senile geriatric right-wingers as the LDP apparently did not hate foreigners enough for his taste.

Kan’s approval rating is currently under 20% after his handling of the recent Senkaku affair, and it is expected he will not last much longer – thus it may simply be possible nobody will take any notice of him, particularly Ishihara, who actually made the accusation that “many[Democrats] are descendents of non-Japanese” and even urged people to physically attack Kan if he did not stand at a recent military parade.

That it is the likely cancellation of the Tokyo Anime Fair which elicited his comments seems a vindication of the industry’s belated decision to fight back – though an additional threat to cancel Comiket and emphasis on the crushing effect on the Akiba tourist trade are still unstruck targets.

The statements come just as Shueisha declared outright war on the event – their CEO announced that not only would none of their manga titles be appearing, they would be blocking any of the anime based on their titles from appearing as well.

Shueisha publishes Shonen Jump, which is of course the source of One Piece and Naruto, along with so many other internationally renowned anime titles.

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  • guys if we have to we are going to have to do a patiiton. if we can get enough people we can legally overturn it oursevels though its going to take alot of people. anyway anybody that agrees with me can contact me at what the hell is that idiot doing they are going to ruin japan. there going to destroy there biggest source of tourism and there market as well.

  • Dear Japan: We all already have your sushi recipes. South Korea and China are overtaking you in the consumer electronics industry. You are a tiny nation with very few resources. Though it may not be true economically, your chief cultural export is anime and manga.

    Show some goddamn respect.

  • This may sound like a novel approach, but has anyone actually considered organising protests? Or is everyone being otaku and venting their frustrations by ranting on internet forums like a bunch of impotent fools?
    Just curious, seeing how I haven’t heard anything about any actual people trying to stop this neo-facism

  • I havent read all the posts but has anyone thought about who is going to benefit from the ban on manga and anime. The conclusion I keep coming up with is china and korea. I am sure most are saying what? well think about it if anime and manga are banned or censored in japan to the point that it becomes impossible to create stories that the fans want, other countries will step up and take advantage of the governments intrusion. not to create more questions but does anyone in the japanese government have ties to either china or korea?

    • DAKARA, It’s a suspicion that China is on a run to take over the world by replacing the other nations’ politicians with it’s supporters or someone they endorsed. This is sick! China is the root of this! China and Christian Fundamentalists. I mean what’s so wrong with anime and manga even if they show inappropriate scenes? What about movies and novels? Why only anime and manga?



  • I’m seeing a disconnect here that’s hard to reconcile: ANN, citing Yomiuri, lists this as having been a committee vote, not a full-assembly vote — that’s apparently scheduled for Wednesday. I’m not saying it’s not alarming in its implications, just that it’s not yet final if Yomiuri’s article is to be believed.

    So, stepping back from the sensationalism for a second, does anyone here have enough knowledge of the Japanese legal system to know whether there’s anything comparable to the equal protection clause of the US Constitution (14th Amendment)? Freedom of speech grounds aside, the discrimination inherent in going after a single industry in this way seems as though, at least in the US, it would be the most likely avenue of attack. That, of course, assumes impartial courts and a host of other niceties, but I can dream, can’t I?

    • Yomiuri is correct but simply states the bill (actually an amendment) is expected to become law before the regular session on the 15th.

      Most other papers just say “passed” with no qualification. Yomiuri for their part have been running editorials in support of the law.

      There has been talk of a constitutional challenge but as this is a sneaky regional restriction on sales there is no real free speech issue, and there appear to be no problems with previous “zoning” restrictions.

      • Only window that I see that might have a shred of a chance is for the Federal government, for lack of a better term (got a headache so trying to not think too deeply for what the correct term is), challenging it on the grounds that it interferes with international commerce, which is a Federal matter and not a Prefecture one.

        And they’d then have to use series like NGE, Bleach, Naruto, Hellsing, FMA, to name a few, as examples of series that are also popular overseas and which would be unreasonably effected by this tripe.

  • same thing that happened to alcohol is gonna happen to anime people are gonna start doing things illegal and once things goes out of hand they’ll regret they even banned anime and manga. “By the end of the year Ishihara will have a heart attack” (Death Note Style) I don’t give a fuck about him if he dies and they blame “Death Note” or in this case with Anime/Manga without any evidence they’ve got nothing. And yes I’ve been talking shit about Japan’s latest law lately but who hasn’t.

  • Honestly this is simply the most retarded things I have ever heard.

    I understand the need to control the children but thinking anime is the cause of this is like Americans believing its videos games only that corrupt our children yet movies and TV are fine.

    Well seeing as huge anime companies are pulling out and this will effect future cons I see it as an opportunity for the US and Europe to move forward since so many enjoy and profit off anime it can change the face of how things are done and get around the new lame bill.

    Thats just a thought but only cons like AX, Comic con, AM2 Sakura Con and other large cons can do if they can work with Japan on this.

  • Japan should just nuke themselves or asked Kim Jong Ill to do it first, they fucked one of their prime Exports of country profit out the window.


    Now watch china/korea scoop up this shit, if anime studios had half the brain they’d come to america and work in the adult film industry.

    I’m pretty sure they could meet up with Ron Jermey and start a great partnership and underground loliart network removing all those stupid censor bars in the process on first production. HAHAHAH

  • I say to heck with Ishihara! Through that man overboard and strangle him with a plastic six-pack ring! Anime is Japan latest success and he’s ruining it! Japan will be like America’s economy with Ishihara.

  • If I were the mayor of Osaka, I would be salivating and rubbing my hands with glee right now.

    This is the perfect opportunity to put the kind of smackdown the Kansai people love on them. Tax breaks and incentives for every animation studio, retailer and publisher who moves to Osaka!

  • i can’t belive this they are basicly killing a very important side of Japan, Banning anime wtf is that thingie are they crazy? im learning their dammn language and their culture, if i wuold have never saw an anime i wuold have never started all that i can’t belive the law is going to do this their are digging their own grave, sigh come on Japanese do a dammn strike!

  • I know here in the US once there was a time no one knew anything about anime or Japan.
    After anime became popular it became reason to learn Japanese, their culture, customs etc.
    Anime made the younger generation want to know and learn more about another culture on their own.
    Japan owes a lot to its anime industry.

  • And the PM does make an extremely valid point.

    Keep the following in mind.

    If Gainax keeps up the current schedule, than Rebuild of Evangelion film, 3.0: Q Quickening ought to be released around say the first quarter of 2011. (late April is my guess)

    This due to the manga restarting in winter of 2011, its author is also the scriptwriter for the movie, and considering rewrites and alterations, and of course a slight break to recharge the batteries, that sounds about right.

    Now three guesses what rather interferes with this internationally popular work. Yup, this current bill of vagueness.

  • This is going to cause Japan & mainly Tokyo to become a straight up hell zone…

    Makes me wanna hope that that 2012 sun evolution phase actually happens but only hits the people that truly need to fucking die…stupid ass Government officials of all kinds…

  • Japan is going downhill within the next 20-30 years regardless of this anime ban. Japan’s tourism and immigration industry receives faaaaaaaaar too many foreign sex-starved losers these days. A country cannot sustain itself with nothing but losers and cowards.

  • IMO, Fathers and mothers in Japan give worse behavior examples to their kids than those seen in anime and/or manga: The woman must walk 1 meter behind the husband when going to any social meeting; the mother must raise the children alone; the father is always right, even if he gets violent; if a dude is a manwh*re its ok, but girls must remain virgins, till marriage (HAHAHA); if u don’t get good grades then you r doomed to be loser the rest of ur life; dont look at the eyes of tanned ppl or he is going to kidnap u(bring u with him) LOL??? (I once heard a jap mother saying this to her kid in front of me, during my vacations in Cancun, thinking that i didnt know jap, racism much??? o.0), ETC.

    • wtf are you talking about? those days has way long past. prostitution has ran rampant in tokyo, girls growing up to become more bitches, and people just chase after money. the day of the Yamato Nadeshiko is no more. And it’s not to be completely blamed on anime/manga. the economy is to blame since it’s so damn expensive living there. and why is it so expensive? because of fuckhead retard politicians making life shittier for everyone else but themselves. it’s business as usual. these damn sellout politicians.

      • Anon 7:41 must have traveled into current year through some kind of split-second disturbance in time/space continuum from somewhere in the end of 19th century…

        The Japanese are doomed. With the kind of society they’ve evolved into, no thanks to the long-lasting damage created by Meiji whores through the fabrication of ‘bushido’ code AND the relatively spontaneous economic growth they had during the second half of 20th century, they souls are now so enslaved by materialistic virtues that they’d do ANYTHING to keep up; and also enslaved by anyone who happens to be on top of their social status that they’d shove their own heads in a toilet bowl and dine on all the putrid shit in there if they’re told to.

        They’re taught not to question the ‘elder’, even when their own moral values are so far at the end of the negative spectrum. They then suck it all up and take solace in pathetically temporary monetary values and discriminate those below them, who then proceed to do exactly the same. The chain goes on and on.

        Now you know why the Japanese always create wonderful fictions: because their actual lives are so dreadful and devoid of meaning that they need to drown in fantasies they themselves create. Don’t get me wrong: Americans and other nations have their own fuck-ups, but as far as popular developed nations go, the Japanese are the most pathetic.

        • (7:41) Well, I as describing most parents in Japan, at least the ones i saw, which i blame the so d@mn stressed way of thinking of youth nowadays. Heck, my friend is so damn cool compared to their parents (his father is a d!ck), and its easy to relate his worries to them. He stayed in my city (Juarez, thnx gawt i went out of tht city after high school) 1 year learning spanish and he fell ill when he got a 89 mark degree, but he stayed totally cool and even got excited when we were in middle of a police shootout with some bandits/assasins (dunno if he was nervous, but he didnt fell ill, as i almost had a nervous breakdown). Now htat i think about it, thats how screwed up society is when its bored and stressed I SUPPOSE, and less anime just makes society more bored and stressed.

  • Well… Not that anime and manga will dissapear, but man… what shows can be done without violence, school girls and ecchi? “The misadventures of tooga, the shy turtle and his queer friends of the avocado island”??


  • I watch anime and the likes because there are things real-drama cannot do like mecha or super powers(real-life CG doesnt feel natural to me), mostly contains fanservice or something like that…

    If they ban it, I guess theres no difference between them anymore, I may as well just watch kamen rider only….duhhhh

    I dont like where this is going……

    • I love being able to easily expressions and emotions on characters. I love all the crazy faces they make, and anime eyes always > real eyes, love the eyes. You can do so much more with 2D fiction stories than anything 3D could produce. I am however biased towards anime, after all, I wouldn’t be an otaku if I wasn’t.

        • Unfortunately, in a democracy, the majority always wins, and the majority of society places more importance on, “protecting children”, than some niche hobby that they have no interest in. It takes people the experience of having something they hold dear threatened for them to realise that they need to stand up for others when the same thing is happening to them, otherwise they’re just self-serving and don’t care.

        • The Japanese like to forget that they have the power to get rid of that faggot by simply attending the votes.

          By the way, while that ass seems to be a harmless old guy, he’s really quite dangerous. Just look up a few of his past deeds and speaches. That will leave you quite disgusted. He’s a racist,fascist, hypocrite, homophobic powermonger. And he seems to have a lot of followers. History has seen too many of those exact matches. And they were always followed by tragedy and misery.

  • Anything that is done “to protect children” is very hard to oppose. Who doesn’t want to protect children? But in fact such measures aren’t really aimed at children, they’re more about limiting the rights/privacy of adults.
    Those on the far right could care less about children, I doubt any of them has spent more than 10 minuets per year (and I’m being generous) with their own children in actual interaction. And most of that is “do well in school so you don’t embarrass me”, which isn’t interaction.

  • one of the Pixiv latest tweet/facebook

    can anyone translate this properly?

    • For those with excellent English skills
      (including foreign students/students with experience studying abroad/and Japanese returnees that studied in English-speaking countries),
      we are currently recruiting part and full-time employees for the management and planning
      (Social Marketing and Community Manager)
      of our Facebook Fanpage and Twitter Account (especially this!).

    • They’re hiring current or former exchange students that are good with english for social marketing / community management either part-time or full employee.

      I bet it’s actually the forming of an otaku army to take over Japan and institute free loli’s for the new otaku overlords.

  • Hi to you all.
    I just wanted to say some things:

    First Sex, we all love it, no doubt about it Man or Woman. Feminism is just hypocrisy, they say seeing sex will injure the childs mind and future, SEX is natural and children should learn about sex, masturbation is natural… Basically sex is not a thing that should be hidden, but showed and explained…

    Second Homosexuality, OMG they wanna ban this, i’m not against homosexuals or with them but, we are living in a modern world, hidding this from Kids will harm them, make them thinks that this is a thing to be feared and it a bad thing to be. This is another thing that should be shown and explained by the media in all sorts of ways.

    Last Freedom of Art and Expression, we all have the right to express ourselfs freedom of speech, and art. Of course there are some kinds of expressions that might offend others depending of the Cultures, but if you are offended just ignor it or uses your freedom of speech to talk back, but the other person is not gonna change is mind if you are or not offended. Cencorship is the ultimate kind of racism even if among the same culture.

    Bassically we live in a modern world, new ideas many diferent culteres that are similar but offenly are offended by one other. But we all have to coexist toghether. Children aren’t to be protected from stuff that they should learn, and adults shouldn’t be deprived of they’re freedom, because some are offended when others are not.

    Rate my comment From 0 to 10 XD

    • @ Bruth
      You, good sir, should be the one in charge of Tokyo, hell, in charge of Japan. Rarely does anyone post anything as open-minded and intelligent. I give you a 10, and if I could I would give you another. It’s sad that people can’t recognize that educating about a subject is what allows people to grow up healthy. Hiding things, banning things, calling opposing or different views evil, it’s the worst kind of prejudice and is far too prevalent for my liking. Moralfags make me rage, the hypocrisy of these unhealthy adults even thinking to judge anything at all is disgusting…..ok, rage time over.

    • 10 from me too. But I’m just a (smart?) otaku, go tell that to irresponsible parents and/or extreme right-wingers.

      As for children education, I don’t think it has anything to do with feminism. It’s just that some people, when and only when they become parents, get so obsessed with protecting their children to forget connecting their brains. Children should be protected, hell sure, but not isolated from the world. They should learn what they don’t know, not grow up fearing it.

      @rena: OT, but your avatar went from good to better. I love Shigunyan <3

    • 10 from me. :3 I agree with every single thing you wrote.

      I’m just not sure if the idea of not educating kids about sex is feministic. I don’t want to defend feminism because I don’t like it as well but I’m not sure where it really comes from. But I agree that sex education is very important and portraying “physical love” in art shouldn’t be considered harmful because sex is natural thing and it’s important for kids to learn healthy attitude to their own bodies and sexuality.

  • This shits never going to pass, and it’s only a matter of time before this censorship bullshit gets put to rest once and for all. Anime isn’t going to die anytime soon and people aren’t going to take this bullshit.

    • ABSOO FUCKING LUTELY our Otaku brothers will rise up and take the goverment house by force a revolution is upon us brothers! this is the shot heard across the world! he is our Franz Ferdinand! GLORY TO THE MOE EEMPIRE!!!DEATH TO TYRANTS! FOR ASSSSSSSSGARRRRD!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAWWWWWWWR!

  • ishihara is not only too old fassioned but he has the nerv to say that the people who are on the Democrats side are not true japanese (that is being biest)
    This guy is probly even going to go as far as giving women less rights than they already have, make school students not intermingle between the oposite sex
    whats next is he going to put homosexuals and otakus in concentration camps under the guies of rehabilitation camps
    This guy is like Hitler

  • i think somebody needs to beat the shit out of Ishihara.

    just make age restrictions instead of banning. why are people not open up to mature content? “oh my god my sons gonna be rapist when he reads this content”

    oh well even though pushing sex education seems to be a good idea, i would not be surprised if there’s a sex orgy classes going on instead(which would definitely be paradise)

    • I agree, sex education and teaching people why raping lolis is wrong is far more useful than simply banning something. It’s like US prohibition laws on alcohol. Curiosity and a need to revolt against the establishment will simply cause the ban to backfire.

    • Right, there are plenty of other ways to curtail excessive sex/harem/fanservice in the anime industry. You can:
      1) create a government review committee that gives ratings to shows and approves/disapproves within 30 days whether a show is permitted to be broadcasted on TV while the anime studio is in preproduction stage
      2) limit the amount of PG15+ shows being made per season, or the airtime at which they are allowed
      3) offer tax credits or a fixed number of government grants every year to studios that do quality innovative/experimental stuff

      An outright ban not only is ineffective in the long run, it shows a lack of fairness to a very specific industry, while other fields such as film and novels are off the hook. Bans without compromises — not exactly an example that a country should be setting if it wants to be considered a civilized nation founded on fair treatment of everything and everyone.

  • Banning anime and manga because they contain sexy stuff? Come on..
    At the age of 9, I was watching real porn over the internet already.

    Ishihara can ban but he can never control the raging hormones in adolescents.
    GTFO Ishirara, you are just in the way of the anime industry. Old degenerate.

    I’m now a healthy man.

  • The amendment is said to go into effect on July 1st next year.

    The Tokyo Gubernatorial Election will be in next April.

    Considering all the BS Ishihara recently pulled, he–and Vice-Governor Inose,too–could possibly be voted right out–if they run again.

    The new Governor should be a fellow Otaku/Fujoshi.

  • Maybe it’s time for some other city to step into the breach, for ex Nagoya, Osaka or Yokohama. They probably won’t be able to replace TAF this year, but I bet many publishing companies will be looking to move HQ out of Tokyo if the hostility continues.

  • I bet the religious right wing American knuckleheads are behind all this mess. They want the whole world to be like America, home of messed up zombie worshiping christian gun nut drunk wife beating Walmart shopping football loving closeted gay-rods.

  • loli in a box says:

    So, someone got a list of the people participating and a reliable moonspeaker?

    We need to persuade the remaining studios who are still going to participate in the Tokyo Anime Fair to cancel, too.

    There are still over 50% of the shows in there, even ones who will definitely be filtered out by the ban…

  • Whoa whoa whoa, hold up… is that Yang Wenli of Legend of the Galactic Heroes fame I see on the left hand side of the top row? What’s an 80s/90s anime doing in a 2010 anime fair? Is it just because of the upcoming Bluray release or are they actually doing something new with the franchise?

  • Problem: Kids are reading to much mature content on mangas and anime.

    Way to Fix: Ban.

    Yeah, banning sounds a better idea than creating a age restriction system like in video games [/sarcasm].

    Funny thing that Mangakas and Publishers are boycotting the Tokyo Anime Fair with not going. A strategy that is just a fail, and in the contrarie, they should make the Tokyo Anime Fair as a way of protest (and fun).

      • Yeah of course banning is worst.

        Adding something:

        Is funny how other politicians only defend anime and manga industry with the statment of “We need to transmit Japanese anime to the world” like some kind of world conquest or something and not the main theoric and moral fact of “The ban goes against the free speech of people”.

        And even more funny is the fact that this is happening in Tokyo, the city of the future (as a lot of otakus think).

    • Not really, the ban is over editorials which are targeted to kids and youngs.

      You still could find that products if editorials labeled on 18+ products.

      In 80´s the same happened to Angel (manga by Ujin) was moved to 18+ and problem fixed.

    • That’s what these kind of people do! They say that something they don’t like is bad and harmful but they won’t give anyone any kind of proof. I’m surprised that they didn’t make up a bunch of fake “research” to prove their claims.

    • Yup, I don’t get this “it could be harmful to children” attitude either. The shows are made for teens or adults, thus I fail to se a problem there.

      And even if, I still don’t understand why they consider sex as harmful. Of course TV show for teens shouldn’t contain full frontal porn but I think that “protecting” children from sex all the time is no good. They demonize sex way too much for my tastes, comparing it to such wrong things as drugs and violence.
      And even with drugs and violence, they can be divided to a lot of categories. Some are suitable for children, some for teens and some for adults.
      If they were responsible parents and didn’t let kids watch/read/play what they shouldn’t, there would be no problem. But no, “this can be harmful for children so let’s ban/censor it” is easier then to do something about their children themselves.

      • Because there aren’t not many responsible parents these day. In my country parent rising their children by the magic box that was call Television. There won’t have this problem in the first place if there are so many responsible parents.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Wait a minute, Arte, I’m getting a bit confused now.

    In your previous post, your title was “Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes”, but here you say “the Tokyo DPJ… have pledged to support it, but the bill has not yet been fully signed into law”.

    So has it been passed or not? Or am I missing some procedure here?

    Oh and Kan, for goodness sake, if your government must collapse due to the boating incident, at least go out with a bang by telling your own fucking party colleagues not to side with that senile xenophobic ingrate.

    • to be clear, the LDP are a bunch of haters.
      some people around here are getting confused about their Japanese political parties.

      Ishihara has his own spin-off party of bigot old geezers, but they’re a spin-off of the LDP.

      the DPJ’s problem is they were elected to counter the LDP and its spin-off retard groups but after political misstep after political misstep, it seems they’ve lost any will to stick their necks out for anything, even if its one of the principles they were bloody elected for and have the backing of an OVERWHELMING majority of the Tokyo public being against the bill.

  • Hmm, well, since not even the Prime-Minister is really approving this new law, there might be high chances that the bill won’t be passed.
    Then again, like I said before, the law won’t affect actual content, as it will merely make ratings more strict. Kinda like the ESRB when it comes to games.


    • actually it most certainly will.
      to think otherwise is naive.

      the bare minimum execution of the bill calls for fining any publisher that this shadow body that will judge moral content decides has violated the law.

      ask yourself, if publishers start eating fines for their content, are they going to start self-censoring content to follow the law, or continue to eat fines?

      if you don’t think they’re going to start “directing” content, you’re a fool.

      secondly, contrary to what some weird defenders of this bill have said, the bill DOES actually have a provision to actually restrict/ban materials the shadow body deems to have crossed the line.
      moreover, like everything else in this retarded bill, what they can deem as crossing the line is a complete blank check.

      you still believe content will not be affected?

      • I understand your point… I’m not denying that content won’t be affected, and I believe that there’s a small chance that it will. However considering how vague that law is, they might be very lenient in regards to what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Of course, on the other hand, they might also be overly strict and ban stuff like pantyshots.

        But hey, this is the political world we’re talking about. Publishers might just start bribing the government in order to get “inapropriate” manga published. At least, that how it works in Brazil, hehe. ^^;

        But yeah, right now, the future of the anime and manga industry is a mystery. Although, the future in its entirety is a mystery.

    • You can’t stop old retarded ppl from trying, ban is the first thing they come up with to deal with this kinda matters and they wont stop unless someone burn them alive along with their archaic beliefs.

      And where are the supporters for imaginary individual’s rights to be tentacle raped to tears of joy I wonder.

    • You can’t stop old retarded ppl from trying, ban is the first thing they come up with to deal with this kinda matters and they wont stop unless someone burn them alive along with their archaic beliefs.

      And where are the supporters for imaginary individual’s rights to be tentacle raped to tears of joy I wonder.

    • Hardly “colleagues”, might as well say that Obama and Sarah Palin are “close friends”. lol

      The Tokyo governor is from the right, very conservative. The current PM is from the biggest left-oriented party in Japan.

      • Dude, He’s the PM for crying out loud,He ain’t some national mascot. He should just directly warn Ishihara’s twisted zealousness instead of just giving out a blog post.

        Even if they’re from different political sides, they’re in the same boat called the “government” and the same country called “Japan.”

        • Cute, the vice and habits of Kennedy were: “smokes and women.”?

          Something society would consider outrageous and even worse than that would be drugs, right? Well he did them as much, if not more, than smokes and women. Look up info on Dr FeelGood/Miracle Max, without him he would have never been able to keep up with his work.

          Not hard to figure out if he was the only president using them; the only reason people have no problem admitting some presidents were into smoking/women is because that’s the visible tip of the iceberg, aka 10%. 90% of the rest of the bad shit is underwater, people don’t learn about that from history classes.

          About Adolf Hitler, he detested smoking indeed, but his army’s soldiers weren’t banned to smoke. Whether or not he was aware of that, I do not know. A lot of Germany’s 15~20 y.o back in those days picked up smoking a while after they picked up their first gun.

        • Those are cool example that I never gave much thought. I guess it just goes to show you, easy-going, layback leaders are the best. Everyone has their habits both good and bad, and thats ok as long as they don’t try to force it on society or have others try to “correct them”, its the individual’s choice. Well thats my line of thinking 🙂

        • Thing is, if it’s gonna end up like the Prohibition-era, It would be really bad if something that would equate to the St. Valentine’s Massacre would take place…

          If you take a good look at history’s finest leaders, they weren’t that much of a good example due to their vices and habits.(e.g. Churchill was a cigar-maniac,Kennedy loves smokes and women.FDR likes the occasional drink or two) But hey, at least they’re the very reason why you sleep on a bed and eat 3 times a day without having to worry much.While those leaders who caused nothing but grief and nightmares are those proclaiming to eradicate “evil-inducing” activities,yet you can look to history for their atrocious deeds(One of the best example for this is Adolf Hitler. He didn’t drink,He wasn’t a womanizer and he detests smoking so much he had it strictly banned….)

        • We’re going to have an underground anime market? Kick-ass I’ll support it. You’ll see stores are soon going to have a “Back-room” where an otaku would come and say “lets see the goods”, then would have access to restricted materials.
          Oh how exciting

      • Technically they are claiming to be banning non-adult titles that ‘may’ corrupt children under 18.

        But the law is so broadly written, they can pretty much ban anything they don’t like. In time, they’ll silently expand it more and more.

        So things like Kanokon, TO Luv Ru, Strike Witches are the first target, while hard core lolicon is okay (for now).

        • i just wached a program on tv and….well this is a culture when they had a festival of fertility with GIGANT PENISES, everywere and they say ecchi anime are the problem, thats just dumb so explain to me ishihara, anime panty flash are bad but making a parade whit gigant penises are ok?

        • Pretty much a spot on point. Most of this drivel is brought on by moral guardians, a problem that grows worse as they get older. This is the one thing they do not understand, with time, their intentions will fail because they have to face it eventually. It is a lot better to go into the world with an open mind than not knowing a thing.

        • Watching people having sex doesn’t corrupt you. Hello?

          You only get corrupted if you’re brought up in a repressive manner. When you’re fed with lies and false concepts about sex. People would have less problems if they’d teach their children with an open mind. You have to teach them the positives and the negatives. Most people only teach one-sided. That’s when problems begin to fester.

        • Except, you know, they’re not banning shit, they’re moving stuff into a restricted section which does not do jack, it’ll do as much as the M rating does at keeping Call of Duty out of kids hands.

        • No your thinking of the wrong term, your thinking of becoming perverted, which you are and have become from the track you decided to tread.

          Unless your Christian, then in that case, yes you are corrupted.

  • …They are aware that anime/manga is pretty much the only thing stopping a large population of otakus from doing criminally insane acts right? Have fun DPJ, and remember to sleep with your eyes open!

  • yea great, if this continues our “well-raised” childrens will become same kinda fags that europe is full of already. 25 years old, faints immediately when sees a single fuckin’ drop of blood and only single thing he knows about breast is that ya can suck milk from it when ya become hungry. if ya ask him what’s porn, he asks if it’s some city in russia..