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Top 10 Most Memorable Consoles


Japanese asked to rank the most profoundly memorable video game systems give a list unlikely to elicit much controversy from gamers, whether Japanese or not.

The ranking:

1. Famicon [NES] (7402)

2. Super Famicon [SNES] (4152)

3. GameBoy (2752)

4. N64 (1251)

5. GameBoy Color (730)

6. PlayStation 2 (688)

7. PlayStation (548)

8. Sega Saturn (350)

9. DreamCast (91)

10. Xbox (21)

Obscure consoles such as the PC Engine and Neo Geo, as well as the rather less obscure Sega Mega Drive, seem not to have been included – it is interesting to speculate whether the Xbox would still have been dead last even with them present.

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