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Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes


Tokyo’s ban on anime, manga and games featuring “virtual crimes” or which are “likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth” has passed after the DPJ agreed to support it.

The DPJ’s only addition to the critical portion of the law was a short rider which requests “prudent application of the law in light of any artistic, social, scientific or satirical merits the work might express” – it does not however add any legal obligation to consider these, or establish any clear or indepdently enforced criteria for judging whether a work can be declared “harmful” or not.

Even more bizarrely, the final draft actually removed a passage that imposed “a duty not to possess [photographic] child pornography” on Tokyo residents, whilst leaving the section banning erotic manga and anime (and explicitly excluding photographic materials) all but unchanged – that the bill is intended exclusively as an “anti-otaku” law seems to be beyond doubt.

It is very difficult to objectively assess the scope of the law – along with vague and subjective terms like “interfere with the healthy development of youth,” the law also includes “etc.” on the end of most of its examples, leaving it quite unclear, for example, whether the “improper glorification of illegal sexual activity, etc.” applies to only virtual sex crimes, or all crimes in general – presumably the interpretation adopted will be whichever is convenient to censors.

Similarly, the ban’s mention of “rape and other sexual acts which violate societal norms” seems inevitably to point to a ban on depictions of homosexuality, considering who was behind the law.

The generally expected form the law will take is that of a “amakudari” (a pervasive system of sinecures for retired bureaucrats) body which will inspect all anime, manga and games, with only those titles receiving approval as “healthy” able to be sold regularly in Tokyo shops – the rest will be relegated to the “adult corner.”

The most immediate and direct effect of the law will almost certainly be to see ecchi manga such as To Love-Ru, bishoujo titles such as Champion Red and most BL manga, as well as any seinen manga with especially mature themes, banned from general sales – presumably most will then be cancelled due to a lack of suitable magazine or tankobon distribution channels, with a few perhaps being resurrected as 18+ ero-manga.

As has already been seen, publishers will also likely be purging future anime, manga and games of any content liable to fall foul of the law, and removing older titles from distribution.

The law probably also spells the end of most late night anime in Tokyo (and by extension, everywhere else), which it would appear to ban under its distribution clause; given the vague wording of the current season alone it seems Ore no Imouto, Panty & Stocking, Yosuga, Sora no Otoshimono, Milky Holmes and others would all fall foul of its various stipulations.

There is also some doubt as to whether Comiket will be able to be held under the new regulations – if not, its cancellation or removal to another prefecture seems likely, although a lack of sufficiently large spaces may severely complicate this.

The law is expected to be signed into law on the 15th after an additional vote and then come into effect in July of 2011, so with magazine, tankobon, anime and game release schedules being what they are, it seems likely its effects will be felt much sooner; in a genuinely democratic state there might be scope to overturn it before then, but from what has been seen so far it seems unlikely publishers have the guts or savvy to do anything about it.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Great Japan is starting to become as bad as NA and EU now with puritan garbage.

    Pointless laws are pointless. I guess no one has hormones anymore and everyone should be forced to suppress their hormones rather than having an alternative legal way of relieving themselves! The human race has fallen foul to robotism! Our 2D waifu’s are being turned into nothing more than mass market censorship products instead of individual taste and preferences!

    How stupid! Just ban all porn, nudity, and even the simple flash of skin all-together like Australia!

  • Remember kiddies, this is why we fight against SOPA. Politicians are nothing if not rabid attack dogs, willing to assault anything that startles and confuses their narrow views. This kind of bullshit could happen to the internet if we’re not careful.

  • This really sucks… Such vague laws to push hateful, relativistic views. That only serve to attempt at destroying an industry.

    These fascist, old era, japanese fucks! We call you babyboomers here in the west, and your traditional bullshit ruins everything to help your own personal, narrow minded world view.

  • well i think this law will just be effective in tokyo and not in anywhere else, besides it will do them no good if they did ban everything. with all the tsunami earthquakes and nuke crisis happening they will have to maintain order, and a riot just because of this is not something that they are looking forward to.

    but damn it what the hell are they thinking banning anime and stuff, the world is truly going to end.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is CRAP. i DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY MOST INTERESTING THING TO DO IN FREE TIME. If I could I would take a shit on this ban. Really… it’s ridiculous. The whole point of fiction is to make you believe your something more than just an everyday Joe and no one goes around raping women just by looking at some tits bouncing here and there in an action anime.

  • Anonymous says:

    you guys have no idea what you’re talking about. Manga is not going to be banned in Tokyo. They’re just putting a restriction on “extreme sexual acts” (whatever that means) and underage sexual acts being sold to anyone under 18. You know, like what’s done in America?

  • all I can say is though as an artists and a comic book artists at that I can see the issue and the anger here. but I’m kinda glad they doing this Ive seen to many fucked up anime and talked to too many fucked up otakus that beat it to loli rape and guro rape and what ever all the anime they gonna sensor here in Canada I can only get because I’m of age. at least there will be less middle school and elementary school student raping and killing each other. any one that thinks I’m wrong you need help^

  • @ anyone who felt a tinge of sorrow: go outside
    @anyone who felt like crying : get a life…
    @anyone who raged: go to japn and try to blend in and live as they do, weeaboo
    @anyone who ?ikes jappan: i hope tokyo burns

  • “Oh BOY is it an exciting time for Japan! I kinda wish the nation could rewind its clock 50 years ago when it was pure unbridled optimism…”

    Do you even understand history? 1960? Seriously? The Japs were crying after getting their ass kicked by the US still.

  • I just want to say this. If they want to ban these famous Japanese things, then they MUST ban smoking, alcohol AND bad drugs as well. Otherwise, these people SHOULD LEAVE WHAT JAPAN IS FAMOUS FOR ALONE. PERIOD.

  • This is injustice for all,
    There about to ban Culture…

    Manga is a cultural development back in the days (So much history), where it was used to exaggerate the emotions and to lighten the mood, I do not see any harm in that.
    Manga is the same industry as in the good old American Comic books.

    Manga & Anime in Japan = $$$
    Comics & Cartoons in America = $$$

    Where’s the so called truth about manga affecting the health of Kids? Was it proven scientifically or did some one simply woke up one morning and said, “O I think I’ll Ban Manga!”

    Where’s all the Supporting Fans of Manga, Artist, Producers? Why do u guys simply sit there doing nothing? U guys need to stand up to your rights and freedom of self expression, and Explain why, Why! this is unacceptable.

    Any one In Japan, needs to understand if this goes threw, you basically lost what makes Japan the Best, Where not talking about Manga, but cultural expression, you guys are going to lose one giant chunk of What makes Japan, and its citizens.

    You can’t Ban Manga, the American Comics and the Manga are the same, it has all the same genre so why is one worst then the other?

    Don’t simply Say, Do something

    PS, A True Manga Fan, and follower…

  • stop worrying about the people in power. they’re doing this because they’re scared that they are losing control. the internet is going to absolutely pulverize any attempt made by the disgustingly overpowered to withhold information from their countries. so long as the internet continues to expand and the stays open and public there can be no more effective lying to the masses.. in which case we wouldn’t have to deal with EVERYONE (though they might not admit) being like FTW

  • The ban may only be in japan but it effects us as well as most anime we get here are English adaptions to there Japanese ones not to mention current anime half way through will be cut outright or have a dramatic change that will kill that anime

    i posted above we need to fight im sending a letter and email to DPJ who support the dan as a protest i confirmed that i got 128 to do the same over about 18 websites that show manga, anime and game forms and thats what i confirmed i don’t know many more probably did the same i don’t know but 128 people is surly not enough to stop a ban UN-less people put in death threats or something but thats not recommended id rather stop it now while its easier when if passes it will be much harder i do agree it should be given a mature rating or something similar all the same to me i can still get it either way

  • This pisses me off to no extent, and I can’t do a damn thing about it, which pisses me off even more. Alone I can’t do anything, but if me others were to band together, then we could do something. But I don’t know the right people nor have the resources to do it. This fucking sucks.

  • Now if everyone contributed 10$ we could buy/build our own island and start our own country where this shit does not apply.

    (and for all the people who think this is completely impossible international requirements for a country/state are: (1) citizens (2) currency (3) constitution (4) to be able to interact with other countries on a political level.)

    So yeah we don’t even need ground to form it but a place to put servers down to store all this ‘Illigal data without getting raided every week would be nice.

  • Law is way too overbroad. Even the notoriously happy to enforce vague laws Japanese courts will have to say this law goes way too far and goes way too much discretion to Japanese police and prosecutors.

      • Did you not read the posts above you? If Tokyo passes a law (where 1/3rd of the population resides), more likely than not other surrounding prefectures will follow. It will in effect behave like a national ban unless the Japanese people fight back.

        • @18:55
          re-red the law itself. Is it evne for ALL of Tokyo? People in msot places around the world, at this point, aren’t even sure how much an area this covers and if it does indeed cover all of Tokyo, it’s worded in such a way that an adult only sticker will get you passed. If publishers want to keep what littlem oney they do have rolling in, they will have to fight this. Or find ways to outsource to other parts of Japan and open their eyes to the world.

        • From Tokyo to other prefectures and then eventually the world?

          Weak-willed fools. We can still make anime. Anime is not Japan, Japan is not Anime. Adapt or perish!!!



      • Well Anonymous my point is people are reacting as if it’s the end of the world for them, and why care about Tokyo, can’t anybody see it’s not “Japan” and the only place in “Japan”, but people regard it as being “Japan” – the only place to be.

        If the censorship is implemented and if it does reach neighbor cities, what’s to stop gaikokujin from making their own fiction. And so on?

        Fer shur yer z’e real idiot, I’d have to spoon feed every bit of information.

        Read all about it here, you sappy shut-in morons, buy a fresh brain and get A LIFE!
        don’t ask me what to do with the brain, since you’ve got some left of in yer cranium.

        • I highly doubt this will spread out from Tokyo as is. And even if it does, they only need to slap a R-18 sticker on it and it goes through. Because, as you obviously are aware, the mature only label that most places in the world have been using for their own media has totally kept it out of the hands of children.

  • Cant wait to see those idiots on 2ch blaming dirty foreigners scanlating for the Tokyo Area preventing Anime and Manga on its own people. They better get out of their man caves and rooms and fight this.

  • I agree that it isn’t a big deal, and yeah, those things really should be labeled. One thing I’m worried about is the games. A lot of good games with some adult content in them come from japan. ( Persona 3 for example, and it’s option in which you can choose to either rape yukari or not) DO they have a game rating system, like here in America? if not, it’d probably be a good idea to make one, so things like this ban won’t have such a heavy effect on this kind of industry.

  • honestly i think this is retarded. people watch whatever they want and even if things are discontinued or taken off shelves because people still get a hold of it through people who black market the stuff. this “law” as they call it is nothing more then the governments way of controlling us.

  • You know what, I vote they start protecting children by investigating suspect parents. Maybe make it so that police can have more freedom to investigate a home suspected of child abuse, rather than having to have a kid’s corpse to maybe possibly get a warrent to find out wtf happened, then concluding it was an act of god.
    Instead, they do this. Im no expert, but, child molestation in japan is half as rare as it is anywhere in the US, on top of that, child porn of any sort brand or variety is brutally prosecuted and eliminated, either by law or the people’s social views.
    So of course, start on the same track as the world’s #1 shithole of rapist, child abuse, substance abuse, murder, and corruption. ANd then tell fox they are protecting the kids… from what?
    Sex? Yeah, THAT WORKS OUT. More over, this is the exact kind of act that the freedom of speech and freedom of press rights in america prevent. I knew corruption of the ideal of freedom would hit Japan again, and it seems I was right.
    Protest, peeps, make it worse than prohibion. when their paychecks start shrinking they might actually do something.

  • japan is trying to pass a ban on crime in anime manga and games and the DPJ is backing it if it passes say goodbye to some of our favorite anime and currently airing anime and manga

    everyone needs to stand up and fight im sending a Letter of complaint and email to the DPJ and find others to to the same if any one does check there website for there address and email if the ban passes its pretty much the and for anime and manga as 80% of it has at least 1 type of crime in it so every one must chip in to try to stop it and dont say wait and see what happens first because if it does pass it will be harder to get rid of the ban afterward.

  • Finally somebody got rid of the shitty anime.
    I dont know about you, but i dont like shows with little kids doing sexual stuff or killing each other.
    Thats pedo-food and making you asswipes useless drooling fools.

  • In all honesty, the artists should be able to draw whatever they want. If this shit really passes, my vote would be to go somewhere outside of Tokyo and turn to the web. If you sell online, you *TECHNICALLY* wouldn’t be selling inside of Tokyo, but the residents would still have the option to buy their work. I think it would be the smartest move on their part. It would be… A way around the “law”, if you can even call it that.. I think it’s a huge load of shit.


  • Sounds to me like they’re not banning all anime and manga but certain ones with too many “adult themes” such as anime with women with two large of breasts (and I mean like HOLY SHIT BIGGER THAN A BASKETBALL large), rape, child porn, etc. Yet, if you look in a lot of media in many countries you still do see stories that are either about rape or have rape in it. Anyone with a mature brain (and by mature I don’t mean perverted but well educated and can tell the difference between a fantasy and reality) will think this law is bullshit and is full of loopholes. This seems to be more of a response to Western Nations to say, “We’re moral now.”

    Anime/Manga is a good source of income for the Japanese economy, but it’s not the ONLY good source. There are many bigger sources. I mean, hell, Japan buys most of America’s debt! If this law does get carried out, then not only will anime/manga companies will be hurt but a shit ton of videogame companies will and animation companies. Of course, these companies can outsource to other nations and continue to make a profit (which I see many people in the comments have failed to think about), which is also what many countries do anyway. However, I’m not sure how good or bad that will do, but it’s certainly an option.

    I think the reality here is that the Japanese youth, and possibly the youth of any other country, is becoming too obsessed with the virtual world and are ignoring the real world. The other day I saw a news report (not sure how recent) where a Japanese teenager married a virtual girl in a DS game called Love Plus; which is kind of, if not, like a Sim Dating game. This guy does EVERYTHING with this virtual girl, and many people are starting to worry. You cannot say we’re not as bad as this because even other nations are guilty of something similar, even if it is not as extreme as that Japanese teenager’s case. I know people who absolutely REFUSE to leave their computer because they NEED to be on Facebook or Myspace. The same can go for Warcraft and even Halo. What Japan is probably trying to do is something similar to prohibition, but in this case alcohol is anime/manga (anime and manga speakeasy’s anyone?), so that they can tell people “Hey, there’s a world outside. You need to explore it and separate fantasy from reality”. While I do think that getting people to see the differences between the two is a good idea, they may be going about it all wrong.

    Honestly, I don’t think anything will happen, and if it does someone or a group of people will counteract it. Also, it isn’t the end of the world if it happens. You still have the “Wild West” called the internet. Don’t go killing yourself because you can’t get your “anime fix.” Go work out or find another hobby or something. Don’t bitch and moan in your room because then you’ll get nothing done. Study Japanese Government and Politics and maybe some Economics to see if there’s any hope. If you and the “Japanese youth” as the article claims really love your anime/manga be it “clean” or “dirty” then don’t just sit around and watch it die, see if anything can be done because this is your passion.


  • You weeaboos don’t seem to understand, this only affects public sales. You can still purchase privately, or directly from the creators. The only “problem” here is that you weeaboos will have to sack up and start LEGALLY buying your precious anime and actually SUPPORT the creators.

    • huh? this part doesn’t make sense

      “The only “problem” here is that you weeaboos will have to sack up and start LEGALLY buying your precious anime and actually SUPPORT the creators.”

      it’s not like this law will affect pirating – –
      just the production & publication of anime & manga

  • I normally don’t believe in end of the world stuff…but seriously with all the shit going down in the world lately….

    2012 starting to sound more realistic…time for a good old reset on planet Earth XP

        • Sure, Americans laugh at the stupidity of their own laws. Problem is, it’s made by more people with 1/2 a size of a regular intellectual, education and moral brain to actually know what kind of consequences can happen if put in effect for the public to enforce. This is why even people who work for Obama right now are questioning the 3 main powers of the government (House, Senate, Executive) as to WHY they’re not agreeing to many laws out there, or why some of them haven’t been able to be agreed upon since Republicans have the upper hand due to seats
          inside the 3 powers thus far- with the exception of the extension of the unemployment
          checks for those that don’t have a job.

          Here’s a bit of an analogy if what Japan’s law influences another country- if Japan’s law were to influence the USA to do the same with comic books in the commmercial/independent labels. That means every comic book, both published in DC/Marvel/Image/IDW/Antarctic Press/etc. and those companies in the indie market are in risk of having inspections of both violence, rape, and other graphic scene that can either be forced to not get published thanks to the government’s decision. Scary, but it could definitely happen one of these days and that’s why people are sharing them in the internet for free so they:

          a- don’t pay the cost of the comic book nowadays

          b- don’t have to be in risk of sharing comic books to any “undercover agent” and force to hand over their ISP address b/c of “illegal transferring of copyrighted files”

          Now, if you remember about last year, NewMen, a manga group, known for their Secret Plot series, started their own interaction with independent union with other artists to make sure their files weren’t shared to others, preventing people to claim their works as others. Because of this action, comic illustrators are cautious of having their masterpieces published should they shed their
          own artistry with either levels of nudity, violence, vulgar language, rape, etc. with inclusion of children less than the legal age of sixteen, and must make the customer buy their wares instead of showing their stuff online so people can copy/paste out of their own free will.

          So that law, in effect would mean several things:

          – Being thrown to and forced to stay in the 18+ corner is a death penalty for anything not initially sold as hentai, it would mean being removed from “for teenagers” weekly magazines, and losing exposure and sales.

          – Even in the 18+ corner, the blow is heavy : some themes are becoming technically very risky (no more characters in uniform or on school grounds, for instance ?!?, FFS), several niches have no way out (Futa ? Boy’s Love ? Incest ? Ew, unnatural youth perverting gross s–t ! Let’s not mention rape, loli and tentacles, right ?)…

          – If you’re a pure “vanilla between adults” fan, you’re also concerned, the manga publishing industry is a whole, if several stratas of the market are affected, then the whole market is in pain, and in the end there will be much less creativity and creations

          – What I don’t know : if the shit is definitive or not (must it still be validated at various points, can it be blocked at other various points), how widely the plan is to be applied and respected, and if the whole of Japan (save the publishers already rising up against the text without success) even gives a huge stink.

          Until then, I say F them..If I claim to see that I’m forced to pay for the customer and not have the chance to try and sell it out for free, let them eat their cake and try to sell out the leftover crumbs from yesterday.

  • Don’t know how to feel about this. I know censorship is wrong but it does kind of disturb me to see so many guys get off to young kids even though I know full well that most of them would never do it IRL. Though, there have been cases like that guy who robbed a school girl of her underwear that have me worried. But censoring everything will only make the people who have that loli kink look for it in different ways. It won’t put a stop to it. It never will. And fuck no, leave my Panty Stocking alone. :\

    • Getting off on kids? You mean teenagers? What’s wrong with that? Teenagers do far more IRL than most ‘adults’ ever did. Besides, if someone is going to commit a criminal act, they will do it regardless of influence. Some people are just messed up, it won’t matter what they watch or read or listen to.

      • Plus, add to the fact that it is only a group of VERY CONSERVATIVE people who say that some things are a ‘criminal act’ as well.

        Yes, I am saying that pedosexuality is ACCEPTED BY MOST! Seriously…. everyone I know knows that I am a pedosexual, and they don’t have any problem with it in the slightest.

        Most of them have bluntly said they don’t even have a problem with someone who has sex with kids, because they had sex with adults as children/teens.

    • You are going to have to realize that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality and move on.

      Need I remind that they bashed on heterosexuality outside of marriage, homosexuality, having sex with blacks if you are white/vice versa, etc.?

      It’s time to realize that the whole hate on pedosexuality is an attempt to create a ‘boogie man’ for society.

      I know MANY people, myself included, who had sexual encounters with adults as a child and LIKED it!

  • Anime/manga that is under the subjective eye of old beauracrats. Fighting, complex relationships, social commentary on sexuality, illegal street racing, etc. Everything that makes Japanese entertainment fresh and interesting is now on the edge of a very thin razor.

    Owari da… Nanimo kamo…
    “It’s over… Everything is over…”

  • Wow, that’s pretty heavy-handed on the censorship level. This is on-par with the Comics Code Authority from back in the 60s. While it’s specifically targeting hentai and eroticism, there’s a huge chance that this could be come an enormous witch-hunt. Anybody in the US who wants to start a manga studio would be smart to do so now.

  • My god! They start banning Loli hentai, which is harmless. Its not real people! Live with it, if you don’t like it then don’t look at it. I myself don’t look at it, but when I heard about this from a friend who does, I was kinda shocked, the whole world is going completely stupid over loli hentai or whatever when its not even real or causing any harm to people. JUST FUCKING LIVE WITH IT!!!

  • First of all, I’m a westerner, so go ahead, laugh, and move on. But seriously, the worst part of this ban is cultural deprivation. Anime and Manga are just another way to preserve a piece of one’s soul and heritage. The painter needs a brush and the poet needs the pen. And with a open ended law like this, it can only be the beginning of the censorship. ANYTHING that may be objectionable may follow. I believe that this kind of law should not pass because, again, it IS social deprivation, but also because some anime and manga that fall prey to it could potentially be the foundations of someone’s life work in other fields. (Examples: Robotics, Engineering, Chemistry) There is no telling how many advancements have been made thanks to the inspiring power of Japans powerful imagination and its various ways to share it.

  • You know it’s laws like this that bug me. Given the want to regulate, you have a law in place that is more a hammer than a fine knife.

    As much as I could care less about the subject matter of a lot of manga these days, this will crush an industry. A big one…
    Makes one wonder what one votes for.

    • No, the first version of the law was rejected because people thought it was totally backward.

      The second version of the law was passed because some of the people who were speaking out against the first law had their arms twisted and were likely blackmailed into passing this law.

      As I keep pointing out to people, without lolicon, many pedosexuals would be going out and forcibly raping children because they cannot get any sexual gratification.

      This way, at least the children are relatively safe from that, though not always from someone asking them if they can have sex with the child in question (which there is nothing wrong with in my opinion, having had sex with adults as a child myself).

  • I’m an ecchi / hentai
    WTF is this, we decide wat we watch for ourselfs.

    You stupid governement know that a majority of the japanese people watch hentai and anime has loads of ecchi.

    Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

    But don’t ruin the fun you pricks

    • High to certain! The fact is that if they tried to enforce this law, like the ‘ban’ on lolicon stuff in America, it would be immediately overturned in a court of law.

      The only time they go after someone in America is when you have ACTUAL CHILD PORN! Meaning photographs of REAL CHILDREN in sexual situations.


    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! _________ _______ japanese government get a ______ life!… …. ________ __________ ____________ _______________ ___________ ________________ _____________ __________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ______________….

    who da heck do they think they are to ban art! this is just like censoring! i hope your economy decreases till there is no more hope…
    TT.TT Me want momo and lala….

  • In my personal Utopian vision, this could lead to a number of mangaka and publishers emigrating to some country with better protected rights of free expression, and starting up a lucrative industry of expat manga magazines … ah, I can dream. I guess in reality those mags would end up being banned from exporting to Japan, and thus not so lucrative after all.

    Hmm. Alternatively, could this not mean a move of the publishing industry away from the capital?

  • Wait if it is too vague does that mean that they can choose to ban any manga/anime or maybe they will have trouble enforcing it anyway since their is so much doujins, manga, anime being made that they won’t be able to really enforce this law. I fucking hope it doesn’t touch any of the eva movies or so (not) help me god I will go berserk on Ishihara or at least the fans will.

  • mh pfft all this is is japan becoming america and even then the wasps nest just hasn”t been wacked hard enough yet this will become another senkaku and there will be riots and protest if nots the yakuza are gonna flourish lol I just love how artefact gives optimism and simultaniously despair to all you emotional types the most I see this affecting is otaku under 18 the true hikkikomori and akihabara denizens will probably have a leash but meh on the other hand though japanese are more “I curse you in my head ” kinda people either way 48 hours is a long as time interval between a descision and human nature downright surprises sometimes

    • You mean the Osaka that [url=]placed more restrictions on manga even before Tokyo[/url]?
      I don’t see that working very much…

  • Hmmm. I’d argue that Japan’s censorship laws are “likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth” given how Japan’s population growth is in decline. Clearly, Japanese youth, upon finally getting naked with a member of the opposite sex, are waiting for certain body parts to digitize before moving to the next level.

  • lol I always laugh at how artefact hides tiny miniscule little particles of optimism in there while simultaniously trying to bring it down thje while too bad but not that bad will really only affect the highschool otaku much like the western world is how ever otaku are a vibrant bunch when riled I’d say about 2 months into the ban and ishihara ‘ll be trying to apologetically skin a grin through that decrepit face of his I mean look how quick he retracted his comments when all those big names decided to pull out

  • Way to go Japan.

    How to kill foreign appeal 101.

    It’s only a matter of time before this spreads to media in other countries as well. Damn overly sensitive people. What do they think people who used these shows and games as a fantasy outlet will do now that they’re going to vanish? I don’t look foward to seeing the world’s state of being thereafter.

  • It was passed with bribery so obvious there’s not even a single politician that will not accept bribery anymore. “OLD PEOPLE ALWAYS MAKING EVERYTHING ITS TIME TO GIVE IT TO THE NEXT GENERATIONS”

  • It’s basically a moralist and totalitarian Tokyo law that says “we get to choose what you watch/read” and “if it isn’t good enough for us, you can’t have it”.
    Not very different from religious extremists.
    Let’s see how this plays out.

    I’m hoping another japanese city takes a stand and creates all sorts of facilities to house all Manga and anime industry.

    What will happen afterwards is the complete decline of Tokyo. And then we’ll see how things goes to those politicians responsible for approving that.

    But it’s truly sad that there are so much japanese people willing to create barriers and obstruct freedom of speech in such a way. Or, in the least, not fight hard enough for their rights.
    This of course follows the tendency on most countries nowadays… Americans can’t say much about that after the Patriot Act, TSA airport “security” and other stuff. Most countries out there are trampling over their on freedom and stuff that was conquered with so much effort over a sense of false security, be that for their own, or for the “future of our children”… which is all bullshit of course.

    But history has shown how humanity has a tendency to stay on the same cycle of regression and progress.
    Seems that society always reaches a point when it forgets about how hard somethings were conquered with much effort and sweat, and then lets some idiots fall back to the dark ages once again.

    There is only one constant which will eventually lead to our extinction, that is: Human stupidity. After a while, we always forget what history has taught us.
    I guess it’s a limit of our own species.

  • Am i missing how exactly this thing effects broadcast anime?

    From the sound of things the entire point is prohibiting the sale of things to minors. Wouldn’t this just effect certain anime dvd sales?

  • I am amazed they are doing a law like this after so long and everything else Japan has done and now just trying to blame it on Anime.

    They have to know Anime is one of the most successful mediums Japan being praised would wide for so many of their animes but this is just a slap in the face of everyone who has worked for them, this isn’t them working with Anime industry just smacking them in the face and saying your not needed anymore.

    This will effect future anime cons in Japan with so many companies backing out maybe it’s time for America to shine with these, who is against seeing some of these big companies at cons like comic con, Anime expo, AM2, Otokan, Sakura con and other huge conventions really

  • It isn’t even so much the porn that upsets me. I could care less either way, except that I’m all for freedom of expression.

    Now, loli-con, okay I have a problem with that. Consenting adults are fine, even if they are drawn a bit younger looking. However, I am not a supporter of the stuff that blatantly has young children having sex. That’s just a personal thing though…

    What gets me is that this homophobic, moralizing, medieval creep has been allowed to stay in office this long. As a lesbian, who spends enough time fighting for her rights in the USA, this is just complete crap.

  • Lets see what will be the reaction of the victims here.

    -What will tell 2chan now?
    -What will do the publishers?
    -What will be the actions of the mangakas?
    -What will be the action of the anime studios?

    Anything is possible if there is a union.
    The union is the force that can make or break the success of any task.
    I will be a spectator and I will see what is the ability of those targeted by the government.


  • If Japan took any of advice from you guys they would be dead, you didn’t even read the damn article, it’s a restriction not a ban, you think porn got killed because you can’t buy it at Wal-Mart? it doesn’t matter if you put all the shows in a ADULTS ONLY section people will still fucking buy it.

    • Man, I’d give a positive vote for this comment, but I’m not registered, and I’m too lazy to do so right now. XD

      But yeah, I second this. I said this before, and I’ll say it again: nothing is being banned, it’s just that the ratings will be more strict from now on. Hell, the only thing manga publishers and anime studios will have to do is change their demographic. We might just start seeing manga like Negima become seinen instead of shonen.

      So, I’ll second this comment. It’s sad, but it seems like most people only read the headlines. Cracked was right all along.


  • This is fucked up. We will have to see what will happen to the anime and manga industry then. I still have faith in the otaku. When you attack the only thing dear to them they will mobilize, go bat-shit crazy, get on their gundams and fight the good fight.

  • 1. Media containing virtual crimes will restricted to adult customers.
    2. Publishers only produce squeaky clean stories as they can’t afford to loose the buying power of the youth.
    3. Little Red Riding Hood will be rated M for violence, gore, animal abuse, and child nudity if it’s the original.

    I’m pretty happy I stopped watching anime in 2002.

  • Need not be enraged so fast. Just wait patiently. If anime/manga industry is as lucrative as some people here make it seem to be, and if this new law will really hamper it, politicians will be quick to ‘fix’ it. Remember, they all follow where the money trails.

  • ill creat an army no an resistance and spread from website to website seeking people to join my cause
    ia going to send a letter to DPJ as a protest and so should you or e mail ill do both hopefully enough people participate to stop the ban-law

    there email and address check website for that

    my temporary email and UN-Traceable
    to me by using false info,internet cafes,and computer with no hard drive custome firm and booted of 20G external hard drive boo-ya im good anyway enough of of my talk
    Anime442 (At symbol)

    use a false email so i cant be blamed for anything or say its false or something

    if you like anime or manga or games if not all you will address your feelings to the DPJ to protect that

    • You are forgetting one Thing.

      The world spins on money, Restriction our Ban is almost the same even worse then Ban.
      If you Ban something there will be some of that ban stuff in the underground market and internet.

      When you Restrict it what happens is that the publisher change the product because of financial loses. they lose money beacuse they’re young viewers can’t buy (see) the mention products. Losing money, so they change and adapt the product so it can be sold to all ages, meaning lose is quality for adult because less types of storys Like muders and sex and many other things that compose a GOOD story for us adults and aren’t imporant for young kids, get’s restricted.

      Do you see what i mean the real problem is not Tentacle rapes and lolis etc… But losing interest, bad quality storys, no variation, no surpises in them, just plain storys. Which means less people buying and in this cicle the publisher starts losing interest in the field and looks for new kinds of products exm: going from manga to magazines and books.

      Hope i was clear and it’s only my opinion.

  • Let’s wait and see whwat happens before we all collectively loose our shit. This is only the first day and surely many people in Tokyo won’t be taking this lightly. Even if you don’t have faith in government, have faith in people.

    Yea, people aren’t worth shit most of the times, but if you fuck with something they love, they will rage on that ass like a bad case of herpes forever.

  • ill creat an army no an resistance and spread from website to website seeking people to join my cause
    ia going to send a letter to DPJ as a protest and so should you or e mail ill do both hopefully enough people participate to stop the ban-law

    email check website for that

    Postal Address:
    The Democratic Party of Japan Headquarters
    1-11-1 Nagata-cho
    Tokyo 100-0014

    my temporary email and UN-Traceable
    to me by using false info,internet cafes,and computer with no hard drive custome firm and booted of 20G external hard drive boo-ya im good anyway enough of of my talk

    if you like anime or manga or games if not all you will address your feelings to the DPJ to protect that

  • we need to stand and fight as a people that loves anime,manga and games with crime in it the ban-law will be misused by people that hate a perticular type of anime or the content in it and mak it easier to pas similar bill based on this one
    this bill-law cuts out crime that like 80% of anime,manga, and games
    Crime as follows:

    Aiding & Abetting / Accessory
    Assault / Battery
    Aggravated Assault / Battery
    Child Abuse
    Child Pornography
    Computer Crime
    Criminal Contempt of Court
    Disorderly Conduct
    Disturbing the Peace
    Domestic Violence
    Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing
    Drug Distribution / Trafficking
    Drug Possession
    DUI / DWI
    Hate Crimes
    Indecent Exposure
    Identity Theft
    Manslaughter: Involuntary
    Manslaughter: Voluntary
    Medical Marijuana
    MIP: A Minor in Possession
    Money Laundering
    Murder: First-degree
    Murder: Second-degree
    Open Container Law
    Probation Violation
    Public Intoxication
    Sexual Assault
    Statutory Rape
    Theft / Larceny

    And many other i could go on

  • This is such bull. Affecting the minds of children? How about banning online mode for aggressive and violent games? I don’t particular hate shooter games but multiplayer PVP mode is a breeding ground for hate and violence. Heard of “teabagging”? Yeah.

    Multiplayer is supposed to be fun, but a mode where you kill “real” players isn’t.

  • Want to change this now? Totally boycott ALL Japanese products until the law gets changed. Once corporations start getting hurt, then Ishihara’s ass will be on the line bigtime! But it has to be a total boycott by every gamer and purchaser of anime, manga, cars, pharmaceuticals, etc. In effect everything!

    • Well, no. Foreigners only have limited influence in those homeland affairs. You CAN write mails to the local governments. They have “in english” options for such cases.
      The publishers, in this case, have already begun to take action.
      Now i don’t like the Japanese publishers for obvious reasons. However, they have the only feasible power to sack this bill. That power is money.
      Right now and in the future they are losing money. Shueisha seems to be rather furious about it. I expect to see a few heads rolling over the next days.

      Hopefully, that Ishihara asshole will be among those. I personally wish for him to meet an even harder end..but i guess being kicked out of power is a good start.
      My advise would be to support the Japanese PM. He’s one of the few semi-courageous (semi-spineless?)people to actually say something against that bill.

  • Hi to you all.
    I just wanted to say some things:

    First Sex, we all love it, no doubt about it Man or Woman. Feminism is just hypocrisy, they say seeing sex will injure the childs mind and future, SEX is natural and children should learn about sex, masturbation is natural… Basically sex is not a thing that should be hidden, but showed and explained…

    Second Homosexuality, OMG they wanna ban this, i’m not against homosexuals or with them but, we are living in a modern world, hidding this from Kids will harm them, make them thinks that this is a thing to be feared and it a bad thing to be. This is another thing that should be shown and explained by the media in all sorts of ways.

    Last Freedom of Art and Expression, we all have the right to express ourselfs freedom of speech, and art. Of course there are some kinds of expressions that might offend others depending of the Cultures, but if you are offended just ignor it or uses your freedom of speech to talk back, but the other person is not gonna change is mind if you are or not offended. Cencorship is the ultimate kind of racism even if among the same culture.

    Bassically we live in a modern world, new ideas many diferent culteres that are similar but offenly are offended by one other. But we all have to coexist toghether. Children aren’t to be protected from stuff that they should learn, and adults shouldn’t be deprived of they’re freedom, because some are offended when others are not.

    Rate my comment From 0 to 10 XD

    • yes, sex is natural. An adult having sex with a 12 year old girl while she’s crying isn’t natural. kids don’t need to see that shit. please don’t act like this lolicon fanservice moe bullshit is some kind of progressive teaching tool for kids. you’re not protesting for the well being of children, you’re protesting your right to watch little girls with cat ears getting screwed by a robot.

      • LOL, no one is talking about Hentai, but normal anime.

        First Hentai will not be affected by this, and even if it is it will only suffer more cencorship on the sexual organs.

        Second normal anime will be efected, Seifuku (School Uniforms) were said to be Banned, plus many other kind of language used in it and real-live acts that are cut of because they are called ofensive. EX: Imagine that in a really great anime there is a dramatic moment were you see an animal being killed, that is offensive to Kids and it will be banned and the anime will lose quality, for you how is watching. And many other kind of Cencorship, things that will make Anime, Manga and Games Drop sales and make companys lose money, and make even worse products, losig money again in cicles…

        So it’s not about Hentai but Real Anime Manga and Games that will lose real live acts because of sensles Cencorship.

        Sorry if your not of the same opinion, and yes i like hentai, many kinds of it… but i prefer anime and manga even more and if they lose Quality in they’re Storys it will make me sad, seeing that my way to esquape reallity is gone.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself man. I cannot understand the outcry here. If they ban rape, and sex with underage kids, you people should back them. But it seems that every single person here needs some pills, and a good time in a correctional facility.

  • If this does pass the final vote, Ishihara and the DPJ can take all the blame when all these companies inevitably relocate to other prefectures and leave Tokyo a horrible wasteland with no local economy.

  • This will be devastating to the industry in the short run, but over the long run, will it really matter? I mean, just look at the declining birth rate of the country. In no time at all, they wouldn’t be much of the demographic that this ban is being pushed towards to. We’re talking about a country with projections that in the future, over 50% of its populace will consist of seniors of 60+ yoa.

  • Oh well, no more lolis in our anime. This sucks. No more high schoolers too. No more elaborate and aesthetic school uniforms of any kind either. That spells the end of virtually all current anime, VNs, and manga which are hits. So what, even stuff like K-ON would be unacceptable? Even moeblobs will perish?! I give up!! Time to find myself a new hobby I guess. Either that, or just go with doujinshi all the way…

  • Wait…isn’t this only for Tokyo? That just means that they could move the anime industry elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a step in the wrong direction, but it doesn’t spell the end just yet.

    • Tokyo is the main target area for sales. Plus all the required industry is there and moving those isn’t pretty either.

      Then there’s the issue of other Prefectures following suit, because Tokyo said so. Akin to Texas with Schoolbooks in the US and the other States trotting after them. This makes the margins so small..

      Well, for all intents and purposes it’ll be a national ban.

    • Apparently they are making it so vaguely worded that there will be no loopholes. Remember what happened to MacArthur’s ban on the genital region being shown in Japanese porn? The Japanese took it out of context and even today 65 years after the fact we have to live with fucking black lines drawn across the genitals of fictional characters!!?! And who decides on this shit? A committee of retired politicians; a bunch of old fuckers with nothing better to do in life! Who knows how these new laws will be interpreted. You may get your anime but there may be black blocks blotting out the entire page.

  • Kame Hame Ha
    Oh wait Dragonball had an ecchi scene with Bulma
    Guess only Z then

    I guess I know whats happening in the next sixth months all the moe animes are being fast tracked to the next two seasons and then who knows whats next

    Looks like its time to nominate a country for the manga writers to write in peace again

  • Shit is almost about to hit the fan.

    It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better, and believe me, thanks to politicians like Ishihara it’s about to get ugly for Japan.

    REALLY ugly.

  • Conclusion: We’ll probably see only watered s**t and fully hardcore things in the future. Thus, I’ll probably stick to pre-“Ishihara’s night” titles.

    If you didn’t bothered to read this let me put it straight: It was planned a new version of anti-child pornography law, but it was changed more and more until now, when basically restrictions for having pics of naked children are unchanged, and every anime/manga has to be checked before publishing(AFAIK illegal publishing of forbidden stuff means up to 10 years inprisoned).
    Even shorter version: Ishihara has probably just killed the industry. The law has more “etc.”‘s than Sahara has sand, so the censors can interpretate it as they want. It’s only prefectural law, so it applies only in Tokyo, but as you can see in the linked article some of the publishers from other regions are already restraining from publishing stuff that wouldn’t make it through in the future.

    “Ishihara’s night” is a term made by me, and means a preiod in the anime/manga history started with this law and ending the moe era. The name comes from “Paskiewicz’s night”, the period in polish history used to name the times of repressions when Ivan Paskiewicz was chosen by russian tzar as main governor in year 1831, there were a lot of repressions to people who have been in earlier rise(1830-1831).

  • Well thats one of things i enjoy in life probably ruined, thxs jap gov! not only have you fucked up your own ppl who like this you fucked up everyone around the globe who may like this stuff!! way to go!

  • On the one hand I think this could actually revitalize the industry, now that companies can no longer rely on making substance-less softcore porn to appeal to the lowest common denominator it may actually force them to create higher quality products with a wider audience in mind.

    On the other hand clearly much of the law is far too strict and pushing a conservative agenda.

    • thats naive, those so called “lowest denominator” is what has been keeping the industry alive in these hard times…dark times…he wont stop at our Moe Friends he’ll hit up your Robot Porn next…but hopefully this law will not come to pass..the people will rise up from the darkest corners to brightest city streets this old geezers time has come money speaks louder than morals the collective financial weight of Japanese companies will run him into the ground Anime Manga and games make up too much of a profit to be discarded he hates ALL of them he does not care about children he’s a senalie old fool unaware of the beast he has just awoken

      • BS. It’s what’s been killing the industry. Instead of branching out to larger audiences all they’ve done is narrow the market considerably by appealing to creepy otaku while trumping up DVD prices. The industry is in dire need of restructuring, and this could make it happen.

        • or not, it will spread to other genres crippling and eventually killing the industry if this disease spreads it WILL KILL ANIME PERIOD thats the only thing this is going to “make happen” we all like anime in one form or another dont give me this bullshit he hates anime in general and he’ll come for you next lrn2hitler

          Moe is whats kept this ship afloat it has the widest appeal is better for business dont fool yourself

  • Oh shit…its going down ITS GOING DOWN! you guys aren’t giving otaku enough credit they will come for him and drag his corpse around the city by chariot for 3 days he is of a dyeing breed his time on this earth is not long soon Otaku will have their day, time has left this old fool behind japan will march into the future shedding its old skin THE NIGHT IS ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN! AND I PROMISE YOU THE DAWN IS COMING!

  • Americans are so hypocritical, they want to clean up their country but when other nations want to clean up their own countries the Americans protest. We don’t tell you Americans what to do with your politicians and all the problems your country has.

  • Correct me if i’m wrong, but the way i read this, hentai is going to be okay because that part of the industry was already “adults only”. This bill aims to control “sex and violence” in “regular” anime/manga etc. The problem is that the wording is more than just wobbly and can lead to excessive misuse.

    I can understand that some people wanted to have better age restrictions for certain types of shows. But the way they do it is just wrong. In Japanese TV broadcasts, the “tougher” shows are almost always put in the evening and later. So, this clearly falls into parental responsibilities from the beginning. If they let their children watch hard stuff in the evening, it’s completely their fault.
    As for commercial releases. They could have just insisted on having clearer age ratings for those products. Like it’s done in almost any other country in the world.
    If a child manages to get a hold of hard content, then it’s the responsibility of the parents and those that made it available to them.

    • While it’s the responsibility of the parent to monitor their child’s television habits, and media habits to see if it is appropriate- the government of any modern culture sees that it is fit to take even that responsibility from the parent. Thereby, they are becoming the parents to parents and their children- which is a great start for a totalitarian regime.
      While the last sentence is speculation, allow me to also speculate that media control seems to coincide with the very pro-China view the current Japanese government has- and therefore it could be inferred that this is a further development in that direction,
      as well as walking in the path of general conservatism that is already rocking many countries in the Middle-East, Africa, Europe, and parts of America.

      Oh yeah, fuck you Ishihara- your insult to the imaginations of all will be the spike that skewers your organs as dogs gorge on your open flesh.

  • The DPJ really done it now. So much for freedom of artistic expression. This is what happens when politicians, governments and those in authority have too much power in their hands.

    Shit just got real, folks, and it just hit the fan when the shitstorm’s a-brewin’.

    Shit. Just. Got. Real.

  • Guys, guys, guys. Keep your panties on. This is only the initial committee vote. This is only stage one.

    The real thing, the part that really matters, happens on the 15th. We still have a good 36 hours until we know for SURE whether or not it has passed.

    There is still hope, and for that reason, keep your panties on.

    Unless you’re Panty of course.

  • If this law is passed it will be a horrific disaster. The law is so ambiguous and vaguely-worded that a moral crusader could use it to censor anything they don’t like. For example, if a moral crusader hates atheism, they now have the power to ban any works that pertain to atheism. Also, this law is so broad, there is simply no way to effectively enforce it. I have a feeling that if this law is not found unconstitutional, it will end just like prohibition.

  • At least this only affects Tokyo for the moment.

    When the Emperor finds out these morons moved AGAINST the will of the people they’re SWORN to represent the ideals of, and in doing so they might’ve taken away the nations largest foreign income, they’ll be charged with Treason.

    The only way I could see it more fitting is to give them a punishment equally as draconian as their mentalities.

  • WOW, people are either A) misinterpreting this article B)jumping the gun C) Over-reacting or D) being a troll or fucker.

    Now then:-
    The article states that the democratic party is BACKING, the LDP party and are siding on the war against anime and manga(no ero is not affected) this whole thing is attack on the otaku sub-culture(if you didn’t know). The thing, is it may have a higher chance of passing but we have yet to see all the cards, instead of “going off the deep end” already people need to realize that [b]They are[/b] still people fighting against this bill and the decision is [b]YET[/b] to be made, the loli bill was [b]Sure[/b]to pass in the past remember ? and even it failed, am not saying to be 100% positive this is going to fail, am saying keep your head on and have a little hope that the bill does fail.

    And for those who thinks this affects lolis, it does not because lolicon ero is 18+, so this [b]ONLY[/b] affects the anime and manga industry and for those who thinks “this will better anime and manga”, you too are wrong because most of the content will be stripped, anime and mangas like EVA,samurai camploo, HEll sing, black lagoon, Eroge Proxy, Berserk,gantz,etc are under this law banned(restricted) because they feature crimes,violence,sexual stimulation,etc. So MUST of the creative and subjective material artist [b]CAN[/b] make before this law are no voided.

    This law is also very “undefined”, the government or politicians can now, “freely” attack whatever anime or manga they see unfit and the publishers and artist can’t do jack about it, so in the end, this is a “no one wins” situation and the parties well feel proud for attacking the unliked sub-culture, YET will allow all the “reality” stimulated stuff slide by, amazing how people are {b]So[/b]against lolicon when real child porn is allowed and they “modified” the law so the child porn can say, how very unbiased, un-hypocritical the government and there parties can be.

    • You are in some shocking state of denial. The so-called “final vote” is usually just a formality before it gets signed into law. They’ve already made up their minds after failing to pass the initial loli ban twice, and I doubt the otaku of Japan will have the collective guts to riot and protest this thing out of existence within 36 hours. We might as well need a miracle now.

  • I can’t believe that only one bastard achieved this…once again…the people suffers a decission made by politicians.

    To Love-Ru +18????…fuck then make it a total H-manga with sex and all…fuck all this son of a bitches.

  • Everyone’s getting raped.

    Just when I thought everything was going well, this shit happens. I am beginning to think that the Japanese government likes to fuck its citizens sideways. Not only will this cripple the manga industry, but it willl turn it into the 2nd J-porn industry – “get approved and censored or find a new job”


    jobs. gone.
    potential hits. gone.
    freedom. gone.
    creativity. gone

    Thank you for ruining my life yet again government of the people. I hope you feel good about saving the imaginary children from imaginary sex crimes~

    I wonder what AgnesChan thinks about this…

  • I envision a Japan that will form a huge black market for “good” anime, manga and games, much the way Prohibition helped give way to the great mobsters of the 1930s in America. Japan’s crime scene will quadruple and it will become such a huge problem that the government will have to repeal the law

  • damn thats a fucking culture destroyer right there. As long as one piece, bleach and naruto ok I might be able to accept it. But damn to actually do it I mean some stuff deserves it but to make it so vague is mega issue.

  • all the japnses people need to do is fight the powah!
    soon the japanese government will send out the defence forces. then there will be this huge battle.
    many people would die. then japan will notice its population is decreasing rapidly. they will then kill this law to save japan.

  • God, this is complete and utter bullshit. In a time when Japan doesn’t need anymore economic troubles, they pass this shit. Now, the majority of anime fans in Japan, I believe, are in the 14-17 age range. With the majority of anime fans not being able to purchase anime or manga when this takes place, that has a huge effect on the market. They are basically making the anime market take another huge hit when their profits are at their worst in a decade. So, to combat this bullshit, I guess, the publishers have a couple of choices. One, go along with this law and make anime for this law and keep making anime the same for the rest of the market. Two, move their operations to somewhere else. Last, wait it out and see if the law is overturned. Akihabara just isn’t going to be the same. I am so sorry everyone.

  • You know what’s funny? If the industry actually got together and unanimously fought that bullshit, it would go up into thin air, instantly.
    Problem is, Japanese are cowards by nature. Don’t expect them to fight for something when it’s easier to just wave the white flag beforehand.
    Look at 2chan. Lots of hot air and hubub, but did any of them actually take the fight to the streets?
    From a democratic standpoint, this bill is an outrage. I can’t even begin to list up all the violations of fundamental human and constitutional rights.

    Way to go Japan. A really small group fascists just raped your ass. And guess what. You oofered them your ass on a silver platter. Disgusting.

  • Japan’s economy is doing so well today, it is entirely due to annihilate meeting starts at an income abundant and stable, the person who thinks these laws sound financial wizards.

    there really is stupid in the world, apparently in japan too …

  • People need to take a fucking chill pill. Please read this again, and please take note it applies only to Tokyo, and not Japan as a whole. The only direct conclusion anyone can make is that it’s gonna take a year or two for the manga/anime industry to find a new home.

    Seriously people, I really have no worries. There’s bound to be some smart politicians in some province who’s gonna jump at this. It’s really quite simple, just think of it this way.

    Lots of revenue=more jobs=higher standard of living=prosperity=re-election.

    • Since Tokyo is the capital of Japan and being very heavily populated (i.e the suporter of law in huge number) it is most likely the law will spread to other place.
      And if that didn’t happen then ‘congratulation, Tokyo has successful in decreasing their population density’ because lots of people have emigrate from Tokyo. Since Tokyo is no longer the central of business and the population is mostly adult who support the law and very little young generation, should Japan considering changing their capital into other city ????

  • I do not think that those guys will last for the next elections at this rate.

    Seriously… hands off To-Love-Ru you clueless geezers. Go at countriside and have tea with Granny talking watching youger people live their lives and chat non stop about how nice the weather is like you are supposed to.

    On a more serious note: do people ahve any idea how many people will beout of jobs due to this crap?

  • I was scared shitless when I read this article, but now that I think about it, it won’t really affect actual content. It simply means that regulations regarding content in fiction will be more strict. Manga like To-Love-Ru, Koe De Oshigoto, and such will still exist, they will simply have a higher rating. As such, ero-anime and eroge won’t be affected at all, since they are already rated 18+. But I imagine that manga like Negima will end up being rated at least 17+. That might affect the industry, yes, but that’s only because manga publishers and anime studios will have to shift their target audience. In short, many shonen anime and manga might become seinen, and so forth.

    So, while this whole affair does seem to threaten the anime and manga industry, it won’t affect its content. Simply put, we will have a lot more 18+ stuff out there. Hell, this might very well be the beggining of an ero-anime boom. Similarly, this might very well turn manga and anime into a form of entertainment restricted to adults.

    So, guys, don’t worry about it. None of our manga will be affected. Nor will our anime. Nothing will change, manga and anime will simply be tagged as adult entertainment, much like a lot of american cartoons like Family Guy or Beavis & Butt-Head.

    Cheers from Metaler.

  • Ok some of them I understand but the generalization of all School uniforms being banned is kinda retarded. Off the Top of my head: Bakuman, World only God Knows, Ore No Imouto, Code Geass, Ika Musume, Macross Frontier, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Break Blade, Amagami, Yakumo, and a fuckton of others that have little to no fan service would be affected because of the retarded implications of the “ban”. Granted I could go with or without the BL or Yuri market, but every once in a while stuff like “Strawberry Panic” is made that doesn’t suck so…. once again another story down the drain. I do agree with the loli ban sort of…, but I don’t agree with someone telling some else what they can or can not read.

  • Well whats the point of watching anime again? Im goin to the real underage kids since my guilty pleasure with a dash of consciounce of watching 2D loli porn is banned, might as well go for the real deal rather than watching it in 2D, since both is illegal now… Now where’s my bear suit, there’s some grade school that i’ve always want to visit before the pigs caught up to me…


  • ….I’m just going to stay silent on this. It’s messed up, I’m reading the article very carefully on this. Several things in anime do not bother me that much, I don’t see how some things in anime would be a bother for most people. This started out with a ban on several types of things seen in hentai in plenty of anime/manga/games, now it goes way over board and even banning some more stuff from anime/manga/games. Sure I’m no otaku, but it’s not that hard for me and anyone else to realize how much criticism some people is going to give to the Japanese gov’t.

    Every anime, does have it story, setting, and genre played out for them. All the time, fanservice is also thrown up into the crowd for all to see their favorite anime character put into some romantic, sexy, ecchious(made that one up) places. After all put in a little sex appeal, style, and beauty in a character, and that arouses quite a reaction from the fans. Other than that, parts of this stuff makes an anime intresting.

    I felt that these misfortunate situations happened because of the Rapelay incident, which got out of control and all feminist groups got in Japan’s face in their gov’t, so bans can be placed. I know that this is the result of the misfortune we’re experience, except this is going to a new low, telling us that the polictians aren’t getting the picture of what they are doing. In other words, they are dumb to not realize that this wrong decision will cause major criticism.

    This will definitely interrupt some businesses.

  • Holy fuck, why can’t those 4chan anons quit attacking credit card companies and DO something about something that REALLY MATTERS, like THIS?

    DAMMIT TOKYO. I wanted to go visit you, but now I just think it is too shameful.

  • Anyone bothering to notice that this isn’t a full on ban on the production of material but specifically focused on items being sold to minors?

    An industry with half a lawyer could make the point that their products (late night anime, adult themed manga) are targeted at adults rather than children and attempt to skirt the law.

    This isn’t the first time an industry has seen a need to prohibit sales to minors. I mean if you try to buy an M rated game in the US you don’t have to go into the “adult” section of a video game store. Industries have more ways to adapt than dropping entire genres.

  • It just passed the initial committee vote, right? The real full vote is still on the 15th, so there’s still a little hope.

    After that, hopefully someone in the industry that’s about to be destroyed will appeal it’s constitutionality.

  • Unless the publishers and the populace man up, it’ll only go downhill from here… Good bye, great titles like Sora no Otoshimono, Yosuga no Sora and OreImo. You’ll get purged in favor of that hypocrite Ishihara’s rape novels… 🙁

    I guess we might as well call this the Bonfire of the Vanities of popular culture…

  • You guys do realize this is not a ban only on sex related scenes? No more highschool settings, no more angsty emo teenagers with superpowers or with the natural ability to pilot gundams with no prior training, no more berserk! , no more serious mangas, no more mangas with violent scenes, no more horror mangas, no more seinen mangas, no more dark mangas, no more mangas like death note and code geass, etc…

    Guess we will be watching 10 diffrent types of Naruto by next year…and it will be some kind of censored Naruto where they fight but never die/bleed.

  • Cue parodies of Ishihara in eroge and hentai anime in 3, 2, 1….

    Seriously, this is fucked and bullshit. Still, I am not going to fly off the handle and freak out. Remember that there always two sides to Japan, “tatemae” and “honne.” I am sure most companies will make a show of change for the government without changing much. I really think that nothing would happen to any established company trying to sell anything they want, so To-LOVE-ru isn’t doomed. It’s all about shops and/or smaller publishers taking steps to make sure they’re not the one group made an example of.

    But fuck god damn Ishihara in the ass.

  • I swear, half the comments here are constant gripes about something that’s not happening.

    This bill isn’t destroying any sort of material. It is simply banning the sale of ecchi products to minors under 18.

    This is still something big, though, as that will hit most major works in terms of sales. Sales, of course, in Tokyo, which is where this bill will take effect, not the entirety of Japan.

    FFS, people, read before you start your drivel comments. Especially those of you here who think “God” has anything to do with this.

    • Is there any English version of the law in its current form around somehwere?

      Because I also recall that a previous version specifically mentioned only the sale to minors.

      Couldn’t this all be far more simple to solve than people expect? I mean look at the video game industry. It has a rating system that prohibits the sales of certain games to minors.

      Are these video games kept shelved in dark “adult only” corners of the stores?

  • Are people sure this is going to really have as far ranging an effect as they think it is going to?

    I mean if it is only a ban in one city?

    Would an industry willing to sacrifice its profits across the entire country (or globally) instead of cutting their losses in one city?

    • Even more isn’t this a ban on the “sale” of such material within Tokyo? Does the thing specify the actual production?

      If the industry had the balls they could simply cease distribution within the city limits and continue things everywhere else.

      I mean it’s the difference between canceling everything everywhere and losing out on all the profit compared to losing the profit in one city.

  • its just my opinion…
    but is that mean all of you expecting manga and anime just basically for porn…??
    put aside the data about the relation of porn with anime/manga…

    why did all of you angry with the law of “no porn material on anime/manga”…?
    you still can watch great manga/anime without fan service/porn right? there are many great work without it…
    if you answer “yeah i’m just wanna look my loli’s boobs” then i cant argue more, so basically anime/manga is just another form of porn, 2D Porn for most of you.

    i’m hypocrite..?? HELL YEAH I AM…!!!!!

      • i believe in japanese government.they do realize manga/anime position on japan economy since it has great influence there…

        thats why it planned to out on July 2011 since they need to study on the law and the anime/manga itself. just believe on them(putting aside Ishihara comment on anime/manga)…

        i hope this law can escalate the quality of anime/manga industry so its not just only porn that you looking at it…^_^

      • well i’m aware with that… but i believe we still can enjoy some great action even with the new law..

        just hope the new law is still wise enough to let good action on it…(well, overboard violent is kinda disturbing for me…^_^’)

  • Now we just have to wait and see the industry’s reaction. And also how they will categorize “healthy” and “not healthy” in the future. Ah, and obviously, if they can charge the companies of people if they break the law… Because at the moment, a LOT of people aren’t doing it right.

  • Fucking Retarted japanese politics.
    Isn’t there much more important things to do than ban some anime and manga?
    On the other hand, Japan is quite full of neets and Hikkies. So this might reduse the amount of those losers.

    oh fuck let’s ban everything already, why do it so fucking slowly it is going to happen anyway.

  • Considering that porn and all stuff relatively close to it (ecchi) is stuff that sells, I can see much rage in the industry and this law either will be totally ignored and no one will give a shit, or it’s going to be cancelled either way.

    Yeah, I’d like to see american government to try ban porn industry for the same reasons. Good luck with that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually I think they did have it banned for quite some time in the past. But look at us now. The same thing happened with alcohol and they are slowly trying to do the same with guns and tobacco. I personally don’t have a gun but I do feel that I could carry one should I feel the need to do so. But I do use tobacco so that one kinda hurts my wallet at times.

      Either way, you’re right about it not going to live for very long. …Unless Japan goes along with its Uniformity Society and just accept it while holding in their true feelings. Not likely because Japan fails to realize that they have the ENTIRE world going against them now.

    • You already have seen it. Before 2000 there was gobs of child porn on the internet. Ever wonder why there is a note under porn providers sites homepage that they comply with such and such act for reporting? That is thanks to American law. Ever wonder why Google searches do not bring up child porn? Thank American law. It is called censorship and another reason why there is no freedom in America anymore.

  • I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad.

    I think its good that anime studios can no longer rely on tits and ass as the main plot of their series.

    However, I dont agree with this kind of uneducated censorship at all.

  • As with any law which is sitting and waiting passage, it could be changed to only apply to people that are Foreigners who live in Japan…. Like any other laws, diluted and changed to only apply to the rabble, as it goes.

  • I’m trying to get a better handle on this. Does it pertain to just Tokyo, as it sounds, or is it nation wide? If it is only Tokyo, while yes it totally sucks, is it really an end-of-the-world sort of problem? Couldn’t the artists and publishers just move somewhere else and keep making manga of school kids having freaky sex?

    • The problem is, that Tokyo is the center of the industry, the rest of the country follows suit. It would be like if the Vatican changed some laws on the bible, the rest of the church would follow suit even if the law did not expressly require change elsewhere.

  • It could even be twisted into allowing through things consistent with one group’s political agenda and banning everything else, and it doesn’t have to depict children to “interfere with the healthy development of youth”. Violence or sexual content can be used as an excuse to zap anything they don’t like. They obviously wanted the wording vague because they want to be able to zap ANYthing that has any sort of conflict, and it has nothing to do with what it purports to ban. Kind of like, oh I don’t know, being granted a wish by a genie so long as I don’t get to use it on one of the 7 days of the week. The primary significance of the statement is superseded by the subtle detail.

  • I’m living in Japan.And I think this country is End.
    youger hasn’t political power for election.
    Becouse Older(Over60year) is more and more than
    younger.And thery has 80%of maney in japan.

    Younger’s voice is ignore’d by Older.And Many Japanese Older’s are aroogance and greed.
    All are fawning to Olders.Becouse meny and so rich,and have most Power.
    TV ,NewsPaper , politician(well,there about Over 60),and more…,there is Themb for Older.
    And Anything of Bad is brame for younger.
    It colled “若者の~ばなれ”. “~”is Anyting.example Not buy a car, recetion , low Consumotion , And more.There about 26 words , but and more in future.

    InterNet is last Oasis, But it will be banned and controled for future.

    We have no money.We have no work.And we confiscate One of the most confort.

    Youger are dipressed.
    We Sead,”もうだめぽ”.